Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker

Round 1

A colossal King of the Ring Match, Austin vs Dash in KOTR 4! What more could you ask for? Two of the headline bodybuilding superstars on the roster today face off in a best of five rounds match with one of them prevailing as King of the Ring. This match was destined to happen, and got accelerated after the brutal bashing Dash & Bruce dished out on Austin two weeks ago. The burly red head thought he was finally getting his shot at Dash, and had the upper hand in round one of that match, that is before Bruce flew into the ring and came to Dash’s rescue.

They proceeded to beat and batter Austin the rest of the way, and in the end he was left unconscious and tied up in the ropes. Once he woke up, he stormed out of the ring and immediately demanded a KOTR match be scheduled with ‘that pussy’ Dash. Everyone at Rock Hard agreed and the match was set. The match opens with both warriors already in the ring; Austin clad in black trunks and black boots and Dash is his red/black trunks and black boots. They look like 2 gunslingers getting ready to shoot it out at the OK Corral. Coop quips ‘what are you doing here?’ with Dash telling him ‘I’m here for King of the Ring’. Then Coop tells him ‘you know you’re going to lose don’t you?’ and Dash arrogantly replies ‘no, I don’t lose’. So it’s on! The two colossal bodybuilders tie up with Austin scoring first with and duck under and driving Dash directly into the turnbuckle, then shoving him face first into the adjoining turnbuckle.

You get a sense right away that Coop is going to be all business in this match. He then puts ‘the chosen one’ in a double leg boston crab, makes him suffer in a stretching surfboard before making Dash strangle himself with his own massive arms wrapped around his throat. Dash is able to endure and then turns the tables on the challenger. He applies his own double leg boston crab in payback on the tactician, then directs his attack on Coop’s bum knee. Dash stomps his black boot precisely onto his knee brace in an effort to intentionally damage Austin’s knee. It seems anything goes in a King of the Ring match! Coop somehow is able to regain his composure and reverses the action by whipping Dash across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, somersaulting into the corner, then flipping the big guy head over heels back into the center of the ring. Austin then controls the action the rest of way in this round and ultimately forces Dash to submit in a painful never seen before submission hold to end the round. Austin proudly flexes his muscles and lays claim to this round. Austin – 1, Dash – 0.

Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker

Round 2

Round two begins with Coop telling Dash he’s a loser, before wrapping his biceps around his waist and hoists him into a front facing bearhug. Coop starts squeezing Dash around his rib cage with immense power in an effort to make him say Austin is King, but Dash won’t do it and is thrown to the mat. After Dash grovels on the mat for a while Austin lifts him by his head and whips him into a clothesline, sending the bodybuilder back down to the mat. He rolls Dash into a leg scissors and continues to work over his rib cage. Dash hangs in and endures the punishment, and when Coop gets a little cocky and takes a moment to flex, Dash seizes the opportunity. He catches Austin in a standing full nelson, thrashes him around the ring then slams his cranium straight into the corner turnbuckle. He proceeds to suplex the tactician out of the corner and slap on a surfboard with Coop face down on the mat. Dash yanks back on Coop’s gigantic arms with his own impressive arms, trying to either force a submission or yank his arms off his body. Coop is able to resist the easy way out and refuses to submit, so Dash needs to resort to other tactics. He stomps the tactician while he’s suffering on the mat, then drops several heavy knees into Austin’s six pack. Coop’s hurting and Dash sees that and goes in for the kill. He rolls Coop over into a tight boston crab, sits his butt down on the small of the red head’s lower back and starts rocking back , applying immense pressure. Coop resists as long as he’s able but Dash won’t let up until he hears him scream out a submission. Dash kneels down and flexes his glorious sweaty muscles in victory, evening this match up at one round a piece. Austin -1, Dash – 1.

This round is crucial, because whoever wins this round will only need to win one of the remaining two rounds to claim King of the Ring! The two lock up and Dash seizes control, shoving the burly red head into the corner and connecting with several forceful shoulder thrusts into Coop’s abs. He continues to toss and torture his opponent around every corner of the ring, including punishing his brawny muscles in the ring ropes. He attacks every part of Austin’s body, including stringing him up in a tree of woe and wallops away at his prized six-pack as he’s dangling upside down in the corner. The reigning King of the Ring completely dominates this round, finishing his challenger off with a Dragon sleeper. This gives Dash the edge in defending his KOTR title. Austin – 1, Dash – 2.

Dash is now oozing with confidence and his muscles are sweat soaked and pumped, so it’s going to be a tall order for Austin to win consecutive rounds against the reigning king. But that’s the mountain he’ll need to climb in order to snatch the KOTR title away from ‘The Chosen One’. Does Dash close this contest out in four rounds and keep his undefeated streak alive and maintain his reign as King of the Ring? Or, will the brawny, red head, experienced tactician reach deep into his bag of holds and snatch victory away from the big bodybuilder to claim his reign as the new King of the Ring? One thing’s for certain, you don’t want to miss out on what happens next!!!

Micah Brandt Jessie Colter

Two ripped dudes go at it on today’s Top Cock, Micah Brandt facing off against Jessie Colter. Even with his first appearance in the ring, Micah’s no stranger to fighting and feels confident that he’ll dominate KinkMen veteran Jessie Colter. Laughing off Micah’s cocky attitude, Colter’s ready to prove that his opponent’s toned body is all show and no performance. The hunks duke it out for two sexy rounds, throwing in plenty of cock groping and ass fingering. The winner pulls ahead with a small margin and tips off the sex round sitting on the loser’s face and having the loser go in deep with his tongue. He flips around and fucks the loser’s face before having him worship the sweaty pits of a champ. The loser takes it hard in the ass and blows a load while pinned by the victor. Cumdrunk and totally dominated by his opponent, the loser hungrily takes a messy load and is left to wallow in the winner’s piss.

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper

Austin has been eyeing this match for a long time. He’s sat back and watched Dash rack up win after win and he thinks now is the time to step in and knock the reigning King of the Ring off his pedestal. He’s sick of seeing Dash take out weaker opponents and took note of the last KOTR match where street punk Ethan pushed Dash to his limits only to see Dash squeak out a narrow victory at the very end.

The burly red head has been at Rock Hard long before ‘The Chosen One’ strutted his magnificent physique into this ring, and he wants to be the one to knock him down the roster a few notches. On the other hand, Dash has been willing to take on all comers since he got here, and to his credit, he’s defeated them all (except for the tag team upset loss against the Green Team which he blames on Alex Waters). Dash fears no one and he’s not worried about climbing into the ring against the veteran tactician Coop. But, just as you’re getting settled in to watch a colossal superstar showdown this match takes a twisted turn!

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper

Round 1

At the start of round one, Dash seizes control, driving Austin back into the turnbuckle and drives a few shoulder thrusts into his gut. He then pulls the beefy red head out of the corner, places him in a standing full nelson and begins thrashing him around the ring. Coop is able to reverse the action, driving the bodybuilder down to the mat and has his shoulders pinned with a reverse bridge hold. Coop then straddles Dash and begins choking him, next wraps his humongous thighs around Dash’s waist and begins to squeeze. Dash survives and is able to regain control. He repays Coop with a chokehold of his own, an arm bar, then cranks away with a camel clutch and flexes his huge bicep in the red head’s face.

These two superstars continue to bash away on one another for the first seven minutes of this match, but that’s where things change! Just as Austin has the upper hand and he’s pulling back on Dash’s big arms into what could be a suspended surfboard and a submission, Dash’s partner in crime, Bruce, walks over from the other side of the gym. Bruce was in the middle of a pumping session when he heard his tag team partner screaming out in pain. He drops the dumbbells, climbs the ropes, flies through the air and connects with a cheap shot on Coop. It stuns Coop, and this is where the complexion of the match changes.

This match shifts from a 1 on 1 superstar showdown to a 2 on 1 superstar beatdown! The tag team duo begins a severe beating on the bearded red head. They send Coop’s body reeling to the mat with a double team clothesline, they stretch all four of his limbs and his crotch out in a four way crucifix, then drop his brawny body across both their knees in a double team over the knee backbreaker. After Coop refuses to submit to the backbreaker, they shove his lifeless body to the mat and decide on a better way to finish him off.

Bruce hoists Austin up across his shoulders into a torture rack and the duo start inflicting the punishment. With the opponent draped over his shoulders, Bruce begins squatting Austin’s body weight while Dash is in his face taunting and enjoying every minute of the destruction. Coop refuses to submit for as long as he can, but when Bruce turns up the heat he’s compelled to scream out a submission. Bruce and Dash clearly enjoy gaining the submission as Austin lay suffering on the mat. The muscle boys flex and pose, admiring their fantastic physiques as they put an end to round one.

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper

Round 2

Round two begins with Dash and Bruce still celebrating in their corner and Coop wobbling out from his corner saying ‘I’m a natural born ass kicker’ and what’s happening in this match isn’t right. He reminded Dash how he was kicking his ass before his new found buddy came into the ring illegally to save him. Well, Dash didn’t take a liking to this so he charged the red head and body locked him to the mat. Team Dash/Bruce deliver a few stomps before placing him in a body stretcher that has Bruce’s boot shoved deep into Coop’s prime package. They taunt him as he suffers, saying ‘come on ass kicker’ and ‘I think he likes it’. They release that hold and continue pounding Coop’s prime package with a wishbone tug that nearly rips the red head in half.

Coop is in agony and moans out ‘you guys are so cheap’. Austin’s in big trouble and he knows it! The bodybuilders continue the onslaught with; a standing surfboard in the corner turnbuckle, gut bashing in the ropes, and a double reverse elbow clothesline that connects across Austin’s beefy pecs. The boys are having fun working up a sweat as they attack, assail, and mug their hapless opponent. Coop never has a chance in this round. His well-muscled body is beaten, battered, and abused the entire second round until Dash and Bruce tie him up in the ropes and finish him off. If you like 2 on 1 matches, you’re going to love this match!

The bodybuilders show no mercy and deliver what must be one of the most brutal, lopsided beatings Austin has ever encountered. Dash and Bruce flex their superb sweat soaked muscles claiming victory in front of their unconscious foe before exiting the ring quite satisfied with their work.

Jed Athens vs Logan Stone

Military man Jed Athens goes head-to-head with scrappy Logan Stone in today’s Top Cock. Jed is confident that his smarts and experience will quickly find and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses, while Logan banks on his will to dominate– failure isn’t an option for him. The contenders fly into brutal holds in this fast-paced match, taking each other to the limit and laying down serious smack talk along the way. The victor pulls ahead with a decent margin and brings his opponent to his knees for a punishing sex round. The champ makes the loser eat sweaty ass and take a vicious spanking. After gagging on triumphant winner dick, the loser gets handcuffed to the bench and smothered with a facesitting. The winner throws the loser to the floor and delivers a heavy piledriver fucking, pushing the loser’s cock into a humiliating self-suck. For a victory lap, the winner torments the loser’s nipples with clover clamps and has the loser taste his own pathetic cum. With the winner standing above him, the loser then graciously accepts the winner’s hot load.

Bruce Ballard vs Zack Johnathan

Two of the sexiest muscle studs in the business square off in this match! ‘The Total Package’ Bruce has burst on the scene over the last year and has racked up an impressive 5-2 record, which includes an impressive win over Alex Waters and two tag team victories partnering up with his buddy Dash Decker. But, in his last match he was totally dominated and tormented by Rock Hard’s resident bad boy Ethan Andrews. Ethan tore Bruce apart muscle by mother watering muscle until Bruce couldn’t submit fast enough to put an end to the torture. Bruce thought he would take a super hero approach to this match, and what better super hero to become with the name of Bruce than Batman?!

‘The World Class Fitness Model’ Zack has been with Rock Hard since day one and has piled up 12 victories against just 7 losses. His picture perfect physique has been featured in an abundance of magazines, movies, and magic mike type shows. His glorious muscles are adored by the women and envied by the guys. He’s always in peak shape, and like a fine wine, keeps getting better with age. Zack isn’t afraid to step into the ring with anyone, and he certainly won’t be intimidated by Batman Bruce!

Round 1

Round one begins after some early banter where Bruce claims he’s feeling good and he’s ready, and Zack questioning the Batman t-shirt. The two muscle hunks lock up and Bruce scores first with a swift knee to Zack’s abs and a clothesline that stuns the fitness model. Bruce remarks ‘you’re not talking so much now’ and connects with a few stomps to the Z-man’s six-pack, then begins stretching his money making muscles out on the mat. Bodybuilder Bruce releases the hold only to place Zack face down on the mat and stretches him out some more by yanking back on his well-built arms with a surfboard. T t-shirt seems to be working for Bruce, as he continues to control Zack with an arm bar, a head scissors, then transitions that to a leg scissors around Z-man’s slim waist. Bruce is feeling it as he flexes his eye-popping bicep while his opponent lay trapped between his massive thighs. Zack manages to survive the hold and get to his feet but Bruce is there to scoop him up and drop him across knee into a backbreaker. Magic Zack’s impeccable muscles are stretched out over the bodybuilder’s knee. Bruce works his abs over a bit before shoving the Z-man to the mat.

It seems like Batman Bruce is here to clean up Gotham as he has Zack trapped in a reverse bearhug and walks him around the ring. The Z-man says he’s about to puke after Bruce tosses him to the mat and begins admiring himself in the mirror. That turns out to be a major mistake, and with no Robin around to help him, Zack is able to turn the tables on the pride of Gotham. Z-man connects with his size 10 white boot to the small of the bodybuilder’s back, and tells him ‘never turn your back on me!’ The world class fitness model has wrestled in enough matches to know when he’s given an opening, and he’s going to make the bodybuilder pay. Zack begins by nearly ripping Bruce’s head off, looking a lot like he’s trying to unmask the Gotham guy, then lifts him up into a standing full nelson, overpowering Bruce before forcing him into the mat. He’s just warming up as he scoops Bruce up and slams him down, then begins torturing his back as be pulls back on the bodybuilder’s chin with his knee driven into Bruce’s back. Zack’s arms are flexed to the max as he cranks back on Bruce’s chin, while the bodybuilder groans in pain.

Zack has all the momentum at this point, and Bruce has to wonder what’s going on? Zack delivers the punishment with a standing headlock and a single leg boston crab, knowing he’s close to claiming victory. As Bruce is suffering on the mat, Zack stands up, grabs one of Bruce’s wrist and one of his ankles and starts tugging Bruce’s limbs with his mighty muscles. Bruce cries out in pain, knows he’s in trouble but refuses to give up. So the Z-man starts stomping his boot into the ribcage until the bodybuilder can’t take it an longer and screams out a submission. Zack towers over a defeated Bruce saying ‘round one’s mine brother’. And indeed it is!

Round 2

Bruce looks spent in his corner at the start of round two, and Zack asks him if he’s ‘ready for more?’ Zack attacks and quickly goes to work on Bruce’s stellar six-pack, then gives his groin a good stretching in a wishbone move, before nearly choking him out with a rear naked choke hold. The Z-man is on point for this match and having his way with the bodybuilder. Both of their spectacular bodies are working up a nice sweat 12 minutes into the match that makes their muscles even more spectacular. Zack stay on offense with the intent of sweeping the Batman in two straight rounds, locking him up in a reverse bear hug, punishing him in the ropes, then drops him over the knee for a payback backbreaker and driving his vice like grip into the bodybuilder’s abs with a brutalizing claw hold.

Bruce is finally able to reverse the momentum and catches the fitness model with a leg sweep which allows for him to go on offense. Bruce works the Z-man over in every corner of the ring with; a double leg boston crab, several heavy stomps and slams, a painful camel clutch that has Zack in serious trouble. Bruce seizes the opportunity to set Zack up in a kneeling surfboard and uses his massive muscles to yank back on his arms as his boot is driven deep in his back. Zack’s magic muscles contain a lot of power, but not when he’s in this position, and he’s compelled to submit to end the agony. Bruce flexes his mighty bi’s to claim round two.

Both of these muscle studs go all out in round three and both of them have opportunities to secure the victory. Can Batman Bruce gain the advantage with his colossal muscles and lucky t-shirt to secure the safety of Gotham? Or will Zack get his magic groove back and out maneuver and out muscle the impressive bodybuilder. All the action leads up to an unexpected ‘Kapow’ finishing hold you’re sure to enjoy!

Shawn Andrews vs Connor Patricks

With an undefeated record to defend, Connor Patricks returns to KinkMen to dominate and humiliate on the mat. Shawn Andrews arrives with a cocky attitude, certain he can break Connor’s streak. Shawn doesn’t have any formal wrestling training, but he’s sure that his smarts will help him outmaneuver his opponent. The combatants throw everything they have at each other, combining brutal locks with generous face sitting and fingering. After a close first round, the winner emerges with a clear advantage. The loser cleans the champ’s asshole his tongue and gags on dick. The winner takes a victory lap on the back of the loser before smothering him into the mat. He gives his trophy a deep fucking before making the loser blow his seed. The loser tastes his load off the champ’s foot and then takes the winner’s cum all over his face.

“Damn I wish I could wrestle and cuddle with Connor, he is so fine, I would love to see him wrestle a black guy, love interracial wrestling and the sex, ugh it was amazing, I loved the bareback, keep his sexy hairy ass around, I want to see him some more.” – wrestman1994

The Pedigree and the Street Punk

Ethan Axel Andrews has been chewing up and spitting out wrestlers one after another lately. From his days competing in high school to his extensive underground wrestling resume, he is one of the most experienced mat wrestlers on the scene. Being that well-seasoned while as young and healthy as Ethan is has made him doubly dangerous. And with each opponent he leaves broken and battered, his ego has swelled remarkably. As if he needed to be more of a threat, he has recently been training for mixed martial arts competitions. When he arrives on the mat to face his next BG East opponent, you cannot miss how convinced he is of his inevitable victory.

Next up to face Ethan and his rapidly expanding ego is handsome young hunk Jayden Mayne. It was Jayden’s idea to take Ethan on, having challenged the notorious egomaniac in an online trade of taunts and trash talk. Just a couple years Ethan’s junior, in many ways, Jayden is the opposite of the notorious industry workhorse. He showed up on our doorstep with no formal wrestling training. What he knows about grappling, he learned on the streets, first getting his sensational ass beat down, and then eventually doing the beating. He has had mixed success at BG East, but sheer grit and an ignorance (or disregard) for the rules of fair play and decency have enabled Jayden to shock much bigger and better experienced opponents in the past. And like Ethan, he has youth and health on his side, along with a considerable army of fans of his Hollywood handsome face and classically beautiful body.

In baggy MMA trunks, Ethan is characteristically dismissive of Jayden when he arrives in the mat room. “You can just go your merry way and avoid all the humiliation,” Ethan generously offers. “Probably not,” Jayden growls back, stone-faced. “I think I’ll stay.” Seconds later, Ethan violently throws his handsome opponent to the mat and mounts him commandingly. “This is too easy,” Ethan smirks.

Ethan has been mastering the advanced art of chain wrestling, and he expertly sequences multiple incapacitating holds, one after the other, locking Jayden up. Before Jayden can start to counter being trapped in his opponent’s bodyscissors, Ethan seamlessly slides into a vicious grapevine, brutally ripping Jayden’s legs apart. Again, just as Jayden starts to position himself for an escape, Ethan rolls him into an astonishingly tight spladle, cranking on the kid’s neck and folding his spine at a sickening angle. “Ever try sucking your own dick?” Ethan asks, folding Jayden up so tightly he nearly can.

It’s Ethan who is first to rip his opponent’s baggy trunks off. Jayden’s crowd pleasing ass is packed beautifully in tight orange trunks. Ethan luxuriates with that leading man face trapped so intimately in his figure-4 headscissors. “Again, my balls in your face,” Ethan laughs as his outclassed opponent submits in humiliation once again. “You really suck.”

Jayden sucks down punishment like a sponge, but if you think he’s going to roll over and take it from Ethan, get ready to be surprised. Ethan certainly is, when the wiry young scrapper abruptly muscles the upperclassmen into a vulnerable position. Savoring the schoolyard bully’s sudden exposure, Jayden slides into a spladle, ripping Ethan’s flexible legs open wide. Taken completely by surprise, Ethan writhes in frustration and pain. Jayden milks the moment, squeezing out every ounce of shocked suffering until, pinned and pried apart, Ethan gives with astonishment in his voice.

Win-loss records don’t wrestle each other. Wrestlers do. So whatever Ethan may have thought about his manifest destiny to outshine street fighter Jayden, taunts and a pedigree aren’t what get the job done on the mats. Both ripped, lean bucks get peeled to tiny thongs that highlight Ethan’s legendary bulge and Jayden’s luscious ass. Face sitting, spanking, and ball abuse send this match spiraling totally out of control. Fantastically beautiful brutality takes this classic battle of skill and street smarts to a decisive conclusion. Sit back and enjoy as these two go very dark, digging deeper into their stores of endurance and means of torture than either had expected.

Skrapper vs Jake Ryder

“Who Just Kicked Your Ass?”

Jake Ryder strikes such a chord with BG East fans because he gets it. Rough, rowdy, high stakes wrestling turns him on like nothing else. It’s as if he slathers his smoothly muscled body in pheromones and chocolate before every match. He seductively weaves physical aggression and sexual domination into a spell that leaves opponents licking their lips in anticipation of the pain and pleasure Jake commands. He is also notoriously selective about his opponents. You can be guaranteed that there will be erotic chemistry, because Jake will only wrestle a hunk with a certain something that makes him a worthy conquest.

Jake set his sights on Skrapper months ago, calling him out online and promising to “own his ass” if they ever meet on the mats. But it’s a rare breed that has what it takes to own any inch of Skrapper. He wrestles like a pit bull, and he’s made men twice his size cry. And that’s what turns Skrapper on. The feel of a muscled grappler wincing, writhing, and wailing at the unspoken command of Skrapper’s ferocious offense. He is a sadist in the truest sense of the word. He takes deep, erotic pleasure in dishing out agony. And he’s very, very good at it.

“You decided to show up,” Skrapper smirks when he finds Jake in the mat room. “Been dodging me for months. Afraid I’m going to kick your ass?” Jake’s bronze skin bulges beautifully beneath his blue singlet. Skrapper leaves almost nothing to the imagination in a white mesh singlet sucking tightly to his lean frame.

The wrestling is raw and untidy to start. They shove and slap like schoolboys riling each other up. Abruptly, Skrapper knocks Jake off balance and sends him dropping hard to his back. “You are a little bitch, aren’t you?” Skrapper asks as he mounts him. Jake wraps his fingers around Skrapper’s sac and claws hard, but those balls are made out of steel. Skrapper sucks down the pain with barely a wince. Several quick rabbit punches to Jake’s kidneys make the erotic warrior twitch and writhe in agony.

These two laser focused grapplers are well matched in temperament and skill. Jake scores the first surprise tap out with figure-4 headscissors, smothering Skrapper’s face suggestively against his hot ass. Moments later, Skrapper’s spine wrenching camel clutch wrings a reluctant submission from Jake.

Singlets get ripped off and used to choke and smother. The punishment is harsh and unrelenting. An armlock submission is followed instantly with hair pulling and gut punching. A bare, jock-strapped ass sits atop one wrestler’s trapped face as his opponent threatens to rip his pecs off the bone. Skrapper forces Jake to kiss his bicep. Jake scores sweet retribution by making Skrapper kiss the sweat-stained mat.

The sliver of advantage that finally makes the difference in the battle of these two fiercely competitive erotic wrestlers is conditioning. Soaked in sweat, they both hit the wall, but only one of them has reserves in his tank to bounce back. Battling exhaustion while wrestling either of these two raging studs is a dangerous proposition, and the submissions and new ways of doling out humiliation start to pile up over one gasping stud’s quivering body. Before they have settled this score, one pumped hunk is posing in victory while his vanquished opponent hides his face in shame. “Who just kicked your ass, dude!?”

Favorite Bares It All in Defeat

Perhaps it should come as little surprise that smolderingly sexy Marco Carlow takes a while for us to convince him to return to BG East action. The devastatingly handsome, classically proportioned competitive bodybuilder, was manhandled mercilessly. Guys as pretty and stacked as Marco often bring out the worst in opponents, and Marco has been rode hard and put away wet both times he has dared to step on the mats.

But we showed Marco your fan mail. Even though his answer to our offers for another match have been consistently “Fuck, no!” he found it harder to turn his back on BG East fans who absolutely worship his leading man good looks, that manicured 5 o’clock shadow, and especially the truly gorgeous balance and proportions of his phenomenal competition physique. You begged to see more of absolutely every inch of this muscled beauty, and with the bruises and humiliations of his past outings now mere fading memories, he agreed to give the mats another shot, not for the money, certainly not because he loves the sport of wrestling, but entirely and solely because BG East fans want it, and him, so damn bad!

Fans aren’t the only ones who have developed a craving for more of Marco Carlow, either. Wrestlers have been pitching to be next to get their hands on his perfect pecs and muscled glutes. And the Boss seems to have an unusually tough time denying Kid Karisma when he turns up the charm and makes a play for the next hottest meat on the menu.

When Kid Karisma arrives to find Marco practicing his posing routine for his upcoming bodybuilding competition, the ridiculously ripped red-head cannot help but begin to compare his own sculpted muscles with that of the fan favorite. Marco offers light praise for Kid Karisma’s fitness, but gives poor marks for the notorious heel’s posing technique. “Oh, you’re too cute,” Kid Karisma smirks, a fraction of a second before locking the handsome hunk up and quickly putting him on his back.

Kid Karisma is almost never anything shy of laser focused and fierce on the mats, but there is an extra layer of passion in his wrestling as he slips and slides all over Marco’s magnificent muscles. The bodybuilder is far too slow to defend himself against the swarming offense of one of our most notorious heels. Karisma controls his back at will, ominously slipping on sleeper holds but then catch-and-releasing the outshustled hunk just for the sport of it. He forces Marco to strum his fingers across Karisma’s crystal cut abdominals. He slaps on a sleeper and demands that the bodybuilder flex those beefy biceps in order to win release. With increasing frequency and enthusiasm, Karisma slaps Marco’s gorgeous ass over and over until it is entirely obvious what has made this match such a labor of lust for our number one freckled badboy.

Carb depleted and outhustled at every turn, Marco slowly turns to putty in the hands of his new dark master. He’s forced to flex, then required to worship his opponent’s Adonis physique. Karisma racks the bashed bodybuilder across his shoulders and does squats. Finally, Kid Karisma delivers with fans have been begging for, peeling Marco out of his undagear and forcing the loser hunk to watch as his dark master displays the top quality physique that just destroyed him. As Kid Karisma walks away, you might expect this muscle feast to be concluded. But you’d be wrong, because, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly, Marco Carlow reads his fan mail. And he’s devoted to giving you what you want.

Flash LaCash vs Biff Farrell

Flash LaCash Helps Himself Out to a Heaping Helping of Biff

After his star-spangled buttocks made its debut in Lon Dumont’s Wrestler Spotlight, Biff Farrell has been the center of attention for a lot of BG East wrestlers and fans. You don’t get more “all-American” than this youngster with his easy Colgate smile and high and tight haircut, and now any heel worth his salt wants to get his hands on him. “This is gonna be fun,” quips smiling Flash LaCash as he climbs into the ring after Biff refuses to open the ropes for him. Flash is, as his moniker implies, ready to beat up anybody for the right number of zeroes on a paycheck, but we suspect he would have squared off against Biff for free, such is the handsome patriot’s apple-pie appeal, a face and body practically pleading to be stretched out on ring ropes and ridden hard like a bronco. And that goes double after the snub.

Nicknaming the new kid “Big Poppa Pump” (after pro-wrestling legend Scott Steiner), Flash coaxes him into showing off his humongous arms, which are built to “knock out punks like you,” Biff boasts ill-advisedly. Flash is unfazed by the butch talk: “I was gonna shake your hand but I already fuckin’ don’t like you, so …” The heel’s toothy smile widens from ear to ear. “… You wanna wrestle? I’ll wrestle ya.” Arms outstretched as if preparing for a collar-and-elbow lockup, Flash calls the new meat in, only to kick him in the midsection. In just one second, he has the rookie in a full nelson. But Biff’s massive guns are not only for show. He muscles out of the hold, ramming his elbow back into Flash’s ribs, a blow that’s certain to leave a dent. A body slam tests LaCash’s bounceability. Unsurprisingly, the tough-as-leather vet is back up in, well, a “flash,” only to be served up and slammed again. The followup is a chest-to-chest bearhug, another chance for Biff to show off his arms. But Flash slugs his way loose.

From this point on, Flash sees Biff as his own personal lifesize Stretch Armstrong toy. He backs him to the corner ropes for some grade-A pro-style pummeling. He pauses now and then to catch his breath, pressing his butt to the kid to hold him in place. Biff only makes matters worse for himself by trying to punch his way out of his preordained ass-beating. Resistance pisses LaCash off, and the man knows how to handle a defiant rookie, even one as big and brawny as Farrell. As capable at tying an opponent in knots on the mat as clubbing him against the turnbuckle, Flash puts Biff through the proverbial wringer. A deftly executed cross armbar displays the full glory of the recruit’s writhing, agonized physique for the camera (and not for the last time). “You wait till I get up!” Biff threatens. “Yeah,” Flash smirks, “I’m waiting.” Biff tries to protect himself by covering up, but Flash opens him up like a sticky centerfold, making sure the safety of the ring ropes is just an inch out of reach.

Next LaCash goes to work on Farrell’s legs, crimping Biff’s hairy monster calves and thighs in a figure-four leglock, throwing in some crunches to toughen the abs while the all-American boy flails. Biff attempts the classic reversal of this hold only to get stomped facedown on the mat by the apparently indomitable Flash. Flash is “The Man,” and hunky, hump-worthy Biff might as well be in diapers. A little later, against the turnbuckle, when Biff interrupts Flash’s steel-claw hold with a side headlock, the agile heel slips free and bitch-slaps the kid for his repeated impertinence. When the babyface tries again, Flash hauls him up in the air and smashes him to the mat. Biff puts up a good fight, but every little fire he starts Flash douses with twice the energy and ten times the ring savvy. Pretty soon, Biff is wishing he had opened those ropes for Flash to start with. The action is steady and satisfying every second of the way. A sweaty knockout stomp wraps it all up tight and tidy in this sophomore entry in the Rookie Wreckers series.