Dirk Caber vs Hugh Hunter

It’s a battle of brawns on Top Cock: Hugh Hunter challenges Dirk Caber. With both contenders horny for each other’s chiseled bodies, these studs will do anything to claim the other for stiff dicking in the sex round. They tussle and grind their muscled physiques, pulling out the groping and dick sucking early on to rack up points. With raging hardons, they keep up the same level of momentum and strength in a sweaty second round. Still, the winner comes away with a comfortable lead and continues the domination into the sex round. The loser gobbles triumphant dick and armpit before presenting his ass to the victor. The winner gets a quick taste of his prize’s hole before plowing deep into that ass. Pivoting, the winner sits on the loser’s face and makes him rub out a load. The winner runs his dick through the loser’s mess and has the loser taste his seed off the tip. For a consolation prize, the loser accepts a face full of the winner’s jizz and shares it in a passionate kiss. With the loser still in a daze, the winner stuff his anklet into the loser’s mouth and walks off with pride.

“Both these guys are hot as hell…no contesting that…however there really wasn’t much in the way of competitive wrestling. It was more like rough foreplay. The action was very non competitive, and lacked the intensity of two men battling for alpha dominance. The sex round hot….almost more intense than the wrestling….but the loser enjoyed it way to much……kind of made me feel he just wanted to get fucked from the moment he stepped onto the mats. I’d score it pretty high as just a sex video…but it lacks that competitive edge and intensity of a true wrestling video. Bring back Brenn Wysen” – matwrestler2000

“What a sexy match! I love Dirk Caber and Hugh Hunter is sexy as hell too. The fight itself is kind of predictable, but I’m so biased towards Caber that I’ll automatically give this one a five-star rating.” – gjiove

Stone Whitman vs Jonny Firestorm

Abs too perfect to resist…destroying!!!

No one will dispute that Stone Whitman is an amazing physical specimen. His sculpted abs and pecs would put Greek statues to shame! And that body is on full display as he works out before his first BG East Submissions Match. In his debut match for BG East, Stone threw his phenomenally sculpted body against the larger Donnie Drake, giving and taking a beating. Still trying to shake off the rookie label, Stone is going up against someone more his size. So he should have the upper hand, right? That might have been the case if his opponent was anyone other than the redoubtable Jonny Firestorm!

Has any BG East wrestler destroyed more wrestlers in the ring than Firestorm? Jobber, rookie, pro, it makes no difference. And he takes perverse delight in every single beating he hands out, especially when he can showcase his prodigious talents and his unrivaled arsenal of painful submission holds. Jonny couldn’t be more unimpressed when he first lays eyes on lean, lithe Stone Whitman doing squats in the ring.

“What’s this? Laying an egg?” he asks with a sneer. “It’s stretching, and it looks like you could use some,” Stone replies, unafraid. Flexing his massive bicep in Whitman’s face, Jonny makes it clear that his muscle power doesn’t require stretching! Now close enough to get a better look at Whitman’s body, Jonny gives him a compliment! “Holy crap! They just keep sending me guys who are more and more shredded.” Jonny even begins counting Stone’s abs, but it’s just an excuse for Firestorm to slam his fist into those chiseled abs!

Tossing him into the ring, Jonny can’t resist the urge to show off a little, admiring himself in the mirror as he flexes. “No matter how cut you are, you don’t stand a chance against me!” Wrenching Stone’s arms behind his back, Firestorm seizes control, ripping yells of anguish from Whitman. But Stone’s muscles aren’t just for show. Powering out of the hold, he pulls Jonny into a suspended chickenwing. Firestorm uses his years of experience to counter the move, forcing the Adonis into a painful armbar. Now Jonny’s pissed!

Jonny channels his anger into a flurry of stomps and punches, flinging Whitman onto the ropes and choking the life right out of him. Delivering a brutal over-the-knee backbreaker, Jonny alternates back-and-forth between bending the pretty boy’s back and smashing his fists into those perfect abs. Like Jonny says, “They make a perfect target!” If only Whitman knew how many bullseyes Jonny means to hit – and hit again and again!

Jonny leaves Stone a limp ragdoll in the middle of the ring. But lean, ripped Stone has tremendous endurance. With a surprising burst of energy, he hops up and executes a flying headscissors, taking Firestorm down. Quickly rolling him into a pin, he slaps the mat three times, claiming a quick victory! The only problem is, Jonny doesn’t give a damn that he’s being pinned, because this is a SUBMISSIONS ONLY match!

Explaining the rules to the Rookie, he offers a friendly handshake promising just honest submissions from here on out. Uh huh! Dropping his hand and kicking Stone in the gut, Jonny effortlessly hoists Stone onto his shoulders for a devastating torture rack. Bouncing him, shaking him, even doing a few squats with him, Jonny calls his opponent an idiot for trusting him. Racking him for more than a minute, Jonny finally repositions him into a grueling bow and arrow variation. And with that, Jonny secures the first official submission!

What follows is just pure sadistic torture, as Jonny seems absolutely hellbent on ruining Stone’s perfect physique, especially those abs! Jonny rips submission after submission from Stone! Vicious ab claws, crushing headscissors between Jonny’s mammoth thighs, extreme camel clutches, thundering sidewalk slams, suspended surfboards, agonizing gutbusters, and so much more! Stone makes a valiant effort, fighting with every ounce of strength he has. He may even be able to make the ferocious Firestorm submit! Will his indomitable spirit be a match for a man of Jonny’s caliber or will this end up being a Submissions Squash?

Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer

Round 1

In celebration of Halloween this week, we’re offering our very first masked match. It’s a little something different and we’re interested to see how it resonates with our fans. This match is both a fun match, and a match that will test both of these combatants. Neither one of these guys has any idea who they are going up against in this match-up. In one corner you have the golden boy Jax in his gold tights and black mask, and in the other corner you have the veteran bad boy Ethan in his red tights and red mask. It’s the golden boy vs the red demon. Both guys are in the ring ready to start the match, as they wonder who’s their opponent.

Jax stands on the ring ropes in his corner with his arms crossed almost looking like an undertaker, while Ethan sizes up his mystery opponent. They circle one another, trying to get a feel of how this match might go, and Ethan strikes first with a reverse headlock which he transitions to a neck breaker that brings the college muscle boy down to the mat with a thump. The red demon straddles the golden boy to deliver 5 straight jabs to his ripped abs before cinching on a head lock and whispering in Jax’s ear that he’s going to take his mask off and mount it on his mantle along with all the other luches he’s beat. We know that Ethan is one of the best trash talkers in the business, and we’re quickly learning that Jax likes to talk a lot of trash when in his debut match he was already calling himself the future champ.

The bad boy continues to control the muscle boy with a reverse choke hold, then tosses him aside, gets to his feet and presses his black boot onto Jax’s head and flexes his bi’s in delight. The golden boy attempts to get to his feet but Ethan tells him to stay down as he stomps on the muscle boy’s back. Ethan maintains control with a single leg boston crab, really applying the pressure by lifting Jax’s leg high into the air as he sits on the lower back. Jax has yet to mount any type of offense in this round and you have to wonder if he has anything that can counter the red demon’s attack? Ethan drags Jax to his feet, shoves him into the turnbuckle and begins bashing away at his mouth watering abs. He whips the golden boy into the opposite corner, continues to pound his abs, then begins to torture him in the ropes and choke him out with his boot.

Ethan totally dominates this first round, making the every muscle of the golden boy suffer with a wide variety of dastardly holds. He stretches, pounds, and contorts every muscle on Jax’s sultry body before ultimately finishing him off with a tight figure four leg lock, maximizing the pressure until he yells out a submission. But the red demon isn’t finished just yet, he pulls the muscle boy back into his lap and rips his mask off to reveal his identity. He asks ‘who are you’ and Jax replies ‘the future champ’ but Ethan tells him he’s more like the future bitch! The red demon gets to his feet, reveals his own identity then flexes his baseball sized biceps in triumph over a defeated and deflated opponent in round one.

Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer

Round 2

In round two, Jax is having come trouble coming out of his corner but eventually the two of them lock up in a test of strength. Now Ethan knows, even with his new and improved muscled body, he’s not going to out muscle Jax so he reaches into his bag of tricks and backs Jax into the turnbuckle and connects with several knees into the golden boy’s midsection. The red demon brings the muscle boy out of the corner with a flying bulldog, driving his head hard into the mat. Ethan stays in control with an arm bar as he twists Jax’s muscles like a pretzel, then doing some push-ups while using the muscle boy’s abs as his support.

You’ll want to see this! Jax is getting owned by muscle boy slayer, that is until Jax is able to turn the tables with a kick of his own to the red demon’s abs. He suplexes his lighter opponent, then pays him back by doing a set of push-ups off Ethan’s abs, and claiming he doesn’t like being disrespected. The golden boy has gained some momentum and he isn’t letting go. He rolls up the red demon in a cradle in an attempt for a quick pin, but when that doesn’t work he starts attacking Ethan’s back with flying elbow drops.

Jax pulls Ethan back into a tight camel clutch and calls him the bitch before slapping him across the face, then releasing the hold. This is the most offense we’ve seen from Jax since his debut and maybe he’s starting to come into his own. The golden boy continues to control the red demon, leading up to a surprising finish. He places the bad boy in a seated surfboard and stretches his lean muscled bod to its limits seeking a submission. Ethan screams, cries and yells out in agony as Jax repeatedly yanks back on his arms creating unbelievable pressure on the bad boy’s back until he ultimately surrenders and screams out a submission.

Ethan collapses to the mat and Jax kneels on his back and flexes his marvelous muscles for victory in round two. Can the golden boy flexes his muscles and impose his will again on the muscle boy slayer and score a huge upset?! Or will the red demon own the golden boy’s muscles in round three and add yet another muscle boy to his long list of victims?!

Jessie Colter & DJ vs Eli Hunter & Micah Brandt

Live in front of a rowdy audience, Eli Hunter and Micah Brandt take on DJ and Jessie Colter in a vengeance match to reclaim their glory. Both teams are feeling cocky and ready to fight and fuck their way to victory. In a set of three explosive rounds, these studs duke it out, toe to toe, cock to cock. They pull every hold out the book and every dirty trick out of their horny minds. With a last second injury to one of our kombatants, the losing teammate is left to face the sex round all on his own. He hungrily submits to his competitor’s dicks as the crowd roars before he’s showered in cum!

Biff Farrell vs Van Skyler

“Who’s the champ now, buddy?”

Have you ever caught yourself checking out some stud at the gym and wondering if he can wrestle? That happened to rookie phenom Biff Farrell when he spotted ripped hunk Van Skyler working up a sweat. Biff offered a couple of compliments about Van’s stunning fitness, just to set the bait. Posing side-by-side for the gym mirrors and titillated onlookers, both beefy boys enthusiastically compared their fantastic physiques. “Sure you’re ripped, dude,” Biff suddenly turned, “but are all those big muscles good for anything?” Right on cue, the fresh faced newbie took the bait, and they set a date with destiny on the wrestling mats at BG East.

It likely comes as little surprise that Biff is trolling the gym to find an inexperienced opponent. His first two starts have seen this massive mountain of boy-next-door muscle crushed and crumpled by a couple of BG East’s most experienced pro wrestling heels. Biff has all the right raw material. His handsome face and massive muscles have already earned him devoted fans. Dreams of pro wrestling glory have motivated the beautiful, blond beefcake to take his knocks and take notes in order to turn his dreams of victory into reality. But you can’t blame the ambitious kid for setting his sights just a little lower, namely on a rock hard gym bunny with a lot of attitude but virtually no wrestling experience.

The tone is good natured as they lock up on the mats in the backyard of the BG East compound. Just a couple of bros with phenomenal physiques messing around to settle who is bigger, who is badder, who gets bragging rights back at the gym. In sensationally brief trunks stretched improbably across their muscled glutes, their packages bounce and shimmy as they press against one another, testing strength and balance. Biff confidently muscles the newbie around the mat. But then suddenly, Van slams big Biff down and instantly snaps his powerful, hairy thighs around him in suspiciously expert body scissors. If Biff was looking for an opponent who doesn’t know what he’s doing, he picked the wrong ripped rookie!

Matched muscle for muscle, they start taking things more seriously. Van slides big Biff into position for a rear naked choke. “Who’s the champ now, buddy?!” he taunts. Neither hunk has an easy time holding onto the advantage. As they scramble across the mat, rock ‘n’ roll Van is quickly coated in sweat that makes his magnificent muscles glisten in the noonday sun. Suddenly, he mounts big Biff in a humiliating schoolboy pin, resting his dangling package on his opponent’s chin and flexing his bulging biceps. His magnificently muscled glutes come popping out the top of his tiny white trunks as he sneers down at Biff’s stunned face.

This match features some of the finest chain wrestling you’ll see in a couple of ripped rookies. Wrist locks, scissors and sleepers are traded back and forth in innovative combinations and to devastating effect. Big Biff has a clear size advantage that he exploits mercilessly, but nobody can hold onto momentum for long with this much muscle at play. Both hunks tap out. But with egos and bodies this big, no one is calling it quits until just one ripped rookie is choked out limp and lifeless. Muscle fans rejoice, because Biff and Van are bringing brawn, beauty, and top notch mat wrestling to keep you guessing until the very end!

Mad Mykel vs Ty Alexander

After-Hours Punishment Fest

Mad Mykel took nearly everyone by surprise debuting as a fresh-out-of-the-box, fully realized ring heel. His boyish handsomeness and hot ass paired with a shocking command of the ring, left his opponent and fans alike stunned. His method is his madness, playing to the roaring cheers of his fans that he imagines he hears over top of the screams of his opponents. With the face of a cherub and the sadistic lusts of a psychopath, Mad Mykel is as unsettling as he is completely unsettled.

If there’s a reigning glutton for punishment at BG East these days, it has to be equally cherubic babyface Ty Alexander. His irrepressible enthusiasm for digging himself holes he can never dig himself out of has become legendary. The Trophy Boy’s craving for corporal punishment of any and all stripes knows no limits. And despite the Boss clarifying in no uncertain terms that he had other plans in store for Mad Mykel’s sophomore appearance in the ring, Ty’s instant crush on the unhinged hottie would not be denied. So he arranged an after hours, illicit rendezvous to see what sparks might fly when you match the untested depths of Mad Mykel’s sadism with the unquenchable lust of Ty’s desire to be dominated.

“You really want to get beat by me,” Mad Mykel smirks as they arrive ringside. He is squeezed to perfection inside tight red trunks highlighting his already bulging package. “I wouldn’t say that,” Ty slyly non-answers. In purple custom design briefs, Ty’s fan favorite bubble butt begs for a spanking.

Five seconds into the action, clearly spanking that ass is exactly what’s on Mad Mykel’s mind. He tosses the notorious jobber into a corner and pounds the stuffing out of him with a flying shoulder block to the gut. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” he asks, drilling his heel viciously deep into his opponent’s midsection. Dragged around the ring by his hair, slammed and slapped, battered and crushed, Ty stubbornly refuses to satisfy Mad Mykel’s adamant demands that he submit.

And perhaps, there’s a method to Ty’s madness as well, as his petulant denial of Mad Mykel’s command stokes his emotionally imbalanced opponent to new heights of brutality. Slammed to the mat, Ty gets an up close look at what Mad Mykel is packing as he sits squarely across Ty’s face, grinding his ass and crotch across his mouth. Distracted by the sudden roar of a throng of fans only Mad Mykel can hear, Ty turns the tables, schoolboy pinning his opponent and adding a ball claw chaser to make him scream. “You’re so cute when your angry,” Ty taunts. True enough, but probably unwise to push a madman further over the edge.

Wisdom is not Ty’s strong suit. Stoking an opponent into a blind rage, on the other hand, is. These two fit like puzzle pieces, with Mad Mykel’s obvious growing arousal matched swelling inch by inch by Ty getting turned on with every vicious hold. Ty’s stubbornness slowly gets worn down to nothing but a throbbing ache in this crotch. It’s the beginning of the end when Ty breathlessly obeys his opponent’s order to remove Mad Mykel’s sweat-soaked trunks.

The “end” doesn’t come quickly, however. The ferocity of arousing combat melts into no less contentious sexual desire, as they scramble back and forth for who will control the pace of this freight train. Amid a long, aggressive make out session, Mad Mykel smacks away Ty’s hand as he reaches to stroke his own stiffening cock. “Your going to do it when I tell you to do it!” he shouts maniacally, winding up Ty’s lust to get off to a deafening roar. One last pinfall counts the cum-soaked loser out with his opponent’s magnificent cock shoved deep down his throat. But let’s be honest, no one is going home dissatisfied with this after hours punishment fest, least of all you!

Leo Tomasi vs Kayden Keller

Butt-to-face Balls Out Brutality

Over the past year and a half, Kayden Keller has thoughtfully built his brand at BG East. With one opponent after another, the towering stud has communicated to fans and future opponents that his raison d’etre is to hand out total sexual domination and terror. Big and small, sometimes two at a time, rookies and veterans alike have run afoul of the juggernaut that is Kayden’s tunnel vision focus on ripping opponents apart and taking carnal pleasure each step of the way.

Handsome hunk Leo Tomasi may appear to be an unlikely conquest for Kayden. Leo has taken a couple of the worst rookie beatings in recent memory. Literally battered bloody, fans were understandably concerned that luscious, lithe Leo might have been scared off by the severity of his BG East initiations. He’s never faced a voracious sexual gladiator like Kayden Keller before, but judging by the bulge in his painted on, supertight denim ball suckers, Leo is eager to experience the worst (best?) that an erotic heel like Kayden has in store for him.

“Got some real nice shorts there,” Kayden says what you’re thinking. “You like?” Leo smirks, turning to the side to show off one of the perkiest asses in the business. The two combatants slowly meet in the middle of the ring, pressing forehead to forehead. Decked out in tight black square cuts, Kayden towers a full half a foot taller than his cock-tease opponent. Commandingly, he strokes Leo’s prominent bulge, hungrily feeling the heft of his excitement. Suddenly, Leo snaps on a side headlock, dragging his taller opponent around the ring with authority. “Still like my shorts!?”

“I love them!” Kayden snarls as he wraps his fingers around Leo’s balls and twists. The action is high impact and low down from the start. Leo is game for everything and anything, slamming the heel to the mat. When the bigger man muscles little Leo into another tight spot, the handsome rookie rips right back into contention with a breath-stealing ball claw of his own. There’s a whole new fierceness and enthusiasm we’ve never seen in young Leo before. Then again, this is the first chance we had to see him in full contact erotic combat.

Shockingly, Leo grabs hold of the initiative with a sucker punch to the gut. Sitting that sensational ass squarely across Kayden’s mouth, the stunning erotic rookie looks like he was born for balls out brutal combat like this. “You like that view!” he taunts, before locking on a sleeper that puts the heel out cold. With exactly one thing on Leo’s mind, Kayden finds himself coaxed back to consciousness with his opponent’s straining bulge shoved into his mouth.

No one saw this coming, least of all Kayden Keller. The battle for sexual domination turns vicious as the veteran heel is tested like never before. He’s helpless to keep his face and hands away from Leo’s magnetic ass calling him closer every second. They trade hungry face-to-crotch headscissors, spank asses, and take turns stroking and punishing each other’s cocks mercilessly. The trunks come off. The sweat soaked jocks come off. And they careen at full speed into full throttle, erotic domination that leaves them soaked in sweat and cum, with one stunned, naked wrestler dragged from the ring by his balls. Bring a towel, boys. This one is going to get messy!

Brad Barnes vs Guido Genatto

“The Dirtiest Motherf*cker You’ll Ever Meet”

“Another day, another fuckin’ jobber.” Bad attitude is the pillar on which BG East stands, and no wrestler exudes it more splendidly than “dirty daddy” Guido Genatto, destroyer of twinks and posers, a bottomless pit of rage and mayhem, a human chainsaw in the wrestling ring. He’s seen (and clobbered) it all, so if he looks a little bored sitting on the ringside sofa, awaiting his latest opponent, he has earned the right to his jadedness. He has plowed through seven (soon to be eight) plucky challengers over the past two years as if they were made of gelatin and come out of the ring without a scratch.

Still, you might think he’d be a little more revved up about facing Brad Barnes. Over the same time period that Guido carved out his reputation as the heels’ heel, Brad has proved to be the jobbers’ jobber. With one of the most luscious physiques in wrestling, Brad has found himself in the crosshairs of BGE’s top bullies, notably Lane Hartley and Kid Karisma. Fans can’t get enough of seeing his smooth, sculpted body quivering under duress, and we have to hand it to the guy: somehow he finds it in himself to keep coming back for more. Call it luck or resilience, he’s been a survivor. Now whether he can last ten minutes with Guido in the ring is a another fuckin’ story! Even if Guido is indifferent to this matchup, true fans of the squash job have reason to rejoice as the reigning badass goes toe-to-toe with the company’s reigning muscle-jobber.

Yet Brad doesn’t seem to know who Genatto is, sauntering right past him on his way to the ring. If he had recognized him, would he have honored Guido’s request for a lat spread and turned his back on the guy? It takes the super-heel half a second to spring on Brad from behind, slugging him between the shoulder blades, and flipping him over the top rope. Guido then hammers his knuckles to the hunk’s jawline and lifts him up for a high body slam. Nobody is better at introducing himself to new people than Guido. The guy makes an impression – literally – cuts, dents, nicks, and scratches. “You ain’t shit,” scowls Guido, with boner-inducing fury. He remains unimpressed by Brad’s easygoing manner or the triple-tiered torso that has won Brad legions of devoted fans. Guido goes immediately and instinctively for the finishing moves and torture holds that most wrestlers don’t even think of until halfway through a match: aiming to maim and destroy with no provocation whatsoever.

When unbroken Brad manages to rear up from Guido’s figure-four leg lock, driving his boot into the heel’s crotch in the process, it’s shocking. But before anybody can get too worked up over the unexpected escape, Guido plunges his bare foot into the bodybuilder’s midsection. A suplex lands Brad right on his tailbone, and his taut body arcs upward, expressing every steely muscle in his chest and abdomen. Guido follows up with a head-butt to the chest, then gets only a two-count! A hard camel clutch also fails to make Barnes submit, and Guido is getting miffed. “I’m the dirtiest motherfucker you’ll ever meet!” he grumbles. The heel daddy is sick and tired of the pantywaist competition he faces, but he expects submissions where they are due, and this tough gym bunny has just worked his last nerve. “You come in here and wanna DISRESPECT ME!?!” He rolls the hunk over and bends him backwards in a crab hold. “I don’t see you posing NOW!” he bellows, all but drowned out by the hunk’s agonized yelps. Still no submission, so Guido rolls him back, straddles his chest, and plugs his closed fist into Brad’s face, again and again and again, then proceeds to strangle him.

Poor Brad Barnes gets the full hundred-dollar treatment here: a long neck-jangling double nelson, scissors, punches, stomps, slams, chops, arm bars, wrist locks, ankle locks, figure-fours, choke holds, hair-yanking, fish-hooking, pink bellies, claw holds, illegal use of the ropes, and seemingly endless variations on the same. All this and a nonstop torrent of insults, profanity, and imprecation. It’s a grueling ordeal all right, worthy of the meanest son of a bitch on the BGE roster, and if the final closeup of Brad’s crotch is any indication, the mega-hunky jobber is definitely one satisfied customer – as you too will be after watching this unforgettable Squash Job!

Vasily Volkov vs Damien Rush

“Play it Big!”

Thicker than ever, now, in bulked upper body and arms, hairy and darkly handsome Damien Rush has gone from rich-boy wannabe stud to well-established heel at BG East, at least in his head. Arrogant and opportunistic, he’s always eager to have a hot rookie to beat on. He looks very pleased with this latest morsel. Big Russian rookie Vasily Volkov is all smooth brawn and Maori-style shoulder tattoos, a nice contrast to Rush in masculine style. Damien approaches the ring with a hungry grin, a cat eyeing a landed trout that’s just his size. He flaunts his new thick muscle, teasing Vasily into showing off a little, too. Both men are glaringly retro-butch. They might have just leapt off the cover of a 1960s pulp adventure magazine.

“Just too perfect,” Damien immodestly acclaims himself, and it would be hard to argue the point. The pose-off has stoked the men’s desire to test their muscle against muscle, so they circle each other and lock arms, boots thundering on the ring floor, sinewy backs flexing. Then Vasily floors Damien with a sudden shove. Damien bounces back up, only slightly ruffled but his voice rising half a pitch: “I see what you’re doing, I see what you’re doing. Play it big, play it big. C’mon, big man.” They lock up again, this time even more spectacularly, writhing at the base of their spines. Damien strains to push his rookie opponent back a few steps, but again Vasily sends him crashing to the canvas. Rush rises up, more slowly this time, one hand on his aching back.

Damien snags the rookie in a side headlock. Vasily lifts him by one leg and hurls him to the mat. Here is a new hunk who may not be so easy to bash! He puts Damien in a standing surfboard stretch. The heels of Damien’s boots skid on the canvas, his face registering maximum pain. “Let me go right now. Let me go, I command it!” Damien yelps, unable to admit that he is anything but in command at this moment. He muscles his way loose, but bang! The Russian clotheslines him to the mat. Devious Damien retaliates in the time-honored tradition of dirty fighters: he kicks Vasily in the nuts and then pile-drives him. He strikes a victory pose over his writhing opponent, then goes for a cross pin, only to be thrust off in an explosive show of might by Russian Volkov. “I’m the best,” says the ecstatic, seemingly indefatigable rookie.

It’s hard to believe how strong, energetic, and resilient this new guy is! Innovative, too. Vasily clamps Damien into a murderous bearhug, which would be agonizing enough by itself, given Volkov’s massive shoulders and arms, but then he ups the pain and insult by relaxing the hold just enough so that he can bludgeon Rush’s chest and abs to his own in a series of enervating full-body blows. At the end of that punishment, Damien can barely move. He can’t believe this is happening to him. When Vasily finally wrings a submission out of the usually cocky (now mostly limp) heel, the rookie adds humiliation to defeat by pinning him for a standard three count, too. “A gentleman like myself can’t take this kind of beating,” Damien whimpers as he weakly crawls out of the squared circle. Volkov is more than willing to take the fight outside the ring if that’s how Rush wants to play the game. If our handsome and anything but gentlemanly heel wants to turn this match around, it may be time now for another dirty and unmanly low blow, and we would expect no less from Damien Rush.

The last half of this sure-to-be-classic Hunkbash answers the question of whether our heroic rookie has the stuff to finish off our favorite weaselly heel once and for all. Or will Damien prove capable of a second-act recovery and blast the big newcomer with a relentless barrage of ring moves, legal and illegal, comparable to those that have defined his recent mat matches. Few wrestlers are so vicious and vindictive when their egos get bruised as Damien. And now that he has added on extra pounds of picture-perfect muscle, Rush’s potential for malevolent destruction is greater than ever before. Yet again and again this evenly matched contest gleefully upsets our expectations, and either man may be hunk basher … or hunk bashee. You don’t want to miss a second of this brawl, which ends after a rub-your-eyeballs-in-disbelief hot torture rack and iron claw finisher so technically perfect and sumptuous as to amaze even the most jaded BG East fan.

Cal Bennett vs Braden Charron

Guest of Honor

It wasn’t too long ago that Braden was where Cal is today: the new meat at BG East, up for grabs to any heel with a yearning to hear some pretty muscle boys scream in agony. No, it wasn’t too long ago that Charron, maybe two-thirds his present body mass, played the wrestling dummy for jaded, more experienced pros like Jonny Firestorm and Donnie Drake in Hunkbash 10 and 12 (with a bully turn against Kieran Dunne sandwiched in between at number 11). But for a while now Braden has been ruling the ring each time he steps in. Built like a wrecking ball, he has developed a daunting reputation for wrecking the balls and bodies of promising rookies like Pete Sharp and Galen Welsh. Now with his sights set on young, muscular Cal Bennett (eyes of an angel, body of a lion, deep chesty baritone that you feel in the groin), he is intent on sending the high-and-tight Hunkbash 16 rookie running home to mamma with his tail tucked between his legs.

Cal doesn’t look like he’s planning on going anywhere he doesn’t want to. Cal has a bit of a stubborn streak. He enjoys a good rough-and-tumble brawl, and can take his licks in the process, but he doesn’t like anybody, least of all Braden Charron, telling him what to do. We enter Hunkbash 17 with no illusions as to which one of these guys is fated to be the hunk about to get bashed … and bashed hard, but Cal doesn’t know that. Even if Cal suspects he’ll be the “guest of honor” at an old-fashioned beatdown, he is determined, at the very least, not to go down easy. His height and solid muscularity pose an intimidating, though no less enticing target for heel Braden’s rage.

The match starts out as a battle of words over posing rights at the mirror, but the boys get to the point quickly after Cal testily shoves away a pushy and too-close Braden, who then hastily inaugurates the action. Cal speedily turns the tide in his favor, clawing the thick, hard trapezius muscle that swells at the base of Braden’s neck. Charron retaliates with a quick set of body slams designed to jumble the young muscle god’s joints. There’s a method to Braden’s sudden assault, which targets the very qualities one might see as Cal’s best assets in a fight: his statuesque torso and strong and expansive arms and leg. Braden follows the body slams with some clutch work, bending Cal backwards and crimping his spine, forcing Bennett to give up … in a hurry. Nothing if not relentless, Braden goes for the vertebrae again, this time with some deep knee grinds, bracing his shoulders against the turnbuckle for support against his long-limbed opponent. If Cal’s stricken grimace at this point does not move you, you have no heart … or libido.

Charron then traps Bennett in a kneeling head-scissors hold and stretches the rookie’s long arms out, up, and against the designs of anatomy. Braden continues to work Cal’s superior stature against him, with the help of gravity and his own famously bodacious muscles. All poor Cal can do is squirm … and only barely. Braden repays (doubly repays) Cal’s initial claw hold to the trapezius muscle. He twists and stretches the arms and legs till the rookie pleads for release.

Braden maneuvers Cal into a corner, gripping the well-formed pecs and twisting, then smashing his forearm repeatedly to the same tender, flushed red flesh, before resuming the nipple torture. Trapping the head under one arm, Braden uses his free arm to batter away at Cal’s upper back. Then he plops the rookie down on the mat for yet more pectoral punishment. With perverse glee, Braden hangs Cal in a tree of woe with a mix of vindictive strikes that immobilize his prey. He climbs out of the ring then for a rib-crunching bearhug through the ropes while Cal is still strung upside down. All this earns the heel his third brutal submission in a row. Charron is just now breaking a sweat, and it remains to be seen whether Bennett will rally to his own defense. Fall after fall, the action builds steadily towards a highly satisfying choke-out at the end, beginning with an adam’s apple cracked against the top rope and ending with a so-tasty-it’s-like-salt-on-the-tongue rear naked choke hold. This is two of BG East’s most promising talents at their finest, and one of Hunkbash’s most beautiful squashes!