Christian Taylor vs Skrapper

“Kiss it!” – Sizzling Sensuality and Kissing Submissions

Arriving at The Gazebo to find Christian Taylor already there stretching before their match, Skrapper pinches his opponent’s ass playfully. Christian is catnip when it comes to turning on the lustful attention of his opponents. There’s no mystery why wrestlers have sex on the brain the moment they step onto the mat with him. Like an eroticized clothing model from a mall young men’s store, Christian is delicately beautiful and strikingly built. It would be hard to get your hands on that long, lean body without getting turned on!

Skrapper, of course, has no problem at all bringing an explicitly erotic vibe to the wrestling mat. His volatile mix of raw, rough grappling and aggressive sexuality poses a daunting challenge to the most skilled and horny of BG East competitors. Perpetually underrated and underestimated, the devastatingly dangerous and aptly named grappler has lit the match in more than one of our our most explosively sexy battles. His matches are routinely included among our Best Of nominees. Skrapper can be disarmingly playful, but woe be to the opponent who fails to take his wrestling offense seriously.

True to form, Skrapper swarms all over Christian’s body and ties the lean hunk up in knots within seconds. “You got the skill to get out of this?” Skrapper taunts, viciously cranking on the heartthrob’s long, lovely neck. However, Christian’s long, graceful limbs aren’t just pretty. He’s strong and flexible and one of our most experienced mat wrestlers. Suddenly, he executes a stunning reversal, snapping those long, beautiful legs like a vice around Skrapper’s skull and wrenching his opponent’s legs backward. Those lovely legs have wreaked havoc on many an unsuspecting opponent! Uncharacteristically, Skrapper squirms and squeals in frustration. A few solid punches to his exposed gut convinces him of the wisdom of retreat to fight another day. Astonishingly, Skrapper gives up the first submission. Flush with victory, Christian basks in the tingling rush of the moment.

Christian’s self-congratulatory smirk is short-lived. Demonstrating a little less than sportsmanlike conduct, Skrapper attacks from behind before Christian can reach his feet. Locked in intimate embrace, their bodies scramble and squeeze as they fight for control. Pulling Christian’s hair, Skrapper slips those long limbs into a back-wrenching camel clutch, transitioning to a sleeper. Skrapper toys with the handsome hunk, letting him go just long enough to reel him back into a rib crushing bodyscissors. Christian peels his head off the mat to look down in wonder at the sight of his own lovely, writhing body locked up tight. But Skrapper won’t allow him to submit until Christian kisses his tormentor’s bicep!

Both determined hunks begin trading muscle worship submissions, refusing to accept surrender until lips touch muscles. Forced to obey, the erotic tension skyrockets as the scramble for domination grows more brutal. Tauntingly, one gasping stud is force to kiss the sweat soaked mat. Schoolboy pins and face-to-crotch headscissors stoke them hotter. One last kissing submission is demanded. One final, fully submissive sign of dominated obedience sees one tamed fighter conceding not just in word, but in deed, dutifully attending to the victor’s flexed muscles. Bodies entwine yet again. They scramble across the mat in intimate embrace. But everything else other than fully engaged lust has burned away, leaving victor and vanquished submitting entirely to their erotic desires.

Muscled hunk Casey More is training for his upcoming fight against the cocky Alexander Gustavo. He comes in to challenge Casey to a premature fight and the two take it to the Top Cock mat, slamming each other to the mat as they fight in full sparring gear. They whip out their hard cocks and strip down from their gear as they go balls to the wall to determine who’s ass is on the line. After the fight, the domination continues on into the bathroom where the loser has to suck and fuck through a glory hole before being dragged off to the urinals for a final fuck. The winner then shoots his load onto the loser’s ass before hosing him down with a shower of piss.

“This was beyond great. Alexander G. is one of your best models. Casey looks great and has picked up some more muscle mass. I like this set up. I would like to see more sweat and hot wrestling. I wish you would bring back CONNOR HALSTED AND match up with ALEXANDER G. That would be a great match, as long as there is a lot sweat and muscle. This match today is at least a 8. Thanks” – jrw2011

Tim Messina vs Lorenzo ‘Jake’ Lowe

Indy Pro Meets Jungle Boy

Tim Messina is sick and tired of being brutalized by big, vicious bruisers twice his size. He has a point. No one denies that Tim is seriously dangerous, possessing indy experience, surprising strength and incredible endurance which make him one of our toughest pros. But he has gone down hard to a couple of big, mean heels who have simply outmuscled him and then pounded him mercilessly. Pound for pound, going against an opponent his own size, Tim is adamantly confident he can put his first notch in the victory column.

So perhaps he can be forgiven for that smirk on his face when he sees Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe come climbing over the rail of The Gazebo in a jungle cat loincloth looking like a feral youth. Jake is one of our smallest wrestlers, true. He is also one of our most fearless and successful grapplers. Within 30 seconds of locking up, he steals that smirk from Tim’s face by instantly and totally controlling the stunned pro, chaining together one incredibly sexy and crippling hold after another until Tim is little more than a human twist tie. That seductively sexy leopard print loincloth flaps and flutters, repeatedly revealing Jake’s very enticing bare butt and massively packaged pouch bouncing beneath.

Jake maintains a provocative figure-4 headscissors, spinning gracefully to his stomach, crushing Tim’s face deep into Jake’s thonged fan-favorite butt. He’s an anaconda, wrapping his stunned opponent up tight and stealing the very breath from his lungs. He literally has the frustrated indy pro wrestler begging for mercy. It’s also the type of moment, of pure satisfaction and total male dominance, which also takes the breath away from the victorious aggressor as Jake exults in the success of his submission mastery.

But Tim knows how to stop an opponent’s momentum in its tracks. He doesn’t just grab Jake’s balls, he squeezes them, two-fisted, until the choking and gasping jungle boy falls in shock to his back like a felled tree with his opponent still attached to his sac. Tim’s confident Boston crab wrenches Jake’s lower back at a sickening angle, the jungle boy’s pendulous package flopping impotently in the pro’s clutches. All those beatings, all that humiliation Tim has sucked down turns viciously on his lightweight opponent as he pins Jake against a gazebo post and goes berserk on the jungle boy’s gut. Once-invincible Jake gets bent over the railing and spanked like the naughty boy he is.

However, don’t count out either of these two determined grapplers too soon. There is a depth to their vicious determination to be victorious that we have not seen from either of them before. The outcome is in question until one smirking hunk finally and decisively subdues his opponent in a small package, excitedly grinding his crotch in the loser’s face for an unambiguously erotic 10-count pin. All of the battered egos and spanked asses devolve into full contact liplocks revealing once and for all what truly lies beneath these wrestlers’ fiercely competitive spirits. Sexy gear, sexy bodies, masterful wrestling.

Kid Karisma vs Zach Reno

Obey and Suffer

Sexy Zach Reno set off somewhat of a seismic reaction when he made his BG East debut. Fans and wrestlers alike couldn’t stop talking about the rookie’s hard body and curly locks which give the handsome young hunk more than a passing resemblance to Michelangelo’s David. There was no shortage of wrestlers eager to get their hands on this sculpted boy, but it was of course Kid Karisma who didn’t bother waiting his turn. He simply ambushed Zach when the hot, hairy hunk was working out in between sanctioned matches.

“Look at the cave man in here!” Kid Karisma laughs mockingly upon finding the hot young work of art with a hairy torso, shaggy beard, and unruly mop of long curly hair as the hunk does stomach crunches in The Gazebo. Kid Karisma strikes a stunning contrast with the hirsute rookie. Pale and smooth as sculpted marble, he is in peak physical condition. His multi-award winning ass is a work of art all on its own, stretching the tolerances of his turquoise trunks defiantly. The indy star’s shiny purple pro trunks make for some colorful viewing – and for some easy grabbing for the tit-for-tat wedgie war which ensues later!

“Why do you gotta be in here mouthing off when I’m doing my crunches, bro? They told me I could have the gazebo to myself for a while” Zach growls at the interruption. Kid Karisma dismisses the rookie’s fitness out of hand, showing off his own sculpted physique instead. In an instant, the veteran heel goes on attack, controlling the flat footed rookie in a neck wrenching full nelson. Zach’s hot, hairy torso writhes. His mop of hair falls across his face. He moans in primal protest of being immediately and effortlessly subdued.

The veteran heel manhandles and manipulates the rookie and new fan favorite, prying him apart piece by piece and studying every bulge and crevice of the hot young cave man. An inverted, reverse bearhug enables Kid Karisma to take a long, lingering look at Zach’s quivering package. He parades the raw rookie humiliatingly around The Gazebo, bending his body to his will and demonstrating his complete mastery of the muscled freshman’s acclaimed physique. Another pro boy gets a eye-opening lesson in BG-style action as Kid K asserts his increasingly deadly dominance!

There’s no mistaking the carnal pleasure Kid Karisma experiences as he takes full possession of his writhing opponent. The vicious heel slowly winds his fingers through those long, unruly locks, repeatedly dragging the suffering stud up by his hair, his screams echoing across Lake BG East. Bearhugs are little more than excuses to grind his crotch hard against Zach’s suffering ass. Trapping Zach’s hairy head between his massive, alabaster thighs, Kid Karisma demands that the vaunted hunk feel the power of his quads crushing his skull. Kneeling at the heel’s feet, stuck but good in a totally humiliating standing headscissors, Zach has only two options, obey or suffer more.

Strike that. Kid Karisma gives him just one option. Obey AND suffer more. Both battlers treat fans to mouthwatering wedgies even as Zach’s sizzling body goes limp in Kid Karisma’s suffocating “kiss of death.” It’s hard to say which is sexier, Zach’s body writhing in agony or his slack muscles completely subdued and unconscious beneath Kid Karisma’s humiliating crotch pin – or Kid K’s award-winning glorious glutes. We are certain that this match will set off all new seismic reactions in the hearts and crotches of wrestling fans everywhere! Here’s a hot match to cure you of the winter doldrums!

Jonny Firestorm vs Christopher Bruce

Star Struck and Striking Back

Knowing the direction Jonny Firestorm’s career has taken, it is astonishing to look back at his early days at BG East and hear him gush at the sight of his “childhood idol” Christopher Bruce and say “I’ve tried to model my entire career after you!” The intervening years have demonstrated that there may be two no more dissimilar wrestling careers. Jonny has aptly earned the title of resident reigning heel, breaking balls, crushing egos, and grinding opponents into submission with sadistic zeal. Christopher, on the other hand, has been one of the most popular muscle jobbers ever, proving repeatedly that fans and opponents alike are never tired of seeing his magnificent physique battered and humiliated. But years ago, when they first met, Jonny was simply star struck and earnestly begging for a autograph on a hot beefcake photo of his long-time hero.

When the mutual appreciation and pose off are completed, Christopher literally picks Jonny up and catapults him across the ring. Jonny is not only far less experienced at this point in his career, but at the leanest he’s ever been, he gives away 35 pounds of sculpted muscle mass to his opponent. Persistently Jonny springs back into the fray and is quickly scooped up into one spine numbing body slam after another. “Slow down!” Christopher advises his overeager young fan. “I don’t want to have to do that again to you.”

But Jonny does not know the meaning of the words “slow down,” and mindlessly compelled to impress his childhood idol, he flings his body senselessly at the calculating muscle man. The veteran pounds him in an over-the-knee backbreaker, flings him corner to corner, and presses him straight armed over head before driving Jonny’s back crashing into the mat. Suddenly the muscled veteran scoops his would-be protege up into his arms, suspending Jonny in an inverted bearhug and giving Christopher an intimately up close view of just how excited Jonny is to grapple with his hero. Completely outmuscled, Jonny humiliatingly submits to his childhood idol. Talk about being “star struck!”

Chris is full of sage advice for his struggling young protege right up until the time Jonny lands a vicious right hook right up into Christopher’s low hanging balls! It turns out our young Jonny is not so eager to model his career after the notoriously straight-laced muscle jobber after all. Shocked, we know! Chris is more than accustomed to weathering dirty tricks, however, and the full throttle battle to determine whether Jonny can vanquish his hero teeters back and forth in a contest of sexy strength versus cute cunning.

The young heel rising deals out every dirty trick to bring the beautiful muscleman to his knees, but Christopher is intimately familiar with every broken rule in the book. From fan lust to blood lust, their mutual appreciation sours into bruised egos and brutalized bodies. Not a corner of the ring or an inch of their bodies is left untouched, until the final, decisive DDT determines which fed up wrestler gets the respect he deserves, the seasoned hero hunk or his ambitious, “star struck” fan. Spectacular! A contender for Best of 2015???

Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels

In Chad’s debut match he went against the Z-man, Zack Johnathan, and though he had a slight size advantage the Z-man just had too much experience and he was defeated in straight rounds. But, during that match, Chad showed signs of brilliance, both athletically and with his determination. He knows he’s the new kid on the block but is determined to climb his way to the top of the roster. He’s not drawing any lucky cards with this match, because he’s going up against another seasoned veteran in the red head Austin.

The Coop has been with Rock Hard for a long while and has certainly made his mark on the roster, having great success in his singles matches and huge success as a tag team with Jake Jenkins in which they never lost a match. So, this is going to be a big mountain for Chad to climb. The rookie is in the ring flexing his beach bod muscles in his red lifeguard board shoots looking like he just walked off the set of Baywatch. He likes the reflection he sees in the mirror as he slowly drops his shorts revealing his blue square cut trunks, red socks, and white boots. An all-American vision to be sure.

As he’s jumping rope, Austin strolls around the corner eating an apple, looking like he just finished with his lunch break. He confronts the rookie, asking what he’s doing in the ring? Chad claims that this is his ring, it’s his zen zone, but Coop explains this is no swimming pool as he throws his half eaten apple in the direction of the newbie.

Coop climbs into the ring and the two size each other up, before the veteran strikes first. He scoops the blond lifeguard up, proceeds to walk him around the ring, and then slams his beach bod to the mat in a display of intimidation. Coop straddles Chad as he lay on his stomach, then locks on a viscous arm bar and applies extreme pressure, then rolls him over and locks his tree trunk thighs around the newbie’s 28 inch waist and squeezes away on his ripped abs.

The veteran lays on the mat enjoying seeing the blond boy squirm in an attempt to escape. Chad is unable to break the leg scissors and he stays in the control of the red headed veteran, once Coop releases the hold he brings Chad to his feet then makes him fly by suplexing him around the ring. Coop then induces some pain on the rookie’s muscled beach bod as he makes him suffer in a boston crab. Coop says he’s ‘not impressed’ with the rookie but Chad counters that he’s going to ‘kick his ass’.

The rookie fends off the pain until Coop releases the hold, and once he does he’s able to get to his feet and quickly attacks the ginger with a scoop slam. Chad’s got some serious muscle and he intends on using it. He tells the veteran ‘you know what I can to do you’ as he stomps away on his back. Once Chad has softened him up, he places Coop in a full nelson with his legs locked around his hips, stretching the red head out and asking ‘who’s your dad?. Pretty cocky for a rookie! As Chad circles his prey and stomps his body, he asks Coop ‘who’s the dumb ass now?’ and the veteran doesn’t hesitate with the reply ‘some guy named Chad’.

It’s going to take Chad delivering a lot more punishment to take out a seasoned wrestler like Coop. As Chad is lifting Coop to his feet, the red head makes his move, He hoists the lifeguard up and over his shoulder with a double leg, then drops him in a reverse atomic drop across his knee. Chad screams out ‘my ass’ as he squirms in pain claiming that was a cheap shot. The tactician veteran proclaims I’m going to kick your ass both literally and figuratively, as he kicks his black boot into Chad’s beefy ass.

The red head locks on an arm bar combo, ripping Chad’s big muscled arm to the limit, while he flexes his own colossal 17” bicep. Coop asks the baby face ‘what do you think I do to little guys like you?’ as he hoists him up off his feet. Coop walks him around the ring, then drops him hard across his knee into a backbreaker. The tactician has the rookie right where he wants him, his beach bod draped over his knee in total control. He pushes down on Chad’s chin until he cries out ‘I give’ three times, even admitting Coop wins before he’s shoved to the mat. Coop sits down on the lifeguards butt flexing his killer biceps for a triumph in round one.

Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels

Round 2

Round two begins with Austin asking ‘how you feeling buddy’, and Chad telling him ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’. Coop mocks him by singing some of the lyrics from the old BTO song. The two muscle beach bods lock up and it’s the red head backing the lifeguard into the corner turnbuckle and stomping on both his legs which take his pins right out from under him. Coop then places his black boot across Chad’s throat, choking and cutting off his oxygen. Chad’s able to fend it off, but only to end up in a torture rack across Coop’s broad shoulders and back, not once but twice!

The steamy hot, blond beach boy is able to withstand the attack and is able to reverse the action on the veteran. He picks him up then slams his body to the mat, then clamps on a camel clutch and tells Coop he is his bitch now while flexing his own impressive bicep. Chad’s in control and loving it, he’s shown himself to be a quick learner and he’s not going to let up on the red head. He delivers several flying elbow drops to Coop’s back, then flips him over and places his boots on his shoulders, grabs his wrists, and starts stretching the veteran tactician out. Chad’s muscles are pumped and so is his ego. He drags Coop over to the ropes and chokes him out, then whips him across the ring into the corner turnbuckle. He’s got Coop stunned and begins bashing away at his super six-pack. He continues stomping on his body and throwing the burly red head around the ring until he says ‘I got something special for you!’

As Coop lay on the mat, Chad steps out of the ring to grab his jump rope. He laces it around the veteran’s throat, places his knee in his back, then starts yanking back with all his might. The blond lifeguard is flexing every muscle in his incredible beach bod wanting to end this round now. His muscles look glorious under the lights as he continues chocking Coop out. The red head tactician has no choice and ultimately submits before he passes out. Chad flashes a double bicep flex, conquering his opponent in round two.

Will Coop be able to come back from the viscous choke out and score a victory over the fast learning blond rookie? Or does Chad and his awesome beach bod continue the momentum and submit the brawny red head to notch an impressive victory? All the thrilling action leads up to a terrific finish in this battle of muscle beach!

Badass Jed Athens vs 8 inch hung stud Jay Rising

Jed Athens is a cocky fucker, who has absolutely no intentions on losing. With his military background backed up with some college wrestling, Jed brings quite the arsenal to the mat as he faces his opponent Jay Rising. Jay is a scrappy fighter with a badass attitude no one wants to mess with. He fights like a relentless pit bull and with his big eight inch cock hanging between his legs, Jay is aforce to be reckoned with. Watch these two slam their bodies to the mat as they wrestle with hard cocks to determine who should come out on top. The loser’s made to worship feet & endure a deep ass fucking from behind before getting a handful of cum shoved in his face.

“The wrestling was fantastic and sex round was great. Both Jay and Jed are very hot. I would love to see more of Jed Athens. He is very hot and I loved the foot worship. This is the best video on NK and I thoroughly enjoyed the way Jed made Jay worship his feet and he worshipped Jay’s feet. Excellent!” – sydney_guy

Cameron Matthews vs Blaine Janus

The King of Underground Wrestling?

Cameron Matthews is admired in all corners of the online wrestling community, but over the past decade he has carved a very special niche for himself here at BG East. Eli Black, Charlie Panther, Aryx Quinn, Dick Rick, and Brad Rochelle count among his most notable opponents. He has wrestled in the ring, on the mat, solo, and in partnership with Paul Hudson and Caleb Brand. In the Babyface Brawl series, in which he took on Austin Cooper and Alexi Adamov, Cam redefined the role of “babyface,” stripping it of the erroneous connotation of novice, poser, or eternal jobber. In Barefoot Babyfaces, he pushes the gimmick further up several notches in a grand, one-of-a-kind battle against blue-eyed Canadian Blaine Janus, whose homoeroticized style of combat has steamed up our camera lenses since his auspicious debut in Wrestleshack 11.

“Push me again, and it’s gonna be on!” Cameron threatens, rebuffing Blaine’s predatory advances. But guess who keeps on pushing? And, yes! it’s ON! There follows an onslaught of body slams, thigh stretches, and head scissors. In singlets but barefooted, Blaine and Cam stay clear of the ropes at first, keeping the action close to the mat, with textbook holds very near to what you see at a high-school or college meet. Blaine injects a raunchy edge to everything, even (especially) the schoolboy pin. Cam attempts, with varying degrees of effort and varying results, to keep strictly to the straight and narrow rules of sport. Gradually they bring in some pro moves, especially when the guys decide it’s time to peel down the tops of their singlets … and eventually tug them completely off.

Blaine is far tougher competition than Cameron was expecting. This may well be the most strenuous workout Cameron has experienced at BG East. “Feisty!” Cameron says appreciatively. “Just the way I like my victims.” Blaine looks like anything but a victim. Nimbly escaping a choke out, the Canadian goes for claw holds on his opponent’s pecs and abs. Totally caught by surprise, Cameron submits, but Blaine won’t let him go till he has had his fill of quivering muscle at his fingertips. The wrestlers trade hard unpulled punches to the abs in a test of physical endurance and will power. Blaine shoves Cameron against the turnbuckle for some closeup punishment, but Cameron quickly reverses and repays blow for blow.

Cameron, the self-proclaimed “king,” proposes a test of strength. Again, the wrestlers put their heart and soul into it, clasping fingers and bumping chests with the force of rams butting heads. This may be the steamiest test of strength we have seen. The slick, sweaty bodies writhe and press in to each other, shoulder and back muscles flexing and jolting on impact. Then the action moves to the ropes, where Cam and Blaine create pretty much the perfect amalgam of mat grappling intensity and ring wrestling excitement. In a fierce skirmish, Blaine rips of Cameron’s baby-blue singlet and chokes him with it, bearing down on him and pounding his hips down on Cam’s. Cameron then reverses, garroting Blaine with the singlet, spitting out the merciless words, “Squirm, little bitch!”

After Cameron strips Blaine of his singlet, the match turns into a sexed-up tug of war. Ball-twisting like you have never seen! And our camera pulls in tight on the sweaty agony and emasculating humiliations you can almost feel for yourself. At one point Janus holds Matthews down with a bare foot to the face. The action is give and take till the victor binds the loser to a ring post and exacts the ultimate submission, with a final fade-to-black you may never forget!

Out of the Nut House and into the Arena

Aspiring heel ‘Mad Mykel’ wears wrestling trunks with leather suspenders (or braces) for a lederhosen effect, and hears the imaginary cheers of his imaginary fans! All while entering the empty arena by himself. This rangy barefoot newcomer may well be the Dandy Mott of wrestling, an over-the-top combination of affected mannerisms and psychopathic tendencies. Mykel may be a prime example of what happens when permissive parents fail to set appropriate boundaries for their offspring. In his head, he’s the idol of thousands crowding the stadium at Madison Square Garden. He smells the smoke of the fireworks. He hears the sideline chants. He sees the room keys and panties being tossed to him over the ropes. Though totally disconnected from reality, Mad Mykel poses a genuine threat to up-and-coming babyface Richie Douglas. He brings “crazy” to a new level.

“Ready for some action? My fans are!” Mykel manically gestures towards an unseeable point in the distance. Richie quizzically shakes his head, looking over at the lone cameraman for a suggestion about what to do with this raving lunatic. Mykel insists on making up his own rules. He tells Richie, “If I submit you, you have to let me pin you. If I pin you, you have to let me submit you.” Then he spits on the palm of his hand, expecting Richie to shake on the deal. He shouts at the nonexistent ref, demanding that Richie be frisked before the match begins. When the ref unsurprisingly does nothing, Mykel insists on frisking Richie himself. He pats the smooth, lean muscle as if searching for foreign objects. Then he slams his forearm up against Richie’s balls!

Mad Mykel gleefully torments his smaller opponent till Richie gets the upper hand on him. When Mykel rushes in to smash him against the corner ropes, Richie ducks out of harm’s way and returns with a forearm smash to the side of the face. Then he monkey flips the nutcase to the center of the ring. “Where’s your fans now?” asks Richie, seconds before submitting Mykel with an impressively executed bridging double chicken wing. After the good-looking babyface owns him with humiliating ease, Mykel has a hissy fit, punching the canvas angrily and screeching, “Now the FANS are going to be DISAPPOINTED because of YOU!” Richie doesn’t wait for him to finish his tantrum. He scissors Mykel’s head between his sinewy thighs, squeezing it with crushing force. Mykel rises to his feet, lifting Richie’s full weight with him like some weird but incredibly sexy headpiece. Mykel shakes his attacker loose and beats him up against the turnbuckle.

This oddball contest is sure to please fans of the bizarre, but it also showcases some fine wrestling. Nelsons, scissors, snapmares, clutches, stretches, claws, locks, chokes, and a climactic sleeper give muscle to this fight. Richie Douglas is shaping up into a terrific battler, with moves as impressive as the bulge stretching the front of his clingy yellow trunks. Mad Mykel is exactly the kind of whining and delusional villain we want to see Richie kick the shit out of, if he can, but with the unheard roar of his fans spurring him on to victory, there may be no stopping the lunatic!

Justin Beal is a lean and cut fighter with a cock that won’t quit. Wrestling is a huge turn on for him and he’s hard every round as he takes on Owen Michaels. Owen is a buff stud with years of wrestling experience and a competitive, cocky attitude. It’s all muscle and hard cock when these two meet on the mat for an intense match of Top Cock. The loser gets treated like a punching bag and then made to drag weights around the gym by their balls. A hard locker room fuck leaves him covered in the cum of himself and the victor.