Eli Hunter
“The Hammer”
Ht: 5’7″
Wt: 150lbs
Season W/L Record (1-2)

Troy Sparks
“The Tank”
Ht: 5’10″
Wt: 170lbs
Season W/L Record (1-1)

Back for another action packed bout we have Eli “The Hammer” Hunter and his giant cock challenging “The Tank” Troy Sparks. Both Hammer and Tank are returning after getting their asses pounded in their previous match, so redemption is on the line! From the very first whistle these two studs charge at each other like raging bulls, slamming each other to the mat with all their might in hopes of that sweet victory. While only one of these bad ass studs get to enjoy their prize in the sex round, the other has a hard cock shoved down his throat and endures whatever punishment the winner has in store. And after getting fucked into submission, the loser’s left helpless with a face full of hot cum.

Kid Karisma vs Blaine Janus: There Can Be Only One (Ginger)!

Canadian beauty Blaine Janus has shocked and awed more than his fair share of opponents in the BG East gazebo. Incredibly fit, with the cheekbones of a male model and a healthy appetite for pain (both giving and receiving), the handsome Canuck has proven time and again that he likes to play, and that he especially likes to play sexy and rough. Blaine relishes the challenge of finding an opponent’s weakness, preferably a sensual or erotic one, and then exploiting it fully for his own prurient and sadistic pleasures. He has an innate understanding of wrestling eroticism that strums the provocative tension between combat and foreplay, typically concluding with Blaine’s victorious tongue slithering down past his opponent’s lips and subsequently down his throat!

There may be no one at BG East Wrestling who epitomizes the motto “Play Rough and Have Fun” better than the redoubtable Kid Karisma. The notorious party boy has made a study of crushing his opponents and then dragging their hot, beaten bodies out for a night of wild and raucous partying on the town. The two-time “Best Butt” winner and overwhelming fan favorite mixes fun and games with brutal corporal punishment in a way that leaves his opponents teetering on the edge of both agony and ecstasy simultaneously. There’s a sense of inevitability about the meeting of Kid Karisma and Blaine Janus in the gazebo. It’s all fun and games until just one of these party boys is left standing!

Both of these light-haired hunks are masters of mind games and very quick with a quip and so, not surprisingly, the battle commences before either hot fighter lays a hand on one another. “You’re almost as pretty as me,” Kid Karisma announces, flexing his ripped body provocatively for his opponent’s delectation. Both hot young studs quite obviously like what they see, with Blaine sporting skin tight red square cuts and Kid Karisma rocking astonishingly brief butt-hugging black trunks with a sexy, zippered pouch.

It’s that zippered pouch that Blaine clearly can’t tear his eyes away from. Kid Karisma obliges the Canadian’s prurient curiosity by flinging him to his back and humping into his face seductively. “That was a lot easier than I thought,” Kid K smirks. “Do you like that?

“I kind of do, actually,” Blaine’s not shy about admitting it, his eyes remaining fixed on the massive bulge undulating before his amused and enticed eyes. “Is that supposed to hurt?”

“What, do you want me to unzip it?” Kid Karisma taunts, right up until the moment that Blaine grabs for the zipper to unleash the tantalizing monster within. They tumble across the mat, with Kid K easily outmuscling his lighter opponent and playfully torturing the Canuck’s eager nipples and grinding his award-winning ass in his face. Grunts of pain intertwined with groans of pleasure provide the seductive soundtrack as these two master erotic wrestlers test each other’s tolerances for both pain and pleasure.

Kid Karisma vs Blaine Janus: Kick Your Kid Day!?

Kid Karisma keeps asking Blaine Janus if he likes the feel of his rock hard body dominating him. Does Blaine enjoy having that massive, zippered bulge shoved in his face over and over again? Unabashed, Blaine blurts the obvious, that yes indeed, he does like it. A lot.

“You want my dick back in your face?” Kid K threatens. With the ambient sound of birds and frogs surrounding the summery gazebo on the shores of Lake BG, you can listen hard and you’re not going to hear Blaine protesting Karisma’s offer. “Oh God, that’s too easy!” Kid Karisma marvels, flexing his fantastic physique and showing off his hot award-winning ass and ripped muscles as Blaine feels his bulging muscles.

“This is nothing!” the cocky Canadian Blaine grunts, squeezed so intimately between his opponent’s massive thighs. “My massage therapist does more than you!”

It looks like it’s going to be a rout until Blaine literally digs in with both hands, torturing Kid Karisma’s nipples, suddenly, and absolutely, bringing the unstoppable force to a grinding halt. Blaine Janus has found Kid Karisma’s Achilles’ heel, namely, his supersensitive nipples! The eager Canuck is more than happy to go to town with nipple torture, setting up Kid K with a ball claw finisher to wring a shocking first fall submission out of the irrepressible party boy. “Not so tough now, are you?” Blaine taunts. “You know what today’s holiday is? Kick your Kid day!” Blaine kicks him in his award-winning ass.

With that massive ego bruised, Kid Karisma is on a mission to prove his body is the hottest, his mouth is the smartest, and his wrestling is destined to dominate the cocky Canadian. Blaine is quickly battered and bashed, lured limp with seductive kisses before getting racked across his opponent’s shoulders. An airplane spin and slam to the mat leave the blue-eyed northerner dazed and helpless, which is particularly dangerous when Kid K is determined to smother you with his bulging pecs!

The erotic tension between these two incredibly sexy grapplers is absolutely electric! Smart mouths, gorgeous bodies, and an incredibly deep mutual admiration for each other’s hot bodies make this battle of the party boys one of the sexiest, most playful bouts you’ll ever see. Yes, that zippered pouch on Kid Karisma gets unzipped (with Blaine’s teeth!) and yes, without a doubt, these two make out before, during, and after one hot hunk is sleepered out cold. No one leaves unsatisfied, even though one beaten beauty does leave hoisted over the victor’s shoulder. Not that you’ll hear him complaining.

The surfer dude turned muscle stud Josh has been hitting the gym hard over the last year, but his surfer dude roots haven’t left him, and he’s also been known to be the party boy on the roster. He’s just finished up with an evening workout and is sitting on the ring apron chilling out and having a few beers as a reward. Rookie Dash is also hanging out in the gym wondering who his first opponent is going to be.

Dash sports an impressive, ripped physique and has had success placing high in prominent bodybuilding competitions. He also has prior amateur wrestling experience and has been seeking an opportunity to see how he would fare in underground wrestling. Dash comes around the corner in red trunks, black boots and red socks and stumbles upon one of the roster’s rising superstars drinking, and he’s both surprised and unimpressed. Dash tells him ‘that’s not healthy’, and the surfer dude asks ‘who the fuck are you?’ They exchange digs until Josh asks ‘come on big guy, are you a poser or you want to come fight?’

Dash doesn’t back down and offers to show the wannabe bodybuilder some poses. The two muscle hunks climb thru the ropes and begin a bodybuilding pose down, comparing their huge arms, ripped abs, muscular backs, and delts and shoulders. Dash isn’t impressed with Josh’s bulky muscle and especially not his abs. He tells Josh to do his best abs pose, and with Josh a little loopy from drinking, he sticks out his belly to show off his beer pack. Dash has no time for this nonsense and delivers a swift kick to the drunken surfer dude’s leg that sends him reeling to the mat. The big rookie starts to stomp away on Josh with his big black boots, then drags him to the ropes to choke him out while driving his knee deep into the blond stud’s back. Dash not only has the advantage because Josh is drunk, but also seems to have a pure power over the popular pretty boy.

The muscular bodybuilder backs Josh into the corner, slaps him in the face, then strikes with several stomps into Josh’s beer gut abs. You can get a sense that Dash has a mean streak waiting to come out, and Josh could be the one on the receiving end. The blond muscle hunk is taking a beating, but because he’s inebriated he’s not even noticing as he laughs at the punishment. Dash is willing and able to keep beating up on the half-baked surfer dude, placing him in a camel clutch by wrapping his massive ripped arms around Josh’s neck and reeling back. But when the rookie makes a rookie mistake, and pauses to pose his glorious body, Josh is able to re-group and take the rookie down. He attacks Dash’s shredded abs in retaliation, chokes him out with a rear choke hold, before driving Dash’s big arm up behind his back in a hammer lock that causes some pain. A

fter several years on the Rock Hard roster, and enduring some beatings, Josh has learned his way around the ring and knows how to fight back. He continues putting the bodybuilder rookie through a series of punishing holds; sending his knee into his prize winning abs, lifting him high off the mat and stretching him out in a full nelson, then scoops him up and drives him to the mat with a power slam. It looks like Josh has sobered up fast, but just when you think he can end this rookie’s dream, he slips on what could have been a beer spill and the rookie takes the opportunity to regain the control.

Both of these muscle studs are huffing and puffing at this point, but Dash is able to climb to his feet and stomps away at Josh’s muscles, then wraps his powerful thighs around Josh’s midsection and squeezes away. He inflicts pain on the woozy surfer dude with a single leg boston crab, then chokes him out with his boot in the corner turnbuckle, and culminates with two powerful body slams that has Josh dazed and confused. Dash drags him to his feet, laces Josh’s sweaty muscle bound body through the ropes, locks on a standing surfboard and starts pulling and stretching his body out in all directions. Josh screams out in pain as he’s trapped with nowhere to go.

With Dash ravishing his body in the ropes, the blond surfer dude is compelled to scream out a submission to stop the agony. As Josh lay on the ropes, beaten, sore, and dazed, Dash flexes his mighty biceps in triumph ending round one.

Dash Decker vs Josh Steel: Round 2

Round two kicks off with Dash standing confident in his corner and Josh perplexed at what just happened. He admits round one sobered him up a bit and ‘that there’s one thing you shouldn’t do when your drunk…’, but before he can finish his sentence the rookie cuts him off to say, ‘and that’s wrestle me!’. The rookie exudes confidence in himself. The two muscle studs lock up their bulging arms in a test of strength, but Dash quickly transitions it to a headlock and drags the surfer dude down to the mat, telling him ‘I think you’re still drunk’. Dash brings the blond stud to his feet, whips him across the ring and connects with a clothesline that has Josh squirming on the mat in agony.

But Dash isn’t done, he lifts Josh’s bulky, muscle bound body up then drops him over his knee into a backbreaker. Josh’s muscles are stretched out and draped over Dash’s knee. The bodybuilder rookie pushes down on Josh’s chin to inflict more punishment as he stares down at his prey with a grin on his face. Josh hasn’t taken a beating like this since his early days at Rock Hard, when both Ethan Andrews and Austin Cooper both dominated him in early matches. Dash continues to dictate the action; he bashes away at Josh’s abs in the corner turnbuckle, chokes him out over the bottom rope, and power slams him several times to the mat.

Josh is just about finished but is able to sneak in a low blow to Dash’s package that crumbles the big bodybuilder to the mat. The sweat is now dripping off of both of these hot bods, and Josh is on the attack. He connects with several forearm smashes to Dash’s back, stomps his size 12 boots down on his body, then hoists the red clad wrestler up onto his back in a crucifix. As he parades Dash around the ring like a trophy, the studio lights highlight the rookie bodybuilder’s perfect sweat soaked physique. But Josh isn’t down yet; he flings Dash to the mat and places him in a seated surfboard to really stretch out Dash’s brawny arms and back.

The experienced Josh has been able to claw his way back into this match, but can he make the rookie bodybuilder submit to even it up at one round a piece? Or, will Dash somehow muscle his way out of this predicament and teach the blond surfer stud a hard lesson, and chalk up an impressive victory in his debut? It’s a climatic ending between these two incredible studs in a must see showdown!

Jesse Colter
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 195lbs
Season W/L Record (1-3)

Dirk Caber
“The Claymore”
Ht: 5’9″
Wt: 200lbs
Season W/L Record (0-0)

Jessie Colter vs Dirk

Jesse “Cut-Throat” Colter is back on the mat to improve his record but NK newcomer Dirk “The Claymore” Caber is the one standing in his way, hoping not to notch a loss with his first appearance. With 4 matches under his belt, Cut-Throat knows how the NK point system works. And although Claymore brings some traditional wrestling experience, that has never proven to be an advantage when you thrown ass smacking, ball grabbing, and cock sucking into the range of legal moves. Cut-Throat aims to win and plans on a rough bondage fuck to finish out the day. Claymore sees things differently, and can’t wait to have Cut-Throat choking on his fat cock and then screaming for mercy as he abuses the loser’s hole.

Steven Ponce vs Ray Dalton: Dark Knights Returns

The Dark Knights series has long been almost solely the territory of legends the likes of Kid Leopard and Brooklyn Bodywrecker, and some leather-clad master dominators able and willing to push their opponents farther than they ever have been before. They don’t simply beat their opponents, but force them, body and mind, into complete and total submission – and often emission – to serve the whim of the master victor, cum what may. Such a role can be hard to fill, and a new entry has been a long time in cuming. For this latest installment in the series, the line-up couldn’t look more promising.

Steven Ponce proved his penchant for the sensual and the sexual in his match with Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe, and now, with his facial hair and hirsute chest, geared up in a hot harness and leather jock, he’s certainly got the look of the Dark Knights warrior down pat. However, before he can even make his entrance, we see his older, ripped and tattooed opponent, and any fan of this series will know right away who to bet on!

Ray Dalton, multiply tattooed, leather-clad, and built out of solid muscle, his first act at BG East is to beckon Ponce to the mats for their match. Steven sure doesn’t balk at the challenge, flexing a bicep inches from Dalton’s face, but the bigger man is unimpressed, and shows why as he muscles Ponce’s arm back down to his side before dragging him to the center of the mat by his harness. Steven remains confident but he may already be drawn, like a moth to a flame, into a master dominator’s mind games.

Some serious mature male muscle is on display as these two tough-looking men lock up, neither giving an inch as they make a tight circuit of the mat room, eyes locked. Size wins out as Dalton is the first to take Ponce to the mat, locking on a punishing bodyscissors and giving his erstwhile opponent the first taste of his power. Steven’s no jobber however, as he works free and wrestles the formidable Ray Dalton into a full nelson.

The big man’s words: “That all you got?” Dalton flexes and slowly powers down and out, tensing his muscles and gradually weakening Steven’s grip until they’re forced back to their feet. As he breaks the hold Ray reverses and roughly traps Ponce right into a full nelson of his own, his weight and muscle bearing down on Steven until he’s forced to his knees beneath the bigger, older man, Dalton making it perfectly clear who’s in charge here.

Steven Ponce vs Ray Dalton: “That Ass is Mine!”

Steven Ponce continues to fight against what begins to seem like the inevitable as Ray Dalton puts him through his paces, slowly working from a full nelson to a bodyscissors, then spreading Ponce’s legs wide, with deliberate intent and an obviously erotic subtext. His opponent trapped beneath him, Ray begins the tough-guy erotic seduction taking his time to work on Steven’s appealing nipples, extracting pained moans and gasps as he tenderizes Ponce’s pecs. Finally pulled into a leg-splitting pin, Steven Ponce is forced to submit and admit defeat. Ray Dalton revels in a show of victorious muscle.

Though the match is far from over, the rush of initial conquest has Ray running his hands up and down and all over Steve Ponce’s hairy, sexy chest and abs, down to the leather pouch concealing what he’s sure will be his ultimate victor’s prize soon enough.

As Steven rolls away onto the mats, thinking he’ll have a moment to recover, he suddenly feels Dalton’s weight drop across his back, only to be yanked up off the mat by his harness. Trapped under Dalton, his waist pinned to the mats and his head and shoulders in Ray’s grip, Ponce feels a hand on his ass, naked and exposed in his leather jock.

Suddenly, the looming and very real prospect of erotic violation stirs Steven from his reverie and he fights back agains this new but clearly very experienced leather master dominator. Steven uses his power and appeal to pin the older dude to the mat, schoolboying him and planting that more than amply packed leather pouch right on the tough guy’s lips. He reaches back and claims a claw on Ray’s custom leather jock. That’s one step too far for the dominator. With a commanding reversal, Ray Dalton takes charge once again and demonstrates to the Puerto Rican ginger just who is in control.

Steven’s efforts are met with harsher disciplines as the outcome of the match takes shape. No part of his body is off-limits and Dalton continues to remind Steven of his power. Dragged about by his stiff hard-on and by his ball sack, he gets spit on, and humiliated in even more graphic ways before the end. There’s no question of who Ponce answers to in this erotically ‘explosive’ finale to a long-awaited and must-see installment.

Billy Santoro
“The Body-Slam”
Ht: 5’11″
WT: 170lbs
Sebastian Keys
“The Tiger”
Ht: 5’10″
WT: 165lbs


Doug Acre
“The Destroyer”
Ht: 5’11″
WT: 170lbs
Brock Avery
“The Big Show”
Ht: 5’10″
WT: 165lbs

Naked Kombat’s back with our live audience tag team fights! This month we have Doug “The Destroyer” Acre teaming up with Brock “The Big Show” Avery. Both fighters are experienced wrestlers and mixed martial artists and are prepared to show no mercy. Their opponent Billy “The Body-Slam” Santoro was scheduled to fight alongside Eli “The Hammer” Hunter. Unfortunately due to medical reasons, The Hammer was not able to fight, so in his place is the veteran Sebastian “The Tiger” Keys. The Tiger and Body-Slam know they have formidable opponents in this match, so they’ve made sure to strategize their victory before the fight started. These four hunks slam hard to the mat as the sounds of the screaming crowd fill the arena, all cheering to see which team will come out on top, and which team will get fucked and humiliated in front of everyone.

Leon Fox
“The Masticator”
Ht: 5’11″
WT: 170lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)

Chris Bines
“Mr Bad-Ass”
Ht: 5’10″
WT: 165lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)

Leon “The Masticator” Fox has years and years of martial arts training under his belt, and this is his first time on NK. From MMA to Kung Fu his extensive background is surely one not to underestimate. Fighting against The Masticator is newcomer Chris “Mr Bad-Ass” Bines. Mr Bad-Ass may not have formal training, but he’s grown up fighting and scrapping throughout the years and he’s more than confident in his street smarts. Both fighters have very different fighting styles, as they go toe to toe which one will prove to be superior? Masticator’s technical background or Mr Bad-Ass’ dirty, aggressive fighting style? Either way only one can be the winner and it’s an all out fight for sexual glory and control.

Brock Avery
“The Big Show”
Ht: 5’9″
WT: 180lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)

Seth Santoro
“The Tsunami”
Ht: 6’0″
WT: 195lbs
Season W/L record (0-1)

Returning to the mat is hot hunk Seth “The Tsunami” Santoro. Tsunami may have lost his first fight to Kip “The Giant” Johnson but he’s back for redemption, now that he’s gotten a feel for how NK works. Newcomer Brock “The Big Show” Avery stands in Tsunami’s way, with his years of martial arts training, Big Show plans on dominating his opponent all the way through to the sex round, and promises him a rough thunderfuck. Tsunami brings on the shit talk, saying his opponent is all muscle no brains and plans on covering his face in cum after the match. Either way, someone’s ass is going down hard, and undoubtedly getting fucked and covered in cum.

Marc Merino vs Don Deegan: Shoot That Load! This Muscleman is in for a BIG Surprise!

Marc Merino’s no stranger to the rules of the BGE ring, and having shared the stage with the likes of Donnie Drake and Morgan Cruise, he’s no stranger either to the punishment that can be dished out by our most accomplished resident heels. Despite his growing wrestling experience, this jobber of the year nominee often finds himself on the receiving end of some brutal beatdowns, screaming out submissions as his tormentors invent new agonies for their amusement. This muscled stud had size and strength on his side, but that just never seems to cut it when facing down a truly sadistic opponent.

Despite such suffering, Marc just keeps coming back for more. Does the sexy Italo muscleboy have something to prove? Or is he just a greedy glutton for punishment? Maybe he thinks he’s picked up enough tricks to give newcomer Don Deegan a beating of his own in his BG East debut, but from the looks of it Don isn’t too worried about that. This supremely confident hot new heel projects enough swaggeringly sexy attitude to get you hard for action before his unsuspecting opponent even makes his entrance!

The new guy strides onto the mats, taking it all in before pausing to admire the sight he finds in the nearby mirror. His reflection on full display, he slips out of his shorts to reveal a colorful, and full, pair of briefs. Shrugging off his matching jacket, Don unveils a tightly-muscled torso that might even challenge Marc’s bod for the moniker of musclestud in this match. Don seems right at home as he flexes his humpy figure, but it’s not all about posing, this newbie still has to prove himself on the mats in this, his debut match.

Don Deegan may well have the same thing in mind, so eager is he to lock horns with the undeniably and smokingly sexy Marc Merino that he suddenly cuts his performance short and heads for the door, surreptitiously standing just out of sight. With this silent introduction, Don Deegan makes it very clear on which team he intends to play. And then right on cue, meaty Marc Merino makes his way into the matroom, not noticing his latest potential tormentor skulking behind until it’s too late. A heavy forearm across Marc’s massive back sends him to his knees a mere second after stepping onto the mat. Don closes in as it starts to look like history may be about to repeat itself for Marc.

Marc Merino vs Don Deegan: Strutting, Submitting, Stripping… Emitting

Two seconds into the match and Marc is already on his knees, but then what else would you expect from a candidate for Jobber of the Year? Dirty Don Deegan doesn’t miss a beat, dragging his downed opponent to his feet and then suddenly into a suffocating sleeper. A sleeper hold is shocking enough but imagine it coming barely seconds into the match! It has to come as a major assault on your fight psyche, not to mention being a major and rushing blast of adrenaline coursing through your body! Marc doesn’t even seem sure where he is as he fights Don’s tight grip. But control isn’t enough for Don, he wants a show. Dragging the helpless, nearly unconscious, muscled Marc back towards the mirror, he turns to watch himself work as the fight gradually fades from Marc Merino’s heaving body.

Stunned by the sneak attack and trapped in Don’s huge arms, precious seconds pass and Marc’s hands stop trying to pry Don’s thickly muscled arms away from his neck and instead slowly lose life, slipping off and down to rest at his sides, Merino’s only resistance now a muffled moaning and pitiful drooling. Satisfied, at least with this hold, Don tosses the drained muscle hunk to the mat. Planting his colorful briefs squarely on Marc’s broad, meaty pecs, Don slaps the mat for an easy pin over the barely-conscious stud.

Only minutes into this match and hapless hunk Marc Merino has been beaten down, dragged, pinned, and even nearly knocked out cold on the mat. If there was any doubt as to this musclestud’s now near-iconic jobber status, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any of it here today. As the match goes on, Dominator Don Deegan’s treatment of poor muscle Marc goes from punishing and painful, to humiliating and horny, to downright erotic as the hunky handsome jobberboy submits fully to the whims of his rookie heel opponent.

A hot standing headscissors, bare butt boston crab, a bare foot punishing a packed pouch, an over-the-knee backbreaker and crotch abuse give way to gut-punching, leg-splitting, and even bulge grinding and stomping torment as Don summons up new ways to punish the increasingly helpless muscleman at his mercy. Stripping from perfectly form-fitting pro trunks down to Marc’s bulging thong and Don’s revealing jockstrap, forced flexing, and a steamy, stunning double hard-on climax await both men before this match is finished. Don Deegan delivers a superb and sexy BG East debut and soundly cements Marc Merino’s status as one of the hottest muscled jobbers to bare it all for the camera.

If you’re looking for aggressive mat action or a display of flashy skill then no, this is not the match for you. But if you love hot humpy muscleman domination action starring two very hunky, handsome heavyweight studs with phenomenal bodies, then hell yeah, this match is for you. If you love sexy bare butts and huge legs, with humiliation and forced flexing – with both big boys shooting hot loads – then this match is a veritable feast!

Zack has been a mainstay at the top of the fitness modeling world for many years, and has also built an impressive and loyal following in his underground wrestling career. So, he’s in no mood to allow some of the recent hot shot rookies waltz into the Rock Hard arena and challenge him as being ‘the one the fans all come to see’, as he likes to say.

Zack has been on top of the roster since the inception of Rock Hard Wrestling, knocking off the likes of Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, Brody Hancock, Troy Nelson, and most recently Kyle Carter and Logan Matthews. He has had his troubles with the bad boy, street punk Ethan Andrews but that’s a whole different story. He’s been noticing the likes of the young guns Josh Steel, Brodie Fisher, and Alex Waters making a name for themselves recently, and doesn’t like what he’s seeing. So, when he sees Alex in the arena pumping out bench presses and flexing his beautiful muscles like a peacock, he feels compelled to confront the young stud. The two studs exchange words and it all escalates to a challenge in the ring to settle their differences.

Zack climbs through the ropes in his white briefs, white fitted tank top, and white boots which highlight his pristine, perfectly muscled body. Alex is right behind him in his signature blue square cuts and black boots, and the intent of his well-built body taking over as the resident bad boy and superstar on the roster. And sure enough, as Zack is peeling the white tank top off his killer torso, Alex cheap shots him from behind to start things off. He catches Zack off guard and takes the early advantage, scoop slamming him to the mat then pounds away at the fitness model’s perfect pecs. The cocky fratboy brings Zack to his feet, whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, delivers several shoulder blasts, then powerful jabs to his pecs and awesome abs.

Zack is stunned at the moment and shows no signs of putting up a fight. Alex stays on the assault with a back-breaking camel clutch, a stretching bow and arrow that puts the fitness model’s killer body on full display, then the rising young gun laces Zack’s muscles through the ropes and cranks back on his chin. As Zack lays slumped in the ropes, Alex takes a few moments to admire his work and flex his bulging biceps for the camera. Zack manages to get to his feet and challenges the cocky boy to a test of strength.

Nobody beats Zack in a test of strength, he sports massive 17” biceps, but Alex quickly switches it to a double leg takedown and exhorts ‘you’re too slow’ as Zack lay on the mat. Perhaps the world class fitness model has bit off more than he can chew with Alex? Alex continues his attack on Zack’s muscles, making him suffer in a leg scissors which includes an arm bar. Zack is able to endure the punishment he’s taken in the first 7 minutes of this round, and when Alex goes for one too many elbow drops, the seasoned veteran scoots out of the way.

Zack uses his superior muscle and experience to start beating on the fratboy, slamming him on the mat and then dropping him over his knee into a backbreaker. As Alex lay draped over the knee, Zack delivers some payback with a few elbow drops across the young gun’s ripped abs. Zack continues to attack Alex; chocking him out across the top rope, stomping and pounding away at his body in the corner turnbuckle, then in a show of sheer strength he tosses the cocky fratboy up over his head and behind him.

Zack has seized the momentum and isn’t letting up, he places his massive biceps around Alex’s throat as he has him arched to the max in a camel clutch that causes him to cry out in pain as Zack asks him ‘how do you like that?’ Zack releases the hold, then hoists the cocky fratboy up and places him into an over the shoulder backbreaker. Alex tries his best to break the hold but it’s all in vain, as Zack’s bulging biceps are locked around Alex’s waist not to be broken. Zack holds him high in the air and inflicts more pain until the cocky fratboy has no other choice but to yell out a submission to end round one. Zack drops him to the mat, admires his work, then flexes his mighty biceps over a suffering Alex.

Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan: Round 2

When round two opens, Alex is in his corner nursing his sore back and conceding to Zack that ‘you’re tougher than I thought’ and Zack warns the cocky fratboy he shouldn’t have climbed into the ring with him after a workout. Zack continues to beat up on the muscle boy; choking him out in the corner, nearly putting him to sleep in a choke hold, crushing his ribs in a front facing bear hug with Zack’s massive arms wrapped his torso, and topping it off with a standing surfboard on the suffering stud.

Zack tries to gain a submission out of it, but Alex resists. But when Zack goes too far with the trash talking, the bad boy gets a second wind and lifts the world class fitness model up and slams him to the mat. He pushes Zack over to the bottom rope and chokes him out, then secures and stretches him out in a grapevine and chin lock that strains Zack’s back. The cocky bad boy focuses his attack on the back for the next several minutes, thinking that’s an area that he can inflict the most pain. As Zack lay face down, Alex drops his knee and drives it deep into the fitness model’s lower back, he then lifts him up into a suplex, and pays him back with his own standing surfboard that stretches Zack’s fabulous body out and creates severe pain on his back.

Alex is feeling like his cocky self and senses it’s time to make this model boy regret the challenge that he issued. He locks Zack’s arms around his and hoists him up over his broad back into a crucifix. Zack’s money making body is spread eagle on the cocky fratboy’s back with no way to escape. Zack endures the pain as long as possible, but ultimately he’s compelled to cry out a submission to end round two, and even this match at one round a piece. Alex stomps his black boot on Zack’s abs and flexes his own impressive double bicep shot to show he means business. There’s a lot on this line in round three, as Alex takes the early control but that’s short lived.

Zack reverses him on a whip into the turnbuckle. Zack uses his perfect muscles to control the pretty looking, bad boy as he wants; dominating him with a headlock, bashing away at his abs, then manipulating his body with a chin and leg lock that has him searching for any way to escape! Can the world class fitness model continue his control over Alex and the Rock Hard roster? Or, will the cocky fratboy be able to mount a comeback and out wrestle and out muscle Zack? There’s tons of thrilling action and excitement in this 31 minute marathon match, that ends with one of these magnificent muscle bodies being worked over and stretched out until he’s pushed to scream out several times ‘I submit’ to end the match as the victor flexes in conquest!