Will Myers vs Patrick Donovan

Who’s Your Daddy?

Patrick Donovan boasts one of the longest running careers at BG East, from his early days as an infinitely crushable, long, lean, babyface mat rookie to his newest releases as a steely, strong, dangerously skilled veteran daddy at home in the ring or on the mats. Everything about Patrick has grown, including his arsenal of crippling submission holds, his lust for breaking opponents into pieces, and his big, broad, bulging pecs. Far from the day he won the title of Jobber of the Year at Wrestlefest 2, no one with half a brain considers him anything less than one of our most accomplished and competitive mat specialists.

So eyebrows were raised when one-time BG East wrestler Will Meyers made a special appeal to get his hands all over Patrick for his return match. Will is well known on the private wrestling circuit but his experience on the BG mats is limited to one sizzler of a mat match versus Glenn Scott on Gazebo Grapplers 2. The salt-and-pepper hottie is a mature daddy, and he has a reputation as a highly accomplished technical wrestler with a seriously sadistic streak. Success in pick-up wrestling circles doesn’t always translate to dominance in front of the cameras on the BG East mat, though, as both Will and Patrick well know.

The trash talk flies as Patrick and Will stroll into the mat room. There’s no love lost as the two abruptly launch into each other with a fury. There’s no pretense of feeling each other out. There’s no tentative testing, no gauging strengths and weaknesses. From the start, they wrestle with balls out brutal intensity. Will dives face first into high stakes, high intensity offense that consistently knocks the savvy veteran on this back. A grapevine and armbar combination methodically stretches Patrick’s beautiful, smooth body out vulnerably.

When the icy calm veteran silently refuses to submit or even attempt to counter, a frustrated Will snarls, “What, did you fall asleep!?” Patrick is not amused: “Just waiting for you to tire out, old man,” the tall blond smirks. Repeatedly, Patrick patiently waits for the salt-and-pepper newbie to overreach, at which point the dangerous veteran strikes like lightning, grabbing hold of the momentum and making his hot hirsute opponent pay.

Surprisingly closely matched in skill, strength and stamina, both technical wrestlers score submissions. Finally sliding to Patrick’s back, the hairy hottie forces the first crack in Patrick’s icy cool facade, securing the first fall submission. But before he can celebrate, Patrick is on top again, wearing the daddy out with combination holds that keep him guessing from what angle the next assault will come. Suddenly, Will finds himself flat on his back, smothered beneath Patrick’s balls as the veteran rolls him up and splits his legs open, spreads him wide until the helpless pinned daddy angrily taps out and submits.

The third and decisive fall is, quite literally, balls out wrestling intensity as Will stretches Patrick out beyond the ability of his tight white trunks to contain him. The balance of power teeters back and forth as they battle to the wire, until skull crushing headscissors milk the last ounce of resistance out of one furiously bruised wrestler. There’s always time left for one last humiliating schoolboy pin, humbling smacks to the face, and only one hot and cocky hunk left slapping down the victorious trash talk. MEN doing what they do best!

Darius vs Jeremy Tyler

Mutual Appreciation, Mutual Destruction or Both?

There’s definitely something in the air when massive Jeremy Tyler strolls into the mat room to find muscle god Darius flexing. They give one another long, slow, suggestive appraisals. They are clearly both abundantly impressed by what they see. Darius playfully punches Jeremy’s muscled gut. They feel one another’s flexed biceps, groaning just a little with pleasure. When they silently, suddenly lock up, their massive muscles quiver with the strain of closely matched strength going head-to-head, tingling from head to toe.

Jeremy is a relative newcomer to BG East, but he has a long resume of mat wrestling experience. He’s built like a mack truck, and he fills out his tighty-whities magnificently. Darius is well-known to BG East fans and throughout the underground wrestling scene.

Darius never shows up without being in phenomenal shape, thick, beautiful muscles sculpted with the devotion of a physique fanatic. When he suddenly snaps his massive thighs around Jeremy’s torso, the curly haired hunk writhes involuntarily in agony. “Damn,” he gasps through gritted teeth, “you’ve got strong legs, man!” Jeremy is going nowhere as Darius digs his knees into his captured opponent’s gut, flipping and flinging him back and forth from side to side across the mat. Those crushing quads slowly drive Jeremy past the point of no return, and he finally, reluctantly taps out, already glistening with sweat.

These hunks are so into each other! The attraction is palpable and sizzling. Jeremy insists on comparing his muscle mass to Darius’ crippling thighs before they resume wrestling. To say they have high regard for one another is a gross understatement. They’re seriously crushing on the sight, the feel, the intensity of each other’s gorgeous muscles!

The pace of this match is deliberate, each lustful hunk savoring every moment of testing each other’s bodies and then openly admiring each other’s physiques between falls. When Jeremy crushes out a panicked headscissors submission from the black muscle god, Darius is instantly infatuated with stroking his opponent’s flexing quads. They trade schoolboy pins, smothering each other with excited packages, flexing their biceps in each other’s faces. Neither wrestler gives anything other than 100% to the battle, but there’s just no mistaking how awed they are to be locked together, muscle on muscle, with such incredible physiques.

One of these muscle hunks builds a head of steam, eventually controlling the momentum and scoring the majority of submissions in the end. But there are two winners in this match up, both thrilled by the test of strength and the intimacy combat. Even when all is said and done on the mat, they can’t stop flexing for one another, feeling and admiring each other. Whatever it is in the air in the mat room this day, they leave arm in arm to continue building their mutual appreciation. Ebony and ivory with well-matched mighty muscle.

Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker

This match was inevitable, and it’s only fitting that it was set up as a King of the Ring Match. Both Ethan and Dash are current superstars, with Ethan having considerably more experience inside the ring and Dash being the reigning King of the Ring after defeating Alex Waters in KOTR 2. But, it’s the recent history that makes this match up so exciting.

Ethan teamed with Gage Cardona as the Green Team to not only defeat the Dream Team of Dash and Alex Waters, but also humiliated them the after match was over. After claiming victory, the two lean bad boys strung up the two bodybuilders and pulverized their muscles so that they were sore for at least a week. Ethan gained lots of confidence from that match, and Dash was a sore, sore loser after that defeat. Both of these guys have been salivating to get their hands on one another. This being a King of the Ring match, one of these guys is going to have to make their opponent submit three times before being crowned the winner of this KOTR 3. The first round opens with a little trash talking, Ethan bragging he’s won a lot more matches than Dash, and Dash telling him he’s going to need to win three rounds today to chalk up a victory.

Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker

Round 1

They lock up in a test of strength to start the action, and though Dash’s power is superior Ethan gains the advantage first with a swift boot to the bodybuilder’s killer abs. Dash falls to his knees and before he knows, the bad boy has him locked up with an arm bar. Ethan cranks on that for a while, then ties up both arms of the bodybuilder with his long legs. Dash is perplexed and in trouble as he’s totally at the will of Ethan at this moment. Dash’s ripped six pack abs are openly exposed as he’s trapped in the hold, and everybody knows that Ethan loves bashing away at the muscleboy’s abs, and that’s exactly what he begins to do to Dash.

The bad boy releases the hold and transitions into a reverse figure four leg lock and camel clutch combination that places extreme pressure on the bodybuilder’s back. But so early in the round, Dash is no way going to submit at this point, he endures the punishment and then strikes with the first low blow of the contest. He connects with an uppercut right into the bad boy’s infamous humungous package causing him to wilt in pain to the mat. Dash stomps on Ethan’s legs for payback and to weaken them, then begins a calculated attack on the lean muscled bad boy’s back. The bodybuilder’s power advantage takes over from here; he places Ethan in an agonizing single leg boston crab, then lifts him high above the mat and drops him down over his knee into a backbreaker inflicting more pain on the street punk’s back. Ethan cries out in pain until Dash shoves him to the mat.

Ethan uses the ropes to climb to his feet, but Dash is there to sling him across the ring into a thumping clothesline. Dash senses it’s time to finish, so he locks Ethan’s legs and rocks him up onto his knees in a suspended bow and arrow. Ethan is stretched out in severe pain with no way to escape. Dash applies the pressure until the bad boy screams out a submission to end the suffering. Dash brags ‘this is easier than I thought’ then flexes his glorious muscles to claim round one. Dash–1, Ethan–0.

Ethan Andrews vs Dash Decker

Round 2

Round two starts with Ethan trying to shake off the pain and also flipping the finger to Dash across the ring. It’s evident he’s still shaken as he staggers out of his corner, but Dash isn’t about to let up on him. He shoves the bad boy into the ropes and as he bounces back Dash scoops him up and slams him to the mat, he follows that with a clothesline, then drives a series of knees into Ethan’s lower back. It appears Dash’s strategy is to weaken the back. But, Ethan hasn’t racked up his impressive win total without knowing how to endure punishment. In fact, he seems to thrive and feed off of it.

Dash continues with whipping Ethan across the ring into opposite turnbuckles, but as Dash comes charging across Ethan connects with an elbow to the bodybuilder’s jaw. The bad boy goes back on the attack on Dash’s legs. He delivers a few boots to the hamstring before locking on a tight figure four leg lock which has the bodybuilder in anguish. Ethan keeps the hold on for a while, exerting more and more pressure. But Dash won’t give so he releases the hold, then delivers a forearm uppercut to the jaw as the bodybuilder was getting to his feet.

Ethan has found his mojo in this round and isn’t letting up! He drags Dash over to the ropes to torture him while disfiguring his face. Dash’s body has taken a beating, so Ethan drags him to the center of the ring. The bad boy sits behind him, and laces his long legs around Dash’s massive arms, locking his ankles behind his neck which stretches the bodybuilder’s massive arms to the limit. Dash squirms and squiggles trying to escape but Ethan has it locked on tight and eventually Dash has no other choice but to submit. Ethan flexes his muscles over a fallen Dash to take round two. Dash-1, Ethan-1.

It’s all evened up at one round a piece, so one of these guys needs to win two more rounds to prove he’s the King of the Ring. Can the street punk, bad boy take the big bodybuilder down by continuing his assault on the reigning King of the Ring’s massive legs and ripped abs? Or will Dash turn the tables and use some dirty tricks and his massive muscles to force Ethan to submit twice more? This match does go a full five rounds and 35 minutes to determine the winner, and it climaxes with a surprising finish as one of these superstars ends it all in a flash to claim King of the Ring. An instant classic you need to see!

Trent Diesel vs Leo Forte

Sexy Latino Leo Forte consistently dominates his opponents with the fluid, cat-like moves he’s learned through years of training in the Brazilian art of Capoeira. Besides being as close to physical perfection as they come, Trent Diesel has years of Tae Kwon Do experience under his belt and has rightly earned a spot at the top of NK’s best fighters. Put these two head to head on the mat and you know it’s going to be one hardcore, balls to the wall match. But let’s take it to the next level. How about we bind them together, arm to arm, so that there is no retreat from the action? The only thing hotter than that is the fiery sex round that follows. Brutal action leads to passionate fucking… This is one fight you will not forget!

“OK, I’m just catching up as a new NK member. The sex round is AMAZING! This is what SM is at it’s peak–the perfect combination of aggression, assertiveness and passion. I know-some want a more brutal thing. Makes me miss a former “Latin lover”. I’m not big on smooth ripped boys, but what great combination. In this situation, Leo and Trent show synergy that makes me question all that. And I love the Leo licks! Makes me miss a past “Latin lover” who did the same. Kudos to all.” – dwscub

“Hi New subscriber this month and so far I’ve stayed on the sidelinnes but I had to respond to this one.Any match with Leo or Trent and I am definately watching.Two beautiful men with bodies to match.I gotta also comment i loved the double bill with DJ and Sebastian.The Two BEST SEX ROUNDS I’VE SEEN SO FAR.Bar None. The match was intense!Loved the bounding idea.And I also as commented before loved that Leo didn’t subjectify or humiliate Trent.I Enjoyed more seeing the wanting for each other.There is a mutual love and respect there and it shows.The sex round?HOOOOOOOOT.I wouldn’t change one spank,one lick,one stroke in that hot ass.You guys are the reason I will keep my subscription.The only critique I would give is although there is plenty of kissing I want more.I love you guys and i want to see you kiss more. Excellent matchup and fight.I will always be watching for your matches Leo and Trent. Oh and don’t change a thing about those deliscious bodies.I know I like ’em.” – Armand2u

Barry Burke vs Rolf Fulton

I Don’t Wanna Be The Jobber!

Rolf Fulton is tall (six-foot-one), rangy, and tough. He wrestles a lot of places, typically preferring to wrestle bigger, heavier wrestlers. As an active participant on the pro indy scene both in the US and Canada he doesn’t have much choice! Challenging the “big boys” is the preference of the most dedicated (or most foolhardy) of diminutive wrestlers, pitting themselves against the sport’s Goliaths. Often he comes out on top, more often than you might expect. And it’s not just dumb luck. Rolf knows his stuff. In his previous bout at BG East, in Ringwars 20, he wrestled babyfaced Gavin Keys, an inch taller, and 55 pounds heavier, and Rolf cut through him like the guy was butter. Not without cutting some corners. He knows how to bend the rules when it’s expedient to his goal.

This time, however, lean mean Rolf faces Big Brutal Beefy Barry Burke. Big Barry is huge, 80 pounds heavier than Fulton. And hard. All over. Nothing about him is the least bit buttery. And he’s been a pro wrestler for a decade, so there’s nothing he doesn’t know about hurting people. His impressive and eye-popping debut at BG East caused ripples throughout the wrestling world. With his one previously released match versus Zori Leone Big Bad Barry has proven himself a major force to be reckoned with.

Rolf senses he’s in trouble as soon as he steps into the ring. He looks at Barry, facing him like a tank. Unusually sheepish on this occasion, Rolf tells Barry that he won’t give up … NOT that he’s going to beat Big Barry up, NOT that he is going to avoid having his ass handed to him, but only that he won’t give up. Burke smiles, totally unconvinced.

The two lock arms for a second and a half. Then Barry heaves Rolf up with the greatest of ease and seats him up on the top turnbuckle, delivering a deafening slap to the face. In shocked amazement, Rolf touches his mouth, probably thinking his lips are in Colorado by now. A reverse bearhug, an armbar, a headlock with knee jabs to the chest, then a chinlock (and pushup combination) that turns into a chinlock-bodyscissors combination … now Rolf KNOWS he’s in trouble. But that’s only the beginning!

Still, Rolf puts up a heel front. Totally defenseless in the grip of Big Barry Burke, Rolf brags about licking one of Barry’s jobber buddies. The big man is not impressed, only pushing Rolf’s boast to the logical next question: “You’ve taken out all my bitches, who am I gonna beat up then?” The answer is painfully clear. “I’m not next!” Rolf shouts in denial of the obvious. “I’m not next!” Big Barry just smirks at Rolf’s pathetic bleating.

Barry clawholds Rolf’s trapezius muscle. Rolf pleads for mercy. Ever philosophical, Barry asks whether Rolf ever showed “mercy” to any of his opponents. Rolf admits he never did, but, he argues, they “deserved” what he gave them. This is too fine a point for Barry to appreciate perhaps, so he busies himself instead with bending Rolf in two in a camel clutch. Rolf screams, “I’ve never felt this way before! I’ve never been on the other end! I Don’t Wanna Be A Jobber!” – a little too little and a little too late for a sudden revelation.

Barry breaks Rolf (chest down) over his knee, a heartpunch times seventy. “You broke my ribs,” says Rolf, but his words don’t slow Big Barry down, determined to demote Rolf to “full-time jobber status.” He swings Rolf between his legs in a pendulum backbreaker. He bashes the youngster’s balls against the turnbuckle. Rolf attempts retaliation, a clawhold to the abs, but Barry just scoffs and kicks him in the face. A fusillade of humiliating blows ensues: bearhug, knee-drop, abdominal stretch, a bow-and-arrow backbreaker.

Even when Rolf at last submits, Barry is not satisfied. He gives Rolf a chance to crawl out of the ring and crawl out the door. But when Rolf shakily tries to pull himself upright, Barry stomps him down. “Too late now,” he says and resumes the ritual dismantlement. He-man justice prevails in Heelbash 1. Brace yourself for nerve-and bone-jangling blows, as the decidedly one-sided fight winds its way to a spectacular cannonball finisher!

Chet Chastain vs Dolph Danner

Lights Out! Badboy Knockout Challenge

It’s time for one of our favorite things at BG East: pitting a couple of newcomer recruits against each other just to see what they do when things get rough and messy. In this case, two attitude-filled wannabe heels – both with fairly extensive indy pro credentials – square off in a knock-out match for bragging rights! Confident Chet is in the ring first, warming up, making the ring squeak and rumble as he shows off his smooth, beautifully-proportioned body and extraordinarily handsome face for BG East cameras.

Tattooed bad boy Dolph intrudes, his plans for the day already set: “You ready for a nap?” he asks. Right away, the guy’s loud mouth and samurai hair bun rub Chet the wrong way. Unintimidated and almost by instinct, he squares off against him, ready for the challenge of a sleeper match, the winner being the one (the only one) to walk away on his feet. Dolph wastes no time in showing his true colors, blindsiding his opponent with a wildly swung slap to the mouth, knocking pretty boy Chet onto his sweet ass.

Chet springs up, shoving Dolph backward. Dolph appreciates a little spunk in his intended victim, rewarding it with a boot to Chet’s midsection. “That was stupid,” he gloats drily, pounding Chet facedown to the vinyl with fist and heel. He yanks him back up for a vertical suplex. Chet bounces, body arching, groaning as he clasps his jolted spine. Before the stud can get to his feet, Dolph locks his arm behind him, palm on the deltoid to step up the pressure to the shoulder joints, then against the neck to push Chet’s face to the toe of his boot. Dolph orders him to kiss it. Chet drives Dolph to the mat with an indignant “fuck you” and grinds the platinum hair bun in a side headlock. If Dolph thought we were going to make it easy for him by handing him a candy-ass his first day on the job, he obviously has another think coming. Chet’s got the goods, that’s for sure!

In a dynamic display of spirit and strength, Dolph escapes the headlock and clamps a rear naked choke on Chet. Barely three minutes in, and Dolph is this close to shutting his opponent down and stopping the contest. He takes his time with it, though, bearing down to make Chet writhe as he gasps for air. He lays the stud on his side and gives our cameraman an unobstructed view of Chet’s lithe torso squirming in torment. With great difficulty Chet gets his foot over the bottom rope, and Dolph makes a clean break.

It’s hardly a magnanimous gesture for Dolph, who only breaks the hold because, as he says, “I want to inflict as much torture on you as I possible can!” He drives the point home with a snap-mare takedown and a sharp swift kick to the kidneys. Dolph crows triumphantly, “I love it when they fall.” He loves it a lot less when Chet grabs him by the back of the skull and head-butts his teeth! Dolph goes down hard and fast, quickly checking his mouth to see if he’s lost a front fang or two. Capitalizing on his sudden advantage Chet straddles the heel’s hips and starts strangling him like a crazy man as Dolph chokes and gurgle, kicks and thrashes and tries to catch a live-saving breath.

These hot young and very sexy wrestlers are set on impressing the hell out of Kid Leopard himself, showing just why each of them has what it takes to join the ranks of BG East heels. Their robust give-and-take action and fiery paroxysms of rage keep this match going with the kind of fireworks we would expect to see in a grudge match between lifelong rivals. Beatdowns against the ropes, heart-stopping kicks, and, of course, constant strenuous attempts at choking each other into unconsciousness create edge-of-your-seat excitement that roller-coasters to a deadly six-minute knockout. Get ready to gasp! If this fight doesn’t bust your fly open, you need to check your pulse!

Guido Genatto vs Ethan Axel Andrews

The Baddest Motherfucker You Ever Met!

By the time pretty boy Ethan realized that he might possibly have bitten off more than he can chew, it was too late. With the main door to the BG East Arena North filled with the hulking form of “Double G” Guido Genatto, self-described “bad boy” Ethan tries to escape through the back sliders off the BG East Arena balcony. Guido grabs him by his pretty and appropriately yellow trunks and pulls him back inside. Nobody saw it happen, and no cameras were rolling to capture the moment, but we know that Ethan made a frail yelping noise when big hairy Guido clamped him in a side headlock and dragged him to the ring. “Try to weasel away from me, huh?” Guido snarls. “You can’t fuckin’ run now.”

Running into Guido Genatto is like running into an irate bull. He is infamous for tearing into his opponents without warning, mercy, or remorse. He genuinely relishes punishing wrestlers, big or small, makes no difference. He’s an equal opportunity basher, and one of the most feared heels on the BGE roster. He chokes Ethan against the turnbuckle. Then he snap-mares him to the center of the ring, fastens him in a head scissors hold, and smashes the lovable-boy-next-door face to the canvas. He does a quick set of pushups while squeezing the kid’s pencil-neck between his colossal thighs. “Head right up my ass,” Guido gloats. “Where you fuckin’ BELONG! RIGHT where you fuckin’ belong!”

If it seems big Guido has some sort of personal grudge, you’d be right. He’s made a pledge to wipe the mats with what he calls “pseudo pros” – guys who’ve become big stars in what used to be called underground wrestling without ever having put in the blood, sweat and tears that indy pros routinely do to have the honor and luxury of getting paid ten bucks for driving 300 miles to do a show in East Bumfuck, Maine. Fuck yeah, Guido’s got a chip on his massive shoulders. Guys like Ethan Axel – and a whole host of other pretty boys prance onto the scene, become overnight sensations, get paid the top money at BG East and get all the perqs and trimmings that come along with their stardom while journeymen like Guido take the lumps, slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – and end up being called a jabroni for his efforts. Pissed? That’s a gem of nuanced understatement.

But even big Guido has to be impressed (though annoyed) by Ethan Andrews’ attitude, as well as his capacity for absorbing pain and punishment. The big heel has this mini heel sandwiched between his legs and on his back. Ethan can’t budge an inch, the pain is making the veins pop on his forehead, yet he musters the bravado to flip Guido off with both hands. Failing to get the easy tap-out he was hoping for, Guido hauls Ethan to the edge of the ring for another prolonged choke session against the top rope.

Guido’s gonna drain the fight – and the life from the pretty boy. Ethan breathes in rasps, his body turning cold after Guido’s mauling of his circulatory system. Guido yanks him back to the center of the ring by his hair and clenches him in another head scissors. Ethan manages a miraculous hope spot, a near pin, but, no believer in miracles, Guido shuts it down in seconds. In repayment, Genatto stuns the “twinky boy” with a couple of stiff chops. Then he sits on his neck, sweaty crotch rubbing up against Ethan’s grimacing face.

After working too long and too hard for the first fall by submission, Guido seizes the babyface between his viselike ankles, forcing the “jabroni” to look into the eyes of his “daddy” as the boy palely gasps for air. Then he punches Ethan in the face merely for trying to pull free. Even while pretzeled in a paralyzing STF (which Guido claims stands for “shut the fuck up”), Ethan doesn’t lose heart, which only further enrages the hairy-beast heel, who commands him, “Wiggle, fuckin’ insect! … You think you’re a bad guy?” Ethan defiantly answers, “Yes!” Don’t go betting the family farm for sweet little Ethan Axel Andrews to turn this match around, but you can’t say the kid doesn’t have balls. Guido is something else entirely: a force of nature, a walking-talking cataclysm, indeed (as he puts it) the “baddest motherfucker you ever met!” And believe us, he ain’t talking smack!

Flash LaCash vs Braden Charron

Forced to Flex from Top to Bottom, Front to Back

With only three days till his next bodybuilding competition, Braden Charron looks magnificent in electro-orange trunks, every muscle as hard and stark as a derringer. He stands in the BG East ring, studying himself in the mirror, when a sneering Flash LaCash hops on the ring apron and leers at the brick shithouse’s “fancy muscles.”

Flash knows that, compared to Braden, he is the greenhorn at the company, but, given his long career as an indy pro-wrestler, he sees himself, quite rightly, as the more experienced wrestler. Half serious, half taunting, he asks whether Braden considers himself more of a wrestler or a bodybuilder. “Best of both” is Braden’s ill-advised response. Flash nods, secretly pleased to hear that his opponent is so full of himself, just the kind of guy he likes to kick the stuffing out of. Braden faces LaCash across the ropes and pops his best double biceps pose. Flash promptly grabs his head and guillotines him against the top rope.

Thus begins a 24-minute beatdown, in which Flash fastidiously works the bodybuilder from head to toe and from front to back. He twists his stunned adversary’s neck, commanding him to pose some more. A tight chinlock stretches Braden’s torso taut, brandishing it towards the camera, but Braden resists Flash’s order to pose. Braden fights back, ramming LaCash to the turnbuckle and snapmaring him to the center of the ring for a full nelson. Braden shifts position, hunkering low to bearhug LaCash, squeezing the lower ribs and forcing LaCash to show off his muscles first. Then he tosses the veteran aside.

The two lock up, collar and elbow, and Braden pushes his opponent to the corner. Flash retaliates with a heavy-booted kick to Charron’s midsection. Flash latches a clawhold onto the bodybuilder’s left pec, then stands and grinds the sole of his wrestling boot to the pec before resuming the clawhold. Braden looks stupefied with pain as Flash cranks the pectoral. Braden gives up, and Flash forces him to flex on his knees. When Braden doesn’t flex “hard enough,” Flash reapplies the pec-juicer, dialing the hurt up.

Flash moves his attention down Charron’s body, from pecs to abs, as he boot-stomps the bodybuilder’s midsection and clamps the steely claw hold to Charron’s abs. He grabs the top rope to up the pressure while bodyscissoring Charron’s waist. “Fuckin’ jobber,” he growls in disgust, commanding Braden to clench his stomach muscles even tighter.

In his own aggressive way, Flash is an appreciative audience to Braden’s display of solid muscle, even as he blasts both elbows to the man’s rock-solid abdominals. He stretches Charron over one knee and claws his side, where run-of-the-mill guys grow love handles. Next, Flash targets the ripped bodybuilder’s legs and grinds his elbow to the stud’s inner thigh. Braden taps out, but Flash won’t stop, wrenching his opponent in a figure-four hold. Flash saves Braden’s back for last. A brutal Boston crab and a killer camel clutch compel bodybuilder Braden Charron to flex the broad panoply of his spectacular back muscles.

Dismissing Braden’s for-show muscles, Flash says, “I’m here to humiliate guys like you and win matches.” Dispensing with the piecemeal dismantlement of Charron’s muscle, Flash enters full-on pro-wrestling mode with an arsenal of elbow drops, punches, hugs, chokes, and forearm smashes, before exiting the ring to assail Charron in and between the ropes.

Steve Sterling vs DJ

For the next month, we’ll be updating old classics as tribute to our former legends and the old format.

DJ has proven to be a strong combatant time and time on NK. He’s ready to show Steve Sterling, a hot newcomer, how it works on the mat. Steve is certainly no slouch though, he’s got a kickboxing and mixed martial arts background so he knows how to fight. Unimpressed, DJ dominates Steve, putting him in the most difficult of holds while continually slapping his ass and shoving his cock in Steve’s face. Steve fight back and shows DJ a couple of his own moves. Will DJ overpower this newbie and turn him into a sex slave?

Cameron Matthews vs Brad Barnes

Answered Prayers

Near the halfway point of this strenuous and suspenseful battle against strongman Brad Barnes, Cameron Matthews declares, his voice quivering with evangelistic fervor, “When I woke up this fine morning, and I saw that BG East Wrestling gave me that call, I said, ‘God! God! Please! Please, I’m begging you, Lord, give me a heavenly hunk to bash!'”

This is Cameron Matthews like we have never seen him! Starting out in pro wrestling while he was a teen, Cameron established himself as a brand-name babyface, as tough as he is good looking, the name on every wrestler’s and wrestling fan’s lips. But the scope of his ambition cannot be measured or contained, and as he has proved time and again, he will do anything, anything , to push himself further and raise himself a few rungs higher.

Having already proclaimed: “Someone’s gonna get run over tonight,” he is in high spirits as he welcomes Brad into the ring. And a Cameron in high spirits is a wildly unpredictable thing! He suggests that he and his soon-to-be opponent help each other warm up for the match. He regales the bodybuilder with the chummy small talk of a small-town barber, asking Brad about his diet and his plans for the weekend. His friendliness is deceptive, of course, full of thinly-disguised barbs. Brad looks distrustful, but far from distrustful enough.

Cam takes a good five minutes to warm the guy up, as they stretch each other’s limbs, his aggression evident in the rough-handling he gives the muscle hunk under the name of “limbering up.” In time, he tricks Brad into stepping right into an inverted facelock, Brad’s face buried in Cameron’s armpit, as the boyish-looking heel yanks him backwards against the turnbuckle and delivers a stiff forearm smash to the chest.

Cameron assaults Brad from every direction, seemingly at the same time, mainly targeting the man’s luscious (there’s just no other word) pecs. “Did that hurt?” Cam asks with phony concern, his lips right up on Brad’s ear. It’s almost as if Cameron is mocking his old babyface image. “Let me help,” he offers, but Brad is increasingly distrustful … understandably. Cameron delivers a vicious and uncalled-for low-blow. When Brad cries “give,” Cameron pulls back. “Hey, you know what,” he says, “let’s have a fair match. Let’s restart, shall we. We’ll lock up. We’ll shake hands. We’ll play this out just like the gentlemen we are.”

However, despite an incautious start, Brad is not the pushover Cameron evidently takes him for. A line has been crossed that can’t be uncrossed. Brad skips the gentlemanly handshake for a big bad bearhug, one that’s certain to be a benchmark for all future bearhugs. Cameron writhes, helpless in throes of agony. He tries to push Brad’s head back but fails to free himself. Brad transitions to a single-leg boston. Furiously, Cam calls Brad a “bitch” and gets paid back with an unrestrained boot-stomping. Cameron rebounds but immediately finds himself hiked back up in muscle man Brad’s brutal bear hug.

Bodybuilder Beatdown 2 shows off new facets in two hugely popular BG East wrestlers. Brad displays a previously unseen capacity for rage and mayhem, and Cameron, a penchant for treachery. It’s a brutal give-and-take match of highest order, with Cameron’s years of experience closely-pitted against Brad’s harrowing muscle. The range of wrestling holds on tap is breathtaking. We suspect half these holds don’t even have names yet. And the endless assaults on balls, nostrils, pecs, and vertebrae are anything but gentlemanly!