BG East: Rio Garza vs. Bulldog Barzini


“Now we’re gonna go pro,” Bulldog shouts as he dumps jock-strapped clad Rio into the ring. And while Mike runs off to change into pro gear, the Bulldog goes to work on his hapless victim, tying Rio into the ropes and slamming some big forearms into the hunk’s meaty pecs. Now wearing his red satin ring gear, the Pitbull hops over the ropes and slaps a standing headscissors on the rope-bound Rio. “Make the pretty boy quit!” Bulldog shouts.

When Rio finally does gasp out his surrender, he gets tossed to the center of the ring with two rabid drooling dogs watching his every move. Bulldog slams Rio down with a nasty forearm across his back, and demands that Pitbull do the same – “make me proud!” Rio rolls about, in almost unbearable agony in the center of the ring as the two heels proudly congratulate each other on the number they are doing on the hapless pretty boy.

They take turns tossing Rio from one ring corner to the other, until Bulldog hoists him up into a spine snapping bear hug! Rio is barely conscious as his foe shakes him from side to side like a limp rag doll – and now it’s Pitbull’s turn to work the bearhug! Mike’s muscles flex and sweat as his trainer screams encouragement at him – until Bulldog wants another turn! The Bulldog and the Pitbull trade the latin lover back and forth between them in a bearhug competition! And then, in one of the nastiest examples in the history of BGEast double teaming, poor Rio get sandwiched – bearhugged from the front by Barzini while Pitbull applies one from behind. The muscleboy doesn’t stand a chance.

Rio gasps out a submission, and gets dumped to the mat only to be on the receiving end of the big Barzini elbow drop from the Bulldog! And when Rio is finally able to dazedly get to his feet, the protégé Pitbull holds him while the Bulldog punches, pounds and forearm smashes him! And then then Barzinig holds Rio for the younger wrestler’s amusement – but the Bulldog demands Mike hit himt with a bigger wind-up! The Pitbull obliges…but Rio somehow moves out of the way and the blow lands on the big man! Ruh roh! Trouble!!!

Bulldog “Master” Barzini is not pleased with his protege – not in the least. “What the fuck was that?” an enraged Bulldog demands, and now his full rage turns on his former pupil. The ring area now echoes with the screams of the young Pitbull -but his submissions aren’t good enough for his enraged trainer. And once again, the Bulldog starts giving his pupil yet another lesson in agony and torture until finally the little punk is out cold in the middle of the ring. “Get out of my ring,” the Bulldog taunts him, rolling him out under the ropes, and dragging him out by his wedgied trunks, tossing him outside like a bag of trash and then locking the door behind him. And now, he can give his entire attention to punishing Rio…

Rio is on his feet, barely, but there’s nowhere for him to run, nowhere to escape. “Quit!” Bulldog screams as he tortures Rio, who can barely gasp out the words Bulldog wants to hear – so tortured and so dazed he clearly doesn’t even know where he is! An over the knee backbreaker – and yet another, and Rio is screaming, his body and back contorted in pain, sweat pouring down his beautiful face as he begs for mercy, pleads to be let free, implores to be left in peace… but the Bulldog’s fury is unrelenting, and unappeased.

A camel clutch has Rio’s flawless form arched into a crucible of agony, and the big man taunts the smaller man as he poses over him, his own thick beefy muscle twice the width of Rio’s but lacking the Latino’s sharp definition – but absolutely perfect for the job at hand. And the Bulldog’s not finished yet – not by a long shot! A brilliantly arched bow and arrow, with every muscle in Rio’s toned torso exposed and displayed in a rictus of pain that has the barely conscious beauty finally whispering over and over “I quit, I quit, I quit!, I quit!”

But Bulldog is still not quite yet satisfied – there’s more Rio to squeeze and hug and bash and throw. In a final demonstration of incivility and humiliation, he forces the pretty boy to flex and pose for Bulldog’s own pleasure and delectation. And you know there can be no satisfying a Bulldog who’s jutting jaws are quick set for total annihilation. Poor Rio is in for a beating that has to be seen to be believed as the brutal beast shows the beauty just exactly what Bulldog power is all about!! This may be Rio’s biggest beating ever!

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