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Guido Genatto vs Jake Jenkins: Twister!

Guido Genatto has hit BG East like a category-5 tornado, leaving a wake of destruction everywhere he lands. The company’s Great Hairy Heel spot has been vacant for too long in the absence of the legendary Brooklyn Bodywrecker. Guido has a different vibe than the Wrecker, crazier, coarser, more cataclysmic than methodical, but he’s determined to fill the bill, and, boy oh boy, does he! Genatto is the most amazing brute ever to appear at BGE.

While not exactly pin-up material, Guido still has loads of sex appeal, steeped in psychosis, macho masculinity at its muskiest, and a keen intuition for sadistic head games. Now BG East gives him his juiciest opponent morsel yet: Jake Jenkins, not only beautiful but also strong and competent on the mat as well as in the ring. Having trounced Flash LaCash and Kip Sorell in a furious hail of hard chops and sadistic mangling, Guido now faces pretty-boy Jake, whose own fighting chops are nothing to sniff at.

Jake has manhandled some of BGE’s toughest competition over the years, not always coming out on top, but always bringing a hard fight. Jake might be Guido’s toughest challenge yet. But, that said, we can’t think of a single person in the company who has money on Jake in this fight. Right now, it’s even odds on whether Jenks comes out of it with kneecaps! Warming up in baby-blue trunks and white boots, Jake looks splendid, in tiptop shape and every bit the Prince Charming we have adored over the years.

Guido enters the ring, more laid-back and affable than we’ve ever seen him. He warmly greets Jake with an innocuous “Hey, how are you? Working out?” He urges Jake to repeat one of his practice moves, then … smashes his gut with the sole of his size-12 boot!

Enough chitchat. Time for pain. He snapmares Jake to the mat, then clutches the chin, whips the head back to his hairy chest, and hooks his fingers into Jenkins’ nostrils and stretches them back too. Jake kicks and moans, pulling at Guido’s hands to get loose. Jakes suffering is palpable and visceral. Jake’s hurting and he’s angry!

Once he frees himself from this particularly nasty bit of abuse, Jake leaps back to his feet, a fiercely determined look on his face, dead serious and defiant. Guido is unimpressed and just looks at him with a bemused, quizzical expression on his face. Them without thinking twice about it, Guido just tosses the pretty boy over his shoulders and commences the agonizing process of racking and snapping the dark-haired challenger’s vertebrae apart, bone by bone, even hunkering down so as to amplify the pressure. Virtually on the edge of tears, Jake Jenkins screams and screams and screams.

Guido Genatto vs Jake Jenkins: The Guido Credo

“I’m so fuckin’ great, and you’re so fuckin’ pathetic.” Guido strikes a double biceps pose, one boot planted on Jake’s lower back. The memorable line and the iconic pose encapsulate everything BG East’s Demolition series is about. Next, Guido wraps Jake up with a kneecap-popping “Guido Lock” (appropriated from the Great Muta), saying, “Beg for me now!” Amazingly, Jake weathers the racking pain, refusing to submit, for which perseverance he receives a dismissive elbow jab to the back of the head.

Next, Guido suspends Jake between his huge legs, swinging his victim in a torturous pendulum, repeatedly battering the top of Jake’s head against the turnbuckle. “How about this?” Guido asks, easily executing a fireman’s carry and then deftly dropping Jake down onto his waiting knee. Like a salesclerk suggesting a just-arrived selection of silk scarves, Guido offers Jake an array of sadistic submission holds until Jenks at last taps out in a glisteningly sweaty but brutally arched overlapping toehold and chin lock combination, mercifully ending the first fall. But Jake is not through writhing, grimacing, and whimpering before Guido scoops him up in a spine-busting torture rack to initiate Fall 2.

Where else but at BG East can you find near-criminal submission holds like these? Who else but Guido Genatto has the heft and knowhow to pull them off so effortlessly? And who in the world suffers more beautifully and heartbreakingly than Jake Jenkins? But nothing in the first fall will prepare you for the savage fury of Fall 2. Jake suffers through a gauntlet of the most deliciously devastating and excruciating torture we have seen.

Jake fights back, courageously, even heroically, but the more he struggles, the harder Guido fires back, and the more pain he endures, the more Guido determines to test the outward limits of Jake’s endurance. “I’m so fuckin’ great, and you’re so fuckin’ pathetic,” Genatto crows, plopping his foot upon Jake’s lumbar vertebrae.

Guido is a one-man gauntlet of punishing submission holds, and in this match he treats Jake to a smorgasbord of pain, dishing up big fat dollops of humiliation, intimidation, and future healthcare expenses. Under these conditions, the best I can say for Jake, no stranger to the tao of heelery himself, is that nobody twitches more prettily.

The final battle of Demolition 17 goes beyond every squash job you’ve seen here or probably anywhere else. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Genatto-vs-Jenkins may be not only the best Demolition match in the history of the series. It may, in fact, be the best match to ever come out of BG East. Ever. And that, friends, is saying a whole hell of a lot!

Jonny Firestorm vs Nicholas Rush: Ordeal by Fire

In his first singles match after an only marginal partnership with the less-than-reliably loyal Lon Dumont, Nicolas Rush faces BG East’s reigning resident heel, Jonny Firestorm. Oh my, oh my! Fight Jonny Firestorm and, win or lose, you are officially a BG East wrestler. You have matriculated. A match with Jonny at BGE is what pledgeship is like in a college fraternity. Even if you haven’t got the muscle and guile to beat the guy, and very few do, you have to have the balls to face him in the ring before anybody in the company troubles himself even to learn your name. And Nicolas has the balls. At any rate, he HAD the balls until Jonny impetuously blindsided him and racked his nut-sack against the middle rope. That Jonny! What a guy! Welcome to the fraternity, Nicky boy!

Jonny skips the formalities of fraternal initiation and rushes headlong into the horrors of hazing. He clubs Nicolas’ back with both fists, flattening him face first to the mat. Then he pulls the fledgling wrestler up by the scruff and chops the back of the kid’s head with his triceps. Nick careens into the ropes, where Jonny, a technician of traumatic injury, uses them to bind and further torment the hapless newcomer. Not even a minute into the first fall, and it’s already a bad, bad day for young, tall, tenacious Nicholas Rush.

Jonny looks almost bored as he pulps and punishes the rookie’s head in a tight head scissors hold, with a crushing body scissors soon to follow thereafter. Nicolas moans and groans and feebly thrashes about as Jonny flexes his biceps for the his own admiration and for the delectation of us fans watching at home. His perfidy knowing no limits, Jonny grabs a top rope for elevated leverage to ratchet up the pressure on Nicholas’s skull.

Senseless cruelty excites some people (OK, LOTS of people!) and silky white trunks do nothing to disguise how much Jonny relishes pulverizing poor Nicolas. “How does that mat taste? How does it taste!” Jonny barks out the question, while grinding the kid’s face to the mat. Cruelty like Jonny’s is both a talent and a hard-won achievement. His finesse and ingenuity in the art of pain never fail to impress. These two fighters may weigh the same but Nicolas is akin to a long bow going up against a small Firestorm tank.

For some reason, Nick’s cute baby face becomes the main target of Jonny’s wrath, most obviously when Firestorm’s fingers snag the kid’s nostrils, eye sockets, and lips, as if Jonny intends to rip it off like a lucha mask. In this, Jonny pushes too far perhaps, because in a moment of extreme agony, anger and utter desperation, Nicolas reaches up and rakes his fingernails across Jonny’s eyes, stunning the overly confident Firestorm and thus turning the tide of the match … could it possibly be? Could it happen?

Jonny Firestorm vs Nicholas Rush: Torn Apart at the Seams

Nicolas Rush’s audacity in fighting back against Jonny Firestorm is swiftly chastised. Jonny slams the rookie’s forehead to the turnbuckle and then mounts the ropes to strangle him. Have no fear: the BGE cameraman pulls in tight on this, so we get the full impact of Jonny’s crotch to Nicolas’s face, while his fingers clutch the victim’s adam’s apple. There should be awards for shots like this one. The corner punishment continues as Jonny imprints Nicholas’s stomach with the sole of his boot. Then Jonny pulls Nick away from the corner by the hair and smashes the kid’s stomach to his knee.

It’s probably best that Nicolas skipped breakfast and lunch on the day of the shoot because right away Jonny proceeds to clamp his legs on the kid’s midsection for a hellish body scissors, flip-flopping him from side to side like a fish out of water. Twist and push as he may, Nicholas can do nothing to free himself. And yet the one thing he refuses to do is submit despite repeated and torturous punishment to his ribs and midsection.

In the future, cute rookie boys should be warned not to sign up for a BG match in the Demolition series without: A) first noting the name of the series, and B) fully alerting themselves to the consequences and fallout from such an endeavor. Firestorm demolishes Rush with no more conscience than a Waffle House fry cook cracks eggs.

Nicolas endures unbelievable pain and humiliation, while disregarding repeated opportunities to simply give up and end the torture. The rookie’s rather remarkable resilience inspires even Jonny’s grudging respect, which does not, however, stop Jonny from continuing to gleefully rip the kid apart. A gut grinding iron claw to his vulnerable belly finally convinces Nicolas to submit. But by now Jonny is too worked up to stop.

Having ravaged the rookie’s face and stomach, next the Firestorm targets Nick’s spinal column and legs in a wild, even exhilarating exercise of controlled fury and extraordinary leopard locks and submission holds climaxing at the vertex of pro wrestling: a sleeper-choke finish, the two sweaty bodies, near exhaustion, locked together at the extreme of pro-wrestling vanquishment! Incomparable action, as only BG East can produce.

Charlie Panther vs Jayden Mayne: All Over Jayden

Never lacking in self-confidence, Jayden Mayne has gunned for bigger wrestlers since he first arrived at BG East. He debuted against another newcomer, Trent Blayze, who outweighed him by almost fifty pounds. Since then, Jayden has faced off against muscle beasts like Joe Robbins and fiercely competitive grapplers like Jake Jenkins. Still a relative rookie but serious about his training regimen, Jayden has never said no to a challenge, even when, by all objective standards, he’s seriously outclassed.

In Demolition 17 Jayden takes on a quadruple dose in Charlie Panther, a handsome hunk of a man who has it all over Jayden in size, muscular definition, experience, and attitude. Like Jayden, Charlie is serious about ring wrestling. As a rule, he prefers competition with experienced fighters like Jonny Firestorm and Paul Hudson; smaller, feisty battlers who over the years have proved that they’re more than two handfuls for competitors of every size. It’s guys like Jonny and Paul that Jayden looks up to and models himself after, and since beginning to train at BGEast he has shown much promise of greatness that, unfortunately, hasn’t materialized in victories in the squared circle… not fully, not yet.

“Do you have any idea whatsoever what you’re in for tonight?” Charlie barks as he enters the ring. Jayden attempts a comeback, but he’s too slow in pulling his words together, and Charlie smartly and nonchalantly talks right over him, easily winning the verbal battle as he positions himself at the mirror to soak in the hard curves of his sculpted physique. The wrought-iron convexity of those thighs cannot have escaped Jayden’s attention, and one hardly needs to mention the bulge at the crotch of his provocative animal-print trunks.

Panther has totally discombobulated the nonplussed young Jayden. Tongue-tied and clearly frustrated, Mayne lashes out without warning, leaping onto Charlie Panther’s back and attempts a rear choke on the big guy. Is this strategy? Or is it hubris? Almost effortlessly Charlie flips him overhead, and long, lean Jayden lands hard. A stunned Mayne can’t regain his bearings before Charlie commences to kicking the shit out of him. When Charlie tells him to get up and show what he’s got, Jayden again lashes out wildly, hurling Charlie to the turnbuckle for some gut punching, but Charlie swats him away again.

“NOW you go to school!” Charlie tells him as he prepares to lay a mean squash on the cute ring rookie. But Jayden is determined to show Panther, as well as The Boss and all of us, what he has since been learning at the BG East Wrestling Institute – and as the action heats up, it looks like Charlie Panther may be the one who needs to start taking notes.

Charlie Panther vs Jayden Mayne: Thighs Wide Shut

Despite young Jayden’s auspicious start, Charlie is just too powerful, too experienced and savvy a wrestler for frat-house hijinks. In a figure-four choke, his skull crushed between the veteran’s sturdy thighs, all Jayden can do is flail and, ultimately, submit – not, by any means, an unpleasant site to observe! Charlie takes a short breather to glance at himself in the mirror and then proceeds to assault the kid before he can even get up from the mat. Again, Jayden feels the might of Charlie’s superbly carved thigh muscles as they smash the pretty boy’s ears flat in a seemingly endless headscissors. Panther executes the hold with both savage intensity and exquisite grace, the muscles of his tall (6’1″) frame shifting, as well as his animal print trunks turning, and glimmering like glass tiles in a kaleidoscope.

Charlie has never looked better than he does here on Demolition 17 – those pecs, those abs, those legs, that butt, that bulge! And The Black Panther takes every opportunity to showcase his jawdropping beauty even as the long, lean and sexily hapless babyface Jayden writhes at his feet, moans in hopeless agony and, again, submits yet another fall.

But, hey, let’s not write Jayden off so fast! Mayne has loads of spunk, and beautiful Charlie had best not underestimate the younger wrestler’s determination and grit. Given an opportunity, Jayden is quick to take it, and (wouldn’t you know it?) he uses it to target Panther’s menacing legs for special punishment and revenge. He shows the veteran that his own slender but sinewy thighs can deliver a mean scissors hold, too.

Both wrestlers display a previously unrecognized talent for hurting people as they bring out the very best in each other as competitors. The third fall is full of surprises and delights for all wrestling fans, but for those of us who have been waiting for Panther (with four previous BGE matches under his belt) and Mayne (with five) to at last vault into the upper ranks of BG East superstars, after this match that wait is over. A delicious Demolition delight.

Lucky Star

Lucky Loko is a longhaired wild child with more ink on his body than in most Sunday newspapers. He doesn’t shy away from taking on much larger, heavier wrestlers (i.e. Austin Cooper and Dev Michaels) so 99.9% of his “luck” consists of survival. In light of this lack of caution, the “loco” part of the name is probably self-explanatory. That he not only survives but delivers stiff chops and hard kicks along the way is what raises Lucky above the typical jobber role and sometimes makes him hard for fans (and opponents) to peg.

A few weeks ago when we asked him which wrestler he’d like to face off against next, Lucky shrugged his shoulders noncommittally and said, “I’ll fight anybody who thinks he can take me.” When the newly shorn and infinitely more beefy Bobby Horton enters the fight space and first lays eyes on Loko, his dismissive response (“Seriously? This is what they give me?”) is something Lucky Loko has heard a thousand times before.

While his massive opponent paces the periphery, shaking his head in mockery and disbelief, Lucky approaches the ropes, daring Horton to step in the ring with him. Bobby climbs up on the apron and leans in, bending the top rope under his massive torso. “I’m gonna work you like you’ve never been worked before,” he promises. “Oh yeah?” replies Lucky, unflinching and getting right up into big Bobby’s face. “Get in here and prove it.” Horton continues the big talk all the way into the ring, but when the fight starts, it’s Lucky who’s the initiator, storming in on the big boy with both boot and fist.

It’s an impressive opener, lightning fast and full of heart and heat, startling the big guy and forcing him back a step or two. But Big Bobby recovers and retaliates with a hard right that flattens Lucky to the mat. Adding insult to injury, Bobby hurls Lucky against the turnbuckle, pulls his head back by his long hair, and bitch-slaps him before planting his knee into the kid’s abs with the full force of his body behind it. For poor Lucky, Bobby Horton must look like Friday the 13th, a cracked mirror, a black cat, and the evil eye, all rolled into one.

“You Know My Name?”

Like most heels faced with a lighter, lean and very longhaired opponent, Bobby finds Lucky Loko’s luxurious locks an irresistible target. He yanks it, twists it, swings Lucky around the ring by it. (Who knows what the kid’s thinking… not only is he picking fights with dudes who sport an intimidating fifty pound weight advantage over him but he’s also growing his hair long!) “You got me workin’ up a sweat,” Bobby says accusingly, then spits into the palm of his hand and slaps it to Lucky’s six-pack abs. The smack resounds in the arena.

If you wear your headphones, you may even be able to feel the sting of this blow. Bobby sits his 225 lbs heavily on Lucky’s chest, butt up to the kid’s chin, and drives his knuckles to the navel, leering. While effortlessly throttling his opponent, Horton gripes, “I thought they said, after all this time, they’d finally find me some serious competition.”

Bobby tells Lucky he knows “this turf” from another time and then asks the kid if he knows his name. Lucky doesn’t have a clue, but given his excruciating pain, he probably doesn’t even know his OWN name right now. Horton tries to jog his memory with hints: “Tall, lean, long hair, years ago ….” Still, nothing. Assuming Lucky ever knew the name “Bobby Horton,” it’s unlikely he’s in an emotional place right now to connect it with the buzz-cut, burly and brutal demolition pain-master who now holds him in thrall.

What’s truly amazing is how much abuse Lucky can take and then still function, even if only involuntarily. Bobby batter, bashes and brutalizes the lean long hair, Lucky survives even a deadly sleeper hold that looks like it would finish a brute twice his size. Evidently, Loko is “lucky” in the same sense that cockroaches are lucky to have outlasted dinosaurs.

Lucky absorbs every blow, throw and utter indignity until Bobby gets tired of dishing it up and moves on to a new punishment. Finally Lucky submits under the pressure of a prolonged and punishing full nelson that nearly snaps his neck. At the start of Fall 2, it looks like Lucky might be able to turn the match around after he dodges a clothesline attack, but a pulverizing and very sexy bearhug seems to slam that window of opportunity shut.

If anything, the second fall is even more brutal than the first, climaxing in yet another bearhug; long, sweaty, and cataclysmic. Fans of demolitions that gouge the pluck out of even the pluckiest wrestlers (of whom Loko is almost certainly a legendary example) can find none better than those served up at BG East, where heels are kings, and babyfaces are pawns to be destroyed, only to be transfigured sometimes into heels.

Ty Alexander vs Drake Marcos: Matroom to Bedroom: A Tale of Two Trunks, or, Boys in Briefs

Adorable rookie Ty Alexander debuted less than six months ago, but the eager and effervescent babyface already boasts an impressive fan following. Cute as the proverbial button and sporting an eye-catching bubble butt, young Ty made our mouths water in his first outing by demonstrating his passion for the carnal delights of wrestling. The kid likes the hurt (both giving and receiving) and he possesses a full-on passion for the eroticism that a brutal battle can inspire. Taking a beating, giving a beating, in the ring, on the mats, on the grass or in the pool, it’s all good as far as Ty is concerned, just so long as the action is intensely intimate and careens headlong toward a balls-out, explosive finish.

Ty arrived at BG East fully formed as a gear fetishist. To say he collects wrestling gear doesn’t quite capture the extent of his infatuation with gear of all types, shapes, colors and combinations. He also has become BG East’s unofficial Keeper of the Wardrobe, sorting and organizing the plethora of many stretchy bit of, north and south. And he has multiple closets of his own packed to the ceiling with singlets, thongs, trunks, and high-fashion underwear. So when BG East’s resident top jobber Drake Marcos sent the rookie a very alluring and seductive photo of a brand new and very sexy pair of high-end lime green underwear, all he had to do was offer to let Ty take them home with him as a trophy… if he could beat him on the mats and strip them off of Drake first.

Drake’s star has been on the rise ever since his handsome mug caught the eye of The Boss almost two years ago. Despite extensive private wrestling tutorials from Kid Leopard himself, Drake has had his ass handed to him in every match thus far. Hearing the term “jobber” bandied about, however, doesn’t sit well with one of the most earnest young studs in our stable. Winning the most votes for Squash of the Year (as the squashee, of course) merely lit a fire under Drake to finally write a new destiny for himself by earning his first tick in the victory column. And angelic, doe-eyed babyface Ty looks precisely like the fresh meat that Drake is ready to sink his big boy teeth into.

Ty arrives in the BG East Florida mat room to find Drake’s bag, but no Drake. Hmmm…. Ty’s eyes light up with curiosity and mischievousness. A gear bag? Yum! You can almost see Ty Alexander salivating. Although the babyface newbie may look like an angel, he has nothing but bold-faced larceny and leering lasciviousness on his mind as he immediately begins to rifle through his opponent’s big wrestling bag of goodies. He fishes out those coveted and supposedly contested lime-green trunks and steps out of the room to change into the very gear that he was supposed to have to wrestle off of Drake. What young Ty may lack in experience, he sure makes up for outright audacity and downright balls!

Ty Alexander vs Drake Marcos: Mat Room to Bed Room: Hard Feelings, Harder Cocks

Drake is none too pleased to discover that, not only has Ty stolen his gear, but the cocky babyface has the gall to be wearing them when he appears for their match. “That’s mine! I told you I was going to wear that!” he rages as Ty shrugs innocently, swearing that he didn’t steal them. “Well, I’m just going to have to take them back,” Drake promises, slipping into a sexy pair of pink and white briefs. “You can try!” Ty smirks back at him.

Drake’s furious opening attack cannot be described as a “try.” With total command, he puts Ty on his back and into serious jeopardy within seconds. Channeling his mentor’s singular focus and brutal lust for making an opponent scream, Drake applies multiple holds simultaneously to devastating effect. He seems to swallow his opponent whole with a combination body-scissors, armbar, and rear-naked choke that sucks the air right out of the brazen rookie. “Didn’t your mother teach you never to steal?” Drake sneers, milking one of countless submissions out of the overwhelmed babyface.

The tussle turns even more ferocious when Drake attempts to forcibly reclaim his gear. With his prized bounty suddenly at risk of repatriation, adorable Ty snaps back with a vengeance, wringing stunned submissions of his own out of the upperclassman with sleeper holds and muscle-ripping pec claws. “Try to take MY gear?! I don’t think so!” Ty roars, smothering him in a face-to-crotch headscissors that leaves Drake gasping for air.

The more brutal the babyface battle grows, the bigger both boys bulge in their briefs. One jobber sees his hopes to claim his first victory slowly fade as both sets of trunks are stripped and shoved down his throat. Sleeper holds drag the wasted stud into unconsciousness, only to be roused repeatedly with hungry liplocks and loud, smack-cracking butt slaps. A cock-sucking schoolboy pin signals which battered babyface remains among the ranks of the jobbers. “It’s a little hot in here,” the first-time victor murmurs as he drags his vanquished opponent from the mat room by his hard cock…

You don’t know how many times that we hear BG East fans lament that they can’t follow the wrestlers behind the scenes after such blazingly hot action as this. Well, this time, you will! This erotic combat continues to melt into full on passion as Drake and Ty continue to tussle in bed while Sexy Showdown 5 plays on the big screen for ambiance and inspiration. Chokes and strokes drive both studs harder and harder as they tease and coax one another to an explosive finish line. With the passionate embraces and liplockingly hungry making out, you might even think that all is forgiven, with the score settled decisively on the mat. But you’d be wrong, as one last, furious cum-soaked slap to the face demonstrates. This is the paradigmatic story of erotic wrestling told whole-cloth, from playful start to satisfying, humiliating, jizz-slap finish!

Morgan Cruise vs Len Harder: “I’m Gonna Tear You Down…”

Len Harder may have taken his licks before, receiving beatdowns from such legends as Kid Karisma and even the infamous Kid Vicious, but agreeing to a match with Morgan Cruise has got to make you wonder if he isn’t just a greedy, little glutton for punishment! Cruise has made a career of not just dominating his opponents, or more appropriately “victims” in some cases, but destroying them. He’s left powerful competitors quivering wrecks on the mats. “The Mastodon”, “Perfection”, whatever you call him, don’t get on his bad side, he’ll do enough harm as is. Let’s just hope lean Len knows what the hell he’s doing!

Cruise certainly seems to think he knows what Len is after, flexing from the word, “Go”, musing on the sweat he’ll work up while destroying his latest practice dummy. Len is unfazed at first, even a slap in the face fails to rile him up, but when he’s suddenly whipped into a skull-crushing headlock, he starts to realize he may very well be in over his head. Cruise takes his time cranking the hold over and over, promising not to break Len in half during the remainder of their match. Finally, unable to budge, Len offers up the only resistance he can, muttering a defiant “Fuck you” with his face buried in Cruise’s hairy pecs.

The Mastodon doesn’t take kindly to such disrespect. This is just the type of provocation – or excuse – he needs to amplify the punishments. The smile gone from his face, he tosses Len to the mat, the lean wrestler barely able to stand with his brains rattled and all the blood squeezed out of his head. Before he can even take a breath he’s mounted by the muscled wrestling machine, feeling a stiff fist on his abs as Cruise selects his next target. Len’s body pays the price for his defiant attitude, first with a series of gut shots, then a brutal bodyscissors courtesy of those tree trunk-like legs. Next comes the verbal abuse!

Maybe if Len knew what might be coming next he could hope to endure it, but Cruise is a master of destruction. The holds only become more creative, and more excruciating, as the match goes on. Len’s limbs are twisted and contorted, his body even hoisted off the mat to dangle in agony in a pendulum. His only break from the tortures are the moments Cruise chooses to satisfy his own ego. A defenseless Len dangles in his grip as Cruise cradles his victims head to his chest, “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” Despite his pained cries, the growing bulge in Len’s gear makes it look like Cruise is on to something.

Morgan Cruise vs Len Harder: “Call Me ‘Master’…”

A dazed Len kneels face down on the mat, practically grovelling at Cruise’s feet, and then under them as Cruise stomps one bare foot down on his helpless opponent’s skull. But leave it to the Mastodon to find a new way to demean his victim. Dragging Len to his feet, Cruise offers him a rare free shot at that impressively muscled bod. Len may be battered and bruised but he still has wits enough about him to seize this golden opportunity, throwing punch after punch to the hairy pecs and sturdy abs of Morgan Cruise, only for his fists to bounce harmlessly off a seemingly rock solid wall of muscle. Cruise is all but laughing as he ‘rewards’ Len for his efforts, lifting him into a brutal bearhug, remarking on how effortless all this punishment is for him as Len hangs in his arms as helpless as ever, his impressively packed package growing with each humiliating punishment.

Len’s ever-expanding bulge hasn’t escaped Cruise’s notice either, and it invites a whole new line of brutal attacks for the Mastodon to dish out. Tossed limply to the mat, Len can barely move as Cruise closes in. Dropping a leg across his throat, Cruise slaps a crushing clawhold on Len’s ample bulge before tearing into his already reddened and beaten abs, Len barely able to moan in protest. Cruise has always been a domineering wrestler, but seeing his latest victim so completely destroyed and so completely aroused takes him to new depths. Planting his hot ass on Len’s chest, he orders the immobile jobber to call him “Master,” flexing those massive biceps and pecs as he does. Len gazes up in awe.

Perhaps against his better judgment, Len remains defiant even in the face of this decidedly overwhelming beating, but this only spurs The Mastodon to even more inventive torments. Vowing to break his opponent, Cruise applies more varieties of bearhugs, torture racks, over-the-knee backbreakers, and limb-locking holds than Len may have experienced in any other match. The cocky punk gets his neck cranked, squeezed, twisted, bent and battered in a variety of evil ways. Len’s few attempts at fighting back only serving to illustrate how futile and forlorn his resistance is. Before the end he is stripped, choked, bashed, and abused from every angle. He goes from barely able to stand to barely conscious before a final, humiliating finish of abject submission convinces Cruise he’s made himself The Master of his latest challenger. No one who sees this match can deny that The Mastodon is a force to be reckoned with. Another incredibly sexy, erotic, Wrestleshack “mat-sterpiece”!

Gabriel Ross vs Christian Taylor: The Best of Both

Beauty comes in many forms, and in this match we see shining examples of two very differently but astonishingly beautiful young men. For BG East fans, neither probably needs any introduction but both certainly deserve them. The first to enter the Wrestleshack is Christian Taylor, a deliciously tall drink of water who could be a world-class fashion model. So strikingly slim, yet, with a taut, muscular body, albeit one that looks like it ought to be able to spread its wings and float away on the wind. Long, toned legs that seem to go on forever, supporting deeply carved abs running up a slender torso towards broad, flat pecs, and finally that stunning, almost angelic face, and a smile that lets you lose yourself in his eyes. Is it any wonder he’s one of The Boss’s top all-time personal favorites?

Taylor’s followed closely by a figure that stands in stark contrast to the first, though no less lovely a sight to behold. Gabriel Ross is by no means a small man, but next to Christian who stands literally head and shoulders above him, Ross looks positively diminutive. When compared to Taylor’s decidedly slim frame however, it becomes clear Gabriel makes up the difference in the amount of bulging, rippling muscle packed onto his built bod. Every line on his powerful body looks carved from marble. While Christian looks like he might sway in a strong wind, Gabriel likens to an unshakeable rock. A former ballet dancer, Gabriel added bulk and power to his classic form and impressive flexibility.

With stunning bodies, winning smiles and gorgeous eyes, these two men are in the best shape we’ve ever seen them, and they are both eager to see who’s going to come out on top. This match was some time in the making, with cross-Atlantic email threats and challenges preceding a long-awaited first contact. Making short work of the pleasantries as they finally face one another on the mats, friendly jabs turn to hard shoves. Both bodies hit the mat hard almost immediately, collapsing in a tangle of limbs and muscle as the opening of this match shows us just how evenly matched these two men truly are. Christian has his long arms wrapped tight around Gabriel’s head, pulling that curly blond hair in close to his smooth chest, but Ross locks his thick, powerful legs around Taylor’s abs, each of them groaning with the strain of trying to free themselves.

It doesn’t take long for this stalemate to be broken as meaty muscle wins out over lanky leverage, Christian slowly slipping into the trap of a rear naked choke with those bulging thighs still clamped and pulsing around his taut torso. He struggles and suffers sublimely, moaning with each twist of the powerfully compact body bearing down around him, his hands pushing desperately on the legs that threaten to break him in half, and all the while Gabriel just smiles and flexes those beautiful muscles, nuzzling the neck of the tall beauty.

Gabriel Ross vs Christian Taylor: Long, Lean, and Liplocked

Christian holds out as long as he can, determined not to submit so early in the match, but determination only goes so far and before long he’s forced to offer up the first fall to the jacked stud with the bulging biceps. Taylor won’t take this lying down though, and in a moment comes back at Gabriel with a crotch-splitting spladle, using that lovely, long torso of his to spread the British beauty’s legs wide apart. It takes much more than that for such a powerful man to succumb however, and Christian fights to stay out of the same dangerous chokes and scissors he’s already suffered, twisting and trapping Ross in one hold after another, his own long limbs keeping him out of reach of Gabriel’s grip.

At long last Taylor ties up Gabriel in a painful leglock. Gabriel’s groans turn to screams as his spine is contorted, Christian pouring on the pressure, his pride demanding a submission before release, which Gabriel is finally forced to shout out. Now tied at one fall a piece, these men have something to prove. Neither wants to be the one to admit defeat, and they both fight on even as sweat and heaving breaths fill the humid Wrestleshack.

More spine torture, gut punishment, and even ball busting builds as this marathon match continues, both men pushing themselves to sweat-soaked exhaustion. Without question, each ones’ legs prove dangerous weapons, Christian’s long and slender, and Gabriel’s bulging with massively muscular calves and thighs. Both men love their scissors and use them to great effect, even leading to a beautiful, if painful, double headscissors. The more Ross demonstrates the power packed into his smaller body, the more determined Taylor is to prove he can take anything the powerhouse can dish out and send it right back at him.

The tide finally turns and one wrestler must accept defeat. The growing desire these two have for each other’s alluring forms turns to something much more intimate. Passionate combat gives way to scenes much gentler, yet no less intense than the submission-filled fight of only moments before. Lips and limbs intertwine, glistening skin presses together as hands caress the muscles they battled until right now. There can be only one winner, but neither man walks away empty-handed. For them, and us, it’s well worth the wait!

Billy Lodi vs Jake Ryder: An Air of Intimate Domination

Here at BG East, nearly every venue inevitably brings out an atmosphere of intimate domination. Men pitted against each other, fighting for pride or prizes, it’s no wonder so many combatants’ struggles give way to more passionate overtones. More than the ring or the mats, however, the Wrestleshack seems built to bring out the erotic in its visitors. A dark, enclosed space growing warmer with each movement of its increasingly heated inhabitants, the sound of the woods outside muted, only the two opponents and their struggle can be heard. As the tide turns and one man takes control, it’s not hard to imagine the thoughts that begin to cross his mind.

Jake Ryder is certainly no stranger to such thoughts. He made his BG East debut in the Wrestleshack, working up a sweat with AJ Lyle. In his most recent appearance he brought us another stunning performance, leaving Trey Dixon stripped and soaked in his very own first match. Jake knows what he’s after in a match and has the proven skills to take what he wants. We first see him calmly stretching his toned muscles in preparation. Practiced movements and a look of concentration on his face, but we’ve seen the smile that grows wider with each struggling opponent. Already he looks prepared for another round of domination as his next potential plaything steps into the shack.

Billy Lodi may be the younger, smaller, and less muscular of the two, but he has quite a few more BG East matches under his belt than his opponent. Jake may have proven his skills in the art of erotic domination, but his conquests hardly outnumber young Billy’s. From Skrapper, to Skip Vance, and even Christian Taylor right here in the Wrestleshack, these names are just a few of the men with whom Billy has inspired some spirited and passionate performances. The small, lithe twink may not always be on the winning side of a match, but he won’t fall behind in spurring the most intimate of finishes. However, this is not to say that Billy takes defeat lying down, or that he can’t put one over on even a considerably bigger opponent. Scrappy Lodi has fight in him and he shows it. As his slender form blocks the light of the only way in or out of the Wrestleshack, he heads straight for Jake. With a knowing smirk on his handsome face, Jake Ryder surveys his cute as fuck and sensually seductive opponent from his head to his toes with a thinly-veiled relish.

Before Ryder can even get to his feet he’s yanked into a rough headlock, falling to his back with the lightweight Lodi on top as he struggles to free himself at the sudden start of this match. Billy’s hungry to dominate as he goes straight to work on his larger opponent, but Jake puts that beautifully muscled bod to work as he tries to break free of the hold and turn things around. Scooting away on his knees, Jake is taken aback by this twink’s aggression, but he’s not backing down as he and Billy lock eyes, faces touching as they move in closer, surely only the first taste of the seductions to come.

Billy Lodi vs Jake Ryder: Skillful Submissions and Passionate Ploys

Billy’s experience shows as he presses his advantage. Jake lingers a little too long on those eyes and gets a stiff shot to the abs, knocking him on his ass. Billy smiles and stops his assault just long enough to relieve Jake of his shorts, unveiling white briefs and those long, muscular thighs that have made other men gasp in pain and moan in passion. Even when Jake grabs ahold of Billy, repaying the earlier headlock, the twink surprises yet again by lifting the bigger man clear off the mat for a hard slam. All the retaliation Jake can muster is to strip Billy down to his bright yellow briefs, the punk just smiling at the effort.

Jake’s desperate now. He charges the punk only to discover Billy’s slender thighs locked around his torso. His laugh is cut short with a grunt of pain as Billy’ legs clamp down hard in a bodyscisssors from which Jake can’t help but cry out. Unable to outwrestle the punk Jake hopes to distract Billy, his hands playing over the lean torso beneath him, fingers closing on Lodi’s nipples. Billy’s having none of it as another flex of his thighs puts a stop to Jake’s fleeting fondling, his once confident opponent contracting in pain.

Jake tries to gather his strength, dragging himself up Billy’s body, his head still hanging low, lips brushing against Lodi’s chest before their eyes meet again. As their faces draw closer, nearly touching again, Billy looks the confident one. Secure in his dominant position, he fails to notice Jake’s arms until it’s too late. For all his impressive grappling skill, Billy may finally have fallen for Jake’s charm as he struggles locked in a kiss of death. A familiar smile spreads across Jake’s face, the look he gets when he feels his opponent’s struggling in his grip, the pleasure that power gives him evident in his eyes. Still fixed on Billy’s eyes as he feels the young man struggling under him, that firm body pressed against his own. He commands his victim to submit, and feels a reluctant palm slapped against his side.

But this match is far from over, and the atmosphere only grows more heated from here. Both men bring full nelsons, camel clutches, gut punches, claws, leg splits, and an overabundance of scissors to the fight. Submissions are traded, bodies are twisted, displayed, and toyed with for the amusement of each wrestler in turn, and, through it all, the lust in each man’s eyes only grows. Exhaustive, successive submissions and pins decide the winner, who finally takes what he wants in a long overdue liplock finale. The Wrestleshack never fails to bring out the erotic in its fighters – and this is no exception!

Eli Black vs Z-Man: Along Came a Spider

What happens when Eli and Z-Man agree to a throwdown in the BGE Florida mat room? All hell breaks loose, that’s what. But then that’s what you might expect from these two charismatic and nearly omnipresent underground wrestling stars. In this match you get all that, plus two or three mind-and wad-blowing things that will catch you totally by surprise.

Both wrestlers are at their all-time physical best in this match. What’s more, they both know it and revel in showing it off. Z-Man, always in top condition and perfectly groomed, has seldom looked better, all that pulchritude accented by a pair of very sexy, pouch-prominent briefs. Eli too is ripped and shredded beyond belief, those award-winning bas and that pretty butt highlighted by a rocking pair of sheer briefs. And both are eager to get their hands on each other for a bit of old-fashioned BGE-style roughhouse.

This is Eli’s ninth match at BGE, and Z-Man’s tenth, Both have devoted followings but for very different reasons. Fresh from his explosive confrontation with the highly touted new heel wonder Lane Hartley, the Z-Man is a proven performer, having taken on the best competition the company has to offer, wrestlers you’d recognize by a single name: Cooper and Firestorm, for instance. He’s acquitted himself well at BGE as well as on the MMA mats. The winner of the BGE audience awards for best abs of 2012 and 2013, Eli has been eager of late to test himself against bigger guys with big names, most recently taking on Cameron Matthews. Asked if he thought he could handle Z-Man, Eli scoffed, but then shrugged his shoulders noncommittally. “We’ll find out,” he said, eyes twinkling.

Eli and Z-Man enter the brightly lit mat room in snug cotton briefs. Z asks if Eli’s ready to wrestle. Eli answers, “I more so call it ‘kicking your ass.'” Big words, just as we would expect from Eli. This kid is never short on confidence, even when facing an opponent four inches taller and over 30 pounds heavier than he is, as in this case. The fight starts.

Eli moves like a spider zeroing in on his larger prey and wrapping it up in a tight, inescapable ball. His almost incessant commentary is just another way he shows off his knowledge of submission wrestling and MMA. He especially likes to announce his next move, along with a short description, and then to his opponent’s amazement, Eli performs the move exactly as predicted. Muhammad Ali was pulling this trick back in the 1960s, but it never gets old. Yet Z-Man’s size and power, as well as his own considerable skills, pose a significant challenge, and things don’t go as easily as Eli might have hoped.

Eli Black vs Z-Man: Making a Splash

Z-Man’s muscle is luscious and a bit daunting. He’s always had a great look, turning heads everywhere he went. But in the last year or two, he has seriously beefed up. On top of looking great, Z has dedicated himself to improving himself as a wrestler, both in the pro ring and on the mat. The results made a big splash in the underground wrestling world, and Z-Man has never been more successful and popular than right now.

Eli’s not intimidated in the least. He doubts that there’s anything to Eli’s muscle but show. Never one to mince words, Eli directly asks Z-Man if there’s real strength behind the showy muscle. Z has heard these taunts before, but they never fail to get a rise out of him. He goes after Eli with a vengeance, surprising the usually cool and collected Eli Black and ultimately tapping him out with an impressive figure-four-slash-crab combination. In triumph, Z-Man pops his pecs and beats his chest, very Tarzan.

Z-Man follows his victory with a tight, punishing bearhug. Eli’s lean 26 inch waist makes for a tempting target for any bearhug practitioner and Z-Man has the power and technique to make it count. Eli struggles and suffers in Z’s muscular grip and looks to be gasping his final breath as he melts in his opponent’s killer grip. But suddenly, like a viper, Eli strikes back with a string of kicks and punches designed to weaken the muscle man and take him down hard. It’s quite possible that Eli meant for Z-Man to react earlier exactly as he did, perhaps even seeing an initial loss of a submission fall as an acceptable risk to take, if for no other reason but to feel out his opponent and learn what he is capable of.

Strategy or not, Z-Man’s burst of aggression spurs Eli Black to respond even more aggressively than before. He wants revenge for that bearhug! Eli catches Z-Man in a killer figure-four choke, gaining the desired tapout, then going on to grab an immediate second submission, just to prove that he can. The momentum now turns in Eli’s favor.

With fewer words this time, Eli displays his wide knowledge of submission wrestling holds through action: chokes, figure fours, crucifix stretches, armbars, leglocks, scissors, and more. In the grand finale of Undagear 21, BG East gives you two of its best contrasting wrestlers at the top of their game in an unmissable battle of wills and alpha-status!

Mitch Colby vs Christopher Bruce: Veterans’ Day

With all the newcomers crowding the wrestling game, clamoring for attention and respect, every so often it’s refreshing to see a couple of ruggedly good-looking veterans take to the mat to bust some bones together. Mitch Colby and Chris Bruce have been around the block. What they haven’t seen already is probably not worth seeing.

Mitch comes to Undagear 21 with eighteen previous BGE matches, facing big, small, skinny, pumped, young, old, you name him, he’s met him and he’ll knock his block off! Chris has been around even a bit longer, with twenty bouts under his belt, including some butt-baring battles and a legendary feud with Boston bad boy Mikey Vee.

These guys have settled in, but they are far from settling down. Hot muscle daddies like these two hot, handsome studs have proven to only ripen with age, and now we are throwing them together to see which one kicks butt harder. This would be a top fantasymen matchup for most wrestling fans, but at BG East it gets real. So very real.

Here’s the setup: Pissed off because some punk kid no-shows for a scheduled match, Chris takes an angry chop at the wall and leaves the mat room for the weight machines. There he finds Mitch working out. Mitch overhears Chris muttering under his breath and asks what’s up. “Can’t depend on anybody nowadays,” Chris complains. He explains the situation, and Mitch is sympathetic: “That pretty much sucks, dude.” Kids these days!

Fortunately, Mitch has a solution. How about a throwdown between the two of them, a couple of dependable veterans with some time on their hands? Might be fun. Might be hot. At the very least, it might be good for cooling off Chris’s currently red-hot temper! And it’s a good workout for the both of them. The size difference doesn’t matter. Wrestling is all that matters. What could be more on the up-and-up than a friendly tussle between two experienced warhorses like these two, right? But this is BG East Wrestling, folks, and you can bet your ass nothing’s ever going down as nice and easy as that! Oh hell no!

Mitch Colby vs Christopher Bruce: Glutton for Punishment

Mitch and Chris, wearing singlets now, square off in the mat room. They lock up, and soon Chris is stuck in one of Mitch’s famous scissorholds. They’re like vises, those holds. Even Chris’s impressively thick muscle trembles under the pressure of Mitch’s strong thighs clamping his waist. With great determination, Chris clambers to his feet, but Mitch doesn’t let up, adding a headlock to the scissors. Trembling, Chris is forced to submit.

Chris tries to play the good sport, but you can tell that inside he’s seething. He’s still sore at the punk kid for not showing up. Now he’s sore at Mitch for flaunting his height and muscle advantage, playing the big nice guy on top of it all. What’s more, he wants this win – badly. In a snap, Mitch has him in another scissors, then another, this time on the head. “You’re a glutton for these!” Mitch gloats, with a good-natured chuckle. Chris’s eyes shoot sparks. Ha the fucking ha, asshole. When, with great effort, Chris disentangles himself from yet another scissorhold, Mitch calls him “lucky.” Chris winces at the word.

The mat room is a steamy, sweaty hothouse now. The wrestlers lower their straps to fight bare-chested. “Out of breath?” Chris asks. “Not as much as you are,” Mitch replies with a grin. “Never said I wasn’t,” Chris tries to explain, barely able to cough up the words, “us … ‘veterans,’ you know.” The two fight on with a glint in their eyes.

“You look like you might be getting a little upset there,” Mitch observes at one point. He has NO idea. The two brawny bodies shimmer in sweat. Mitch strikes a muscle pose, rolling his biceps up into solid balls the size of grapefruits. Suddenly, Chris snaps, goes ballistic, slamming his balled-up fists into Mitch’s midsection. Shit is getting extra real now as Christopher Bruce, “fuckin’ pissed now,” starts choking big Mitch Colby.

A brutal volley of gut punches, then Chris strips off Mitch’s singlet and starts choking the man with it. Mitch fights back, and one thing we all know about Mitch is that the man fights fire with fire: “Like to play dirty? I can play dirty too.”

Better buckle up, because this ride’s getting crazy fast. Mitch rips Chris’s singlet off and starts feeding it to him for lunch. And hairier things are yet to come, in an all-out sweat-grunt-and-groan brawl that climaxes (amazingly!) with a bearhug competing against a chokehold to determine the ultimate winner. If only one finisher stretches your zipper this year, it will more than likely be this one, and it’s only here for you at BG East.