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A Man Called King

At BG East you see plenty of attitude come and go. Some wrestlers have certainly earned the bearing they bring to the ring, while some cocky punks never learn their lesson, but there’s no shortage of fighters here who seem to think they could take on the world. Kelly King may put them all to shame. He took one look at the cream of the BG East crop, and he just laughed, “These guys look like they belong in Playgirl, not a wrestling ring.” To say that while staring down the likes of Austin Cooper or Lane Hartley, the man called King has confidence that certainly lives up to his name. After a challenge like that there were no shortage of opponents willing to take him on, but King cooly promised to demolish each and every one of them. “I’ll leave this roster in ruins,” he laughs, but as soon as he sets eyes on one hunk in particular, he knows which prettyboy he wants to take down first. “I’ll start with him,” he points as a sadistic smile crosses his face, a familiar sight among the most brutal BG East heels. This King may be right at home here after all.

Z-Man answers the newcomer’s challenge with bravado to spare, matching the brawny stud’s ego with his own cocky display. Z-Man certainly qualifies as one seriously pretty face, from his golden hair to his chiseled bod, but fans will know there’s far more to him than just award-winning good looks. He’s gone toe-to-toe with such legends as Kid Karisma and even Jonny Firestorm, and most recently had the ripped, young wrestler Kip Sorell writhing from an agonizing ab-bashing. This is a pretty boy that loves to fight, and the bigger the challenge, the bigger the grin on his face as he steps up to the ring across from his latest adversary.

While Z-Man may be coming up light against the heavyweight King, it’s hard to say which man’s ego tips the scales. Z-Man doesn’t even give King the barest of glances as he enters, instead preferring to focus his attention on the gorgeous image he finds in a nearby mirror. King’s patience wears thin as he watches Z-Man even spend time fixing his hair and demands the match start, coming between the hunk and his well-groomed reflection. Z-Man doesn’t flinch as he faces down the sizable newbie, promising to wipe the mat with King’s face. “And I won’t even need to fix my hair after,” he smiles. This match is all about attitude, and it is on.

“Come on, Pretty Boy!”

From the moment they make first contact, these men seem deadlocked. Z-Man matches the muscled stud blow for blow, never giving an inch. King shakes his head and flashes a cocky smile with each new turnaround, barely hiding his annoyance at the surprising challenge posed by the man he believed was just a cover model, and is there a hint or worry in his eyes too? Z-Man is in top form, his lean muscles rippling as he tests his strength against a burly bruiser. He’s clearly loving every minute of this match as well as the sight of his pro opponent’s muscles bulging and sweating just trying to keep up. King actually finds himself forced to his knees in a test of strength, Z-Man’s dominance almost unquestionable. But even though he’s new to BG East, King is no stranger to the ring, and the pro’s years of experience see him through the toughest fights.

A hard boot to the abs breaks Z-Man’s grip, and the hunk suddenly finds himself facing the mat with his arm nearly twisted off in King’s vicious hold. The tables have turned and King has stepped his game waaay up. He pours on the pressure and his assault is relentless. King twists, stomps, and snaps Z-Man’s arm until the limb looks ready to pop off. From the mats to the ropes and in the corner, Z-Man suffers excruciating pain but refuses to submit. King’s disbelief turns to anger as he tries to wrench a submission from the stud’s failing arm, threatening to leave the pretty boy broken in the ring if he has to. Z-Man’s own BG East ring experience comes in handy however, and he drills his fist to big man’s midsection despite his injuries. King’s barely upright before he’s taken down again, struggling not to submit in Z’s desperate chokehold.

Z-Man catches King in one hold after another. But every time Z-Man thinks he’s got the big man down, another punishing blow to his injured shoulder sends him reeling. King is now determined to make an example of the pretty boy who dared give him such a hard time, working first the arm, and then a leg, leaving Z-Man hobbling around the ring. Backbreakers and chokeholds slow down the chiseled cover model, but even hard punches square to his pretty face can’t take him out of this fight, even if they do leave him hanging over the top rope. King continues to underestimate the resilient stud and pays for it, suffering and squealing on the mats after each comeback. But attitude and ego can only hold up a body for so long, and in the end one of these men is going down and staying there. The intense back-and-forth action culminates in a shot of one hunk KO’d and laid out at the feet of his still-cocky opponent.

The Primal Hunter, The Alpha Male

When it comes to BG East’s resident roster of hard-bodied hunks, they don’t come much more bashable than bodybuilder Brad Barnes, but all that may be in question. Barnes may not be coming into this match with a winning record, having taken his share of beatings from some of the best around, but the devastation he dealt to Mr. Joshua Goodman alongside his tag partner Braden showed us he had the makings of something more than just a muscled, but squashable jobber. Barnes has tasted victory and is hungry for more, but when he hastily signed up for a match against smaller heel hunk Morgan Cruise, he might have looked before he leapt.

Morgan Cruise may be giving up a little size to the beefy Barnes, but the Mastodon is hardly lacking in muscle, and more importantly he has shown his aptitude for delivering the most brutal of beatings on his hapless victims. Cruise has come far since his trial-by-fire initiation against Lon Dumont. The rich kid Damien Rush is still haunted by the humiliation he received from ‘the Alpha Male,’ and while Barnes beat Mr. Joshua Goodman alongside a tag partner, Cruise made playthings of 2 opponents at once when he faced the ‘twink duo’ of Skip and Christian. Barnes may be one of the biggest challenges Cruise has faced yet, but the self-described “primal hunter” is clearly unimpressed as the pretty boy poses in front of him.

Cruise certainly has the look of a hunter as these two muscled men square off, practically licking his lips at thought of bringing down Barnes, but as they lock up it seems the Alpha Male may have been too quick to dismiss the bodybuilder’s ability. Cruise cries out as Barnes catches him in a sudden hammerlock but he’s silenced when a huge bicep comes down on his head in a textbook, but crushing, side headlock. Barnes impressive bulk drags the formerly unshakeable hunter to his knees, Morgan’s struggling making the bigger man’s might all the more apparent. A heel like Cruise doesn’t dominate with strength alone though, and a quick reach to rake Barnes’ face sends the hunk stumbling to the ropes in blind pain.

Barnes stalks around the ring, circling the Mastodon, hungry to bring the Alpha Male down but unsure yet what it takes. Barnes goes in for a test of strength, but Cruise knows better and answers with a heavy boot to those rock-hard abs that has the big man doubled over and open for a blow to the spine that brings the bodybuilder to the mat with a crash. Now the hunter moves in, mounting Barnes back and pulling him into a punishing camel clutch. That big body bends further as Barnes moans in pain, then screams as Cruise fishhooks his mouth, “I’m tempted to mangle that pretty face, so when you look in the mirror you remember the man who beat you…”

Wrestling Hunk, or Tantalizing Hunk of Meat?

Cruise drags the battered Barnes up to the corner, setting up those solid abs for more punishment, before chopping the big man down with a double-axehandle to the spine and more boots to Barnes’ increasingly bruised bod. The bashed hunk manages to stand and walks right into an insulting slap from the once-again dominant Cruise, anger crossing Barnes’ face as he steadies himself. Cruise is clearly in control, not just out to win but to humiliate, and to devastate. He chokes, stretches, and bends Barnes on the mat and on his feet, playing with this mountain of muscle like a cat with a mouse. Two hundred pounds of determined wrestler doesn’t go down so easy though, and with one elbow to the ribs Barnes nearly lifts Cruise clear off his feet. Another blow sends the heel flying off the ropes and up into those massive arms for a brutal body slam. Even Cruise can’t stop himself writhing in pain on the mat as Barnes crashes down on top of him, the bodybuilder finally where he wants to be.

Cruise is forced to his feet, short of breath and options as the Alpha Male gets manhandled by the man he called jobber at the outset of this match. Sinking low, seemingly weak, the heel shows his true colors again with a shot to Barnes’ balls. The tables are turned again as Barnes finds himself face-to-crotch with Cruise’s bulge in the Mastodon’s skull-crushing scissors. Flailing, weakening, the bodybuilder is rolled onto his back, head still squeezed between vice-like thighs as he suffers the first humiliating pin of the match. Unable to stand, Barnes finds himself staring up at the merciless hunter. Cruise may now be ready for the kill, he moves to attack the hunk’s legs, then arms, finally choking him on the mats. Barnes looks about to accept another loss in his BG East career, but suddenly finds his chance and catches the hunter between his own massively muscled legs. Cruise is screaming and struggling between two thighs like tree trunks, but he gets nowhere, and Barnes finally has his way with the alpha male, twisting an arm and a neck, fighting to wring a submission from the Mastodon. Cruise is caught in a death grip and Barnes isn’t letting up until he finds the victory he’s craving. Will it be the bodybuilder’s muscles or the hunter’s instincts that finally break this deadlock?

Whether by strength or sheer tenacity, the fight continues, both men tearing into the other with increasing ferocity. Legs, backs, and even necks look like they may be broken by the punishment both hunks receive. Barnes fights with everything he’s learned against past opponents, but the Mastodon isn’t above more dirty tactics to win. By the end of this match, one wrestler is left out cold on the mat, his opponent staring down mockingly as he’s slowly counted out. But the winner won’t be satisfied with just a count out. Both men came here to prove something, and two egos and bodies have been battered and bruised in this fight. The winner wants to hear the loser screaming out his name in total submission and abject humiliation, leaving the ring with no doubt as to which of these men was the alpha male, and which was just a hunk of meat.

Ty Alexander vs Shane McCall: Class Is In Session

It’s been more than 17 years since Shane McCall won the title of BG East’s “Rookie of the Year.” Shane inaugurated some of our most popular series like Ring Wars and Dark Knights, translating outstanding amateur wrestling credibility into the pro wrestling and erotic context more successfully than perhaps anyone has ever managed. He won more matches than he lost, and more importantly, he never failed to deeply thrill his incredibly loyal army of fans. The years have morphed bear cub Shane into a full-on bear daddy, with a salt-and-pepper beard and a light coat of hair across his torso. He’s 40 pounds heavier than he was when he won Rookie of the Year, and he’s infinitely more experienced and dangerous in the ring. It’s been years since he last wrestled on camera, although he’s remained a fixture in private gay wrestling circles. However it took a special request from Kid Leopard himself to convince Shane to climb back into the ring with the cameras rolling in order to teach a cocky young jobber some long overdue lessons.

That cocky young jobber is, of course, adorable Ty Alexander who has made quite a splash since his first BG East match earlier this year. He’s had that bubble butt of his handed to him every time, but that’s hardly humbled the silky smooth babyface battler. Success can be defined in a variety of ways, and young Ty has quickly developed a fan following that has swollen his ego entirely out of proportion to his win-loss record. The hardcore jobber has become convinced that looking beautiful and filling the most fashionable gear just right are all it takes to strike gold at BG East.

Shane’s assignment is to correct this little misunderstanding and teach Ty that being successful at BG East takes a lot more than posing and looking pretty. In a navy blue singlet, the big, burly veteran finds his pupil ready to claim victory for simply looking so good. “Who the hell are you supposed to be?!” Ty asks incredulously, staring at the 200-pound bear daddy climbing into the ring with him.

“I am the guy that Kid Leopard sent,” Shane snarls humorlessly, “who has a shit load of experience, a shit load of talent, and will hopefully beat some of that into you!” Ty just smirks and turns his back. “You also have a shit load of grey hairs,” the audacious young punk points out.

“Class is in session!” Shane announces, instantly exploiting his more than 50 pound weight advantage to muscle the youngster across the ring and beat the living shit out of him trapped in a corner. “Lesson number 1,” Shane explains, not pausing his beat down for a moment, “do your homework about who you’re wrestling against!”

Ty Alexander vs Shane McCall: Coach and Lesson-Boy

Ty Alexander is immensely proud of his new shock of blond highlights at the crown of his kewpee doll haircut. Shane McCall, on the other hand, is decidedly unimpressed, using the patch of blond as a target for bootstrikes, punches, and elbow drops. He outmuscles, outhustles, and makes mincemeat of the tender veal that is his completely outmatched opponent. Repeatedly, the veteran peels his prey off the mat, scoops him up across his belly, and slams him back down again harder and harder. “You’re fucking useless!” he rages.

It may have been a while since we saw Shane last, but there’s clearly something special about competing underneath the lights, cameras rolling, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. “Yeah, this feels good!” he crows, finding his devastating rhythm like Rookie of the Year was yesterday. “It’s been a while, but you know what? I haven’t lost a thing,” he says even while trampling Ty’s gut. Forcing the kid to kneel at his feet, he snaps on standing headscissors, pries Ty’s arms backward and slaps Ty’s vulnerable bubble butt like a stern headmaster.

Shane introduces his stubborn pupil to every brutality that defines the high stakes world of BG East wrestling. Cracked across the veteran’s knee in a savage OTK backbreaker, Ty screams in agony. Flinging the kid to the mat, Shane snarls, “What did you say about these grey whiskers?” dragging his prickly facial hair across Ty’s smooth, unblemished cheeks. The babyface screams in pain, apparently learning lesson number 2: whisker burn hurts like a bitch!

To his credit, Ty seems to get the message that there’s more to wrestling for BG East than a pretty face and an awesome ass. Shane brutalizes him every which way, but over and over, when the veteran moves in for a pin fall, the stubborn babyface kicks free. “Somebody’s not done, huh, Lesson-Boy?!” Shane is more than happy to keep class in session.

Peeling out of his shoulder straps, Shane flexes with one foot planted squarely across young Ty’s quivering chest. He traps Ty’s arms in the ropes and uses his big, burly belly to smother the sputtering lightweight into submission. “Please, please stop!” Ty begs. Shane refuses to relent until his sniveling opponent calls him “coach.” “Please, please stop… Coach!”

But Coach has so much more to teach a na├»ve young upstart like Ty. Burly bearhugs, ball bashing, corner abuse, and this lesson plan just keeps pounding all over young Ty’s battered body until Coach is fully convinced that the cocky jobber has finally learned a lesson he’s certain to remember. Knocked out cold and stripped naked, Ty is guaranteed never to forget the name Shane “Coach” McCall!

Eli Black vs Rio Garza: Re-Writing Rio

Gorgeous Rio Garza cannot catch a break. He has all of the raw material necessary to be a devastating wrestler. He’s been wildly successful as a fitness model, translating superhuman genetic potential and fierce physical discipline into constructing a physique that is as incredibly powerful as it is stunningly beautiful. He also has several years of BG East wrestling experience under his belt, making him one of our more seasoned competitors today. Of course, he’s had his beautiful ass beat black and blue by nearly every opponent he’s faced, but every loss has taught this world-class athlete a new lesson in how to succeed in the brutal world of BG East wrestling. His fans don’t appear to ever tire of seeing this magnificent muscleman conquered and crushed, but Rio is weary of being king of the jobbers. He wants the taste of unqualified victory!

Our handsome hero thinks that he may have finally caught that break he’s been waiting for when he stares across the ring at his latest opponent, Eli Black. Eli weighs in a full 50 pounds lighter than Rio. Rio’s upper thighs are each thicker than ultra-lean Eli’s waist. Standing toe to toe, Rio stares down from over half a foot height advantage and you can just read that smirk on his handsome face like a book. This is going to be Rio’s day of reckoning!

Unfortunately for Rio, he didn’t do his homework, or else he’d know that Eli Black is one of the most skilled and dangerous fighters at BG East. Other than a humiliating first match loss at the hands of Morgan “the Mastodon” Cruise, Eli has managed to break to pieces every opponent he’s faced, including muscle hunks even bigger than Rio Garza. Ripped to shreds, with confidence abundantly borne out by his successes in amateur, pro wrestling and MMA, Eli can hardly be considered a catchweight underdog despite Rio’s considerable size advantage.

Rio’s tight white trunks strike a stunning contrast with his gorgeous brown skin as he paces, eager to get his hands on the “little guy” across the ring. Playing to his advantages, and playing on Eli’s ego (a trick Rio learned from the best), Rio challenges his opponent to a test of strength. Of course, every ounce of Eli’s insanely carved body is pure muscle, so he holds his own early on, earning grudging respect from the rock hard fitness model. But 50 extra pounds of high quality muscle mass is too much for even cocky Eli to overcome, and Rio first drives him to his knees and then flings him into a corner like a rag doll. “All right, you’re strong,” Eli snarls grudgingly, “but I’ve fought stronger!”

When Rio Garza offers Eli Black another chance to win a test of strength, the wicked-smart lightweight plays to his own strengths, scoring a lightning strike takedown and mounting the musclehunk with authority. Talk about strength! Eli’s whipcord legs snap around Rio’s torso like a vice and make the handsome stud choke on the pain. If Rio imagined he was going to roll right over his smaller opponent, he’s quickly disabused of that notion as he suffers so snugly between Eli’s thighs. But…

Eli Black vs Rio Garza: The “New” Eli Black and Rio Closing the Gap

But all those bulging muscles are built for more than just looking good (though that, they do!), and when Rio muscles free, he stuns his MMA-trained opponent by reversing. The fitness model rolls Eli into tit-for-tat bodyscissors, cockily flipping the trapped scrapper like a rag doll, slamming his flailing opponent humiliatingly back and forth. Rio clearly relishes the unusual position of being in total control, and even when Eli manages to wriggle free, the muscle stud hops up and proudly flexes his pumped biceps with total confidence.

Of course, no one looks as mouthwatering trussed up and tortured as Rio Garza, and Eli has precisely the skills to dominate and display the fan favorite beautifully. The MMA fighter is just so incredibly fast! Rio doesn’t see one move coming before Eli has executed three more devastating holds, pressing the handsome hunk closer and closer to submitting. When Eli chains together a crippling leg lock transitioning into, first, a single, then double leg Boston crab, the stubborn fitness star fights long and hard but finally, frantically slaps the mat before his opponent can snap his knee. “Damn, you’re a good tap dancer!” Eli smirks, “I feel so evil right now! I don’t know if it’s the haircut or my new tattoo, but you’ve never met Eli Black before, so you don’t know how I used to be. But this, this is the new me!” Eli spreads Rio’s legs wide and drives his heel into the hunk’s balls viciously.

Just when you’re ready to chalk this one up to yet another humiliating, outmatched squash for ravishing Rio, the “new” (read: even cockier!) Eli offers a free shot. Classic mistake! Rio takes his opponent’s leg, confidently controls him, and with lessons learned from a long line of hard knocks, he locks on a Boston crab with authority, wrenching on the smaller man’s back. Shocked, Eli wails in agony, futilely attempting to escape from underneath the mountain of muscle bearing down on him. Raging Rio milks his smaller opponent for every ounce of suffering, and then flips him over, schoolboy pinning him as he luxuriously flexes that fan favorite physique.

This is a classic match of speed and skill against strength and stubbornness, but Rio has come such a long way in closing the speed and skill gap! The new Eli Black is bound and determined not to suffer the humiliation of being the opponent Rio finally, decisively defeats, but that decision isn’t entirely in his hands. Tenacious, fierce, towering musclehunk Rio Garza has got a plan to take his future, and his opponent’s lightweight body, firmly in hand!

Mitch Colby vs Billy Lodi: Adventures in Bar Tending

Here’s a poorly kept secret for BG East fans: magnificent muscle man Mitch Colby can frequently be found tending a bar he owns in South Florida, usually shirtless, and always looking dazzlingly handsome. With this tanned, toned physique-fanatic serving drinks, the clientele are fiercely loyal. And every so often, a BG East fan gets the thrill of his life from a wink and smile from one of our hottest, handsomest muscle hunks behind the bar. And on at least one occasion, a BG East wrestler tracked him down at the bar for considerably more than just a wink and a smile.

Billy Lodi has been of legal drinking age for a couple of years, but the young punk looks perpetually adolescent. So when he sidles up to the bar and orders a beer, civic-minded Mitch is quick to insist on seeing some ID. Without his ID on him, Billy pleads for understanding. He flashes that disarming smile and dials up the charm. But Mitch is having none of it, meaning Billy is not getting served.

“Aren’t you Mitch Colby?” Billy abruptly changes tack. “Don’t you wrestle for BG East?” It’s not the first time Mitch has been identified for his popular wrestling work. He shrugs his huge shoulders humbly and acknowledges that he is the “famous” Mitch Colby. “You look a lot older in person,” Billy smirks, wiping the grin off of Mitch’s handsome face. “Look, I’ll make a deal with you,” the young punk plots. “When I beat you, you have to serve me.”

“You think so, you want to wrestle this?!” Mitch stares down incredulously at his massive pecs and six pack abs. He’s almost 5 inches taller and an incredible 75 pounds heavier than his audacious featherweight challenger. “Mitch Colby, the big muscle guy, against you, the scrawny little punk dude here?” Mitch can’t quite believe he’s getting called out by this ankle biter.

“Yes,” Billy slaps the bar, “I want to wrestle Mitch the Bitch!” Irked by the taunting nickname that a certain masked wrestler bestowed upon him years ago, Mitch gives the young punk his home address and tells him to come by after he’s done with his shift at the bar. The look of excitement on Billy’s face suggests this confrontation had nothing to do with his desire for a beer. He was angling to get his hands on magnificent Mitch all along! And it’s more than hands that get to make that special connection…

Mitch Colby vs Billy Lodi: “Now that’s what you came for, isn’t it!?”

“I didn’t think you’d have the balls to show up, little boy,” Mitch Colby marvels when Billy Lodi shows up, only to have the massive muscleman effortlessly scoop him up across one shoulder, walk him into the living room and dump him on the couch. Billy stares up (way, way up) at the bronzed physique star glaring down at him. The foul-mouthed gutter punk is too full of lust to be intimidated. Peeled down to the briefest of trunks, Billy suddenly backs Mitch against a wall and starts clawing the musclehunk’s massive pecs. “Ready to get your ass kicked old man?” Silently, Mitch reaches around and begins kneading Billy’s tight butt. “You like those pecs?” Mitch asks, though the answer is obvious. “My pecs are a little bit bigger than your ass!” Mitch laughs, leaning in for a quick kiss before hauling his lightweight challenger into the middle of the room and crushing his ribs in a bearhug.

Billy can’t catch a breath for minutes as the tanned, bulging and tireless muscleman displays just how dominant his powerful body can be. Already growing faint, Billy buries his face in Mitch’s big pecs, finally gasping out an astonished submission. “Look at me when you say that!” Mitch commands, abruptly smothering Billy’s submission with a hungry kiss. “Now that’s what you came here for, isn’t it?” Mitch coos.

Billy was never, ever going to have a chance of defeating Mitch in a fair fight, but then, Billy has never, ever fought a fair fight. A headbutt to Mitch’s balls brings the towering muscle stud’s momentum to a crashing halt. “No, that’s what I came here for!” Billy spits as he climbs on top of the writhing stud, slapping his handsome face and relentlessly pounding those juicy pecs. Suddenly he snaps his lean thighs around Mitch’s head in an airtight face-to-crotch headscissors, grinding his balls against his opponent’s gasping mouth. “Is that what you wanted? Is that why you invited me over?” Billy taunts.

Overwhelming power and strength vie with amoral cunning and treachery. Mitch’s massive muscles cannot be contained for long. He powers free and pries the punk’s legs apart, snapping a vicious claw on Billy’s balls in retribution. “What should I wish for?” Mitch asks, treating Billy’s legs like a wishbone. Mitch makes his featherweight opponent submit repeatedly, quickly moving in to lock lips and taste the delicious spoils of combat. But hardcore scrapper Billy Lodi returns over and over to brutalizing Mitch’s balls, neutralizing the muscle man’s more obvious advantages with low blows. He kicks the handsome hunk in the face, tramples his abs, heaping taunts and torments on his host. Perched proudly on top of Mitch’s massive chest, Billy seductively slides backward, smothering the big man’s face with his ass while pounding his rock hard abs and clawing his meaty pecs. When Mitch starts to rally again, Billy locks shut another ball claw to stop him cold. “You little fucker!” Mitch sputters. “You dirty little boy!”

The vicious combat slowly veers into full-on eroticism, as both these unlikely opponents get into the friction and forced kisses. One vanquished wrestler finally can’t put up a fight any longer, but when the action heads toward the bedroom, there’s no disguising what both of these battlers wanted all along: each other!

Skrapper vs Mason Brooks: Two Ferociously Feisty F*ckers Fight Fire With Fire

Now here’s a match that is decidedly welcomed by the fans but also among the most highly anticipated by the BG East brethren. In fact, many even asked if they could observe the match live as it was taped. Skrapper has a reputation for being an all-out aggressive, tough-as-nails punishment sponge who gives as good as he takes – and frequently gives more. He is aptly named. After a solid debut versus Canadian stud Ben Monaco, Mason surprised everyone with his sadistic dispatching of Drake Marcos and his dominant performances against several opponents on Wet ‘n Wild 7. As one fan wrote, “I had no idea!” Well frankly, neither did we! It proves that babyface looks can be deceiving!

High tension: Skrapper can’t wait to start something. As soon as he steps onto the mat, he grabs, pushes, and prods until Mason Brooks finally bites the bait and grabs Skrapper’s head in a side headlock. The two tumble down, still in baggy workout shorts. His bedroom eyes turned up to 11, Skrapper appreciatively remarks on his opponent’s arms and pecs, even while feeling them grinding against the sides of his head. Still entangled in each other’s limbs, they urge each other to flex and show off their gym-honed muscles, combining the pleasures of voyeurism and the frisson of actual body contact.

They are not only active wrestlers but also, like us, they are also spectators, as appreciative of the eye candy they themselves present as of the rough-and-tumble. Even more, they offer us running on-the-spot commentary about what the match feels like to them. From the beginning, we get the sense that Skrapper and Mason are ready to take the homoeroticism of one-on-one combat to a new levels of audience involvement.

Enthusiastic as Skrapper is about the match, Mason is the one with the moves. He’s obviously taken The Boss’ admonition to develop a ground-game to heart. He changes position with speed, agility, and a clear sense of strategy in mind. He pushes Skrapper facedown to the mat, sits on the man’s ass, grabs the right leg, securing the foot in his armpit, and proceeds to grope Skrapper’s nut sack. He makes a play for the silky shorts too, but Skrapper testily bucks free, and the shorts remain temporarily in place.

The two roll towards the wall, Skrapper almost paralyzed in Mason’s fast grip. The skin of their arms and backs flushes under the strain of exertion, and their huffs and puffs provide a bassline to the hot and sticky struggle. Now with Skrapper’s head and left arm tightly noosed between his legs, Mason goes for the shorts again, getting the waistband down to the thighs, in the process wedging Skrapper’s black briefs in his crack. After giving the briefs a few tormenting jerks, Mason chickenwings Skrapper’s free arm. Skrapper taps out, but Mason won’t release until he hears the words “I give.”

Skrapper vs Mason Brooks: Skrewed!

On their feet again, Mason and Skrapper strip down to undabriefs and weaponize their shorts for some lighthearted locker-room-style fencing. The moment of frivolity is soon cut short by both wrestlers’ hunger for more body contact, and the rest of this epic 43-minute fly-stretcher expands and intensifies the roles the wrestlers established in the first fall: Skrapper the out-of-control rage freak, naturally (and recklessly) hotheaded and aggressive, and Mason the tactician, whose particular kink is control.

Mason uses his knowledge of wrestling science and the application of torque to repeatedly incite Skrapper’s fury and then, in turn, to hold it in check. In short, he makes Skrapper’s fine lean body do whatever he wants it to, simply by pushing the right buttons. But can he be sure that he won’t push the badboy past the point where he can control him? When Skrapper protests that Mason is pissing him off, Mason asks, “Pissing you off, or turning you on?” “Little of both,” Skrapper has to admit. And also because anyone who’s fought Skrapper – and lived to talk about it – knows just how rough he likes it!

For the last half of the bout, their sweaty bodies coiled and thrashing, Mason and Skrapper press up closer and closer to each other, as if wanting to feel the palpitations of the blood coursing through the other man’s veins. Skrapper leaves his mark, his pink handprint, all over Mason’s ass cheeks and thighs. Mason teases him to go for more (“Got anything left you want to show me?”), then cuts him off with one after another debilitating hold. The erotic tension builds to almost unbearable levels.

We dare you not to get a boner during this match. The fight is a stunner, an erotically charged confrontation between two popular and tough up-and-comers. Both these guys epitomize the BG East credo of macho grit, homo lust, and punk pugnacity. Skrapper and Mason shine their brightest yet in Undagear 22. Here in the front office, our jaws went slack for the last twenty minutes of this match, mouths lolling helplessly open. Nobody but BG East takes you to the edge like this. Nobody. Nominee for Best Mat Match of 2014?

Kid Karisma vs Ray Naylor: Warning Signs It Might Be a Bad Bad Day

You don’t set foot on a mat with Kid Karisma unless you are ready, willing and able to get hurt. The dude likes his fun and has a legendary sense of humor and joie de vivre but he also plays HARD. The wrestlers who have squared off against him report that the experience is like being lured by honey into a hornets’ nest while wearing a wetsuit full of lit cigarettes. But if you don’t mind a hailstorm of zero-percent body fat, some quirky kink and government-certified MEANNESS rolling your way, Kid K is your go-to guy. He’s also one of the most sexually aggressive wrestlers to step in front of the BG East camera.

So when Ray Naylor, no slouch himself at making opponents scream, demanded to go toe-to-toe with the ginger-haired bruiser, he must have thought his chances were pretty good. Ray is wiry and tough as nails and not the least bit inhibited about taking any road possible to Win City. He’s had his share of street fights and other scrapes and knows his holds. Having watched Ray unfeelingly dismantle a fair share of his previous opponents, we were inclined to agree, though nobody was willing to go so far as to say his chances were even 50-50. None of those previous opponents, we reasoned, was Kid Karisma.

Ray and Kid K profess never to have heard of each other, but that’s a typical ruse around these parts. When Kid K gives him a playful but sharp slap across the face by way of greeting, Ray rolls his eyes and says, “You probably think you’re tough, huh.” Karisma responds, “No, it’s more like I KNOW I’m tough.” Apart from the banter, you can just look at these guys and tell they can’t wait to get their hands on each other. Yeah, there’ve got something to prove to themselves, to one another and to all us fans but’s there’s also a palpable attraction attending these shows of bravado. Even with the sound turned off, there would be no missing their eyeing each other up and down and the defiant energy of their bodies, poised and ready to pounce. Clearly, this one was going to be a scorcher.

Teasing words draw them in to each other, warily and haltingly. Karisma keeps pushing Ray away from him until, as if on cue, the two lock up. “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon”: the words are a mantra. Ray charges in and then struggles to drag the compactly built powerhouse down to the mat, only succeeding with his own shoulders hitting the floor first and his face full of Karisma’s crotch. “There we go,” Kid K then smugly murmurs, “there we go.” And there WE go! What a hell of a hot start to one hell of a hot match!

Kid Karisma vs Ray Naylor: Skinny Legs and All

Karisma taunted Naylor about his skinny legs, professing to see no difference between them flexed or unflexed. Of course, we know better and can see the sharp cuts in Ray’s quads, not to mention witnessing the punishment they have repeatedly dealt out in his previous match-ups. And once Ray clamps them like a vise on Kid K’s midsection, he feels the power, and surprisingly, he who suffers first and the match’s first moan of pain belongs to Karisma. It’s 40 uninterrupted seconds of agony that even Karisma’s sharp elbows beating against Ray’s taut thighs can’t bring to an end. The best he can do is shove his opponent to the wall and press him into releasing the grip.

Retribution comes fast and sure as Kid Karisma drags Ray to the center of the mat, scraping the shocked and surprised wrestler’s face across the black resolite mats. Pinning Ray’s head between his ankles, Karisma pulls at the man’s legs like he’s pulling up a tree stump, wrenching the victim’s spinal column. Kid K makes sure that Ray’s moans of pain are louder and longer than his were. Ray is resilient but he is not indestructible!

Most of the first fall is a wild give and take where it’s impossible to guess who might emerge dominant to score first submission or pin but also who will prevail overall, so intense and well-matched are these two mat scrappers. But steadily the bigger and more muscular Karisma gains the upper hand, finally extracting Ray’s urgent submission with a prolonged, emasculating claw hold on the groin. Yup – it’s no holds barred.

As Ray limps to the edge of the mat, Kid Karisma taunts him, begging for a little kiss! In answer, Ray delivers a trio of well-aimed jujitsu kicks to the midsection, and we’re thrust pell-mell into the second fall. Still winded and racked with pain, Ray hardly seems prepared for the fight he’s rushing into, fueled only by rage and a thirst for payback.

At nearly a half hour, Karisma-versus-Naylor may be the shortest of Sunshine Shooters 7’s three bouts, it makes up for brevity with lightning-flash intensity. It goes for four falls, each one sweatier, noisier, more brutal, and frankly more boner-inspiring than the last.

Neither of these wrestlers enters any match with any thought other than to utterly destroy his opponent, but as tempers flare and egos get bruised (if not demolished), caution gets thrown to the wind, especially as the match draws to its tempestuous, physically abusive, ball-busting and butt-baring finale. At an action-packed 28 minutes, this fight would be a classic even sold by itself, alone on a disk. BG East ALWAYS goes the distance. Still this match is classic time-capsule material, even by BGE’s usual towering standards.

Archer vs Jakeno Enzi: Fighting Machines

BG East introduces a couple of tough, muscular newcomers in the opening match of Undagear 22. Archer and Jakeno take their grappling seriously as you can tell by watching them train for their imminent competition. Their strong bodies are combat ready and built to rumble. We thought they might make a terrific tag team, so we invited them to our Sunshine State compound for a look-see and maybe a little friendly sparring.

The two seemed to hit it off quickly. Both are clearly experienced wrestlers, both share an interest in MMA, and both grew up believing that competition is the essence of the good life. Jakeeno looks like a hardcore roughneck type, buzzcut and body ink, not exactly a badboy, but a big man who believes in living life according to a core set of principles like hard work, quiet reliability, self-discipline and domination on the mats or in the ring.

Archer, 25 lbs lighter and a few inches shorter, looks from first impressions more like the showboating pretty boy type, blond, blue-eyed and handsome as hell. But for all that he’s no less tough, no less committed to the art and science of hand-to-hand combat, and no less ready to go all-out motherfucker in a pinch. And he’s not new to the scene either.

Archer offers to hold the heavy bag as Jakeno works on his punch. From the first jab it’s clear Jakeno is a natural born fighter. The bare knuckles of his left hand land on the leather with a solid smack. The bag absorbs most of the shock of impact, but you can tell that Archer feels it too. The muscles bunch up on Jakeno’s shoulders at the base of his neck as his whole body tenses up, tiger-like, transforming itself into a fighting machine. Jakeno mixes punches with a side kick or two. Archer encourages him, spouting advice and praising the power of his arms, as the tension slowly but surely mounts.

Then it’s Archer’s turn to show what he’s made of. Jakeno holds the bag as Archer describes every move he makes, explaining the importance of form as well as brute force, no doubt an important lesson for any BGE battler. Then it’s Jakeno’s turn again. The punches gain momentum, almost as if Jakeno wants to punch THROUGH the bag.

Again, the tension gets amped up a notch. Archer warns Jakeno to lighten up. Jakeno comes back even harder, pushing Archer closer to the wall. Finally, Archer drops the bag, saying, “Dude, c’mon, man, I’m trying to train.” “Do somethin’ about it,” Jakeno responds with a leer, arms wide open, inviting the smaller man to strike first. The fight in on!

Archer vs Jakeno Enzi: “I’m Not Playing Around Anymore, Man”

You wanna fight? You don’t have to ask Archer twice. Archer and Jakeno lock arms, pushing. They break, and Jakeno takes a too-slow swing at Archer’s chin. Archer dodges the fist and nabs the taller man in a full nelson. For all his size and strength, Jakeno has to struggle, his whole body heaving and writhing while Archer’s nelson stays tight as a Yale lock. Finally the big man heaves himself free and turns to face his opponent.

So far, Jakeno is not making as good a show of himself as he expected. Here’s where Archer’s speed and strategy come into play. He stays one step ahead of the lumbering skinhead and floors him, applying a full-body arm lock. Jakeno takes full advantage of his thick, dense muscle to pry himself loose and flip Archer over. The two separate and get back on their feet. “All right, you ready?” Archer says, flintily squaring off against Jakeno, “I’m not playing around anymore, man.” The fight is on.

They seem to be enjoying themselves, all the more so the rougher the action gets. Jakeno’s eyes light up every time he catches sight of Archer readying himself to pounce. He eyes his eager opponent up and down. “Pretty strong for a girl,” he taunts, affably. Archer’s face gives almost nothing away, but its intensity in the midst of the brawl suggests a keen mind at work, determinedly taking in every inch of the big man as if trying to solve an engrossing riddle. He climbs all over Jakeno, navigating his way up each strong limb, trying to drag him down or choke him out.

The battle escalates without showing either man with a clear and obvious advantage until a sudden, deftly applied MMA move forces one to submit to the other. The second fall gathers intensity, as the two wrestlers get down to business and start wearing themselves down to nubs. An old-school pro hold, a riskily applied backbreaker, evens the score.

The third and final fall finds the wrestlers all warmed up for a fight to the finish, with hardly a trace of the friendly, easygoing tussle we started with. After the third fall, though, these dudes are still raring to tear into each other, leading to a decisive finisher, a clean, mean sleeper, the kind BG East has built its worldwide reputation on! A terrific debut by two stunning and very sexy hot lookers with lots of muscle and know-how!

Braden Charron vs Galen Welsh: Submission Emission!

Good Things Don’t Always Come in Small Packages

When it comes to wrestling gear, for many of us fans and participants, less is often more. What better way to celebrate the spectacle of sweat and power than with every hard line of muscle on display as briefs, speedos, or even thongs struggle to contain a bulging package and little else? Our wrestlers certainly agreed, because they put it all on the line this time. Few things could make a match between wrestlers of this caliber more tantalizing, but putting up stakes will do the trick. It’s more than just the pride of winning this time, in StripStakes the loser truly walks away peeled and empty-handed.

Braden Charron has known the feeling of undisputed victory many times before. His powerfully muscled body has brought even the biggest men to their knees, and not many come bigger than Braden. Galen Welsh may just be one of the few, however. This impressive specimen stands head and shoulders over even the usually imposing Braden.

And it’s not just his height that amazes; this towering figure displays rippling muscles stretched across his exceptionally expansive frame. Welsh has height and weight going into this match-up and his body is pumped and primed to dish out some serious punishment, will we see beefy Braden laid low, submitted and stripped, by this towering newbie? Or will Braden be able to dig down deep into all that beefy muscle, hard won skill and experience from his past matches and topple the giant?

From our first look at the scene in the BG Arena, Braden’s chances of earning his “Giant-Killer” title do not look promising. Welsh stands in a green singlet and shorts stretched tight over his form, curling and pumping his biceps at the thought of the match to come. He may just barely fall short of Braden’s bodybuilder proportions, but with each peak of those bulging arms it’s difficult to imagine an opponent Galen Welsh couldn’t crush.

Enter Braden, beefy chest wrapped in fitting purple spandex, ever confident even as he sizes up the BIG challenge awaiting him. Their eyes meet at ringside, and while Braden’s forced to look up to match Galen’s gaze, he isn’t backing down. The veteran’s cocky attitude invites a new display of muscle from the eager rookie as Galen poses for his latest admirer. Braden gives us a glimpse of the tactics it will take to bring him down blindsiding the big man with a meaty forearm that brings big Galen Welsh to his knees.

Braden asserts his dominance by stripping Galen’s shorts, leaving the newbie with one less prize to lose before the end. Galen is unfazed. The giant swings his legs over the top rope as he climbs into the ring to put the preening poser in his place. The ring actually shakes as two mountains of muscle circle each other. Welsh pointedly demonstrates his advantage by raising an arm too high for Braden to lock up, but the muscled stud answers by slamming both palms to the big man’s chest before following up with a powerful forearm to Galen’s chest. Braden presses the attack, running straight at Welsh, but a devastating (and huge) boot from the big man drops the bodybuilder to the mat, hard.

Braden Charron vs Galen Welsh: Someone Better Yell Timber!

How To Lose Your trunks – And Your Load!

Braden rolls on the mat, dazed as Galen calmly steps over him before hefting the huge man up in a neck-cranking full nelson. Braden’s moans betray his desperation as he feels the power bearing down on him; he fights harder and harder for even a moment’s relief. The vet shows his wiles though, as he shakes Welsh loose just enough to go for his eyes. Braden drags the briefly blinded rookie to the mat and goes to town on those long, thick legs. His inexperience showing, Welsh is caught in painful leg-splitting holds until finally even the powerful newcomer must submit, if only to be able to walk away intact.

Forced to strip out of his undergear to just his singlet, Galen quietly fumes and promises to pay the bodybuilder back in a big way. Braden quickly shuts down the attempted comeback, however, and keeps the momentum going working Welsh over in the corner. But Braden is suddenly scissored between massive thighs threatening to snap even the beefy bodybuilder clean in two. Braden tries to stay strong, but determination only goes so far against such power. Finally the would-be rookie wrecker submits, writhing in agony on the mat until Welsh demands his prize. Slowly stripped out of his singlet and down to his purple poser, Braden continues to grimace in pain.

Slow to recover, Braden hasn’t seen the last of Walsh’s brutal scissors treatment. He tries to answer with gut and spine-bashing cornerwork and some punishing holds of his own, but Welsh shuts him down with crushing bearhugs. Both wrestlers are battered and bruised as they try to survive the sheer power of their opponent, each man stripped again in turn. The beatings drag on, each stud with less to lose until finally we come to the end. This is StripStakes, and everyone here knows how this must end for the loser.

Veteran and rookie alike plan to take this match to the limit, and even make this “stakes” match live up to its name. The loser will be left with nothing to carry out of the ring, not even his pride. This match doesn’t end with the loser simply stripped bare. The victor claims one more prize, as the loser is forced one last time, not to submit… but to emit. Humiliated in one final submission hold, the fallen warrior must cum under threat of a knockout loss. Two astoundingly proud musclemen means this match ends when the winner has taken everything the loser has to offer, and satisfied his own erotic desires as well, leading to one final, explosively dominant display of manhood.

Z-Man vs Kip Sorell: Best Bodies Demand a Recount

Don’t think Z-Man didn’t appreciate BG East fans voting him winner of the title of Best Body of 2013. As far as he’s concerned, the accolades are long overdue. Among the phenomenal physiques that populate our roster, Z-Man is truly a standout when it comes to maintaining an astonishing level of conditioning. He’s never heard of a “cheat day” (when it comes to his training, at least), and day in and day out, he shows up for every match in outstanding shape. He’s sculpted every inch of his gorgeous body into an impeccably toned, sexy-as-hell monument to aesthetic muscle. BG East voters know it. Z-Man knows it. Somehow, though, Kip Sorell didn’t get the memo.

While Kip appreciated you voting him winner of Debut of the Year, the ripped young physique star was less gracious about failing to sweep all of the other categories like Best Butt, Best Abs, and particularly, Best Body. Although he has enjoyed precious little success in wrestling so far, Kip likes to pride himself on putting every opponent to shame regarding physical conditioning. And unquestionably, the handsome hunk has one of the hardest, hottest, most defined muscle physiques wrestling fans have ever seen.

Kip has yet to pull off a wrestling victory – well, other than the high honor of being selected as a BG East cover boy and becoming an almost overnight sensation and new fan favorite. But the one defeat that really sticks in the young stud’s craw didn’t even occur in the ring or on the mats. No, the one “loss” which bugs him the most is losing the fan poll for the title of Best BG Body to The Z. With the steady flow of locker room trash talk directed at sensitive Kip’s non-existent win record, and some gentle goading about Z-Man’s many magazine covers and physique mag lay-outs, it was inevitable that two of the best bodies and best looking stars at BG East would eventually collide in the ring. And in this particular case, Kip was willing to travel more than 1500 miles to make it happen!

Standing alone in the BG East Florida ring, Kip can’t take his eyes off of the physical perfection smiling back at him in the mirror as he waits for Z-Man to come to the ring. His all-over tan is perfectly complimented by his stark white form-fitting trunks. Flexing for his own delight, Kip concludes once again that there’s no one who comes close to having achieved this level of peak conditioning. When Z-Man jogs up to the ring, he quickly disabuses the rookie of the notion that the Best Body title was delivered into the wrong hands. “What do we got going on here, a freaking pose off by yourself!?” Z-Man scoffs.

Muscle by muscle, these two stunning studs put on a truly awe-inspiring, eye-popping show of male muscular pulchritude to compare and contrast whose particular packaged beef is bigger, whose is stronger, and most importantly, whose is most beautiful. Z-Man’s luscious, bouncing pecs simply dwarf Kip’s ample chest, but Kip remains unimpressed. “You might have the size,” he admits, “but I’ve got the striations.”

Side by side, the two top competitors for Best Body flex and pose, displaying two sets of the most phenomenal abs, defined legs, and mountainously peaked biceps to ever grace a wrestling ring. Both fitness stars remain convinced of their own superiority, so they agree to test “functional strength” with a traditional arm wrestling contest. Biceps bulge and veins pop, but when Kip scores the smirking, decisive victory, and basks in the afterglow of his victory. Z-Man’s delicate ego can’t handle it. “That’s bullshit! You cheated!” he charges moments before launching a blind-sided attack on his preening opponent.

Z-Man vs Kip Sorell: A Total Body Workout

Kip Sorell has been virtually crushed in every match of his young BG East career thus far, but he takes consolation in knowing that he always gives it his all and that few look as good suffering as does he. Z-Man, however, is determined to demonstrate that the cocky young muscle star comes in a distant second place to Z-Man’s magnificent muscles and superior ring skills. And so he focuses on the heartthrob’s amazing abs first.

Flinging Kip into a corner, he unleashes a battering assault on the pretty boy’s core. Punches and shoulder drives to that solid midsection quickly make Kip’s darkly tanned abdominals burn bright red. Scooped up and trapped helpless upside down in a punishing tree of woe, Kip crumbles under vicious boot strikes pummeling his gut. The momentum is entirely in Z-Man’s court as he drags his opponent around the ring with authority, finally wringing a weeping submission from Kip, using a stunningly sexy abdominal stretch with an ab claw finisher to make the pretty muscle hunk scream.

“What’s the matter? The abs can’t take it!?” Z-Man taunts, enjoying the sight of all of Kip’s vaunted muscles writhing on the mat. Just breaking down the upstart’s abs isn’t going to be nearly enough to satisfy the bruised ego of the Best Body of 2013. Body part by body part, Z-Man intends to destroy Kip one muscle group at a time. Chops and stomps to the chest soften up the stunned stallion, but when Z-Man digs his fingertips deep into the muscled flesh of Kip’s trembling pecs, the pretty boy’s blood curdling scream of submission adds another brick as Z-Man rebuilds his damaged ego.

Both of these muscle stars have been on the receiving ends of breathtaking brutality in the past, so it’s little wonder that they’ve learned a thing or two about delivering some punishment of their own – and there’s no love lost between these two beauties! When Z-Man flings Kip into a corner, the resilient battler bounces back and hip tosses the veteran commandingly. Holding onto the momentum with both hands, Kip slams his stunned opponent down again the moment that Z-Man reaches his feet. With such phenomenal physiques and inflated egos, neither ring hunk is going down without a fight! What Z-Man thought would be an easy romp over Kip is turning out to be a real challenge.

The Best Body title continues to be contested as the wrestlers trade shots at muscle after muscle. One shocked stud can barely stand after soaking in a tidal wave of assault to his knees and hamstrings. A concentrated lower back attack threatens to cripple the powerful physique of an overwhelmed award winner. “This is a total body workout today!” the cocky dominator crows as his opponent starts to crumble and crack.

Dignity stolen and body broken, a gasping fitness star finds himself hanging from the ropes outside of the ring, each and every muscle group being revisited for gratuitous torture. Finally the wasted hunk is sleepered out cold, leaving the decisive victor to demonstrate muscle by muscle his aesthetic superiority, flexing seductively alongside the unconscious loser. Nominations for the Best of 2014, anyone?