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Ty Alexander vs Mason Brooks

A work “out” or a work “over”?

Conventional wisdom says that no one can be good at everything. Along those lines, mat wrestling expertise often doesn’t translate smoothly into success in a roped ring. Many of the most dominant men on the mats have turned into spectacular jobbers the moment they climb onto the ring apron. The topography of the pro ring lends itself to a unique set of skills and a distinct mind-set. Mixing genres can be a formula for spectacular failure for many a wrestler. Not every wrestler is capable of making the smooth transition.

So you can understand Ty Alexander’s surprise, and note of eagerness in his voice, to find that waiting for him in the ring is ring-virgin Mason Brooks. “What the hell?” Ty asks. Always the fashion plate, Ty’s red trunks match perfectly his boots and knee pads. “The Boss says you told him you’ve been training and working out,” Mason replies, “and that I should give you a work out in the ring.” Mason looks stunning in metallic gold, lace-up crotch trunks and black boots. “Wait,” he interrupts himself. “Did he say work ‘out,’ or work ‘over?'”

While Mason has been establishing himself as a dangerously sexy force on the BG East mats, Ty has been following up on his “Debut of the Year” award last year by launching a campaign for top jobber. He’s exceedingly proud of how his hot, young body is responding to a new work out regimen. Ty’s scene-stealing bubble butt has been beaten in spectacular fashion time and time again, but as long as he looks good doing it, Ty is never one to shy away from another match. And Ty ALWAYS looks good doing it. Just ask him.

Sensing the tables may have turned in his favor, Ty condescendingly offers to give the ring rookie some pointers. What? Ty himself is barely beyond ring rookie status himself and he’s going to show Mason how it’s done? Ty Alexander has been crushed far more often than he’s been victorious. It’s not that Ty doesn’t try to win. Oh, he tries. He’s no limp dishrag. But very often his big mouth, caustic comments and over-confidence end up being his worst enemy, almost inviting the punishments his opponents are only too happy to provide.

Ty gets right up in Mason’s face and, just like lightning, Mason drops his opponent to the mat, wringing a weeping, agonized submission out of pretty young Ty, courtesy of a vicious crotch ripping spladle. “How am I doing?” Mason smirks. Stretched but seemingly unchastened, Ty tries to reset the clock and get right back in Mason’s face. Ty insists that Mason’s mat wrestling holds just aren’t going to cut it in the high impact world of the pro wrestling ring. Mason suddenly bounces off the ropes and nearly decapitates the notorious jobber with a clothesline. “Well now, I think I’m getting the hang of this,” Mason chuckles.

You get the impression that someone has been coaching quick-study Mason well before Ty showed up. There’s a patient confidence and a sadistic calm about the way he deftly ties Ty up in the ropes and batters the jobber’s pretty body, yanking on those red trunks for added leverage. “What do you think of my chest?” Mason asks, shoving his big, beautiful pecs in his trussed up opponent’s face. “Do you want a chest like mine?” Ty sucks down an ocean of pain, but he submits again. And again. A vice-like figure-4 chokehold makes Ty’s adorable face flush purple. “I don’t skip leg day, can you tell?” Mason taunts the would-be fitness boy.

Mason’s fans will recognize a familiar relentlessness about his attacks. Intense corporal punishment laced with a sexy sadistic sensuality with a heavy helping of smart ass humor at his opponent’s expense are the hot young hunk’s bread and butter.

But there’s something new here, and it’s not just the mystifying wonder of watching a mat expert absolutely own the ring. He’s here to please, even as he reduces whimpering Ty to a pool of sweat and misery. “I told you I have a job to do,” he explains when Ty begs for mercy, pleading for escape. “I want The Boss to know I worked you over real good.” Mason refuses to take his foot off the gas pedal (and Ty’s crotch) until he’s absolutely certain that he’s entirely delivered the spine tingling work out that The Boss, and you, are looking for.

Gold Shaft vs Ray Dalton

Has the cockfight champ met his magnum-sized match?

It is hard to find two wrestlers more proud of their respective cocks than Gold Shaft and Ray Dalton. Both sexual gladiators have good reason to boast. As Gold Shaft demonstrated in the inaugural Cockfight 1, his sensational rod is huge, hard, and a brutal taskmaster. There are precious few cocks that can take a punch like Gold Shaft’s magnificent member and then turn around and bludgeon the competition into a gasping, orgasmic submission.

It’s a rare competitor with the balls to dare to go cock to cock with Gold Shaft. However, Ray Dalton is precisely that rare find. Ray’s ever-ready erection is entirely proportional to his massively muscled body. The more an opponent fights back, the harder and huger Ray grows. Walking into this match, not only does he know exactly how big and brutal Gold Shaft’s cock is. He’s been fasting for days in anticipation of dominating the veteran and feasting on the reigning cockfight champ’s legendary meat.

The sexual tension as they stare each other down is hot enough to start a fire. If somehow you manage to miss the carnal lust emanating from every pore, you won’t be able to overlook their huge cocks swelling eagerly just being so close to each other. Gold Shaft wears his familiar yellow cockfight gear, with an extra-roomy pouch just barely large enough to contain him. Ray’s power tool strains the seams of his camouflage square cuts.

With palpable erotic suspense, they inch closer and closer, barely restraining themselves from being the first to reach out and touch the tantalizing bodies so visibly attracted to one another. The first sexy contact is finally made, appropriately enough cock to cock, and the two cockfighters begin to grind and pummel their crotch monsters furiously.

The cock play abruptly spills over into full contact, no rules mat wrestling as Gold Shaft shoves Ray’s massive pecs, sending the challenger stumbling backward. In response, Ray throttles his own cock in excitement. The more experienced masked wrestler goes on offense, snapping on a headlock and maneuvering the struggling muscle hunk to the mat.

Gold Shaft clearly has the speed and experience to put the muscled rookie’s plans in jeopardy. But with a wink and grin, big Ray seductively slides Gold Shaft between his huge, hairy thighs and starts the meat grinder, crushing the veteran’s body. The typically taciturn masked veteran grunts and gasps in pain, pounding the mat in frustration. With the champion locked down tight, Ray eagerly starts to throttle Gold Shaft’s cock and balls, making the masked man writhe in ecstatic agony. “Yeah, that’s it,” Ray growls hungrily. The more Gold Shaft whimpers, the visibly harder big Ray grows.

You have to wonder if Gold Shaft has bitten off more than he can swallow in Ray Dalton. Mat experience and a magnum-sized reputation are on the champ’s side, but every hard earned reversal finds him right back at the mercy of all that growling muscle. The rookie beast is too strong and too turned on to stymie for long. Their extra-large appendages take the brunt of the pounding, with cock claws and vicious punches brutally testing both contenders. Ray plays speed bag with champ’s dangling pouch.

Gold Shaft drags the muscled rookie up off the mat with nothing but a handle on Ray’s throbbing member. Sweaty schoolboy pins turn both wrestlers soaked bodies into slip and slides. Faces cock slapped, humiliating submissions traded, and the trunks finally come off for a sadistic game of naked sword play. Viciously, seductively, they drive one another closer and closer to the final, decisive loser cums screaming submission. Do we have a new reigning cockfight champion, or did Gold Shaft manage to conquer the raging beast? You’re guaranteed a climactic finish to this full contact cockfight!

Gus Rowe vs Braden Charron

Time to Swim with the Sharks, or, Glorious Glutes Galore!

Back in the small town where he grew up, Gus Rowe was a big fish in a small pond. A 3-sport standout high school athlete, everything he touched turned to gold. There’s a magnetism about a handsome young stud that everyone wants to either be or be with, and Gus had the pick of the girls and guys eager to cozy up to a local legend.

But Gorgeous Gus grew increasingly convinced that he was destined for bigger and better things. With little more than an air invincibility and a suitcase full of trophies of past glories, he arrived in Boston and was promptly spotted by a BG East recruiter. With the promise of a hefty paycheck and a shot at a whole new level of athletic achievement, it didn’t take long before Gus was ready to try out his golden touch in the BG East wrestling ring.

The kid is seriously pale and beautifully fit, squeezed into The Boss’ handpicked super tight pair of teal and orange trunks with zippers on the sides for instant access. White knee pads and boots complete the sensationally sexy ensemble. A whisper of hair between his tight pecs and a sparse young beard hint at the ambitious young man emerging. He’ll never be more ready than right now to step onto the big stage and dazzle the world.

When Braden Charron strolls in, however, he’s decidedly unimpressed. “Is that all you got, man?” he smirks as the new kid flexes on the ring apron. Braden is precisely the sort of world class sports celebrity that Gus aspires to become. He’s all muscle, with an all-over tan dialed up to bronze perfection. When he flexes his magnificently muscled ass, the top of his yellow and wine colored trunks slide down his cheeks tauntingly. He commands respect and slack jawed worship from fans across the globe. He’s exactly who Gus wants to be.

With nothing but contempt for the lightweight newbie so audaciously flexing his inferior physique and even before stepping into the ring, Braden reaches through the ropes and snaps on a reverse bearhug. “Who the fuck do you think you are!?” the shocked prettyboy newbie gasps as Braden’s massive arms squeeze the air out of his lungs.

Gus Rowe had no idea of the seriousness of the jeopardy he’s placed his gorgeous ass into the moment he climbed into the BG East ring. He can’t get his feet underneath him before he’s either being scooped up and slammed back down to the mat, or hoisted helplessly into endless variations on breath-stealing, back-breaking bearhugs. An OTK backbreaker sets the rookie up for brutal stomps and vicious trampling. In one crushing embrace, Braden viciously yanks on the rookie’s trunks so hard that it looks doubtful the tormented fabric will remain intact. Thrown to the mat, Gus whimpers in disbelief, “You gave me a wedgie!”

Precisely at the moment that cocky Braden takes his eyes off the ball, however, Gus’ natural athleticism kicks in. The kid snaps the muscle man up in a bearhug of his own, impressively suspending his beefy musclebound opponent high in the air. “You asked for this shit!” the rookie rages. Holding onto his big city dreams by his fingertips, Gus pours every ounce of strength into cracking Braden’s ribs. He plays catch and release, bouncing the dazed veteran off the ropes and then snapping him back up again for more bearhug torture. The mighty muscleman starts to whither as the new kid on the block seizes his chance at glory.

Gus Rowe is swimming with the sharks now, and Braden Charron is one of the hungriest rising stars in the business. Raw ambition and natural athleticism face off against magnificent muscle and seasoned experience. Who do you think forces his opponent to pass out cold in one final breathtaking, beautiful butt-baring bearhug? A sensational debut for Gorgeous Gus Rowe and a welcome return for Braden Charron! Glorious glutes galore!

Austin Cooper vs. Morgan Cruise

The Juggernaut and the Immovable Object

Morgan Cruise has been building his heel cred with increasingly brutal beatdowns of one opponent after another. Since his initiation by fire at the hands of one Lon Dumont, “The Mastodon” hasn’t been shy about his ultimate goal to subdue, dominate and destroy every last competitor at BG East until only he is left standing. Big words, true. But as one opponent after another falls, sometimes even two at a time, the skeptics have to admit that Morgan is looking exactly like the juggernaut he has been telling us he is all along.

Austin Cooper has been on a journey of his own since arriving on the scene a few years ago. Starting as a babyface golden boy, Austin suffered some of the most brutal muscle bashings on record before something shook loose. His moral compass has a short circuit these days, and when it’s out, Austin delivers the most ruthless, bloodthirsty demolitions you’ve ever seen. He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on, and woe be to any opponent who finds Mr. Hyde waiting for him.

“What is this, planet of the apes?” Austin laughs as his hairy, muscled opponent arrives, looking none too friendly. Despite both being beautifully muscled and about the same size, they strike a stunning visual contrast. Golden, smooth, and fair, Austin is dazzlingly pretty in his golden yellow trunks with a big, red star stitched across his bulging crotch. Pale, dark and hairy, Morgan is serious as a heart attack and just about as painful as one. He sports his trademark gold and black classic square cut trunks and matching boots.

The whose-is-bigger posedown shows off both fabulous physiques, but it’s hard to argue with Austin when he points out that he’s simply bigger and better defined. “Are you even flexing?” he taunts his unamused opponent. Morgan’s sneak up from behind blow to the back kicks the pose down into a full throttle, high impact muscle pounding.

If Morgan intended his opening ambush to tilt momentum his way, he’s bitterly disappointed when Austin handily turns the tables. Body slammed and whipped into a corner, the Mastodon gets the air knocked out of him almost immediately out of the gate.

Austin’s kneeling surfboard stretches out Morgan’s massive pecs, and flex and grunt as he might, the hairy hunk just can’t muscle out of this tight spot. Austin possesses the calm knowing of a patient tutor, forcing his frustrated opponent to watch himself in the mirror get outmuscled over and over. A spinning full nelson makes Morgan nearly lose his lunch and entirely give away the first, humiliating submission as Austin struts and smirks.

Both raging musclemen are much more accustomed to one-sided mismatches, which makes this closely fought back-and-forth battle uncharted territory for them. They trade skull crushing headscissors and neck wrenching full nelsons. Quickly soaked in sweat, both hard bodies get slammed and squeezed from every angle.

It takes no fewer than 4 over-the-knee backbreakers and a back breaking sharpshooter leglock before Morgan finally manages to wring an equalizer submission out of his tenacious opponent. But even then, the momentum tips back and forth as both boys’ best shock-and-awe offenses fall short of putting either one of them out for good.

Suspensfully teetering back and forth, one of these brutal battlers slowly manages to build a head of steam. Body slams and backbreakers start piling up all over just one of the fantastic physiques, until he’s completely at the mercy of lucious, long held, languishing bearhugs. Two super-sized egos, amazing bodies, and expert-level ring experience boil down to only one hard hunk left standing. A spectacular match!

The Pedigree and the Street Punk

Ethan Axel Andrews has been chewing up and spitting out wrestlers one after another lately. From his days competing in high school to his extensive underground wrestling resume, he is one of the most experienced mat wrestlers on the scene. Being that well-seasoned while as young and healthy as Ethan is has made him doubly dangerous. And with each opponent he leaves broken and battered, his ego has swelled remarkably. As if he needed to be more of a threat, he has recently been training for mixed martial arts competitions. When he arrives on the mat to face his next BG East opponent, you cannot miss how convinced he is of his inevitable victory.

Next up to face Ethan and his rapidly expanding ego is handsome young hunk Jayden Mayne. It was Jayden’s idea to take Ethan on, having challenged the notorious egomaniac in an online trade of taunts and trash talk. Just a couple years Ethan’s junior, in many ways, Jayden is the opposite of the notorious industry workhorse. He showed up on our doorstep with no formal wrestling training. What he knows about grappling, he learned on the streets, first getting his sensational ass beat down, and then eventually doing the beating. He has had mixed success at BG East, but sheer grit and an ignorance (or disregard) for the rules of fair play and decency have enabled Jayden to shock much bigger and better experienced opponents in the past. And like Ethan, he has youth and health on his side, along with a considerable army of fans of his Hollywood handsome face and classically beautiful body.

In baggy MMA trunks, Ethan is characteristically dismissive of Jayden when he arrives in the mat room. “You can just go your merry way and avoid all the humiliation,” Ethan generously offers. “Probably not,” Jayden growls back, stone-faced. “I think I’ll stay.” Seconds later, Ethan violently throws his handsome opponent to the mat and mounts him commandingly. “This is too easy,” Ethan smirks.

Ethan has been mastering the advanced art of chain wrestling, and he expertly sequences multiple incapacitating holds, one after the other, locking Jayden up. Before Jayden can start to counter being trapped in his opponent’s bodyscissors, Ethan seamlessly slides into a vicious grapevine, brutally ripping Jayden’s legs apart. Again, just as Jayden starts to position himself for an escape, Ethan rolls him into an astonishingly tight spladle, cranking on the kid’s neck and folding his spine at a sickening angle. “Ever try sucking your own dick?” Ethan asks, folding Jayden up so tightly he nearly can.

It’s Ethan who is first to rip his opponent’s baggy trunks off. Jayden’s crowd pleasing ass is packed beautifully in tight orange trunks. Ethan luxuriates with that leading man face trapped so intimately in his figure-4 headscissors. “Again, my balls in your face,” Ethan laughs as his outclassed opponent submits in humiliation once again. “You really suck.”

Jayden sucks down punishment like a sponge, but if you think he’s going to roll over and take it from Ethan, get ready to be surprised. Ethan certainly is, when the wiry young scrapper abruptly muscles the upperclassmen into a vulnerable position. Savoring the schoolyard bully’s sudden exposure, Jayden slides into a spladle, ripping Ethan’s flexible legs open wide. Taken completely by surprise, Ethan writhes in frustration and pain. Jayden milks the moment, squeezing out every ounce of shocked suffering until, pinned and pried apart, Ethan gives with astonishment in his voice.

Win-loss records don’t wrestle each other. Wrestlers do. So whatever Ethan may have thought about his manifest destiny to outshine street fighter Jayden, taunts and a pedigree aren’t what get the job done on the mats. Both ripped, lean bucks get peeled to tiny thongs that highlight Ethan’s legendary bulge and Jayden’s luscious ass. Face sitting, spanking, and ball abuse send this match spiraling totally out of control. Fantastically beautiful brutality takes this classic battle of skill and street smarts to a decisive conclusion. Sit back and enjoy as these two go very dark, digging deeper into their stores of endurance and means of torture than either had expected.

Skrapper vs Jake Ryder

“Who Just Kicked Your Ass?”

Jake Ryder strikes such a chord with BG East fans because he gets it. Rough, rowdy, high stakes wrestling turns him on like nothing else. It’s as if he slathers his smoothly muscled body in pheromones and chocolate before every match. He seductively weaves physical aggression and sexual domination into a spell that leaves opponents licking their lips in anticipation of the pain and pleasure Jake commands. He is also notoriously selective about his opponents. You can be guaranteed that there will be erotic chemistry, because Jake will only wrestle a hunk with a certain something that makes him a worthy conquest.

Jake set his sights on Skrapper months ago, calling him out online and promising to “own his ass” if they ever meet on the mats. But it’s a rare breed that has what it takes to own any inch of Skrapper. He wrestles like a pit bull, and he’s made men twice his size cry. And that’s what turns Skrapper on. The feel of a muscled grappler wincing, writhing, and wailing at the unspoken command of Skrapper’s ferocious offense. He is a sadist in the truest sense of the word. He takes deep, erotic pleasure in dishing out agony. And he’s very, very good at it.

“You decided to show up,” Skrapper smirks when he finds Jake in the mat room. “Been dodging me for months. Afraid I’m going to kick your ass?” Jake’s bronze skin bulges beautifully beneath his blue singlet. Skrapper leaves almost nothing to the imagination in a white mesh singlet sucking tightly to his lean frame.

The wrestling is raw and untidy to start. They shove and slap like schoolboys riling each other up. Abruptly, Skrapper knocks Jake off balance and sends him dropping hard to his back. “You are a little bitch, aren’t you?” Skrapper asks as he mounts him. Jake wraps his fingers around Skrapper’s sac and claws hard, but those balls are made out of steel. Skrapper sucks down the pain with barely a wince. Several quick rabbit punches to Jake’s kidneys make the erotic warrior twitch and writhe in agony.

These two laser focused grapplers are well matched in temperament and skill. Jake scores the first surprise tap out with figure-4 headscissors, smothering Skrapper’s face suggestively against his hot ass. Moments later, Skrapper’s spine wrenching camel clutch wrings a reluctant submission from Jake.

Singlets get ripped off and used to choke and smother. The punishment is harsh and unrelenting. An armlock submission is followed instantly with hair pulling and gut punching. A bare, jock-strapped ass sits atop one wrestler’s trapped face as his opponent threatens to rip his pecs off the bone. Skrapper forces Jake to kiss his bicep. Jake scores sweet retribution by making Skrapper kiss the sweat-stained mat.

The sliver of advantage that finally makes the difference in the battle of these two fiercely competitive erotic wrestlers is conditioning. Soaked in sweat, they both hit the wall, but only one of them has reserves in his tank to bounce back. Battling exhaustion while wrestling either of these two raging studs is a dangerous proposition, and the submissions and new ways of doling out humiliation start to pile up over one gasping stud’s quivering body. Before they have settled this score, one pumped hunk is posing in victory while his vanquished opponent hides his face in shame. “Who just kicked your ass, dude!?”

Favorite Bares It All in Defeat

Perhaps it should come as little surprise that smolderingly sexy Marco Carlow takes a while for us to convince him to return to BG East action. The devastatingly handsome, classically proportioned competitive bodybuilder, was manhandled mercilessly. Guys as pretty and stacked as Marco often bring out the worst in opponents, and Marco has been rode hard and put away wet both times he has dared to step on the mats.

But we showed Marco your fan mail. Even though his answer to our offers for another match have been consistently “Fuck, no!” he found it harder to turn his back on BG East fans who absolutely worship his leading man good looks, that manicured 5 o’clock shadow, and especially the truly gorgeous balance and proportions of his phenomenal competition physique. You begged to see more of absolutely every inch of this muscled beauty, and with the bruises and humiliations of his past outings now mere fading memories, he agreed to give the mats another shot, not for the money, certainly not because he loves the sport of wrestling, but entirely and solely because BG East fans want it, and him, so damn bad!

Fans aren’t the only ones who have developed a craving for more of Marco Carlow, either. Wrestlers have been pitching to be next to get their hands on his perfect pecs and muscled glutes. And the Boss seems to have an unusually tough time denying Kid Karisma when he turns up the charm and makes a play for the next hottest meat on the menu.

When Kid Karisma arrives to find Marco practicing his posing routine for his upcoming bodybuilding competition, the ridiculously ripped red-head cannot help but begin to compare his own sculpted muscles with that of the fan favorite. Marco offers light praise for Kid Karisma’s fitness, but gives poor marks for the notorious heel’s posing technique. “Oh, you’re too cute,” Kid Karisma smirks, a fraction of a second before locking the handsome hunk up and quickly putting him on his back.

Kid Karisma is almost never anything shy of laser focused and fierce on the mats, but there is an extra layer of passion in his wrestling as he slips and slides all over Marco’s magnificent muscles. The bodybuilder is far too slow to defend himself against the swarming offense of one of our most notorious heels. Karisma controls his back at will, ominously slipping on sleeper holds but then catch-and-releasing the outshustled hunk just for the sport of it. He forces Marco to strum his fingers across Karisma’s crystal cut abdominals. He slaps on a sleeper and demands that the bodybuilder flex those beefy biceps in order to win release. With increasing frequency and enthusiasm, Karisma slaps Marco’s gorgeous ass over and over until it is entirely obvious what has made this match such a labor of lust for our number one freckled badboy.

Carb depleted and outhustled at every turn, Marco slowly turns to putty in the hands of his new dark master. He’s forced to flex, then required to worship his opponent’s Adonis physique. Karisma racks the bashed bodybuilder across his shoulders and does squats. Finally, Kid Karisma delivers with fans have been begging for, peeling Marco out of his undagear and forcing the loser hunk to watch as his dark master displays the top quality physique that just destroyed him. As Kid Karisma walks away, you might expect this muscle feast to be concluded. But you’d be wrong, because, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly, Marco Carlow reads his fan mail. And he’s devoted to giving you what you want.

Flash LaCash vs Biff Farrell

Flash LaCash Helps Himself Out to a Heaping Helping of Biff

After his star-spangled buttocks made its debut in Lon Dumont’s Wrestler Spotlight, Biff Farrell has been the center of attention for a lot of BG East wrestlers and fans. You don’t get more “all-American” than this youngster with his easy Colgate smile and high and tight haircut, and now any heel worth his salt wants to get his hands on him. “This is gonna be fun,” quips smiling Flash LaCash as he climbs into the ring after Biff refuses to open the ropes for him. Flash is, as his moniker implies, ready to beat up anybody for the right number of zeroes on a paycheck, but we suspect he would have squared off against Biff for free, such is the handsome patriot’s apple-pie appeal, a face and body practically pleading to be stretched out on ring ropes and ridden hard like a bronco. And that goes double after the snub.

Nicknaming the new kid “Big Poppa Pump” (after pro-wrestling legend Scott Steiner), Flash coaxes him into showing off his humongous arms, which are built to “knock out punks like you,” Biff boasts ill-advisedly. Flash is unfazed by the butch talk: “I was gonna shake your hand but I already fuckin’ don’t like you, so …” The heel’s toothy smile widens from ear to ear. “… You wanna wrestle? I’ll wrestle ya.” Arms outstretched as if preparing for a collar-and-elbow lockup, Flash calls the new meat in, only to kick him in the midsection. In just one second, he has the rookie in a full nelson. But Biff’s massive guns are not only for show. He muscles out of the hold, ramming his elbow back into Flash’s ribs, a blow that’s certain to leave a dent. A body slam tests LaCash’s bounceability. Unsurprisingly, the tough-as-leather vet is back up in, well, a “flash,” only to be served up and slammed again. The followup is a chest-to-chest bearhug, another chance for Biff to show off his arms. But Flash slugs his way loose.

From this point on, Flash sees Biff as his own personal lifesize Stretch Armstrong toy. He backs him to the corner ropes for some grade-A pro-style pummeling. He pauses now and then to catch his breath, pressing his butt to the kid to hold him in place. Biff only makes matters worse for himself by trying to punch his way out of his preordained ass-beating. Resistance pisses LaCash off, and the man knows how to handle a defiant rookie, even one as big and brawny as Farrell. As capable at tying an opponent in knots on the mat as clubbing him against the turnbuckle, Flash puts Biff through the proverbial wringer. A deftly executed cross armbar displays the full glory of the recruit’s writhing, agonized physique for the camera (and not for the last time). “You wait till I get up!” Biff threatens. “Yeah,” Flash smirks, “I’m waiting.” Biff tries to protect himself by covering up, but Flash opens him up like a sticky centerfold, making sure the safety of the ring ropes is just an inch out of reach.

Next LaCash goes to work on Farrell’s legs, crimping Biff’s hairy monster calves and thighs in a figure-four leglock, throwing in some crunches to toughen the abs while the all-American boy flails. Biff attempts the classic reversal of this hold only to get stomped facedown on the mat by the apparently indomitable Flash. Flash is “The Man,” and hunky, hump-worthy Biff might as well be in diapers. A little later, against the turnbuckle, when Biff interrupts Flash’s steel-claw hold with a side headlock, the agile heel slips free and bitch-slaps the kid for his repeated impertinence. When the babyface tries again, Flash hauls him up in the air and smashes him to the mat. Biff puts up a good fight, but every little fire he starts Flash douses with twice the energy and ten times the ring savvy. Pretty soon, Biff is wishing he had opened those ropes for Flash to start with. The action is steady and satisfying every second of the way. A sweaty knockout stomp wraps it all up tight and tidy in this sophomore entry in the Rookie Wreckers series.

Adam Atom vs Austin Cooper

Awesome Austin initiates Adam to BGEast Style

Austin Cooper has come a long way since his BG East debut where he literally wiped the floor with mat specialist Jake Jenkins. The former competitive amateur wrestler heard the siren song of the professional wrestling ring, and his passion for picking up pro wrestling skills has left his mat skills a little rusty. But the wrestling ring has enabled Austin to get in touch with a darker and more vicious side than he ever knew existed underneath those lusciously bulging pecs and ripped 8-pack abs. “Dr. Cooper” has emerged as one of our most terrifying and devastating ring heels, leaving a trail of blood, sweat and tears wrung mercilessly from the battered and broken bodies of his opponents.

Adam Atom came knocking on our door determined to parlay his successful college wrestling career and thickly muscled, tightly-packed body into total domination of the BG East mats. His tree trunk thighs and meaty bubble butt beautifully stretch the seams of his blue and grey singlet as he warms up in anticipation of his first match. When Austin shows up squeezed seductively into his old yellow singlet, a little tighter now that he’s put on more muscle mass, egos instantly clash. Austin quickly explains to the rookie that he’s about to get his beautiful bubble butt beat down by the best. “I prefer to do it in a real ring, where it’s truly a bad ass place to be,” Austin points out. But he is willing to take this trip down memory lane and put the rookie in his place on the mats.

Both hunks are heavily muscled and powerfully built. Adam is lightning-fast, throwing his cocky opponent to the mat and riding him with authority. The rookie swarms all over him, repeatedly hoisting Austin into the air and suplexing him back down hard. He manipulates the golden veteran with a hammerlock, rolling him to his shoulders and pinning him like child’s play.

“You got lucky! I wasn’t warmed up,” Austin complains. He attacks from behind without warning, scoring a clean take down. But once down, the rookie is just too solid, too balanced. Austin can’t budge him an inch. Suddenly, Adam counters, ripping the veteran open wide in an agonizing spladle, making the veteran wail in submission.

Austin is out maneuvered and outmuscled at every turn. Adam puts him on his back at will, and every pin fall stokes deeper and deeper rage within Dr. Cooper. “See, I can do anything I want with you!” the cocky rookie crows. “I’m unstoppable here. I’ll be an unstoppable pro!” Next, Adam insists on brutalizing Austin’s battered ego where it will hurt the most, in the ring.

As they climb into the ring, now in bulge-hugging beautiful pro trunks, Austin is looking supremely confident for someone who just had his ass handed to him moments ago. “I promise you, this is my world!” Before the rookie realizes what’s happened, Austin throws him into a corner and pounds Adam’s muscled gut mercilessly. A snap mare to the center of the ring has the rookie seeing stars. Scooped up effortlessly in Austin’s powerful arms, the rookie learns the hard way what an over-the-knee backbreaker feels like in a real, bad ass pro wrestling ring. Grinding his elbow viciously into the rookie’s exposed gut, Austin explains, “In my world, I break backs!”

Adam is a very quick study, though. At precisely the moment that Austin takes a breather, the rookie hoists him over one shoulder in a fireman’s carry before slamming the veteran hard to the mat. With a surprisingly expert camel clutch, the rookie threatens to rip Austin’s pretty head right off his neck. “I could get used to this pro thing!” he smirks.

Is this the end of the reign of terror of Dr. Cooper? Is Adam Atom the muscle rookie who can defeat one of BG East’s most terrifying heels not only on the mat but in the pro wrestling ring as well?! Sweat-soaked muscles and ferocious egos vie for domination. One shocked muscle man is beaten so bad that he’s forced to count himself out in the ultimate pro humiliation, a moment before being dragon sleepered out cold. Muscle rookie or muscle heel? Only one hot hunk is left standing, flexing, the undisputed victor.

A Lack of Diplomacy

Darius has been patiently waiting for his fortunes to take a turn for the better at BG East. He has all of the raw material to devastate an opponent. His flawless physique is as potently powerful as it is aesthetically awesome. He has been wrestling for years, determined to pay his dues and learn the ropes on the way to building honestly earned success in the ring. His dues have been high, higher than most, in fact. His bulging pecs and phenomenal ass have inspired opponents to subject him to some of the most vile and debasing defeats on record. But as Darius will be the first to tell you, he has learned something valuable with each and every brutal humiliation.

Given the opportunity to break in an ambitious new rookie, Darius is convinced that the time has come for him to pass along a few of those hard earned ring lessons. He finds his opponent, Christophe France, in boxing trunks and gloves, shadow boxing in the ring. The French hunk appears carved out of solid stone, with huge square shoulders and bulging biceps already working up a pump as he jabs the air.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” Darius asks with contempt. “You know we’re supposed to be wrestling here, right? We’re not boxing or square dancing.” The chiseled rookie is cold as ice as he ignores the seasoned veteran attempting to give him a dressing down.

Ignoring Darius is a total rookie mistake. The black hunk angrily rips off one of Christophe’s gloves, punches him in the gut, and drops him to the mat with authority. Darius’ massive thighs lock down like a vice around the rookie’s head, making the French hunk squirm across the mat. He is helpless to prevent the veteran from quickly ripping his boxing trunks off, leaving the rookie looking sensational in tight red trunks. “Little different than boxing, isn’t it?” Darius crows as he twists the muscled rookie into a mouthwatering pretzel. “Come on,” he taunts, “box yourself out of this!”

Although this is Christophe’s first visit to the US, it is clearly not his first experience in a pro wrestling ring. An elbow to the gut permits the rookie to escape. Back on their feet, he pounds Darius with gut punches that rock the veteran into a corner. Using his muscle hunk opponent like a punching bag, big Christophe works up a head of steam raining blows into Darius magnificent muscles. While English isn’t his first language, he manages to communicate quite effectively. “What you think of this?” he asks, shoving his huge, flexed bicep in Darius’ slack face. “You like?”

Darius most definitely does not like getting schooled by a rookie. His savage jab at the French hunk’s pendulous package stops Christophe in his tracks. Significantly more closely matched than either of them expected, they grow more and more vicious. They forcibly strip one another to the barest of butt baring thongs. With monster packages shoved in each other’s faces, the desire to dominate makes the rookie’s pouch swell and leak with obvious excitement. Ball busting, cocky schoolboy pins, and battered bodies bounced from corner to corner set up a sizzlingly hot sleeper climax, with one stunned muscle man flexing and preening, sitting proudly on top of the handsome face of his vanquished foe. International diplomacy has never been sexier, more savage, or more decisive!