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Ethan Andrews vs Rex Bedford

This match features an emerging MMA fighter, Rex Bedford, going up against an experienced ring wrestler, Ethan Andrews, who is known to thoroughly enjoy beating up on the muscle boys. And Rex is one special muscle boy. He’s both an experienced amateur wrestler and is climbing the ladder in MMA. He’s built a jaw dropping physique with impressive arms, chest, and legs, all topped off by an amazing 8-pack of shredded abs. Rex is another guy who was standing in-line to join the roster. He knows to become the best, he’s got to beat the best. And he’s taking on one of the best and the baddest.

Ethan has made a living chewing up and spitting out some of the most famous fitness models in the business. He’s owned the muscles of Zack Johnathan, Tyler Reeves, Jake Jenkins, Josh Steel, Brodie Fisher, and Bruce Ballard, so I don’t think he has any doubts he’ll own newbie Rex’s glorious muscles at the end of this match. This match starts with Rex getting his mojo on with some work on the heavy bag. Ethan comes around the corner in new black silver studded trunks, black boots, and a new haircut, looking like daddy dominator. He’s salivating at the thought of working over Rex’s muscled bod. The bad boy climbs through the ropes, notices Rex on the other side, and immediately starts with the trash talking. He tells Rex ‘I don’t know if you noticed but the sign on the front door says wrestling’ and Rex replies, ‘that’s why I’m here’. The MMA fighter enters the ring, takes off his gloves and round one begins.

Ethan Andrews vs Rex Bedford

Round 1

The two tie up in the center of the ring and the bad boy scores first by forcing Rex back into the turnbuckle and quickly attacks his prized abs. Ethan then snap mares him out of the corner, but doesn’t stop there, he gives Rex a quick tour of the ring with two more snap mares. He then settles Rex in to a nice chin lock, placing his knee into the newbie’s spine and yanking back on his chin. The bad boy transitions to a head lock, then applies a tight leg scissors around Rex’s abs. Ethan doesn’t stop there, he brings him to his feet with a reverse choke, drives him into the corner and connects with a left jab to the abs. The bad boy’s put the rookie through 7 or 8 different holds and Rex has barely had a chance to take a breath.

Ethan continues the beating, whipping him into the opposite corner, scoring with a big splash, then as Rex is slumped in the corner he drives his size 11 black boot down his throat. Poor Rex doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. The only one who’s used an MMA move so far in this match is Ethan! The bad boy continues to bash away at the muscle boy’s abs at every turn. He whips Rex into a clothesline then berates the rookie as he grovels on the mat. Ethan then scissors one arm, controls the other arm with an armbar which places Rex’s abs wide open for a beating as he stares helplessly up at the ceiling. He tries every way possible to escape but this is one of Ethan’s signature holds and there’s no way of getting out until the bad boy decides to release the hold.

Ethan begins delivering the ab punishment, connecting with a series of hard fists into his perfect 8-pack, then amps up the pain by driving his fingers deep into Rex’s abs with a painful claw hold. The bad boy also makes his best effort to rip Rex’s ripped abs right out of his body. Perhaps as a trophy? But when Ethan makes a slight miscalculation Rex is ready to bounce. He catches the street punk in a MMA arm bar that arches his lean muscled body and highlights Ethan’s prized package as its arched pointed to the ceiling. Rex starts going to town on the dominator’s daddy new hot bod and hairstyle. He dishes out some pain of his own with his high skilled MMA moves, and even retaliates with some ab bashing of his own on the street punk.

If you’ve been following Ethan’s career, you know he’s been in this position many times and has manage to turn the tide. He does is again in this round. First he makes Rex suffer in a figure four leg lock, the uses a figure four head choke to finish the muscled MMA fighter off in round one. Ethan watches Rex twitch before he’s knocked out by the hold. Daddy dominator scores victory in round one, places his boot on Rex’s sweaty bod and flexes his own bulging biceps.

Ethan Andrews vs Rex Bedford

Round 2

Ethan takes the offense in round two, toying with the muscle boy and putting Rex’s sweaty muscled body on display for all to enjoy, though the bad boy seems to be enjoying it the most. The new studio holds the heat and the sweat builds up quick. However, it’s not all Ethan in this round like it was in the previous round. Rex makes a comeback with his cage skills, and has the tall street punk stretched out over his knee in a backbreaker that could set up his own knock out finish to end round two. Who’s the daddy now?!

Does Rex get his payback and tie this hot, hot match up at one round apiece? Or will Ethan take back his daddy dominator role and end the knockout games in two straight knock outs? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Austin Cooper vs Jax Brewer

Round 1

This match-up is the inaugural match in the new top notch facility, and it promises to kick off a new exciting era. Who better to initiate the action than the reigning King of the Ring, Austin Cooper? On the other side of the ring is a wet behind the ears rookie, who claims to be the future champ, Jax Brewer. Jax has a spectacular body, sexy furry chest, and a smile that belongs on a billboard. He begged for the opportunity to wrestle in this match, and we thought our customers deserved a special treat for this historic event.

Jax is so eager he enters the studio all set to go; he’s in a black hoodie, lightning bolt trunks and white boots. He bursts through the door seeking out his opponent. He turns the corner, states he’s here to wrestle somebody and that somebody’s ordered an ass-kicking. Strong words for a guy who has yet to wrestle a single match! He notices an ‘iron pumper’ across the ring and calls out to him. The ‘iron pumper’ turns out to be Austin who barely takes notice of the newbie. They trade some barbs, compare their massive quads, until Austin tells him ‘you get into the ring if you want to die today’. The two brawny boys climb through the ropes to get it on!

Of course, Coop scores first with a duck under takedown and asks the golden boy ‘you want to leave?’, and Jax replies ‘no, someone ordered and ass-kicking and I’m here to deliver it’. Coop isn’t buying it and he begins working over Jax’s college boy muscles. He attacks Jax’s thighs before stretching out his back and chest in an excruciating camel clutch. Austin continues to dominate Jax, almost toying with the rookie, tossing him around, placing him in painful holds, and attacking his perfect furry torso. The rookie doesn’t help his situation by calling Coop a fat pussy. The reigning King of the Ring wonders if this kid even knows who he’s wrestling and doesn’t take to kindly to those words, so he continues beating the newbie around the ring. He tortures Jax’s body in a boston crab, chokes him over the rope, bashes his abs in the corner, then stretches him out in a surfboard.

All the while, Jax doesn’t stop with his trash talking, even though he hasn’t been able to mount any type of offense. But that soon changes, while Austin is pulling the golden boy to his feet, Jax scores with a burst of energy and scoops Coop up into the air with a double leg. He walks Coop around the ring before dropping the red head to the mat, straddles him and connects with several heavy forearm shivers to his chest. He then wraps his giant quads around Coop’s body and scissors and squeezes while he shoves his head into the mat. Seems Jax does know some moves, and with his attitude and brawn, is able to back up his smack. Jax continues to get some good shots in on the experienced tactician, even bashing away at his abs as he’s backed against the ropes.

But this only makes Coop angry and he turns the tables on the rookie. He yanks, pulls, and stretches Jax’s gorgeous muscles with an ab stretch in an attempt at a submission, but Jax doesn’t cooperate. So, Coop makes the golden boy’s abs red as he’s strung up in the corner, then hoists him up over his shoulder. Austin has the rookie right where he wants, and he forces a submission out of him to end round one. Coop celebrates, flexing his beefy muscles over the fallen rookie.

Austin Cooper vs Jax Brewer

Round 2

This new studio holds the heat, and as round two begins the sweat starts to glisten off both of these hard bodies. Jax is still trying to shake of the soreness from round one as Austin plays the oldest trick in the book on the novice. This results in Coop’s size 11 boot in Jax’s perfect 8-pack abs before he locks on a double leg boston crab. Coop continues to attack the golden boy’s thick back and muscular legs. He lifts him into a reverse bear hug, slams his head into the corner ring post, then gouges his eyes as he cranks back on his neck.

Austin has controlled all the action so far, and goes for a second straight submission with a wishbone on Jax’s legs that threaten to rip his crotch apart. But, the rookie still won’t submit and survives the distress. Coop torments him as he lay on the mat, saying you’ll never be the champ, but this seems to inspire the rookie. He reverses the action, takes the tactician to the mat and then flips him over, leans back on his butt and applies immense pressure on Coop’s lower back. He taunts the red head asking ‘who’s your daddy now?’, and proclaiming ‘I’m the champ’ as he ratchets up the pain.

Jax lifts him to his feet, whips him across the ring, then floors him with a clothesline. Coop is stunned and the golden boy seizes the moment to go for a pin count. Can the golden boy, and self-proclaimed future champ, wrap up a victory in round two and possibly score one of the biggest upsets in RHW history in this historic match? Or, will Austin turn the tables and tarnish the golden boy’s image with a second submission? Can this be the start of a new era with a rookie uprising, or will the veterans hold onto their top spots? Stay tuned for all the hot, sweaty, and sexy new action in the months to come, this is Rock Hard 2.0!

Logan Vaughn vs Trey Dixon

Wrestling, Muscle Worship, and Self-Discovery

After Logan Vaughn’s debut match, the adult entertainment superstar was asking if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that had just hit him. We’ve seen few ring initiations as brutal as the one Logan suffered at the hands, and feet, and legs, and pecs of pro heel Lane Hartley. But the real surprise was that, once he regained consciousness, deep down, Logan loved it. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm for the homoeroticism of starring in a hot, sweaty, brutal wrestling match.

There may be no one putting as much explicit homoeroticism into wrestling today than Trey Dixon. He has been stoking the lustful desires of opponents and fans alike with an intensely aggressive style and undisguised pleasure in delivering and receiving corporal punishment. You don’t have to read between the lines when it comes to what motivates Trey to climb back in the ring again and again. Nothing turns him on harder, and no one could be a better match to continue Logan’s introduction to the erotic depths of BG East wrestling.

Logan is a pro wrestling hunk vision in metallic green trunks and platinum hair. His bare feet and gargantuan, hairy quads are reminiscent of classic babyface pro wrestling heroes of the 80’s. In orange trunks and knee pads, Trey’s conditioning is superhuman, as always. “I’m wondering what you have?” the veteran snarls in his sexy, Southern drawl. Logan just points to his fabulous, flexed monster quads and promises to show Trey exactly what he has.

The opening flurry is all muscle and power. With a shove to the chest, Logan literally picks Trey up off his feet and catapults him into a corner. The veteran dives for a single leg takedown, but he can’t even budge the tree trunks Logan has so firmly planted in the middle of the ring. The blond muscle hunk rookie literally laughs in his face before rolling to his back and snapping his huge thighs around Trey’s midsection.

The trapped veteran screams in agony as Logan leans back and confidently, even leisurely rests his hands behind his head to watch with growing pleasure the crushing destruction his phenomenal legs deliver. Trey sucks on the pain, his face etched in agony as he slowly clenches a fist to beat his captor’s gut. “Put that fist back down, boy!” Logan commands, flexing his quads harder and milking excruciating obedience out of the veteran.

Logan was clearly taking notes when he was getting schooled by Lane Hartley and he’s only too happy to demonstrate what he learned on the lighter Trey. Trampling, chokes, sensationally sexy headscissors and tenderizing gut punches rain down all over a shocked and shaken Trey Dixon. A sensationally sexy reverse bearhug sucks the air out of the veteran’s lungs. But again and again, resist as Trey might, he keeps getting one body part after another trapped viciously between Logan’s mammoth thighs.

The rookie is shining like a rising star, and it’s not just the glistening sweat coating his beautiful body. He’s into this moment with a passion, and when his battered and bruised opponent tentatively, breathlessly reaches up to feel the power in his headliner legs, Logan gives him precise and detailed instructions on the proper way to worship his phenomenal physique. Like the right key turning the tumblers of a stubborn lock, Trey opens up into a slack jawed worshiper attending to every muscle, every bulge, with his lips and tongue.

And just when Trey is entirely under the muscle rookie’s hypnotic spell, Logan snaps his monster quads around the worshipful veteran’s head and starts the will-bending corporal punishment all over again. Domination and worship, agony and ecstasy, work-overs in the corners and on the ropes, head scissors galore – this match is a perfect blend of passions, cravings, and temperaments to speak directly to what turns you on most about wrestling!

Rio Garza vs Mitch Colby

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Poor Rio Garza, he just gets no respect. The stunningly handsome underwear model and champion physique competitor has come a long way since getting consistently steam rolled earlier in his BG East wrestling career. Never discouraged, always keen to learn, with a hunger for that precious wrestling victory dangling just out his reach, Rio is a serious competitor and an honest threat to just about anyone he faces these days, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the sweet combination of enmity and desire he awakens in his opponents. He definitely arouses both the best and the worst in his BG foes!

Truth be told, he has put a serious hurt on some of our toughest wrestlers lately, and even when dirty tricks have snatched victory out from underneath him at the last minute, he has proven repeatedly that he can be a legitimate contender. But he’s so damn pretty! It’s at least part of the reason so many guys enjoy putting the hurt on him! Always discounted as nothing more than a pretty underwear model, Rio is out for some long overdue respect.

“Little model boy,” Mitch Colby sneers at Rio, “you think you’re tough?” Mitch isn’t about to hand Rio an ounce of unearned respect when they square off in the ring. Bigger, harder, and with significantly more wrestling success than any sizzling hot Latino underwear model, Mitch is a wrestler no one dares to underestimate. And he collects pretty little opponents like trophies, taming them in the ring and claiming them afterward for his private pleasure. Stakes may have never been higher for sizzling hot sex object Rio.

The action is intensely intimate from the start. With a controlling hand at the back of Rio’s head, Mitch puts the physique star down to the mat like a stubborn pup. Out muscled and out maneuvered, Rio writhes desperately to dig himself out of the hole he’s already in. Mitch is in rare form, chaining together punishing holds with calm confidence. A leg lock slides smoothly into breath stealing bodyscissors. Mitch digs his knees deep into his opponent’s magnificently muscled core, as the pretty boy flexes and strains to free himself.

Armbars and chin locks stretch Rio’s fabulous physique to the limits. Suddenly a hard won reversal plants big Mitch’s handsome face right against Rio’s bulging pecs in a vicious headlock. Leveraging his agile, athletic body beautifully, he cranks his frustrated opponent’s neck relentlessly, making Mitch’s face flush bright pink. “You fucker,” Mitch’s mutters are muffled with his mouth smashed against Rio’s beefy chest. “You’ll pay for this!”

If anyone thinks this is destined to be a squash, think again. The battle of muscle and technique is surprisingly even, and both wrestlers score submissions back and forth. Mitch ups the ante by not only humiliating Rio in a schoolboy pin, but giving him a taste of what may be to come by shoving the Latino hunk’s face hard into his happy crotch. “You can’t wrestle for shit, but you’ve got the body, I’ll give you that,” Mitch sneers.

It’s time to put up or shut up for Rio Garza. Respect is earned at BG East. If he wants this match to end in any way other than having his face trapped tightly between Mitch’s monster thighs, it’s time for the underwear model to prove he’s a contender. A flurry of pec punches knock the big man on his heels, and suddenly it’s Mitch’s face trapped intimately in Rio’s face-to-crotch figure-4. Whatever Mitch thought he knew about Rio, he (and you) are about to learn something new. And one way or another, someone is going to get dragged from the ring by his hair to exact long overdue satisfaction from the loser in the showers!

Tyrell Tomsen vs Jobe Zander

A New ‘Centerpiece’!?!? A Big BG Ball-Bashing Bonanza

Jobe Zander is decidedly unimpressed (or at least pretends to be) when he finds hot hunk Tyrell Tomsen flexing his magnificent muscles in the ring. “I’ve fought bigger monsters than you for years in this business,” Jobe sneers. “I know how to win the hard way.” Climbing into the ring, Jobe invites his opponent to take a look at “the Centerpiece” of Jobe’s hot body, namely his legendarily mammoth package. “Now THAT’S what you call impressive!” he smirks, swiveling his hips and shaking his bulging behemoth basket.

Fans will recognize this as classic Jobe Zander: Hunky, handsome, irrepressibly brash and bullish with a surfeit of bragadoccio, not to mention that eye-poping bulge. Jobe has been leading with his colossal cock, pouch protruding, in one match after another, to varying degrees of success. As you might imagine, it’s a rather dangerous strategy, calling such obvious attention to one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the male anatomy.

On the one hand, more than a few opponents have clearly been unsettled by the monumental meat charging straight at them. In the intimate, sweaty confines of the BG East wrestling ring, impressive assets like that which Jobe possesses can make a wrestler think twice about what may be heading their way in the event of defeat. But with a bullseye that enormous, and with an enormous ego to match, Jobe’s Centerpiece can become a target that few opponents can avoid abusing, even if they wanted to.

Like Jobe, Tyrell’s track record with BG East has also been rather been inconsistent. He possesses a phenomenal physique, one of the best in the BGE ranks, and he has a mesmerizing intensity in the ring. But with all of that raw muscle and talent, he has been unceremoniously upended many times by his own naïveté. Returning to the ring a little wiser each time, Tyrell is still waiting for that breakout match, that signature victory that signals he’s much more than just a pretty face and a fantastic body.

A shocking slap to Tyrell’s handsome face turns the heat way up in an instant as these two ambitious wrestlers lock horns and get down to the business at hand. Jobe very soon pays for that unsportsmanlike opener. With high impact slams and stomps, Tyrell’s overwhelming power dishes out pounding pain all over Jobe’s lean body.

But we have learned that you should never prematurely count Jobe out. His extensive experience on the pro circuit and his obvious delight in cutting corners keep this match evenly fought, retreating outside the ring to stall Tyrell’s momentum and dropping the muscle hunk to his knees with a vicious punch to the balls. “See, this is what I love about this business,” he taunts. “Guys like you make this easy!”

If Jobe honestly expected it would be easy to beat Tyrell, he’s sorely disappointed. Snapping Jobe up in a sweaty bearhug, the powerhouse muscle hunk threatens to snap him in half. And judging by Jobe’s screams and Tyrell’s spectacularly huge, flexing biceps, it isn’t an idle threat! Sweat is pouring off both bodies as they trade submissions, each one a little more humiliating, each taunting fall winding up both wrestlers’ enormous egos harder.

Already bordering on unhinged, something snaps in Jobe’s delicate psyche when Tyrell announces that not only will he emerge victorious, but he also plans to steal Jobe’s signature moniker and anoint his own prodigious package as the new Centerpiece of BG East! The ensuing ball bashing battle is nothing short of spectacular! Spreadeagled in the corner, Jobe stomps Tyrell’s crotch like a wild man. When Tyrell latches on a savage ball claw of his own, he parades his whimpering prey around the ring in total control.

You may very well be surprised by who walks out of the ring laying claim to the title of BG East’s Resident Centerpiece, but you most definitely will not be disappointed!

Ty Alexander vs Mason Brooks

A work “out” or a work “over”?

Conventional wisdom says that no one can be good at everything. Along those lines, mat wrestling expertise often doesn’t translate smoothly into success in a roped ring. Many of the most dominant men on the mats have turned into spectacular jobbers the moment they climb onto the ring apron. The topography of the pro ring lends itself to a unique set of skills and a distinct mind-set. Mixing genres can be a formula for spectacular failure for many a wrestler. Not every wrestler is capable of making the smooth transition.

So you can understand Ty Alexander’s surprise, and note of eagerness in his voice, to find that waiting for him in the ring is ring-virgin Mason Brooks. “What the hell?” Ty asks. Always the fashion plate, Ty’s red trunks match perfectly his boots and knee pads. “The Boss says you told him you’ve been training and working out,” Mason replies, “and that I should give you a work out in the ring.” Mason looks stunning in metallic gold, lace-up crotch trunks and black boots. “Wait,” he interrupts himself. “Did he say work ‘out,’ or work ‘over?'”

While Mason has been establishing himself as a dangerously sexy force on the BG East mats, Ty has been following up on his “Debut of the Year” award last year by launching a campaign for top jobber. He’s exceedingly proud of how his hot, young body is responding to a new work out regimen. Ty’s scene-stealing bubble butt has been beaten in spectacular fashion time and time again, but as long as he looks good doing it, Ty is never one to shy away from another match. And Ty ALWAYS looks good doing it. Just ask him.

Sensing the tables may have turned in his favor, Ty condescendingly offers to give the ring rookie some pointers. What? Ty himself is barely beyond ring rookie status himself and he’s going to show Mason how it’s done? Ty Alexander has been crushed far more often than he’s been victorious. It’s not that Ty doesn’t try to win. Oh, he tries. He’s no limp dishrag. But very often his big mouth, caustic comments and over-confidence end up being his worst enemy, almost inviting the punishments his opponents are only too happy to provide.

Ty gets right up in Mason’s face and, just like lightning, Mason drops his opponent to the mat, wringing a weeping, agonized submission out of pretty young Ty, courtesy of a vicious crotch ripping spladle. “How am I doing?” Mason smirks. Stretched but seemingly unchastened, Ty tries to reset the clock and get right back in Mason’s face. Ty insists that Mason’s mat wrestling holds just aren’t going to cut it in the high impact world of the pro wrestling ring. Mason suddenly bounces off the ropes and nearly decapitates the notorious jobber with a clothesline. “Well now, I think I’m getting the hang of this,” Mason chuckles.

You get the impression that someone has been coaching quick-study Mason well before Ty showed up. There’s a patient confidence and a sadistic calm about the way he deftly ties Ty up in the ropes and batters the jobber’s pretty body, yanking on those red trunks for added leverage. “What do you think of my chest?” Mason asks, shoving his big, beautiful pecs in his trussed up opponent’s face. “Do you want a chest like mine?” Ty sucks down an ocean of pain, but he submits again. And again. A vice-like figure-4 chokehold makes Ty’s adorable face flush purple. “I don’t skip leg day, can you tell?” Mason taunts the would-be fitness boy.

Mason’s fans will recognize a familiar relentlessness about his attacks. Intense corporal punishment laced with a sexy sadistic sensuality with a heavy helping of smart ass humor at his opponent’s expense are the hot young hunk’s bread and butter.

But there’s something new here, and it’s not just the mystifying wonder of watching a mat expert absolutely own the ring. He’s here to please, even as he reduces whimpering Ty to a pool of sweat and misery. “I told you I have a job to do,” he explains when Ty begs for mercy, pleading for escape. “I want The Boss to know I worked you over real good.” Mason refuses to take his foot off the gas pedal (and Ty’s crotch) until he’s absolutely certain that he’s entirely delivered the spine tingling work out that The Boss, and you, are looking for.

Gold Shaft vs Ray Dalton

Has the cockfight champ met his magnum-sized match?

It is hard to find two wrestlers more proud of their respective cocks than Gold Shaft and Ray Dalton. Both sexual gladiators have good reason to boast. As Gold Shaft demonstrated in the inaugural Cockfight 1, his sensational rod is huge, hard, and a brutal taskmaster. There are precious few cocks that can take a punch like Gold Shaft’s magnificent member and then turn around and bludgeon the competition into a gasping, orgasmic submission.

It’s a rare competitor with the balls to dare to go cock to cock with Gold Shaft. However, Ray Dalton is precisely that rare find. Ray’s ever-ready erection is entirely proportional to his massively muscled body. The more an opponent fights back, the harder and huger Ray grows. Walking into this match, not only does he know exactly how big and brutal Gold Shaft’s cock is. He’s been fasting for days in anticipation of dominating the veteran and feasting on the reigning cockfight champ’s legendary meat.

The sexual tension as they stare each other down is hot enough to start a fire. If somehow you manage to miss the carnal lust emanating from every pore, you won’t be able to overlook their huge cocks swelling eagerly just being so close to each other. Gold Shaft wears his familiar yellow cockfight gear, with an extra-roomy pouch just barely large enough to contain him. Ray’s power tool strains the seams of his camouflage square cuts.

With palpable erotic suspense, they inch closer and closer, barely restraining themselves from being the first to reach out and touch the tantalizing bodies so visibly attracted to one another. The first sexy contact is finally made, appropriately enough cock to cock, and the two cockfighters begin to grind and pummel their crotch monsters furiously.

The cock play abruptly spills over into full contact, no rules mat wrestling as Gold Shaft shoves Ray’s massive pecs, sending the challenger stumbling backward. In response, Ray throttles his own cock in excitement. The more experienced masked wrestler goes on offense, snapping on a headlock and maneuvering the struggling muscle hunk to the mat.

Gold Shaft clearly has the speed and experience to put the muscled rookie’s plans in jeopardy. But with a wink and grin, big Ray seductively slides Gold Shaft between his huge, hairy thighs and starts the meat grinder, crushing the veteran’s body. The typically taciturn masked veteran grunts and gasps in pain, pounding the mat in frustration. With the champion locked down tight, Ray eagerly starts to throttle Gold Shaft’s cock and balls, making the masked man writhe in ecstatic agony. “Yeah, that’s it,” Ray growls hungrily. The more Gold Shaft whimpers, the visibly harder big Ray grows.

You have to wonder if Gold Shaft has bitten off more than he can swallow in Ray Dalton. Mat experience and a magnum-sized reputation are on the champ’s side, but every hard earned reversal finds him right back at the mercy of all that growling muscle. The rookie beast is too strong and too turned on to stymie for long. Their extra-large appendages take the brunt of the pounding, with cock claws and vicious punches brutally testing both contenders. Ray plays speed bag with champ’s dangling pouch.

Gold Shaft drags the muscled rookie up off the mat with nothing but a handle on Ray’s throbbing member. Sweaty schoolboy pins turn both wrestlers soaked bodies into slip and slides. Faces cock slapped, humiliating submissions traded, and the trunks finally come off for a sadistic game of naked sword play. Viciously, seductively, they drive one another closer and closer to the final, decisive loser cums screaming submission. Do we have a new reigning cockfight champion, or did Gold Shaft manage to conquer the raging beast? You’re guaranteed a climactic finish to this full contact cockfight!

Gus Rowe vs Braden Charron

Time to Swim with the Sharks, or, Glorious Glutes Galore!

Back in the small town where he grew up, Gus Rowe was a big fish in a small pond. A 3-sport standout high school athlete, everything he touched turned to gold. There’s a magnetism about a handsome young stud that everyone wants to either be or be with, and Gus had the pick of the girls and guys eager to cozy up to a local legend.

But Gorgeous Gus grew increasingly convinced that he was destined for bigger and better things. With little more than an air invincibility and a suitcase full of trophies of past glories, he arrived in Boston and was promptly spotted by a BG East recruiter. With the promise of a hefty paycheck and a shot at a whole new level of athletic achievement, it didn’t take long before Gus was ready to try out his golden touch in the BG East wrestling ring.

The kid is seriously pale and beautifully fit, squeezed into The Boss’ handpicked super tight pair of teal and orange trunks with zippers on the sides for instant access. White knee pads and boots complete the sensationally sexy ensemble. A whisper of hair between his tight pecs and a sparse young beard hint at the ambitious young man emerging. He’ll never be more ready than right now to step onto the big stage and dazzle the world.

When Braden Charron strolls in, however, he’s decidedly unimpressed. “Is that all you got, man?” he smirks as the new kid flexes on the ring apron. Braden is precisely the sort of world class sports celebrity that Gus aspires to become. He’s all muscle, with an all-over tan dialed up to bronze perfection. When he flexes his magnificently muscled ass, the top of his yellow and wine colored trunks slide down his cheeks tauntingly. He commands respect and slack jawed worship from fans across the globe. He’s exactly who Gus wants to be.

With nothing but contempt for the lightweight newbie so audaciously flexing his inferior physique and even before stepping into the ring, Braden reaches through the ropes and snaps on a reverse bearhug. “Who the fuck do you think you are!?” the shocked prettyboy newbie gasps as Braden’s massive arms squeeze the air out of his lungs.

Gus Rowe had no idea of the seriousness of the jeopardy he’s placed his gorgeous ass into the moment he climbed into the BG East ring. He can’t get his feet underneath him before he’s either being scooped up and slammed back down to the mat, or hoisted helplessly into endless variations on breath-stealing, back-breaking bearhugs. An OTK backbreaker sets the rookie up for brutal stomps and vicious trampling. In one crushing embrace, Braden viciously yanks on the rookie’s trunks so hard that it looks doubtful the tormented fabric will remain intact. Thrown to the mat, Gus whimpers in disbelief, “You gave me a wedgie!”

Precisely at the moment that cocky Braden takes his eyes off the ball, however, Gus’ natural athleticism kicks in. The kid snaps the muscle man up in a bearhug of his own, impressively suspending his beefy musclebound opponent high in the air. “You asked for this shit!” the rookie rages. Holding onto his big city dreams by his fingertips, Gus pours every ounce of strength into cracking Braden’s ribs. He plays catch and release, bouncing the dazed veteran off the ropes and then snapping him back up again for more bearhug torture. The mighty muscleman starts to whither as the new kid on the block seizes his chance at glory.

Gus Rowe is swimming with the sharks now, and Braden Charron is one of the hungriest rising stars in the business. Raw ambition and natural athleticism face off against magnificent muscle and seasoned experience. Who do you think forces his opponent to pass out cold in one final breathtaking, beautiful butt-baring bearhug? A sensational debut for Gorgeous Gus Rowe and a welcome return for Braden Charron! Glorious glutes galore!

Austin Cooper vs. Morgan Cruise

The Juggernaut and the Immovable Object

Morgan Cruise has been building his heel cred with increasingly brutal beatdowns of one opponent after another. Since his initiation by fire at the hands of one Lon Dumont, “The Mastodon” hasn’t been shy about his ultimate goal to subdue, dominate and destroy every last competitor at BG East until only he is left standing. Big words, true. But as one opponent after another falls, sometimes even two at a time, the skeptics have to admit that Morgan is looking exactly like the juggernaut he has been telling us he is all along.

Austin Cooper has been on a journey of his own since arriving on the scene a few years ago. Starting as a babyface golden boy, Austin suffered some of the most brutal muscle bashings on record before something shook loose. His moral compass has a short circuit these days, and when it’s out, Austin delivers the most ruthless, bloodthirsty demolitions you’ve ever seen. He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on, and woe be to any opponent who finds Mr. Hyde waiting for him.

“What is this, planet of the apes?” Austin laughs as his hairy, muscled opponent arrives, looking none too friendly. Despite both being beautifully muscled and about the same size, they strike a stunning visual contrast. Golden, smooth, and fair, Austin is dazzlingly pretty in his golden yellow trunks with a big, red star stitched across his bulging crotch. Pale, dark and hairy, Morgan is serious as a heart attack and just about as painful as one. He sports his trademark gold and black classic square cut trunks and matching boots.

The whose-is-bigger posedown shows off both fabulous physiques, but it’s hard to argue with Austin when he points out that he’s simply bigger and better defined. “Are you even flexing?” he taunts his unamused opponent. Morgan’s sneak up from behind blow to the back kicks the pose down into a full throttle, high impact muscle pounding.

If Morgan intended his opening ambush to tilt momentum his way, he’s bitterly disappointed when Austin handily turns the tables. Body slammed and whipped into a corner, the Mastodon gets the air knocked out of him almost immediately out of the gate.

Austin’s kneeling surfboard stretches out Morgan’s massive pecs, and flex and grunt as he might, the hairy hunk just can’t muscle out of this tight spot. Austin possesses the calm knowing of a patient tutor, forcing his frustrated opponent to watch himself in the mirror get outmuscled over and over. A spinning full nelson makes Morgan nearly lose his lunch and entirely give away the first, humiliating submission as Austin struts and smirks.

Both raging musclemen are much more accustomed to one-sided mismatches, which makes this closely fought back-and-forth battle uncharted territory for them. They trade skull crushing headscissors and neck wrenching full nelsons. Quickly soaked in sweat, both hard bodies get slammed and squeezed from every angle.

It takes no fewer than 4 over-the-knee backbreakers and a back breaking sharpshooter leglock before Morgan finally manages to wring an equalizer submission out of his tenacious opponent. But even then, the momentum tips back and forth as both boys’ best shock-and-awe offenses fall short of putting either one of them out for good.

Suspensfully teetering back and forth, one of these brutal battlers slowly manages to build a head of steam. Body slams and backbreakers start piling up all over just one of the fantastic physiques, until he’s completely at the mercy of lucious, long held, languishing bearhugs. Two super-sized egos, amazing bodies, and expert-level ring experience boil down to only one hard hunk left standing. A spectacular match!

Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker

Round 1

A colossal King of the Ring Match, Austin vs Dash in KOTR 4! What more could you ask for? Two of the headline bodybuilding superstars on the roster today face off in a best of five rounds match with one of them prevailing as King of the Ring. This match was destined to happen, and got accelerated after the brutal bashing Dash & Bruce dished out on Austin two weeks ago. The burly red head thought he was finally getting his shot at Dash, and had the upper hand in round one of that match, that is before Bruce flew into the ring and came to Dash’s rescue.

They proceeded to beat and batter Austin the rest of the way, and in the end he was left unconscious and tied up in the ropes. Once he woke up, he stormed out of the ring and immediately demanded a KOTR match be scheduled with ‘that pussy’ Dash. Everyone at Rock Hard agreed and the match was set. The match opens with both warriors already in the ring; Austin clad in black trunks and black boots and Dash is his red/black trunks and black boots. They look like 2 gunslingers getting ready to shoot it out at the OK Corral. Coop quips ‘what are you doing here?’ with Dash telling him ‘I’m here for King of the Ring’. Then Coop tells him ‘you know you’re going to lose don’t you?’ and Dash arrogantly replies ‘no, I don’t lose’. So it’s on! The two colossal bodybuilders tie up with Austin scoring first with and duck under and driving Dash directly into the turnbuckle, then shoving him face first into the adjoining turnbuckle.

You get a sense right away that Coop is going to be all business in this match. He then puts ‘the chosen one’ in a double leg boston crab, makes him suffer in a stretching surfboard before making Dash strangle himself with his own massive arms wrapped around his throat. Dash is able to endure and then turns the tables on the challenger. He applies his own double leg boston crab in payback on the tactician, then directs his attack on Coop’s bum knee. Dash stomps his black boot precisely onto his knee brace in an effort to intentionally damage Austin’s knee. It seems anything goes in a King of the Ring match! Coop somehow is able to regain his composure and reverses the action by whipping Dash across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, somersaulting into the corner, then flipping the big guy head over heels back into the center of the ring. Austin then controls the action the rest of way in this round and ultimately forces Dash to submit in a painful never seen before submission hold to end the round. Austin proudly flexes his muscles and lays claim to this round. Austin – 1, Dash – 0.

Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker

Round 2

Round two begins with Coop telling Dash he’s a loser, before wrapping his biceps around his waist and hoists him into a front facing bearhug. Coop starts squeezing Dash around his rib cage with immense power in an effort to make him say Austin is King, but Dash won’t do it and is thrown to the mat. After Dash grovels on the mat for a while Austin lifts him by his head and whips him into a clothesline, sending the bodybuilder back down to the mat. He rolls Dash into a leg scissors and continues to work over his rib cage. Dash hangs in and endures the punishment, and when Coop gets a little cocky and takes a moment to flex, Dash seizes the opportunity. He catches Austin in a standing full nelson, thrashes him around the ring then slams his cranium straight into the corner turnbuckle. He proceeds to suplex the tactician out of the corner and slap on a surfboard with Coop face down on the mat. Dash yanks back on Coop’s gigantic arms with his own impressive arms, trying to either force a submission or yank his arms off his body. Coop is able to resist the easy way out and refuses to submit, so Dash needs to resort to other tactics. He stomps the tactician while he’s suffering on the mat, then drops several heavy knees into Austin’s six pack. Coop’s hurting and Dash sees that and goes in for the kill. He rolls Coop over into a tight boston crab, sits his butt down on the small of the red head’s lower back and starts rocking back , applying immense pressure. Coop resists as long as he’s able but Dash won’t let up until he hears him scream out a submission. Dash kneels down and flexes his glorious sweaty muscles in victory, evening this match up at one round a piece. Austin -1, Dash – 1.

This round is crucial, because whoever wins this round will only need to win one of the remaining two rounds to claim King of the Ring! The two lock up and Dash seizes control, shoving the burly red head into the corner and connecting with several forceful shoulder thrusts into Coop’s abs. He continues to toss and torture his opponent around every corner of the ring, including punishing his brawny muscles in the ring ropes. He attacks every part of Austin’s body, including stringing him up in a tree of woe and wallops away at his prized six-pack as he’s dangling upside down in the corner. The reigning King of the Ring completely dominates this round, finishing his challenger off with a Dragon sleeper. This gives Dash the edge in defending his KOTR title. Austin – 1, Dash – 2.

Dash is now oozing with confidence and his muscles are sweat soaked and pumped, so it’s going to be a tall order for Austin to win consecutive rounds against the reigning king. But that’s the mountain he’ll need to climb in order to snatch the KOTR title away from ‘The Chosen One’. Does Dash close this contest out in four rounds and keep his undefeated streak alive and maintain his reign as King of the Ring? Or, will the brawny, red head, experienced tactician reach deep into his bag of holds and snatch victory away from the big bodybuilder to claim his reign as the new King of the Ring? One thing’s for certain, you don’t want to miss out on what happens next!!!