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Bruce Ballard vs Blake Keller

Bruce has caused quite a stir since making his debut match here at Rock Hard. He’s been an instant fan favorite with his movie star face and shredded bodybuilder physique. He was able to notch a victory in his first match against fellow rookie Tyson Matthews, and gave seasoned veteran Austin Cooper all that he could handle in his second match, before succumbing to a horrific finishing hold that Austin needed to pull out of his bag of tricks to thwart off the potential upset.

Bruce is determined to make the Rock Hard ring his own ‘house of Bruce’ as he works his way up through the roster in his climb to the top. In this match, he takes on a tall titian rookie by the name of Blake Keller. Blake is a towering 6’2” and 215 lbs of beef and muscle. He brings an athletic background and is an emerging fitness model, though he has limited wrestling experience. These two guys have bumped into one another on the fitness modeling circuit, and come from the same region of the country, so they do have some history before entering into this challenge today.

Bruce is in ‘beast mode’ for this match, entering the ring in military camouflage shorts and black boots. He pumps up his arms in the corner before slipping off the camo to reveal his signature black and blue square cut trunks, putting on a show for his fans. Across the ring, Blake is clad in burgundy square cuts and white boots which highlight his golden brown tan, not impressed with the bodybuilder’s pre-match antics.

Round one opens with Bruce explaining the parts of the ring to the rookie, saying ‘this is the turnbuckle, this is the ropes, and this is the floor, you’ll be down there a lot’. Bruce muscles the newbie to the mat and stomps him on the back, proclaiming ‘what I say, the bigger they are the harder they fall’.

Bruce lifts the tall titan to his feet to suplex him across the ring, then continues to attack Blake’s back with more stomps before grinding his knee into the small of his back. The chosen one, Bruce, has quickly been gaining confidence since stepping into the ring and his confidence is soaring in this match. He lifts big Blake into a reverse bearhug showing who’s got the real muscle in this match. Bruce drops him to the mat, flexes his ripped body in adoration of his work, then wraps his massive thighs around Blake’s waist and begins choking the big boy out. Bruce then works over Blake’s abs in the corner, but when he attempts to whip him into the opposite turnbuckle, Blake reverses the hold and Bruce’s ripped body is the one that ends up in the opposite turnbuckle.

The tall titan senses an opening and goes on the attack. He uses his considerable height advantage to his benefit, lifting the bodybuilder up and over his shoulder then dropping him to the mat. Blake appears to know some moves as he grabs Bruce’s wrist and ankle and begins to stretch his prized muscles to the limit. Bruce screams out in pain as Blake drives his size 12 whit boot right through his ribcage. Blake isn’t afraid to inflict the pain as he asks the chosen one if he likes that? He then transitions the hold to a reverse leg lock and Bruce has got to be wondering how this rookie knows these kinds of moves. Blake is in control and loving it. He cranks on the leg lock, making the ripped bodybuilder suffer some more.

But Bruce has been down this road before, he’s able to fend off the big boy’s attack then regains the momentum when he ducks under an attempted clothesline. Bruce hoists Blake up over his shoulders then dumps him to the mat. He strikes the tall titan with a heavy fist to the back, then places him in a camel clutch variation inflicting more pain on Blake’s back. The charming ripped bodybuilder then chokes his opponent out over the rope, setting him up to finish him off. Bruce sets Blake up to stretch his long legs out in a spladle, directly attacking the tall titan’s height advantage. Bruce exerts his massive muscles stretching the big boy’s lanky long legs out and splitting his crotch to its limits. He compels Blake to submit by crying out ‘I give to Bruce’ to bring an end to round one. Bruce celebrates by flexing his glorious, ripped biceps over his suffering foe.

Bruce Ballard vs Blake Keller

Round Two

Round two opens with Bruce asking ‘how’s that groin feel?’ with a sly grin on his face, and telling Blake he looks like a rookie who eats lots of cookies, a direct reference to the tall titan’s lack of abs. The ripped bodybuilder takes the early control with a stomp of his boot to Blake’s gut, then floors him with a clothesline and heart punch that immediately floors the rookie. But, Blake showed promising signs of skill in the first round and he’s able to quickly change the momentum in this round. He starts an attack on the good looking bodybuilder; first with a boston crab variation then transitioning to a rear leg lock which has Bruce groaning and squirming on the mat searching for any way to escape. The big boy Blake has Bruce firmly in his control and isn’t letting up. He pulls the bodybuilder to his feet, then laces his glorious muscles through the ropes, placing his boot squarely in Bruce’s back and begins pulling back on his massive arms in a standing surfboard.

Watching the bodybuilder’s fantastic physique suffer while stretched out in the ring ropes is spectacular site, every one of his muscles stretched out in pain! When Bruce doesn’t submit, Blake pulls into the ring and into a headlock, taking a moment to pose his own impressive bicep while he’s in control of the ripped bodybuilder. The tall titan continues dishing out the punishment by wrapping his long legs around Bruce’s trim waist and squeezes the life out of him. Bruce seems to be worn out by the onslaught attack, and Blake doesn’t waste any more time. He flips Bruce over into a boston crab, and using his long legs to leverage even more pressure on his back, it isn’t long before Bruce is screaming out a submission. The rookie flexes his own impressive muscles over the fallen bodybuilder, knowing he just tied this match up at one round each.

In round three will fan favorite, ripped bodybuilder be able to regain control of the big boy rookie and squeeze a victory out of him using his spectacular muscles? Or, can the rookie, tall titan Blake continue to demolish and pick apart the bodybuilder’s piping hot body and commence his wrestling career with an improbable upset win in his debut match?

Archer vs Leo Tomasi

Something to Prove: Two Rookies on their Second Matches!

In keeping with the theme of rookies looking for one more chance to prove themselves, this match is a slam dunk. For both wrestlers this is only their second time in at BG East, and both of these aspiring newcomers lost in their first – and thus far only – matches. Archer showcased some impressive skills, strength, endurance and his killer physique when he squared off with Jakeno Enzi on Undagear 22, but in the end the gym aficionado just couldn’t quite overcome the bigger MMA toughguy and was left KO’ed on the mat.

Leo Tomasi’s debut, on the other hand, was more or less impressive, depending on how you look at it. Despite his experience and conditioned physique, Leo barely lifted a finger against his opponent the entire match. This makes a lot more sense, however, when you recall it was none other than BG East’s resident Dr. Jekyll-turned-Mr. Hyde, Austin Cooper, who initiated Leo into this world of BG East wrestling in a scorching trial-by-fire. What was impressive about that Jobberpaloozer 13 match is that Tomasi even managed to walk away at all! Nearly decapitated by a clothesline in the opening seconds, he was fading in and out of consciousness and literally bleeding onto the mat as nasty “Dr. Hyde” Cooper experimented with the limits of human anatomy. But like Archer, Leo has a lot of heart and he’s back to show what he can do when matched up against someone a little less experience. Someone he can fight fair and square on the mats.

True to his athletic background, Archer is ready and waiting, pumped in the Florida mat room, for Leo, stretching those practiced muscles in preparation for what he’s sure will be an easy win this time. When Leo makes his entrance, Archer doesn’t even pretend to be impressed. “Seriously, this is it?” he looks the lean, lithe Leo up and down. “This is enough,” is all Leo offers in response to the bigger man’s posturing.

He may have to rethink that statement though, as these two men begin to circle Archer dives in fast and goes for a big bear hug. As he cinches in his powerful arms and Leo screams, his smiling opponent he hefts the helpless stud high off the mat. Will this be another complete beat-down of the smaller newcomer?

Archer vs Leo Tomasi

Never Say Die! “I submit!”

The MMA fighter has learned a thing or two about using a size advantage to wear down a smaller opponent. But now he uses a classic pro move as Leo hangs, suspended in mid-air in a bear hug as Archer tightens his grip and feels the ripped wrestler writhing. He is enjoying the power he has now. Leo struggles but can’t break free, only able to suffer until he’s thrown to the mat. Leo knows he needs a plan to neutralize Archer’s strength, and as his opponent closes in for the kill, Leo’s struggling manages to knock the big man off his feet and quickly climb on top.

Leo then desperately goes to work on that hardened musclebody, first with a series of scissors to steal away Archer’s first wind. The fighter doesn’t stay down easy though, and is used to punching battles, and Leo suffers through a barrage of hard fists to his abs for his troubles. Leo tries to use technique to hold Archer down, but even his hammerlocks and grapevines aren’t enough: when Archer can’t slip free using his training, he only has to flex hard to muscle his way out. Leo finds he’s fighting an uphill battle again as he’s dragged to his knees and weakened in a brief sleeper and full nelson. Taking a page from Austin’s ring punishment, he’s using the classic wrestling moves to toy with his opponent. Finally, a camel clutch clinches the first fall for Archer as Leo’s back can no longer take the punishment.

More ab and back abuse by Archer has a desperate Leo willing to try anything to stop the assault. Leo tightens his powerful legs around the muscleboy’s body and his scissors do slow down the big guy. Leo shows some skill throwing in guillotine chokes and more hammerlocks, trying to wrench a submission out of his foe’s weakening joints. But he underestimate’s a fighter’s tenacity and the technician becomes a punching bag as Archer’s bare knuckles drill into his abs and ribs with blow after blow to Leo’s bruised body.

Both men exchange long riding headscissors but Leo comes out the loser as Archer’s powerful quads have him fading fast. Rear naked chokes and even more inventive sleepers have Tomasi flailing in pain and desperation before finally being forced to submit again. Another bearhug sees Leo going nearly limp in his opponent’s arms. He’s determined to deny him more submissions. Leo’s defiance only makes Archer pull out surfboards, splades, more and more sleepers, and even a devastating torture rack. The resilient ripped rookie is left battered and writhing on the mat. Before long he barely has the strength to move, an all too familiar replay of his debut. He tries to stay strong but the beatings continue. Fans of relentless fighters and never-say-die jobbers, check out this arousing duel of wills!

Cole Cassidy vs Hoyt Riley

Has a Legend Met a Legend Killer?

This is going to hurt! The two wrestlers in this match have some serious reputations to back them up. Many BG East fans would say Cole Cassidy needs no introduction, but deserves one anyway. Cole has made a name for himself as a destroyer of men and a breaker of spirits. He has said he has to pace himself during his matches so that his opponents, or victims might be a more appropriate term, will last long enough for him to enjoy their agony. How many of his matches have ended with a challenger drenched in sweat, drifting in and out of consciousness, only able to stand because Cole has propped them up so that he can line up his most devastating tool of destruction, the heart punch? Cole’s finisher doesn’t just end matches, it can threaten to end a wrestler’s athletic career. If they aren’t out cold and motionless on the mat, their coughing or convulsing as their heart skips a beat. After the buffet of victims that have made up Cole’s record so far, who would be willing to step on the mats with this legend?

Hoyt Riley, that’s who. He may not have quite the sizeable record that Cole can boast here at BG East, but this tattooed barroom brawler keeps himself in practice by picking fights in far less comfortable, and safe, locales than a wrestling ring. He may have come up short against the towering hunk that is Mitch Colby in his debut, but if you want proof he has what it takes to tangle with the toughest there is, then you need look no further than his most recent match against none other than THE Kid Karisma. Fans of Kid K have come to expect stellar performances if not outright domination, but when he came up against Riley, the ginger stud worked harder than ever before just to stay in the game. With such an overwhelming show against one of BG’s best, Riley’s challenge to Cole may be the start of his reputation as legend killer.

When these men meet on the mat, you can feel the tension in the air. The destroyer Cole says nothing and won’t even answer Riley’s respectfully offered handshake. The brawler is no stranger to such a serious match, and dispenses with pleasantries just as quickly. They circle, slowly, deliberately, drawing closer and closer, and when they finally collide you can feel the impact. Both men struggle, pushing and being pushed, neither giving in. In these first minutes, the first way the balance tips could well set the tone for the rest of this showdown. And before long, a hard knee lift from Cole right up into Riley’s ribs begins to spell disaster for the tattooed hunk.

Cole Cassidy vs Hoyt Riley

Another hard knee to the midsection from Cole sends Riley to his knees, and a few stiff forearms send him the rest of the way to the mat. Cole wastes no time breaking down the brawler and spends nearly a full minute delivering a brutal barrage of knees, stomps, and elbows straight down onto Riley’s spine. Hoyt is no stranger to pain, but even he can’t help screaming in agony as he fears he feels his back giving out.

True to his word, when Cole hears those satisfying groans from the victim under his heel, he slows his pace and moves in for a more excruciating hold. But Riley is no pushover, a hammerlock, leg torque, and rough choke may earn a pained moan from him, but he fights through it and flips Cole over, landing on top of the formerly dominant man’s chest. A few stiff body blows slow Cole down long enough for Riley to slip behind and pull him into a slow, choking camel clutch.

Cole suffers plenty in such an unfamiliar position, but finally he’s dropped to the mat when Riley can’t wring a submission out of him. The brawler has this match back to where he likes it as he looks down at a prostrate Cole. Riley bounces on the balls of his feet, fists at the ready, ordering Cole to his feet while looking eager to knock his opponent right back down again. Cole only manages to rise to his knees, his back still aching, and concedes Riley is more than just some punk to be squashed, extending his hand for his worthy opponent to shake. The brawler drops his guard and comes in close to accept the offer, he may be good with his fists, but he learns he needs to be smarter to win this as Cole suddenly pulls Riley in close and powers his arm up between those legs.

Riley drops to his knees with fresh screams in his throat while Cole rises to survey the damage. Kicking his downed opponent over, he fires more stiff shots and elbows into Riley’s chest, setting him up for two bow and arrows and earning Cole the first submission of the match. The tattooed fighter’s not out of this yet though, and comes back with more fists and endless variations of breath stealing scissors that nearly have Cole passing out with his face caressing the stud’s crotch. Even at one fall each, both men fight back with slams, backbreakers, and chokes. They each pile on so many body blows you’d think they were turning this match into a fistfight. But when they want a submission they’re fast to come back down to the mat to pour on the pressure until one man is begging and pleading for release. Riley takes everything Cole can throw at him and keeps fighting back, but there’s only so much a man can take, and before the end even the destroyer’s dreaded heart punch makes an appearance. Can Riley take it all and still take down this BG East veteran, or will the would-be legend killer just become another notch on this legend’s belt?

Ray Naylor vs Richie Douglas

“You Ready for a Friendly Match?”

We’ll say this much for Richie Douglas, the boy’s got heart. When the nubile newbie first stepped into the world of wrestling by stepping up to the challenge of one Austin Cooper, in his debut match no less, we knew we were about to see some relentless rookie wrecking, and boy did we! By the end of his first match, Richie was left a broken mess of battered muscles and bruised bones. Austin’s ab assaults left the overconfident challenger unable to stand and barely able to breathe by the 15 minute mark, but Cooper just kept piling on the punishment.

No one would have been surprised, disappointed perhaps, but not surprised, if the poor guy had decided to quietly retire from the ring for the sake of his health, but luckily the former quarterback isn’t one to disappoint the fans. He’s been focused on his recovery, and as soon as he felt he was back in fighting shape he came back for round two. He did request an opponent reasonably close to his size for this match though, and we have obliged, but only to savor the sight of Richie’s excruciating revelation when he realizes that real BG East wrestlers don’t need size to make you regret stepping on these mats without the sadistic edge to survive in their world.

When Richie returned from his debut beating with an unbroken spirit, it was clear Ray Naylor was just the man to humble this seemingly unshakeable athlete. Ray’s wiry frame belies the wily, even cruel wrestler hidden within those taut muscles. His wrestling is relentless at best, sadistic at worst, and vicious at all times. Coming off of bouts with bigger men who cried out as Ray clawed and stretched their muscled bodies to their limits, the unassuming scrapper has been searching for a fresh piece of meat he can really sink his teeth into, and he can’t help but smile when he gets his first look at the tasty, muscular hunk waiting for him on the mats.

We first glimpse little Richie stretching out those toned, athletic muscles on the mat. Faint veins line his sculpted upper body as this visual definition of a clean-cut, scholastic wrestler prepares for his next challenge. Dressed in a delicious red singlet and shorts, the adorable jock has no idea how perfectly he personifies the ideal BG East jobber. “Wow” is the first word out of Ray’s mouth and how can you blame him? He sizes up the stud, asking if Richie’s ready to get this “friendly” match underway, quietly adding “hopefully not too friendly.”

Ray Naylor vs Richie Douglas

Clean Cut Gets Roughed Up

Ray may be ready to tear into this mouth-watering meal, but Richie didn’t spend his formative years conditioning his tight body into a tuned, athletic machine just to be devoured by a rival wrestler. As these two grapplers lock up, it’s the fresh-faced football stud who flips Ray onto his back and into a headlock. A look of surprise flashes across Ray’s face, replaced just as quickly by one of frustration. He twists and turns but Richie stays with him, only breaking the hold when’s he’s proved he can keep the experienced wrestler down. Ray’s calm demeanor barely conceals his flaring temper. Sportsmanlike compliments cover up how much Richie’s little display has set him off.

Ignoring his opponent’s amateur style, Ray hoists the kid high only to bring him down hard across his knee, in an all-too-familiar backbreaker. Austin Cooper threw this hold at Richie and it was devastating. But he survived. Instead of begging for mercy, now he’s practically smiling as Ray’s tightly corded shoulder muscles force his head to bend back down to the mat. He’s tough.

Ray shoves the stud to the floor in frustration, daring the kid to show him what he can do, and Richie obliges, taking his experienced opponent down again and tying him up in a tight submission hold, They take turns as each asks for a submission, and each denies his opponent the satisfaction. At one point, Ray literally tears his own shirt off, warning the kid, “Now you’re really starting to piss me off.” Richie just smiles and slips out of his shorts in reply. Ray is seeing red now – it’s not just the singlet. He dives at Richie and gets caught in a headscissors, his reversals are reversed, and he suffers in a full nelson he can’t muscle out of. When Richie relents Ray lashes out with a several sharp ab shots, but that wall of muscle was hardened by Richie’s first brutal beating and it will take more than a few hits to break it down.

Ray is caught in more holds as Richie keeps slipping out of his, the heel tears at the straps on the babyface’s singlet but only manages to bare that impressively toned torso. Panting, slick with sweat, and on his knees, Ray’s viciousness finally pays off as he lands a surprise kick square to the young jock’s bright red bulge. Richie collapses to the mat, moaning in agony, and Ray is there to capitalize. More ab shots keep the stud down as he’s stripped of his singlet and down to a golden speedo. Knees, elbows, and fists are ground into his neck and jugular until his world is spinning and he lies choking on the mat. Demure, unassuming Rays is gone, replaced by a true sadist who uses scissors and blatant chokes to keep the new guy crawling on the mat.

Richie fights back hard, his skill catching the dangerous heel time and again, but he begins to wear down under the endless brutality. Ab shots bring back painful memories of his first crushing defeat, direct blows to his balls leave him gasping for air, and it’s all he can do to trap Ray in precious few submission holds of his own. Can the fledgling wrestler’s skill turn the tide and put down the hardened fighter before Ray does enough damage to drop little Richie to the mat for good? Neither man gives an inch as sweat and muscle reach every corner of the mat as they struggle for victory, but in the end one of them is decisively dominated and forced to succumb to his better.

Young Colt made a small splash in his debut against Dash Decker, even though he lost the match and had his new pair of $200 sunglasses smashed to smithereens by the big guy. For most of the match he was dominated by the imposing muscles and steel will of one of the most formidable opponents on the roster. Dash overpowered Colt in his debut, but the teen wrestler and MMA fighter did show signs of advanced wrestling and MMA skills, as he twisted and tortured Dash’s prized physique when he was on top. So the rookie has shown signs of promise.

But, in this match he takes on another opponent that has made a living out of beating up on the muscle boys and rookies. And these days, Ethan is oozing even more confidence after teaming with Gage Cardona in a 2 on 1 beating of the muscle stud fratboy Alex Waters, and then teaming with Gage again for the Green Team as they surprisingly defeated and humiliated the Dream Team of Alex and Dash. In light of the current events, Colt certainly is going to have his hands full with resident street punk and bad boy Ethan. With the influx of MMA and other contact sports included on the resumes of many of the wrestlers, it’s inevitable that there is debate in the locker room as to which of the other arts can have a greater impact in the wrestling ring.

Colt has professional MMA experience, so naturally the sly teen thinks this will work to his advantage. While Ethan has been training in boxing over the past year and has added this to his growing list of combat sports experience in his arsenal. Round one begins with the two of them sizing each other up and debating the MMA vs boxing advantage. The sly teen is no slouch when it comes to head games either, as he works on psyching Ethan out by flexing his teen muscles in his face. Ethan smiles at this ploy, since he’s sporting his own sizzling hot, lean muscled body and has dominated much bigger muscles than the teenager is flexing.

Ethan Andrews vs Colt Stevens

Round 1

The street punk strikes first with repeated jabs to the teen’s abs, then flips him to the mat and stretches the blond boy out in a seated surfboard. Colt may have thought he had some quickness, but he’s being out-quicked at the onset. Ethan transitions the hold to a leg scissors, squeezing Colt’s blond locks while he taunts him. He allows the MMA fighter to get to his feet, then connects with a flurry of jabs to his abs as he’s pushed back against the ropes. The street punk bad boy loves to attack his opponent’s abs, and he’s using the same game plan on the rookie. He suplexes Colt to the mat and delivers a few more shots to his teen abs. Ethan then drags Colt over to the ropes so that he can choke him out, then locks a texas cloverleaf leglock on Colt’s lanky legs exerting extreme pressure on his lower back.

Ethan asks him to tap, but Colt’s been in the cage before and it’s much too early for him to submit. Both guys get to their feet and Colt goes on offense, he choke slams Ethan to the mat, using his size advantage on the street punk. Colt starts displaying his arsenal of holds on Ethan; clamping on a tight leg lock, then cinching a figure four around his throat as he pounds away at the bad boy’s pec. The blond rookie drags Ethan up to his feet by his hair, and then whips him across the ring and connects with is size 11 white boot square on his chest. This sends the bad boy crumbling to the mat. Colt connects with a few of his own ab punches as Ethan is sprawled on the mat, then he egotistically struts around the ring flexing his own teenage biceps for his fans. This turns out to be a rookie mistake, as it provides Ethan time to recover, and reverse the momentum.

When Colt attempts to connect with another boot to Ethan’s ripped midsection, the bad boy’s quick enough to grab Colt’s leg before it lands and takes the teen rookie to the mat. Once Ethan has him on the mat, he starts an assault on the rookie’s legs; he stomps his hamstrings, then makes him agonize in a figure four leg lock, then sends him reeling with a wicked clothesline. The bad boy has things in control as he hoists Colt up over his shoulders, then power bombs him to the mat. Colt is wincing in pain as he cries out ‘my back, my back’. Ethan pulls him to his feet, laces his wiry teen body through the ropes, pulls back on his arms into to surfboard and really starts applying the pressure.

You have to think Colt’s never experienced this hold in an MMA match, so as much as he tries to fight it, Ethan continues to amp up the pressure until the blond rookie is forced to scream out ‘I give up’. Colt dangles in the ropes in pain before the bad boy pulls him back into the ring by his blond beiber style hair, places his black boot on his stomach, and flexes his baseball sized biceps in conquest of round one.

Ethan Andrews vs Colt Stevens

Round 2

Round two starts with Colt admitting ‘that was a good round, I’ll give you that, but it was a round not a fight’. Ethan just smiles at the teenager’s attempt at intimidation, and then Colt pulls out something from behind the corner turnbuckle pad. Seems the rookie stashed a pair of 4 ounce MMA gloves in the corner just in case he needed an advantage. Colt proceeds to put on the gloves while Ethan explains ‘boxing is a sweet science while MMA is nothing but caged animals’.

This doesn’t sit well with the sly teen as he retorts ‘don’t ever say that again’ before the two lock up. Colt strikes with several knees to Ethan’s ripped abs, tosses him to the mat, lifts him up to suplex him back to the mat, then locks on a leg scissors around the street punk’s throat wanting to squeeze the life out of him. Colt has seemed to find a groove and he continues to throw, toss, and flip Ethan’s lean muscled body around the ring at will. He lifts the bad boy to his feet only to drop kick him back into the turnbuckle.

Ethan is slumped in the corner, and as the sly teen pulls him to his feet and begins to parade him around the ring, Ethan reverses the action with an atomic knee drop that sends shivers up the blond teen’s spine. Colt winces in pain holding his ass as he lay face down on the mat.

Will bad boy Ethan run the young rookie through his vast array of punishing holds and impose his will on the cage fighter to chalk up another victory? Or can the sly teen regain his senses and turn this ring into his cage and rely on his MMA experience and size advantage to trap the punk in a MMA submission to even this match at one round a piece? Colt has shown signs of brilliance, but will that be enough to claim a victory. All the sensational and stimulating action leads up to a knock out finish!

Austin Cooper vs Vic Madone

“You’re a Fighter, Huh?”

Vic Madone is a man on a mission. Ever since his sweat-soaked, testosterone-fueled debut against the scrappy Ray Naylor, Vic’s been itching for another fight. While he certainly proved his strength and skill were up to the challenge against Naylor (Mat Hunks 9), it was far from an easy match. Vic came to BG East confident his size and muscle would send Ray packing, but wound up fighting tooth and nail just to hold his own against an opponent 20 pounds lighter than himself. Whether the exhausting battle left Vic with a bruised ego or the taste of a truly exhilarating match just made him hungry for more is anyone’s guess, but ever since he’s been feeling a burning desire for a good fight.

Scraps and spars with friends and fellow fighters couldn’t match up to his experience at BG East, so Vic came back with one simple request, for us to throw the best we had at him. A tall order for a man just going into his second match, especially considering some of the resident talent here at BG East, but we aim to please and knew just who could give Vic the match he’d been looking for.

Austin Cooper may have started out as the BG East golden boy, but his fans know he’s been exploring his dark side in recent matches. After he left his last opponent, former varsity quarterback Richie Douglas, in a sweaty heap of bruised muscle and broken resolve, he remarked it takes tougher wrestlers to last against him. Well, Vic may be just what Austin ordered. The golden boy can trounce some of the best wrestlers even without resorting to his dark side, but no one’s untouchable, and Vic has been training relentlessly to prepare for his second chance to make a name for himself on the BG mats.

When Vic arrives at the arena, his muscled body even bears the marks of a seasoned warrior. When we asked about the black eye he was sporting, his only response was, “You should see the other guy.” Clichéd perhaps, but as Vic shadow boxes to burn off energy until Austin arrives, even practicing his ground game on a convenient punching bag, you can’t help wondering what happened to the “other guy” after leaving a mark on this proud fighter’s face. Austin arrives and he too can’t help picking up on the intensity in the air as sweat begins to shine on Vic’s heated body. Perhaps the golden boy is merely impressed by his latest opponent’s enthusiasm, but as the match gets underway, you’d swear you caught a glimpse of uncertainty in this budding heel’s eyes…

Austin has a cautious air, making sure Vic understands that there are rules here, this is no street brawl. The fight goes hard – by the rules, but rules can always help a budding heel. After multiple lockups, it’s Vic who manages the first takedown with Austin going down hard onto his back. Vic’s success doesn’t last long though, and Cooper manages to slip behind him and ride the struggling fighter to the mats for what feels like minutes. The frustration on Madone’s face grows and the sweat on his muscles shines as he strains to force his way out of each hold, while Austin keeps the pressure on with his tried and true wrestling skills.

Austin Cooper vs Vic Madone

Battle Hardened Bodies

Skill loses out to tenacity when Vic finally breaks loose and turns the tables, even pinning Austin’s shoulders to the mat, albeit briefly. But Vic wants more than an easy win, and shoves himself away from Cooper. Back on his feet, he challenges the hunk bring him down again. Both wrestlers are already breathing heavy as they close in for another lockup, the action fast and intense while they fight for position. Austin traps Madone in a dangerous bodyscissors, but the tattooed warrior is even faster to turn things around again, nearly flipping Cooper onto his face as Vic climbs on top. Austin knows now he has to dig deeper to stay ahead of this man, and struggles to his feet, legs on fire as he lifts Madone clear off the mat, the hunk now dangling from Cooper’s shoulders.

Even from this position Vic fights hard but as the powerful hunk regains dominance again and again, Austin’s desire to hurt, and Vic’s desire to win, ratchet up the tension. By the time Austin hoists the ferocious fighter up with his bulging biceps encircling Vic’s ribcage, and jerks him high in a bone-snapping reverse bear hug, helpless Madone is kicking and moaning, growling and threatening. But going nowhere. Even as both men’s rippling muscles flex and strain, it’s Austin who decides he wants more out of this match from his impressive victim. Tossing Vic into a wall, the golden boy begins to show his dark side as he promises to make those ribs match Madone’s eye.

Bone-breaking bearhugs and bodyscissors from the bad boy leave Vic screaming in agony for so long you’d think he’d have no ribs left to break. Vic uses tricks of his own and manages to slap a few joint locks on the heel, trying to slow Austin’s building head of steam. Hurting and winded, he finds even giving Austin a taste of his own intense bodyscissors can’t slow down Coop’s relentless assault, and Vic is forced to submit twice, first to spare his ribs and then again to escape a Boston crab with his spine intact!

A test of strength, MMA style punches to Austin’s rock-hard abdominals, backbreakers, more gut work, and crotch destroying leg splits are all on display as these fighters go for broke, neither one backing down. Vic came for the fight of his life, and he gets it. It’s not until one man is finally trapped in a breathtaking chokehold that a winner is decided, standing tall over the prostrate form of a worthy challenger, both bodies shining with sweat from one of their toughest battles to date.

Kieran Dunne vs Jaguar

“Who’s Sexy Now, Honey?”

Kieran Dunne’s got a new hairdo, and he can’t keep his eyes off it. Stylishly tinted strawberry blond, it tops off his cannonball muscularity, currently squeezed into improbably teensy metallic gold trunks. Gone is the baby-faced 150-pound youngster whose red, white, and blue singlet won our hearts in Mathunks 1. Now he looks like a young pro from mid-1970s Championship Wrestling in Florida. Classic.

Even for those of us who have followed Kieran’s physical transformations over the years, the new bad-ass KD comes as a shock: vain, smirking, formidable, and, from the look of things, ready to pound man-flesh into pulp. And if the name “Kieran Dunne” still makes you think “cute but doomed jobber,” you need to have a talk with the last man to face him in the BG East ring, six-foot-one Aron Mobley … that is, if you can find him, since for some reason Aron hasn’t shown his face around here since that “full-tilt” fight fans still are talking about.

Kieran deliberately trips Jaguar as the wrestler enters the ring only because he came between Kieran’s $100 haircut and its reflection in the mirror. Jaguar warns the primping pretty boy that he can play as dirty as the next guy. Jag too is packed in beef, with nothing about him to bring the word “pushover” to mind. The close prospect of this epic clash has some of us already wetting our pants.

A tense muscle pose down erupts into all-out war after Kieran springs a cowardly sneak attack. Jaguar catapults Kieran into the turnbuckle and heaves him up for a spectacular body slam. Locked in a full nelson, Kieran finds himself forced to view his humiliating subjugation in the mirror. After a long, hard (and eye-popping) struggle, Kieran breaks a hold, only to find himself almost immediately snared in it again. Then, as Kieran writhes on his back, Jaguar taunts him, literally stepping all over the blond bombshell. Trampling him…

Kieran Dunne vs Jaguar

“Fucked My Hair Up, Motherfucker!”

Over the years, the Jag has come to expect that BG East will toss him pretty chunks of beefcake to toy with. In the past he has put the Latin heartthrobs Rio Garza and Gil Barrios through their paces, and he sees no reason to believe this run-in with golden boy Kieran Dunne will be any different. Jaguar favors long, tight, agonizing clinches, and he keeps Kieran squirming and moaning in a headscissors for a solid minute and a half, pumping the blond’s head while unsportingly clinging to a ring rope for support. So confident is Jaguar in his mastery of Dunne that nobody, least of all Jag, expects Kieran to turn the tables on him. But Kieran does, suddenly and without mercy, bending the big cat in two with a Boston crab hold, forcing an amazingly quick submission out of the man who has so confidently dominated the match to this point.

The tipping point for Kieran is not so much Jaguar’s gratuitous abuse of his muscular body as the mussing up of his trendy haircut. Now it’s Jaguar who finds himself locked in an excruciating full nelson by a wrestler whose upper arms are as powerful as most men’s thighs. But if he had a last name, Jaguar’s middle name would be Perseverance, and he regains control of the match, at least temporarily. When he at last thrusts free of the hold, Jag pulls Dunne up into a bearhug that, through gradual escalation of pressure, forces the blond to flag and submit, evening the score 1-to-1.

The final struggle serves up a grueling stream of punishments: a rib-cracking reverse bearhug, rear-naked chokes, an out-of-nowhere low blow, a crucifying stretch, the infamous (and hugely popular) torture rack, and a sensational match-ending knockout. Two powerful and sweaty men, two career-defining performances, and a grudge that only complete and utter annihilation can settle, you don’t see this sort of thing everywhere, but you do see it here at BG East!

Marc Merino vs Doug Rand

Babyface No More

Doug Rand stands on the ring apron outside the ropes and calls handsome Marc Merino to him. “You ready for your beatin’?” he asks, coldly looking over Marc’s luscious body. Then, without hesitation or provocation he slams his fist into Marc’s midsection, apparently just because he wanted to.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson,” he announces, choking the big beautiful babyface against the top rope. There’s an evil glint in Doug’s eye as he crawls through the ropes to finish what he’s started. Dirty Doug got his fill of playing babyface in his debut match, teamed with Donnie Drake against heels Lon Dumont and Chace LaChance. It was an eye-opening experience for the new hire. Like many an ambitious young wrestler before him, he realized then and there that bad-ass-ness is the fast and easy way to make a reputation at BG East. He resolved never again to play the welcome mat for other up-and-coming wrestlers to wipe their boots on.

Marc on the other hand, has found his built and beefy physique being just such a welcome mat, to opponents as well as his many fans. His imposing, Italian prettyboy good looks have not helped him in the past against smaller opponents, who often humiliated him in the worst ways, but he is determined this time he’ll take all the punishment the muscled fireplug Doug can dish out, and use his size advantage to end up on top.

Doug is a flurry of action now that he’s in the ring, moving quickly to pick Marc up off the mat and snagging the curly-haired babyface in a side headlock, walking his catch around the ring “like a fuckin’ dog.” He pauses at the mirror so Marc can witness his humiliation up close. “C’mon,” he taunts, “be my little bitch!” Every muscle in Doug’s body strains to up the pressure against Marc’s skull. He flashes his taut biceps at the camera and growls through his teeth, “YEAH, motherfucker!”

But the distraction of the mirror gives Marc an opening to reverse. He bounces Doug off the opposite ropes and lifts him, clutching his ribs in a big bear hug. Thanks to his superior muscle and stature, Marc gives Doug a crash course in the HURTS. Doug’s pale, wiry body writhes in Marc’s grip. Doug tries to punch his way free. No dice. He tries to shove Marc’s face back and away to loosen the hold. Zip, nothing, nada. Marc repositions to tighten the clamp further, laughing in triumph. His back to the corner, Doug collapses, and Marc leaves him hanging to go pose some more in front of the mirror. It’s a classic jobber mistake for Marc. When he returns to apply a reverse hug, Doug mule-kicks him in the nuts. Marc wobbles on his feet, groaning, then falls like a stunbolted bull. But it’s just the beginning…

Marc Merino vs Doug Rand

Devilish Doug Determines to Show No Mercy

While Marc holds his aching nuts, Doug can contemplate what set him off in the first place about this Jerseyboy wannabe. Merino is the more experienced wrestler, but only on paper. He’s bigger by 40 pounds. Plus the guy is a knockout, whose sky blue trunks can barely contain all his sensational lusciousness. In Doug’s eyes, Marc is nothing but a pampered prettyboy whom the fans adore even though he has yet to notch up even one victory. If Doug is going to make his mark here at BG East, popular Merino is as good a steppingstone as any to prove Doug’s mettle as a spit-in-your-eye, show-no-mercy villain, beating guys up just for the heck of it.

While Marc thrashes on the mat, clutching his throbbing family jewels, Doug kicks his shoulder, his hamstrings, and his knees. Marc’s hoarse wailing only whets Doug’s appetite for more violence.

Doug wins the first fall by brutal submission with an STF (step-over toehold face-lock) that nearly snaps Marc’s kneecaps. So painful is the hold that Doug is hesitant to release it and the power that he feels, even after Marc taps out. He pretends not to hear Marc pleading repeatedly, “I quit!” When at last he does let go, Doug immediately resumes the “beatin'” with a punishing series of chops and stretches, satisfying his sadistic need to bruise and mangle.

Doug takes a devilish delight in feeling the muscle boy’s body quiver in agony against his own body, a disturbingly sick taste for pain that … well … pretty much pegs him as upper management material here at BG East. We like what Doug has to show for himself in this ring war and think you will, too. And what he shows us of Marc Merino, at least as beautiful in mortal peril as he is in a muscle pose, is scorched on our memory forever. All in all, this boner-friendly beatdown is sure to win Doug Rand and Marc both a new, devoted following among BGE fans!

Charlie Panther vs Jaxx O’Doul

Signed on the Dotted Line: Explosive Action Does the Talking

Before the opening bell, Charlie and Jaxx don’t speak a word. They stretch their limbs and put on their best fight faces with grim determination.

When the bell sounds, Jaxx makes a pass at the mirror, nodding appreciatively at the reflection of his classically handsome profile, and circles in on his opponent. Charlie slaps his chest and lunges for Jaxx’s legs. Jaxx veers clear and sneaks in behind Charlie, grabbing him around the ribs and slamming him facedown. He hooks Panther’s right hand up to his shoulder blades. Charlie escapes and reverses, pulling Jaxx into a front facelock, which he holds for just a second; then Jaxx resumes command.

You see what’s going on here, right? These two sturdy guys, evenly matched, each topping six feet and 200 pounds, have been gunning for each other for months. Who said what to whom, we may never know, but something happened to make Jaxx and Charlie put each other at the top of their Ringwars wish lists. BG East wasted no time in making this contest happen. We recognize good heat when we see it.

Jaxx O’Doul and Charlie Panther take turns snapping each other into arm locks. Sharp, fast, tendon-wrenching movements imply a determination to maim the other guy and put him out of commission. BG East fans hold Charlie and Jaxx alike in high regard as journeymen wrestlers, committed to the science of pain and consistent and professional as workers in the ring. Their previous opponents have learned to respect them for their skills and fighting spirit and to be wary of their sadistic tendencies, which are never too far from the surface. Jaxx has more matches under his belt, about twice as many as Charlie. However, neither feels he has advanced in the ranks as quickly as he deserves, and for some reason each has fixed in his mind the idea that the other guy has played a role in holding him back. Skipping the usual niceties and polite hesitations that mark the beginnings of most matches, Charlie and Jaxx regard each other as mortal enemies from the outset. From the first second, these two are where most competitors are only after the second fall.

Charlie Panther vs Jaxx O’Doul

Conflict Resolution, Manly Style

Charlie’s tight headscissors has Jaxx’s eyes rolling. Charlie feels his opponent’s muscles strain and swell and instinctively lifts his hands to shield himself. Jaxx thrusts his body up and bursts free of the hold. However, the immense effort leaves him winded and fatigued, still a sitting duck for the watchful Panther, who drives him back down with a forearm smash to the shoulder and a barefoot kick to the gut. Charlie pounds the mat with the palms of his hands, a warlike gesture to draw Jaxx back to the brawl. He stomps down on Jaxx’s torso and goes for what looks like a quick and easy pin, but Jaxx just WON’T… STAY… DOWN!

Always an opportunist who makes his own opportunities, Charlie wears Jaxx down and then crouches behind him and slaps him into a sleeper hold. Jaxx’s massive body writhes, heating up like a radiator as he gasps for air. Then, running on instincts, he rolls to the edge of the ring, pulling Charlie with him, where he clasps the bottom rope. Respectfully, Charlie releases the hold, but by now, after nearly finishing his man twice in close succession, he is clearly frustrated. And who wouldn’t be?

As Jaxx struggles to rise, Charlie kicks him back down to the mat. He tries a second kick, but Jaxx grabs him by the foot and flips him to his back in a jaw-dropping reversal that segues into a series of punishing assaults and counter-assaults, ultimately a volley of closed-fist punches and a clean, sure knockout.

This is INTENSE! Even after one man wins a decisive two out of three falls, the loser demands another shot, coaxing the victor back to the ring for three out of five. It’s a big risk for both wrestlers, but these guys have it in for each other and enough is never enough. The final five minutes of this battle rank high among BG East’s all-time great white-knuckle finishes, capped with a boner-generating choke-out that will have you immediately hitting REPLAY.

Jobe Zander vs Peter Owens: Everybody Knows The Centerpiece

Jobe is so proud of his ‘Centerpiece’ — the large bulge packing his always skimpy trunks– that he completely identifies with the moniker. But you’d be excused for wondering why he even has to call attention to it, since it is so hard to miss in the first place! One reason might be that he uses it as both a threat, and a target for his opponents! Will they take the bait? Is he enjoying himself?

Pro wrestler Peter Owens wanted to have a shot. We last saw Peter suffering under dastardly Dick Rick (whose relation to Kid Leopard is unclear, as you’ll see on Leopard’s Lair 5) on BG’s Bad Boys 2. Peter will try to overcome his string of losses with this arrogant heel’s body – and its ‘Centerpiece’ – as a target! He’s been training hard for this match, but he may himself become a target arriving full of bravado in his own revealingly packed blue trunks.

No one has experienced Peter’s new strength yet. Jobe summarily dismisses the challenge posed by the smooth and slender pro, but Peter tries to set the stud straight with an opening side headlock that appears to decrease Jobe’s hat size by half an inch. What does not appear to be diminishing is The Centerpiece, tenting the front of Jobe’s banana-yellow trunks and pointing towards his challenger like a cop’s nightstick. Despite Peter’s daring sally, Jobe responds with a dastardly kick to Peter’s balls and a stiff forearm to the back of the neck! Owens grovels at Zander’s feet, exactly where this particular heel likes to keep his opponents.

“Stay down!” Jobe barks, using the sole of his boot to press his challenger facedown to the mat. Then he straddles Peter’s back and starts drubbing the side of his head with his fist. Not convinced that Peter is moaning enough, Jobe delivers a vicious kick to the babyface’s ribs.

No squeaky clean soft-pedaling of blows here! This is how the game is played at BG East, especially by bad-ass heels like Jobe Zander. And he’s just getting started, of course. He rolls Peter over on his back and stomps his boot heel on the sternum. Nearly breathless, Peter clutches Jobe’s legs and pulls himself to his knees, putting the bully’s midsection in the crosshairs for a bull’s-eye punch that staggers the man. A pissed-off Zander then smashes Owens back down to the mat and again commands him to stay. When Peter insubordinately insists on defending himself, Jobe sees red and thrusts him to the turnbuckle for a series of strong style jabs our microphone picks up with heart-stopping clarity. In an amazing show of fortitude and resilience, Peter grabs the front of Jobe’s trunks, using his free arm to blast away at the heel’s belly and reverse positions, serving up forearm smashes to Jobe’s nose and chin. But can Owens’s pluck stop the onslaught of The Centerpiece?

Jobe Zander vs Peter Owens: Blindsided!

In a failed attempt to Irish whip his opponent across the ring, Peter loses control and winds up on his ass, his back to the corner, helplessly watching as Jobe’s black boot speedily advances to smash him to the post. Zander has a field day choking Owens against the top rope, kicking him in the balls, and repeatedly pushing him facedown on the mat, prostrate and humiliated. With his boot pressed to the back of his challenger’s neck and his arms raised ostentatiously to the ceiling, Jobe declares with characteristic bombast, “I feel a win coming on!” Then he doesn’t simply pull the boot away but rather scrapes it against the opponent’s flesh in utter contempt.

That indignity spurs Peter to retaliate with a full-on assault on The Centerpiece itself, Jobe’s pride and joy … and most vulnerable body part! Perhaps this is what Jobe hoped for!??

A couple of snapmares and a near-lethal dropkick confirm Owens’s agile athleticism now that Jobe is weakened in the worst way. Spurred by all the humiliation he’s suffered, Peter digs out all he’s got and it’s not long before he is displaying his potential for wiping the mat with the arrogant heel’s ass! Backed into a corner, Jobe pleads for mercy, but Peter shows him none. From a huge head drop into the Centerpiece itself from high in the air, to leg drops to the face and a DDT variation, Peter shows what his body can do! A boston crab shows off that sweaty Centerpiece while Jobe squeals like never before.

But don’t be quick to count Jobe out. Notwithstanding his sometimes comic self-absorption, Jobe is a ruthless, degenerate, and dangerous villain who will stop at nothing to obliterate his opponent. Peter has loads of heart and an arsenal of fleet and forceful moves, and he looks plenty motivated to put Jobe down like the rabid dog he is. The fight goes back and forth, spiraling out of the ring, as Peter and Jobe go at it, fist and boot … and size 12 cock.

BG East tends to favor its heels, the nastier and meaner the better, yet it also champions those underdogs who dare to dig deep and steel themselves to out-nasty the bad guys. This match will keep you guessing to the last minute, and we predict you’ll be rubbing your eyes in disbelief at the finish, which is anything but squeaky clean.