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This is the match of the year, a 37 minute tag team marathon that ends with a mind blowing finish! There are so many twists and plots to this match its mind boggling. Revenge and superiority are on the minds of all of these guys. First, we were given a preview of things to come when bad boy Ethan came to the rescue for rookie Gage in his match against Alex.

Ethan’s been looking for a qualified tag team partner since joining Rock Hard, and it seems like he’s found one in Gage as they’ve formed the Green Team, two street punk bad boys who want to rule this fed. Next, both Ethan and Gage have revenge on their mind, as Ethan is anxious to show that when Alex beat him in their singles match it was a fluke, and he’s in no way ready to relinquish his role as the resident bad boy. Then, Gage put up a good fight in his debut match against Dash, but went down in two straight rounds and is looking for payback. Also, Alex is seeking revenge on the two bad boys for the 2 on 1 beating he took at the hands of Ethan and Gage just a short while ago.

With all this swirling around the locker room, and the news of the new Green Team, it was only natural that the two reigning superstars on the roster, Alex and Dash, would team up to challenge them.They wanted to squash any hopes these two punks have before they would get any momentum going against lesser teams on the roster. Lucky for all of us, we’re treated to a marque match up; the Dream Team vs the Green Team! All four of these guys have beautiful bodies in their own ways; Alex and Dash are top line fitness models with picture-perfect physiques and muscles of steel. Girls and guys alike drool over their flawless looks. While Ethan and Gage have done their time in the gym creating eye-catching ripped, lean muscled bodies that look incredible strutting down the beach on a hot summer day.

Alex Waters & Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews & Gage Cardona: Round 1

When round one begins you can small the testosterone oozing not only out of the ring, but outside of the arena. Round one starts with Ethan and Alex picking up with the feud that started in their singles match. Alex catches him in a head lock and hip tosses him to the mat, but the bad boy rolls through it and ends up with a leg scissors strapped across Alex’s throat. Ethan cinches it in tight, flexes his baseball sized bicep in the muscle studs face, then begins bashing away at his abs of steel. Ethan follows this up with not one, but two over the knee backbreakers, lifting Alex up and slamming him down across his knee. Alex’s muscles are draped over the bad boy’s knee as Ethan continues attacking his abs. A great start to this match for the Green Team, and perhaps a bad omen of things to come for the Dream Team?

When Ethan shoves Alex off his knee, the muscle stud is able to retaliate with a double leg takedown which gives him a chance to tag in Dash. The big boy in red climbs through the ropes, shoves Ethan against the ropes and delivers a bitch slap hard enough across his chest that echoes through the arena. Dash rushes over to connect with an elbow that knocks Gage from the apron, but this moment allows Ethan to regroup; he suplexes Dash to the mat, lands on top of him straddled across his torso, and ab bashes him before ending the reversal by locking on an arm bar making the cover model suffer. Ethan decides it’s time to give Gage a chance so he tags in his partner, but before exiting they execute a perfect double team suplex on Dash which stuns and shocks the undefeated warrior. Gage has him stunned on the mat, but makes a rookie mistake by letting the much bigger Dash get to his feet.

Dash is steamed and runs straight into a double leg takedown slam on the rookie. After Dash sends him flying high into the air with a suplex, he drags Gage over to his corner, tags in Alex, then the both of them double team to send the rookie flying overhead with their own double teamed suplex. Alex comes in and takes control, he connects with several back handed slaps across Gage’s chest, then whips him across the ring and connects with two stomps to Gage’s shredded abs and another boot to Ethan’s six-pack. The momentum shifts back and forth between the two teams in this round with exhilarating non-stop action.

But when street punk Ethan lifts Alex up across his shoulders and starts spinning him around in the center of the ring like a top, you know he’s pulled another one of his bad boy moves out of his bag of tricks to end this round. He tosses the stunned and dizzy muscle stud to the mat, and scissors his legs across one arm and locks an arm bar on Alex’s other arm. He has the muscle stud stretched firmly on the mat in an iron cross. Alex’s money making abs are wide open and a prime target for Ethan to relentlessly bash and pound away on his awesome abs.

Ethan delights in dishing out the pain and torture as Alex’s abs turn red and bright red, so when Alex refuses to submit, Ethan digs his fingers deep into the muscle studs abs with a claw hold and threatens to rip them out. Alex is forced to scream out a submission, while Dash looks on in disappointment. The Green Team celebrates victory in round one by flexing their ripped bodies over a dazed and defeated Alex.

Alex Waters & Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews & Gage Cardona: Round 2

Round two starts with the same two combatants, Ethan and Alex, and again Ethan takes control of the fratboy with a boot to his gut. Alex stumbles to the mat and before he knows it Ethan is flipping him over into a double leg boston crab while Gage reaches through the ropes to mess with Alex’s precious locks. Alex calls out to Dash ‘I’m going to power out of this Dash’, but to no avail. The Green Team double teams the battered muscle stud in the corner, focusing on brutalizing his adonis-like abs, before shoving him across the ring allowing him to tag out. The powerhouse Dash enters the ring and quickly hoists Ethan into a standing full nelson that lifts his feet off the floor. Dash propels the street punk into the corner where Alex awaits to do some double teaming. Alex holds Ethan with a rear choke hold while Dash cashes in on some ab bashing payback to the bad boy.

Dash has regained the momentum for his team as he slaps a back wrenching camel clutch on Ethan with Alex looking on in amusement. The experienced street punk is in trouble at the moment but has been in this position many times before without panicking. When Dash lifts him to his feet, Ethan connects with a flurry of fists into Dash’s gut, then whips him across the ring into the waiting hands of Gage, and as Gage holds the chosen one against the ropes, Ethan flies across the ring and delivers a solid double leg kick to Dash’s chest. Dash seems stunned and the new bad boy team takes advantage.

Ethan first connects with several boots into Dash’s cover boy abs, then tags Gage in to continue the battering of the bigger muscle stud’s killer abs. The Green Team came into this match with the strategy of dishing out pure pain and punishment to the Dream Team’s abs of steel, and they are following through on that strategy. It appears Gage has been learning what Ethan’s been teaching as he first pounds away on Dash, he follows it up with his black boot placed directly on the chosen one’s package and applies ball busting pressure. But when the rookie bad boy takes time to gloat in Alex’s face, Dash seizes the moment to take back the momentum.

The Dream Team double team the lightweight bad boy, choke slamming him not once but twice, until they were satisfied it made a solid thud after he slammed to the mat. Gage squirms in pain as it feels like his spine was just rearranged. The Dream Team has seized the control in round two, using the strength and power advantage over the street punk bad boys. Alex dishes out some payback to Ethan in this round, and when Gage attempts a high flying elbow drop that misses Dash snatches his stunned opponent from the mat and hoists him up into an over the shoulder back-breaker. As Gage is laid out across Dash’s muscular shoulder, his sweat soaked body suffering, Alex comes in to double team the rookie bad boy to make sure this match gets all evened up at one round a piece.

Alex bitch slaps Gage across his glistening chest until the rookie can’t bear it any longer and screams out a submission. Round two goes to the muscle stud Dream Team as they flex their magnificent bodies over a whimpering Gage. Both teams now know what’s at stake when round three opens; this round is going to determine if it’s the street punk bad boys that rule the tag teams here at Rock Hard, or will it be the muscle stud Dream Team that dominate that competition. All four of these guys have their chance to shine in this final and deciding round. The sweat soaked, man-to-man, non-stop exhilarating action leads up to a decisive double submission and extreme ending never seen before! Most definitely the match of the year, and one you must see to believe!

Drake Marcos vs Lorenzo ‘Jake’ Lowe: A Babyface’s Pride

This match-up was as inevitable as it has been sought after. Two of BG East’s best babyface’s have come together to give fans a very intimate look at how they’ll decide which of them gets bragging rights as the better wrestler. Tensions are high as both boys are coming into this match after experiencing some new sensations in their last matches.

While Lorenzo Lowe may not have been undefeated, the deceptively adorable stud has put far more imposing wrestlers through their paces and made it look easy, leaving the likes of Damien Rush and others lying on their backs, soaked and wondering what they just went through. His combination of sultry seduction and tough-as-nails grappling has worked well to neutralize his babyface weaknesses. But most recently he had the bad (or good?) luck to come up against superstar Cameron Mathews. That babyface-turned-musclestud had the young Lowe screaming out submissions in a variety of inventive holds. Cam wasn’t satisfied until little Lorenzo had vowed to give himself up completely to the superior wrestler, and what happened between them next is anyone’s guess. Now Lowe is looking to reclaim some of his lost dignity, to prove he can still hold his own against nearly any wrestler, and to take down a wrestler who only just managed to shed his title of “ultimate jobber.”

Drake Marcos, on the other hand, would have been coming into this match with an unbroken losing streak since his debut, were it not for recent events. Until now, Drake seemed the perfect target for any wrestler hoping to channel his inner heel, but in his most recent match, the king of the jobbers threw away his crown when Marcos met BG East’s latest recruit to the ranks of the babyfaces, Ty Alexander. This hot newbie fought long and hard to avoid a second defeat after his debut against budding heel Kayden Keller, but in the end it was Drake who drew the final submission from Ty’s lips. Marcos tasted victory for the first time, and having once experienced the true excitement and perks of a victory, he’s staring down at Lorenzo practically licking his lips at the thought of seeing the lean, wanna-be heel laid out underneath him, and much more.

Drake has only just proven he can win out over an equally fresh-faced wrestler, while Lowe has taken down men you would expect to mop the mats with the little stud. Can Marcos capitalize on his newfound confidence, or will Lorenzo prove his beating at Cameron’s hands was a mere fluke? Can both these boys use their X-fighter prowess to extract more than submissions from their sexy opponents? The wrestlers aren’t the only ones eager to find out, a select group of fans wait with phones in hand as both boys have promised to deliver proof of their moments of triumph, as well as what will surely follow after. Erotic action shots live from the mats have both fanbases on the edge of their seats.

Both boys have been preparing for this one, you can practically smell it on them as they strip out of their street clothes, each one promising to make the other their personal plaything. But there’s something else in the air too, you can see it as their eyes play over each others’ toned bodies, hear it in the flirtatious jabs about their respective gear…

These boys came here with something to prove, but neither is leaving empty-handed when this is over. All smiles as they draw closer, “You ready for this?” Drake teases and tousles Jake’s hair. “Oh Yeah,” is the only reply.

The action is fast and intense, from the moment they lock up these two take the fight to the mats and struggle for a dominant position. Holds are traded, bodies are squeezed, but it’s Lowe that truly turns the tables first. Closing his fist around Drake’s ample bulge, Jake sends his lean foe into throes of agony, a very familiar expression of almost blissful pain etched on Marcos’ face as he struggles to free himself. This is the Lowe we’ve seen humble other would-be winners, as he turns Drake over and proceeds to twist and contort him in ways only the perfect jobber could endure.

But Drake didn’t come just to add another match to his list of losses, he’s playing to win, and when Jake’s grip slips he finds himself face-first on the mat, screaming as Drake gives the cocky young grappler’s balls a taste of his own medicine. Drake draws on all the tortures he’s suffered, and finds the skill and experience to keep Jake helpless and trapped, playing with the lithe body in his arms while Lowe looks for a way out. Both boys suffer greater ball abuse as they fight to be the first to see their opponent succumb to the pain, and the temptation of submitting to the man causing it.

Hard as Drake fights, he can’t keep Lowe down forever. The budding heel rises time and again, sending Marcos to the mat in an exhausted and sweaty heap. Jake’s own body shines as he mounts the definitive jobber, grabbing his phone to immortalize the moment. Drake fights hard, but each attempt only earns more punishment from Lowe. Marcos struggles to breathe in a series of crushing chokes and scissors, and just when he thinks he’s found freedom, he meets Jake’s lips. The hot heel steals what air Drake has as they melt into a passionate yet intense game of further submissions. Drake’s eyes drift shut as he’s moved into position, Lowe’s hands drifting towards his hips, Marcos can’t resist as he’s stripped of his hot undergear, laid bare for his dominant opponent to admire.

Nude bearhugs, forced muscle worship, crotch to face pins, wild and sexy leg splits, and chokes lead to strokes and distraction as this turns into far more than a chance to prove to the other who is the better wrestler. The lusty attempts to prove utter erotic dominance turn this into a contest for best sexy knockout and the images that are revealed on The Arena at BG East are far too risqué for any sexting these satisfied X-fighters are likely to share anywhere!

Skip Vance vs Steven Ponce: Skip Gets Serious

Last we saw Skip, he and Cristian Taylor tried and failed to overcome Morgan Cruise. Instead, the Mastodon toyed with the two boys the way a cat bats around two helpless mice. Now, no man can be blamed for coming up short against a heel the likes of The Alpha Male, but everyone has their humiliation limit. For Skip, it seems losing despite a two on one advantage – and losing badly and erotically at that – has stirred something deep inside him. He’s come back with something to prove: the same smile still spread across his face, but with a fire in his eyes and a hint of menace in his voice. This twink is looking for a scrap, and a chance to prove his potential as well as his passions.

Ponce returns from a decidedly demonstrative session with new Dark Knights entrant Ray Dalton. We saw him forced by sheer power to truly give himself over to another man, mind and body. Submission to a leather dominator like Dalton can be an enlightening experience. Ponce could likely tell many a story of what occurred after he was led away by the victorious Ray that night, but it seems all the more likely we are about to see exactly what he has learned under the experienced master’s tutelage. He certainly carries a confident air as he stares down the now-serious Skip, even laughing as the quintessential blond twink shoves his chest and growls, “Do you know who I am?” Perhaps Ponce knows exactly how to put the lithe, little scrapper in his place, and Skip can only hope his new threatening tone and rough greeting can stir something else in the recently humbled Ponce.

The action goes from seductive and playful to brutally determined and back again. Both men really want to claim victory. At every moment the sexual domination subtext is writ large: humiliating crotch to face pins plop swelling baskets over faces, asses get spanked and used as weapons, jockstraps are revealed as trunks are used as a human bit before kisses and nipple worship show both these guys getting carried well beyond their initial intentions into a whole new world of options. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because there is plenty to savor in this battle for ‘top’man…

Skip Vance vs Steven Ponce: Ponce Gets Playful

The action is destructive yet seductive right from the start. Despite a crushing claw hold on his crotch, Ponce fights his way to his feet, throwing off the little stud in one of many comebacks between these wannabe dominators. Ponce outmuscles and mounts the blond beauty, staring down at that perky ass bobbing just under his bulge. His lessons under a leather-clad master have left their impression on Ponce’s psyche and it shows as a deceptively playful smile crosses his face. “I’m gonna make you my bitch” he proclaims boldly as he brings a broad palm hard against the ass under his hips. The infuriating slaps and the promise of another match ending in a humiliating defeat spurs Skip to even greater struggles, the small scrapper actually lifting Ponce clear from the mat as he throws the larger man off him. The erstwhile jobber extraordinaire meets the dom-in-training’s prediction with his own self-assured confidence, “You’re just making me mad, you haven’t seen tough yet.”

Skip scoops, flips, and slams the Ponce, bending him nearly in two, but the hairy redhead has been made to suffer through far worse and glibly refuses Skip’s demands for a submission. There’s a fire in Skip’s eyes and a dangerous edge in his voice as he resolves to make this match, this mat, and this man his own. He maneuvers Ponce into another tight scissors, those surprisingly muscled legs squeezing tight, but when it’s not enough he locks in an arm bar, finally forcing Ponce to tap. This hardly seems like the same blond surfer boy we once witnessed receiving what looked like a nearly fatal schooling in submission holds from Jonny Firestorm. This Skip Vance is coming after Ponce with an almost dangerous lust for vengeance, for all the times the he begged his brutal opponents for mercy. Skip doesn’t just want to win, he wants to take everything he can from Ponce, the intensity in his eyes only growing as his hands play over the hairy body in his grasp.

This boy means to dominate his opponent every way he can, but Ponce will take it all and demand more. He’s suffered at the hands of the best, and one submission won’t satisfy his lust for punishment. If the would-be dom can’t get what he wants, he’ll give it instead, using what he’s learned of pain to extract the sweet screams of suffering he craves from Skip’s lips. Holds are traded and limits pushed to the breaking point, but even as both men experience agony in each other’s arms, there is a growing passion in their mutual punishment. Wrestling and submissions swiftly become a prelude to a more lustful encounter. There is still a winner to be decided, but it may be by the skill of mixing both pain and intense pleasure that one man will hear his opponent moan in a final, and total, submission. The sounds of hands on asses and teeth on nipples give way to growing cries of almost agonized ecstasy, one wrestler begging for mercy or release, his shouts reaching their climax in an explosive and utterly dominant finish. This one leaves no doubt which wrestler is the master on this mat, and which is the trembling sub, soaked and satisfied.

Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper: Round 1

Lately, the new upstart superstars have been stealing the spotlight here at Rock Hard. These days it’s all about; Alex Waters, Dash Decker, Matt Engel, and Bruce Ballard. Well, this doesn’t sit well with the veterans that built this fed, like; Zack (Z-man) Johnathan, Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, and Ethan Andrews. Some of the vets decided to take a stand and deliver a message that they built this house, and they intend to defend it!

In this match-up, we have ‘the total package’ and rising superstar Bruce going against the seasoned veteran and ‘tactician’ Austin. Bruce has burst on the underground scene with an easy victory over fellow rookie Tyson Matthews and is looking to move up in competition. When Coop heard about this, he asked for his turn to take on the dark haired, perfectly built Bruce. Coop is so anxious for this match he’s already waiting in the ring for it to start.

Coop’s decked out in his signature green trunks and black boots, even sporting a black hoodie for this match. Meanwhile, Bruce looks perfect in dark blue and silver square cuts and black boots, pumping up his ripped, pristine body before climbing into the ring. Both of these muscle dudes can dish out and take the trash talk, though Coop does his best to get inside the total package’s head.Austin claims his bigger than bodybuilder Bruce, so Bruce asks ‘do you think you’re stronger than me?’, and Coop pauses then replies ‘no, I know.’ Bruce gets a chuckle out of this, he climbs through the ropes and challenges Coop to an old school arm wrestling match.

The two lay on their stomachs in the center of the ring to settle the score. Their massive biceps locked in struggle; Bruce ultimately prevails and forces Coop’s hand to the mat. Bruce gets to his feet, and with testosterone flying high, he flexes each of his bulging biceps for his opponent to admire. Coop brushes it aside saying ‘I’ll beat your ass wrestling, I’m a wrestler’.

The two lock up with Bruce gaining the early control. He backs the redhead back into the corner and begins to go after Coop’s shredded abs. Coop’s abs have never looked better, and perhaps they’re in for a beating? Bruce’s uses his muscles to lift Austin up over his shoulder, then slams him to the mat. The rising superstar then delivers and elbow drop to the veteran’s back and follows it up with a back breaking camel clutch that has Coop suffering and Bruce flexing his biceps in dominance.

The total package doesn’t let up, he places the redhead in a double leg boston crab, and when he’s done with that he watches as Coop pulls himself up by the ropes, then shoves him into the corner and starts to bitch slap him across his massive pecs. It’s a little surprising how Bruce has controlled round one, and it doesn’t stop. He locks on a figure-four leg lock with his mammoth thighs exerting immense pressure on Coop’s enormous legs. Once Bruce has worked over every part of the veteran’s body, he hoists him up and drops him into an over the knee backbreaker. He’s got the bearded redhead sprawled out across his knee, and to add insult to injury begins slapping his abs until Coop screams out a submission to escape the torment. Bruce poses proudly over his battered opponent. Round one goes to the upstart superstar, Bruce 1, Coop 0.

Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper: Round 2

Round two opens with Bruce beaming his movie star smile and Coop wondering what just happened? The young upstart stays on the attack, shoving the wobbly redhead back into the corner and attacking his shredded abs, picking up where he left off in the previous round and proclaiming this is the House of Bruce! He whips Coop across the ring and into a forearm clothesline that drops his beefy body to the mat. The rookie continues to beat up on the veteran, with seemingly no regard to Austin’s lengthy underground wrestling experience and success.

Bruce hoists Coop up into a full nelson, stretching him out and flailing his body around the ring before lacing Coop’s muscles through the ring ropes, placing his black boot on his lower back, and pulling back on his arms which has the veteran stretched and suffering. In a surprise, it appears Bruce may chalk up an impressive win in two straight rounds. Coop is on the ropes, and is literally being choked across the ropes. As Austin grovels on the mat, Bruce circles him like a hawk circles road kill, looking to sweep in and pick the last of the meat off the bones of a dead carcass. And just when you thought it was over, Coop digs into his back of dirty tricks and connects with a low blow to Bruce’s crotch. He drops to his knees and Coop immediately places him in a camel clutch and starts inflicting pain.

The veteran redhead then begins whipping the total package across the ring an into the opposite corner, taking pause to return the bitch slaps he endured in round one and also bash away at Bruce’s abs of steel. Coop continues his attack; scooping Bruce up and dropping him over his knee, the clamping on a figure four leg lock that has Bruce feeling pain he’s never felt before in the ring. The veteran sniffs victory and begins to soften his opponent up for the kill. He picks up and slams Bruce to the mat, then chokes him over the ring rope, before placing him in a debilitating submission hold that has Bruce’s marvelous muscles trapped with nowhere to go. Coop turns up the heat by applying increasing pressure on Bruce’s muscles until Bruce is compelled to cry out a submission.

Just when you thought the veteran was out of it, he comes back to even this match, Bruce 1, Coop 1. Entering into the third and final round, it’s been a momentum match. Bruce controlled all of round one and the first half of round two, then Austin used a cheap shot to gain the advantage for the last half of round two. It makes you wonder how round three will play out? Will the veteran tactician maintain his control over the perfectly muscled Bruce, or can the upstart fitness model regain the momentum and collect an impressive conquest to add to his previous victory. In a climatic finish, one of these wrestlers is chocked out in a never seen before move that will leave you gasping for air!

Kayden Keller vs Mason Brooks: Naughty Knotty Pine

There’s hot, humid weather in store today at the Wrestleshack. Kayden Keller and Mason Brooks each size the other up in their pouch-hugging low-cut singlets, and they like what they see. Tall, sinewy Kayden looms over an undaunted Mason, who gives his opponent the once over, comments favorably on the fit of the lycra against Kayden’s bulging muscle, and then says, “Shame I’m gonna have to rip it off of you.” The big guy huffs, replying skeptically. “You think you can?”

This is a strip match both these wrestlers have been anxiously awaiting. The late afternoon sun slices across the Wrestleshack mat, probing the pine-patterned walls. Already, within seconds, the temperature seems to have risen by ten degrees. The time is right. Kayden and Mason belong to a new breed of BG East wrestler, part of a new “brat pack,” you could say, along with Drake Marcos, Ty Alexander, and Trey Dixon. When they’re not feuding or sometimes hanging out together at poolside or out on the town, they sometimes hang with their role model and part-time bad influence: Skrapper.

Mason and Kayden have been itching to get their hands on each other since this group emerged. A highly popular blog site dubbed Kayden a “heel-in-training,” and indeed his size and surly attitude seem to make him a natural bully. Mason, the more experienced of the two, has something of a reputation for being a mouthy bad-ass too, despite his babyface surfboy looks. These two wrestlers are hot to shake the old shack off its foundations, and strip and steam up the windows too.

Kayden gets the first takedown, but Mason looks decidedly in control of the situation. Even under the weight of his opponent, Mason wraps his strong legs around Kayden’s body and begins the slow but time-tested process of wearing down the big guy. There’s a lot of Kayden to wear down, though, and the task of controlling him will not be easy. It’s a testament to Mason’s mat-savvy that, with unanticipated speed, he gets the first fall of the match, with a deftly executed figure-four choke.

Kayden Keller vs Mason Brooks: Giving Till It Hurts

Furious over being submitted so quickly by his smaller opponent, Kayden fights back with everything he’s got. He straddles Mason’s waist, using his weight advantage to keep his opponent pressed to the mat. Mason attempts to punch his way free, aiming for the gut, but the blows have virtually no impact on Kayden. Ever resourceful, Mason draws upon his knowledge of grappling holds and his opponent’s weak spots to reverse, stretching Kayden out and twisting his pectoral muscles and nipples.

By the halfway point, both wrestlers have worked up a fine, silky sweat that illuminates their bodies. They are well paired in a match that features lots of legwork, mostly scissors and figure fours, along with some jabbing and hair-pulling, then later ear- and neck-nibbling. The homoerotic heat that flared up when they first faced off only intensifies as the competition escalates. At one point, Kayden crams Mason’s face to his crotch. He taunts him in his distinctly bedroom-y voice: “You know you love it down there … You love taking it, don’t you?”

Soon Mason’s slick body slides free of his singlet, and he strips off his opponent’s gear (as promised) and starts using it to choke, gag, and bridle by turns, while thrusting himself against Kayden’s back. The trash talk subsides to heavy breathing and animal groaning as the nude and sweaty bodies strain and struggle. When Mason asks, “You about had enough?” Kayden fires back without skipping a beat, “No way! Not even close!” Mason smiles: “I was hoping you’d say that!” So were we!

Keller-versus-Brooks represents the new wave of BGE competition, taking everything we fans love about wrestling to its absolute limit. From sweat-streaked bubble butts to “magic” nipples, the bout earns a place alongside the Wrestleshack series’ hottest contests, combining hardcore aggression and supercharged libido in a highly volatile cocktail of lust, ego, oneupmanship, and solid submission wrestling.

Cameron Matthews vs Christian Taylor: Good Clean Fun?

It will come as a shock to some that Cameron Matthews, with over two dozen BG East matches to his credit, including two Wrestler Spotlights devoted entirely to him, has not once stepped foot in the Wrestleshack. Until now, that is. Quick to rectify the situation, The Boss signed him to this match, taking on Christian Taylor, who is lately anxious to shed his twink image by taking on a pro of Cameron’s experience and reputation. Cameron thinks of his first shed match as a ‘free vacation’ grapple, given his opinion of his opponent.

We first see Cameron and Christian ambling up a woodsy path towards the shack, shirtless in worn-out blue jeans, trading goodnatured “buddy shoves” along the way, then shedding their flip-flops at the door. (Reread that sentence, if you like: There rests, right under the image’s idyllic Mayberry quaintness, a bubbling mass of erotic heat, threatening to erupt.)

“Do I really have to stretch to kick your ass?” Cameron jokes as he steps inside. Christian smiles at the Champ’s cockiness, and the match begins without prologue. Indeed, it would be hard to find two more wholesome-looking faces on the BGE roster than Christian and Cameron. There’s an aw-shucks quality to the way they tussle, tying their gangling arms together and tumbling to the mat.

But Christian is quick to take advantage, grabbing and twisting his opponent’s bare foot at the ankle till Cameron squawks, “You bastard!” and laughs, still believing he and Christian are here for some innocent horseplay. But despite his angelic appearance, Christian likes to play rough, hard and aggressive rough. He means to raise the temperature of this fight as quickly and as high as possible. Cameron may not know it yet, but he’s playing for keeps!

Cameron Matthews vs Christian Taylor: “What You Got?”

“What you got, man?” a newly aggressive Christian really wants to find out! Cameron tosses him off and tousles the kid’s hair, chuckling like it’s all for fun. Christian reverses, pushing Cameron face down to the mat, then grabbing his wrist and yanking the arm up in a wrenching chickenwing. He tousles Cameron’s hair, as if to say, “Who’s the kid, now?” What he actually says is “You wanna give already?” Still all smiles, Cameron replies, “Not to YOU …,” adding, with the first note of irritation in his voice, “… Pussy.”

When Christian boasts, “Kicking your ass just comes natural,” Cameron bucks him off, snags him in an armbar, and gives the kid’s tit a nasty twist. Then, to make sure his point is crystal clear, he straddles Christian’s chest and forces his face up into his crotch. What “comes natural” in a situation like this is that line after line may be crossed till somebody ends up shamed, even seriously hurt. What’s fascinating to watch is the tension as it mounts, gradually wearing away the veneer of frisky “fun” as tempers flare, revealing the game for what it is, a man-sized bid for dominance and control.

Christian has shown his bully tendencies before in other matches. He often likes to push an opponent just a little further, then further still, as if, in his mind, it can never go far enough. He likes things to be intense. Punches, chokes, low blows, anything to raise the heat. But we’ve never seen him go as far as this. When an injured Cameron complains, “I thought we were just playing!” Christian replies defensively, “You said you were about to fight back. I thought that was the deal, punk.”

If Christian wants a real fight to put his manhood to the test, he may be picking on the wrong guy. Sure, Cameron is one of the most easygoing guys in wrestling. But Cameron calls himself “Champ” only half in jest (if even half). He knows a hundred ways to hurt you, twenty of which will make you wish you had never been born. Christian may not like it as much as he thinks, when Cameron finally turns on him. As the two shed first their jeans, then all civilized restraints, it’s clear this match won’t be over till one of them has beaten the shit out of the other. This battle of the baby face lookers in their butt hugging underwear is truly astonishing!

Paul Hudson vs Denny Cartier: Lucky Takedown

Paul Hudson has a “cult following” (we don’t know what else to call it) among BG East fans. The wrestler projects a hard-to-resist roughneck appeal that attracts ardent devotees. What most fans like best about Paul is his tenacity. Once he latches on to an opponent, he never lets go. He moves quickly and snakes his way around his opponents. And he’s never at a loss for a punishing move, be it in the ring – or on the mat.

One of our most fearless wrestlers, Paul has taken on opponents big and small, representing a wide range of wrestling experience, notably superstar pros like Cameron Matthews, Donnie Drake, and Joe Robbins. Against such giants of the ring, Paul has brought nothing less than his best fight every time and chalked up an impressive number of wins. No small part of his success in the squared circle is due to his training and natural propensity for mat grappling, which just happens to be the name of the game in BG East’s Wrestleshack.

His opponent, Denny Cartier, nonetheless enters the shack full of confidence. It’s Denny’s first match in the Wrestleshack. (It’s Hudson’s second, so he’s claiming ownership of the space.) Denny started his BGE career jobbing against renowned badass BG East heels like Bulldog Barzini and Jonny Firestorm but not without demonstrating considerable mat skills. Now he wants to put his jobbing days behind him and go for ‘full-on, fair’ grappling – in regulation amateur gear, no less. Does he have the killer instincts to handle a wily dynamo like Paul, whose mat and ring skills make him the favorite here?

Clearly ready to be aggressive, Denny charges and gets the initial takedown. Only Denny seems unsurprised. “Lucky takedown,” Paul mumbles sourly, immediately taking control of his ambitious opponent. But Denny shows he’s more than just lucky, turning the match back around and burying Paul underneath him. Paul mutters something about “pity points,” as if he were LETTING Denny ride him like a bitch. Against expectations, the match is shaping up into a give-and-take contest. It takes Denny seven minutes, but he gains the first fall over Paul with a three-count pin! Who saw that coming?

Paul Hudson vs Denny Cartier: “I Should Knock You the Fuck Out!”

Paul is pissed off. The singlet straps come down for the second leg of the contest. “Now we play by MY rules!” Paul insists. With good reason, Denny balks, looking distrustful. What exactly are Paul Hudson’s rules? Not bothering with details, Paul baits him dismissively. “Don’t be a pussy!” he sneers.

Of course Denny accepts the challenge, and by the usual rules this should be the point in the match when Paul squashes Denny out of existence. Indeed, Paul goes for the jugular, using a figure-four choke to cut off the man’s oxygen. Denny cries foul, but they are playing by Paul’s rules now. Then, out of nowhere, Denny rebounds with more fire than Paul thought he had in him. Denny reverses the hold. Now it’s Paul who’s wriggling like a worm, turning blue in the face, and crying foul.

A quick succession of submissions resolves nothing between them. Each fall only escalates the level of rage. Paul strikes his opponent’s legs, especially the joints at the knees and ankles. Still, the battle remains too close to call. The singlets get tugged off and used as hangman’s nooses. Paul and Denny go all out, NO rules now, as they enter full fury mode that eventually climaxes with a piledriver … or two.

The passions here may be bigger than the tiny shack can contain. This is the sexiest, most savage match either wrestler has endured. All in all, it’s a star turn for Paul Hudson and Denny Cartier alike. Anything can happen, and as the competition mounts and the grudges heat up, it’s a race to see who gets a boner first, the wrestlers or the fans!

Challenge: Submit the Hairy Chested Stud

Since Torvik Tirva’s debut as one of the UK’s ‘New Breed’ of motel grapplers and his challenging all-out fight against pro Brad Flash, on Motel Madness 11, the sexy Latvian has watched his popularity grow. This cocky tough guy has seen ring action before, but he likes the no-holds-barred private action that can just pop up at any moment in the relative safety (from referees) of the private hotel room. Ever since he started, he’s wanted to get his hands on fellow ‘New Breed’ Londoner Sasha, but Sasha is a slippery man.

The hairy-chested gypsy hunk has irons in many fires in the international metropolis that is London, and just tracking Sasha down to set up this match took over a year. So when it finally happened, Torvik had worked up quite a healthy desire to dominate this tightly muscled street fighter. He also wanted to make sure Sasha wore those shiny orange trunks that glittered next to his tanned hairy legs and abdomen when Sasha fought Darren Madison. Both are men of few words, but with a glance you can see they are serious about this battle, and the unusually large English hotel room is barely big enough to contain the intensity of the action in this long-awaited encounter.

Smoldering Sasha has more than his sexy looks going for him. Those muscles are incredibly powerful, and it’s the simplest of holds, the deceptively survivable ones, that have Torvik reluctantly squealing “I give” after a stoic forbearance. He squeezes his hairy legs of steel and twice forces a submission first with a ‘simple’ tight bodyscissors, then with a ‘simple’ side headlock/keylock combination squeezing Torvik’s big head. Not that the Latvian doesn’t fight back. In fact, Torvik seems to have an unlimited reserve of energy, and shucks off the submission-dealing pain and comes back for more. Is this part of a strategy…?

Another Sleeper Bonanza!

Still, Sasha’s very mean boston crab has Torvik tapping when he really looks like he should be screaming, and now he’s down 3-1 against the sexy barefoot stud.

Torvik’s armbars and choke attempts demonstrate that Strategy is definitely the route he’s taking to best the powerful coiled musculature of the hot-bodied Sasha. He doesn’t have a choice. Even Torvik’s sleeper attempts teach him that Sasha is unafraid of Torvik’s powerful arms. They just aren’t powerful enough to harm this fighter.

So Torvik starts going for other variations to weaken the gypsy dynamo. When Sasha manages to power out of a guillotine choke, he’s just weak enough that Torvik can eak out a 2nd submission with a bodyscissors/armbar combination. This seems to be the key: weaken, double up the pain. Torvik uses his size advantage to escape pins and repeated scissors attempts, and whenever Sasha gets tired he locks on his most painful joint locks. When a boston crab won’t get a submission, Torvik turns it into a knee cranking single leg crab variation that just does the trick!

Not that Sasha gives up easily. And not that he doesn’t respond in kind. This match is a constant lesson in tit-for-tat, as Sasha ups the ante each time Torvik demonstrates his strategy is working. Now it’s Sasha trying to use guillotines and sleepers. Sasha gets behind but it’s clear these healthy athletes are excited enough by this competition to go on for hours. Instead, Sasha offers Torvik a chance he can’t refuse: a sudden-death ‘one more submission and you win’. Crippler crossface, sleeper, rear bodyscissors, figure 4 sleeper: the guys go all out The finale is another knock out and pin, making this a three-KO Motel Match, because if there’s one thing motels guarantee, it’s sleep and nice dreams!

Joshua Goodman vs Cage Thunder: A Surprise Party of One

Mr. Joshua is always in demand. When you sport a perfect physique dipped in the fountain of seemingly eternal youth, you will have admirers. When you are a wrestler whose body can absorb punishment, suffer exquisitely, and fight back while adjusting a package one size short of an easter basket, well… You will never be left wanting for a wrestling partner. And so it is that Josh Goodman finds himself jonesing for a little action as he suns himself on his hotel balcony in yet another city where he’s ‘touring’ the local scene.

Josh – Mr. Joshua as he prefers to be addressed – is always confident because he has the body and the BG East experience to back it up. He’s lost plenty of matches, but he’s slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with and he is only too happy to oblige his many fans who want a try at beating – or getting beaten by – that perfect tanned body.

As he hears a knock on his room door – and yells an invitation to come on in through the unlocked door – he confides to his hometown friend on the phone that he “met a guy online. Supposed to kick his ass. I’ll call you after I’m done.”

Coming in from the balcony to greet his opponent, he’s stopped cold by a surprise knee to the gut and the terrifying image of masked Cage Thunder tossing him unceremoniously to the ground. As he holds his midsection, and Cage continues a relentless attack, he can only mumble “who are YOU!?” to the beefy muscled masked monster bent on his destruction. A master of disguises, Cage rarely wears the same mask, and now we see that his online disguises can be quite diverse as well. Josh had no idea who he was inviting into his inner sanctum. As Cage tortures his arm, lays an ab claw into that tender eight-pack, splits his legs apart and pins and spanks his victim, it’s clear that he’s the organizer of a Surprise Party at Josh’s expense.

Joshua’s superhero body is battered and shocked, but not yet beaten, but even when he battles back and tries to stop his tormentor, Cage’s relentless and sinister energy just sucks up the pain and then delivers it back to Mr. Joshua two fold. A motel mauling has begun…

Joshua Goodman vs Cage Thunder: Newton’s Law of Sadism

Josh does have some moves to go along with his smoking hot body: numerous times he turns the tables on the mysterious intruder, headscissoring him at various points to slow down the maniacal masked muscledude, forearming smashing him, elbowing him and working over his back with all the desperation of a cornered animal. He even gets a camel clutch at one point and eeks a submission out of the insanely flexible Thunder. Enjoying a moment of revenge, Josh makes Cage say his submission again and again.

But just moments after holds that would make most of Josh’s opponents scream in agony, Cage seems unstoppable again! Josh uses his bulging muscles to powerful effect but it only seems to enrage and engage the sexy masked sadist.

Cage looks through his blazing red mask and sees a target written all over that eight pack midsection just above Josh’s famed package. The masked man tears at Josh’s breadbasket with endless claws that have Josh whimpering, blows that stagger the superstar, and knees and punches against the wall when Josh has the audacity to try to remove Cage’s precious mask. Josh is staggered yet again, and his body is put on display as he suffers an unbelievable abdominal stretch with an ab claw that has Cage screaming his own submissions.

“I’m outa here,” Josh sputters as he tries to leave, not wanting to see what his body will suffer next. Cage stops him and delivers a gut buster, then another one. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! My abs!” And that’s not the only target Thunder has in his sites. Despite Josh’s angry and desperate counter-bashing and hopeful headscissors that drive Cage’s head into the ground, the big hairy chested dynamo uses nearly every hold done to him back on his hapless model opponent. Any Josh action gets an equal and opposite reaction! Such is the Thunder force of nature!

Josh’s one vice, loving to pose after a submission, even comes back to haunt him as Cage just grabs him by the nuts and parades him around the room, then lets him drop holding his precious package in agony. Attacking the muscleboy’s abs again, or applying yet another return submission hold, it’s clear Cage is getting off on destroying this stud. The second knockout finale to this beautiful and sadistic struggle will have you gasping and admiring just how much wrestling devastation can be delivered in the privacy of a hotel room.

Alex Waters vs Gage Cardona & Ethan Andrews

Cocky fratboy Alex has been having his way around here lately, especially with the new rookies that have joined the roster. He’s on a six match win streak, dominating newbies Justin Silver and Matt Engel, and looking very impressive in conquering veterans Zack Johnathan, Austin Cooper, and even resident bad boy Ethan Andrews. That didn’t go over very well with Ethan, he has a reputation of having his way with the muscle hunks. Rookie Gage had a rough debut match, and was beaten to a pulp by Dash Decker. His luck has not gotten any better, as he’s matched up against the superstar Alex in just the second time he’s stepped into the squared circle. Gage has previous wrestling experience and also some MMA experience, but it didn’t help much in his previous match. Let’s see if he can use it to his advantage in this match.

Gage is waiting in the ring, warming up in his red trunks, red tank top, and red knee-high socks. He’s also sporting black frame glasses that make him look like he could have just come from the Comic Con convention. He appears both anxious and a little nervous. Alex struts into the ring calm, cool, and confident. Immediately Alex starts with the trash talking, wanting to get inside the rookie’s head. He ask Gage, ‘do you know who you’re wrestling?’ and the rookie replies with a hint of naivety ‘well you name’s Alex.’ The cocky fratboy uses one of the oldest tricks in the book, and the newbie falls for it. He extends his hand for a handshake, and connects with a fist to the newbie’s abs. Gage is stunned and says ‘oh, so you’re a cheap player’ and Alex replies, ‘hell yeah I am’ before scooping the lightweight up and slamming him to the mat. Alex smells blood and he’s on the attack. He starts slamming and tossing Gage around the ring, attacking his back with stomps at every moment. He begins toying with the rookie in a series of holds that begins with a head scissors, includes a double leg drop kick to the sternum, and ends with Gage choked over the rope as Alex shoves his boot down on the dazed rookie.

Gage attempts to use his quickness when he gets to his feet, but to no avail, Alex catches him in a headlock and hip tosses him to the mat. While Gage squirms in pain on the mat, the cocky fratboy takes the opportunity to take a stroll across his back. He then pulls the rookie to his feet and shoves him into the corner turnbuckle. He goes to work on Gage’s lean body with several back-handed slaps across the chest, telling him that back-handed means he’s a bitch!

Alex continues to dominate round one, though Gage is able to gain control for a short time, but it’s evident he’s no match for the reigning superstar. Alex started this round attacking Gage’s back, and he’s going to finish this round by attacking the rookie’s back. With the sweat dripping from Gage’s body, Alex drapes him over his knee in an over the knee backbreaker, lifts and slams him with several suplexes, then tightly clamps on a double leg boston crab that has him squirming in pain and searching for any way to escape. Alex likely could have submitted him right then, but his hedonistic mind decides it wants to inflict even more pain that sends a message to the rookie. Alex sets him up for a crotch ripping banana split in the center of the ring. He spreads Gage’s legs to the limit until the newbie succumbs to the pain and cries out a submission. Message sent and message delivered. Alex flexes his mighty muscles over his crumbled, conquered opponent to claim round one!

Alex Waters vs Gage Cardona & Ethan Andrews: Round 2

Round two begins with Alex asking ‘how’s that groin area?’ and Gage snaps back ‘don’t worry about it’ and starts talking smack to the cocky fratboy. Well, that doesn’t last long as he catches Gage with a double leg take-down and a thud to the mat. Alex picks up where he left on in round one, controlling and beating on the rookie. He attacks his legs, stretches him out on the mat with a variety of holds, then laces Gage’s sweaty, battered body through the ropes and really tortures the non-stop talker. For the first five minutes of this round, Alex owns Gage and it appears that it’s going to be another easy two straight rounds victory for the superstar fratboy. That is, until resident bad boy Ethan Andrews struts around the corner.

Ethan’s been looking for a new tag team partner, someone he could take under his wing as a prodigy bad boy. Ethan thought he saw some potential in Gage when he viewed his match against Dash, even though he got thumped, he showed he wouldn’t back down and even trash talked Dash throughout the entire match. Plus Ethan has a bone to pick with Alex, since Alex narrowly beat him in their recent singles match, and Ethan doesn’t like it one bit when one of the pretty boy muscle studs gets the better of him. So when he walks in on this match, he doesn’t like what he sees as Alex is putting a beat down on his boy Gage so he starts doing some coaching and distracting the cocky fratboy.

Next thing you know, Alex’s been distracted and Gage is gaining momentum. Next thing you know Gage is doing a reverse suplex on Alex, and Ethan is coaching him to focus on attacking the fratboy’s back. Ethan tells him to put him in a camel clutch, and then tells him to pull his hair. This really irritates Alex, and has thrown him off his game. Gage brings him to his feet, grabs his hair and shoves him into the corner. Gage bashes away the muscle stud’s killer abs until Ethan climbs up on the apron and says ‘whip him over here’ and Gage throws his across the ring into an awaiting bad boy Ethan. The bad boy pulls Alex’s muscular arms behind his body, exposing his abs for Gage to bash away on. The rookie is feeling the momentum and is gaining more and more confidence as Ethan coaches him.

When Gage flips Alex to the center of the ring, bad boy Ethan climbs through the ropes and states’ I got a score to settle with this guy’ and what once was looking like another easy win for Alex has now turned into a 2 on 1 beat down match with him on the receiving end. The bad boy instructs Gage to put him in a full nelson, then Ethan delivers several hard fists into Alex’s abs. They then team up for a double suplex which sends the cocky stud flying through the air and across the ring. They continue to torture and pulverize Alex’s body, inflicting severe pain at every turn. Alex is just out manned at this point, and when Gage locks on a banana split and Ethan applies a head scissor and arm bar combo it’s all over. Alex is stretched out like a pretzel and in extreme agony, he’s crying out in pain and submits, but that isn’t enough to satisfy this team as they make him submit twice more before finally releasing the hold. The rookie Gage kneels down on Alex’s abs and flexes with pride as Ethan claps for his conquest.

Alex Waters vs Gage Cardona & Ethan Andrews: Round 3

Round three opens with Alex in his corner beaten, battered, and slumped over the ropes. The bad boy and the rookie strut across the ring from their corner to pick up where they left off at the end of round two, double teaming and torturing Alex’s piping hot body. Gage suplexes the cocky fratboy from behind, then both of them pull Alex outside the ring to lace his muscles through the ropes. Ethan stands on the outside apron holding Alex’s big arms behind his back, while Gage delights in bashing away at Alex’s sculpted six pack and finishes the beating with a flying double leg drop kick to his gut. Alex is being demolished, destroyed, and devoured, and his muscles are being pummeled, pulverized and pounded. Alex isn’t able to fend off the 2 on 1 destruction, and in what is probably the worst thumping and thrashing seen here at Rock Hard, ultimately and mercifully submits in an ab bashing finishing hold you need to see to believe. The cocky fratboy goes down hard in this match, real hard!