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Skip Vance vs Trey Dixon: Gear Fetish Fantasy Come True

There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ Southern boy with a hardcore wrestling gear fetish. So just imagine the heat generated by two sexy Southern boys who get turned on hard by full throttle wrestling in, and then out of the snuggest, sexiest wrestling gear they can find! Trey Dixon and Skip Vance stumbled across their mutual infatuation with all things wrestling gear-related by accident a while ago. But it took a few months of online planning and virtual wrestling to arrange a private, face-to-face rendezvous in Florida. Each hot hunk brought his own bag of tricks to make this fantasy match a reality. The anticipation left them both nearly frothing at the mouth by the time they got their hands all over each other.

Trey greets Skip at the door wearing metallic gold tights and a luchador mask. The tanned, crystal cut muscle stud is dizzyingly sexy as he anxiously asks Skip if he wore the purple tights he requested. Skip strips to Trey’s special order gear, and the two eager beavers breathlessly feel one another up and down. Cut from the same cloth, stoked hard by the same wrestling fantasies, they stroll excitedly to live the fantasy in the ring.

Trey has made quite a name for himself in his short tenure with BG East over the past year, starring in some of the sexiest, full contact, fully aroused wrestling combat on tape. He is a beast on the mat, with an intuitive knack for stoking erotic tension and completely distracting an opponent with those paralyzing lips. Skip is far from a doe-eyed rookie, though. The lightweight scrapper has taken some of the most epic beatings on tape and managed to wring grudging respect out of every opponent he’s faced. No stranger to the risks and rewards of erotic wrestling, he’s not about to be too easily suckered by Trey’s gorgeous body and tasty lips.

Trey is nearly beside himself with delight to finally get to play out his gear fetish with a pro. Climbing up to the ring apron, he can’t stop himself from exploring every inch of Skip’s body, groaning with pleasure at the feel of that spandex-clad ass. A headbutt to the gut, however, permits Skip to dump the golden stud unceremoniously in the ring and get down to the real business at hand, wrestling domination!

Skip Vance vs Trey Dixon: The Gear Gamut – tights, singlets, briefs, jocks, and nothing!

The wrestling is astonishingly brutal and evenly contested as Trey Dixon and Skip Vance dive into their shared gear fetish, starting in masks and tights in the ring. Southern drawls dripping with erotic tension slap down taunting trash talk as momentum is traded back and forth. “Ooo, that mask really looks good on you, boy,” Trey coos, staring down at Skip’s wincing face trapped snuggly in face-to-crotch headscissors. “Oh, yeah, I think purple is your color!”

The erotic fantasy persistently distracts both sexy Southern boys, and it’s Trey’s infatuation with stroking Skip’s spandex-clad ass that leaves him open for Skip’s reversal. He mounts the golden hunk and pounds the shit out of Trey’s ripped abs, momentarily knocking the fight out of him. Having subdued his opponent, Skip can’t stop himself from exploring every inch of Trey’s hot bod and focusing particularly lustful attention on Trey’s beautiful bulging package. “Come on, give me all you got!” he murmurs breathlessly.

Soon, though, Trey systematically owns his hot little opponent in the ring. Once the bashing and forced stripping is done, it’s winner’s choice, as Trey digs into his personal bag of fantasy gear, picking out bulge-hugging singlets for each of them to wear as they take this gear war fantasy to the mats.

Skip cannot tear his eyes away from the huge, golden package bouncing eagerly at the front of Trey’s yellow singlet. “I don’t need to imagine what your package looks like,” he marvels a the skin-tight, transparent fabric suction packed around his opponent’s crotch. “I can see it!” Trey gives his tempting package a hearty tug, taunting Skip with it. “Oh, I’ll show it to you!”

Between the two of them, these two fashionistas have countless gear fetish fantasies that they’re dying to dig out of their bags. When Skip makes the golden warrior submit in a full nelson and grapevine combo, he rips the mask off his opponent and claims the next winner’s choice: designer briefs. In, then out, then in and out again of one incredibly flattering gear after another, each one smaller than the last, both good ol’ boys ratchet up their intensity meaner, hotter, and hornier. Briefly in jock straps, and then one final full naked free for all tests their self-control as limbs and cocks and lips grapple furiously. There’s most definitely one decisive, final fall submission that determines which erotic warrior is in charge as they exit the mat room arm in arm, but looking at the erections and the lust in their eyes, this gear fetish fantasy-come-true makes absolutely everyone a winner!

Morgan Cruise vs MJ Vergara: Pro Geared Power vs Man in Tights

Ripped hunk MJ Vergara turns heads in absolutely anything he wears, but even MJ can’t take his eyes off of just how sexy these baby blue tights look stretched taut across his own thick thighs and perfect ass. He cannot keep his hands off of himself, stroking his encased muscles and admiring every angle of his incredibly hot body poured so tantalizingly into the tight spandex (particularly from behind). This incredibly toned acrobat has proven repeatedly that every mouthwatering muscle is tuned with expert precision to maximize balance, flexibility, and power. He’s one of our smallest competitors, but woe be the opponent who underestimates the damage this streetwise, stunningly conditioned athlete can do.

Morgan “the Mastodon” Cruise, however, has made a career out of contemptuously downplaying, then degrading the strengths of every opponent he’s ever met. Aside from getting his hot, hairy ass handed to him by pro heel Lon Dumont when he first arrived, Morgan has been on a rampage through the ranks of BG East, ripping apart one wrestler after another. Built like an 80’s pro wrestling heel, with the disposition of a maniacal tyrant and the unstoppable power of a mammoth mastodon, Morgan has shocked and awed much bigger and more experienced opponents. So it should come as no surprise that the king of contempt is profoundly underwhelmed when he finds 5’3″, 135 pound MJ in the ring in abject lust with his own mirror image.

“You know, I’ve come to expect very little of the talent here,” Morgan pronounces as he climbs into the ring. “I’m surprised, though. You look worse than my most pathetic opponent!” It’s those tights that irk the Mastodon most. A lifelong lover of pro wrestling, Morgan takes pride in his pro style trunks, matching boots and color coordinated vest. There’s a gravitas about classic gear that Morgan insists must be respected, and skin tight, baby blue spandex tights do not match the Mastodon’s high standards for gear that honors the ring.

Morgan slides his massive shoulders out of his warm-up vest and hands it to MJ to hang up. “Make yourself useful, and take this elsewhere,” he regally commands. Astonished by the balls on his opponent, the tattooed stud flings the vest out of the ring with his own contempt.

In a flash, Morgan attacks him from behind. Hoisting the lightweight up for a brutal suplex, the Mastodon abruptly finds the maneuver stymied by the phenomenal balance and body awareness of his acrobatic opponent. Shifting his weight just so, MJ throws his burly opponent off balance and suddenly it’s Morgan unceremoniously slammed to is back in the middle of the ring. Capoeira moves keep the Mastodon off balance, unable to keep track of where the next stunning kick is coming from. With astonishing grace and efficiency, MJ splashes down his rock hard physique squarely across Morgan’s sternum, repeatedly pumping the air out of the muscle man’s lungs. Morgan thought that this match would be a complete rout, but flat on his back with a 135 pound muscle stud squeezing the Mastodon’s skull viciously between those gorgeous thighs in their somehow alluring blue tights, and Morgan is thinking again!

Morgan Cruise vs MJ Vergara: Stripping Bare the Power, One Proud Piece at a Time

MJ Vergara and Morgan Cruise strike such stunning contrasts. MJ’s tastefully tattooed, luscious mocha skin is silky smooth and aesthetically proportioned, where Morgan is pale, hairy, and built like a line backer. Where MJ’s movements are hypnotically fluid, Morgan is more like a battering ram. Geared up to emphasize their contrasts, the sexy beach and gym fighter meets old school pro wrestling power, and something’s got to break.

Determined to be the breaker rather than the broken, Morgan catches MJ in one too many highflying, high risk maneuvers and slams him face first into the mat. “That’s some nice offense,” Morgan snarls false praise. “For a dancer. Really beautiful,” he spits with contempt. Scooped up like a feather in the Mastodon’s arms, MJ can do nothing to defend himself from getting his lower back slammed brutally to the mat. “I’m the man who’s going to sit you down and show you how much of a boy you are!” he promises the writhing, compact beauty at his feet, as he watches his geared up opponent squirm in pain.

With Morgan, it’s always about respect. And those baby blue tights scream disrespect to the finely tuned ears of the Mastodon. Suddenly, the sexy stakes skyrocket as he stares down at the gorgeous lightweight muscle stud struggling to peel himself up off the mat. “I’m going to take each and every article of gear, all of your pride, off!”

This battle for gear and respect is one of the most brutal 48 minutes you’ll ever see. Getting stripped is an indignity neither of these dangerous competitors is willing to concede easily, especially given the plethora of gear each seems to enjoy layering himself in.

Outweighed and outmuscled at every turn, MJ is nonetheless the fiercest, most stubborn muscle hunk ounce for ounce. Bashed in the corner, trampled underfoot, trussed up in the ropes and crushed from every angle, MJ sucks down more punishment than men twice his size could hope to endure. The last thing he is interested in giving Morgan is any respect at all, much less the tights off of his own mouthwatering body.

But tights and yes even those pro trunks are ripped off both battlers’ beautiful bodies as the war to hold onto their dignity rages to a fever pitch. Both wrestlers lose their boots and about a gallon of sweat. Gear is used as a weapon, as a means of humiliation, and as a way to show the seductive power of these two hot bodies in nearly every version of raw male erotic wear: tights, boots, trunks, underwear, thongs, jockstraps, socks… But just one proud hunk manages to walk out of the ring with his gear in tow, his dignity intact, and bragging rights firmly in hand, proving definitively who reigns supreme in the BG East ring: trunks or tights!

A year in the making, this is the match we’ve all been waiting for! A superstar showdown King of the Ring match between the two most exciting superstars to have burst upon the underground wrestling scene in the last two years.

Alex joined Rock Hard in 2013 and quickly became a fan favorite. He boasts an incredible physique, a confident and sometimes arrogant persona, movie star looks, a Colgate white smile, all topped off by his perfectly coifed golden brown locks. Dash came onto the scene earlier this year and instantly became a major force to reckon with. He’s an alpha male who possesses a cover model physique, advanced wrestling skills, and a bad attitude. He’s mauled and dominated every opponent he’s faced in the ring, that is, up until his last match.

The debacle that happened when Alex recruited Dash as his tag team partner to face off against the Green Team of Ethan Andrews and Gage Cardona, which didn’t end well for the either of them. The two street punks shocked the world when they battered, bashed, and ultimately abused the two physique stars by defeating them in the ring then stringing them up in handcuffs in the ultimate humiliation.

Since then, the bad blood has been brewing between these two. Alex is on record saying it was Dash who cost them the match, and that Dash in not known for his wits. And as you could expect, Dash blames the loss on Alex and is seething at the thought of losing his first match because of him. So, the two agreed to settle the score in this best of five King of the Ring match. This is only the second installment of the King of the Ring series, and this match seems destined to be an instant classic.

Alex Waters vs Dash Decker: Round 1

The match opens with the cocky fratboy Alex decked out in black trunks and black boots, surprisingly not in is usual blue trunks. Perhaps a sign of a further move to the dark side for the fratboy? Dash stands in his corner in his trademark red trunks and black boots, muscles bulging and confidence exuding from every pore. The first round starts with some smack talk, Alex saying ‘finally some competition’, likening the match to David vs Goliath, and even chides Dash referring to him as one of the new guys. Dash counters telling Alex he’s no David.

They lock up for a test of strength, and the fratboy powers Dash to the corner, connects with a knee to his abs, then bitch slaps the impressive bodybuilder across his perfect pecs and asking ‘you like that?’. Alex the strikes with a series of shoulder thrusts into the chose one’s shredded abs. The muscular fratboy scoops the bigger Dash up and power slams him to the mat saying ‘you’re a big son of a bitch but I’ve fought bigger’.

Alex continues the control, tossing Dash around the ring and chocking the big guy out over the top rope. But when the cocky fratboy attempts one too many whips into the corner, the chosen one reverses the action and instead it’s Alex who ends up being driven into the corner turnbuckle. The big bodybuilder begins delivering payback, thrusting his massive shoulder into Alex’s Adonis-like abs. Alex slumps in the corner, but Dash isn’t through with him, he pulls the fratboy up with a handful of hair, whips him across and into the ropes, then hoists him high over his head and drives him down hard into the mat. The force induced pain on Alex’s back has his body arched in agony.

Dash continues to punish his foe with a clothesline, a painful camel clutch, and a reverse bearhug wanting to weaken Alex’s back. The chosen one senses he’s got the pretty boy softened up, so he lifts him up and forces him down across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Alex’s muscles are draped over Dash’s knee as he cries out in pain. Dash shoves his hand down on Alex’s chin, stretching him to the max, then begins bashing away at the pretty boy’s abs.

Alex has no choice but to submit, but Dash isn’t letting him off that easy. Dash continues to bash away on his abs until Alex is made to submit a second time. The chosen one throws his defeated foe to the mat, towers over him and tells Alex he’ll need to save something for the next round as the big bodybuilder claims round one. Dash 1, Alex 0.

Alex Waters vs Dash Decker: Round 2

Round two begins and you can see it in Dash’s eyes he means business, he pushes Alex back into the corner then pulls him out, lifts the cocky muscle boy high up over his head, holds high in the air, then drops him to the mat. This is a height neither Alex, nor any other wrestler, has seen in any previous match! Its mind blowing that Alex is even able to continue, as he grovels on the mat.

Dash punishes him with several black boots to his muscles, then clamps on a standing full nelson before choking him over the top rope. The cocky fratboy is in serious trouble, but don’t ever count him out. He’s able to fend off the chosen one’s attack and gains the control with a half nelson and hammerlock combo. He rams Dash’s head straight into the corner turnbuckle twice before shoving him to the mat telling him ‘he’s a big ass bastard’.

Alex proceeds to wrap his impressive thighs around Dash’s tight waist with a leg scissors, squeezing the shit out of the big guy. He works over Dash’s muscles as he has him trapped between his legs, dishing out the punishment. The fratboy pulls the bodybuilder to his feet by his hair and then suplexes him back down the mat. After he’s done it once, he lifts him back up and does it again. Dash is dazed as he lay on the mat, and Alex plays with him by placing his boot in a position that Dash starts to suffocate himself with his own bicep.

Alex tortures his opponent with a standing bow and arrow, a super tight chin lock which highlight his spectacular biceps and triceps, then secures a figure four leg lock on the wannabe Superman. Alex seizes the moment to turn finish Dash off, as he has Dash choked in the leg lock he grabs Dash’s ankle and proceeds to stretch his beautiful body out by pulling Dash’s leg back behind his head. Dash’s leg and crotch are stretched out like a Thanksgiving turkey’s wishbone ready to be snapped! Alex makes him submit twice before releasing the painful hold and claims it’s all tied up, one round a piece. Dash 1, Alex 1.

Alex Waters vs Dash Decker: Round 3

As the sweat begins to build on both of their ripped, shredded bodies, both guys know this is a key round. It’s a best 3 out of 5, and to be up two rounds to one is an immense advantage heading into round four. Alex is revived and snatches the control right away in this round, he places both hands on Dash’s perfect pecs and shoves him into the corner, then whips him into the opposite corner and delivers several swift thumping shoulder thrusts into the chosen one’s abs of steel.

Alex is feeling it and he’s not about to back off. He shoves Dash’s head down for a face full of mat, then applies a back arching camel clutch, before suplexing and tossing the chosen around the ring. Alex controls the entire round, even toying with Dash by making him choke himself out with his own arm. The cocky fratboy finishes the bodybuilder off with a figure four leg lock around his throat and applying extreme pressure until Dash passes out. Alex slaps his face a couple times trying to wake him up, but Dash is out, so Alex proclaims ‘I guess that’s it’ and lays claim to round three by flexing his mighty biceps in triumph over a listless, passed out Dash. Alex 2, Dash 1.

Alex Waters vs Dash Decker: Round 4

As this match moves into round four, Alex seems to have a commanding lead and advantage, but it still takes 3 rounds to claim King of the Ring. Will the cocky fratboy and his skill, muscles, and underhanded tactics prevail over a bigger but less experienced Dash? Or, does the chosen one regain the momentum and control using his size, brawn, and determination to gain submissions in the final two rounds over Alex?

This superstar showdown ends in a thrilling, climatic finish that you just need to see! The perfect way to finish off a spectacular 2014 for Rock Hard Wrestling!!!

Guido Genatto vs Kirk Donahue: “You’re here to get fucked!”

“Back in Daddy’s web,” massive musclebear Guido Genatto struts, waiting for his next victim to arrive. “Just another fucking day, another fucking jobber. Who’s it going to be today? Who wants to come get fucked up!?” Guido is the perfect specimen for fans of beardaddy beatdowns.

Built like a hot, hairy Mac truck, his deep base voice strums the chords that bring muscle bear fanatics to their knees. His beautifully bulging pink trunks are laced with spider webs, foreshadowing the insidious means by which the indy pro heel inevitably traps his opponents and sucks them dry of their will to fight. And then there’s the way that the barrel-chested behemoth likes to call himself, “Daddy.” Yeah, BG East fans sit up and take notice anytime this bountiful muscle monster steps into the ring.

Guido simply cannot believe his eyes when his shiny, new, wet-behind-the-ears rookie opponent comes jogging to the ring. Kirk Donahue is a combination of Cameron Matthews’ little brother and the perfect Irish pro. Boyishly handsome, with an earnest smile and a naïve eagerness to break into the business, adorable Kirk is, almost literally, half the man Guido is. “What the fuck are you doing!?” big Guido rumbles in disbelief at the bit of fluff bouncing on the balls of his feet in front of him. “I’m here, in a wrestling ring,” dimple-cheeked Kirk replies, “so I’m here to wrestle!”

“No,” Guido shakes his head almost regretfully, “you’re here to get fucked!” For a man as mountainously muscled as he is, Guido is incredibly fast. He takes control of the deer-in-the-headlights rookie in an instant and drops him to the canvas. Kirk’s trapped arm looks like a toothpick in the pro heel’s crippling armbar. “Yeah, I’m going to snap this arm off, you little fuck!”

Kirk has no idea what hit him, over and over again, but he’d appreciate it if you took down the license plate. The rumbling bass voice of his opponent provides a running commentary of just how far over his head the stymied rookie is. Snapping him up into a headlock, Guido crushes Kirk’s rosie cheek against the behemoth’s massive, hairy pecs, pretty much swallowing the kid whole beneath layer upon layer of thick, powerful, meaty muscle. “What the fuck do you seriously think you’re going to do to me?” he growls deeply. “Why don’t you tap that mat before I snap your fucking neck!”

Obediently, Kirk taps out and quickly starts to drag his sorry ass across the ring to beat a hasty exit. Guido lets him start to climb through the ropes before he grabs him by the ankles and drags him back in. “Right back into the fucking web, right where you belong!”

Guido Genatto vs Kirk Donahue: “Feels so good to make you my fucking bitch!

Was it youthful exuberance or a death wish that motivated cherubic young Kirk Donahue to think that wrestling Guido Genatto was going to be anything other than a complete demolition? It clearly took only about 4 minutes in the ring for the rookie to reach the conclusion that the rest of us realized about 3 and a half minutes earlier. He’s going to be damned lucky if Daddy doesn’t cripple the kid!

Submissions fly left and right, but big Guido quickly grows tone deaf to them. A Boston crab twists Kirk’s back at a sickening angle, making the rookie scream, “I give!” But Guido just keeps cranking. A rear naked choke crushes the newbie’s windpipe beneath Daddy’s thick, bulging bicep, leaving just enough room for Kirk to rasp repeated pleas of mercy. Guido ignores them all. “This is what I do! This is why I love my life! I just choke little mother fuckers out!” He hoists the kid up and down, dragging Kirk’s drenched body across every inch of the ring in complete domination. A standing full nelson shows off the beautiful rookie’s hot, lean body. From that full nelson into a head-over-heels suplex, Guido knocks the kid out cold.

The rookie rouses to find himself mounted in a schoolboy pin, staring up at Guido’s massive crotch. “How’s the fucking view asshole? You like how that looks? You better like being pinned down in Daddy’s web!” We might want to give Kirk credit for choking down one of the most brutal, one-sided demolitions in BG East history, but honestly, it’s not like the kid has a choice. He tries to flee the ring repeatedly. He begs for mercy. He prays for divine intervention. “Who are you praying to?” Guido interrupts him. “I’m your fucking god right now!!”

Eventually, Guido gives the rookie a terrorizing choice to make. “I can break your fucking balls,” big Daddy offers, “or you can take surprise option #2. You gotta take one or the other.” Whatever it was that possessed young Kirk to dare to dream big enough to climb into the ring with Guido, it’s crystal clear what Daddy gets, as he drives the demolished rookie to the edge of sanity. “Oh yeah, feels so good to make you my fucking bitch!” the bruiser crows.

This is the Epitome of a Demolition Match. The apotheosis! Young Kirk had no idea the depths of terror and humiliation he’d face this day, but fans of big, hairy, sweat soaked beardaddy squash matches will understand what we mean when we say that this rookie is demolished like no one has ever been demolished before!

Jake Jenkins vs Flash LaCash: “I’ll make you humble!”

Flash LaCash has wrestled just once before for BG East, but he’s anything but a rookie. Looking like a beautiful, bronzed circus strongman, the mustachioed muscleman is a seasoned indy pro wrestler who has forgotten more about hurting an opponent than most guys will ever learn. Still, it takes balls to stare across the ring at one of the most prolific and popular wrestlers in the business and smirk, “What, are you one of the new guys around here?”

Jake Jenkins is most definitely not a new guy. Voted the Best Babyface two years running, it’s little wonder this barefoot beauty makes BG East fans drool like Pavlov’s dog. He’s devastatingly handsome and as fantastically fit as ever, packing that hot, athletic ass tightly inside American flag trunks. Jake has proven how dangerous his amateur wrestling and MMA backgrounds make him by bullying opponents much bigger than he is with incredible speed, stunning strength, and astonishing flexibility. But despite an unstoppable string of victories on the mat, success in the ring has eluded our fan favorite Best Babyface, and the one thing standing between him and scoring that first notch in the win column is a ballsy, bronzed powerhouse with a mustache and a bad attitude.

“Well, you look like one of the old guys!” young Jake snaps back, demonstrating he’s got balls, too. Staring up at his opponent standing 4 inches taller and 45 pounds heavier, perhaps exercising discretion might have been the better part of valor. But inciting bigger opponents into a fit of rage is straight out of Jake’s playbook, as the master tactician remains cold as ice and steady as a rock. Unintimidated. And why should he be? He’s faced BG East’s meanest ringstars from Jonny Firestorm to Guido Genatto and survived.

Then again, poking big Flash with a stick may be considerably more than Jake bargained for. A savage kick to the gut drops the star-spangled babyface like a sack of potatoes. Hoisted effortlessly up into the pro heel’s massive arms, Jake is little more than a practice dummy for Flash to parade around the ring and slam repeatedly to the mat. The sexy strongman sets laser sights on picking apart his smaller opponent, starting with the back.

Trapped in the corner, he softens up Jake’s lower lumbar with shoulder blocks and knee strikes. Dragging the handsome young stud around the ring by the back of his trunks, Flash slams Jake’s award winning face savagely into the mat before snapping him quickly up into a camel clutch. “I’ll make you humble!” the pro heel promises…

Jake Jenkins vs Flash LaCash: A Smart Ass in Need of a Spanking

“I hope you had your protein shake,” Flash laughs as Jake begins to pry his sweat soaked muscles off the mat after giving away a humbling first fall submission to the BG East newcomer. “Helping” him up by a revealing yank of Jake’s red, white and blue trunks, Flash maintains his tunnel vision: demolish Jake’s gorgeously muscled back! He traps the Best Babyface in the business in the ropes and takes his own sweet time delivering precision aimed knee strikes into Jake’s quivering lower lumbar. The brutalized young hunk can do nothing but take this torture as rivers of sweat pour off his glistening, battered but bound muscles.

“How’s that back,” Flash smirks, reaching randomly into his bag of pro heel back busters to begin to pry apart his shocked and awed opponent, vertebrae by vertebrae: Repeated scoop slams send electric shocks of agony up Jake’s throbbing spine. From a fireman’s carry, the pro heel deposits his prey in a reverse tree of woe, leaving Jake’s tormented back wide open for more expertly applied stomps. Dragging him by his hair back into the ring, Flash ties Jake’s spine into knots with a gruesomely vicious lion tamer that makes the babyface beauty scream a panicked submission.

“Warmed up yet?” Flash taunts, flexing his beautiful, bronzed muscles in the mirror as he waits for his opponent to peel his soaking carcass off the floor. “Had enough yet?” he asks as Jake gets to his feet. But a breathtaking standing drop-kick from Jake catches his cocky opponent completely off guard. As most of Jake’s opponents will attest, he’s one stubborn, calculating hunk who will refuse to be counted out. His endlessly trained wrestling brain and experienced physique can also soak up quite a lot of punishment and still mount a counterattack despite the agony his muscles are screaming.

Appropriately named, this pro heel’s flashing rage begins to turn the heat way up on the icy athlete. Soul sucking bodyscissors milk the fight right back out of flailing Jake. Even Flash can’t help but get his hands on the babyface’s sweet ass, landing cracking slaps across the sweat soaked red, white and blues. But no matter how overwhelmingly vicious the pro heel gets, he just can’t quite slap the smart ass out of Jake’s beautifully battered body. “Refresh my memory,” Flash snarls, “how many wins do you have?”

“All of them!” Jake defies belief, provoking his terrifying opponent to boil over with still more rage. Just how far Flash has to go to silence the stunningly stubborn babyface beauty once and for all will leave you, and Jake, breathless.

Kip Sorell vs Lon Dumont: “Honestly, what’s he going to do to me?”

Sizzling hot hunk Kip Sorell has been reliving one nightmare after another since first daring to step foot into the BG East ring. Winner of last year’s Debut of the Year award, his boyish beauty and phenomenal physique have earned him nothing but a giant target painted onto his magnificently muscled ass, as one heel after another has done their best to pound the pretty right out of him, each in his own unique way. However, hope springs eternal when you sport the body of a Greek god, a healthy/reckless self-confidence, and a passionate fan base begging for more from this breakout wrestling star.

When signing on to face notorious pro wrestling heel-turned-bodybuilder Lon Dumont, Kip quipped, “Honestly, what’s he going to do to me that hasn’t already been done?” Unfortunately for Kip, his words found their way back to Lon’s ears. If there one thing Lon loves more than compliments of his granite carved six-pack abs, it’s an intellectual challenge. With an outstandingly extensive arsenal of sadistic wrestling holds, paired with his impeccably toned physique, Lon absolutely relished the puzzle of how to introduce an all-too-pretty jobber to all-new depths of ring terror.

Fitness model Kip strolls up to the ring. “Kip!? Kip Sorell?! Oh my God! It’s Lonny Dumont,” Lon gushes enthusiastically. “Buddy, your hair looks fantastic!” Dumbfounded, Kip takes Lon’s outstretched hand out of reflex. Lon’s boot bashed into his gut drops him to his knees. Before Kip can catch his breath, the lightning-quick pro tosses him into the corner and unleashes a firestorm of punches and kicks, quickly turning his golden abs an angry scarlet. An expertly launched barrage batters and bashes the bewildered young buck from every angle. Kip wilts under the assault, but refuses to submit. Still, soon enough, the master of a thousand holds snaps on a front-face sleeper, cooing seductively in Kip’s ear. “It’s okay, shhhh, it’s all right.” Kip sags limply in his opponent’s arms and slips into unconsciousness, flat on his back with Lon stretched across his body. In record time, Kip’s dream of scoring his first BG East victory has turned into a horrible nightmare as the ripped stud slumbers restlessly beneath his devastatingly diabolical foil. But Kip’s waking nightmare is far from over…

Kip Sorell vs Lon Dumont: Trapped in a Nightmare

“Kip!? Kip Sorell!? Oh my God!” Lon gushes enthusiastically as the young fitness model rouses from his disturbed slumber and climbs unsteadily to his feet. “Buddy, your hair looks fantastic!” Lon admires, stretching out his hand. Dumbfounded, once again Kip accepts the handshake as he struggles to get his bearings. Lon’s boot to the gut drops him to his knees, and Lon’s novel, never-ending plan to terrorize the cocky jobber begins to come into focus.

“Who the hell said we were friends, Kip!?” Lon snarls furiously, mounting the fitness model and barely restraining himself from punching Kip’s prominent bulge packed tightly inside his blue trunks. “This isn’t about friendship. Lonny Dumont saw his shadow, and you know what that means? Six more weeks of leg scissors!” Kip writhes and flails, nearly snapped in half between the incredibly lean bodybuilder’s crushing thighs. “Fuck you, Lonny!” Kip snaps back at his tormentor. A rake to the eyes shuts the pretty boy up fast.

“I’m not one of those chumps that only knows 4 holds, not Lonny Dumont,” the heel brags. But it’s not really bragging when you can back it up. Lon packs a pro wrestling clinic of holds into one brutal nightmare after another. Bearhugs and bodyscissors tenderize the young beefcake. Every waking minute delivers another onslaught of muscle-mincing brutality, punctuated yet again by another front-face sleeper that makes Kip’s sexy muscles go slack in Lon’s bulging arms.

“Kip?! Kip Sorell!?” Lon gushes enthusiastically again and again each time the bewildered hunk rouses to this endlessly repeating waking nightmare. And each time, before he can get his bearings, the maniacally vicious heel doubles down on his bone crushing, joint snapping, muscle ripping physical assault. Outflanked, outmuscled and out-wrestled, Kip’s spirits sag, but Lon is always there to drag his fine physique back up by a fistful of hair or nasty yank on the trunks.

“It’s a bad dream,” Kip mutters to himself. “Oh no, you’re not dreaming,” Lon assures the fading stud. It’s a vicious circle, a recurring, real-life Groundhog Day nightmare played out for Demolition fans to marvel at the depths of agony and terror a stunningly beautiful pretty boy can endure before giving up entirely to both the physical and psychological terror dished out by a truly sadistic muscle heel. Only there is no escape.

“Kip?! Kip Sorell? Oh my God! It’s Lonny Dumont!”…

Ty Alexander vs Goren Ford: “All of this is going to belong to me soon”

There’s something about the Dark Knights series that cuts to the core for erotic wrestling fans. The storied tradition of Dark Knights has long delved deep into the shadowed corners of wrestlers’ psyches, where the competition to win is merely at the surface of the battle being waged. For some of our wrestlers, the real battle is fought internally, between their passionate desire to dominate and the seductive allure of conceding body, mind and soul to a worthy opponent with the savage talents to claim them. Not only to be beat, but to be mastered is what distinguishes the deeply erotic flavor of a Dark Knights match. And wrestlers primed and ready to face those darkly shadowed, high-stakes corners of their secret desires are surprisingly rare.

Also rare is an adorable jobber like Ty Alexander who can inhabit the wrestling scene from day one as if he’s owned the place for years. In his brief tenure with BG East, Ty has quickly distinguished himself for his readiness to fully commit everything he’s got to a match, no matter what he stands to lose. He perpetually teeters between a gasping innocence and a dangerous slyness, and he’s demonstrated repeatedly his powerful intuition of what makes wrestling so damn sexy. Never at a loss for more opponents eager to get their hands on his bubble butt, Ty manages to keep them guessing as to who they’ll meet on the mats, the unspoiled cherub or the sadistic little devil.

Hot newcomer Goren Ford knows exactly which version of Ty Alexander he wants to face: a completely subservient, harshly disciplined, eagerly compliant boy ready to do absolutely anything his new master commands. When he arrives to find Ty luxuriating in the reflected image of his own smooth, tanned body accented by stark white, high fashion mesh briefs and entirely impractical mesh sleeves, Goren knows that he has his work cut out for him. “That’s not what I told you to wear,” the beautifully muscled hunk growls a deep baritone. “I don’t give a shit what you told me,” Ty snaps back defiantly.

“If you’re going to be my boy, you’re going to wear what I tell you to wear, you understand?” Goren growls, bullying his opponent to the mat and ripping the sleeves off of him. “I don’t belong to you!” Ty snarls, almost pleadingly, as if he isn’t opposed to the idea itself, but rather determined that tall, dark and handsome Goren has to earn it. And that’s precisely what this aspiring daddy plans to do. “Oh, you will,” Goren promises. “All of this is going to belong to me soon,” he rumbles, squeezing Ty’s alluring ass. Let the mastery begin…

Ty Alexander vs Goren Ford: Two Studs, One Will!

Ty Alexander is giving away about 30 pounds of gorgeous, impeccably conditioned muscle to his ripped opponent, mysterious Goren. Seemingly effortlessly, Ty’s aspiring owner manhandles the beautiful jobber, choking him, squeezing him, and repeatedly driving adorable Ty to the bitter edge of painful panic. Goren laughs as Ty screams in agony, weeping between his opponent’s stunningly powerful thighs in a rib crunching bodyscissors.

“When I walked in, you were showing off your cute little ass, trying to get my attention,” Goren growls, stroking and squeezing Ty’s trapped bubble butt. Suddenly, he mounts him in a schoolboy pin, shoving Ty’s face into his crotch. “That’s what you came here for, right?” The cherub in white mesh sputters, struggling for air, suddenly rolled over into a deep face-to-crotch headscissors. Goren leans back, hands behind his head, showing off his ripped abs and long, strong body and commands, “Yeah, work those balls!”

Just when the Master’s Spell seems to have been woven by the handsome dark knight, Ty works him with a vicious blow to his balls! Suddenly, the tables are turned, and it’s Goren choking on the offending white-clad balls of his conquest, who now has him trapped in a face-to-crotch headscissors. “I’ll wear what the fuck I want to wear!”

Patiently, Goren grants his prey riding time, letting Ty do his best to defy Goren’s dark plans. Then abruptly, he tosses the cherub off of him and smacks the jobber hard across the face. “I think maybe you need to learn a lesson today.”

The lesson plan includes equal measures of desire and discipline. Meting out doses of indulgent passion followed by harsh punishment, Dark Goren slowly takes control of Ty’s supple body, and even slower, begins to seduce him with tenderness followed quickly by the back of his hand. He rips off the offending white briefs and comes back to collar the still grimacing boy. “Now I get to make you my boy. Don’t fight, it only makes it worse.”

Worse. Better. Trapped in the sadistic fantasies of a Dark Knight, everything becomes a blur for young Ty as his new master takes full possession, wearing him down with muscle and mind, force-feeding him his stunningly sexy cock, whipping Ty’s body and balls with a riding crop, and leaving his boy gasping for more. He instructs Ty in precisely how to worship his sizzling hot body, where to touch him, how to hold him. Slowly, Ty’s will morphs into his new master’s will. The fight never leaves him, nor does Goren seem to want it to. But having claimed the cherub and conquered the little devil, Goren forces his willing victim to the heights of ecstasy that are now in his power alone to grant his awestruck charge.

As the full set of erotic photos on The Arena area shows, Ty Alexander is simply not the same wrestler he was by the time Goren has finished this Dark Knight lesson. And no one, not Goren, nor Ty, nor you, would have it any other way.

Brute Baynard vs Braden Charron vs Brad Barnes: Pummeling Iron

Brute, Braden, and Brad are the killer Bs at BG East, and this battle will decide which B has the deadliest sting. These bodybuilding big boys draw the battle lines when smiling Brad arrives at the gym in skimpy, cock-snuggling trunks. Immediately this sets off a debate between Brute and Braden, already deep into oneupmanship, over which muscled bodybuilder can kick babyface Brad’s butt faster.

“I’ll have this guy screaming ‘I quit’ before you even lay a hand on him,” Brute boasts. Brad just smiles, eager to show off his own coiled power. Brad tag teamed with Braden in Summer Sizzlers 5, and he’s none too happy with his former Brawn Brothers partner. It’s worth his while to take up this challenge and get a chance to double team his badgering former partner. The long battle that ensues is epic bodybuilding destruction, as the three see who will get back up his words and score the ultimate bodybuilder beat-down.

Taking their beef to the squared circle, Braden gets a first try laying into Brad. Brad deftly counters with a standing arm lock, wrenching Braden’s left arm back and up before switching to a side headlock, and then, with surprising finesse, back to a high-pressure arm bar. Braden won’t submit, so Brad contemptuously pushes him down to the mat. Overconfident now, he moves on to try the same move on Brute, but gets a brick-sized fist to the noggin that flattens him to the ground.

His revenge is short-lived. Baynard proceeds to bludgeon Brad in a humiliating show of raw Brute force, while off to one side barefoot Braden looks on, nursing his freshly nicked ego. As Brute stomps Brad in the back, Braden crows, “See, that’s more like my style, right there!” “This is your style?” Brute replies. “Then how come I’m the one doing it?”

Brute jerks Brad up to his feet and rivets him in a front facelock, driving him face-first to the mat. We get a widescreen view of Brad’s bubble butt wriggling as he tries to thrust free of Brute’s steel-trap arms. Brute hauls him back to his feet and tosses him to Braden like a rabbit to the python tank. Braden reapplies the facelock, cutting off Brad’s supply of oxygen. Brad is feeling numb all over when Braden throws him back to Brute, who twists him into a kneecap-snapping Boston crab for the first submission, which Brute refuses to acknowledge until he forces Brad to verbally humiliate himself…

Brute Baynard vs Braden Charron vs Brad Barnes: Muscle Demolition x 2

Brute and Braden don’t give Brad a breather between beatdowns. Brad no sooner succumbs to Brute’s crushing force than Braden dives in for a me-too crab hold and an echo submission. “That’s how it’s done, right there,” Braden boasts, going “Boom!” as he pops his coconut biceps for the camera. He claims to have beat the six seconds it took Baynard to submit the hapless babyface. “It’s a lot easier when I beat him first,” Brute retorts. The rivalry between Charron and Baynard is about to boil over. But the boys aren’t done with Brad yet, who regrets ever thinking he could take on either of these muscle beasts, much less both at the same time. When Brute clamps Brad down in a bodyscissors, Braden gloats, “Another one of my favorites!” now accusing Baynard of copycatting HIS signature holds.

But when Braden tries to duplicate the scissors hold, Brad busts loose and nearly reverses. Brute calmly steps in to “take care of business” with a series of meat-tenderizing moves, and the big boys continue to work in tandem on the slow but almost certain demolition of bodybuilder Brad Barnes. Eventually the two double up on the guy in a long and exhausting ordeal, beginning with Braden at one end applying a headscissors and Brute at the other applying a figure-four leglock. When a double torture rack and double bear hug leave Barnes virtually a lifeless heap, the two victors kick him out of the ring and face off against each other in the match’s crowning blowout. And WOW! what a blowout! Fasten your seat belts and strap on your safety helmets for this one!

Will Brute Baynard use his size and power to squeeze the life out of preening bodybuilder bully Braden, or will the pose-off victories of the ever-ripped tanned champion presage the wearing down of the huge and as yet undefeated Brute? Big moves from big men. Sweaty muscle as it was meant to be used! Everything from the taut scenario to the grunt-and-groan action shaking the squared circle is pure BGE at its best, providing sweaty, hair-raising thrills you cannot find anywhere else!

This is a battle of the bodies match! Both of these guys have spectacular physiques. Zack has perfected an immaculate muscled body with countless years in the gym. His mouth watering muscles have appeared in TV shows, magazines, catalogs, and commercials around the world, and both girls and guys alike have been drooling over his body for years. The Z-man never disappoints! His opponent, Chad, also brings his own magnificent physique to the ring.

Chad is a collegiate athlete, lifeguard, and a former scholastic wrestler and his body shows it. He sports massive legs, a tiny waist, ripped abs, and impressive biceps, all topped off by shaggy blond hair that makes him one bad ass on campus. He’s been intrigued by underground wrestling and was looking to join the ranks of the best wrestlers around, so he contacted Rock Hard and asked for a shot. Chad is just one of a string of stunning rookies to join the roster over the past year. It’s a delight to see these two incredible athletes test their muscles against one another! Zack is dressed in blue square cut trunks, white boots with blue socks, while the rookie Chad is also rocking blue square cuts, white boots, and red socks. Both look superb in their attire.

Zack Johnathan vs Chad Daniels: Round 1

Round one begins with each of the guys sizing the other up, Chad has the height and weight advantage over Zack, but Zack has all the experience. Chad asks ‘you must be Zack’ and the model muscle replies ‘I’ll give you a Zack attack, you think you can handle that?’ The rookie isn’t fazed by the threat and tells him ‘I don’t think you’re ready for the Chad’. The two muscle hunks lock up in a test of strength that goes back and forth before Zack powers the blond rookie down to his knees and strikes with a kick to his abs that sends the rookie reeling. Zack concedes Chad has some strength as he lifts him to his feet. He controls the action by sending Chad to the mat and locking on a front facing headlock. Zack transitions to a strike on Chad’s mammoth legs with a stomp to the hamstring, then an elbow drop to the back, before ending with a standing arm bar. The Z-man towers over Chad as he stretches out his shoulder, then stretches his body and muscles out with a bow and arrow. The blond lifeguard cries out in pain as Zack is having his way with the rookie thus far.

The Z-man continues showing the rookie who’s the boss, whipping him across the ring and then flooring him with a stiff clothesline. The Zack attack is working over every muscle on Chad’s body, and you can bet the blond lifeguard is thinking this is no day at the beach! Z-man lifts Chad up and then drops him onto his knee for a reverse atomic drop which causes the lifeguard to scream out ‘my groin’ as he grovels in pain on the mat. But Zack isn’t finished dishing out the punishment just yet, he brings the blond rookie to his feet, backs him into the corner turnbuckle to stomp his awesome abs and choke the blond pretty boy out. This seems to infuriate Chad and he goes all hulk like on the Z-man, lifting him up over his head and yells out ‘you’re going down boy’ before Chad power slams him into the ring floor.

The rookie stomps on Zack’s back before placing him in a back breaking boston crab. Chad seems pleased with this sequence as he struts around the ring and flexes his remarkable biceps. The blonde collegiate athlete continues his assault on Zack’s back with a camel clutch but he can’t gain a submission. Z-man relies on his old high school experience to reverse the action with a single leg takedown on the bigger blonde. As the sweat begins to shine on their sultry muscles, the Z-man regains the control and begins to systematically work over every muscle on Chad’s beach body. He places his knee in the small of Chad’s back and cranks back on his chin, he then wraps his legs around the blonde’s massive thighs into a figure four leg lock asking the blond stud to give up.

But the rookie fights it off and doesn’t submit, showing he has the fortitude to withstand the pain. He surprises Zack when he scoops him up and drops him across his knee in an over the knee backbreaker but the rookie doesn’t know how to finish. Zack regains the momentum, straddles Chad and starts choking him out, setting him up to finish the rookie off. Zack places Chad’s beach body in a standing ab stretch, and begins torturing his killer abs until the lifeguard can’t withstand it any longer and is forced to submit not once, not twice, but four times before Z-man finally releases the hold. Chad crumbles to the mat and Z-man celebrates a triumph in round one flexing his immense biceps over the rookie’s limp body.

Zack Johnathan vs Chad Daniels: Round 2

Round two begins with Z-man asking ‘how those abs feel?’ and Chad counters ‘you’re going to have to do better than that’ and Z-man laughs saying ‘I’m surprised you’re didn’t go running out of this ring!’ The muscle boys lock up and Zack picks up where he left off in round one. The Z-man takes the newbie down to the mat with a front face lock then slips in dual arm bars and grinds him into the mat.

The dominance over the bigger blonde muscle boy continues with a front facing bear hug, followed by a back breaking boston crab. Both guys get to their feet, and surprisingly Chad gains the momentum by tossing the muscle model across the ring and delivers a clothesline smack across Z-man’s perfect pecs. With Zack flat on his back, the rookie delivers some payback, stretching the fitness model’s picture-perfect muscles out. Chad places his boots on Zack’s ribcage, grabs an arm and ankle, and pulls back with all his might, stretching Zack to the max. Chad tells him to give up, it’s over, but the Z-man fights out of it.

Can Chad and his beach bod muscles wear Z-man down and force a submission out of him to even this match and send it to a deciding round three? Or, will the world class fitness model and his money making muscles end the rookie’s misery and chalk up another conquest in this spectacular battle of the bodies!

This is the match of the year, a 37 minute tag team marathon that ends with a mind blowing finish! There are so many twists and plots to this match its mind boggling. Revenge and superiority are on the minds of all of these guys. First, we were given a preview of things to come when bad boy Ethan came to the rescue for rookie Gage in his match against Alex.

Ethan’s been looking for a qualified tag team partner since joining Rock Hard, and it seems like he’s found one in Gage as they’ve formed the Green Team, two street punk bad boys who want to rule this fed. Next, both Ethan and Gage have revenge on their mind, as Ethan is anxious to show that when Alex beat him in their singles match it was a fluke, and he’s in no way ready to relinquish his role as the resident bad boy. Then, Gage put up a good fight in his debut match against Dash, but went down in two straight rounds and is looking for payback. Also, Alex is seeking revenge on the two bad boys for the 2 on 1 beating he took at the hands of Ethan and Gage just a short while ago.

With all this swirling around the locker room, and the news of the new Green Team, it was only natural that the two reigning superstars on the roster, Alex and Dash, would team up to challenge them.They wanted to squash any hopes these two punks have before they would get any momentum going against lesser teams on the roster. Lucky for all of us, we’re treated to a marque match up; the Dream Team vs the Green Team! All four of these guys have beautiful bodies in their own ways; Alex and Dash are top line fitness models with picture-perfect physiques and muscles of steel. Girls and guys alike drool over their flawless looks. While Ethan and Gage have done their time in the gym creating eye-catching ripped, lean muscled bodies that look incredible strutting down the beach on a hot summer day.

Alex Waters & Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews & Gage Cardona: Round 1

When round one begins you can small the testosterone oozing not only out of the ring, but outside of the arena. Round one starts with Ethan and Alex picking up with the feud that started in their singles match. Alex catches him in a head lock and hip tosses him to the mat, but the bad boy rolls through it and ends up with a leg scissors strapped across Alex’s throat. Ethan cinches it in tight, flexes his baseball sized bicep in the muscle studs face, then begins bashing away at his abs of steel. Ethan follows this up with not one, but two over the knee backbreakers, lifting Alex up and slamming him down across his knee. Alex’s muscles are draped over the bad boy’s knee as Ethan continues attacking his abs. A great start to this match for the Green Team, and perhaps a bad omen of things to come for the Dream Team?

When Ethan shoves Alex off his knee, the muscle stud is able to retaliate with a double leg takedown which gives him a chance to tag in Dash. The big boy in red climbs through the ropes, shoves Ethan against the ropes and delivers a bitch slap hard enough across his chest that echoes through the arena. Dash rushes over to connect with an elbow that knocks Gage from the apron, but this moment allows Ethan to regroup; he suplexes Dash to the mat, lands on top of him straddled across his torso, and ab bashes him before ending the reversal by locking on an arm bar making the cover model suffer. Ethan decides it’s time to give Gage a chance so he tags in his partner, but before exiting they execute a perfect double team suplex on Dash which stuns and shocks the undefeated warrior. Gage has him stunned on the mat, but makes a rookie mistake by letting the much bigger Dash get to his feet.

Dash is steamed and runs straight into a double leg takedown slam on the rookie. After Dash sends him flying high into the air with a suplex, he drags Gage over to his corner, tags in Alex, then the both of them double team to send the rookie flying overhead with their own double teamed suplex. Alex comes in and takes control, he connects with several back handed slaps across Gage’s chest, then whips him across the ring and connects with two stomps to Gage’s shredded abs and another boot to Ethan’s six-pack. The momentum shifts back and forth between the two teams in this round with exhilarating non-stop action.

But when street punk Ethan lifts Alex up across his shoulders and starts spinning him around in the center of the ring like a top, you know he’s pulled another one of his bad boy moves out of his bag of tricks to end this round. He tosses the stunned and dizzy muscle stud to the mat, and scissors his legs across one arm and locks an arm bar on Alex’s other arm. He has the muscle stud stretched firmly on the mat in an iron cross. Alex’s money making abs are wide open and a prime target for Ethan to relentlessly bash and pound away on his awesome abs.

Ethan delights in dishing out the pain and torture as Alex’s abs turn red and bright red, so when Alex refuses to submit, Ethan digs his fingers deep into the muscle studs abs with a claw hold and threatens to rip them out. Alex is forced to scream out a submission, while Dash looks on in disappointment. The Green Team celebrates victory in round one by flexing their ripped bodies over a dazed and defeated Alex.

Alex Waters & Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews & Gage Cardona: Round 2

Round two starts with the same two combatants, Ethan and Alex, and again Ethan takes control of the fratboy with a boot to his gut. Alex stumbles to the mat and before he knows it Ethan is flipping him over into a double leg boston crab while Gage reaches through the ropes to mess with Alex’s precious locks. Alex calls out to Dash ‘I’m going to power out of this Dash’, but to no avail. The Green Team double teams the battered muscle stud in the corner, focusing on brutalizing his adonis-like abs, before shoving him across the ring allowing him to tag out. The powerhouse Dash enters the ring and quickly hoists Ethan into a standing full nelson that lifts his feet off the floor. Dash propels the street punk into the corner where Alex awaits to do some double teaming. Alex holds Ethan with a rear choke hold while Dash cashes in on some ab bashing payback to the bad boy.

Dash has regained the momentum for his team as he slaps a back wrenching camel clutch on Ethan with Alex looking on in amusement. The experienced street punk is in trouble at the moment but has been in this position many times before without panicking. When Dash lifts him to his feet, Ethan connects with a flurry of fists into Dash’s gut, then whips him across the ring into the waiting hands of Gage, and as Gage holds the chosen one against the ropes, Ethan flies across the ring and delivers a solid double leg kick to Dash’s chest. Dash seems stunned and the new bad boy team takes advantage.

Ethan first connects with several boots into Dash’s cover boy abs, then tags Gage in to continue the battering of the bigger muscle stud’s killer abs. The Green Team came into this match with the strategy of dishing out pure pain and punishment to the Dream Team’s abs of steel, and they are following through on that strategy. It appears Gage has been learning what Ethan’s been teaching as he first pounds away on Dash, he follows it up with his black boot placed directly on the chosen one’s package and applies ball busting pressure. But when the rookie bad boy takes time to gloat in Alex’s face, Dash seizes the moment to take back the momentum.

The Dream Team double team the lightweight bad boy, choke slamming him not once but twice, until they were satisfied it made a solid thud after he slammed to the mat. Gage squirms in pain as it feels like his spine was just rearranged. The Dream Team has seized the control in round two, using the strength and power advantage over the street punk bad boys. Alex dishes out some payback to Ethan in this round, and when Gage attempts a high flying elbow drop that misses Dash snatches his stunned opponent from the mat and hoists him up into an over the shoulder back-breaker. As Gage is laid out across Dash’s muscular shoulder, his sweat soaked body suffering, Alex comes in to double team the rookie bad boy to make sure this match gets all evened up at one round a piece.

Alex bitch slaps Gage across his glistening chest until the rookie can’t bear it any longer and screams out a submission. Round two goes to the muscle stud Dream Team as they flex their magnificent bodies over a whimpering Gage. Both teams now know what’s at stake when round three opens; this round is going to determine if it’s the street punk bad boys that rule the tag teams here at Rock Hard, or will it be the muscle stud Dream Team that dominate that competition. All four of these guys have their chance to shine in this final and deciding round. The sweat soaked, man-to-man, non-stop exhilarating action leads up to a decisive double submission and extreme ending never seen before! Most definitely the match of the year, and one you must see to believe!