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Flash LaCash vs Braden Charron

Forced to Flex from Top to Bottom, Front to Back

With only three days till his next bodybuilding competition, Braden Charron looks magnificent in electro-orange trunks, every muscle as hard and stark as a derringer. He stands in the BG East ring, studying himself in the mirror, when a sneering Flash LaCash hops on the ring apron and leers at the brick shithouse’s “fancy muscles.”

Flash knows that, compared to Braden, he is the greenhorn at the company, but, given his long career as an indy pro-wrestler, he sees himself, quite rightly, as the more experienced wrestler. Half serious, half taunting, he asks whether Braden considers himself more of a wrestler or a bodybuilder. “Best of both” is Braden’s ill-advised response. Flash nods, secretly pleased to hear that his opponent is so full of himself, just the kind of guy he likes to kick the stuffing out of. Braden faces LaCash across the ropes and pops his best double biceps pose. Flash promptly grabs his head and guillotines him against the top rope.

Thus begins a 24-minute beatdown, in which Flash fastidiously works the bodybuilder from head to toe and from front to back. He twists his stunned adversary’s neck, commanding him to pose some more. A tight chinlock stretches Braden’s torso taut, brandishing it towards the camera, but Braden resists Flash’s order to pose. Braden fights back, ramming LaCash to the turnbuckle and snapmaring him to the center of the ring for a full nelson. Braden shifts position, hunkering low to bearhug LaCash, squeezing the lower ribs and forcing LaCash to show off his muscles first. Then he tosses the veteran aside.

The two lock up, collar and elbow, and Braden pushes his opponent to the corner. Flash retaliates with a heavy-booted kick to Charron’s midsection. Flash latches a clawhold onto the bodybuilder’s left pec, then stands and grinds the sole of his wrestling boot to the pec before resuming the clawhold. Braden looks stupefied with pain as Flash cranks the pectoral. Braden gives up, and Flash forces him to flex on his knees. When Braden doesn’t flex “hard enough,” Flash reapplies the pec-juicer, dialing the hurt up.

Flash moves his attention down Charron’s body, from pecs to abs, as he boot-stomps the bodybuilder’s midsection and clamps the steely claw hold to Charron’s abs. He grabs the top rope to up the pressure while bodyscissoring Charron’s waist. “Fuckin’ jobber,” he growls in disgust, commanding Braden to clench his stomach muscles even tighter.

In his own aggressive way, Flash is an appreciative audience to Braden’s display of solid muscle, even as he blasts both elbows to the man’s rock-solid abdominals. He stretches Charron over one knee and claws his side, where run-of-the-mill guys grow love handles. Next, Flash targets the ripped bodybuilder’s legs and grinds his elbow to the stud’s inner thigh. Braden taps out, but Flash won’t stop, wrenching his opponent in a figure-four hold. Flash saves Braden’s back for last. A brutal Boston crab and a killer camel clutch compel bodybuilder Braden Charron to flex the broad panoply of his spectacular back muscles.

Dismissing Braden’s for-show muscles, Flash says, “I’m here to humiliate guys like you and win matches.” Dispensing with the piecemeal dismantlement of Charron’s muscle, Flash enters full-on pro-wrestling mode with an arsenal of elbow drops, punches, hugs, chokes, and forearm smashes, before exiting the ring to assail Charron in and between the ropes.

Cameron Matthews vs Brad Barnes

Answered Prayers

Near the halfway point of this strenuous and suspenseful battle against strongman Brad Barnes, Cameron Matthews declares, his voice quivering with evangelistic fervor, “When I woke up this fine morning, and I saw that BG East Wrestling gave me that call, I said, ‘God! God! Please! Please, I’m begging you, Lord, give me a heavenly hunk to bash!'”

This is Cameron Matthews like we have never seen him! Starting out in pro wrestling while he was a teen, Cameron established himself as a brand-name babyface, as tough as he is good looking, the name on every wrestler’s and wrestling fan’s lips. But the scope of his ambition cannot be measured or contained, and as he has proved time and again, he will do anything, anything , to push himself further and raise himself a few rungs higher.

Having already proclaimed: “Someone’s gonna get run over tonight,” he is in high spirits as he welcomes Brad into the ring. And a Cameron in high spirits is a wildly unpredictable thing! He suggests that he and his soon-to-be opponent help each other warm up for the match. He regales the bodybuilder with the chummy small talk of a small-town barber, asking Brad about his diet and his plans for the weekend. His friendliness is deceptive, of course, full of thinly-disguised barbs. Brad looks distrustful, but far from distrustful enough.

Cam takes a good five minutes to warm the guy up, as they stretch each other’s limbs, his aggression evident in the rough-handling he gives the muscle hunk under the name of “limbering up.” In time, he tricks Brad into stepping right into an inverted facelock, Brad’s face buried in Cameron’s armpit, as the boyish-looking heel yanks him backwards against the turnbuckle and delivers a stiff forearm smash to the chest.

Cameron assaults Brad from every direction, seemingly at the same time, mainly targeting the man’s luscious (there’s just no other word) pecs. “Did that hurt?” Cam asks with phony concern, his lips right up on Brad’s ear. It’s almost as if Cameron is mocking his old babyface image. “Let me help,” he offers, but Brad is increasingly distrustful … understandably. Cameron delivers a vicious and uncalled-for low-blow. When Brad cries “give,” Cameron pulls back. “Hey, you know what,” he says, “let’s have a fair match. Let’s restart, shall we. We’ll lock up. We’ll shake hands. We’ll play this out just like the gentlemen we are.”

However, despite an incautious start, Brad is not the pushover Cameron evidently takes him for. A line has been crossed that can’t be uncrossed. Brad skips the gentlemanly handshake for a big bad bearhug, one that’s certain to be a benchmark for all future bearhugs. Cameron writhes, helpless in throes of agony. He tries to push Brad’s head back but fails to free himself. Brad transitions to a single-leg boston. Furiously, Cam calls Brad a “bitch” and gets paid back with an unrestrained boot-stomping. Cameron rebounds but immediately finds himself hiked back up in muscle man Brad’s brutal bear hug.

Bodybuilder Beatdown 2 shows off new facets in two hugely popular BG East wrestlers. Brad displays a previously unseen capacity for rage and mayhem, and Cameron, a penchant for treachery. It’s a brutal give-and-take match of highest order, with Cameron’s years of experience closely-pitted against Brad’s harrowing muscle. The range of wrestling holds on tap is breathtaking. We suspect half these holds don’t even have names yet. And the endless assaults on balls, nostrils, pecs, and vertebrae are anything but gentlemanly!

Alex Waters vs Bruce Ballard

Round 1

This match is a treat for anyone who loves muscle, and this match delivers a full 35 minutes of wall to wall muscle! Alex and Bruce both possess spectacular, mouth-watering physiques, which they both have spent endless hours in the gym perfecting. It was just a matter of time before these two superstars stepped into the ring to face off.

Alex was an instant hit with the fans since his debut two years ago, and continues to attract new fans with his cocky, fratboy antics and trash talking style. Bruce is the total package with his perfect physique and movie star smile. He’s made quite an impression in his early matches, posting solid wins over fellow rookies Tyson Matthews and Blake Keller and giving Austin Cooper all he could handle before succumbing to a dastardly finishing hold that knocked him out. Both guys enter the ring oozing confidence.

Alex is first into the ring, admiring both his good looks and fantastic muscles primping and posing in front of the wall length mirror. Bruce comes around the corner, wondering what he just walked in on. He asks Alex where he got his shorts, from peter pan, referring to the shade of green. And the cocky fratboy retorts ‘are you here for a haircut or an ass-kicking?” Alex invites him into the ring, and as you would expect from these two, a muscle pose off erupts. Biceps, abs, chest and back are all flexed by the two boiling hot bodies, and if this was a bodybuilding competition the judge’s scorecards would be hard pressed to decide a winner. Alex comments ‘look at that fat ass’ and Bruce replies ‘more like a bad ass’.

In a surprise, Bruce actually scores the first cheap shot, kicking the back of the fratboy’s leg to start the action in round one. Alex drops to the mat, ironically claiming that was a cheap shot, but Bruce has no intentions of letting up. He pulls Alex to the center of the ring, connects with three shots to his chest, then kneels down on his abs and connects with several more shots to his torso. Bruce quickly switches to an arm bar, locking Alex’s powerful bicep but needing to strain every one of his bulging muscles to keep the fratboy secured. Bruce maintains the control for a while by wrapping his killer biceps around Alex’s small waist with a rear bearhug, making him suffer in a full nelson and grapevine combo, then driving him into 3 of the 4 corner turnbuckles and working over his awesome abs.

Bruce is dominating the first seven minutes of this round, that is until the newbie makes a grave mistake. As Alex is agonizing on the mat, Bruce takes a moment to gloat and flex his eye-popping muscles. That’s a dumb mistake by the newbie! Alex recollects himself to seize the opening, and drives an underhand fist right up into the bodybuilder’s family jewels, scoring with his own cheap shot. He tells Bruce ‘don’t ever pose over me’ then repeatedly stomps his boot into the newbie’s back. Alex certainly makes Bruce pay for the punishment he dished out in the first half of this round, connecting with several back handed slaps to the bodybuilder’s ripped abs and perfect pecs, then stretches his spectacular body out on display in an over the knee backbreaker. But surprisingly Bruce is able to shift the momentum back to his side when he ducks under a clothesline attempt and sends a stiff kick to the cocky boy’s gut.

Bruce focuses on delivering punishment to the fratboy’s back the rest of the way. He stretches him with a standing surfboard, suplexes him around the ring several times, then ultimately picks him up and drops him over his knee. Bruce has Alex’s muscles draped over his knee and isn’t about to let the cocky boy escape. He flexes every muscle in his body inflicting enormous pain on Alex’s back and keeps pushing his chin down to the mat harder and harder until Alex resentfully submits to the torment. Bruce proudly poses his total package body as he prevails in round one.

Alex Waters vs Bruce Ballard

Round 2

As round two begins, Alex is somewhat stunned by what happened in round one and recovering in his corner, but not surprisingly his hair remains perfectly styled. Bruce gets in the fratboy’s face and claims this is my ring, but Alex doesn’t agree. That doesn’t stop Bruce, he keeps on walking forward, shoving the cocky boy’s back into the ropes and starts working over those incredible abs. Bruce looks like he’s on a mission in this match! He inflicts more pain on the smaller Alex with a back breaking camel clutch, he wraps his colossal thighs around his suffering opponents waist and squeezes the life out of him, continues to dish out more gut bashing on Alex’s already sore, red abs.

But just when you thought the big bodybuilder was going to pull the upset, Alex pulls himself up off the mat and gains control. He begins tossing Bruce around the ring, pounding away at his cover model body. Alex is pissed and it shows. He pays Bruce back with his own over the knee backbreaker, he stares down on the bodybuilder like a vulture stares down on roadkill. Alex torments him for a while before shoving his muscles to the mat. He helps Bruce to his feet, backs him into the corner turnbuckle, climbs the ropes and cinches on a reverse headlock. The bodybuilder’s torso is completely exposed and the cocky fratboy is intent on pulverizing every muscle. Once he’s done bashing Bruce, he drags the beaten and vulnerable rookie over to the ropes.

Alex tortures Bruce’s tree trunk legs in the ropes, setting him up for what has become one of Alex’s favorite submission holds in recent matches. He turns up the intensity on the hold until Bruce cries out a submission to bring an end to round two, and even this match at one round a piece. These two superstar’s stunning muscles collide in round three and ends with one of them completely at the mercy of the other with no choice but submit to end the agony. The winner reigns in triumph and proudly poses his glorious, bulging muscles over his conquered subject that’s a stunning sight you’ll want to see!

Both Colt and Gage joined the roster at the same time, and they both bring high flying exciting action to the ring when they step through the ropes. Colt has been in contention in both of his previous matches, but was up against too much power and muscle when he fell to Dash Decker, and was out schooled by the experienced bad boy Ethan Andrews.

Gage was demolished by the current King of the Ring Dash in his debut match, but caught the eye of Ethan along the way and has chalked up two victories with the help and tutelage of the bad boy against Alex Waters, and in a tag team against Alex and Dash. Colt has been looking forward to this match, because he doesn’t feel he’s gotten enough respect in the locker room, and also is looking to extract some revenge on Ethan’s Green Team tag team partner. This match-up is set to be a high flying, high energy confrontation. Immediately the trash talking starts, Colt saying ‘you’re in a line and I want to get to the top one day so that means I need to get through you’ and then pokes fun at Gage’s geek glasses.

Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona

Round 1

Colt scores first with a duck under take down, heaving the lighter Gage to the mat. He continues to control the non-stop talker with a combination of wrestling and MMA holds. But the action shifts quickly, and Gage takes charge with a dramatic headlock hip toss ending with Colt flat on his back, Gage applying a scissor arm bar, then adding insult with a fish hook that distorts the sly teen’s baby face. He allows Colt to get to his feet, then floors him again with a clothesline smack across his throat, and keeps control with a back bending camel clutch on the blond teen. The fast and frenzied action between these two rookies continues as Colt takes back command with a wicked reverse heel kick to Gage’s chin that floors him. The blond MMA fighter then scores with a few kicks to soften up Gage’s ribcage, then a dose of ab bashing in an attempt to slow him down.

The fast paced, non-stop action goes back and forth between these two energized rookies as Gage delivers payback with his own roundhouse kick to the side of Colt’s face. Gage screams in joy as the blond locks teen lay stunned on the mat. Both of these teens go for a submission with dueling leg locks on each other, but neither will submit. Colt delivers the punishment with a hard driving suplex followed up with a flying knee into Gage’s pecs as he’s stunned in the corner turnbuckle. The taker Gage is able to regain the momentum as Colt primps his golden locks in the mirror, but it’s short lived.

Colt overpowers the lighter Gage, hoists him up onto his shoulders then falls straight back, power bombing a shaken Gage brutally onto the mat floor. Colt then brings an end to all the non-stop talking and exhilarating action in round one when he places his white boot in Gage’s rib cage and stretches the poor boy out until he scream a submission. Colt leans over to whisper something in his ear, then celebrates his win in round one with a double bicep flex then fixing his teen idol blond curly locks.

Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona

Round 2

Round two opens with Gage still stunned from the power bomb Colt dropped on him, and Colt’s never ending banter saying ‘you can’t be tired already’, then flashes a little Ali shuffle. The sly teen again scores first on Gage with a double leg takedown, this time driving him into the mat then cupping Gage’s head with his long legs and bashing his abs. This seems to fire up the rookie in red as he breaks free then resorts back to a good old fashioned fireman’s carry to take Colt to the mat then cranks on a reverse headlock that inflicts enough pain to cause the tall blond to arch toward the rafters. Gage keeps the advantage by tossing Colt high up over his head, and as the blond lay on the mat, Gage climbs the ropes to deliver a high flying splash smack across his opponent’s gut.

The non-stop action takes many twists and turns along the way, and it isn’t long before Colt regains the momentum with a flying cradle and then connects with three spine shivering forearms to Gage’s chest. But both of these guys have been on the receiving ends throughout their amateur careers so they know how to endure and starve off the punishment until they get back on offense. Gage regains the momentum with a double round house kick that connects with Colt’s jaw, which he claims is broken! But that doesn’t stop Gage, he places him into a reverse choke in an attempt to end this round right now. Colt though is able to break free with a few elbow jabs into Gage’s ribs. He makes the other half of the Green Team pay connecting with a double boot drop kick into Gage’s ripped abs and follows up with a single leg boston crab which causes Gage to moan out in pain.

Gage fends off the pain and goes to work on Colt’s back, ultimately setting him up for a submission. He places Colt in stretching surfboard in the middle of the ring and maliciously yanks back on his arms until Colt cries out a submission. Gage evens this match at one round a piece as he tells the blond teen to ‘get out of his face and remember who’s boss’.

These rookie warriors lace on the MMA gloves for round three, setting up an explosive encounter that features high flying, non-stop action that doesn’t stop until one of them submits to a painful submission he won’t soon forget. This match is a full 26 minutes of thrilling, high flying, and electrifying action that will keep you on the edge up until the very end!

Austin Cooper vs Eli Black

The Biggest Surprise vs the Smallest Opponent

When Austin Cooper chose Eli Black for his third opponent, we wondered if the wannabe heel was feeling the slightest bit unsure of himself after his last two opponents. After pushing his muscled bod to the limit vs big Lane, then suffering at the feet of the King, it is not surprising he might want a scrappy street punk half his size to beat on.

But the interest may go deeper. As the taut, lithe little MMA stud jabs the air menacingly, Cooper wonders aloud, “That how you beat that little Jake Jenkins?” Eli smiles back: “Oh yea, I remember him… old news.” It seems Austin really has been keeping an eye on Eli. At only 135 pounds, the ripped, lightweight Eli Black has fought as the underdog in nearly every match of his life, and while he hasn’t always come out on top, this hardcore MMA competitor has been honing his skills and recently turned even hunks like Rio Garza and Z-Man into veritable punching bags. Has Austin always wanted to test his now-towering physique and chiseled muscle against the sexy scrapper, or is this just a chance for taking out his growing frustrations?

Ripped is the key word here as each fighter bursts into action, each demonstrating a distinct version of male definition. Being smaller in bulk has its advantages though, and slippery Eli easily twists out of Austin’s holds, and in minutes Austin finds himself flipped onto his back by the bantamweight! Pro wrestling meets MMA striking and grappling in this duel of strength, skill, and stamina. Austin uses his size and muscle to devastating effect, and Eli suffers and screams in bear hugs, figure-four leg locks, camel clutches, and Boston crabs.

As often as he suffers though, the little guy makes a miraculous escape, snaking his way out of holds and even reversing them. Austin’s body is worn down by crotch-splitting cradles and shoulder-popping armlocks, and every time he tries to make his way to his feet there is another kick hammering into his hamstring or a neat jab to clip his chin, rattle his brain, and bring back haunting memories of being steamrolled by Kelly King.

Eli matches Austin’s stomps with rapid fire ab shots, he escapes from full nelsons and headlocks and applies ever more creative chokes to drain the big man’s stamina. Submissions are practically strangled from both fighters, as each ripped bod is tied up in the ropes or racked across his opponent’s back. Austin takes endless sharp blows but the big man’s bigger muscles take their toll on Eli, who has to struggle to stand and is dragged up and pressed clear over Austin’s head for a finish.

Will little Eli be slammed down 6 feet to the mat for a crushing defeat? Will he have anything left to stop Cooper from finishing the job and securing his final victory? Can he turn this around, can he pull off one last miraculous reversal and perhaps leave a renewed Austin Cooper defeated, humbled, and humiliated in what should have been his crowning achievement? This ending is as devastating as it is decisive, when the winner stands tall, there is no doubt he is standing over a broken man.

It’s been a little while since Dash, the reigning king of the Ring, has been seen in the ring. He ended 2014 by losing his first match ever in a tag team contest partnering with Alex Waters against the Green Team of Ethan Andrews and Gage Cardona in a stunning upset. This match let to a feud between Dash and Alex and set up the final match of 2014, A King of the Ring encounter in which Dash narrowly came out on top, claiming himself the King. Since then, Dash has been basking in his glory and taking a short break.

That was, until he saw this new crop of rookies invading his ring, most notably the tall titan Blake Keller. Blake stands 6’2”, 215 pounds which puts him 2 inches taller and 15 pounds heavier than the reigning king. The Chosen One doesn’t like the thought of any big guys coming in and trying to invade his territory, so he requested a match with the new rookie. Blake put up a battle against Bruce Ballard in his debut match but ultimately succumbed to a defeat. Going up against Dash in this situation is going to be a tall order for this titan!

Dash Decker vs Blake Keller

Round 1

Round one begins with Dash flexing and posing his ripped smokin’ hot body, admiring how he’s sculpted a spectacular physique and also likely a ploy to psyche the rookie out. Blake seems unimpressed by the chosen one as he waits for the show to end. After they introduce themselves to each other, Dash claims ‘so you’re new’ and Blake retorts ‘you’re old’. It’s probably not a good idea for the rookie to be challenging the reigning King of the Ring. Dash tells him ‘I hope you’re ready’ and Blake replies in his southern twang ‘come on then’ as they lock up. Dash immediately takes control shoving the tall titan back into the corner and connecting with a number of kicks to his gut. He then whips Blake into the opposite corner and continues to attack his midsection, driving his shoulder into his torso and bitch slapping him across the chest.

Blake is caught off guard in the opening of this match, miscalculating how quickly Dash was going to attack. The big bodybuilder stays on offense, again whipping Blake across the ring, then applying the pain with a hammerlock and double leg boston crab, delivering the message that he means business in this contest. As the rookie lays suffering, Dash grabs one of his ankles and then places his boot on the other leg and begins stretching the tall titan’s lanky legs out like a wishbone. Blake’s legs and groin are stretched to the limit, and as he tries to squirm away Dash swiftly attacks his legs with several stomps. Dash maintains the control choking Blake out and laying into every part of his body, but when he attempts to throw Blake across the ring again, the newbie is able to reverse it and instead it’s Dash who ends up rattling the corner turnbuckle.

The tall titan delivers some payback with a few fists to the chosen one’s shredded abs and then hoists the bodybuilder up in a front facing bearhug. Blake continues to shine; first placing his size 13 white boot in Dash’s ribcage and stretches him, then chokes him over the ropes while flexing his own big bicep, and locks his lanky legs around the king’s tiny waist and chokes him out while squeezing all the wind out of him. Are we going to witness a stunning upset? If Dash has anything to say about it, no!

As the rookie shoves a staggered Dash into the corner and goes in for the kill, the king plays possum and connects with a stiff kick to the titan’s abs This floor’s the 6’2” behemoth and gives Dash a moment to catch his breath. After this, it’s all downhill for the rookie. Dash makes him pay in a series of punishing holds, finishing him off by lacing his lanky body through the ropes and makes him suffer in a standing surfboard. The rookie resists as long as he can, but ultimately cries out a submission to end round one. With the sweat glistening off his pumped up body, Dash flexes his mighty muscles in delight.

Dash Decker vs Blake Keller

Round 2

Round two starts with Dash beaming with glee as he tells the rookie ‘now that you know who I am, and you know that I’m good, is there anything else you want to know’. Pure confidence exuding from the bodybuilder! As they circle to start the action, the sweat is drenched on Dash’s brilliant body making his muscles even more breathtaking. It makes you wonder if Blake has what it takes to give him a run for his money? Dash picks up where he left off in round one, backing Blake into the corner and begins beating on his body. He suplexes the tall titan out of the corner, then clamps his powerful thighs around his waist with a leg scissors. He then places the 6’2” rookie in a painful camel clutch, flexing his sweaty bicep and dominating him.

After the Dash has been beating on pounding on the rookie for the first five minutes, it appears that Blake doesn’t have enough stamina to go on. But wait, the rookie is playing possum! When Dash starts lifting him to his feet, Blake seizes the moment to scoop up the big bodybuilder. He carries him around the ring before firmly planting him into the mat. As Dash attempts to get to his feet, the rookie grabs an ankle, pulls him back, and then places him into a surfboard. He stretches the bodybuilder’s gigantic arms behind his back, making him scream in pain.

Blake continues on the offense for a while, showing he has some good skills and dishing out his own punishment, but he just doesn’t have enough experience to finish him off. Dash regains the control and makes him pay. He imposes his will on the sky high rookie and makes him submit in a freaky, fantastic finishing hold. The Dash man prevails again and maintains his unblemished singles record. Can anyone stop the Dash freight train? Perhaps bad boy Ethan Andrews wants his shot at the muscle boy?

Austin Cooper vs Kelly King

Hijacking the Spotlight!

This match was inevitable. Austin Cooper knew he had to fight Kelly King. This new guy Kelly was getting lots of attention, hijacking Coop’s blazing bright spotlight. King got everyone’s attention even before he had his debut on Hunkbash 16. A well-known fixture on the indy scene and a fan favorite on the underground scene, Kelly’s arrival at BG East caused waves, rejoicing and for some BG East stars like Austin Cooper, consternation.

Kelly took a look at Austin Cooper and the rest of BG East’s top echelon competitors, and promptly declared he could and would demolish them all. It was Z-man who got the first shot to prove the man who crowned himself King wrong. The musclebound coverboy gave it his all, but in the end His Majesty The King was true to his word and walked away the victor, wiping the mat with Z-man’s pretty face, just as he predicted and promised.

Austin Cooper may be next on Kelly’s hit list, but the budding young pretty boy heel has his sites set high: he aspires to be the first to take down the latest arrogant pro-turned-BGE star. Yeah sure, no doubt the odds are stacked against Austin: King has a height and weight advantage on the younger ‘Golden Boy,’ and plenty of experience to back up his high and mighty confidence: “You want a prediction? This kid’s getting knocked out cold before he can say ‘I submit'” If Austin is intimidated he sure doesn’t show it. He enters the ring with a swagger all his own, backed up by his superior physical condition and youthful confidence.

It doesn’t start well for adorable Austin. A solid boot followed by and even faster fist to his abs nearly drop him to his knees. Headlocks, arm bars, slams and strikes send both men reeling. Coop comes back both barrels blazing! If His Majesty The King thinks he’s got this one won in a cakewalk, he’s just been disabused of that notion. Crossfaces, rope chokes, and camel clutches manage to wring one submission a piece out of each wrestler.

Still it’s anyone’s game. King intends to make good on his word though, and for every successful hold, toss, or slam he suffers, King forces Austin to eat several fists and suck up several stiff kicks. Sweat and fists fly as the golden boy’s body begins to turn black and blue. Whether King’s raining down blows on Cooper’s beautiful face in the corner or firing huge kicks to Austin’s exposed abs while the erstwhile heel wanna-be is crawling on all fours, King’s relentless assault nearly turns this wrestling match into an all-out brawl.

Austin Cooper doesn’t stay down long, however. The young hunk drags himself up off the mat time and again, even when all he gets for his effort is more brutal punishment. Despite the torture, he makes King pay for every hard hit, surprising the veteran pro more than once with his own vicious assaults, slams, and body blows. Can Austin pull out a win and topple the titan before his steam runs out, or will King’s words prove prophetic again? The way you’ll see Austin stagger from blow to blow, you’ll blow too! And you’ll wonder in suspense if you’re about to see King’s prediction come true and see the gorgeous “Golden Boy” laid out for good! Austin Cooper may not be a “working” pro but this match proves he easily could be. A spectacularly paced perfect ring romp – as only BG East can produce.

Austin Cooper vs Lane Hartley

“So You’re the Big, Bad Heel?”

Not every wrestler has what it takes to earn their place of honor in the coveted BG East Spotlight Series, and it’s even rarer for an athlete to make such a name for himself that he deserves a dedicated encore appearance. Austin Cooper has been all fired up for months and is ready to make this an unforgettable performance, full of surprises. The “Golden Boy” has been showing us his dark side recently, demolishing one rookie after another, but he’s still not satisfied. This Mr. Hyde wanted his second Spotlight to showcase his skills against the toughest opponents he could find, and boy did he pick some tough ones!

First up, pro stud Lane Hartley has been making a name for himself here at BG East for over a year now. While Austin Cooper was tossing around lightweights Richie Douglas and Leo Tomasi, Lane absolutely destroyed beefy bodybuilder Brad Barnes and made musclestud Z-man beg for mercy. Like Austin, Lane still isn’t satisfied. Only the very best, only the creme de la creme of BGE competitors will do for Mr. Hartley and he will not be satisfied until they’re all put down for the count. When he heard Coop was looking for the fight of his life, Lane stepped up with that winning smile and told Austin to name the time and place.

Lane is all business in the ring as he warms up like the seasoned pro he is, while Austin is all attitude, stripping out of his leather vest and telling Hartley he’ll need to keep stretching to last long in this match. You can practically smell the sweat already building on these men’s bodies inside the sweltering arena when they first lock up. Early holds are traded and give way to punishing holds. Lane’s training shines through and he takes Austin to the mat more than once, but Cooper’s experience and tenacity turn it around each time.

The resident ‘heel’ falls prey to headlocks and chokeholds in the early minutes of the match, but Austin answers with full nelsons, scissors, and later a punishing bearhug of his own that has big Lane dangling off the mat and crying out in agony. A camel clutch secures the first fall for the shining star of this Spotlight, Austin Cooper, but then it’s time for Mr. Hyde to appear and he takes to punching, kicking, and choking Lane against the ropes.

Well, now you can certainly see the sweat flying off both wrestlers’ bodies as Hartley absolutely refuses to go down a second time, his own well-placed kicks and slams turning the tide again. When a bow and arrow submission ties them up at one fall each, both men know they need to pour on heaping helpings of pain and the punishment to come out on top. Before the final fall, one wrestler will be tied up, abused, hobbled, and finally humbled, left crumpled on the mat with a triumphant and sweat-soaked winner posing victorious over his fallen form. Will it be methodical, powerhouse pro studstar Lane or that budding heel who’s been fighting to break through to the surface of ‘former’ babyface Austin Cooper?

Chace LaChance vs Kayden Keller vs Ty Alexander

3-Way Three-for-All: Choke-Off, Jerk-Off, Suck-Off! Oh My!

The original booking was for Chace to wrestle Ty. Chace is more interested in facing the mirror than his opponent, but Ty in gear and ready to rumble won’t leave. Shrugging his shoulders, Chace sighs, “I guess I have some time to spare,” and proceeds to kick the cupid-faced jobber’s butt, only pausing now and then to recheck his look in the mirror.

No surprise. Chace has never looked better. Talk all you want about the transformation of his torso over the past two or three years (fucking perfection, right?), but some of us feel a little faint over those thick hairy thighs and calves too (and that bubble ass? mouth-watering!) Pummeling Ty against the turnbuckle, Chace has never looked so aggressive and masterful. Along with his physique, he has developed a taste for hurting people.

Five minutes in, Kayden shows up, wondering aloud, “I thought you’d be done with this jobber by now.” Indeed, Chace has been so wrapped up in spoiling Ty’s good looks he hasn’t even bothered to try to pin or submit the guy. Kayden climbs into the ring and one-two-three finishes Ty with a crab hold and crotch clutch combination. Chace tries to explain that he was “just having fun,” that he wasn’t even trying to submit Ty yet, and that his preliminary work made Kayden’s easy victory possible.

Cruelly, Chace and Kayden put the question to a barely conscious Ty: “Who destroyed you? Him or me?” When Ty doesn’t respond, Chace beats him down and then yanks him back up, casually remarking, “He wants to get thrown into the ropes, I think.” (In case you haven’t noticed, Chace’s dry sense of humor takes center stage in Ring Release 2.) Kayden picks up where Chace left off, whipping Ty to the opposite turnbuckle. “All right,” Chace concedes, “maybe your technique is a little bit better than mine.” The two bigger guys proceed to drum the cocky little guy’s abs with their fists and boots.

Kayden submits Ty three times in a row, mostly by targeting the boy’s nuts. Chace attributes Kayden’s success in racking up his wins to his being a “dirty wrestler,” but contends that muscle is a better weapon to destroy an opponent. In a contest to see who kills Ty better, Ty, it turns out, is the one and only judge … and he’s not able to offer a ruling because Kayden and Chace are in the process of turning him inside out.

Inevitably, the two bullies turn on each other, kicking Ty off to the ring apron. While for the thousandth time Chace is distracted by his own reflection, Kayden slams his forearm up between his legs, blasting the muscle god’s nutsack. “Your muscles aren’t doing too much for you now, huh?” True enough. There’s no protection for those most sensitive parts of a man’s anatomy. Kayden sneers as he strips Chace down to a sexy silver G-string and chokes him with his signature and now discarded orange trunks.

While Kayden smothers Chace with his own orange trunks, Ty sneaks up from behind and choke-holds Kayden while Chace blasts the bearded interloper’s abs with boot and fist. It’s hard to keep up with the shifting alliances: Chace and Ty against Kayden, Kayden and Ty against Chace. But then that’s the unpredictable nature of a 3-way three-for-all!

This hour-long guaranteed instant classic doesn’t miss a single permutation, and the surprises keep coming. The last half will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief (or rubbing SOMETHING): a buck-naked, tied-up, over-the-top choke-off, jerk-off, suck-off finisher with a closing liplock that’s for the record books! (We kid you not.)

Ben Monaco vs Sam Sellers

Show Muscle or Ass-Kicking Muscle

Newcomer Sam Sellers displays his powerful and finely chiseled physique in an opening posing session. Ben Monaco, who has taken on Austin Cooper and Damien Rush in the past, admires Sam’s muscular development, yet exhibits no trace of fear. “Show muscle,” he calls it, implying that it means next to zero in a wrestling match. With a few chest-to-chest bumps and some stinging slaps to get the juices flowing, the scrap begins.

Sam locks Ben in a body scissors and arm bar combination. Score one point for the “show muscle.” Ben looks trapped, but he resists effectively, eventually reversing and clamping Sam’s pecs in agonizing claw holds. “This is more of what I was looking for!” Ben chimes triumphantly, sinking fingers and thumbs into the firm but pliable man-flesh.

Ben, with five BGE bouts already under his belt, is probably the better wrestler, the better punisher and humiliator, too. He traps Sam in a figure-four headlscissors that lasts seemingly forever. Mr. Monaco is obviously enjoying having the hunky but mature rookie trapped between his legs! To emphasize how easy it is to control the bodybuilder, Ben does a few stomach crunches, all the while keeping Sam locked in place. “Too simple,” Ben quips after Sam at last submits. Menacing and mean, Mr. Monaco has mastered the muscled he-man! Ben exhibits a cockiness heretofore unseen in his previous matches.

Sam Sellers knows his strengths, however, and indisputably strength IS one of his main strengths. He clamps Monaco in an enervating bear hug, then another while roughly thrashing Ben’s near-limp body back and forth. Then he applies a cartilage-crackling backbreaker for an amazing three submissions in just five minutes.

Might it be that raw power trumps wrestling prowess and experience, after all? Midway through the match Sellers kneels beside a prostrate Ben Monaco and flexes his neatly cut pecs and biceps. “See that?” he says, pushing up a biceps big as a grapefruit. “That’s what kicked your ass!” Ben sits up and takes note. (Who wouldn’t?) As if chastened, Ben caresses and worships the man’s hard peaks and well-defined ridges.

Sam orders Ben to kiss the steely muscles. Ben obeys, lapping at them like a bear cub. “That’s pretty impressive,” Ben coos as he rubs his palm over Sam’s solid midsection. “Damn right it is,” Nouveau replies, glowing, “choked YOU out a few times.” Sam is still beaming, so very confident in his superiority, when suddenly Ben latches onto his balls and twists. Sam grimaces and folds palely in two, as Ben gleefully announces, “I think you’re going to learn that PAYBACK is a BITCH!” See! Not all Canadians are nice!

A backbreaker, a camel clutch, and a single-leg crab hold even up the score for Ben, matching and beating Sam’s three submissions in five minutes, and not stopping at three. “I’m just getting started,” Ben proclaims. His pec twists appear to totally incapacitate Sam, whose nipples, it would seem, are his Achille’s Heel. The big man melts under Ben’s pec punishing assault. A follow-up revenge bear hug show’s off Sam’s glorious flutes!

No longer satisfied with simple submissions, Ben wants Sam to grovel, insisting that he not just say “I give” but rather “‘I give, SIR,’ better yet, how about you say, ‘I give, MISTER Monaco.'” In the end, nothing less than a knockout is acceptable for Ben. He puts Sellers to sleep and leaves the mat room. But then he comes back just as Sam is coming to. Ben orders the cameraman out of the room, but our faithful cameraman stays, recording the knock-yer-socks-off finale to this excellent and surprising contest.