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Zack has been a mainstay at the top of the fitness modeling world for many years, and has also built an impressive and loyal following in his underground wrestling career. So, he’s in no mood to allow some of the recent hot shot rookies waltz into the Rock Hard arena and challenge him as being ‘the one the fans all come to see’, as he likes to say.

Zack has been on top of the roster since the inception of Rock Hard Wrestling, knocking off the likes of Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, Brody Hancock, Troy Nelson, and most recently Kyle Carter and Logan Matthews. He has had his troubles with the bad boy, street punk Ethan Andrews but that’s a whole different story. He’s been noticing the likes of the young guns Josh Steel, Brodie Fisher, and Alex Waters making a name for themselves recently, and doesn’t like what he’s seeing. So, when he sees Alex in the arena pumping out bench presses and flexing his beautiful muscles like a peacock, he feels compelled to confront the young stud. The two studs exchange words and it all escalates to a challenge in the ring to settle their differences.

Zack climbs through the ropes in his white briefs, white fitted tank top, and white boots which highlight his pristine, perfectly muscled body. Alex is right behind him in his signature blue square cuts and black boots, and the intent of his well-built body taking over as the resident bad boy and superstar on the roster. And sure enough, as Zack is peeling the white tank top off his killer torso, Alex cheap shots him from behind to start things off. He catches Zack off guard and takes the early advantage, scoop slamming him to the mat then pounds away at the fitness model’s perfect pecs. The cocky fratboy brings Zack to his feet, whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, delivers several shoulder blasts, then powerful jabs to his pecs and awesome abs.

Zack is stunned at the moment and shows no signs of putting up a fight. Alex stays on the assault with a back-breaking camel clutch, a stretching bow and arrow that puts the fitness model’s killer body on full display, then the rising young gun laces Zack’s muscles through the ropes and cranks back on his chin. As Zack lays slumped in the ropes, Alex takes a few moments to admire his work and flex his bulging biceps for the camera. Zack manages to get to his feet and challenges the cocky boy to a test of strength.

Nobody beats Zack in a test of strength, he sports massive 17” biceps, but Alex quickly switches it to a double leg takedown and exhorts ‘you’re too slow’ as Zack lay on the mat. Perhaps the world class fitness model has bit off more than he can chew with Alex? Alex continues his attack on Zack’s muscles, making him suffer in a leg scissors which includes an arm bar. Zack is able to endure the punishment he’s taken in the first 7 minutes of this round, and when Alex goes for one too many elbow drops, the seasoned veteran scoots out of the way.

Zack uses his superior muscle and experience to start beating on the fratboy, slamming him on the mat and then dropping him over his knee into a backbreaker. As Alex lay draped over the knee, Zack delivers some payback with a few elbow drops across the young gun’s ripped abs. Zack continues to attack Alex; chocking him out across the top rope, stomping and pounding away at his body in the corner turnbuckle, then in a show of sheer strength he tosses the cocky fratboy up over his head and behind him.

Zack has seized the momentum and isn’t letting up, he places his massive biceps around Alex’s throat as he has him arched to the max in a camel clutch that causes him to cry out in pain as Zack asks him ‘how do you like that?’ Zack releases the hold, then hoists the cocky fratboy up and places him into an over the shoulder backbreaker. Alex tries his best to break the hold but it’s all in vain, as Zack’s bulging biceps are locked around Alex’s waist not to be broken. Zack holds him high in the air and inflicts more pain until the cocky fratboy has no other choice but to yell out a submission to end round one. Zack drops him to the mat, admires his work, then flexes his mighty biceps over a suffering Alex.

Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan: Round 2

When round two opens, Alex is in his corner nursing his sore back and conceding to Zack that ‘you’re tougher than I thought’ and Zack warns the cocky fratboy he shouldn’t have climbed into the ring with him after a workout. Zack continues to beat up on the muscle boy; choking him out in the corner, nearly putting him to sleep in a choke hold, crushing his ribs in a front facing bear hug with Zack’s massive arms wrapped his torso, and topping it off with a standing surfboard on the suffering stud.

Zack tries to gain a submission out of it, but Alex resists. But when Zack goes too far with the trash talking, the bad boy gets a second wind and lifts the world class fitness model up and slams him to the mat. He pushes Zack over to the bottom rope and chokes him out, then secures and stretches him out in a grapevine and chin lock that strains Zack’s back. The cocky bad boy focuses his attack on the back for the next several minutes, thinking that’s an area that he can inflict the most pain. As Zack lay face down, Alex drops his knee and drives it deep into the fitness model’s lower back, he then lifts him up into a suplex, and pays him back with his own standing surfboard that stretches Zack’s fabulous body out and creates severe pain on his back.

Alex is feeling like his cocky self and senses it’s time to make this model boy regret the challenge that he issued. He locks Zack’s arms around his and hoists him up over his broad back into a crucifix. Zack’s money making body is spread eagle on the cocky fratboy’s back with no way to escape. Zack endures the pain as long as possible, but ultimately he’s compelled to cry out a submission to end round two, and even this match at one round a piece. Alex stomps his black boot on Zack’s abs and flexes his own impressive double bicep shot to show he means business. There’s a lot on this line in round three, as Alex takes the early control but that’s short lived.

Zack reverses him on a whip into the turnbuckle. Zack uses his perfect muscles to control the pretty looking, bad boy as he wants; dominating him with a headlock, bashing away at his abs, then manipulating his body with a chin and leg lock that has him searching for any way to escape! Can the world class fitness model continue his control over Alex and the Rock Hard roster? Or, will the cocky fratboy be able to mount a comeback and out wrestle and out muscle Zack? There’s tons of thrilling action and excitement in this 31 minute marathon match, that ends with one of these magnificent muscle bodies being worked over and stretched out until he’s pushed to scream out several times ‘I submit’ to end the match as the victor flexes in conquest!

Lon Dumont & Brute Baynard vs Zach Reno & Nate Walsh: “You Should See This Guy!”

This match sees the BG East debuts of three extraordinary new talents and the return of Lon Dumont, the diminutive heel who has surprised everybody by creating a rapidly growing cult following. We find Zach alone in the ring, stretching his buff torso, under the impression that The Boss has booked him for a singles match against Lon. When Lon arrives, the reserved and modest recruit looks put off by the guy, in particular Lon’s hyperbolic game-show-host banter. Lon explains that he has just spoken with The Boss, a “personal” friend with whom (he insinuates) he has a great deal of influence, and there’s bad news and there’s (with a breathless gasp) “spectacular” news.

The bad news is that Zach’s anticipated one-on-one debut contest is off. The spectacular news is that he and Zach will still be squaring off, but with tag team partners at their sides. Now, Lon has long griped that BGE saddles him with subpar partners. Heaping nothing but scorn upon his previous cohorts, Nicholas Rush and Chace LaChance, Lon blames them for putting him on “the bad end” of his first two tag matches at BGE. They, and they alone, are the reasons his otherwise impressive win-loss record at BG East has been besmirched with a couple of sullying checks in the loss column.

However! Lon is positively ecstatic over the wrestler The Boss has paired him with this time: “Oh my god … you wanna talk about perfection? You think I’ve got muscle? You should see this guy. You think you’ve got a big chest? You should see this guy.” Fully expecting the taciturn and now somewhat nonplussed Zach to share his giddy excitement, Lon gushes with a melodramatic flourish, “He should be here ANY minute now!”

And as if on cue, in walks Nate. Thinking that Nate is partnering with Lon, Zach dismisses the guy out of hand: “That’s your guy that you just hyped up, with the largest arms in the world”? In truth, Nate is not much bigger than Reno. Then Lon points out an obvious detail: Nate’s trunks are yellow, like Zach’s, with the word “Wham!” stenciled across the butt, again a match for Zach’s gear, so Nate is Zach’s partner. (And where, pray tell, have we seen these particular trunks before? Answer: Nick Rush should check his gear bag…)

Then Lon summons his own tag partner to the ring. It’s Big Brute Baynard. Get a load of this guy! He’s a steel-treaded muscle beast on the order of a Dev Michaels or a Joe Robbins. Any hope of a size advantage that Nate and Zach might have entertained vanishes into thin air. But if either of them is daunted by Brute’s size and muscle, you can’t tell it from their faces. They’re pumped, game and ready to rumble.

Lon Dumont & Brute Baynard vs Zach Reno & Nate Walsh: The Thing

The big Brute flexes his humongous muscle intimidatingly, casting a cold eye on Zach and Nate, who steelily await the start of the match. “So you guys are a new tag team?” Brute looks his competition up and down, amused. “Yep. Brand new,” the handsome and sexy Zach tersely affirms. “‘Nervous? Scared?” asks Brute. “No,” Zach answers with confidence, “just ‘brand new.'” Lon, however, is beside himself with excitement. Pulling in close to the bald giant who pops biceps the size of grapefruit, Lon announces, “Everything you could WANT in a tag team is right HERE!” More than once, Lon and Brute hint at having trained together and allude to a top-secret power move they call “The Thing.” Blindsided by this unexpected change in the card, Zach and Nate are put at a decided disadvantage, having never ever seen each other before, much less wrestled together as a team.

Zach and Lon lead off, and the new recruit shows off his pre-BGE ring experience by dominating Lon. With his dark beard and curly hair, Zach looks like an ancient Greek hero. His shoulders, chest, abs, and thighs could not be more beautifully proportioned. He obviously has the chops to keep Lon on his back for as long as he wants to, and his technical wrestling skills seem more than a match for Lon’s arsenal of devious stratagems. Were this the singles match that was originally promised, Zach might now be making mincemeat out of the mouthy heel. But having Brute in his corner is more than a huge advantage for Lon; it’s practically money in the bank – more’s the pity for brave Zach.

When Nate and Brute tag in to relieve their partners, the imbalance of power and stealth becomes all too clear. But Nate has a fine fighting spirit, all the more evident with the odds against him. Even his foes begrudgingly respect that trait, Lon calling him the “White Antonio Inoki,” in reference to the Japanese wrestler’s legendary match against Muhammad Ali in 1976. Surprises abound, and fans will have to stay on their toes to keep up with all the intricacies of Lon’s tetchy alliance with Brute, the impromptu synchronicity of Zach and Nate, the hair-pulling and nostril-stretching, the body slamming and bear hugging, the poundings and the pummelings (“We get a lot of wrestling done, but we’re not afraid of having fun at the same time,” Lon crows at one point), not to forget the much ballyhooed climactic “Thing,” which marks this contest’s high point and edge-of-your-seat climax. It’s rare that we witness, in a single match, three such auspicious debuts!

Mike Pitt vs Cameron Matthews vs. Jonny Firestorm: Rookie versus Jobber versus…

After it was over, Cameron, Mike, and Jonny each told three different stories about what went down that memorable day. Each story made the teller the pre-eminent star and the shining hero of the tale. Cameron Matthews boasted of putting a too-big-for-his-britches rookie in his place. Mike Pitt bragged that he had “broken through,” at last proving to The Boss and the fans that he has what it takes to be a bonafide BG East star. And Jonny Firestorm claimed he had unknowingly walked in on a match that was going nowhere and, by virtue of his unquestionable talent, experience, and knowhow, transformed it into a classic for the ages. Our hunch was that each version of the story held a grain of truth, so for days we regarded the participants’ self-contradictory accounts as evidence of the “Rashomon effect,” memory being only one-third actual recall and two-thirds self-serving imagination. Now, of course, the video evidence is in, available for all to see.

FACT: Perennial fan favorite Cameron discovers muscular Mike Pitt is more of a dynamo than he anticipated. Early on, as Mike lands one punishment after another upon the self-proclaimed “Champ,” Cameron yelps, “I thought wrestling was fake!” The beating Mike lays on cocky Cameron is no joke! FACT: Mike shines in his singles contest against Cameron. He scoffs at the more experienced wrestler’s so-called submission holds. Then, when the upper hand is his, Mike holds nothing back. At one point Cameron voices the well-worn cliché “Is that all you got?” Quick to respond, Mike ups the heat under a big pot of whoop-ass and then turns his victim towards the mirror so he can see for himself his grotesquely contorted face. Clearly, this rookie’s got a helluva lot more fire!

FACT: When Jonny walks in towards the end of the second fall, Mike is hanging upside down over the top rope, his strong torso stretched taut, as his legs grip Cameron in a suspended head-scissors, the top rope cutting into Cameron’s throat. Jonny takes a seat to watch the action, characterizing it, dismissively, as a “rookie versus jobber” scuffle. For Jonny, used to twisting his opponents into balloon animals and then inventively humiliating them at their most helpless, this battle looks like fairly light fare … PG-13 compared to his typically R-rated havoc and destruction. At best, the action merely whets Jonny’s appetite, so that at the round’s end, he can’t resist poking his nose into the fight. What’s very lucky for us does not necessarily bode so well for cocky Cameron and muscly Mike!!

Mike Pitt vs Cameron Matthews vs. Jonny Firestorm: “This Is MY Fuckin’ Ring!”

From his perch at ringside, Jonny critiques what he deems as Mike’s amateurish technique and feigns shock and dismay at Cameron’s failure to make a good showing for himself against a mere “rookie.” Enraged by an embarrassing defeat right in front of a comparably experienced colleague, not to mention the righthand man to The Boss, Cameron makes attempt after attempt to choke Mike out for a dramatically decisive win. He not only fails to vanquish the resilient and very sturdily built young wrestler but also humiliates himself, tapping out twice within a couple of minutes to his more determined opponent.

All this is more than Jonny can stomach, and he immediately thrusts himself into the action. Supposedly for Mike’s benefit, and to Cameron’s considerable dismay, he demonstrates the “proper way” to beat a jobber to a pulp. He downplays Pitt’s victory, saying, “Everybody can beat up Cameron Matthews.” Mike objects to the interference: “This was MY fuckin’ match!” “Yeah?” Jonny fires back, “Well, this is MY fuckin’ ring!”

Mike gets a quick and hard lesson in how Jonny earned the name “Firestorm.” No ref, no rules, no DQs … this is exactly Jonny’s kind of game! Eventually, to repay Jonny for his presumption and insults and check his out-of-control ego, Mike and Cameron join forces as a formidable ass-whipping, thigh-splitting, and dick-chopping team. Together, they bring Jonny down to the mat and against the ropes for some serious payback.

But, folks, if you think this is the end of Jonny, after close to a decade kicking varied and assorted butts at BG East and ending more than one career in the process, then you must have slept through the last eight years! The last half of this Leopard’s Lair is destined to go down in history as a defining heel performance for the new, muscularly enhanced Jonny Firestorm. Whether Cameron or Mike will ever darken the BGE doorway again is anybody’s guess. The payback Jonny exacts on them for their double teaming and mind and load blowing atomic wedgie will long linger in their minds – and yours!

Kayden Keller vs Ty Alexander – Determined to Impress

When Ty Alexander showed up for a tryout with us, he was cute as the proverbial button and earnest as hell. His path to becoming a professional wrestler has been a journey of liberation and empowerment. After getting sand kicked in his face as a kid, Ty long ago decided that the best way to answer a bully is with a drop kick to the chin and a crotch-smothering schoolboy pin. He came to us with plenty of private wrestling experience under his belt, but all of that was nothing more than padding his resume for the job he’s dreamed of, longed for, and aspired to for years: joining the stable of BG East wrestlers. The bright-eyed rookie barely slept a wink the night before his debut. He picked out his lucky pink trunks days earlier. He arrived at the ring determined to do absolutely anything to command the respect of his opponent and earn some love from BG East wrestling fans.

Kayden Keller, on the other hand, traveled quite a different journey to make his Raunchy Rookie debut. Kayden was always the one kicking the sand. Doing “anything it takes to command respect” has been his motto all along. His other motto is “rules are for rubes.” The bearded bad boy has made an art form out of uninhibited low blows and questionable, even nefarious conduct. He washed out of an indy pro training program after some “unsportsmanlike” behavior and unapologetically laughing about it and blaming the victim!

In other words, Kayden Keller is just our kind of guy! To prepare for his BG East debut, he sat down with a bucket of popcorn and picked up pointers and made copious notes while watching every Kid Leopard match available on DVD. So it isn’t surprising that The Boss took quite a shine to the lean, mean newbie with nerves of steel and absolutely no qualms about letting things get way out of hand. (And knowing the rigors of ‘training’ with The Boss, Kayden must also be very absorbent as well! It takes a heel to train a heel!)

“I’m not impressed,” Kayden states bluntly, arriving to find pretty-in-pink Ty stretching in the ring. Nose to nose they stare one another down, successfully generating sweet, sexy tension from the start. Kayden is about 4 inches taller, but they’re closely matched in weight and experience. The first on-camera lock up for both of these eager boys demonstrates Kayden’s reach advantage. He slowly muscles his struggling opponent backward into a corner. Ty holds up his hands, calling for a clean break, but Kayden takes his time, giving his opponent’s torso an appreciative stroke. Followed by a ball claw. Followed by a sharp, echoing slap across the face to get Ty’s (and your) attention!

If you think you know where these rookies are heading, think again. Ty may be pretty in pink, and Kayden unquestionably looks like he’s about to devour his opponent whole. But that’s the thing about rookies. You don’t know what to expect. Kayden clearly doesn’t expect his pretty, pink-clad opponent to suddenly take command, landing a sick jab to Kaden’s jewels and nearly beheading him with a clothesline. The bearded bad boy is obviously shocked to find himself repeatedly scooped up in his opponent’s arms, suspended in mid-air for ages, and then slammed to his back with absolute authority. Like we said, Ty has learned a thing or two about how to handle a bully!

Kayden Keller vs Ty Alexander – Raunchy Rookies right where they belong

One thing that you can generally count on with rookies is their eagerness to impress. In the opening moments of this double debut, Ty pieces together a shockingly devastating offense guaranteed to impress BG fans as certainly as it knocks bearded bad boy Kayden on his hot ass. The deceptively baby-faced boy in pink seizes the initiative with both hands, that is one hand pounding away at Kayden’s gut and the other locked like a vice on his balls. Repeated scoop slams put Kayden and BG East on notice: don’t take Ty for granted!

Ty isn’t the only hot, young talent harboring surprising skills. Bringing aggressive hunks to their knees is right in Kayden Keller’s wheelhouse. A carefully placed knee to the gut pounds the air out of Ty’s lungs, and the pretty-in-pink fighter watches with shock as his early momentum evaporates. Once in control, Kayden is devastatingly relentless. Corner abuse, trunk pulling, and an endless series of vicious crotch-claw suplexes batter the rookie stud mercilessly. With his big black boot bearing down on Ty’s balls. “That’s where you want to be, isn’t it? Right where you belong!” Kayden smirks. “Screw you!” Ty valiantly defies the rookie heel. “I think you’ve got that backwards,” Kayden growls ominously.

These two newbies do not know when to stop, not that any of us would want them to! The action is astonishingly high impact, with both bodies battered and bruised within minutes. Perhaps not yet fully recognizing their own limits, one overeager wrestler actually knocks the other out cold. But what’s a rookie to do, when he’s eager to impress you the wrestling fan, but his opponent is already down for the count? Why, slap him awake, and make the stunned loser worship your hot, young body! Talk about hot!

The rookies abrupt transition from physical combat to sexual domination maintains passionate intensity. Trunks are ripped off. Eager young cocks are stroked hard. “This is what you wanted all along, isn’t it?” the rookie on the rise taunts as he force-feeds his opponent his beautiful, rookie cock. They devour one another voraciously, mouths and hands almost desperately possessing every inch, as both beautiful boys give over entirely to passionate lust born of raw, uninhibited wrestling chemistry.

Kayden and Ty go where few rookies have either the skill or the self-confidence to go. Overwhelmed with passion, every passing second stokes the furnace burning inside each of these new stars, until they climax into twin first-on-camera cum shots by these two astonishingly uninhibited rookies. They may be new around here, but these young prodigies demonstrate an innate understanding of what drives BG East wrestlers and fans wild.

Jonah Richards vs Ken Okeda: Physical Superiority / Sexual Domination

We’ve seen cute Jonah Richards wrestle in nearly a dozen hot ‘n steamy matches for BG East, each one cockier and nastier than that last. And he’s developed quite the fan following. We’ve seen his angelic, boy next-door baby face and every inch of his beautifully proportioned, long lean body embroiled in down and dirty mat combat. You’ve seen him irritate the hell out of one opponent after another with his smart-ass taunts, his oversized ego and his fearless, kamikaze-style assaults on unsuspecting victims. Jonah was painfully young, irreverently brash, and entirely overconfident in his self-professed ‘destiny’ to become a conquering star at BG East. But you’ve never seen Jonah like this! Because this is his first time Jonah as stepped through the ropes and into the ring!

And for this auspicious debut we have tossed Jonah’s ring-virginal butt into the BGE ring with fellow twink rookie Kenny Okeda. This match is a trip down memory lane for Ken, as well. Before Aryx Quinn got his hands all over hot and limber Kenny in Jobberpalooza 7, and before any BG East fans ever laid eyes on the fierce and furious firecracker, Ken was a 19-year-old newbie who’d also never set foot in a wrestling ring. Back then, like Jonah, Ken was all promise and big dreams. And like Jonah, he had a cocky swagger, a hot twink look, a packed pair of trunks – and not the vaguest idea of what he was getting himself into when he laced up those boots and climbed into the crucible that is the BG East ring.

After the eager rookies compare stats (Jonah at 5’9″, 150 pounds, 21 years old ? Ken at 5’6″, 128 pounds, 19 years old), Jonah reaches the conclusion that he’s obviously about to squash Ken. “We’ll see about that,” Ken snaps back with just a note of anxiety that’s hard to miss. Nursing that mammoth ego that no rookie has a right to possess, Jonah smirks at him and climbs into the ring. “You’re going down, bitch.” Moments like this are always very highly charged when you’re not quite sure if the war of words will escalate to overt physical aggression. The anticipation of combat suddenly becomes titillating and tantalizing.

The wrestling is prototypically and tantalizingly “rookie.” There’s an innocent tentativeness about it at the start. Jonah lunges low for a take down, and Ken dances away awkwardly. They trade holds probingly, each rookie testing not only his opponent’s weaknesses but discovering for the first time his own strengths. Jonah snaps those beautiful, lightly hairy legs around Ken’s body and delights in discovering that he can make the Asian acrobat groan in agony. After a sudden twist of bodies and scramble of limbs, Ken reverses, applying his own bodyscissors and yanking viciously at Jonah’s thick head of hair. “Who’s going to win now, bitch!” Ken snarls furiously. It’s getting personal AND sexy too!

Jonah Richards vs Ken Okeda: A rookies dreams — and trunks– are shoved down his throat

Like an awkward first date, Jonah and Ken scramble across the BG East ring in a jumble of limbs. What they lack in finesse, they more than make up for in heart and enthusiasm. The more bruises their young egos suffer, the fiercer the combat becomes. After a series of blown holds, Jonah succeeds in snapping his lighter opponent up in an inverted bearhug.

Hanging upside, lightweight tumbler Ken is unable to do anything but endure the pain, suck down the humiliation, and listen helplessly to Jonah’s endless taunts. Momentarily squeezing the fight out of his lithe opponent, Jonah slams Ken to the mat and mounts him in a humiliating schoolboy pin, thrilled by the feeling of domination as he shoves his balls in his opponent’s trapped face. From his perch of power Jonah revels in Kenny’s humiliation.

Younger, lighter, and equally inexperienced, Ken looks like he’s in a bad way, pinned to his back in the middle of the ring. But looks can be deceiving, and rookies are almost guaranteed to surprise you. Proving that the best defense is a vicious offense, Ken chomps down on his opponent’s dangling balls and, needless to say, earns his escape – not to mention the utter wrath and promises of dire consequence from Jonah!

That ball biting signals a sudden change in the tempo of this confrontation. Desperate to impress, the reckless rookies fling their bodies, and particularly their crotches, face first into one high stakes hold after another. Ken’s figure-4 face-to-crotch headscissors introduces Jonah to the Asian acrobat’s smothering balls. Moments later, Jonah is back on his feet with an eye on sweet revenge. He bullies his lighter opponent into a backbreaking surfboard, repeatedly slamming cute Kenny face-first into the mat.

Trunks are ripped off in a rage and used to taunt, whip, and choke one another. With their bodies only just barely clad in in only the briefest of butt-revealing thongs, one determined rookie starts to bear down and build momentum. A beautiful bare ass sits smothering triumphantly and humiliatingly on his opponent’s bruised and battered face.

With a brutal series of brutal body slams, the boy to beat bashes the fight out of a shocked young hopeful, who can do nothing but watch his dreams of victory being crushed before his eyes. A dragon sleeper with a ball claw chaser drives the loser to the edge of endurance. Thongs get yanked, faces gets smothered, egos get crushed.

But the entire, operatic, raunchy rookie drama isn’t over until the dashed dreams of one young wrestler are shoved down his throat along with his own sweaty trunks. Like a pouched physique star of generations past, the victor flexes and preens, savoring the taste of his very first raunchy ring victory. A delicious, cream-filled, double-twinkie treat!

Skrapper vs Trey Dixon: Instant Heat

From before the cameras can start rolling, Skrapper and Trey Dixon are circling one another like caged animals on the edge of starvation. Almost perfectly matched in size and strength, these two incredibly conditioned young hunks are generating sparks well before they even touch. And talk about touch! Before a single hold is applied, they’re passionately kissing, rubbing and stroking each other’s hot bodies hungrily. It’s unclear for just a moment if they’re going to actually wrestle or just start fucking. Then Skrapper’s passionate embrace morphs into a rib crushing bearhug. The match is on!

Trey Dixon has come out of nowhere to become one of the hottest erotic wrestlers currently competing. With just one BG East match under his belt, he has quickly emerged as one of our top X-Fighters. The West Coast wonder with a phenomenal physique is a bundle of paradoxes. Off the mats he’s downright demure, soft-spoken, polite even. But when he puts one foot on the mat, the incredibly hot muscled hunk is transformed into a full-contact sex wrestler stoked hotter and harder the more he’s pushed.

Skrapper is a veteran of nine BG East matches, each one more brutal than the last. We typically only book much bigger opponents for Skrapper because, quite frankly, smaller opponents just can’t handle him. His intensity is legendary, and his passion for pushing limits, both his own and his opponents’, has caused more than one prospective wrestler to decline the invitation to meet him on the mats. To make matters worse, Skrapper has been sculpting his long, lean body with that same intensity, and we’ve never seen him as powerfully muscled and finely conditioned as he is today.

The initial scramble across the mats makes it difficult to distinguish who has whom, or even which limbs belong to which wrestler! Trey locks on a headlock, but Skrapper winds his long legs around the rookie’s midsection and squeezes the air out of his lungs. Trey punches Skrapper’s newly minted six-pack abs, which only inspires the veteran to flex his hot biceps and dare his opponent to just try to penetrate his muscled defenses. Sweat-soaked bodies slip and slide as they vie for position. Skrapper locks his knees around the rookie’s skull even as his own head is trapped between Trey’s powerfully sculpted thighs. An intimate 69 simultaneous headscissors battle is the perfect metaphor for the exquisite marriage of sexual tension and intense wrestling between these two fired-up studs.

Skrapper vs Trey Dixon: Hot, Hotter, Hottest: Boom! It’s Downright Combustible!

This match is the ideal combination of competition and lust. Locked together with every appendage, Skrapper and Trey are perfectly synchronized, teetering on the edge of lustful abandon and the desire to dominate. The high friction contact makes their trunks slide down their asses, but neither hunk notices. Trey mounts the veteran in a schoolboy pin, slapping Skrapper’s face, flexing, and groaning in near ecstasy, ‘Yeah, YEAH!” Trey’s reverie distracts him just long enough for Skrapper to wrap him up tightly in his guard and lock on a smothering chokehold that makes the astonished rookie tap.

Passionately, they exchange in equal measure liplocks and leglocks, body worship and body scissors, humping and headlocks. With Skrapper trapped in a rear naked choke cocky Trey nibbles passionately on his ear. When Skrapper slams his body down on top of Trey’s, he lingers long enough to wrap his lips around the rookie’s prominent package.

Pec punching and butt slapping leave both bodies bright red. When Trey’s cock pops out of his trunks, Skrapper’s hands are on it in an instant, quickly ripping the trunks the rest of the way off. Skrapper yanks his own trunks off because there’s no way that these two are going to be satisfied until they are both naked and swimming in each other’s sweat.

They demand that one another suck cock and lick muscles. Skrapper wipes the sweat from his opponent’s body and lathers himself in it. He licks the rookie from stem to stern, the action teetering on the edge of just diving right in and fucking. Trey draws out the erotic battle like a master, bending his opponent’s lusts into his wrestling vulnerability, mounting the veteran’s chest and slapping his face with his swelling cock. And those bare butts!!!

There’s a winner here, and it’s the hungry stud who can hold out longest against the rising tide of lust. One enflamed combatant suddenly can’t stand it a moment longer, quite literally begging to consummate the instant attraction they’ve been nursing from the moment they laid eyes on each other. This astonishingly combustible bout will go down as one of the sexiest matches in BG East history, an instant contender for a BG Best of 2014!

Josh has been gaining both muscle and confidence lately, chalking up victories over his nemesis Ethan Andrews and also rising superstar Alex Waters, along with packing on about 30 lbs of muscle since his debut at Rock Hard a few years back. He’s had some troubles in his tag team matches, but the blond surfer dude turned muscle stud has been having quite a bit of success in his singles matches. He’s been waiting to get his hands on the rookie blond bombshell Matt Engel since watching him in his previous matches.

Matt’s shown signs of promise in the ring in his first two contests, and god knows that he’s sculpted a perfectly chiseled physique in the gym highlighted by his killer abs and outrageous calves. Josh doesn’t want any newbie staking claim to his position as a current superstar on the roster and intends to keep this rookie in his place, which is on the bottom looking up. Josh arrives early to the ring and is blasting his iPhone with some ‘Rocky’ tunes to psyche himself up as he poses and flexes his own glorious body. He’s a spitting image of the great pro wrestler Kevin von Erich in his white trunks and boots. Matt climbs into the ring talking trash, asking Josh if that’s an iPhone 1? That could be a mistake!

The two blond bodybuilders lock up to start things off in round one, with the experienced Josh striking first, throwing Matt down and stomping on his abs. But Josh says ‘not that easy’ as he pulls Matt up and whips him into the turnbuckle and begins to bash his head deep into the blond bombshell’s shredded abs. He’s making a statement early to attack one of Matt’s strengths, and asking him ‘how’s that feel pretty boy’ before choking him over the top rope. The muscle hunk continues his assault on the rookie; draping his leg across the rope and inflicts punishment to his massive thigh with several punches, a leg drop across Matt’s impressive pecs, he picks him up over his head and slams the bodybuilder to the mat, then drives several forearms down into Matt’s abs making sure he continues bashing away at that prized eight-pack. Josh is in total control, and one thing he’s learned since his early days it to stay on the attack when he has the momentum. He lifts Matt to his feet, whips him across the ring and into the ropes, then delivers both of his white boots squarely planted into Matt’s awesome abs which stuns the rookie as he crumbles to the mat.

The blond surfer dude proclaims ‘that was the high point of my day’ as he gets into the rookies face. Matt, seemingly unaware of the beating he’s currently taking, retorts ‘I got some hydroxyl cut for you if you want some’, taking a shot at Josh’s softer stomach. This only fires Josh up more, so he continues tossing the blond bodybuilder around the ring like he owns him; whipping him into another clothesline, wrapping his own massive thighs around Matt’s tiny waist and squeezing the shit out of him, then locking on a chicken wing and choking him over the ropes, all the while taking shots at his abs in an effort to weaken the bodybuilder’s core.

But Matt has been known to be able to take a beating and not give in, so when Josh takes a moment to flex to himself in the mirror, Matt catches him with a double leg takedown. He uses his own powerful muscles to hoist the 195 lbs muscle stud up into the air then slams him to the mat. He laces his bulging biceps through Josh’s arms to lock on a full nelson, then he grapevines him with his impressive thighs and stretches the big blond out. Matt is having his moment in this round, but after flooring Josh with a clothesline, Josh gets to his feet and swiftly locks Matt in a front facing bear hug. Josh crushes the air out of him, and then scores with a few knees to Matt’s abs to soften him up. He brings the blond rookie to his feet, then literally lifts him high into the air by his throat then power slams the poor boy down to the mat. As the rookie lay stunned on the mat, Josh picks up one of his ankles and one of his wrists, placing him into a standing cross bow, which has been a favorite hold of his as of late.

Josh then uses his massive arms and back to start pull and yank on Matt’s limbs while he has his size 11 white boot firmly planted in his side. Matt can’t evade the power and the pain being inflicted and cries out that he’s done. Josh places his boot on his defeated opponent’s back, flexes his massive biceps for the camera while Matt lays agonizing on the mat in defeat to end round one.

Josh Steel vs Matt Engel wrestling – Round 2

Big buff blond Josh pretty much had his way with the rookie bodybuilder in round one and has worked up a good sweat that glistens off his body as he prepares to start round two. Josh calls over to Matt ‘you ready for more big boy?’, and Matt doesn’t even hesitate saying ‘bring it!’ Josh is clearly more experienced in the ring than Matt, but the rookie has been gaining knowledge in his previous bouts. They lock up and Josh simply over powers the smaller rookie to the mat and goes back to attacking his killer abs. Josh connects with a leg drop across Matt’s abs, then hoists him up into a standing full nelson that lifts him completely off his feet.

The blond surfer dude is pleased with his beating of the rookie bodybuilder, posing and admiring his newly built muscles as Matt lay agonizing on his stomach. He then brings Matt to his wobbly feet, picks him up over his head, then hangs his legs over the top ropes, opening up those sexy abs for a brutal bashing. Josh continues his dominance by tossing him around the ring, making him suffer in a rear choke hold, he connects with a clothesline, and all the while continuing to bash away on the rookie’s abs. But, just when you think it’s over for the blond bombshell, he is able to connect with an elbow to Josh’s gut and follows that up with a direct punch to Josh’s chest which floors him.

Matt drags the blond surfer dude up to his feet with a fist full of hair, then takes him back down to the mat and connects with an elbow drop to his back. Matt has seized control and is loving it! He tosses Josh into the turnbuckle and starts to punch and kick away on his powerful body. Josh slumps in the corner, is dragged up to his feet only to be clipped with an elbow to the head. The bigger blond hunk Josh is stunned and stumbles to the mat. The rookie proclaims ‘it’s time for a stretch’ as he pulls Josh back into an ab stretch that has his body and limbs laced up and in Matt’s control.

The rookie stares and smiles in Josh’s face as he pulls back as hard as he can exerting extreme pressure on the blond surfer dude’s back and massive muscles, then delivers some payback with some ab bashing of his own into Josh’s exposed midsection. Josh cries out in pain and seeks a way to escape the torment. But, is it time for Matt to end this round and claim triumph to even this match at one round a piece? Or can Josh flex his way out of this predicament and go onto conquer the rookie and make yet another opponent bite the dust?

If you like bodybuilder muscle covered in sweat as they fight for domination, then you’ll want to see this match!

“How do you like me now?!”

Honestly, we were a little surprised when Lauden Sevior called to ask for another match. The brutal beating and erotic domination he suffered at the hands of Gold Shaft in Sunshine Shooters 6 left lovely, lithe Lauden completely crushed and humiliated. The masked heel took the long-haired rookie to depths of terror and exquisite agony that the hot young Latino had never even imagined before. And that was well before Gold Shaft dragged the pretty Puerto Rican dancer away to continue his handiwork in private. So when Lauden came back for more, we were surprised but even more intrigued.

Perhaps it would have been more generous of us to line up an opponent for Lauden a little closer to his size and experience. But what fun would that be? No, we went with an ambitious young heel by the name of Ethan Axel Andrews, a full 4 inches taller and 30 pounds of highly conditioned muscle mass heavier, not to mention a wrestling resume miles deep. Unlike relatively unknown Lauden, Ethan is one of the most hated or loved wrestlers in the business, depending on whom you talk to. A master of the psychological take down, Ethan’s trash talking is as notorious (and nearly as devastating) as his extremely extensive wrestling arsenal. To make him even more dangerous, he has been packing steel cabled muscle mass onto his highly conditioned physique lately, turning him into a triple threat against even the most accomplished of mat wrestlers.

Lauden Sevior, of course, is far from an accomplished mat wrestler. His passion for wrestling is obvious and he would not be a jobber by choice. His toned but very lean body puts him at an immediate disadvantage opposing the more muscular lads who populate the BG ranks. But there is no doubt that he is, however, stunningly beautiful. His dance-toned ass is gorgeous, squeezed so tightly inside breathtakingly tight blood red trunks as he stretches before the match. “Seriously, what’s up with your hair?” Ethan demands as he stares across the mat at the flowing locks of the Latino beauty. “It gives me style,” the soft-spoken Lauden smirks. “In the wrestling situation, long hair isn’t going to work out so stylish for you,” Ethan calmly explains, “as I’m going to proceed to show you.”

As Ethan predicted, he readily has his way with the long-haired hottie in the early going. With ease, he lifts him off his feet in a breath-stealing bearhug. It’s a stunning application by the bigger, stronger lad on the lighter, weaker one. It’s visceral and arousing as hell. Tossing Lauden to the mat, an instant later Ethan locks on a crushing figure-4 headscissors that quickly turns Lauden’s pretty face beet red. Ethan taunts as he torments, calling the rookie hopelessly weak as he outmuscles Lauden time and time again. But despite Ethan’s cocky bluster, he quickly discovers that he has his hands full as the beautiful dancer demonstrates silky smooth grace and stunning speed, countering, escaping, and suddenly locking on a rear choke that momentarily puts a stop to Ethan’s incessant trash talk. “How do you like me now!?” the lovely Lauden crows.

Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object (or Rock and a Hard Place)

Ethan is simply too strong and too experienced for Lauden Sevior to control for long. He wouldn’t want to admit it, but Ethan has to work to hold the fiery Latino’s offense at bay, but he’s more than up to the challenge. Muscling his way free time and time again, Ethan neutralizes Lauden’s speed and leaves his every offensive effort impotent.

Slamming Lauden to his back, Ethan mounts the beautiful heart throb in a schoolboy pin: “Do you like my balls on your chin,” Ethan asks when Lauden stops writhing, “or are you going to even try to get out of this?” He yanks on Lauden’s long locks. “See, this is what happens when you have long hair. Guys like me get to play with it.”

Lauden has learned a thing or two since his first match, and after a slippery escape from his tormentor’s clutches, the Puerto Rican rips Ethans silver trunks off of his long legs victoriously. “How do you like this!?” Lauden demands with a broad grin across his pretty face. “I’m totally fine with this,” Ethan snaps back with an eager grin. Introducing strip stakes to the match may not have been a wise move for young Lauden.

Then again, perhaps it’s exactly what Lauden has been after all along. With the Latino trapped in another schoolboy pin, Ethan can’t help but notice the grin stretched across the dancer’s face. “You’re smiling! You must like this!” Realizing that the rookie isn’t just fearless, he’s a terror junkie, Ethan dives into soul crushing domination with renewed vigor. He steps on Lauden’s long locks while trying to wrench the dancer’s shoulders out of their sockets. An over-the-knee backbreaker and ball claw sends the rookie screaming in agony, soaking up more pain with what seems to be an unquenchable thirst.

“Come on, tap out!” Ethan demands. “I don’t do stuff on command!” the defiant dancer snaps back, stoking the dangerous veteran to even greater heights of corporal punishment. Ethan drags the lightweight scrapper up off the mat, one hand pulling on his jock strap and the other threatening to rip out his long hair by the roots. Parading him around the ring like a puppet, Ethan roars, “Are you having fun yet!?”

The thing is, we have a growing suspicion that’s exactly what Lauden is having. The tenacious lightweight takes one heaping helping of abuse after another and just keeps coming back for more. The more Ethan taunts, the more vicious his holds, the more determined Lauden seems to grow to suck down every ounce of torment that the heel can dish out. It’s a battle between the unstoppable force and the immovable object, and the only question remaining is which will hold out longest – Ethan’s inexhaustible reservoir of taunts and tortures, or Lauden’s sponge-like capacity to soak up the punishment?

Mason Brooks vs Drake Marcos – Whose [Fan Base] is bigger?

Mason Brooks and Drake Marcos have more in common than either young hunk would like to admit. They both began wrestling with BG East around the same time. They’re closely matched in height, weight and age, and both ambitious wrestlers are still waiting for their first victory in BG East competition. And despite the hard knocks suffered at the hands of prior opponents, both of these handsome hunks successfully generated a whole lot of online buzz, inspiring a fiercely loyal fan base following their sudden rise in the gay wrestling world. It should probably come as no surprise that they’ve been trading taunts and insults online for months. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say.

Drake’s tenure so far has been bumpier, however. Not only has he been bested in every match, he’s been severely brutalized. His most recent match against Jonny Firestorm was so completely devastating for Drake that it earned the trophy from BG East fans as the Best Squash of 2013. Charmed by his irrepressible smile and seemingly infinite capacity to soak up punishment, Drake’s fans have adoringly dubbed him the “Cheshire Cat.”

On the other hand, while Mason has yet to decisively dominate an opponent, he has never failed to earn his competitors’ respect. He has also earned a following among fans who’ve been taken with his tenacity, hot body, and in particular, his nipples. Honestly, Mason’s nipples seem to have their own fan club, and who are we to argue with hard core wrestling fans? His fans, like Mason, have got to be eyeing this match-up with one of the most notorious rookie jobbers as destined to be Mason’s first check in the victory column.

Mason arrives in the mat room first and promptly posts a glossy promotional photo of Drake on the wall. “Property of Mason Brooks,” he scribbles across the image of Drake’s hardcore abs. “Look, I took one of your lovely photos and I fixed it for you,” Mason smirks when Drake shows up. He promises Drake that it’ll be worth more with Mason’s name on it when he sells it online. Not amused, Drake promises retribution. “Now I’m going to take your trunks, and I’m going to sell them to my fans!”

Mason takes the early advantage, locking up his lean opponent in a neck wrenching full nelson. “You got fans? I’ve got fans!” Mason insists. “They’re excited about my nipples. I think the word ‘magical’ was used.” Furiously, Drake growls right back “I’m the prettier one!”

“I might give you that,” Mason concedes. “Prettier suffering. Prettier taking a beating.”

Mason Brooks vs Drake Marcos – Taking Possession: “You’re going to have SO many more fans after this!”

After losing some very close contests with more experienced (and less scrupulous) BGE wrestlers, Mason learned his lesson. Now he’s salivating for his first win, at Drake’s expense. He chains together multiple holds, working his opponent’s body from several angles at once. “Walk away now, and we’ll just forget about it,” Mason coos in Drake’s ear as the babyface writhes in agony. “But here’s the thing, that photo stays up on the wall.”

“Hell no!” Drake snarls back. With the stakes clearly established, the wrestling turns instantly intensely intimate. Ass slapping, schoolboy pins, and crotch-ripping spladles drive home the point that this is all about humiliation and bragging rights. Mason crushes Drake’s face into his crotch in a smothering figure-4 headscissors. “Yeah, you like them, huh?” Mason asks, introducing Drake to his balls. “Almost as nice as my nipples.”

On the line isn’t just the first victory for one of these wrestlers. They’re fighting off the mantle of jobber. They’re competing for each other’s fans. With stakes that high, it should come as little wonder that Mason and Drake work up a thick lather of sweat and passion. Mason sits on Drake’s face. “You smiling yet? Cheshire Cat, eh? More like pussy cat.”

The final submission is a deeply intimate, smothering figure-4 that puts one stunned stud out cold. Victory won, sure, but game over? Far from it. The winner strips him naked, stuffs the trunks in his mouth and locks on a single leg crab with one hand, and a ball crushing claw with the other. An all naked finale is sealed with a passionate kiss with one hot hunk taking full possession of his new “property.” The winner chuckles: “Can you say, ‘I’ve gotten beaten up by everybody’? But nobody worked you over quite like me.”

Logan Vaughn vs Lane Hartley – The Pro Wrestler and “The Superstar”

Logan Vaughn is brand new to BG East, but the ripped young hunk arrived with a boatload of fans already in his back pocket. Best known for his huge legs and luscious bubble butt, this gay adult entertainment headliner felt that there was more he could be accomplishing with his phenomenal conditioning and bulging muscles than just pounding ass and looking so, so good doing it. Logan is the first to admit that he doesn’t know a lot about wrestling except loving it! But what the self-described “superstar” lacks in experience, he plans on making up for with brute force, on-the-job training, and perhaps just a little luck.

Unfortunately for Logan, his luck ran out the moment his opponent showed up. Lane Hartley has been a terror since setting up shop at BG East. He’s taken down one opponent after another with his devastating power and top shelf professional wrestling skills. His superhero good looks are a perfect contrast to his supervillain wrestling persona and devastating delivery of punishment. Lane offers no mercy, and he hasn’t met a hard-bodied pretty boy yet that he doesn’t want to pound into jelly. And Logan Vaughn thinks HIS legs are powerful?! Lane has lost count of how many ribs he’s cracked with his hapless opponents caught in the beautiful beartrap he calls his mammoth quads.

There’s no denying that Logan is stunningly sexy in his shiny red trunks. Ready for his close-ups, he dazzles with his blond hair, diamond stud earrings and superstar shoulder tattoos. His hairy legs are unquestionably huge, and that made-for-porn ass is picture perfect, squeezed so tightly inside his glitzy, candy-apple red trunks. There’s no doubt about it. Logan looks the part of a fierce young wrestling rookie ready for prime time.

Lane, however, isn’t convinced. “What do we have here?” he asks when he finds “The Superstar” stretching in the ring. “I hear you think pretty highly of yourself,” Lane smirks. Unperturbed, Logan admits that he does, indeed, think quite highly of himself. “Well, there’s an order of things here, and I’m top dog in these parts,” Lane explains. “And it’s just a little bit aggravating when a fresh blood rookie calls himself as a superstar.”

Cute but clueless Logan just smirks and flexes his big biceps in Luscious Lane’s face. Lane offers a sportsmanly handshake, which the naïve rookie accepts without question. However, a kick to the gut is the only “welcome” he’s going to get from Lane, followed by a breathtakingly brutal choke slam. “You think you’re all that?” Lane spits in the rookie’s beet red face. “Your pretty face, your stupid blond hair? I hate it already!”

Logan Vaughn vs Lane Hartley – Screaming, begging, kicking and squealing

“You really think you can hang with my talent, huh?” Lane Hartley demands as he pries and rips at Logan Vaughn’s knee in a viciously applied leglock. The only answer the rookie can offer is a plaintive wail of agony. Even the mightiest of muscleboys can be brought to near tears when his knee is being wrenched mercilessly. “Embarrassing!” Lane spits furiously, heaping on more torture by adding a muscle ripping pec claw to the rookie’s predicament. The louder The Superstar wails, the more furious Lane grows.

Lane dishes up the rookie’s luscious body like a master chef, one hot hold after another designed with the dual purpose of torturing Logan and presenting his beautiful, wrecked physique for your enjoyment. Trapped in the ropes, Logan writhes as the beautiful beast threatens to rip his shoulder apart. Thrown to the mat again, The Superstar screams as his tormentor plants both boots in the small of his back and stands there, all 215 pounds of him bearing down on the rookie’s spine. “Sure, try to crawl away,” Lane chuckles as his opponent claws at the mat like a stuck bug. “Go for it!” the sadistic pro taunts, grinding the heels of his boots deep into his trampled opponent’s crushed back.

Lane unleashes every high impact, muscle-ripping, bone-crunching maneuver known to pro wrestling. He drives Logan to near-panic in an over-the-knee backbreaker with his elbow digging into the hunk’s gut. He tosses the rookie through the ropes and smashes that pretty face into the wall. Backed into a corner with his legs draped over the middle ropes, Logan can only watch in horror as Lane takes aim, winds up, and place kicks the adult entertainment superstar over and over in the balls. But here’s the thing. Although Lane offers him the opportunity to submit at every turn, the deceptively tough, bleach blond pretty boy resolutely and repeatedly refuses. Sure, Logan may be in way over his head, but no one is more surprised than Lane to discover just how much suffering this gym-bunny adult film star can suck down and keep coming back for more!

“They said you had strong legs,” Lane notes, clamping down on a yet another tendon-ripping leglock. “At least, that was the rumor.” Nearly twisting the rookie’s lower leg completely around, the pro wrestler wrings more quivering, anguished cries out of the hunky newbie. “I get the same reaction from everybody,” Lane muses. “Oh yeah, they all LOOK good but then nobody wants to play! They all just end up doing a lot of screaming and begging and kicking and squealing. Well, I ain’t done playing so man up, you bitch!”

Suddenly, just as Lane is pinning the dazed rookie to the mat, Logan mule-kicks the 215 pound slab of beef off of him, literally lifting Lane into the air and flinging him into the corner. “Who you callin’ bitch?!? And is that all you got, bitch!?” Logan snarls. As if Lane Hartley needed more reason to unleash on a would-be rookie Superstar!? This hunkbash isn’t over until somebody pleads, screams, and squeals not only the words, “I submit” but also acknowledges, loudly and clearly, with no uncertainty or contradiction, “I’m the bitch!” A spectacular main event debut on a hot as hell Hunkbash!