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The Ultimate Boston Bad Boy?

For many fans, Mikey Vee has been the quintessential BG East wrestler. In the course of at least two dozen matches and almost two decades(!) of action exclusive to BG East, his haircuts and gear often changed, but never his style. Always the punk, Mikey has intimidated opponents (or tried to) with his muscle and boundless self-confidence. Some call it arrogance, but Mikey is so full of himself he doesn’t care what you call it – but he definitely has that undefinable “it” that’s the trait of superstars in every field.

Mikey always played the heel with style, without resorting to outlandish gimmicks or campy exaggeration. He had the body (and what a body!) as well as the moves and muscles to back up his natural propensity to heel. Even when his gear suggested a classic babyface, a good-guy, a rookie, a jobber or whatever, he always had that cutting edge, that caustic wit, and that intensity of purpose that has kept audiences intrigued and in suspense year after year. He’s a heel in the classic mode: vain, bossy, and ready to cut corners – anything for a win, the cheaper and easier the better. If he lost a match now and then, it was erased from memory, and he demanded that everybody else forget about it too.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Mikey told us he had turned a new leaf. He said that he was through with the “Boston Bad Boy” image he had so meticulously constructed match after ring match. “Fair and square” was how he was going to play it from now on. Clean living and good sportsmanship were his new mottos. He wanted to put himself to the true test of athletic endeavor and so he insisted that we book him a match in the BG East mat room. Mikey wanted to break from the ring where he had built his bad boy reputation to show off the new skills he had acquired through his training in grappling and martial arts.

We had our doubts! After all, it wouldn’t be the first time if was all a ruse! But Mikey seemed so genuine and earnest that it was hard to turn him down. He looked determined to clean up his act and redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. Maybe, just maybe, the old German proverb was wrong, and a man can jump out of his own shadow.

Mike is unusually affable before the match, introducing himself and steering clear of the usual cocky wisecracks, eager to prove he has been born again as a kinder, gentler competitor. “Usually I have a bit of attitude, a nasty side,” Mikey understates the truth with almost too much sincerity. “But I’ve been fighting a long time, man. You know? I want to get that away from me. Still gonna fight tough. But I don’t want you to think I’m an asshole, okay?” He extends his hand, and Matt Reid gamely shakes it.

Matt is no stranger to stiff competition. He has faced some of the toughest customers in BG East history: Rick Samson, The Brooklyn Bodywrecker, and Bulldog Barzini, to name just three. These are big, brutish battlers with reputations for scorched-earth destruction in combat. Matt was well aware of Mikey Vee’s reputation when he agreed to a best three out of five fall submission match against him. Like all wrestlers worth their salt, Matt is a game and earnest competitor, ready to take on any challenge or challenger.

After a long, huffing lockup Mikey takes Matt down and rides him, rapidly shifting from one side of the man to the other. Matt reverses, quickly and smoothly, and Mikey grumbles, “Not bad, you prick.” But then Mikey reverses and gains a rear choke hold on Matt, triumphantly announcing, “How’s that for a reversal, huh?” Matt struggles to escape, and for somebody who has supposedly turned a new leaf, Vee seems to relish his opponent’s agonized groaning and writhing a bit too much. To his credit, Mikey breaks clean as soon as Matt submits. When Matt evens the score in Fall 2, Mikey uncharacteristically praises the man on his win. But as the match heats up, Mikey’s veneer of hail-fellow-well-met begins to tear at the seams. Mikey resorts to rabbit punches to weaken his thicker and heavier foe. “That’s the old Mike Vee,” he exults. “I knew he was somewhere!”

Gaining three submissions, not all of them fairly, Mikey confesses that he got “a little out of control there” and offers Matt one more fall, winner takes all … this time 100% clean and by the book, hand on his heart. Reid reluctantly accepts. Will Matt regret his decision? Will Mikey keep his word, even at the risk of losing all? One answer to both these questions: Get real, bros. This is a BG East match – and entertaining as hell!

A Study in Contrasts: Shining White Satin Rookie vs Black Leather Heel

As soon as Kip Sorell slipped into his glistening silvery white trunks we collectively gasped. The young man is dazzlingly handsome, as fit a physical specimen of manhood as we’ve seen. With his matinee-idol looks and sinewy build, we wondered aloud at our good fortune for having him choose BG East as the repository – and beneficiary – of his wrestling dreams. And that he was among the dozen or so BG stars on hand for the advent of the new BG East Arena in South Florida made it a doubly notable debut!

And, as it undoubtedly will do here, his arrival on the BGE scene that day caused a minor sensation. Most of the other wrestlers were subtle, sotto voce, about their interest in Kip, making discreet eye contact with The Boss to note their interest, trying hard not to make their curiosity, desire and lust too obvious – that is, save one exuberant exception: Jumping up and down, raising his hand and waving it wildly, shouting, “OOOH! PLEASE! Me, Me!!! I’m first! ME! Pick ME! Pleeeease!!! I’ll be good, I PROMISE!!!”, Kid Karisma, never much of a wall-flower, made it clear he wanted at the sizzling hot newbie and post-haste! And frankly, we couldn’t wait to throw Kip to a ravenously hungry man-eater like Kid Karisma.

Kid K is one of the company’s most gifted heels. Moment by moment he amazes us with the stuff he comes up with in the course of punishing and humiliating an opponent. The man is an artist: every new hold and indignity he heaps on his adversary is a jaw-dropping revelation. He has a diamond-cutter’s eye for highlighting the best qualities and uncovering previously hidden facets. The Boss said it best: “That Kid K? He’s a natural”. We knew that by the end of this match young Kip would shine like a star … if he survived, that is.

Watching Kip warming up in the ring, expertly showing off for the camera, Kid K can’t help but be impressed too, and in no time he’s right there with him, competing for the fans’ attention, push-up by push-up. When Kip ups the ante with a set of clap pushups, Kid responds, “You don’t have to clap for me. I haven’t even kicked your ass yet.” He kicks the recruit’s arm out from under him and plants a black boot on the newcomer’s chest, and lays claim to the babyface as his personal property. Impetuously, the new guy fires back at him before Karisma even removes his leather biker vest. In return Karisma wraps the vest around the eager upstart’s neck and drags him around the ring by it, preening himself in front of the mirror and camera as Kip gasps for air. And we’re off!

There’s something about extraordinary male pulchritude which inspires Kid Karisma to paroxysms of punishment. Oh sure, they don’t have to be starkly stunning beauties for him to vent his muscular rage on them but it sure seems that the prettier they are the more inspired Kid K is to bend them to his will and submit them to his creative humiliations. And the Kharismatic One’s enthusiasm for clawing, bending, stretching, stomping, trampling and otherwise displaying the newbie beauty Kip Sorell seems to know no bounds.

He forces Kip Sorell through the workout routine from hell. He batters the rookie under a set of “push-ups,” Karisma’s chest beating down on Kip’s like a sledge. Then he kneels on the young stud’s stomach, pulling his head up in a mock “sit-up” and then roughly slamming it back down. Initially Kip puts up a fiercer resistance than Karisma expected, only infuriating the quick-tempered red-headed heel even more. In a matter of a few minutes, he stomps the guy face down into the canvas. The shining handsome prince is suddenly a whimpering victim, clinging to the bottom rope for life support.

“How does that feel, huh?” Karisma delivers the time-honored taunt of heels everywhere. But when young Kip fails to respond, Kid K snaps him up into a rear naked choke and yells, “I SAID ‘How Does That Feel, HUH?!?’” He falls to his back, stretching the recruit out over him in every direction, spread-eagle, the youthful muscles and veins etched clearly and distinctly against the smooth tan skin. (Have no fear, the BGE camera catches every bit of this marvelous muscular mayhem from the perfect vantage points!)

Karisma is less concerned with gaining a pin or submission than with breaking the boy in two against the ring post. We are watching a maestro of mayhem at work here, folks, and beautiful Kip Sorell may be the ideal muse for what will certainly be remembered as one of this particular heel’s masterpieces. This is a match for which both these wrestlers will be remembered for years to come. It’s a thrilling introduction to an exciting young wrestler, and a grand slam for one of the best bad boys in the business!

Pumped-Up Punishment: Bulbous Brad vs Luscious lane

Lane Hartley is a huge, incredibly handsome, spectacularly proportioned slab of manhood who walked into the BG East offices one bright day. He said he was here to “dismantle some wusses who don’t have any business being in a wrestling ring.” Now, it’s not the first time we’ve heard this particular line or this full-of-bluster approach for entry into the ranks of BG East stardom. But seldom, if ever, has it been presented by someone with Lane’s impressive wrestling credentials or by someone possessed of such an imposing physique and head-turning beauty. To say that we were intrigued is an understatement.

Lane proceeded to rattle off the names of some of the company’s most popular stars of the past few years as examples of what he was talking about. These were men, he assured us in no uncertain terms, that he was easily capable of demolishing and dispatching for his and our fans pleasure. We told him that some of those named wrestlers were wiry and efficient fighting machines, respected and feared in the wrestling world. He looked us dead in the eyes, shrugged his hulking shoulders and said, without malice or irony, “Pipsqueaks.” We explained that we would prefer to start him out against some of our less established wrestlers, possibly another newcomer like himself. “Whatever you want ,” he told us, deadpan and matter-of-fact. “I’m here to win and clean house.”

With two matches under his belt, Brad Barnes has already accrued a sizable and vocal fan base. Given his jarhead haircut, ruddy complexion, a compact and phenomenal physique comprised of thick, massive, rock-solid muscle, people are starting to compare young Brad to BG East legends like Joe Mazetti and Mike Columbo, sturdy men’s men who commanded attention anytime they slipped into wrestling trunks and boots. We asked him how he’d feel about wrestling a new guy, somewhat heavier and taller than he, but still (or so we thought) a relative rookie like himself. Brad said, “Sure. I’m in.”

He doesn’t have an awful lot to say, that Brad, but he’s pretty much game for anything – as previous opponents Chace LcChance (Pec Bash 2) and Tatum Riggs (Hunkbash 14) found out. Of course, that’s a quality a lot of our fans like in a young wrestler: steady, tightlipped, professional, blunt as a sledgehammer, all about the wrestling with little time for frills and the showboating so popular among certain more demonstrative wrestlers… Brad lets his body do the talking. And with those massive pecs and glorious glutes leading fore and aft, Brad’s entrance into the ring is breathtaking. When he catches sight of Lane, a good head and shoulders taller than Brad, he looks wary but undaunted, mentally sizing up the man’s fight, wondering if it’s as huge as the man himself.

Lane Hartley may be new to the wrestling game here at BG East, but it’s immediately and stunningly apparent that he is no newcomer to wrestling! He comes on like gangbusters as soon as he steps inside the squared circle. With unexpected self-assurance, he commands the ring as his own. Even before saying a word or flexing a muscle, his mere entrance into the BGE squared circle is imposing and impressive. Lane is clearly no stranger to the pro wrestling ring environment and he owns the space like few others in recent memory.

Lane wastes no time taking Brad Barnes down to the mat. “Aw come on,” he says, evidently hoping for more resistance from the studly strongman. His half nelson turns into a painful hammerlock, and Brad moans, immobilized by the bigger and clearly more experienced wrestler. Lane uses his height advantage to stretch and twist Brad’s body, wringing him out like a wet sponge. And it’s quite a spectacular spectacle to behold! A claw-hold to Brad’s hard abs proves that they are not as impenetrable as they appear.

The new guy stands towering over Brad and then commands him to get back up and fight. Brad is only on his knees when Lane swoops down and catches him in a reverse bearhug, his forearms crushing the sturdy bodybuilder’s ribcage. Lane hauls the man up, only to smash him back down with crushing forearm smashes to the back. Whether he feels pleasure in knowing the hurt he’s inflicting on his opponent, his face shows only intense concentration on the task at hand. He treats the dismantling of the brawny stud like a puzzle, his brow furrowed like he’s aligning the world’s sexiest Rubik’s cube.

He works Brad over in the corner, slamming his shoulder deep into his midsection, then pausing just long enough for the convulsive tremors to settle before slamming himself back in. He traps Brad on the ropes with a unique, mind and wad-blowing camel clutch. He slams, pounds, chokes, drills, tramples and displays Brad for the delectation of the fans who Lane clearly understands will impact his career at BG East. Lane ticks off a whole slate of punishments, apparently just to show fans what damage he’s capable of, including the needlessly cruel detail of snapping Brad’s fingers apart, one by one. Poor Brad surely never expected the thorough thrashing Lane methodically delivers with gusto and relish.

With a surfeit of beauty, brawn and balls, Lane Hartley herewith makes a stunning and indelibly memorable debut, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time. His physical appearance would be enough for fans to sit up and take note. But add to that powerful mix a zeal for dominant ring action combined with impressive ring smarts and wrestling know-how and – voila! A star is born! BG East Wrestlers take note: There’s a new bully at BG East, he’s big, he’s bad, he’s beautiful – and he wants everybody to know it.

Two of BG East’s most popular wrestlers are anything but fans of each other. Diego Diaz, a firebrand if we ever saw one, made the mistake of calling himself the “new and improved Rio Garza” at a recent BG East wrestlers party within earshot of Rio, and Rio, calm and collected as ever, immediately walked up to the six-foot-three fan favorite, poked his finger to his chest, and challenged him to step in the ring to back that boast up.

Undaunted, Diego shot back, saying, “That’s been my dream, bro. And it always ends with me kicking your ass.” Rio pressed in close enough that Diego had to take a step back. Then he said, with a quiet and always somewhat enigmatic smile, “Los sueños son apenas fantasías, mi hermano. ¿Usted no ha aprendido eso todavía?”. Translation: “Dreams are just fantasy, ‘bro.’ You haven’t learned that yet?” Well, ripped and rugged Diego is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, not Spanish – but he definitely got the message!

To call this face-off “highly anticipated” is a gem of nuanced understatement. Fans of both these smooth, spectacularly handsome Latin wrestlers have clamored for a showdown, and this is it. Cool yet smoldering, Rio seems preoccupied with admiring his award-winning physique in the mirror as Diego swaggers to the ring, but he’s not too preoccupied to knock the upstart on his butt with hardly a break from his double-bicep pose.

But feisty Diego jumps right back up and returns the favor, following it with an elbow drop to the midsection of the acclaimed “Greek-by-way-of-Mexico god” of BG East wrestling. With a choke and hammerlock combination, Diego shoots for a quick first fall submission, but he, like many before him, underestimates Rio’s resolve and toughness. Employing those phenomenally developed muscles, Rio powers out of the submission predicament. Still, Diego is relentless in his assault, slowly but surely chipping away at his opponent’s icy reserve with every ounce of muscle in his own phenomenally developed body.

Just look at these two guys and you see how opposed they are in attitude and style, like fire and ice. Diego, with his long hair, totally ripped muscular build, and flashing eyes, is as wild and headstrong as Rio – composed, meticulously groomed, and baroquely chiseled – is suave. Since forever, these two men were meant to come to blows. The moment Diego made his BG East-exclusive debut and caused an absolute sensation, especially among fans of hot Hispanic hunks, a very curious (and dare we say jealous) Rio was on the phone grilling the office about this new “star” and apparent rival. Rio is happily accustomed to being THE Latin heartthrob at BG East. Long, lean Brazilian interlopers beware!

Diego, on the other hand, has designs on Rio’s self-crowned title! He takes the first fall with a camel clutch that’s more camel “choke” than typically applied and forces a gasping submission out of Rio. Our Mexican muscle mag model moans and writhes deliciously on the mat while Diego takes his turn at the mirror, laughing contemptuously, smugly saying, “Look at this!” as he kisses the peaks of his biceps. As soon as Rio gets back on his feet, Diego lunges into him, smelling blood and cornering his adversary for the kill.

Diego uses his rangy body and those exquisitely carved long legs to good effect, applying maximum pressure and pain on Rio while keeping his core and face at a safe distance. His boot braced under Rio’s chin and squarely pressed against his adams apple keeps the pretty boy writhing against the corner pads while Diego himself looks on, almost amused by the sight of Rio’s agony, the crotch of his tight white trunks bulging impressively. Diego may be a tad too cocksure of himself to hold on to the advantage for long.

With years of experience on this relative newcomer to the ring, Rio shrewdly waits for an opening to take the steam out of mouthy Diaz and chop him down to size. The tension and animosity between these two escalate to a sweat-soaked, body-to-body finish, culminating when one of these wrestlers is knocked out in the center of the ring. You begged for this confrontation, and BG East made it happen. Lick it up – con brio!

The match opens with Zack already in the ring, warming up and stretching out his spectacular, tanned physique in anticipation of squaring off against another rookie challenger. He obliterated the rookie teen muscle hunk, Kyle Carter, in his debut match, and is anxious to teach the next new rookie a similar lesson. His perfectly muscled body is clad in blue square cut trunks and white boots.

Zack is a world renowned fitness model who is admired by both women and men alike, and has spent many years perfecting his body to the pinnacle of excellence. He’s also established himself as a superstar in the underground wrestling circuit with a legion of fans who have followed his career through the past decade. He’s dished out the punishment and also has taken his share of lumps while working his way to the top. He’s been on the Rock Hard roster since day one, and when he heard about this new crop of rookies who think they have what it takes to become a wrestling superstar, well he figures he’s just the one to teach them a lesson. He’s committed to ensuring that no rookie is going to work their way to the top at his expense.

Meanwhile, the newbie Logan comes sauntering into the gym, finding Zack already in the ring, and starting to mouth off saying all this wrestling is fake. He questions Zack’s abilities, even though he’s never stepped into a ring before. Zack is in disbelief that this punk rookie would claim all of this is fake and is not showing any respect. As everyone knows, Zack doesn’t back away from any challenge, and he’s certainly not going to let this rookie get away with this shit.

The fitness model is steaming mad to get this rookie in the ring and show him that indeed this is not fake wrestling! Logan climbs through the ropes, not fearing what he’s about to get himself into. He’s naive to the fact that Zack has wrestled close to 100 matches in his career, and he’s entering the ring for the first time. He may not realize it, but that’s the odds that would be placed on this match-up, there’s about a 100 to 1 chance that this rookie has of winning. Zack allows the milky white rookie to climb into his ring, tells him he just made a big mistake, then quickly backs him against the ropes before whipping the rookie into the opposite turnbuckle.

Zack starts the attack on Logan’s abs with a shoulder drive into his midsection, then kicking him in the gut with his size 9 white boot, before softening the credulous boy up with a swift fist to his abs. Zack stays in his face, holding the rookie up with his hand clenched around his throat, then sending him across the ring to the opposite corner. This time the world class fitness model attacks the throat, first wrapping his hands around Logan’s neck and clenching hard with is massive biceps and triceps flexed to the max. Zack is having his way again with another rookie, and he’s grinning with glee as he continues the beat down initiation of this novice wannabe.

Zack’s muscular body never looked better as he demolishes the rookie limb by limb and piece by piece. He spreads Logan’s legs wide in a wishbone hold, painfully stretching the rookie’s crotch. Zack continues to work over the rookie’s lower body, kicking away at his hamstrings then working over his knees with a variety of limb stretching holds. Logan is completely lost and outclassed in this round, he doesn’t have any type of offensive response to Zack’s domination.

Zack delivers a series of elbow drops into Logan’s abs then delivers one final elbow down on the rookie’s crotch. Logan lays trembling, quivering, and moaning on the mat. He’s got to be wondering how he got himself into this situation, and he’s surely looking for a way out! Zack maintains total control and starts focusing on the black haired, non-believer’s upper torso. Zack shows off his money making muscles by pulling the rookie back by his chin while he drives his knee into the center of his back. Logan suffers miserably, but Zack refuses to allow him to submit. Zack then drags him to his feet, scoops him up, and tosses him backward over his head in an impressive display of strength and agility.

The veteran Zack drains every last ounce of energy out of the rookie by choking him over the top rope, before dragging him to the center of the ring and securing a figure four leg lock. Zack’s beautiful body is in total control as he asks the rookie if he’s ready for this, then applies immense pressure on the Logan’s legs and knee joints. It isn’t long for Lagan to cry out ‘I submit’ to end the round. Zack celebrates his dominance over the ‘piece of trash’ in round one with a few flexes of his glorious muscles.

Round two begins with Logan clenching and rubbing his sore knee, and astonishingly still questioning Zack’s talents and if this stuff is real. The world class fitness model’s confidence in the ring has never been higher and he’s at the top of his game these days, he’s surely not going to take any smack talk from a punk ass rookie. Zack goes back on the attack with the same formula that demolished the rookie in the first round; beat down his upper body in the beginning then strike at his opponent’s lower body to continue the damage.

Zack initiates the assault on Logan with a standing chicken wing and choke hold, then continues with an arsenal of holds battering and bruising the rookie’s smaller physique. Zack amplifies his domination by hoisting the rookie up onto his back, then pile driving him down to the mat. Zack’s muscles and experience control this match from beginning to end, with Logan unable to even get one shot in on the veteran.

In the end Zack finishes him off by wrapping Logan’s leg through the ropes and starts bending in it ways it’s not meant to bend. He has the rookie’s leg looking like it belongs on a Gumby! Zack continues to bend, yank, and pull as hard as he can, demanding his opponent screams out a submission. Logan does just that to end this round and the match.

Zack savors his sweet victory by placing his boot on Logan’s chest and flexing his sweat soaked muscles in triumph. He’s asks the rookie ‘what do you think of wrestling now?’ before kicking his lifeless body out of the ring. Zack dishes out the most lopsided squash in Rock Hard history, and you’ve got to wonder if we’ll ever see this rookie in the ring again?!

The cocky fratboy Alex is already in the ring flexing, posing, and attempting to measure the size of his mighty bicep while waiting for his next opponent. He admires the work he’s done on his body from all those hours at the gym, and takes pleasure showing it off. Meanwhile the rookie teen phenom Kyle is making his way around the ring when Alex asks him to come measure his bicep for him in an effort to psyche out the young muscle hunk. The rookie does as he’s told and hops into the ring to measure Alex’s massive bicep. Kyle wraps the tape measure around the fratboy’s arm, first saying it measures only 12 inches, before measuring it again and admitting it’s a bulging 15½ inches. Now it’s not the biggest bicep on the Rock Hard roster, the biggest biceps belonging to both Austin and Zack at a stunning 17 inches, but Alex’s is right up there at the top. Kyle, still feeling his way around the ring, is curious to see how his peaked biceps measure against some of the others so he asks to have his measured. The teen phenom pumps up his arm, flexes real hard, and his peaked bicep comes in at 15 inches, not impressing the cocky frat boy. The rookie asks you might be bigger but are you stronger, which prompts a challenge to an arm wrestling contest in the center of the mat. The two muscle studs lock wrists and go at it, straining, grunting, and groaning as their biceps flex to the point of popping out of their skin. The testosterone level is high as the two struggle for supremacy, and by surprise Kyle is able to force the frat boy’s hand down to the mat and claims ‘size does not always mean weaker’! The two studs get to their feet and in another surprise twist, the rookie Kyle gains the early control scooping the shorter Alex up off the mat then tossing him to his back. The taller teen phenom stays on the attack, clamping a full nelson on Alex then stretching and straining his muscular shoulders and back. Alex looks perplexed as to how this rookie has gained the upper hand on him, but Kyle must have learned a few moves and some technique during his debut initiation beating at the hands of seasoned veteran, and world class fitness model, Zack. Kyle continues to gain confidence in this round applying a boston crab before scooping Alex up and slamming him to the mat. He then backs the cocky frat boy into the corner and starts pounding away at his pristine abs. This is a shocking sequence of action from the rookie, considering Alex has been on a terror as of late becoming a threat to take over the resident bad boy role on the roster from Ethan Andrews. He’s going to need to take his game up a few notches in order for that to happen! Kyle continues beating up on Alex, wrapping his enormous thighs around the frat boy’s waist and squeezes as hard as he can to drain the wind out of him. But Alex has learned a lot during the short time he’s been on the scene, and is able to duck under a clothesline attempt and turns the tables on the teen rookie. Alex starts beating away on the teen’s incredible body, placing his own leg scissors around the teen’s 29 inch waist while flexing his bicep in Kyle’s face to show who’s the boss. The cocky frat boy tortures the teen’s muscles as he pounds, bashes, and stretches him every which way before setting him up to finish him off. Alex picks him up, slams him down to the mat, then laces Kyle’s legs in a banana split that rips apart the teen’s crotch. Kyle tries to escape but to no avail, and Alex commands the teen muscle hunk to scream out a submission before he releases the hold. Kyle’s sweat soaked body lies in a heap on the mat as Alex gets to his feet and claims a round one triumph boasting ‘I really don’t know where they find you guys, all the same’.

Round two kicks off with both muscle hunks meeting in the center of the ring, with Kyle seeming like he wants to box a bit, throwing a few jabs. But Alex will have none of it and backs the rookie back into the corner and begins to bash away at his teen muscles. The cocky fratboy floors Kyle with a clothesline and starts stretching, squeezing, and scissoring the teen’s muscular body. While Alex continues to pulverize Kyle’s body, the rookie is beginning to wilt under the pressure. When Alex is finished scissoring the Stone Cold Steve Austin look-a –like’s head, he climbs to his feet and demands the rookie gets up. This opens a brief moment for Kyle to collect his thoughts, then he thrusts his shoulder into Alex’s midsection and tackles him to the mat. The rookie draws on his amateur mma experience and locks an armbar on the fratboy. Kyle seems to have figured out how to use his muscles to deliver some pain. He scoops Alex up and slams him to the mat, then thrusts his forearms and fists into his impressive back and chiseled pecs. Alex is stunned and Kyle continues with a boston crab, a standing full nelson, and hoists the shorter Alex into a reverse bear hug which squeezes the air right out of him. Again, the rookie is in control and has the momentum. As the sexy fratboy lay flat on his back, Kyle takes the opportunity to walk right on top of his ripped abs. Alex is hurting and Kyle is looking for a submission. He scoops the cocky fratboy up twice and slams him to the mat, then he places him in a reverse chin lock and lifts him up onto his back. Alex’s sexy, sultry body is draped over the rookie’s powerful back while Kyle walks him around the ring asking if he likes it, before forcing Alex to scream out a second round submission. The teen phenom chalks up an impressive triumph in round two by flexing his popping, veiny muscled body over his defeated opponent. The third and deciding round starts with Kyle back on the attack, inflicting some bodily harm on Alex’s fitness model body. Can the teen phenom’s confidence remain high and maintain control over the cocky fratboy to chalk up a stunning upset? Or will Alex resort to his cocky, bad boy style and dismantle the teen rookie’s muscles to add another victory to his record? One of these muscle boys suffers miserably until he cries out a submission to end this teen muscle tale of the tape!

This match is straight up Street Punk vs College Hunk! The bad boy Ethan has been on the prowl for revenge on college hunk Austin for some time now. Ethan has been fuming since he was humiliated, along with his partner Jason Kane, in their tag team match up against Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper where they were manhandled and completely dominated in a losing effort in two consecutive rounds. Street punk Ethan has had trouble finding a tag team partner that can mix it up with the muscle boys like he does, but he’s been able to string five consecutive singles victories together over muscle hunks; Jake, Zack, Josh, Alexi, and Brodie as of late. He’s been dominant over guys much bigger than him with his bad boy attitude and tactics in the ring. Finally, he’s been able to track down the college hunk Austin for a singles match where he can gain revenge on the beefy, ripped redhead. Coop has also been on quite a winning streak himself, going 8-1 overall, with the lone loss being his singles match against his ‘former’ partner Jake. After Jake found out that he had went behind his back and partnered with Brodie Fisher in another tag team match. Jake didn’t take kindly to that and made Coop pay for that. Who knows if we’ll see Jake and Austin get back on the same page and continue their domination as a tag team? But in this match, Coop has enough to worry about, taking on a very confident and very mad Ethan! Austin is already in the ring pumping some dumbbells in preparation for his showdown with the street punk. He tries to psyche out the smaller street punk with his impressive biceps and meaty pecs. Don’t know if that’s going to work since Ethan hasn’t been afraid of the other hunk’s muscles, and in fact gains pleasure out of beating up on their extraordinary physiques. The street punk climbs through the ropes saying ‘there’s the soulless ginger I’ve been looking for’ and telling the muscle hunk how he’s already mowed through his butt buddy Jake, so Coop’s next on his list. Of course the muscle hunk isn’t easily intimidated and tells Ethan he’s probably just jealous of his muscles as he flexes and poses in front of him. Ethan allows him to hit a few poses then figures he’s seen enough and strikes first with a cheap shot kick to Coop’s back. Coop’s muscular body collapses to the mat, and the street punk quickly goes on the attack. He drags the redhead over to the ropes and places his neck across the lower rope then stands on his shoulders and begins choking him. When he’s finished with that, he bounces up in the air and comes down with a knee to Coop’s back. Ethan then drags the big redhead to his feet, places him in a reverse head lock and drops him down on top of his knee. Coop’s magnificent body is laid out across the street punk’s knee. Ethan is showing right away who’s in control of this match as he tortures the college hunk’s muscles and puts him on display for all to see. He continues beating up on the college hunk’s body; making him agonize in a surfboard, delivering a few roundhouse black boots into his midsection, then backs him into the corner turnbuckle and pulverizes his perfect pecs and bashes his rippled abs. The street punk is obviously enjoying the domination by the bulge in his trunks, but that is short lived as Coop is able to reverse the tide and atomic drops the street punk down on his knee. Ethan falls to the match, grapping his crotch and wondering what just happened? Austin dishes out his share of punishment on the street punk by plunging his knee deep into Ethan’s chest, hanging him upside down in a tree of woe, and driving an ab claw deep into his midsection. But it isn’t enough to finish the street punk off, and when Ethan ducks under a clothesline attempt and drop kicks Coop, the momentum shifts again. Ethan assaults Coop’s body from every angle, softening him up with a flying elbow drop off the ropes, backing him against the ropes to deliver several heavy forearm smashes to his pecs, then bulldogs the ginger face first into the mat. The street punk seizes the opportunity to lock on a reverse scorpion leg lock that exerts enormous pressure on the college hunk’s lower back. He keeps yanking on the hold and increasing the pressure until Austin can’t withstand the pain any longer and screams out a submission. The street punk chalks up a victory in round one, placing his boot on Coop’s lower back, and proudly flexing over his crumbled opponent.

Austin opens round two challenging the skinny street punk to a test of strength, figuring he better change up the direction of this match or he could go down in two straight falls. The college hunk’s muscles easily overpower Ethan, as Coop swiftly clamps his big bicep around the bad boy’s head into a stern headlock. Coop drags him around a bit before powering him down to the mat, first placing his knee across Ethan’s throat, then digging his hands into the punk’s pecs, before placing him into a bow and arrow which has the bad boy squirming to escape and stretched to the limits. Ethan is able to endure the onslaught of holds and applies a mean camel clutch, making Coop smile widely as he places his fingers in the sides of his mouth and stretches his grin. The bad boy also delivers a running low blow to Coop’s jewels that nearly bring an end to this match. But Austin has proven he won’t go down easy and he’s able to bring the advantage back to his side. The big brawny redhead drops the punk with a clothesline, then figure four’s his head, squeezing with all his might and nearly knocks the street punk out. Coop keeps the pressure on, suplexing and slamming his much lighter opponent down on the mat. When Coop calculates that he has his opponent beaten down and nearly unconscious, he sets him up for the kill. The muscular redhead stands on the back of the punk’s skinny legs, grabs his skinny arms, and lifts him back into a suspended surfboard applying immense pressure to the bad boy’s neck and back. Ethan is able to endure the pain until Coop then places his hands around his chin and starts yanking back his head which increases the intense pain and pressure. The street punk has no other choice but to submit to the hunk’s muscles. This evens the match at one round for the punk and one round for the hunk! The third and deciding round opens with the street punk shooting the finger across the ring at his opponent, pissed about the punishment he just endured at the hands of the muscle bound veteran. Austin grabs the advantage to start round three with his superior strength and tactical moves. But will that be enough for the college hunk to extract another submission from the street punk? Or, will Ethan be able to mount a comeback relying on his street punk style and bad boy attitude to rip apart yet another muscle stud on the roster? You don’t see this type of electrifying ring action anywhere else! This epic showdown ends with one of these superstars begging for mercy, and getting punk’ed to submit in a stunning surprise defeat!

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Did you ever dream of facing off against your favorite TV wrestling star in a private match? Just you and the hot pro you’ve been following for years, stripped down to trunks and squaring off man to man, eyes level, locked, and flashing with adrenaline? For most of us that’s an unrealizable dream, but Chris Xaos made it happen. For years he dreamed of matching mettle against the up-and-coming welterweight Brit pro star Brad Flash. Chris was totally gobsmacked when he saw Brad’s debut motel madness match versus Torvik Tirva heralded on BG East. He had no idea that the young pro whose career he had been following for years was also making forays into the underground scene!

Chris begged for a chance to prove himself against the young but very experienced and very tricky heel. Pro wrestling was a vocation which young Brad had been pursuing since he was a kid and now he was finally coming into his own, both in the pro rings and on the private mats, in public and behind closed doors. We asked Brad, and although he’s more at ease in the squared circle, facing other seasoned professionals, one quick perusal of Chris Xaos’ BG history and Brad Flash was game for a little Xaos chaos!

Brad grew up with the cheers and jeers of the crowd. Starting out as a wildly adored “blue-eye” (the British slang for “babyface”) when he was still a teenager, he quickly learned all the tricks of the trade and grew into one of the sneakiest bad guys on the circuit. But a confined-space fight is a new challenge for him. He must drastically revamp his usual ring strategy for fighting on a couple of mattresses in a motel room.

Brad and Chris start slow and easy, wary at first to lock up. Sure, Brad Flash is an experienced and ring savvy Brit pro but Chris Xaos both outweighs and clearly out-muscles the young pro. Beginning with a few practice throws to loosen up and test each other, these two sexy young warriors poke and prod one another looking for signs of weakness. Classical music, turned up just enough to keep their grunts and groans from disturbing other motel guests, accompanies the match, more ironically perhaps as the action intensifies, and punches get thrown, hair gets yanked, and egos fly totally out of control. In the end, a stately ‘sanctus’ may not be loud enough to drown out the motel madness mayhem!

Both Chris and Brad get more than they bargained for. Chris is hardly the inexperienced rube that Brad expected to face. Already Chris has gone toe to toe with some of BG East’s hottest talents in the UK, stellar wrestlers like Ty Garrison, Gabriel Ross, and Rob Chandler. Admittedly, Chris lacks Brad’s pro training and ring experience, but his fighting spirit and mat prowess provide more of a challenge than Brad expected. Likewise, handsome Chris, looking more at ease with the idea of using a motel room as a wrestling venue. is ill-prepared for taking on a well-trained and occasionally corner-cutting pro like Flash, who still manages a few flying kicks that forcefully hit their weakly defended mark.

Brad gains a textbook submission from Chris in the first fall, but after Chris surprises him by equalizing in Fall 2, Brad decides to give him a taste of real catch-as-catch-can roughhousing, away from the comfy mattresses. He backs Chris into the wall, pins him there and pounds the guy’s hot abs with tenderizing jabs, effectively teaching Chris that real pain is not as easy to endure as the make-believe pain of fantasies.

Brad slams Chris onto the sofa for an intense choke session. As Brad clamps his hands around his throat, Chris Xaos gags and thrashes as the hot heel clearly revels in throttling his handsome admiring challenger. Then Brad snapmares his victim back to the mattresses for a leg drop to the guy’s balls, rounding it all off with a rear chinlock that now and then slips into another choke hold! Chris powers out and even succeeds in taking the pro down a notch or two with his brutal headscissors. Looking humbled, Brad feigns a sportsmanlike handshake, only to viciously attack Chris for daring to show him up.

Brad now begins to focus on the close piecework, joint and muscle work usually missing from big show stadium wrestling, grinding his elbow to Chris’s joints, stretching the man’s fingers apart, even giving the man’s hand a nasty bite for good measure. As promised, the action and abuse escalate beyond expectations. In the end one man is knocked clean out … not to be disturbed by housekeeping under any circumstances.

Tough as Nails; or, White Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Nice!

Let’s sing the praises of burly men and husky boys! These guys are the solid core of North American pro wrestling, with brawny necks as thick as their skulls, shoulders like the crowns of admiralty anchors, and thighs you could crush coconuts between. These are the men who put the grunts and groans into catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Tattooed, ruddy, their cropped hair making their heads look like cannonballs, they are the juggernauts of the fight world, and the inspiration for many of our most cherished fantasies.

Watching studly newcomer Tatum roll his thick shoulders while waiting on his opponent, you know you’re in for a treat before that ring bell even sounds. He stretches the seams of his classic, perfectly form-fitting white trunks and it’s a stunning sight. White trunks, maybe, but this big stud has “no nonsense” written all over his handsome face. When he bounces from boot to boot, there’s no give in his body. It’s as if his whole physique has been molded out of the stuff from which bowling balls are made!

Then Brad Barnes struts to the ring. Having demonstrated his “wow factor” in his debut match against Chace LaChance in Pec Bash 2, Barnes is now a hot commodity at BG East. Fans love him. The other wrestlers? Not so much. They just want to get their hands on him. The man is strong and aggressive, with a hair-trigger temper that Chace got a good taste of in their pairing. He is the picture of muscular definition. Check out that chest, that back, those glutes. BB is the total package – and don’t he know it!

He mounts the ring apron, and Tatum steps up to meet him, nose to nose. Contemptuously the new guy, taller by a few inches, heavier by more than a few pounds, shoves Brad back to the ring room floor, not once but twice! If Tatum wanted to light a fire under Brad, he gets what he was asking for. Brad torpedoes Tatum’s midsection through the ropes and attempts to brain him against the turnbuckle. But Tatum knows his way around a knockdown drag-out fight, and he heaves Brad up into the air and slams his back to the mat. This hunkbash is on, and the party’s just getting started!

Brad dodges an elbow drop and gains the advantage on Tatum, with a near pinfall barely one minute into the match. But Tatum is big and tough, and he’s come to BG East to make an impression on the fans – and the powers-that-be. To do that, he first has to make some impressions on Brad’s beauteous body. He rams Brad’s back into the corner post, bludgeons his midsection with his heavy right shoulder, and snapmares the handsome muscle boy into the center of the ring. Brad lands hard, his agonized cry filling the BG’s private northern arena. His scream of pain and arched body bulging big up off the mat is like an aphrodisiac to the big newbie boy.

Tatum comes back with a claw hold on Brad’s sculpted abs. And this is no ordinary ab claw. The big dude knows his anatomy and pressure points for he targets the abs right below Brad’s rib cage, sinking his talons in deep and tight! Tatum doesn’t have a whole lot to say to his opponent that he can’t express through the universal language of pain, and in that department the big dude proves himself both eloquent and compelling. When Brad counters with a headscissors, Tatum doesn’t even pause. He lifts the hunky star up into the air (by the abdominal clawhold!) and smashes him back to the mat. It takes Brad only a few minutes to get the point: Unless he shifts the course of this match, his ass is grass.

But don’t get too comfortable, fans, because BG East has a few tricks up its sleeve. This Hunkbash’s outcome is impossible to read until the match’s final minutes. We have two hunks here, both of them eminently bashable. Both get their share of licks in, and both of them get to grovel and groan on the receiving end as well. A splendidly executed bridging reverse chinlock leads to a first fall submission, but it only sets up the grueling and almost unending stream of abuse and punishment to follow. The action goes to the ropes and through them to the ringside area, where these two muscle gods blast away at each other like a couple of Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Just when you’re ready to write one guy off as a goner, he springs back to his feet and takes control. This is action to keep you on the edge of your seat. It gets sweaty and wild as two new talents attempt to propel themselves to the very top rungs of BG East stardom in a showdown that’s almost certain to be a classic, right up there among the best of the Hunkbash and Fantasymen series.

Josh has won his last two singles matches since adding more muscle to his already incredibly sexy body, and has also gained more confidence with his action in the ring. He’s anxious to get his hands on the rookie from the Deep South, Colton, who has mma experience but no experience wrestling in the ring. Josh is already in the center of the ring pumping out dumbbell curls which show off the bulging biceps, perfect pecs, and rippled abs of his scorching hot bod. His muscles glisten in the spotlights as he works out dressed in skimpy, navy blue square cuts and white boots. The rookie Colton climbs through the ropes, asking his opponent ‘do you think those weights are going to help you in this fight?’ Josh snaps back, ‘I think these arms are going to help me!’ These two combatants size each other up to start round one, circling each other in the center of the ring before Josh makes a quick duck under move, wraps his mighty arms around Colton’s waist and throws him down to the mat. Josh clearly has the size advantage in this match up, and he’s determined to use it against the rookie. He stomps on Colton’s body, then cinches his leg and flips him over into a boston crab, stretching out his long, lanky legs. Josh drags Colton up to his feet, whips him against the ropes and into a clothesline which sends him back flat down to the mat. Josh continues his beating, placing the 6’2” rookie in a standing full nelson and lifting him off his feet in a demonstration of the sheer power that his muscles can exert. As Colton groans in pain, Josh starts an attack on his abs. He connects with several jabs to the midsection before kicking him into the corner turnbuckle and connecting with a boot to his gut. Josh is in total control of the round as his opponent crumbles to the mat. The shaggy blond surfer maintains his advantage over the rookie, imposing his will and inflicting pain and punishment on Colton’s lanky frame. One hold after another Josh punishes him, as Colton withers on the mat and wonders if he ever should have stepped into the ring today? As Colton suffers, Josh circles around him like a vulture ready to attack his prey. Josh’s mouth-watering body towers over his limp foe. As Colton come to his feet, he draws on his mma arsenal of holds and catches Josh is a front facing headlock and takes him to the mat. Colton lays on top of Josh’s body, straining in an attempt to choke the muscle stud out. When Josh won’t tap, the mma fighter transitions the hold to a wrenching arm bar in another attempt at a tap out, but the blond surfer resists. Josh is able to gather himself and regain the control, working over Colton with a series of holds that chastise his arms and abs, and demanding he licks his boot. But when Colton refuses to obey, Josh places him in one of his favorite holds and says ‘you called me a surfer once, now you’re my new board!’ as he begins stretching Colton out in a standing surfboard. The muscle stud flexes every one of his muscles out, making Colton suffer to the max until the rookie ultimately cries out a submission. Josh kicks him across the ring and lays claim to victory in round one.

After Colton has shook off the pain from round one he comes out of his corner thinking he needs to change it up in this round to have any chance of gaining the upper hand on the muscle stud Josh. He knows he can’t compete against his power and ring experience, so he starts round two with some trash talk and thoughts of invoking more mma style holds into this match. The trash talking doesn’t seem to work as Josh quickly lifts Colton over his head to slam him to the mat and deliver a leg drop across his midsection. Josh continues pounding away with fists and stomps on the rookie, tossing him around the ring at will, then choking him out over the lower rope. Josh gloats over his opponent who lays suffering on the mat, asking ‘how’s the weather down there?’ as he feels supremely confident with how this match is going. But the shaggy blond is not yet a seasoned veteran, and when he attempts to roll Colton over into a boston crab he’s outwitted by the mma fighter. Colton is able to fend off the hold, rolls through and up to his feet, then connects with a boot to Josh’s steel abs. Josh is stunned and the rookie follows up by tossing Josh against the ropes and delivering a forceful black boot into the surfers gut. Josh drops to the mat, and then Colton mounts him and starts bashing away at the muscle stud’s midsection. Once Josh is softened up a bit, he starts applying an arsenal of mma style holds designed to bend, twist and punish Josh’s eye-popping arms. He keeps Josh face down on the mat, pulls back on his arms into his variation of a surfboard. Colton inflicts the pain with stomps, leg drops, and wrenching the young muscle stud’s arms every chance that he gets. The constant attack on Josh pays off, and as he lay there on the mat searching for a way out, the rookie scissors his head and clamps down on a reverse arm bar that causes some extreme pressure on his limb. Josh’s muscles can’t flex their way out of this hold, so he succumbs to the pressure and screams out a submission in round two. Colton gets to his feet, flexes his own bi’s and declares ‘you need to go back to the beach!’. Round three opens with a test of strength, then Colton attacks with a cheap shot that sends Josh to the mat. Josh and his newly built muscles appear to be in trouble if he can’t figure a way to get this match back to a power contest. Does Colton have enough grit to stretch, twist, and dominate the blond surfer’s mouth-watering muscles? Or will Josh be able to flex his powerful muscles and impose his will on the lanky rookie? All the muscle pumping action leads up to an astonishing finishing hold as the loser is tortured and ab bashed until he screams out a match ending submission. If you like teen muscle, you’ll love this match!