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Muscle Bound Babyface Face-Off

Remember devastatingly beautiful Marco Carlow? We know you do. Because although this stunningly hot muscle stud debuted with BG East over two years ago, we continue to get a steady stream of inquiries asking us to bring the hardbodied beauty back. The shockingly brutal drubbing he took from mammoth, 220 pound Dev Michaels apparently made lovely Marco think twice about putting his gorgeous ass back into action, but he’s nothing if not a devoted crowd pleaser. Promising that we’d toss him an opponent considerably lighter and prettier this time around, the bulging, babyface beauty agreed to come back.

Of course, we didn’t tell Marco that said opponent would be the fitness model, former state high school wrestling champ, and BG East force of nature named Jake Jenkins. Voted the top BG East babyface of 2012, Jake cannot help himself but inspire awe and admiration. He makes dominating an opponent look so effortless. And SO good! Perpetually ripped and constantly training, Jake brings an intensity and a love of the sport that thrills BG East fans devoted to top quality wrestling. His gorgeous good looks and hot muscled body which always ends up dripping with sweat are quite the thrill, as well!

“What’s going on?” Marco rumbles in his deep bass voice, sizing up his competition as he strolls confidently onto the mats. “You’re about to find out,” cocky Jake smirks back at him. They’re both built out of brick, but Marco’s massive arms, shoulders, pecs and tree trunk thighs are unquestionably bigger than hot bodied Jake’s. Marco flexes his gargantuan biceps, calling out his smaller opponent. Matman Jake just rolls his eyes, bounces his own not-insubstantial pecs and dismisses the muscleman’s obvious size advantage.

If Marco thought he was about to take a cakewalk over Jake, he’s quickly disabused of the notion. The expert tactician drops the big man to his back with a single leg take down before transitioning with silky smoothness into an ankle lock, working the mighty muscle man’s most vulnerable joints. Taking big Marco down and keeping him down are two entirely different things, however. One powerful flex of his steel-encased muscles and Marco pops free. And so now the challenge is met: Power versus Speed.

“What’s up man?” the stunned hunk stammers as he shakes out his suddenly vulnerable ankles, the big stud just the latest in the string of opponents shocked by Jake’s speed and intensity. “You trying to fuck with me or what? You think you’re quick, huh?”

Flexing his own ample biceps, “You’re about to find out,” Jake replies with icy confidence.

Marco grabs the advantage with a skull crushing side headlock, grinding his peaked bicep and pumped pec into Jake’s throbbing temples. Jake has to work for the escape, sliding free with the assistance of the lubricating sweat already beading up across his body. Jake scores take downs at will, outmaneuvering the slower, musclebound hunk over and over. Cradles, spladles, and leg locks work the big man into tight spots, but no matter how he buttons Marco up, the muscle hunk repeatedly breaks free with brute force.

“You’re strong!” Jake concedes. “That’s right,” Marco gloats, the compliment making him automatically flex his pecs in reply. “Once I get you down, that’s it.” Of course talking about taking Jake down and doing it are two entirely different things. Both powerful physiques grow harder to grip onto as the exquisitely handsome muscle studs work up a thick sheen of sexy sweat. A particularly vicious spladle by Jake rips the mighty muscleman apart at the groin, driving Marco to the edge of agony. He can barely breathe through the pain, so the words “I give” are just a whisper of a shocked submission.

Jake can’t help but comment on the red undergear showing from beneath Marco’s trunks, so the massive muscle man obliges his curiosity and peels down to his jock strap. His granite glutes are framed like a work of erotic art. When moments later Marco satisfies his own curiosity by forcibly ripping Jake’s boxer briefs off, the stakes start to make Jake anxious. “What are you doing!?” Jake snarls furiously, steam arising all around.

Jake’s speed and skill keep the muscleman on the defensive until suddenly Marco catches the barely clad buck in a breath stealing bearhug. Those gargantuan arms crush Jake’s ribs as the hunky veteran finds himself uncharacteristically flung about like a rag doll. Charging with Jake in his arms, Marco pounds his opponent’s back into the wall repeatedly, making Jake’s eyes roll into the back of his head. Marco slams Jake’s back to the mat, leaving him there just long enough for Marco to flex his awesome physique for the adoring camera. But soon enough, over and over he drags Jake up by a fistful of hair and snaps that dominating bearhug back on until the young stud has no other choice but to submit.

The slowly shifting momentum of this match backs both stunning wrestlers into entirely unaccustomed corners. Jake is mounted and completely dominated in a humiliating schoolboy pin, unable to dislodge the massive mountain of beef pinning him to the mat with apparent ease. Marco is helpless to defend himself when Jake knocks the wind out of him with a punch to the gut, following up by using Marco’s meaty pecs as speed bags. Sweat-soaked jock straps and nothing else separate these incredibly conditioned physiques, tied together in an incredible show of raw power and primal urge to dominate.

The will to dominate gives way to a sadistic glee in total humiliation, parading a wasted would-be rival helplessly in front of the cameras and putting him out cold with a sweaty figure-4 sleeper. An incredibly vulnerable, intimate climax to a beautifully fought battle of strength and skill. Someone is going home with an extra pair of trunks!

Haunted Rich Boy versus Granite Hard Street Punk

Damien Rush is a haunted man. His first outing into the brutal world of BG East wrestling left him trussed up, tortured, and forced to cum on camera. The memories of that completely humiliating defeat have never quite been exorcised, even by Damien’s stunning streak of victories since. A trust fund baby with way too much time on his hands, he’s never quite been able to shake the terror of being totally dominated and brutally abused. His fashion model good looks, hot, hairy chest, and inexhaustible supply of daddy’s cash have also made him a prime target for eager opponents determined to resurrect all those demons from Damien’s debut destruction. And some have succeeded rather well!

MJ Vergara, on the other hand, came from the opposite side of the tracks. The hardbodied street punk dabbles in boxing and capoeira, but after his initial taste of BG East competition, he’s thrown himself headlong into building his wrestling cred. His explosive power and astonishing acrobatics are attached to a shockingly short fuse, and when threatened with losing face, MJ is incredibly dangerous on the mats. There’s no one that MJ would like to humble more than a daddy’s boy with a silver spoon still sticking out of his mouth. And there’s no one Damien would enjoy grinding into dust more than a macho street punk who, in Damien’s less than humble opinion, doesn’t know his place.

They butt heads in the BG East gym, where MJ gives one last pump to his stunningly defined muscles. His tats, like his wrestling skills, are growing with each match. His unmistakable leopard print trunks suggest that the fiery Latino MJ has the ass-stamp of approval from The Boss himself, and when you see that ass, you’ll know why. There’s no arguing that his physique is world class, all muscle, and shockingly flexible. “You see this body right here?” MJ snarls, “THIS is definition!” Damien, however, is not impressed. “You don’t need definition when you have absolute power in your grasp,” he snarls back, flexing his hairy pecs in his opponent’s face. “Technique is the key,” MJ dismisses the bigger man’s boasting. “I’m going to see you on the mats and kick your ass!”

As they face off in the BGE mat room, it’s clear these studs embody entirely different styles. MJ looks as steady on his hands as on his feet, twisting and twirling with jaw-dropping balance. Damien, on the other hand, stands flat footed in the middle of the mat, admiring his flexing muscles in the mirror. Damien scoffs at the “monkey boy” antics of his versatile opponent, but when the match starts and the Sherman-tank rich boy literally can’t put his hands on the lightning quick street punk, the extent of Damien’s challenge smacks him squarely in the face. You can’t beat what you can’t catch!

MJ bides his time, raising his opponent’s ire by repeatedly dancing out of reach until he catches the big stud flat footed. Launching into mid-air, MJ snaps shut his sculpted thighs around Damien’s waist, squeezing the air out of the trust fund baby’s lungs while he’s still standing. Slowly but surely, MJ milks his opponent’s strength ounce by ounce, contracting his thighs and dropping the taller, heavier Damien to his knees.

In a flash, the Latino powerhouse slides around and snaps shut those strength-stealing thighs around Damien’s head. Damien cannot believe he’s been completely immobilized by a back alley street punk. “I told you,” MJ gloats, watching his catch wriggle on the line, “technique is the key!” “NO!” Damien protests frantically, “It’s strength!” The powerful blueblood bridges high, struggling with every ounce of that vaunted power to escape, but with unmistakable fear in his voice, Damien finally submits without offering a single moment of offense. “That’s what I thought!” the acrobatic stud crows.

This is not going the way Damien envisioned! On paper, this shouldn’t even be close. Rush has the advantage in weight and strength – and, as he will tell you himself, he comes from such a long, long line of winners! Mr. Rush’s little rich boy flashes back to the haunting memories of being laid bare and owned entirely, particularly when MJ peels Damien’s royal purple trunks off and leaves him in but the barest lime green thong.

However, the best physical conditioning and wrestling coaching that a bottomless bank account can buy leave Damien with plenty of ammunition to draw upon. He manages to wring out a wailing submission with MJ’s anatomy chart muscle body draped mouthwateringly across Damien’s shins in an expertly applied sickle bow & arrow. Peeling MJ out of his leopard-print briefs, Damien takes satisfaction in shoving them in his opponent’s mouth and leaving the hardbodied street punk in the barest of g-strings.

Gloating, self-congratulatory, Damien kneels on the writhing body of the street punk and flexes in the mat room mirror. When MJ tries to roll away, Damien holds him down by the throat. “I didn’t say you could move! You’re ruining the perfect pose by the perfect man!” he admonishes, teaching the street punk his proper place in the world.

For such hardbodied hunks, these two have easily bruised egos that they defend with a ferocity that’s incredible to witness. Neither stud concedes an inch as they trade sweat-soaked, bare-ass-to-bare-ass boston crabs. Schoolboy pins and ball blasting punches mark the descent of these two fighters into darker and darker territory. A gratuitous figure-4 puts an already conquered hunk out cold. No amount of muscle or technique can help when you’re completely unconscious at the mercy of a raging stud on top of you.

Ever since Ethan pummeled and pounded Josh’s body during his debut match at Rock Hard over a year ago, the teen muscle boy has been looking for a chance at revenge. It never sat well with him that he lost his first match to some skinny street punk, considering he’s the blonde, beach muscle hunk used to getting his way. Josh specifically asked for this rematch, especially now that he’s added 30 pounds of muscle to his already impressive physique. But Josh isn’t the only one that’s been hitting the gym lately, bad boy Ethan has also been adding some definition and muscle to his lean, cut physique.

Both of these boys are proud of their new hot bods, and can’t wait to show them off against one another in this 36 minute marathon match up. Ethan stands in his corner, decked out in red trunks and black boots, while Josh stands grinning in the opposite corner in white boots, blue square cuts, and a blue warm up jacket. The bad boy immediately starts taunting the teen muscle hunk, saying ‘look who it is, beach bitch’, while Josh laughs and peels off his jacket to show off his newly built 30 pounds of grade A beef. The two of them size each other up, then lock up for a test of strength. Josh knows this plays into his strength, and sure enough he weakens the street punk then scoops him up and slams his lean body to the mat.

Josh has gone from a blonde, surfer dude style wrestler to be a much more aggressive heel in recent matches, and now with added muscle and experience he’s ready to tear into the skinny street punk and extract revenge. He starts pounding and clawing away on Ethan’s abs, dishing out some of the same gut punishment Ethan inflicted on him in their first match. Josh lifts the punk up by his head, then sends him across the ring into a clothesline that floors him. Josh continues the control with a choke hold, then a suplex, then back to bashing away at the punk’s six pack before hoisting him into a full nelson lifting him off his feet. The teen hunk has the street punk spread eagle in the air, dominating his lean opponent so far in this round. Josh is savoring the beat down he’s putting on his adversary, dropping the street punk down across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker and stretching him to the limits before chucking him to the mat.

But Ethan has taken tough beatings before and he won’t submit unless he has no other choice. So when Josh relaxes for just a moment, the bad boy reaches into his bag of tricks to deliver a low blow kick to Josh’s crotch that crumbles the muscle boy. He lifts Josh’s sweat soaked body to his feet and starts bashing away at the blonde surfer’s abs, backing him against the ropes and mocking his abs as a ‘beer belly’ and asking ‘where are the abs, you had abs last time’ as he continues to punch away on Josh’s gut. The street punk is in control now and he continues to rip, stretch, batter every muscle on Josh’s 190 lb frame.

Ethan loves dishing out the punishment on the pretty muscle boys and he’s single-minded on making Josh pay for what happened earlier in the round. With the blonde hunk laying face up on the mat, Ethan strikes his target with about 8 fists to Josh’s abs before lifting the famous porn star’s legs and pressing his big, black boot down on Josh’s money making package. The street punk knows how to inflict pain with a message! Ethan then drives Josh back into the corner turnbuckle, climbs to the top rope, lifts Josh by his blond locks and places him in a reverse head lock exposing Josh’s massive pecs and ripped abs, then starts raining fists down on Josh’s battered body until he slumps to the mat.

The street punk drags Josh by the legs to the ring apron and proclaims ‘I have a special submission just for you’. He splits and pulls Josh’s legs around the ring post and begins crushing the porn star’s famous crown jewels against the bare metal. When the blond muscle hunk won’t submit to that, the street punk wraps Josh’s leg into a figure four applying immense pressure on his knee compelling him to submit. Josh suffers from the agony and whimpers out a submission. Ethan climbs back into the ring, places his boot on the muscle hunk’s head and flexes his own ripped bicep over his conquest.

Josh is stunned by the loss in round one, so at the start of round two he has another ploy in mind to mess with the bad boy’s mind. He starts the round by hitting a few bodybuilding poses to highlight his impressive new muscles, tells Ethan ‘I’m a 100% Grade A prime meet’, then suggests they measure biceps. Ethan agrees and measures the muscle teen’s big bicep that stretches the tape at an imposing 16”, and then Josh measures the street punk’s bicep that comes in peaked at 13”.

Quite a contract is size, which mimics their contrast in style. Ethan has been the reigning bad boy since joining Rock Hard, but recently both Josh and Alex Waters have been growing into that role and vying for the bad boy title. Josh knows he needs to pull out all the stops in round two in order to have any chance of revenge. But Ethan pulls out another one of his dirty tricks and takes the tape measure and begins choking the blonde teen by the neck. Ethan then attacks Josh’s hunky body with a single leg boston crab and taunting him by pulling his hair. He continues to devastate Josh’s muscles by making him suffer in a banana split that draws attention to Josh’s sweet ass, then floors him with a swinging leg drop, and chokes him over the rope by sitting on his neck and bouncing up and down.

It’s not looking hopeful for Josh at this time, but he’s able to climb up the ropes and gain a head of steam, lifting Ethan up and slamming him to the mat. He starts slapping Ethan’s chest and bashing his abs in payback. He lifts the street punk to his feet and slams him head first into the corner turnbuckle. Josh’s muscle has taken over in this round and he starts to focus on Ethan’s back. He hoists him up into a bear hug and squeezes his massive arms around Ethan’s back, and when the street punk drops to the mat the blond muscle hunk places his boot in the center of Ethan’s back, lifts up his arms and begins to stretch his body out in a standing surfboard.

Ethan is starting to show the effects of the beating, and Josh seizes the moment to choke him out over the bottom rope. He pulls Ethan back into the ring, drags him to his feet and proclaims ‘when I’m through with you, you won’t be able to walk out of here Ethan’ then scoop slams him, suplexes him, and drops him one last time with a clothesline setting him up to finish him off. Josh places his boots on the back of Ethan’s knees, slaps him on the ribs and grabs his arms, ready to use his massive biceps to yank the street punk back into a suspended surfboard.

With Josh in total control and Ethan helpless in his grasp, the street punk screams out in pain as Josh forces him to submit twice before he tosses him aside. Josh gets to his feet, towers over the suffering Ethan, and strikes a few flexing poses being proud of his new muscles. The deciding round starts with Josh back on the offense, catching the street punk in a combination chicken wing and choke hold, walking him around the ring in a show of superiority.

Will Ethan be able to pull another move out of his bag of dirty tricks to gain the upper hand and extract another submission out of Josh’s sweaty muscled physique? Or, can Josh parlay his new stunning, superb muscles and intent to gain revenge into a well-earned victory over the reigning bad boy? This marathon muscle match takes many surprising twists and turns until one of these chiseled warriors has no other choice but to submit in order to escape the excruciating, pain inflicting finish to this blockbuster battle!

Latin Lovelies Take It To The Mats

Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe has steadily built an impressive resume since debuting with BG East just over a year ago. It isn’t only his resume that’s been building, either. His lovely body has been growing fitter, harder and stronger with every match, and his repertoire of hunk-punishing holds has swelled under the private tutelage of the heel-in-chief himself, Kid Leopard. Stunningly handsome, a dangerous knack for brutalizing bigger opponents, and The Boss on your side?! Add a quickly swelling ego for this hot young lightweight!

The Boss gave Jake specific instructions regarding whom he wanted for Latino muscleboy Flavio to make his debut. But when The Boss’ protégé took one look at the mouthwatering fitness model, he exercised his “executive prerogative” and decided that he just had to break in the new meat himself. And who could blame him!

Warming up before the match, Flavio is nothing short of a vision, neatly squeezed into breathtakingly tight, baby blue briefs. It’s not hard to see why photographers are lining up to capture this work of art on film. Modestly tattooed and baked to a perfect bronze in the South Florida sunshine, Flavio understandably can’t take his eyes off of himself as he warms up. And that ass! You can literally see his striated glutes through the taught fabric of his briefs. There’s not a bulge or crevice on his physique that isn’t carved to perfection.

When Jake arrives in painted-on pink underwear, bigger Flavio understandably looks underwhelmed. “This is my opponent!?” he asks, giving Jake’s sexy-as-hell, 5’5″ lean body a once over. “You think you can beat me?” he says disbelievingly, taking stock of his nearly 40 pound of grade-A beef weight advantage over “little” Jake. “Look at me!” Flavio taunts, flexing his mountainous right bicep, which, truth be told, is at least as thick as Jake’s neck. “Yeah,” Jake replies, scanning the nearly naked specimen in front of him, “I can see those muscles. You’re pretty fucking big. But those muscles are not going to help you.”

Jake immediately goes on offense, sweeping the muscleman’s legs out from underneath him and putting Flavio on his back. “I got you pinned!” he gloats, rolling the big man to his shoulders. “That’s nothing!” Flavio grunts, breaking Jake’s hold effortlessly. Suddenly, it’s Jake’s shoulders that are pinned to the mat beneath the granite mountain of muscle bearing down on him. Phenomenal Flavio snaps his bulging thighs around Jake’s abdomen. “Can’t get out of that can you!?” sultry Flavio coos, admiring both the pump of his own muscles and the effect his power has on his lightweight opponent.

Jake Lowe is quickly second-guessing his executive decision to defy The Boss’ instructions and appoint himself the first one to get his hands on massive muscle stud Flavio. The Boss is not known as a particularly forgiving taskmaster, and finding himself in danger of a humiliating defeat at the hands of their newest recruit, Jake is looking like he’s in way over his head. He counters the fitness star’s strength with an abdominal claw, but Flavio laughs it off as little more than a tickle. When he shoves Jake away, the lightweight stud is literally lifted off his feet and slammed hard into a wall. Flavio scoops him up effortlessly, holds him helplessly just long enough to demonstrate his total mastery, and then pounds Jake down in a spine-cracking over-the-knee backbreaker. Bridged vulnerably across the big man’s knee, Jake claws at the mountainous pecs of his tormentor, but he’s over and done in record time. Breathless and totally dominated, Jake concedes the humiliating first fall.

You start to get the impression that Flavio was made for all-in mat wrestling. “No one can defeat me!” he crows, flexing his divine physique in victory and dubbing himself, “The Beast!” He enthusiastically peels Jake’s undergear off, leaving the junior executive with barely a shred of dignity and a miniscule pink(!) thong. Dragging the stunned lightweight off the mat, he choke slams Jake into the wall and jackhammers his fists into the youngster’s freshly minted 6-pack abs. This is starting to look like a mugging!

Jake didn’t spend endless hours tutored in the art of hardcore wrestling and not learn some things from the Leopard. For example, when you’re at the mercy of a muscled beast, a precisely placed fist to the balls can turn things right around. Mountainous muscles don’t protect The Beast’s most vulnerable spots, and Jake exploits the muscle hunk’s blinding agony by returning the favor and stripping Flavio to a barely mentionable baby blue thong. “You may have the muscle,” Jake snarls, “but I’ve got the skill!”

Both wrestlers nurse bruised egos by trading humiliating spladle submissions, spreading each other’s ass-cheeks wide, tearing each other apart at the groin. Flavio’s overwhelming advantage in raw power is complimented by some surprisingly accomplished holds, wringing out multiple submissions from the BG East “It-boy” in multiple helicopter twirling spinning full nelsons. “Who’s the bitch now!?” he growls, quickly losing himself in admiration of his flexing muscles as he places his foot on Jake’s crotch in celebration.

Jake has got a tiger by the tail, and The Beast may just be the overwhelming muscle stud to bite Jake in that beautiful butt of his. Facing a humiliating defeat, not the mention the ire of The Boss, Jake digs deeper than he’s ever had to, but Flavio is determined to prove that the BG East It-boy has bitten off way more than he can chew!

Oh, So There’s A Catch… What A Surprise!

The flashback of the 2 on 1 match vs Attila and Chace concluded, we return to the ring with the still handcuffed Brad and the cocksure Kid Leopard deep in discussion. Citing the rather controversial conclusion of the 2 on 1 match, Brad insists he’s earned his freedom. Kid Leopard reaches into his suit trousers for the key to the cuffs when he suddenly remembers a, you guessed it, minor technicality. He points out that the terms of their agreement were that Brad had to defeat a wrestler of Leopard’s, and not Jonny’s choosing.

Brad shakes his head in resignation, recalling the match The Boss had arranged shortly after his double-teaming at the hands of Chace, Attila, and, ultimately, Jonny Firestorm. “They had me tied up for hours before I fought that other guy,” Brad protests and defiantly contests The Boss’ conniving decision, “Then they just threw me in that mat room with him. Anyone would have lost that match after what I went through!” The exultant Leopard stands and smiles: “So Brad, you ADMIT that you lost that match.”

The Boss leans back in the corner of the ring, beaming as he reflects on the match he considers to have sealed Brad’s contractual fate. The brutal beating then plays out like a highlight reel of the sadistic Kid Leopard’s greatest pleasures as we watch Brad Rochelle’s fall through the eyes of his personal tormentor. Enter Jeremy Tyler, a mountain of muscle which towers over even the impressive Brad Rochelle. He preps for his match with some casual flexing, showing off bulging arms and a body that his singlet can barely contain. This man would be a challenge for Brad even on a good day. Of course, having not had many good days of late, Brad isn’t looking so formidable at the moment.

Exhausted and beaten even before being thrown to this giant mat lion, Brad starts the match off face-first on the mat. Barely able to move, let alone wrestle, Brad’s prospects are looking none too bright. Jeremy takes his time, looking over his frankly unintimidating opponent, showing off his own stellar physique, maybe to impress on Brad what’s coming for him, or maybe just to enjoy the show himself. When the young hunk is finally satisfied with his solo performance, he closes in on the still immobile Brad, hungry for a kill.

Even a superstar as seasoned and experienced as Brad has limits. Brad’s able to offer only the slightest of resistance and even then it’s not until he has been pushed to the limits of his endurance and pride. Jeremy pulls him into an excruciating bodyscissors between his massive, muscled thighs. Brad desperately fights but to no avail, and before long he’s groaning and even pathetically begging in the hold – a harbinger of things to come.

Brad Rochelle has taken his share of beatings over the years, but has there ever been one this one-sided? The Boss has always had it in for Brad, but this is something else! Setting him up against a huge, muscled stud like Jeremy Tyler isn’t enough. It had to come on the heels of a match in which Brad faced down two fierce, energetic young opponents with Kid Leopard’s personal errand boy Jonny Firestorm supervising from ringside. Brad’s been on the receiving end of no fewer than three beatings today, and his fourth is underway.

Dragged and tossed around the mat room, Brad can barely manage to fight back against the imposing Jeremy Tyler, and even when he does take the big man off his feet it only buys him a few moments on top. Brad may not be in top form, but it must be said Jeremy is a tough, impassive, persistent adversary. The few times Brad manages to work in a hold during his brief moments of control, the massively muscled rookie just refuses to quit, fighting hard to power his way back on top of the considerably weakened Rochelle. And when this guy locks on a hold, the sublime look on Brad’s face is one of intense pain.

Another impressive bodyscissors drains the life out of poor, beaten and battered Brad. Barely able to stay upright, he’s dragged to his knees by his opponent and forced to flex his tired but still impressive physique. The drooping Brad in front and the destructive Jeremy Tyler behind him paint a portrait of stunning and magnificent muscular contrast.

And finally, the giant decides it’s time to finish off his broken victim. Dragged to his feet, Brad feels those huge arms wrap around his torso, then clamp down tight in a devastating bearhug. The torture lasts for minutes without end. Tyler never lets up, crushing Brad’s body from in front and behind, lifting him off the mat and shaking his limp body before lowering him to the mat again only to pump his powerful forearms into Brad’s mashed midsection. Beyond beaten, Brad is broken, his pleas for mercy go unanswered as he slowly loses consciousness in his opponent’s ever tightening grip. When he’s finally flung to the mat, he lays motionless as Jeremy Tyler poses triumphant over his conquered prey.

Brad’s Ultimate Trial

Over the years, Brad Rochelle has been battered, bruised, and yes, even beaten here at BG East, more often than not at the behest of the sadistic holder of his contract, Kid Leopard. We’ve seen him vulnerable–oh boy have we seen him vulnerable! But have we ever seen this? Brad handcuffed to the ring ropes by The Boss’ frequently errant errand boy Jonny Firestorm, hostage-style cloth bag over his head? Helpless, at the mercy of his captors. What were the events that brought Brad to this perilous and lowly state?

Jonny removes the bag, unveiling a gagged Brad. Almost apologetically, Jonny uncovers his mouth, and Brad immediately tries to appeal to Firestorm’s mercy and hopefully innate sense of fairness. Amazingly, Jonny almost seems like he actually feels pity for the man he’s helped The Boss torment so many times. Jonny insists it’s either him or Brad, while Brad begs to be uncuffed so they can together escape the clutches of The Boss. Before Firestorm can consider the offer, however, the door opens and in strides You-Know-Who!

Kid Leopard just can’t seem to get enough of Brad’s predicament, but he isn’t quite totally satisfied either. He takes the gag previously covering his captive’s mouth, and instead wraps it tight around helpless Brad’s throat, leaving one of BG East’s biggest stars gagging and gasping for air on his knees before The Boss. Leopard dismisses Jonny “Firefly” after relieving him of the key to Brad’s shackles. Jonny gives the bound Brad one last, pitying look. Resigned, he shrugs and leaves Brad at Kid Leopard’s nonexistent mercy.

The Boss berates poor, beaten Brad, accusing him of a breach of his infamous contract, recounting every slight, whether real or imagined, of which he feels his favorite victim is guilty. Although Brad likely doesn’t need any prodding to remember, Kid Leopard takes great pleasure reminding Brad in considerable detail what the price for his defiance has been, a wistful smile on his face as he recounts both historic and more recent events…

Flashback: We find Brad in an all-too-familiar position: on his knees, dragged to Kid Leopard’s feet by The Boss’ enforcers. Brad just can’t seem to escape from this binding contract. Incredibly, The Boss makes him a proposal: Defeat some of BG East’s newest talent, and Kid Leopard will graciously deign to “renegotiate” the terms of Brad’s contract. Always wary of a Leopard trick, Brad demands to know what the catch is. The Boss insists there is none – all Brad has to do is win. His next question is whether he even has a choice, to which Leopard replies of course not, laughing as Jonny leads Brad to the ring for what might be his final challenge – though not if The Boss has anything to say about it.

In the ring we see the obstacle to Brad’s freedom, two of them in fact. Chace LaChance and Attila Dynasty. Present day, neither of these impressive specimens are exactly unknown at BG East, each having a number of matches under their belts. However, at the time they qualified as promising newcomers in the eyes of Jonny Firestorm, who handpicked these two to be Brad’s latest, and possibly last, challenge. Brad cries foul, being expected to fight these two competitors at the same time, while Jonny insists that, technically, the number of opponents was never precisely specified! What’s more, he proclaims The Great Superstar Brad Rochelle shouldn’t have any problem beating a couple of relative newbies. He hoists a camera onto his shoulder, planning to add the film to The Boss’ personal collection, and tells Brad to stop whining and get on with it. Brad obliges, but not before sending Kid Leopard a very direct message right into Jonny’s camera!

Brad immediately lives up to Jonny’s flattering assessment of his abilities, much to Firestorm’s chagrin. The superstar overpowers the two studs with every lockup, sending them flying back to the mat, showing his strength and dominance. Chace and Attila each take their shots, but neither can seem to build up any steam against the more experienced Brad. Each manages to trap Brad in a corner, pounding away on Rochelle’s sculpted midsection, but before they can do much damage their would-be victim tackles them to the mat for some punishment of their own. Neither escape Brad’s expertly applied holds, instead only managing in desperation to tag in his partner. Will Brad win his freedom?!

Finally, with a submission hold on each of these two powerful boys at the same time, Brad claims victory. Standing tall over Chace and Attila as they writhe on the mat in agony, Brad senses freedom for the first time in years. But he’s forgotten one thing: Jonny’s been watching and waiting, and he knows how The Boss prefers this match to end. One surprise attack later and Brad lies immobilized on the mat while Jonny holds a now broken camera in hand. A disappointed Firestorm leaves to inform The Boss, ordering the two rookies to clean up their mess, and finish off Brad Rochelle for good. Now only interested in destroying their opponent, the two go to work dismantling and demolishing every inch of Brad’s bod. Can he possibly hope to come back from this brutal beating? Brad’s a great wrestler, but he’s not a miracle worker! Whether it’s the rookies with a ruthless finish or the veteran with a surprise turnaround, the finale of this match is a shocker!

Teen bodybuilder Brodie is in the ring, bouncing around, flexing, and posing his spectacular physique in anticipation of this match. He’s salivating at the thought of using his big muscles against the freshman twink Luke’s smaller, lean body. Brodie has chalked up a respectable record since joining Rock Hard, going 3-2 in his singles matches and a remarkable 3-0 in his tag team matches. He’s impressive teen muscles have gained a lot of attention in the underground wrestling world and he has amassed quite a large fan base. Luke has flashed on the scene as a former standout high school wrestler, and has extensive experience with other video work on the net. Although he’s winless to date, losing to both Josh Steel and Brian Baker, he’s dished out his own share of punishment in his matches. He climbs into the ring in his black wrestling singlet to confront Brodie, and you quickly notice the size difference in this match up. Brodie starts the trash talking right away saying ‘I got all hyped up this morning for this? I ate a bigger breakfast!’ as he plays with the twink’s mind. They lock up and Brodie immediately takes the control, scooping the featherweight up then carrying him around the ring before slamming him to the mat. He prowls and circles over his opponent like a vulture before wrapping his massive thighs around Luke’s 28 waist and starts squeezing away. Brodie taunts Luke as he squirms to escape, he shoves the twink’s face down into the mat and tells him ‘struggle you little shrimp’ as Luke seeks a way to escape. After the teen bodybuilder has squeezed long enough with the leg scissors, he lifts Luke to his feet, rips he singlet down, then sends him across the ring, setting him up for a clothesline that floors him to the mat. Brodie doesn’t let up and follows that with a suplex, a standing full nelson, and ends this series of holds with a reverse bearhug that has Luke struggling for a way to escape. Brodie tosses him to the mat, only to drag him back to his feet, throw him across the ring, then delivers a flying somersault shoulder thrust into Luke’s abs that cripples the poor boy. Brodie continues to beat up on Luke’s body, making him suffer in a seated surfboard and having all the momentum on his side. But, when the teen bodybuilder gets a little too cocky on himself and starts posing his eye popping muscles in the center of the ring, it briefly provides a chance for Luke to strike back. When Brodie is in the middle of a double bicep pose, the high school wrestler seizes the moment to rush in from behind and clamp on a full nelson. He lifts the shorter bodybuilder to his feet and starts swinging him around. He drops Brodie to the mat and starts delivering some payback. Luke might not have the size advantage in this match, but he is an experienced scholastic wrestler and knows how to inflict pain. He scissors his long legs around Brodie’s waist and begins to squeeze and torture his muscular body. Luke gets to his feet as Brodie lie suffering on the mat, then locks on a double leg boston crab which has Brodie groaning in pain and reaching for the ropes. Luke stays on the offensive, making Brodie pay with a grapevine and full nelson combo on the mat, stretching Brodie’s body out on full display as the twink is having his way with the teen bodybuilder. But when Luke tries to make Brodie eat some mat, Brodie uses his muscle advantage to push up and throw the flyweight off of his back. Brodie takes back the control and goes on an all-out attack on Luke. He beats him down with a full nelson camel clutch, chokes him out over the middle rope, then hoists him up over his broad, muscular shoulders to wreak havoc on his back. Luke is in some desperate pain, and Brodie has his opponent ready to finish him off. He drops Luke’s withering body to the mat, delivers a knee drop to his back, then scoops him back up and drops him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Luke cries out in pain, while Brodie bashes his abs until he yells out a submission to escape the agony. Round one goes to the teen bodybuilder as he celebrates by flashing his bulging muscles.

Round two opens with Luke rubbing his sore ribs, and Brodie bouncing off the ropes like he’s just chugged down four red bulls. The teen bodybuilder challenges the littler Luke to a test of strength, knowing full well he’ll easily win this challenge. Brodie powers Luke down to his knees then kicks him in square the chest with his black boot to send the twink to the mat. Brodie is back on the attack and full of vigor, wanting to ensure he ends this match in two straight falls. He stomps away relentlessly on Luke’s abs before cinching on a double leg boston crab to inflict additional pain on his lower back. Brodie controls the action by attacking every part of Luke’s lean body and is close to finishing him off, but somehow Luke is able to make a comeback by lifting the teen bodybuilder up off his feet and slamming him to the mat in his own show of strength. Luke has been willing to take on all challengers and won’t give in easy, and you can see the delight in his face as he disperses the punishment on Brodie’s muscles. He stretches the teen’s body out in a bow and arrow on the mat, then strings him upside down in the corner into a tree of woe and begins stomping and bashing away on his ripped abs. Brodie is in trouble, but is able to draw on his inner strength to regain the control. The muscle boy goes back to attacking Luke’s back with a series of holds that has the twink moaning and groaning in pain. Once Brodie senses he’s softened Luke up enough to finish him off he pulls him back into his lap and starts choking him to sap any last ounce of resistance. Brodie then uses his superior muscles and agility to hoist Luke up across his massive shoulders into a torture rack. Luke is trapped in a painful predicament and has no other choice but to tap and cry out ‘I submit’ to end round two and the match. The bodybuilder has slayed another opponent with his teen muscles, and poses his incredible powerful body over his victim in triumph!

Training Day

We at BG East have always been committed to diversity even though it’s pretty much a market dictum that the young and pretty predominate the roster of stars presented for the entertainment pleasure of gay wrestling fans. But it sure is a nice breath of fresh air to highlight some handsome veterans who demonstrate with style and skill – and mature sexiness – that they can teach a thing or two to their younger counterparts. This special edition of our long-running Matmen series pays special homage to just such men!

Robin Carter watches Big D Ward warm up in the mat room, admiring the man’s strength, agility, and speed. When Big D catches sight of him, he assumes that his handsome fan is new to wrestling and offers to show him how to handle himself on the mat without getting “that handsome face” hurt. Robin politely defers to Big D’s expertise. After all, he came to BG East with hardly any experience except for some backyard horseplay with other Southern boys too full of piss and vinegar to sit for long, reading books or surfing the Internet. Ward admires Robin’s nice abs, giving them a friendly pinch. Robin compliments Big D’s pecs, and not just out of politeness. (Is it hot in here or what!?)

Big D drags Robin down to the mat, stretches him out, and slaps his free hand on those very admirable abs, which when slapped sound solid like the taut skin of a drum. Big D’s ease in dominating and controlling him surprises and amuses Robin. He chuckles, amazed at his inability to resist Big D’s dominating and even paralyzing moves.

The action is relaxed and chummy at first, just two guys getting the feel of each other in an attempt to bond in the sport they both love. Ward is rough but not brutal in his manhandling of his new buddy. With an armbar pressing the side of Robin’s face to the mat and a crotch-split straining the thigh muscles, Ward quips, “Nice view,” letting his eyes peruse the bulging crotch of Robin’s tight white trunks. (Is it getting hotter in here?)

In the spirit of play, Big D lets Robin take an advantageous position for a second or two before reasserting his dominance. “Is this what you wanted?” he asks, while his sweaty body presses his opponent flat against the mat. A hammerlock proves too much for Robin, and he submits. He rises to his knees, trying to stretch and shake the stiffness out of his upper arms. Big D lies on his back, basically pinning his own shoulders down, challenging Robin to take advantage of his prostrate position. Robin straddles his waist and starts punching the broad, hard pecs he had recently extolled. “That’s all?” Big D taunts. He urges Robin to strike his chest with both fists at once. Robin does, and the sweet, sharp agony is as much as Big D can stand. Be careful what you wish for!

Delighting in the electric charge of dominating a tough, daddy type like Big D, Robin scoots up higher and pulls his opponent’s face up to his crotch. He reaches back and smashes his knuckles to the man’s pecs. Then tightening the hold into a headscissors, he tosses Big D around the mat, while the supposed victim worships the view of Robin’s swelling crotch and sculpted abs. It’s anybody’s guess who’s enjoying this most … Robin, Big D, or us!

But the friction of skin on skin triggers Big D’s aggressiveness, and he thrusts free, pressing Robin belly-down on the mat, and mounting him forcibly from behind. Still in the spirit of play but now enflamed by something primal, the sweaty, blushing bodies careen across the mat, straining, thrusting, grinding. Robin and Big D take matters as far as possible without actually earning the match a special asterisk. This is old-school BG East thrills and crude, man-on-man rude, horny fun – just the way we like it!

Pro vs Amateur: Technique Versus Brute Force

Angelo Damato got his competitive spirit from college wrestling. He fast became a fixture at BG East because of his handsome face, hard body, and drive to win. A superior knowledge of holds and escapes has made Angelo a favorite of fans who value sport wrestling and recognize the appeal of a well-formed set of glutes. His opponent JP Riley is big, heavy, and bristling with attitude. His is the ethos of professional wrestling of a bygone era, when bald, beefy brutes heaved each other over top rope and pounded each other into jelly while standing toe to toe on the cold concrete floor. He came to BG East “to show you guys how to wrestle.” Pretty clearly, Angelo doesn’t much like the mouth on this guy as soon as they meet. But can he do something about it?

As each man strips to wresting gear and warms up, JP complains that Angelo is taking up too much mat space. Having had his fill of JP’s “all talk” approach to wrestling, Angelo strikes from below, pulling JP’s feet out from under him, keenly aware that JP’s height advantage counts for less so long as Angelo can keep him down on the mat. JP thrusts and bucks without much effect, while Angelo cinches him up tight and makes him tap out in a humiliatingly short time period. Steaming mad, JP huffs, “Not gonna make it so easy this time.” Angelo jeers, just a half second before rushing in for another kill. But JP is ready for him this time and applies a painful armbar on Angelo, smirking with sadistic glee over Angelo’s moans. “What’s wrong?” JP growls. “You got a problem with that?” Angelo draws on his collegiate experience and makes the big bald bully submit again.

In the third fall, every move JP attempts to use against Angelo seems to make things harder for himself, such is Angelo’s speed and know-how. Angelo’s smooth maneuvers may be toting up wins, in fact three so far, but they are also riling up a wrestler whose got a huge ego, a very short fuse and a history of resorting to nefarious means to succeed!

There’s something to be said for a sweaty sexy singlet – especially when the straps come down and reveal a glistening, beautiful torso underneath! Angelo exudes confidence and not a little attitude as he glances at his own reflection in the nearby mirror. He’s quite satisfied with himself – as well he should be. With three wins chalked up to JP’s none, Angelo’s confident that this match is pretty much in the bag.

But to Angelo’s chagrin, JP comes back strong, determined to recoup his losses by any means necessary. Through brute determination and effective use of his height and weight advantage, JP finally gets Angelo to submit to him. Not satisfied with the gain, though, he refuses to release his conquest or let him get back on his feet. Instead, he charges right back in to deal out more punishment. This pisses Angelo off, and the two wrestlers, the college athlete and the back-alley brawler, begin to fight heatedly and in earnest. JP clasps Angelo by the balls. Incensed, Angelo shouts, “Gimme my balls back,” but caught in a hopeless, not to mention agonizing situation, he is forced once again to submit.

Ordinarily such a cool and collected fighter, Angelo sees red now. JP’s dirty tricks outrage him, and now he must decide whether it’s in him to fight fire with fire. JP is in his element now. He likes rough play, the more brutal the better, and he’s got plenty more dirty tricks to draw on, and he’d like nothing better than to use them – on hunky Angelo!

Angelo’s got a powerful, resilient body and JP takes special pleasure in punishing it, especially his ample bulge so clearly delineated in that sexy, sweaty red spandex singlet! Angelo has a whole lot of fighting heart, but is it enough versus JP’s grabbing and groping? We have here a classic conflict between savage violence and disciplined combat. Will rage enhance Angelo’s wrestling know-how or lead to sloppy mistakes? All we can say is that the fury and brutality escalate exponentially from round to round, climaxing with a knockout. This is the kind of finely honed combat drama you find nowhere but at BG East!

The Ultimate Boston Bad Boy?

For many fans, Mikey Vee has been the quintessential BG East wrestler. In the course of at least two dozen matches and almost two decades(!) of action exclusive to BG East, his haircuts and gear often changed, but never his style. Always the punk, Mikey has intimidated opponents (or tried to) with his muscle and boundless self-confidence. Some call it arrogance, but Mikey is so full of himself he doesn’t care what you call it – but he definitely has that undefinable “it” that’s the trait of superstars in every field.

Mikey always played the heel with style, without resorting to outlandish gimmicks or campy exaggeration. He had the body (and what a body!) as well as the moves and muscles to back up his natural propensity to heel. Even when his gear suggested a classic babyface, a good-guy, a rookie, a jobber or whatever, he always had that cutting edge, that caustic wit, and that intensity of purpose that has kept audiences intrigued and in suspense year after year. He’s a heel in the classic mode: vain, bossy, and ready to cut corners – anything for a win, the cheaper and easier the better. If he lost a match now and then, it was erased from memory, and he demanded that everybody else forget about it too.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Mikey told us he had turned a new leaf. He said that he was through with the “Boston Bad Boy” image he had so meticulously constructed match after ring match. “Fair and square” was how he was going to play it from now on. Clean living and good sportsmanship were his new mottos. He wanted to put himself to the true test of athletic endeavor and so he insisted that we book him a match in the BG East mat room. Mikey wanted to break from the ring where he had built his bad boy reputation to show off the new skills he had acquired through his training in grappling and martial arts.

We had our doubts! After all, it wouldn’t be the first time if was all a ruse! But Mikey seemed so genuine and earnest that it was hard to turn him down. He looked determined to clean up his act and redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. Maybe, just maybe, the old German proverb was wrong, and a man can jump out of his own shadow.

Mike is unusually affable before the match, introducing himself and steering clear of the usual cocky wisecracks, eager to prove he has been born again as a kinder, gentler competitor. “Usually I have a bit of attitude, a nasty side,” Mikey understates the truth with almost too much sincerity. “But I’ve been fighting a long time, man. You know? I want to get that away from me. Still gonna fight tough. But I don’t want you to think I’m an asshole, okay?” He extends his hand, and Matt Reid gamely shakes it.

Matt is no stranger to stiff competition. He has faced some of the toughest customers in BG East history: Rick Samson, The Brooklyn Bodywrecker, and Bulldog Barzini, to name just three. These are big, brutish battlers with reputations for scorched-earth destruction in combat. Matt was well aware of Mikey Vee’s reputation when he agreed to a best three out of five fall submission match against him. Like all wrestlers worth their salt, Matt is a game and earnest competitor, ready to take on any challenge or challenger.

After a long, huffing lockup Mikey takes Matt down and rides him, rapidly shifting from one side of the man to the other. Matt reverses, quickly and smoothly, and Mikey grumbles, “Not bad, you prick.” But then Mikey reverses and gains a rear choke hold on Matt, triumphantly announcing, “How’s that for a reversal, huh?” Matt struggles to escape, and for somebody who has supposedly turned a new leaf, Vee seems to relish his opponent’s agonized groaning and writhing a bit too much. To his credit, Mikey breaks clean as soon as Matt submits. When Matt evens the score in Fall 2, Mikey uncharacteristically praises the man on his win. But as the match heats up, Mikey’s veneer of hail-fellow-well-met begins to tear at the seams. Mikey resorts to rabbit punches to weaken his thicker and heavier foe. “That’s the old Mike Vee,” he exults. “I knew he was somewhere!”

Gaining three submissions, not all of them fairly, Mikey confesses that he got “a little out of control there” and offers Matt one more fall, winner takes all … this time 100% clean and by the book, hand on his heart. Reid reluctantly accepts. Will Matt regret his decision? Will Mikey keep his word, even at the risk of losing all? One answer to both these questions: Get real, bros. This is a BG East match – and entertaining as hell!