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Alexi Adamov vs Scott Starr: Age and Treachery versus Youth and Skill

Sporting blue trunks and his severest haircut to date, Alexi Adamov is a knockout. The man is not only one of the hottest wrestlers on the BG East roster but one of the strongest as well. Over the years he has moved from gym-bunny recruit – dismissed by fellow wrestlers as a “doormat” – to rugged warrior intimidated by nobody. Now he’s on every ambitious wrestler’s wish list for future matches. Alexi doesn’t have to bark a lot to garner attention. His physique commands the wrestling ring with quiet confidence.

Warming up before the match, Alexi looks like everybody’s fantasy of a babyface hero, exquisitely well-muscled and boyishly handsome. Beefy pro boy Scott Starr tries to intimidate Alexi with big talk and he-man swagger, trying hard (perhaps too hard) to dismiss the challenge Alexi’s well-hewn muscle represents. Alexi, though, looks more than ready for the challenge in this youth-versus-experience match between the eternally dreamy Adamov and the considerably more ring savvy and slightly older opponent, Scott Starr. The crisis of the match is whether Scott can overcome Alexi’s massive muscle and whether Alexi can do what has to be done to take down an opportunistic sadist and well hung ring veteran like Starr. Both prove to be more than capable antagonists, but the question remains: who can vanquish (and, as it turns out, nearly demolish) the other?

“Been doing this for a while, kid,” Scott boasts, after breaking a test of strength with a knee to Alexi’s midsection. Barely fazed by the blow, Alexi mentions that he noticed a few gray hairs on Scott’s head while the two of them were chest to chest, hands clenched over their shoulders. Lest Alexi underestimate what kind of heel he’s up against, Scott follows one cheap shot with another, raking his fingernails across his opponent’s eyes. Alexi staggers backwards and falls to the mat, temporarily blinded.

These guys have not met before this moment in the ring. Any respect they get from the other will be earned by brute force. Alexi raises his hands, inviting Scott in for another test of strength. As Scott draws near, Alexi rams him in the midsection with his shoulder, driving him backwards to the ropes. Then he pulls the “fucking scumbag” in for a side headlock and drags him down to the mat, Alexi’s biceps grinding the nape of the man’s neck. Yep, Alexi learned a long time ago not to play “nice guy” in the BG East ring.

Alexi Adamov vs Scott Starr: Shit’s Getting Real

Both men may have underestimated each other at first, but the give-and-take action that follows proves that neither is going to back away. “What’s your name?” Alexi taunts, as he grinds Scott’s chest between powerful thighs. He wants Scott to say his name as a kind of tapout signal. “Sandy? Suzy? Am I close?” A little too sure of himself, Alexi lets his opponent wriggle free of the hold and gain the upper hand, wrenching the right arm up behind Alexi’s back. Scott “Super” Starr is not about to let some “cute kid” show him up.

Scott Starr knows all the little nasty moves and pressure points to cause an opponent maximum discomfort. He goes for the fingers, stretching middle and ring fingers out wide. This guy is mean and loves to hurt young punks who don’t know their place, and no tactic is too low so long as it gives him the upper hand. Scott licks his lip to the sound of Alexi’s moans. Alexi scrambles to regain the advantage, but Scott stays right on top of him, choking him against the bottom rope and almost succeeding in knocking him out with a rear choke. “Let me show you what an old man can do!” he says, with cynical delight.

Tempers rise. What starts out as two wrestlers’ kinda feeling each other out turns vicious over time as neither gains a clear edge over the other. After a grueling chinlock cranks out the match’s first submission, the victor doesn’t even let the loser get his face off the mat before renewing the attack. A frenzied and brutal fight follows in the second fall, evening the score and setting up an unforgettable climax.

Alexi has never looked so self-assured as he does in this fight, and few wrestlers have put him through his paces as relentlessly (and sadistically) as Scott does. Alexi, always something of a poker face, exudes confidence and a seductive hint of cruelty in this match. He’s never had an opponent more adept than Scott Starr at rousing his best fight in the ring. The outcome is unpredictable to the last minute, yet nothing about it is out of keeping with what we’ve seen before during this intense and visually stunning match-up. Since the wrestlers, close in tenacity, play their cards exactly right, ultimately the win goes to the guy whom nature (“red in tooth and claw”) has dealt the better hand.

Both men rise to the challenge, concurrently elevating the competitive tension and the audience’s pulse rate. All bets are off as it becomes clear that either man is capable of claiming the ultimate victory. Everything depends on who’s willing to take the fight to the limit. Unpredictable as it is, the outcome of this match is an absolutely perfect conclusion to a hard-on inducing main event. This is great wrestling entertainment most of all because it’s great WRESTLING, and nobody but nobody delivers the real shit like BG East!

Jobe Zander vs Dick Rick: The Big Dick versus The Big Centerpiece

“They told me I was working someone named … Dick Rick.” “They got that right.” “What the hell was your mom thinking when she named you ‘Richard Rick’?” With affected patience, Dick Rick explains that “Rick” is his name, but “Dick” is a “title.” Jobe frees his sunglasses from the waistband of his tights, as if he needs his shades to process this information: “All right, well, your mama named you that, but, you know, the GODS named me ‘The Dick.'” His hands sweep down to the turkey-leg bulge at his crotch for validation.

The gods may, indeed, have named Jobe Zander “The Dick,” because nobody we know of is as vicious, insensitive, and so totally wrapped up in himself as he. Well, except for maybe Dick Rick. The chance to pit these two brutal narcissists against each other in the ring was, quite frankly, irresistible. A showdown over outstanding accomplishments in total dickery was just too damned titillatingly tempting and too terribly tasty, and we at BG East, to cite the great Oscar Wilde, “can resist everything but temptation.”

The bell sounds for the start of the match. Dick offers his hand to Jobe in an ostentatious show of good sportsmanship. He even claims, with grandiloquent self-effacement, to understand how his mere presence might be construed as an unintended insult to The Centerpiece and humbly offers to excuse himself from the match. Like two prima donna sopranos in the same spotlight, can two world-class dicks share the same wrestling ring?

But Dick is not halfway through the ropes when Jobe, true to form, attacks him from behind. He hurls the handsome hunk to the corner for a furious stompdown, followed by a gasping, choking, deep-tissue throat-massage against the top rope! Jobe promises Dick he’ll be “pissing blood” before he’s done with him as the violence to the primped and polished body-beautiful escalates. Then, after three speedy two-counts in succession fail to provide an easy pinfall win, Jobe starts getting really testy! He goes for the low blow … twice … which is enough to fire Rick up for a serious retaliation. In case there was any doubt that Dick Rick was only pretending to be nice earlier, the spine-busting savagery of his payback speaks for itself … and gives us exactly what we were hoping for.

Jobe Zander vs Dick Rick: “It’s You. It’s Me. That’s It!”

When Jobe, caught in a crushing bodyscissors, screams, “I can’t breathe!” Dick responds with an enthusiastic “Good!” You have to hand it to Zander, though; when he suffers, he suffers big: Greek-tragedy big, Italian-funeral big, unremembered-anniversary BIG. Dick has to find agony on such an epic scale deeply and richly satisfying, especially after the hell he has just survived (barely). At this point he’ll settle for nothing less than a long, tormenting choke, or a screech-inducing clutch, or a set of boot stomps to the gut.

As Dick Rick poses for his own – and our – delectation and contemplates his next assault on The Centerpiece, Jobe rolls under the bottom rope to the arena floor to escape. “Not that easy,” Dick says as he steps down to fetch him. He winds Jobe’s arms into the top and middle ropes and uses him as a punching bag, rearing back a couple of steps to raise the momentum of his fist. Jobe hangs there like wet laundry, shrieking wet laundry, while Dick mercilessly contrives to finish the guy’s career at BG East once and for all.

This is just the beginning. Jobe is trapped with his dick hanging out (literally), pleading for someone to save him. “There’s nobody,” Dick tells him, with grim satisfaction. “There is … nobody. It’s you. It’s me. That’s it. That’s it!” When Jobe finally says “I quit,” both wrestlers’ chests are heaving as they gulp down air, but Dick is not finished with The Centerpiece yet, not by a long shot. From the looks of things, Dick doesn’t want Jobe Zander to quit, he wants him, to cite the great Auric Goldfinger, “to die.”

This is brutal action that punches every sado-erotic button there is, and punches it HARD. At the sweat-drenched coup de grâce on the ungiving floor at ringside, it’s both easy and impossible to imagine these two are truly finished with each other. And yet on it goes, sweaty and sexy, unrelenting and merciless, totally absorbing and riotously riveting action from two very savvy and sexy ring practitioners. One-on-one action is seldom this intense and chaotic. The pain, the humiliation, the rage, the savagery, Dick Rick-versus-Jobe Zander has it all! Enjoy, you sick bastards, enjoy! Over and over again, you will enjoy!

Exavier vs Paul Hudson: Shoulder to the Grindstone

Exavier’s got the size advantage and the big muscle, but Hudson’s a raging demon in the ring, a hard-gravel fighter for whom the phrase “I like to hurt people” might have been invented. While Exavier is rash, impetuous, and vain, Paul is scientific, strategic, and hellbent on destruction. He is a highly skilled and instinctual mat grappler, perhaps the most accomplished of many former amateurs on the BG Roster. For Paul, half the battle will be to keep Exavier flat on the ground where he can exact the most productive punishment.

Though he too clearly knows his way around the mat, Exavier’s always on the lookout for the easy win, the quick count, and the best camera angle to highlight his classic Roman profile. He goes big and bold, much to his opponent’s chagrin. These wrestlers disliked each other the moment they first met at the BGE compound, so naturally we couldn’t wait to put them in the squared circle together and watch the fireworks happen. And DO they!

On his feet, Exavier relies on his weight and size advantage. He storms into Paul like a runaway locomotive. But speed is Paul’s ace card, letting Exavier brain himself against the ring post once or twice before dragging him down to his knees for a grinding side headlock. Most of us think of Exavier as a big talker who bullies his opponents with a barrage of insults and threats, but Paul doesn’t give him much opportunity to speechify in this contest. His quicksilver moves keep his opponent (and us) breathless from the beginning. The blond live wire takes the first fall with a punishing straight armbar you can feel through your TV, clenching Exavier’s left shoulder between his thighs, legs across the neck and chest to fasten the big guy to the mat. Paul immediately follows up the win with a jackhammer assault on Exavier’s weakened left arm, driving his knees to the elbow and then cranking the arm up straight and tight behind the man’s back.

The big talker is reduced to panicked gasps and gibberish. Then Paul pulls him to his feet to ram shoulder to shoulder with such ferocity that we half expect him to crack Exavier’s humerus in two. Paul Hudson delivers a university-level course in how to destroy an opponent by targeting a single body part, relentlessly and maliciously.

Exavier vs Paul Hudson: Collision Course

Stay alert, gentlemen, because anything can happen in this battle. In a sudden turnaround, Exavier takes the second fall, in an impressive demonstration of not only the man’s ability to survive Hudson’s preceding assault but also his tactical prowess as a submission – as well as pro wrestler. He does to Paul’s left leg exactly what Paul did to his left arm, and even after Paul submits and the bell sounds, Exavier continues the concentrated, vicious attack on the leg. Paul is methodical; Exavier is maniacal.

“It’s just the beginning,” the big guy taunts, as Paul yelps and clutches his throbbing leg. Fully confident in his abilities and luck at this point, Exavier exults in Paul’s seemingly helpless quivering, yet Exavier’s words will soon come back to haunt him, because the hard-fought first and second falls are but a prelude to the rest of this rock ‘em, sock ‘em match, in which the outcomes are never certain and neither man is totally assured of victory … or, for that matter, survival. These guys put on a clinic in brutal wrestling.

Now both wrestlers must fight with seriously damaged limbs, so each assault causes almost as much pain for the attacker as for the victim. Wrestling fans know this situation makes for the most intense drama in wrestling, and we are in the hands of a couple of pros here who know how to escalate the drama and agony to dizzying heights. But we’re not talking about clowning around and striking poses. These dudes WRESTLE, and 100% of the action is these guys’ throwing it ALL down on the mat. They endure whatever pain is necessary to ensure that their opponent suffers even more than they do.

The advantage switches from back and forth, from man to man, inside and outside the ring, and with each turn of events the fight’s savagery swells, threatening to consume both combatants until a backbreaking, jaw-busting finisher, totally unforeseeable, decides the day. Exavier and Hudson may not have the ripped bodies or the prettyboy faces of some of our more popular fan favorites but what they DO have is tenacity and talent, which they demonstrate in this explosive match in spades! Often underestimated by fans and armchair-promoter bloggers, Paul Hudson and Exavier bring a seldom-rivaled, wildly exciting fireworks to Ringwars 22. This is one match you will never forget!

The rookie blond bombshell Matt has taken on some heavy hitters in his first three matches, he’s tangled with Jake Jenkins, Ethan Andrews, and Josh Steel. He’s had a number of shining moments in each of these matches but has yet to chalk up his first victory. He has a killer body with calves to die for, and has been building his repertoire of holds as he’s gained more experience from his previous matches. He’s heard the locker room talk about the new rookie, Dash Decker, and how Dash calls himself ‘the chosen one’ but is not impressed.

Matt is eager to gain a victory to add to his record, so he asked to be matched up against the so called ‘chosen one’. On the other side, Dash sports a perfectly muscled physique and has burst on the scene since taking out a somewhat dazed and confused, rising superstar Josh Steel. From the start you could see Dash has what it takes to climb to the top of the roster, he’s got the body, the looks, the skills, the attitude, and the grit to challenge any of the superstars on the roster.

Dash is already in the ring preparing for the second match of his short career by pumping out pushups and pumping up his shredded muscles. He’s clad in red trunks, black boots, and black wristbands looking the part of a heel. The blond bombshell Matt climbs into the ring in white trunks, white boots and navy socks, his confidence high for this match. He immediately starts the trash talk and challenges the bigger bodybuilder to an arm wrestling contest. Dash isn’t about to shy away from a chance to flex his mighty biceps, so the two of them lock wrists in the center of the ring and start straining and pulling with their massive arms.

Astonishingly Matt controls the contest and slams Dash’s hand down on the mat, and as Dash seems stunned. Matt has a big grin on his face and tells the rookie bodybuilder ‘you are all show’ and asks ‘ are those muscles hollow’? Dash is perplexed from the outcome and claims he is tired from working out while Matt starts to strike a few poses flexing his own massive biceps. As they get to their feet and try to one up each other in a pose off, Dash strikes with a cheap shot to Matt’s back and utters ‘I’m not going to lose now!’ He stomps on the blond bombshell while he lay on the mat before lifting him to his feet, whipping his across the ring into the ropes, and on the rebound scoops the blond bodybuilder up and then drops him into an over the knee backbreaker.

As Matt lay draped across his knee, Dash stretches him real good and bashes his awesome abs before shoving him off. The bigger Dash towers over his prey and presses his size 11 black boot into Matt’s face intimidating the winless rookie. Dash continues pulverizing his opponent with; a back breaking boston crab, stomping away at is abs in the corner, a python like tight reverse bear hug, and then swings him around like a rag doll in a standing full nelson that has Matt hoisted off his feet. Dash shoves him down, straddles his body, then starts trash talking into his face. But Matt surprises the big bodybuilder by yanking his legs out from under him. Matt reaches into his bag of MMA holds and slaps an excruciating painful leg lock on Dash’s powerful right leg.

Matt wrenches the chosen one’s leg real tight which causes Dash to struggle on the mat in pain searching for a way to escape. The blond bombshell is on the attack and he pulls Dash by his hair to his feet, then makes him fly across the ring in an aerial suplex. As Dash lay stunned on the ring floor, Matt grins in his face. But Matt isn’t done just yet, he kneels down and straddles a stunned Dash and begins to pummel his shredded abs with fist from on high. He then yanks Dash up by his hair, shoves him into the corner turnbuckle, then flings him across the ring into a clothesline that floors the muscle stud. The blond hunk is tossing the rookie bodybuilder around the ring at will, which makes you wonder, is this Matt’s round to win? He continues his assault on Dash’s muscles; connecting with a leg drop across his gut, placing him in a full nelson/leg scissor combo that stretches his muscles to the max, then shoves Dash face first into the corner turnbuckle and whips him into the opposite corner and connects with several forearm smashes to his muscular back.

Matt is putting a beating on Dash and his hopes have to be running high on securing a triumph in round one. He continues beating up on Dash in the corner by lacing his massive thighs and calves around Dash’s small waist and starts squeezing the shit out of him. Dash is in pain and seeking a way to escape, and surprisingly he’s able to prey Matt’s muscular legs apart and off his waist and reverse the hold into a rear choke to his advantage. Dash has to be stunned by the beating Matt just put on him, even Josh Steel wasn’t able to throw Dash around the ring like Matt just did! But that seemed to only awaken the chosen one and he goes on offense.

The red clad Dash pulls the blond stud to his feet and power slams him to the mat twice in succession, he backs him into the corner and delivers several back handed jack knives into Matt’s perfect pecs, backed into the turnbuckle he stomps away at Matt’s ribcage, and then scoop slams him not once but twice setting him up to finish him off. As Matt is suffering face down, Dash hoists him to his knees, throws in his legs, and rolls him back into a crotch ripping banana split. The blonde hunk struggles to escape but ultimately has to give up and submit round one to the chosen one. Dash kneels over his beaten opponent and proclaims ‘you may have won the arm wrestling match but I’ve won this round’ then warns him ‘wait till next round’ and flexes his magnificent body in conquest.

Dash Decker vs Matt Engel: Round 2

Round two opens with Matt stretching out his sore groin and Dash taunting ‘you ready to lose again’? The guys lock up and Dash shoves the blond stud to the mat. He begins to stomp away at Matt’s body, and then decides to turn nasty by stepping on his fingers. The red clad Dash climbs the ropes in the corner then flies through the air to strike with a double fisted shot to Matt’s back. He follows that up with a crashing leg drop across the small of his back. The rookie bodybuilder continues with a painful double leg boston crab, an excruciating arm bar, then sits atop his muscled chest and bashes away at his 6-pack abs.

Dash is having his way with the blond muscle stud, that is until Matt reverses things. He stuns Dash by tripping him to the ring floor, then wraps his massive legs around Dash’s left leg and begins pulling on a tormenting leg lock. Matt releases the hold to rise to his feet and focuses his attack on the injured knee; stomping hard with his boot, then connects with an elbow drop to the knee that makes Dash to cry out in pain. He then rolls Dash’s bronzed body over in between his powerful thighs and calves and applies a gut crushing leg scissors around Dash’s gut.

It appears the blond bombshell is well on his way to winning this round and evening the match up at one round a piece, that is unless Dash can gather his composure and turn things around. The magical muscles on both of these studs strain, struggle and flex for superiority in this round. Will the blond bombshell drive the chosen one into a submission, or will Matt’s hopes for his first victory get dashed by the bigger, rookie bodybuilder Dash? All the thrilling and sweaty muscle action leads up to a surprising finish that you won’t want to miss!

Caleb Brand vs Donnie Drake: Blond Versus Brunet

Many BG East fans crave blond-on-brunet action in the ring, and the more brutal the better! This one’s a doozy, with two big, experienced pros squaring off, itching to give each other a good, old-fashioned bruising. Longtime fans should be familiar with both wrestlers. Square-jawed Donnie Drake, with the dark club-kid haircut, is first in the ring, still stretching his beefy muscle when shaggy blond Caleb Brand, fuming as usual, storms through the ropes to join him. Caleb promises Donnie a good, hard thrashing, to which threat Donnie smirks and responds lackadaisically, “We’ll see about that.”

The two bound towards each other, locking up, classic collar and elbow, hands at the base of the others’ skull. Donnie snapmares Caleb to the mat, promising the golden-locked hothead all the fight he can handle. Seconds later, Caleb evens the score, and only a minute or two into the first fall, already it’s a great day for fans of give-and-take mat action, served up by two well-trained and experienced ring pros.

Their fists cocked in front of their chests, the two men circle each other warily. Typically, Caleb likes to bust rookie butt, small fries compared to him, just one indication of the type of cold, hard, and sometimes cowardly character this man is. Think back on his demolition of greenhorns like Shannon Embry, Gavin Keys, and Velvet Revolver, ambitious youngsters that Caleb sent limping home to their mamas, some never to show their pretty faces in the BGE ring again. Caleb’s not always the villain, but even when he’s purportedly the hero, it’s a safe bet that his opponent will be pissing blood after the match.

Donnie is a different story. Caleb may have a slight edge in overall experience, but it is only slight. As Donnie has proved in repeated no-holds-barred contests in the past (including two very popular Wrestler Spotlight videos of his own), this guy needs no encouragement to go ruthless and dirty to even the score against a dirtier fighter, and if Caleb is already aware of that fact, he must want to give Drake all the encouragement he can when he swipes at Donnie’s hamstrings with the heels of his boots.

Donnie is no stranger to cheap shots either, and though he is the bigger of the two, he and Caleb make for a very even match. Caleb dismisses the reality TV star as a “flash in the pan,” already in the final seconds of his fifteen minutes of fame. His mistreatment of Drake is tasty, partly for its own sake, because Caleb is a maestro of physical abuse, delivered with a headsman’s deadpan work ethic, and partly for its promise of comeuppance as a fired-up Donnie Drake demands payback.

Caleb Brand vs Donnie Drake: I’m Not a Dirty Guy!” – Uh huh, Right!

Caleb gets boners off his own capacity for cruelty, and he gets even more wound up against somebody who can take it and dish it back up … so long as he’s winning. Getting a big, hot-blooded pro grappler like Drake to submit, now that’s a victory! Brand may think Donnie is a “flash in the pan,” but Donnie’s no quitter, and his capacity for rallying, after what would most certainly be a finisher for most wrestlers, is just as astounding as Caleb’s capacity for inventing and carrying out new forms of bodily abuse.

You have to admire this blond heel’s eye for detail. At one point he’s got Donnie by the toe of his boot. He twists it, twists it maniacally, and Donnie thrashes, at the mercy of his body’s involuntary motor responses. Donnie tries to counter with a high kick that misses the side of Caleb’s head by an inch. When Donnie succeeds at turning the tables on Caleb, pulling him up by his golden curls to deliver the thrashing this heel deserves, Caleb flees to the ropes, clinging to them while signaling for a timeout. Caleb begs Donnie to shake hands in a sportsmanlike gesture of respect. “I’m not a dirty guy,” he assures him as Donnie looks skeptical about the proposed handshake … and for good reason!

Sensing now that Donnie is no inexperienced upstart, Caleb determines to weaken him with a series of hard side kicks capable of not just stopping his opponent in his tracks but hobbling him, and he completes a rigorous first fall with a spectacular finisher that looks crippling … and gravitationally impossible. Encouraged by his first-fall victory and a quick and nasty followup that ends fall 2, Caleb gets cocky. There has to be a chapter in The Heel Handbook that requires bad-asses to overstep themselves from time to time.

Caleb has Donnie locked in a crushing bearhug that looks like a surefire game-ender, but then, unexpectedly, Donnie elbow-slams his way free and reverses. It’s hard to say when it’s safe to count either of these guys out. Having demolished his opponent at what appears to be the end of the match, Caleb exits the ring and strides to the door. But Donnie, only half conscious at this point, calls out, his words slurring, “Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done yet. Get back here.” Caleb stops dead in his tracks. Smelling the chance to up the brutality even further, he reenters the ring. Big mistake? Our lips are sealed, but you will definitely want to see the way this one ends. A sleeper? A piledriver? A surfboard submission? Or all of the above? As we said, our lips are sealed.

The big finish is everything you might hope for. We won’t spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say – you’ll get a big rise out of the big finale! Spectacular, even startling performances from two of the very best in the business. “Ring Match Of The Year”, anyone?

Austin Cooper vs Leo Tomasi: The New Guy versus the Divided Psyche

Austin Cooper has been flirting with his inner sadist since long before his well-documented heel turn in Demolition 16. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Austin’s dalliances with the dark side are erratic, and we honestly don’t know who’s going to show up when he’s scheduled for a match these days. Will it be the blond, bronzed golden boy in red, white and blue who charmed the pants off of countless BG East fans with his bouncing pecs and upright sincerity? Or will it be the devastatingly beautiful bruiser in a black leather vest, who possesses an unwavering disdain for common decency and a growing appetite for delivering soul-crushing degradation by any means necessary and otherwise?

Even Austin appears unable to predict who will show up on any given day, the saint or the sinner. Fans are vehemently divided as well, passionately pleading for more of the particular incarnation of Austin Cooper that they prefer. If we could somehow book a match between Austin-the-babyface-champ and Austin-the-angel-of-darkness, perhaps we could settle once and for all which half of this hunk’s dangerously divided psyche is destined to determine the future career of one of our hottest and most talented wrestlers.

Handsome new recruit Leo Tomasi specifically asked for the opportunity to “learn from the best,” as he put it, and by “the best” he meant one of his personal heroes, Austin Cooper. Lovely, lean Leo strikes a stunning figure, with his ripped abs and shock of curly brown hair. Wearing blue and white trunks and sporting a sexy scruff about the face, the rookie is visibly anxious as he awaits his opponent’s arrival. He stretches out that long, limber body. He burns off nervous energy with jumping jacks and sprints across the ring. Long on ambition and short on wrestling experience, courageous, young Leo knows he’s got plenty to learn, and he’s eager, scared, and horny as fuck to begin his education!

DING, DING, DING! The bell rings loudly, interrupting Leo’s pre-match calisthenics. The Austin Cooper that enters is ominously dressed in shimmering metallic briefs, more undergear than pro trunks. A black leather vest, dark sunglasses, and curled upper lip demonstrate which side of the bed our veteran hunk rolled out of this morning. “Who are you?” Austin asks, shaking his head dismissively at the rookie’s frenetic pre-match activity.

“I’m the new guy,” Leo replies with a confident nod. With a evil glint in his eye, Austin invites the cute, sexy rookie to take another sprint off the ropes to get a feel for the ring. When Leo comes bouncing off of the ropes, big, buff Austin nearly decapitates the kid with a vicious clothesline. “Yeah, you ARE the new guy!” Austin smirks.

Austin Cooper vs Leo Tomasi: Blood, Sweat and Tears: The Doctor is In

This fiendish iteration of Austin Cooper wastes no time in unleashing a merciless onslaught of bad-ass brutality all over ill-prepared Leo Tomasi. A breath-stealing, reverse bearhug showcases the new blood’s impressive bulge before Austin flings him face first into the nearest turnbuckle. Whips from corner to corner punctuate wave after wave of gut punching, chest stomping, and maniacal chokes to the already defenseless rookie.

“I heard you were here to learn from the best,” Austin snarls, dragging the battered young buck up by his hair. “Nope! You’re here to wrestle!” An over-the-knee backbreaker shows off the rookie’s bulge, even as poor Leo quivers in agony with Austin’s elbow digging deep into the young stud’s ripped abs. “Want help up?” Austin offers, only to hang him upside down in the tree of woe. Earnest, young Leo’s grunts and groans crescendo into terrified screams of agony, which do nothing but tickle his villainous tormentor. “You see that?” Austin demands, flexing his mammoth bicep in the lean rookie’s dazed face.

A barrage of bearhugs and bodyslams turn the hot rookie into little more than a pool of sweat and battered muscle. When Austin nearly rips his head off in a spine-stretching camel clutch, Leo is mid-scream when the arena lights go black. Literally, Austin’s dark side has somehow, momentarily sucked the very light from the room! Seconds later, when the lights flash back on, Austin’s handsome face is sporting a malevolent smile as he cranks even harder on Leo’s back. “All my strength and power turned out the lights!” the heel crows. “I’ve just got pure energy there. I bet your life just flashed before your eyes!”

If Leo’s life didn’t flash before his eyes then, it almost certainly does later as tropical storm Austin continues to bear down on the hapless rookie. After smashing Leo’s handsome face into the mat repeatedly, Austin notices that he’s opened up a nosebleed in the defenseless opponent. “I made this sucker bleed!” Austin laughs as blood pools out of Leo’s nostrils. To staunch the flow, the heinous heel scoops him up and once again hangs him upended in the corner. “We’ve got to invert you to stop that bloody nose!” Austin smirks, dragging him up by his hair and repeatedly dropping his head back to the mat. “If I cut off all the blood to your head, you probably shouldn’t bleed anymore,” Austin chuckles, snapping his gargantuan legs around the rookie’s cranium and making Leo’s bloody face disappear between his incredibly thick thighs. “Just call me Dr. Cooper, helping you re-‘coop’-erate!”

Some fans will be thrilled to see how whole-heartedly Austin lets his dark side come out and play in this darkest yet glimpse of the golden boy’s aptitude for villainy. Fans of cocky, dominating muscle will be simply ecstatic with Austin’s luxurious flexing and gratuitous displays of overwhelming power. And if you like to see fresh meat ground to a pulp (and we know you do), Leo Tomasi’s journey into hell will leave you absolutely delirious. This must-see match delves deep into the shadows of Austin Cooper’s twisted psyche, as he takes Leo Tomasi (and us) places we never expected to see him go.

Kip Sorell vs Guido Genatto: Rookie of the Year Meets His Worst Nightmare

No one should have been surprised when BG East fans voted sensational Kip Sorell “Rookie Of The Year” for 2013. The boyishly handsome hunk with a perfectly chiseled physique and a mop of eminently grabbable hair generated a ton of heat the moment fans got their hands on his debut last fall. Despite, or perhaps because of, getting crushed like a grape in his first two matches, Kip’s stock has done nothing but soar. It’s not so much that fans regularly request to see more of mouthwatering Kip. They demand it… Loudly!

When Kip first arrived at BG East, believe it or not, the devastatingly handsome hunk was unmistakably humble. Although he has honed his phenomenal physique to nearly superhuman perfection, Kip was always the first to admit that he had an overwhelmingly huge liability in his lack of wrestling experience. Earnest and eager to learn, the boy wonder began paying his dues by enduring some of the most brutal rookie initiations at the hands of two of our most accomplished upperclassmen, Kid Karisma and Jake Jenkins. Kip knew he had it coming, and he was determined to learn from every bump and bruise.

Something changed right around the time it was announced that Kip was our 2013 “Rookie Of The Year”, though. That thin veneer of humility seemed to wash right off of the young star’s beautiful body. Kip’s ego began to swell and bulge even bigger than his magnificently toned muscles. Seemingly overnight, Kip became convinced that his days of paying dues were over, and the time had arrived for his opponents to show this rookie some proper respect. When The Boss told Kip that his next opponent would be Guido Genatto, Kip shrugged and smirked. “It’s about time I got a rookie to work over!” Young Kip should probably do some research and maybe Google indy pro wrestling!

Of course, serious wrestling fans all know that although Guido has wrestled for us just once before, the mountainous muscle man bears absolutely no resemblance to a rookie. Far from it! An incredibly accomplished indy pro wrestler with years of experience, as well as a rabid fan following and a happy penchant for wearing incredibly sexy trunks, no one would dare underestimate just how dangerous Guido Genatto can be the ring. No one, that is, except for a newly crowned “Rookie Of The Year” who is a little buzzed from his new found fame and downright drunk on public acclaim and fan adoration. Being crowned Rookie Of The Year is definitely well-earned praise, but let’s face it, it also paints a giant bullseye on the granite carved muscle-butt of Kip Sorell. Ready…aim….FIRE!

Kip Sorell vs Guido Genatto: “You Still Want to Be a Fucking Wrestler?”

Kip is sitting on the ring apron adjusting his kneepads when big Guido’s boot crashes into the side of Kip’s handsome face. “Stupid, little fuck!” Guido spits, tossing the rookie of the year into the ring. “Little bitch wants to be a wrestler? Yeah, fix your fucking kneepad!”

These two wrestlers are stunning in their contrasts. Kip is lean, tanned, toned, and beautiful as ever in extremely brief orange trunks. Guido is massive, hairy, and built like a Mack truck, with his bubble butt squeezed into yellow and black spider-web briefs. “Come on, you pretty, little fuck!” Guido taunts, nearly snapping Kip off at the elbow with an armbar. “I’ll make you get the fuck out, you little bitch!”

“Fuck you!” Kip cries in protest, merely inciting a series of increasingly horrific assaults. Guido rips him apart, joint by joint, battering every beautiful inch of Kip’s ripped body. The indy muscle monster takes advantage of every inch of the ring, trapping the bewildered beauty in the ropes and crushing him in the corners. Guido’s diabolical machinations can’t be contained within the ring, and the bearish brute throws the helpless rookie out to the floor. Before Kip can catch his breath, his mammoth opponent drags him up by his trunks (wedging them high up between Kip’s sculpted glutes), effortlessly hoists the bashed beauty into the air, gorilla-pressed overhead before being flung over the ropes and back inside the ring! There’s nowhere for the delicious, doe-eyed Ken doll to hide. There’s no avenue of escape. And wave after wave crashes down all over Kip’s award-winning body.

Guido forces Kip to watch himself be destroyed and humiliated in the mirror. “You still want to be a fucking wrestler?” Guido demands. “No, no, no more!” Kip begs, pleading for mercy. Kip slowly drags himself across mat, crawling painfully underneath the ropes and (for the last time?!) out of the ring. But Guido grabs the prettyboy’s ankle at the last moment and begins dragging the screaming, panicked young hunk back inside.

Standing on Kips’ back, the ripped rookie’s trunks still wedged up his awesome ass, Guido admires himself in the mirror. “That’s what they want,” the powerhouse declares, “a thick, dirty daddy! They don’t want a little piece of shit!” Fortunately for BG fans, you get them both in one terrifying house of horrors for our reigning rookie of the year. The terrors have only begun for our young hero, as Kip bends to the diabolical will of his tormentor, begging, screaming, and submitting on command, over and over again. Big Guido takes Kip to depths of terror that our rising star never imagined, and his legion of fans will wonder whether our stunning young stud has the balls to set foot in the BGE ring again!

Jake Jenkins vs Carter Alexander: The Rookie-Wrecker and the Big Catch

Jake Jenkins likes rookies. He likes the taut feel of their inflexible bodies as he bends and breaks them. He likes the sound of their clumsy thumps when he slams them to the mat. He loves the sound of stunned respect creeping into their voices when they suddenly realize that this “little guy” in front of them is about to tear them apart. As a state champion amateur wrestler and an early career MMA fighter, Jake’s forgotten more ways to hurt an opponent than most rookies will ever learn. Humbling a big, slow, cocky rookie who thinks way too much of himself is a guilty little pleasure that Jake savors.

So imagine Jake’s delight when he finds big, beautiful stud Carter Alexander stretching in the gazebo before their match. Carter is incredibly lean, with shoulders a mile wide and a stunningly sexy, incredibly carved torso. New to BG East, Carter competed in high school wrestling but had nowhere near the success Jake enjoyed. He wears a tight blue singlet with the straps pulled down around his waist, showing off his rock hard abs and thick, pumped pecs. His long, hairy legs, buzz cut, and bold tattoos all say just one thing to Jake. It’s time to reel in another rookie who has no idea what’s about to hit him.

“Looks like we got a big catch today!” Jake chuckles. Standing nose-to-nose is more like nose-to-sternum as the ripped rookie towers over him. “I’m going to love crushing you,” Jake smirks. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Towering over him, Carter smirks at the little guy talking smack. “Let’s go, buddy. I’ll kick your ass!” Many opponents have made the same prediction, but precious few have had the total package of skill, speed, and strength to back it up. Within seconds, Jake takes the flat-footed rookie to his back and cranks tightly on a side headlock. “How does that feel, big boy?” Jake asks, feeling that rush that always comes with the feel of mastery.

But not only is Carter Alexander big, he is also fast and tenacious. He neutralizes Jake’s every offensive gambit by muscling free. Jake’s shock and awe offense comes to a screeching (and we mean screeching!) halt when the rookie uses those long, powerful limbs to lock on a spladle and threaten to rip the veteran apart at the crotch. Catch and release, hold and reverse, these two high-strung grapplers battle back and forth with the rookie more than holding his own. Carter skillfully hooks one leg and cradles his confident opponent, coming within a fraction of a second of slapping down a shocking 3-count first fall pin on BG East’s resident master of mat wrestling. Things just got serious, and Jake Jenkins is staring (way) up at a dangerously serious threat to kill his rookie-wrecking buzz!

Jake Jenkins vs Carter Alexander: Taking Care of Dirty Laundry

Typically, Jake has ice pumping through his veins. The calculating tactician is slow to anger, keeping it cool to the disadvantage of his overwhelmed opponents. The devastatingly handsome, physically dominating Carter Alexander manages to quickly burrow underneath Jake’s flawless skin and irritate the living hell out of him within minutes. The moment that pisses Jake off may be right about the time that the towering rookie lifts Jake off his feet in a full nelson and slams the stunned veteran to his back. Carter effectively delivers the message that he’s here to cause some damage.

Not happy with being bullied by a newbie, Jake hobbles the raging rookie with a stiff knee to the gut. A nasty neck-crank wrings the first fall submission out of Carter, but Jake insists on immediately following with an elbow drop to the newbie’s six-pack and a humiliating 3-count pinfall to put the stud in his place: flat on his back with Jake in charge!

Being pinned by a guy 30 pounds lighter lights a fire in the rookie’s belly. Carter shrugs his shoulders free of his singlet straps and gets to work trying to earn, not just an equalizing, but, an avenging, humiliating pinfall. Pinning wily Jake is easier said than done, but all of that gorgeous muscle just keeps bearing down on him and wearing him out. Full nelsons, headscissors, and a crotch-ripping spladle put the even-keeled veteran in jeopardy. “I’m going to break you in half!” the raging rookie roars, splaying Jake’s legs further, making the stud’s hamstrings quiver. Jake taps frantically and gives up an incredibly hard-earned fall.

“Maybe some other day,” Carter Alexander smirks, flexing his beautiful biceps in Jake Jenkin’s face. “This is what a REAL man looks like!” Fired up, the furious rookie peels off his sweat-soaked singlet and flings it at Jake, demanding that he do his laundry for him. The battle for bragging rights and laundry duty is waged with both hunks stripped down to skin tight briefs, every bulge and pumped muscle primed for action. Eventually the back-and-forth battle begins to turn one hunk’s way, with one ego growing more and more vicious as he starts to brutally bully his gradually fading opponent.

Watching one of these stubborn, supremely conditioned athletes get owned is an incredible treat. You can see his will waver and his body crumble as he’s out hustled and out muscled. This may be one of the biggest upsets in recent history, but who gets the upset? The superior muscled rookie with a dominating reach and weight advantage, or the supremely confident mat veteran who gets his kicks schooling new faces?

“That’s what I thought!” the pumped victor crows. “Come back when you actually have a chance.” He throws his gear in the loser’s face. “Here, do my laundry! See you around!”

Lon Dumont vs Denny Cartier: You Can Take the Pro Wrestler Out of the Ring, But…

The BG East gazebo poses some unique challenges and opportunities to wrestlers. The venue would seem to clearly favor mat wrestling specialists like Denny Cartier, with its absence of ropes, turnbuckles, and springs that make professional wrestling in a ring such a different and distinctive genre. In the gazebo, there are no ropes to bounce off of, and when someone gets slammed to the mat, the wooden floor underneath is remarkably unforgiving. Denny thrives in settings like this, where his amateur wrestling skills, incredible flexibility, and blistering speed make the most of the simple, straightforward context of the gazebo. With his hotly muscled ass poured into tight purple trunks, Denny looks understandably confident and completely at home as he stretches and practices before his opponent arrives.

That opponent, Lon Dumont, on the other hand, has almost no mat wrestling experience at all. Lon’s natural habitat is almost exclusively the professional wrestling ring, where he has made a fine art out of exploiting the ropes, the corners, the posts, and the apron to consistently exact debilitating domination. He’s perfected an infinite variety of techniques in torture that make the most out of the unique wrestling environment of the ring. With no knee pads, no boots, and nothing but the great outdoors and the wooden railings of the gazebo surrounding him, this hardcore pro wrestling heel appears unmistakably out of his element when he tentatively steps barefoot into the gazebo to face his eager opponent.

You can tell that Lon is nervous because he doesn’t say a word as the two lock-up, pressing, and pulling, and feeling out each other’s powerful bodies. Never, ever, at a loss for words, Lon’s notoriously running commentary of cocky swagger and withering trash talk is silenced by the unfamiliar setting. Then again, his sudden knee to Denny’s gut and forearm blow to the young stud’s muscled back speak for themselves. Obviously, Lon is determined to translate pro strikes and a balls-out brutality from the ring to the gazebo!

Playing to his strengths, Lon grabs hold of the momentum with both hands, stretching Denny out beautifully in a joint wrenching kneeling surfboard, driving his knee into his opponent’s spine and making the youngster’s handsome face twist in agony. The mat master doesn’t even have a chance to counter before the pro smoothly transitions to a headscissors, displaying Lon’s competition-ready physique as he demonstrates the power packed within his expertly crafted musculature, making Denny’s head flush beet red.

It’s most certainly not classic, amateur, mat wrestling, but with Denny’s hot body writhing and flopping in impotent protest, finesse and technique just don’t matter. The lightweight heel is making the gazebo, and Denny, his own!

Lon Dumont vs Denny Cartier: No Rest for the Wicked

Denny had an opposite scenario in mind when he envisioned his gazebo grapple with an inexperienced mat wrestler like Lon. He never imagined that the pro was about to chain together an opening series of crushing blows and crippling holds that would incapacitate Denny’s arsenal of maneuvers. He had no idea that he was about to be stuck like a bug by Lon’s pec claw digging deep into his meaty muscles. The first words of the match are wrenched from an overwhelmed, disbelieving Denny’s lungs as he gasps, “I submit!”

This isn’t Denny’s first time, so no one should be surprised that the tenacious grappler interrupts Lon’s post-fall victory posing with a sucker punch to the gut and swarms all over his opponent’s momentarily neutralized body. Ripping Lon’s legs apart and driving his elbow into the bodybuilder’s magnificent abdominals, Denny is back in charge and likes what he sees as he coaxes screams from his opponent. “You like that, huh?” he crows with a satisfied grin stretched across his handsome face. “Feel the spread, baby!” Clearly, Lon feels it and manages to tap out.

Denny concedes no rest for the wicked, not pausing from one submission before launching a new, crippling assault on his overwhelmed opponent. A particularly humiliating schoolboy pin earns the hunk a 3-count pinfall with his balls resting on the heel’s chin. Boston crabs, headscissors, and small packages pepper the pro and tally Denny multiple back-to-back submissions that suck the fight right out of the bodybuilder. The master of the mats, Denny takes obvious delight in systematically pounding and clawing at Lon’s ripped abs, breaking him down muscle by muscle and leaving the normally cocky heel quivering in agony. “Not so tough with all those muscles, are ya?” Denny taunts, wringing another panicked submission out of his shocked opponent.

Far too many have learned the hard way not to count Lon out too early. This is far from a squash. These two dangerous studs’ starkly contrasted styles make for an incredibly competitive and suspenseful battle to the end. Denny nearly rips Lon limb from limb with expertly applied holds that control that phenomenal physique like a practice dummy. But Lon is no dummy, and he squeezes out a rising tally of screamed submissions of his own by nearly ripping meat from the bone, targeting Denny’s thick pecs and bending the stud backward over the railing.

In this hybrid environment of the gazebo, who is ultimately at a disadvantage, the expert technical wrestler on the mats or the extremely accomplished pro wrestler who knows how to pound an opponent into a corner post? You may be surprised. One of these hunks certainly is as he finds himself pounded into dizzying submission and left seeing stars!

Ethan Andrews vs Alex Waters: Round 1

This match was destined to happen, and it doesn’t disappoint with an all-out 40 minute bad boy bashing! Resident street punk and bad boy Ethan has been torturing the muscle studs on the roster since the beginning. He’s ravaged the muscles of superstars; Cody Nelson, Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, Brodie Fisher, Josh Steel, and Zack Johnathan (twice). When he first arrived at Rock Hard he was a tall, skinny street punk with a chip on his shoulder, and was out to prove his wrestling skills would out shine any pretty boy physique in the ring. Today, after spending hard time in the gym building his own lean muscled physique and expanding his arsenal of torturous holds, he’s even a bigger threat to the muscle boys.

Meanwhile, rising superstar and cocky fratboy Alex has been ascending to the top of the roster since joining Rock Hard in early 2013. He sports pretty boy looks, a colgate white smile, an amateur wrestling background, and a mouthwatering physique. He’s amassed impressive victories against veterans Jake Jenkins, Zack Johnathan, Brodie Fisher, and rookies Kyle Carter and Logan Matthews. He’s been an instant hit with our fans, and he’s not afraid to jump in the ring with anybody, including the street punk Ethan.

Alex is intent on taking over as the resident bad boy and today he’s out to prove it. This match begins with Ethan already in the ring clad in red long tights and black boots, stretching out and showing off his newly minted lean muscled body and ripped abs. Alex comes into the ring with his usual cocky attitude, in a black leather jacket and sunglasses, intending to intimidate his more experienced opponent. The problem is Ethan has seen it all and experienced it all, and is more amused with Alex’s garb than intimidated.

Both of these bad boys can dish out the trash talk, so it’s going to be entertaining to hear what comes out of these two. Alex peels the black jacket off his hot body and declares ‘this will be the first time I’m in the ring with you’, and Ethan claps his hands saying ‘congratulations, you’ve just won the award for the biggest fucking cliché I’ve ever seen walk in this ring’ referring to Alex’s greased lightning garb.

As the taunts fly, they circle and size one another up, with Alex wanting to lock up for a test of strength but Ethan has other ideas and connects with a quick fist to the cocky boy’s sultry abs that send him to the mat. Ethan pulls him from the ropes, grabs his legs and turns him over into a tight boston crab. The resident bad boy is starting out strong and he’s determined to teach this wannabe bad boy a lesson. He then lifts the pretty boy to his feet and slaps on a full nelson, stretching him out before taking him down to the mat and clamping a leg scissors around Alex’s waist. He toy’s with Alex as he’s squeezing his long legs around his waist until allowing him to get to his feet.

You can see it in Ethan’s eyes he’s completely focused on bashing this muscle boy. Ethan connects again with a lightning quick punch to the gut, then backs Alex against the ropes to bash away on his abs. Alex is stunned by the onslaught and falls through the ropes. With his opponent in a vulnerable position, the experienced street punk pounces and wraps Alex’s leg around the bottom rope. With the pretty boy laced up, Ethan shows that he can control him with just his boot. Ethan taunts him while he’s face down on the mat saying ‘I’m actually breaking a sweat’, then proudly posing his eye popping biceps.

Alex finally finds an opening to reverse the action and sends Ethan flying across the ring into a floor rumbling clothesline, then drops a flying elbow into Ethan’s abs as he’s sprawled on the mat. Alex avows ‘it’s my time to shine now’ as he’s lifting Ethan to his feet only to slam him back down to the mat. The cocky boy clamps on a tight arm bar inflicting agony on Ethan as he squirms to escape. But the street punk Ethan has suffered far greater holds than this and when Alex tries dragging him to his feet, Ethan connects with yet another fist to Alex’s awesome abs.

The street punk delivers some payback making Alex suffer in a multitude or arm bar variations, not liking what had the cocky boy had just done to him. With Ethan controlling the muscle boy on the mat with just one leg, he goes after Alex’s perfectly coiffed hair. He starts messing up the pretty boy’s prized possession and you can tell this has Alex steaming mad, but no matter to Ethan, he knows how to play the mind games and get under an opponent’s skin. He flips Alex over to his back, straddles him and begins viciously attacking and bashing his killer abs.

The experienced street punk started this round attacking the cocky boy’s abs, and he’s determined to finish the round this same way. He backs Alex up against the ropes, places his boot across his neck to choke the life out of him. When he senses the pretty, cocky boy has had enough, he lifts him up into a standing ab stretch. With the muscle boy stretched out and his abs already in pain, Ethan tells him ‘you say you quit and I’ll walk away’, but Alex resists. With that, the street punk starts pounding on Alex’s beaten, red colored abs until he does as command. Alex is unable to escape and is forced to scream out ‘I quit’ to the street punk before he’ll release the agonizing hold. Alex falls to the mat and Ethan flicks the sweat from his brow down on his defeated opponent, places his black boot on the cocky boy’s abs and flexes for a victory in round one.

Ethan Andrews vs Alex Waters: Round 2

Round two begins with Ethan starring down his opponent in the opposite corner, and Alex telling the street punk to lay off the hair in this round. It’s clear, pretty boy Alex doesn’t like anybody messing with his hair! This just adds fuel to Ethan’s fire, so when they lock up and the street punk clamps the pretty boy’s head in a headlock, the first thing he does is mess with his hair. This is ticking Alex off, and getting under his skin, exactly what the street punk wants. As Alex fixes his hair, Ethan launches a side kick that staggers him against the ropes. Ethan lifts him up by his head, steers him into the corner, delivers a shoulder thrust into his abs, then hangs him upside down in a tree of woe.

The street puck continues his assault on the cocky boy’s abs, stomping away on them while he strung upside down in the corner. At this point, you need to wonder if Alex has it in him to make some sort of comeback to take the moniker from the reigning bad boy. Ethan continues to dominate and torture the muscle stud with; an elbow drop to the abs, an arm stretching surfboard, then bends him back across the ropes, wraps his hands around his throat and chokes him out as intensely as ever seen here in the Rock Hard arena. Ethan is intent on keeping his bad boy title and not relenting even an inch to these muscle boys. But Alex has learned to endure the pain, and is able to turn the momentum with a low blow to Ethan’s eye popping package.

Finally, the muscle stud Alex has created an opening and begins to pay the street punk back with; a stomp to his family jewels, a hair pulling camel clutch, a back breaking over the knee back breaker, then straddles Ethan and delivers his own ab bashing and choke out to the street punk. Alex has the muscle advantage in this match up and he’s now using it in his favor. Thinking he has the street punk right where he wants him, he knows he’ll need to submit him to a hold that there’s no chance for Ethan to escape. Strategically, he allows Ethan to get to his knees then Alex swiftly wraps his leg around Ethan’s and roles him over into a banana split. He applies maximum pressure, spreading the street punk’s legs wide apart and nearly ripping his prized package in the process. Alex taunts him saying ‘this is payback bitch’ as he continues to spread Ethan’s crotch further and further apart, like breaking a wishbone from a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Ethan’s lean muscled body is arched in pain, squirming and screaming until he’s compelled to tap out and scream out a submission to end the torture. The cocky fratboy remarkably has evened this match up at one round a piece and poses his spectacular muscles in conquest. In round three, will the more experienced street punk bad boy be able to shake off the effects of that crotch ripping pain and regain his early domination of Alex, or does the cocky fratboy maintain the upper hand with his killer muscles and take out the reigning bad boy.

In a surprising twist, one of these warriors resorts to a low level cheap trick to blind his opponent then cruises to a breathtaking victory. But one thing is for sure, this won’t be the last you see from this ferocious feud!