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Daddy Issues

Anybody else jonesing for old-school grunt-and-groan, spit-and-swear rassling? You know what we we’re talking about: a couple of big thick sides of Grade-A beef ripping through each other on the mat and against the ropes. This match remembers the days of the Iron Sheik, Terry Funk, Stan The Man Hansen, Killer Kowalski, and Iron Mike Sharpe. Our sister site routinely provides old school, old style kick-ass pro and BGE’s counterpart, also known as the “Pros In Private” series does likewise, but this match takes it all to a new level, taking us back – and forward – at the same time!

We proudly introduce Flash and Guido, a couple of tough customers straight out of the pro ranks, guys who eat bear for breakfast, cobra for lunch, and mountain lion for dinner. They’re mean as hornets, strong as bulls – and sexy as fuck. And today they’re bringing us the good shit from the sweat-stained mats of yesteryear: dirty fighting, nostril stretching, ball stomping, tendon snapping, biting, clawing, howling, and slugging. Go someplace else if you want to watch baggy-pantsed 95-pound skateboarders jump off the top ropes. These big guys don’t fly high. These men are here to crush some goddamned bone! And not just any knock-down drag-out bigman battle: this one’s a ‘Last Man Standing’ match: you don’t win until you’re opponent can’t continue. 10-count KO, no submissions recognized!

“Don’t worry,” growls Guido, licking his chops. “Daddy’s here for you!” Flash sneers, in reply, threatening to “pop your head like a pimple, ‘Daddy.'” We don’t know who pissed in whose tomato juice this morning, but these guys were raring to butt heads from the moment they first set eyes on each other. We seriously thought we might have to keep Guido locked in the toolshed till bell time. The Joisey boy, in yellow spiderweb trunks, is thickly built, hairy chested, quick tempered and a well-known icon to indy fans. He’s the kind of fighter you half-expect to tear into the turnbuckle with his teeth. He has crazy eyes and a tongue prone to lolling out while he twists the limbs off opponents. Anything can happen when this man enters the ring, and Flash knows it … and he can’t wait!

In striking contrast to his opponent, Flash, in the tangerine trunks, is smooth bodied, mustachioed, with a sharp angular take-no-prisoners face, his hair cut severely in a Marine-style mohawk. After giving Guido a big taste of his own medicine well into the match, Flash snarls, “You messed with the wrong bad guy, Daddy boy!”

This is a closely matched and brutally fought battle between two very experienced bad-asses, both well-known indy stars and ring savvy veterans – and neither of whom is too kindly disposed to the other! There’s something about the coldness in their eyes and the set of their jaws which tells us that neither one of these guys is ever going to submit easily… or settle for anything less than being the Last Man Standing in the ring.

Their first time in BG East’s squared circle, both are set on claiming the territory as their own, and “sharing” is not a word likely to pass either wrestler’s lips, ever. Both fighters are intent on emerging as the new super stud at BGE. True to the spirit of regional wrestling of days long past, the confrontation offers plenty of sweaty, sexy mat grappling, long-held and arduous scissor holds, tight figure fours, breathtaking chokes, crushing headlocks, and up-against-the-ropes abuse. The two men’s volatility and personal animus eliminate any chance of this being a clean, gentlemanly contest. No sportsmanlike handshakes are exchanged. From the get-go Flash and Guido make it clear they’re here to play hardball, and they waste no time in breaking a sweat and grinding each other down to gravy.

In and out of the ring, the fight is brutal. The whole ring shudders and thunders from the successive blasts of violence, a near-constant roar interrupted only when the two are locked together in all-out efforts to squeeze the last cubic inch of air out of each other. We worry not just about the well-being of these two battlers pounding the snot out of each other but whether or not the ring surrounding them can contain and withstand the ferocious pounding and punishment. This match has all the fire and fury of a street brawl.

Guido has an obvious weight and mass advantage over Flash, and he uses it with savage effectiveness. All that bulk, all that beef just seems totally unstoppable. But Flash proves to have resilience and strategy to outmatch his rival’s. With speed and unforgiving force, he ties Guido into knots and makes him think twice about ever stepping on the mat with him again. Guido’s initial control of the fight is quickly broken by tight, hairpin-curve reversals that make this unforgettable row a nail-biter to the last second!

Innovation, Customization, and Wrestling Made-to-Order

It’s impossible to please all wrestling fans all of the time. But this groundbreaking product comes as close as humanly possible to delivering just such an impossibility! From the most innovative wrestling producer in the business, BG East presents this entirely unique wrestling match that puts you in charge of plotting precisely what happens. Never before have you been given the opportunity to set the pace, direct the action, and craft a professional wrestling match made precisely to your specifications.

True, some elements of this match are outside of your control. For example, you have no control over the fact that Jonny Firestorm is looking hotter than ever! He’s lean, but not too lean. He’s hairy, but neatly trimmed. Jonny’s muscles are toned and pumped to perfection, and his blue, pro-style trunks are stuffed tantalizingly, requiring him to persistently have to adjust his eye-catching bulge from time to time.

You also can’t alter the fact that Jonny is facing handsome babyface Drake Marcos in his debut ring romp. Drake is long and lean and in the best shape of his life, which is a good thing considering he’s being initiated by the wrestler voted BG East’s Top Heel of 2012! Drake’s eagerness and unadulterated pleasure in the carnal delights of erotic wrestling have made him a favorite with fans and, just as importantly, earned him the most powerful patron a rookie can have, the Boss himself. What was the Boss thinking, tossing his eager young pet into what Jonny insightfully refers to as “the lions den” to tackle the biggest challenge of his young wrestling career? That’s a good question that Drake may want to ask his mentor, if there’s anything left once Jonny gets done with him.

“Poor sucker doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into,” Jonny mutters as he enters the ring, bouncing his pecs and adjusting his ample package. When the rookie arrives, Drake’s patented grin stretches ear to ear as he circles the ring, surveys the scene and soaks in this watershed moment in his wrestling career. He’s wearing designer undergear, a choice that instantly irks the brutal ring veteran who has little patience for boys in briefs. Drake has been picturing this moment for months. He has choreographed his first, confident climb over the top rope and into the ranks of BG East’s ring wrestlers. Over the top rope, however, wasn’t such a wise choice. Jonny kicks the rope as Drake straddles it, racking the rookie’s balls and sending the stunned stud tumbling in instant agony into “the lion’s den.”

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” Jonny smirks. “Is this how you pictured your ring debut going?!” he spits at the writhing rookie with contempt. The first 5 minutes of Drake’s drubbing are brutally and completely devastating. Chokes, stomps, trampling, suplexes, backbreakers. Drake is treated to an ass-whooping none can deliver quite like Jonny Firestorm. “Didn’t Leopard tell you who you were fighting today?” Jonny demands, prying Drake’s face upward by a fistful of hair. “No? Then you were set up! Jobber!”

– – – – – WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? – – – – – THAT’S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! – – – – –

What’s your poison? Or, more precisely, what’s Drake’s poison? Back destruction? Crotch abuse? Leg locks? Jonny is at your command, ready to unleash a demolishing onslaught of precisely what you’re looking for. Drake is one of the most absorbent punishment sponges on the planet, and he’s destined to soak up exactly what YOU decide should be coming his way. Over-the-knee backbreakers, crotch claws, knee drops or head bangers, the method and genre of Drake’s drubbing are at your beck and call. Your choice! Just click!

“Poor, fucking jobber,” Jonny mutters as he shoves his hand down his trunks again to adjust that notable bulge. Don’t be fooled, however. There isn’t a shred of mercy in Jonny, and once he’s done delivering precisely the back, crotch, or leg torture you ordered, he’s more than ready for you to decide what happens to Drake next. Do you have a taste for corner and rope abuse, neckbreakers, or headscissors? It’s your call, once again, but you can trust Jonny to serve up just what you’re ordering with his particular flare. For example, one way or another, Drake’s irksome undies are going to get ripped off, leaving him bare-assed, vulnerable in nothing but a jock strap. And whatever method of destruction you select, Jonny has a boatload of ego-crushing trash talk and humiliation to sweeten the pot.

Tossing Drake’s bashed body to the cement outside the ring, Jonny chuckles. “Better send this back to the Boss with a thank you card for this one!” Your custom combat is Jonny’s sincere pleasure, dishing out such precise doses of exactly the punishment you choose in, and outside, the ring. Drake teeters on the edge of terror, dragged time and again to the brink of unconsciousness. He pleads for mercy. He begs for reprieve. But there’s so much more in store for him! The only question is: what will you choose for him next?

No kidding, there are an astonishing 36 different potential matches all rolled up in this one unprecedented product. Well more than an hour and a half of action is contained within all of the potential variations and possible plot twists. Watch it again and again (and you will be at it for days) discovering new combinations of expert ring torture to subject poor, poor Drake Marcos to. Welcome to the 21st century, wrestling fans, because never before has a wrestling product allowed you to customize the action quite like this! It may be impossible to please all wrestling fans all the time, but when it comes to Custom Combat, you get to custom order the wrestling action that pleases you most!

Unfulfilled Cravings

Damien Rush is a young man accustomed to getting what he wants. Daddy’s little rich boy knows full well that there’s little that he can’t have one way or another – and Daddy’s boy Damien always gets what he wants. He’s got the looks, the strength, and the inexhaustible bank account to bend the world to his whims. At BG East, he’s been on a tear lately, putting all the hard work of his personal trainers and private wrestling coaches to good use, slapping down opponents and feeding his swelling ego and burgeoning bulge. Damien’s developed a sophisticated taste for wrestling domination, but there’s something that’s been missing. His glory on the mats has certainly been satisfying, but there’s just something else he’s craving, and Damien Rush is not accustomed to unfulfilled cravings.

One warm, sunny afternoon, after a refreshing dip in the lake behind our BG East compound, Damien towels off and admires his beautifully muscled body. He puts his designer sunglasses on and gives his bulging muscles a sexy pump and an admiring once-over. Suddenly, Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe turns the hose on him playfully, dowsing the blueblood beefcake and, much worse to Damien, showing the aristocrat disrespect.

Damien towers over Jake, nearly half a foot taller and 40 pounds of solid muscle heavier than the lean luscious lightweight. Like a playground bully, he stares the smaller man down, nose to nose and pec to pec. Jake may be compact, but he’s fearless, and he doesn’t like a pretty boy – or anyone else – getting up in his face. “I’m going to take you down,” he promises, leaving Damien completely incredulous, intrigued and titillated.

The perfectly coiffed hunk flexes his hot muscles in Jake’s face. “Look how big these fucking muscles are!” he commands. “When I beat you down, I’m going to force you to worship these big fucking muscles!” Proving his point, Damien quickly wraps his bulging biceps around Jake’s narrow waist and hoists the lightweight hunk into the air in a breath-stealing bearhug. “That’s right, how do you like all that power!?”

How much Jake likes it is a matter left up for debate. The scrappy, highly accomplished (and highly horny) mat wrestler seems far from ready to lay down and let big Damien roll right over him. They scramble across the lawn, vying for advantage and testing skill and strength. Jake makes fun of Damien’s pink swim trunks, rolling the stud up into a small package and slapping that hot, aristocratic ass with abandon and zeal. But powerful Damien outmuscles his lightweight opponent repeatedly, busting out of holds and turning the tables on cute Jake. Over and over, Damien promises that there’s one and only one way that this is going to sort itself out, and that’s with a subservient, humiliated and awestruck Jake obediently worshiping the blueblood’s buff bod. The heat is on!

As accomplished a mat wrestler as Jake is, he’s got more than he can handle with muscle hunk Damien hell bent on beating his butt and making him an obedient worshiper. Damien tortures him with a back breaking camel clutch, planting Jake’s face in the turf and making him wail. “How does that feel on your back?” Damien asks with a smirk, “with 195 pounds of pure muscle bearing down on it!?” With disgust, he flings Lorenzo’s legs to the ground and shoves the stunned stud’s face into the grass humiliatingly. “What the fuck, bro!? It was just a joke!” Lorenzo pleads with the raging stud.

Nobody is laughing as Damien locks his opponent up in tighter and more intimate holds moment by moment. A smothering figure-4 chokehold leaves Jake gasping for air. “How do you like the smell of my balls on your face?” With a schoolboy pin, Damien grinds his swelling crotch in his opponent’s face, demanding to be worshiped. Awed and cowed, Jake licks Damien’s package and strokes the stunning stud’s hotly muscled torso.

It’s a boston crab that milks the final desperate submission from Jake. The outmuscled mat star concedes that he’ll worship Damien’s muscles, and there on the lawn he gets to work, making Damien’s secret fantasy come true. He sucks Damien’s biceps, squeezes his pecs, and strokes his six-pack abs. “I know a place a little more private where we can continue this,” Damien says breathlessly before dragging Jake off the lawn– by his balls!

In the matroom, Damien strips Jake’s trunks then commands him to return the favor. While Damien soaks his muscled physique in baby oil, Jake obediently peels the pink trunks off his muscled master then massages oil into Damien’s powerful muscles, studying, exploring, adoring the muscle stud in intimate, naked detail. Damien’s eyes roll into the back of his head. This is it. This is what’s been missing, and now Damien’s fondest wrestling fantasies are coming true with a defeated opponent worshiping at his feet.

Damien’s ecstasy leaves him wide open for Jake to shock the swooning stud with a rear naked choke. “What are you doing!?” Damien rasps, struggling to escape. “You’re supposed to worship me!” Not-so-obedient after all, Jake has plans of his own.

The tenacious lightweight keeps his muscle hunk opponent teetering on the edge of unconsciousness, administering equal parts agonizing corporal punishment and lustful muscle worship. With an overcome, battered beauty like Damien at his mercy, Jake starts to play his opponent’s tormented body like a maestro. Naked cradles and spladles spread Damien’s legs wide, ripping the hunk apart at the crotch and giving the camera a close up of every inch of the hot stud’s body. “This is what you wanted, wasn’t it?” Jake demands, forcing the dominated hunk to flex and pose for Jake’s delectation.

Naked bodies flex and fight, hump and holler, liberally lubricated with baby oil and sweat. “Next time you submit, you’re gonna jerk off for me,” Jake promises. “Those muscles won’t help you now.” Whether Damien’s vaunted muscles and breeding can dig him out of this terrifying, humiliating, entirely dominated hole he’s in, you’ll just have to see for yourself. But someone is shooting a load before all is said and done, and not just you!

Teen phenom Kyle has had a rough start here at Rock Hard, having to step into the ring against the likes of the seasoned veteran Zack Johnathan in his debut match, and then against up and coming bad boy Alex Waters in his second match.

Kyle was able to put up a good fight against both of these opponents but at this point just doesn’t have the ring experience to chalk up a victory. He has all the tools to become a winning wrestler; a superior muscular physique which doesn’t have an ounce of fat, the endurance to go the distance against tough opponents, and is now gaining the ring experience in an effort to become a well-versed wrestler.

Unfortunately for him, he’s again matched up against a superior opponent in Austin Cooper. Coop has burst onto the scene here at Rock Hard over the past several years and has dished out his share of pain and punishment on opponents. The competition begins with the rookie Kyle in his corner decked out in green square cut trunks and white boots that show off his phenomenal teen physique. Austin stands in his corner sporting red trunks and black boots, an image of power and confidence. Astonishingly, the rookie starts with some trash talk, telling the red head he looks like a pig and looks like he eats a lot!

Coop has heard it all in his days and is unfazed by the remarks and tells the muscle teen to ‘shut your ass up!’ and proceeds to lock up, take the blond boy to the mat, straddles him, and then pounds away on his rippled 8-pack. Coop doesn’t take shit from anybody, he certainly isn’t going to allow this teen rookie to trash talk him without paying for it. Coop drags Kyle to his feet, scoops him up and walks him around the ring before slamming him to the mat in a display of power and control. He continues his control, bashing away at the teen muscle boy’s body in the corner, then stretches his muscular physique in a surfboard, a camel clutch, then hoists him up and into a torture rack across his broad shoulders.

Coop is having a good time delivering a beating on the teen phenom, then climbs up the ropes and strikes with a flying elbow across Kyle’s back. As the teen muscle boy suffers on the mat, the red head has a huge grin on his face and begins flexing his mighty muscle as the testosterone really begins to flow. Kyle tries to recompose, and starts pulling himself to his feet by the ropes, Coop walks over and straddles him and Kyle somehow summons the strength to reverse him and lock a boston crab on his beefy opponent.

It’s almost as if Kyle has suddenly turned into the incredible hulk, with his green trunks and eye popping muscles now flexing to the max. The teen muscle boy puts his magnificent muscles to good use, pulling the beefy red head to his feet, lifting him up and tossing him to the mat, stomping away at his body before wrapping his huge, muscular thighs around Coop’s waist then flexing and squeezing the air right out of the red head.

Kyle is on a roll and has no intention of letting up! Austin is bewildered by the turn of events, and Kyle is out to prove his strength and muscles are just as impressive his opponent’s. He places his hands around Coop’s throat, pulls him to his feet, then lifts him high into the air by his throat in a total display of strength and domination. Coop’s black boots are dangling in mid-air as he’s held high above the ring floor by the teen’s incredible muscle bound arms. Austin begs for Kyle to put him down, and once Kyle decides he’s strangled him enough he throws him to the mat. The teen phenom goes in for the kill, lifting the beefy veteran up and into an over the shoulder backbreaker that has Coop in serious trouble.

Kyle has Coop’s muscles draped over his shoulder and parades him around the ring, bouncing up and down to inflict even more pain on his back. The seasoned veteran holds out as long as possible, but with no way to escape is ultimately compelled to cry out a submission. Kyle delights by placing his boot on Coop’s back and flexing his sweaty muscles for a surprising triumph in round one!

Round two and Austin is on red alert, he’s both sore and embarrassed about how he was just manhandled by a rookie. Kyle on the other hand is feeling pumped and full of vigor; he’s thinking he’s got one round in his back pocket and only needs to win one more to earn his first victory. The action starts with a test of strength between these two muscle studs, and astonishingly the rookie pulls a veteran move and backs the brawny red head back into the corner and begins to bash away at his abs. He then powers slams him to the mat and connects with a leg drop.

Kyle continues pouring on the pain with a surfboard and boston crab, then drags the ginger over to the ropes and starts seriously choking him out. The teen phenom climbs outside the ring to apply even more pressure as the studio lights highlight the teen’s glistening sweat soaked back muscles. But big red isn’t going down easy, once Kyle climbs back into the ring, Austin strikes with a cheap forearm shot to the crotch. Kyle crumbles to the mat and Coop starts to take charge. He pulls the blond teen muscle boy across the ring and then stretches his arms out while pulled up against the corner ring post.

Austin digs deep into his bag of tricks to change the direction of this match. He continues to pulverize the teen’s muscles, chocking him out with a figure four leg lock around his throat, stomping away with his size 11 black boots on his back, the stretches and yanks at the teen’s perfectly muscled body with a bow and arrow hold. Kyle tries fighting off the attack but Austin isn’t about to let that happen. Big red drives his claws deep into Kyle’s perfect pecs for punishment, then drags him over to the rope and returns the choke hold he endured.

Coop intends to send a message in this round that it’s not acceptable for a rookie to put a beat down on him and get away with it, so he has a special hold in store for the teen muscle boy. He leans Kyle’s back against the ropes, climbs outside the ring, starts pulling down on the rookie’s chin stretching his flawless physique out across the top rope causing extreme distress. Kyle’s a tough kid and won’t submit easily but when big red reaches back and grabs his ankle that stretches his body out even more so he has no other option but submit to escape the torturous hold.

As Kyle lay face down on the mat, Coop knees across his back, flexing his bulging 17” biceps over the fallen rookie for a win in round two. Will Austin be able to tame the rookie and ward off a huge red alert upset in round three, or does the blond teen muscle boy get back the mojo he had in round one and pull off a stunning upset? One thing’s for sure, one of the muscle studs submits to an agonizing match ending submission that will have you holding your own crotch in pain!

Dreaming Big and Digging Deep

Reese Wells is one of the most earnest-as-hell young wrestlers you’ll ever meet. The ripped babyface is on a mission to earn legitimate wrestling cred and be a major player on the underground wrestling scene. He has conditioned his remarkable body with nothing short of obsession. Pound for pound, he’s possesses one of the most ripped, lean, yet powerfully muscled physiques we’ve ever seen. Reese eats, drinks and dreams wrestling non-stop, feeding his naked ambition to dominate opponents with a steady diet of practice and study. Yet somehow, despite the irrefutable fact that he works twice as hard as pretty much anyone else, Reese’s dreams of wrestling glory have been repeatedly squashed, typically underneath the crushing bodies and withering taunts of his opponents. Big opponents, small opponents, twinks, rookies, masked heels and muscle boys have nearly all, sooner or later, broken this babyface jobber to pieces and left him clinging to the tattered remains of his larger-than-life dreams.

If there’s one BGE wrestler who embodies the wrestling career that Reese once imagined for himself, it’s Mitch. The handsome, ripped, dominating heavyweight never fails to earn respect from his opponents, win, lose or draw. Wrestlers always take Mitch seriously, and fans are, well, fanatical in their loyalty to the hardworking, hard-bodied hunk. While it’s true that a certain notorious BG East heel has frequently called out Mitch in online forums for too often beating up opponents half his size, what is a 6’2″ 206 pound fitness competitor to do? There are just a few wrestlers who can match Mitch’s size and strength, and young, overzealous, undersized studs like Reese keep calling him out, determined to start their ascendancy by climbing on the back of one of BG East’s brightest stars.

When Mitch arrives matside, he finds Reese stretching out in baggy maroon shorts and psyching himself up. The heavyweight hunk snaps his towel at the kid playfully, but Reese is stone cold serious. Putting on his most intimidating game face, the 5’8″, 152 pound wrestler attempts a pec-to-pec chest-butt (on his tip-toes), but when the towering hunk shoves him in the chest, Reese is flung across the mat like a swatted gnat.

Reese’s persistent, clenched-teeth earnestness makes Mitch chuckle. When he locks the lightweight up tight tasty bodyscissors, Reese flops and flounders like a fish out of water. Calmly, in total control, Mitch takes the opportunity to do stomach crunches, because keeping the lightweight punk all tied up leaves him plenty of energy for multitasking.

But like we said, Reese’s conditioning and match preparation are second to none. The ambitious young hunk knows that the most reliable path to knocking a much bigger opponent down to size is to take him out at the knees. He attacks Mitch’s legs like a terrier, holding on fiercely and working the joints with total focus. The big man goes down to his back, and Reese swiftly rips the baggie shorts off of him, instantly choking the handsome heavyweight with his own pants! Abruptly, Mitch struggles to keep from being hobbled and helpless against a vicious lightweight determined that it’s time to make some dreams come true, even if that means ending Mitch Colby’s career!

The 50-pound differential between Reese Wells and Mitch Colby makes for an astonishing contrast. They are both highly conditioned, prominently muscled hunks, but Reese struggles mightily to keep hold of the powerhouse tiger. When the big man kicks the lightweight off of him, Reese is literally lifted off his feet into the air and tossed off the mat. Nearly swallowed up by Mitch’s mighty pythons, lean lovely Reese of the size ‘extra-small’ waist is helplessly suspended, feet dangling at least a foot off the mat in a crushing bearhug. Mitch is a wall of muscle, slamming over and over into his irrepressible opponent. Scooping Reese up in his arms with absolutely zero effort, Mitch slams him down across his knee and rips the kid’s baggies off. “Works both ways!” he growls, schoolboy pinning his opponent and using Reese’s trunks to choke him in retribution.

Reese is clearly desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. He unloads a barrage of punches into Mitch’s ripped abs and meaty pecs, finally blasting his way out from underneath the mountain of muscle on top of him. Reese turns feral, latching onto the fitness competitor’s back and grinding his impressively bulging bicep against Mitch’s throat in a rear naked choke. The proud heavyweight can’t quite believe that he’s being owned, but moments before he’s knocked out cold, he taps out. Not satisfied with a submission, Reese pins his massive opponent and begins slapping down a snarling, cocky 3-count. The pin fall is abruptly interrupted by Mitch bench-pressing his 150 pound opponent, launching Reese’s body, yet again, flying across the mat.

Playtime is over, and Reese gets what he’s wanted all along: to be taken seriously. There’s no big man around with as much experience punishing a lightweight, and Mitch gets down to business, systematically mounting increasing damage to Reese’s resilient body. More bearhugs, camel clutches, Boston crabs and scissors start breaking the earnest lightweight down. When Reese makes another unwise attempt at a humiliating schoolboy pin, Mitch digs his fingers deep into Reese’s luscious pecs and hoists the babyface suspended overhead like a side of beef. Reese screams in agony, quickly giving up the submission and being tossed to the mat like yesterday’s garbage.

Perhaps being taken seriously isn’t exactly what Reese dreamed it would be, because nobody wants to be on the receiving end when Mitch Colby works up a head of steam. But dreams don’t come cheap, and the only question Reese Wells has to ask himself now is just how bad does he want to win? Just how much punishment can he soak up and still execute a plan to knock mighty Mitch Colby down to size and put to rest, once and for all, that jobber label that’s been painted on his ass for the past 4 years?

“You Call Yourself a Wrestler?”

When we assemble a collection of ambitious, eager, and hard-bodied hunks for a weekend of wrestling, we can never predict what friendships may be sparked. Or what rivalries may be born. Jake Jenkins and Kip Sorell first met each other while sunbathing side by side on our lakeside dock at the BG East compound. The two young studs seemed to instantly bond around their shared enthusiasm for muscle cars. They gave each other appreciative compliments for their obvious physical conditioning, sharing training tips. It seemed like another budding bromance until bronzed beauty Kip jokingly commented, “But dude, have you been living under a rock? You’re so freaking pale!”

“After the ass-whooping you took from Kid Karisma, I’m surprised you aren’t living under a rock,” Jake chuckled right back, not about to let a prettyboy rookie like Kip get the last laugh. Good-natured needling and playful trash talk escalated, until Jake insisted that Kip prove that he’s more than just a pretty face on the mat. Right then and there, the two young bucks left the docks and headed to our backyard wrestling mat to see where this bromantic rivalry would take them. And they look pretty ideally matched.

“You look pretty big there,” Jake concedes as they reach the mat. “I have to admit, I’m a little scared to wrestle you.” The beautifully built rookie grins back, not sure if he should buy the playful compliment. Jake’s reputation precedes him, especially among the new recruits at BG East. Although Jake was voted BG East’s Top Babyface of 2012, anyone who knows anything about his work knows full well that the handsome, ripped hunk is deadly dangerous, particularly on the mat. Jake is a former high school wrestling champ and perennial fan favorite, making most rookies give him a wide berth until they’ve sorted out their place in the pecking order. Kip, on the other hand, appears to have decided that the best way to erase the humiliation he suffered in his BG East debut would be to earn some respect from a highly respected competitor like Jake.

“You are looking a little pale, though,” Kip playfully needles his sparring partner once more, drawing attention to his own baby smooth, bronzed body before adding a smirk, just to lay down the gauntlet. Never one to let a gauntlet lie long, Jake shakes the rookie’s hand and half a second later slams Kip’s pretty face into the mat effortlessly.

“You were a little slow there,” Jake smirks. “I expected you to be a little faster than that.” As smooth as butter, Jake mounts Kip’s back and locks his thighs around the insanely narrow waist of the radiant rookie. “So tell me how this feels.” Rolling to his back, Jake laces his legs between Kip’s and spreads the rookie’s silky smooth legs wide, putting Kip’s bronzed body on gorgeous display. Kip wails in agony, his ample pouch and taut hamstrings quivering. His dark veins pulse just beneath the surface of his cocoa butter skin. It’s about 15 seconds into the match and the rookie is 100% dominated and completely at Jake’s mercy. “And you call yourself a wrestler!” Jake spits furiously, no longer sounding playful in the least. Things are starting to get serious.

Jake plays catch-and-release with the rookie to start with, demonstrating his speed and overwhelming technical skill. “Not too shabby,” Kip concedes, rubbing out the sore spots his body quickly collects at the hands of his dangerous opponent. They lock up once again, and once again, seconds later, the rookie is wailing in agony, completely controlled in an armbar and leglock combination. “Yeah, you got all those big muscles,” Jake snarls with contempt, cocking his head and taking a long look at the suffering stud at his mercy. “Well, so do I. And mine look better!” Jake preens, flexing a gratuitous and meaty bicep and leaning back, twisting the rookie like an over-baked pretzel. “You’re hard to stretch out, a little stiff,” Jake notes, promising to take care of that for him.

It looks like Kip may have bitten off far more than he can chew, because Jake’s respect for him seems to be plunging by the second. The mat champ drags Kip to the edge of the mat and shoves his face into the turf. “How’s that grass taste!?” Kip literally can’t reply without choking down some lawn, momentarily helpless as Jake rides his ripped physique like a surfboard and pries the rookie’s bulging arms backward. “This is a lot easier than I thought it would be!” Jake taunts. “Hey, bro, why do you even work out? Just stay at home!” Jake lets the increasingly frustrated rookie go again.

In the midst of grappling for position and fighting for the advantage, Kip the rookie suddenly snaps his golden, powerful thighs lock-tight around Jake’s beautiful baby face, and the veteran mat champ is abruptly stopped in his tracks. Kip’s flexed thighs are nothing short of a work of art! He twists and rolls across the mat, forcing a suffering Jake to flop helplessly, like a fish out of water. Rolling to his stomach, the ripped rookie pumps out a half a dozen push ups just to show off, each flex making Jake groan louder. Kip slaps his legs and that cocky grin returns to his handsome face. “Now I’m having all the fun!” he coos until the humbled veteran finally, with fierce reluctance, submits. “Those legs are stronger than I thought!” Jake concedes, nursing his throbbing skull. “I’ve been saving them up for you,” Kip smirks, giving his pumped quads a proud slap.

Whatever bromance that seemed to be growing on the dock has been decisively stomped out, buried, and pissed on well before these stunningly built hunks decide who the “real wrestler” is here. Egos are insulted too much, bodies stretched too far, and there are one too many mouthfuls of turf for this match to end with anything other than one cocky hunk brutalized and his abject pleas for mercy resoundingly ignored. “Come on, scream!” the winner demands. “I wanna hear you!!!” And slowly, reluctantly, the better, tougher man gets his wish. “And to top it off, I don’t really like you too much!” he snarls, knocking his opponent out cold with an intimate, unrelenting figure-4 headscissors choke, and putting to rest once and for all the potential for a sweet bromance. Leaving the loser face-first in the lawn, the winning stud returns to the dock to work on his tan.

The college fratboy Alex has been on quite a roll since his debut, racking up an impressive 3-1 record. With each passing match he gains more confidence and becomes slightly cockier with his abilities. When he heard that he was going to take on the new rookie Logan, a wide grin stretched from ear to ear across his movie star face. He heard Logan got destroyed in his debut match against the world class fitness model and seasoned veteran Zack Johnathan, and couldn’t wait to teach the rookie his own lesson.

Quite frankly, we were surprised Logan even came back to the gym after the beating Zack put on the poor boy’s body. But here he is, ready to step into the ring against one of the roster’s rising young guns. Seemingly, Logan didn’t learn much respect for the ring during his last match, as he climbs through the ropes wearing a white gold chain around his neck. This guy needs to learn another hard lesson about ring wrestling, and Alex seems to be delighted about the opportunity to deliver that lesson.

Round one opens with Alex sizing the new guy up and asking ‘what are you wearing jewelry for?’, as he notices Logan wearing a chain around his neck. The rookie says ‘don’t be mad because I look better than you’. They lock up and Alex swiftly connects with a knee to the rookie’s abs, then scoops him up, walks him around, then drops him to the mat. The cocky fratboy stomps on Logan’s body while telling him ‘you need a tan man.’ Alex drags him to his feet, scoop slams him once more before wrapping his mighty thighs around Logan’s waist. The fratboy is teaching the rookie what control is all about as he squeezes away on his torso and continues tugging and pulling on his arm and shoulder tormenting the newbie.

Alex continues the wrestling lesson by dragging Logan up to his feet by his black locks then tosses him into the corner and delivers three solid knees into his midsection. The rookie moans in pain as he crumbles to the mat, before Alex drags his white, limp body over to the ropes and places his neck and the chain across the bottom rope choking him out, proclaiming ‘this is too easy!’ The cocky fratboy has boosted his arsenal of holds since joining Rock Hard, and decides it’s time for a little torture on the rookie. He laces Logan’s hairy torso through the black ring ropes and starts to yank back on his chin, stretching his lean body out and amplifying the pain. The rookie is on defense and to this point hasn’t shown he’s going to be able to reverse the action. Alex continues to dominate the rookie with a grapevine and chokehold combo, then forces the rookie to eat some mat driving his face down into the blue vinyl, before placing his lanky body into a seated wishbone hold and pulling back on his leg and arm stretching the poor rookie’s body to the max.

All the while Alex has been eyeing up the white gold chain Logan arrogantly wore into the ring. But when the cocky fratboy pauses to fix his hair, the rookie slaps a full nelson on his opponent and uses his height advantage to hoist the shorter Alex up off his feet and parade him around the ring. After he drops him to the mat, Alex makes his way over to the ropes, but then Logan delivers some payback. He laces Alex’s perfectly muscled body through the ropes and stretches his massive arms and chest muscles with a rookie variation of a standing surfboard.

The rookie’s control doesn’t last long though, as Alex catches him with an ankle pick to regain command. The muscular fratboy makes the rookie suffer placing him in his own standing surfboard, working him over to wear him down by applying immense pressure on Logan’s arms and shoulders. Alex has worked up a good lather and thinks it’s time to finish the rookie off. He scoop slams him once, then pulls Logan’s arms back across his knees into a camel clutch.

Alex cups the rookie’s chin and begins flexing his mighty muscles, cranking back on the chin, all the while eyeing up that chain. The cocky fratboy has the rookie’s back arched back in pain commanding him to submit. Logan resists as long as he can until Alex forces him to scream out a submission three times before he breaks his back. As Logan lay hurting on the mat, Alex unchains the rookie by seizing the chain off of his neck. Alex then proudly poses, showing off his impressive 15 ½” biceps and his new white gold chain, relishing his conquest.

Round two and Alex is getting cockier as the match proceeds. He asks Logan ‘how’d you like that last round?’, and astonishingly the rookie replies ‘I’m just getting warmed up’ as he limps to the center of the ring. Alex proclaims ‘this round is going to be quick’ and challenges the battered rookie to a test of strength. Of course the rookie bites and the fratboy cheap shots him with a swift kick to his abs and then his knee. The rookie drops to the mat, Alex pulls him to his feet, whips him across the ring and floors him with a clothesline across his chest.

The muscle stud stays on the attack and places his boots on Logan’s shoulders, then grabs his arms and starts pulling and stretching his battered body. Alex continues the beating, scissoring his legs around Logan’s throat and cranking on a mma style arm bar. Alex was spot on with his proclamation that this is going to be quick because he pummels and punishes every inch of the rookie’s body in this round. The skeptic newbie is so beaten down he can’t even put up a defense.

For nearly ten minutes, the cocky fratboy dishes out a beating on Logan, getting ready to finish him off and end this squash job. Alex places his boot over Logan’s throat as he lays helpless on the mat, he backs him into the corner and bashes his abs, before hoisting his limp body up across his shoulders into a torture rack. The fratboy parades his prey around the ring before he ultimately submits, then drops him to the mat. Alex picks up what is now his white gold chain musing that he may just take it to the pawn shop as he exits the ring, adding another victory to his impressive winning record!

Punishment and Passion: Off the Singlets and Up the Ante!

Not every wrestler is willing to fight for stakes. In any match your pride is already on the line, and while it’s one thing to look your opponent in the eye and tell them “I won’t lose,” it takes a truly confident wrestler to actually believe it themselves. Both these men, however, are willing to put not just their pride, but their gear – and more – on the line as well. Jake and Trey have traveled all the way across the country for this match, so neither one is backing down from the challenge. Knowing the loser will be left not only beaten, but stripped and bare on the mat, the two fighters walk in wearing their prized singlets.

The attraction is instantaneous and palpable. These boys can’t keep their hands off each other, and who can blame them? It’s a match for which they – and many others – have been anxiously waiting! In addition to the months long build-up of email, texts, phone calls and facebook threats and challenges leading to this day, the two combatants have exchanged selfie photos almost daily to show off their accelerated muscular development – among other assets! They’re long, lean, hot and oh-so-ripe ‘n’ ready for this encounter.

Barely inside the door and Jake snaps Trey’s singlet against his skin. “I’m gonna like owning this,” he smirks, already confident of victory. “We’ll see about that,” Trey says, not backing down for an instant. So serious as he sizes up his opponent, Trey can’t help liking what he sees. Jake, meanwhile, can’t stop grinning, practically licking his lips as he not only looks Trey over, but runs his hands up and down the sexy singlet.

Both men can’t resist touching and feeling what the other has to offer. The fabric of the singlets each one stands to lose in this match; the hard, muscled bodies that will be laid bare before long; and of course the ample packages neither garment could hope to hide. As taunts and promises give way to poses and intimidation, finally they decide to get down to the business at hand. Both men ready to lock up, and Jake’s still smiling. Is ripped newcomer Trey Dixon in way over his head or is Jake Ryder in for a big ass surprise?

Trey may have the muscle and determination to make a great wrestler, but Ryder’s extensive experience and considerable skill still can’t be denied as he controls the rookie Trey early in the match. Every attempt at escape or resistance just gives Jake Ryder another chance to tie up his opponent and smile at his own clever handiwork. More than once the cocky Ryder reclines as Trey suffers between his legs, taking advantage of the opportunity to give some of Trey’s more tender areas some not-so-tender treatment.

After securing the almost inevitable first submission, the ever cocky Ryder seems to let his guard down, and winds up on the receiving end of Trey Dixon’s tight body scissors. But even when trapped, Ryder’s got attitude to spare, “Is that the best you got?” he runs his mouth at the same time Trey’s thick thighs clamp down around his midsection.

The struggles continue, but before long Ryder can’t hold his curiosity back any longer, and he attacks Trey’s singlet, slowly slipping it off his shoulders. Trey still refuses to quit, shoving Ryder back, “And that’s all you’re GONNA get too!” As the battle continues, Trey finally manages to secure control, and even works Ryder partway out of his own gear.

But Jake Ryder will not be denied, and inevitably the spandex gives way to bare skin as Trey’s wagered outfit slowly slides away and onto the mat as Jake smiles and Trey struggles and squirms in his latest Ryder-inflicted punishment. The match isn’t over yet, and despite his predicament, Trey’s determined to get something for his efforts. Grabbing at Ryder’s singlet, already loose down around his waist, Trey tastes victory as Ryder releases the hold and stands, stepping out of his singlet and Trey’s reach.

Ryder stands over his opponent, both men stripped and glistening, but neither is satisfied. Then one suggests they raise the stakes. Out come two pairs of revealing briefs, even more alluring additions to the wagers. They redress, face off, and the second fall is ready to begin. Even tired, sweaty, and sore, both men fight on. Both determined to win, neither will admit defeat. The action goes back and forth, but eventually one man must fall….

Before the end, Jake and Trey are stripped again, and the winner has claimed more than one submission. The intensity doesn’t end with the match, as the winner lays claim to more than just the gear he was promised and groans of pain and submission are replaced by moans of passion and ecstasy. As the final act of submission, the loser finally succumbs to the winners touch, and loses more he wagered. Beaten, bare, and soaked, the defeated wrestler lays on the mat, until it’s the winner’s turn to give up his load, and his opponent’s turn to swallow it. We can’t show most explicit photos here (see The Arena at BG but take our word for it: This is one of the most erotic X-Fights ever!

Jake returns! Jake has been away from wrestling for a while to concentrate on his career, and once he was ready to make a comeback he picked up the phone and contacted Rock Hard Wrestling, knowing it’s the best wrestling site on the net! Regardless of what you see on other sites, this is Jake’s foray back into the squared circle he once owned. Since Jake has spent more time in an office than a gym over the past few years, he’s not quite in the shape he used to be. But, he has been working out recently to fine tune his physique, and of course he still has the wrestling skills that elevated him to the top tier of the underground wrestling world.

Jake has noticed the likes of the new superstars to join the Rock Hard roster and how they have been dominating the action, and he’s anxious to get his hands on these young guns. But, for his first match back, he’s matched up against a new rookie, Matt Engel. Matt is a bodybuilder and fitness model who has mma experience but not a whole lot of wrestling experience. He’s blond haired, blue eyed, 5’9” and 155 lbs of pure muscle. He’s confident he’ll be able to compete with the other the other incredible fitness models turned wrestlers on the roster.

Round one starts with Jake in his signature red square cut trunks and black boots, and Matt in blue trunks and white boots that highlight his fabulous physique. Jake asks ‘so you’re the new guy, been waiting for my chance to get a shot at you’, testing the rookie right away to see what he’s made off. But the blond muscle boy isn’t intimidated, and they quickly lock up to kick off the action. Jake takes control with a headlock, walks the rookie around a bit before suplexing him to the mat. He drags the rookie to his feet then throws him into the corner turnbuckle and drives his shoulder repeatedly into Matt’s ripped 8-pack abs.

Jake continues tossing him around the ring and bashing away at his abs, but Matt and his muscles aren’t going to give in that easy. The blond bombshell is able to roll away from a flying elbow drop and promptly goes on the attack. He stomps Jake down to the mat with his massive thighs, then clamps a full nelson on a stunned Jake. Matt wraps his massive thighs around the reigning superstar’s waist and squeezes with all his might and delivers a few elbows to Jake’s sweaty back. Matt clearly is enjoying his control as he grins and forces Jake to eat some mat. The blond bodybuilder stands up and places his boot on Jake’s suffering body, proudly poses his spectacular muscles over a stunned, whimpering Jake. But when Jake gets to his feet, he relies on his experience and is able to duck under the rookie and place him in a standing full nelson.

Jake stretches the muscle boy’s body out to the max, forcing Matt to stand on his tip toes to alleviate the extreme pain. Jake is back in control and slams Matt to the mat and places his own full nelson and leg scissor combo on the rookie. He stretches Matt’s muscles out for a while, then starts an attack Matt’s massive legs. Jake makes the rookie suffer in an excruciating leg lock before dragging him back to his feet. The sweat is staring to pour off both of their muscular bodies while Jake continues his beating. He sends Matt across the ring into a clothesline that floors the rookie, then tosses him over his head to soften him up.

Matt and his muscles are bewildered by the attack, and Jake seizes the moment to finish him off. He places Matt’s spectacular abs in a kneeling ab stretch that has the blond bodybuilder moaning out in pain as Jake slaps away at his impressive midsection. Jake tells him he’s going to finish him to one of his favorite songs, saying ‘this is the end’ as he stretches and bashes Matt’s abs until he cries out a submission. Jake’s experience gets the better of the rookie in round one, as Jake kneels over his opponent and flexes his own impressive sweaty muscles for victory in round one.

Round two opens with Jake asking the rookie ‘how you feeling after that round rookie’, and Matt retorts ‘I’m still standing’. Jake connects with a cheap shot, then follows that up with a standing head scissors around Matt’s head that turns into Jake pumping out some pushups and driving the blond muscle stud’s head up and down on the mat. Jake the machine continues to dominate and torment his opponent with a boston crab, a flying elbow off the corner ropes, and driving an ab claw down deep into Matt’s rippled and ripped abs.

But Matt is able to endure the punishment and ducks under a clothesline attempt to deliver the same on Jake, which sends him flying through the air and down to the mat. The bodybuilder rookie turns the tables on Jake by using his mma experience and impressive muscles to inflict agony on Jake’s sweat soaked body. He scoops Jake up and slams him to the mat, then secures a mma style leg lock that has the veteran squirming, squealing, and searching for a way to escape.

Matt chuckles as he makes Jake suffer for what must seem like forever in the hold before releasing it, standing up and then connecting with a leg drop across the machine’s abs. Jake is moaning and groaning thru the abuse his body is taking, but Matt is not letting up and picks him up by his black hair, then sends him on a high flying suplex. Jake arches his back in pain, and is in some real trouble. Matt connects with an elbow to Jake’s head, then pulls him back into his lap, wraps his bulging biceps around Jake’s throat and starts squeezing with a rear naked choke hold.

Jake is worn out and beaten down, and can’t seem to muster the strength to escape the hold. The blond bombshell flexes every muscle applying maximum pressure until Jake screams out a submission to end round two. Matt gets to his feet, gives Jake a kick for good measure, then places his white boot on Jake’s sweaty abs and flexes his own rippled abs in celebration of winning round two.

The third and deciding round to this stunningly close match begins with Matt back on the attack, taking control with a headlock then a leg scissors around Jake’s waist. Can it be that the rookie, blond bodybuilder and his impressive muscles shock the world with a debut match victory against Jake? Or can Jake summon up the strength and his vast arsenal of wrestling holds to regain the control and add another defeated foe to his resume? You’ll want to see all the astonishing action in Jake’s return to the ring to find out if Jake returns with a bang, or a whimper?

“Rule number one!”

Jonny Firestorm is a seasoned veteran who has wrestled in front of countless audiences. In addition to tearing through the BG East roster as one of our most prolific and successful wrestlers ever, he’s delivered his high impact, high flying athleticism in front of indy pro fans for years. Despite his years as an aggressive but fair-minded amateur wrestler and his medal from the World OutGames, Jonny’s fans know that his true predilection is to punish his opponents. In front of indy pro audiences, that hardened heel approach has made Jonny accustomed to hearing boos and catcalls from outside the ring. However, that same all-in and very creative wrestling style has made Jonny one of the most respected and admired hunks for both BG East fans and wrestlers alike. When Jonny climbs into the ring for Wrestlefest 3, the assembled wrestlers at ringside are unanimously in his corner.

The story is starkly different for lean, handsome Austin Raines. This serious grappler is much more accustomed to down and dirty, in your face confrontational action on the mats than he is in the ring. He’s never wrestled in front of an audience, and the boys at ringside for Wrestlefest 3 have nothing but jeers and insults as he climbs into the ring to face down Jonny. “Who are you, anyway?” Jonny taunts his lesser-known opponent. Austin instantly nods at babyface Christian Taylor perched ringside eagerly waiting to watch the match. “Ask him, he should know” Austin sneers. “I already kicked his sorry ass once!”

Austin’s snide eagerness to rub in his previous victory over perennial fan favorite Christian earns him no love. Neither does his contempt for Jonny’s challenge to compare physiques. “This is where we’re supposed to pose,” Jonny explains to the ring novice as he flexes his peaked biceps and shows off his ripped, six-pack abs, inspiring hoots and hollers of appreciation from the boys outside the ring. Austin smirks and rolls his eyes. “That’s a lot of show, but does it have anything to go with it?” Oh yes, Austin has an edge to him.

Visibly irked, Jonny raises his left hand to challenge his taller opponent to a man to man test of strength. When a sneering and dismissive Austin deigns to accept the challenge, Jonny lands a teeth-rattling slap that spins Austin’s handsome face around in shock. “Rule number one,” Jonny spits furiously, “I’m Jonny Firestorm. No one talks shit to me!”

Austin’s “smirk-and-sneer” opening gambit inspires a harsh reaction from our seasoned veteran. Jonny neutralizes his opponent’s significant reach advantage with a blistering combination of speed and strength. He parades the stunned stud in front of the cheering boys at ringside, picking up momentum with every shout of encouragement they offer. Jonny clearly intends to beat some respect into his handsome opponent, taking every opportunity to pound Austin’s pretty face with a flurry of humiliating slaps.

Jonny is a juggernaut, bearing down on his prey relentlessly with overwhelming power, blinding speed, and an expert understanding of how to completely crush a man. “Where’s your trash talk now, ‘Boston,'” Jonny shouts in his face, intentionally getting his name wrong. Austin’s hands tighten to fists. Hell yeah, this Wrestlefest fight is gonna be corker!

Jonny’s fans probably expected this to be a squash from start to end. But every opponent Austin has faced learned the hard way that it’s never a good idea to underestimate this calculating and tenacious star. A sudden reversal lands Austin in control, punching Jonny’s pride-and-joy 6-pack with abandon. When Jonny tries to protect his abs, Austin abruptly changes tack and delivers payback with a barrage of irate slaps to Jonny’s cherubic face. The action turns increasingly brutal as Austin viciously drives his boot into Jonny’s balls as the stunned veteran hangs helplessly in the ropes. Jonny’s boosters are left gaping in stunned silence as Austin begins to own Jonny Firestorm’s power-packed body and soul.

No one could have predicted that this would be a back and forth battle. While the cheers pump Jonny up, Austin feeds off of the contemptuous jeers that the boys fling at him. Face-slapping, ass-slapping, trunk pulling, hair pulling… the race to the bottom sinks lower and lower as the audience incites both wrestlers to new depths. Jonny scores the first fall win with a face-sitting pin that brings the boys to their feet. Publicly humiliated, Austin attempts to beat a hasty retreat, but Blaine Janus, Sandro, and Andy Hammer block his way and toss his fine ass back into the lion’s den. With shocking decisiveness, Austin seizes the momentum with both hands, trapping Jonny in a lingering face-to-crotch headscissors that has the hard-bodied pro staring up at the unquestionably impressive and swelling bulge of his opponent. When Austin applies a wrenching camel clutch, he sneers at the stunned faces of the boys on the other side of the ropes. “Smile nice for your fans out there!” Austin taunts, moments before Jonny gasps out a crowd-silencing submission.

The action is non-stop, spiraling down into some of the most vicious holds and brain-rattling slams you’ve ever seen! The fight spills over into the crowd and back again as each does his best to stave off further public humiliation. With gallons of adrenaline and dangerously bruised bodies and egos, it takes a while before one of these tenacious battlers opens up a lead, but the tide slowly turns just one direction. “You know, I seem to be having all the fun in this match,” the man in charge announces once he’s beaten every ounce of fight out of his opponent. “When really, at BG East, it’s all about the fans!” Flinging the loser through the ropes, he encourages the eager fans outside the ring to take turns slapping his raw ass red and grinding out the final submission with the loser’s face trapped humiliatingly in a very happy fan’s crotch! This match proves decisively which hunk is the loser, but everyone else, you included, is undeniably the winner of this great match!