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Z-Man vs Kip Sorell: Best Bodies Demand a Recount

Don’t think Z-Man didn’t appreciate BG East fans voting him winner of the title of Best Body of 2013. As far as he’s concerned, the accolades are long overdue. Among the phenomenal physiques that populate our roster, Z-Man is truly a standout when it comes to maintaining an astonishing level of conditioning. He’s never heard of a “cheat day” (when it comes to his training, at least), and day in and day out, he shows up for every match in outstanding shape. He’s sculpted every inch of his gorgeous body into an impeccably toned, sexy-as-hell monument to aesthetic muscle. BG East voters know it. Z-Man knows it. Somehow, though, Kip Sorell didn’t get the memo.

While Kip appreciated you voting him winner of Debut of the Year, the ripped young physique star was less gracious about failing to sweep all of the other categories like Best Butt, Best Abs, and particularly, Best Body. Although he has enjoyed precious little success in wrestling so far, Kip likes to pride himself on putting every opponent to shame regarding physical conditioning. And unquestionably, the handsome hunk has one of the hardest, hottest, most defined muscle physiques wrestling fans have ever seen.

Kip has yet to pull off a wrestling victory – well, other than the high honor of being selected as a BG East cover boy and becoming an almost overnight sensation and new fan favorite. But the one defeat that really sticks in the young stud’s craw didn’t even occur in the ring or on the mats. No, the one “loss” which bugs him the most is losing the fan poll for the title of Best BG Body to The Z. With the steady flow of locker room trash talk directed at sensitive Kip’s non-existent win record, and some gentle goading about Z-Man’s many magazine covers and physique mag lay-outs, it was inevitable that two of the best bodies and best looking stars at BG East would eventually collide in the ring. And in this particular case, Kip was willing to travel more than 1500 miles to make it happen!

Standing alone in the BG East Florida ring, Kip can’t take his eyes off of the physical perfection smiling back at him in the mirror as he waits for Z-Man to come to the ring. His all-over tan is perfectly complimented by his stark white form-fitting trunks. Flexing for his own delight, Kip concludes once again that there’s no one who comes close to having achieved this level of peak conditioning. When Z-Man jogs up to the ring, he quickly disabuses the rookie of the notion that the Best Body title was delivered into the wrong hands. “What do we got going on here, a freaking pose off by yourself!?” Z-Man scoffs.

Muscle by muscle, these two stunning studs put on a truly awe-inspiring, eye-popping show of male muscular pulchritude to compare and contrast whose particular packaged beef is bigger, whose is stronger, and most importantly, whose is most beautiful. Z-Man’s luscious, bouncing pecs simply dwarf Kip’s ample chest, but Kip remains unimpressed. “You might have the size,” he admits, “but I’ve got the striations.”

Side by side, the two top competitors for Best Body flex and pose, displaying two sets of the most phenomenal abs, defined legs, and mountainously peaked biceps to ever grace a wrestling ring. Both fitness stars remain convinced of their own superiority, so they agree to test “functional strength” with a traditional arm wrestling contest. Biceps bulge and veins pop, but when Kip scores the smirking, decisive victory, and basks in the afterglow of his victory. Z-Man’s delicate ego can’t handle it. “That’s bullshit! You cheated!” he charges moments before launching a blind-sided attack on his preening opponent.

Z-Man vs Kip Sorell: A Total Body Workout

Kip Sorell has been virtually crushed in every match of his young BG East career thus far, but he takes consolation in knowing that he always gives it his all and that few look as good suffering as does he. Z-Man, however, is determined to demonstrate that the cocky young muscle star comes in a distant second place to Z-Man’s magnificent muscles and superior ring skills. And so he focuses on the heartthrob’s amazing abs first.

Flinging Kip into a corner, he unleashes a battering assault on the pretty boy’s core. Punches and shoulder drives to that solid midsection quickly make Kip’s darkly tanned abdominals burn bright red. Scooped up and trapped helpless upside down in a punishing tree of woe, Kip crumbles under vicious boot strikes pummeling his gut. The momentum is entirely in Z-Man’s court as he drags his opponent around the ring with authority, finally wringing a weeping submission from Kip, using a stunningly sexy abdominal stretch with an ab claw finisher to make the pretty muscle hunk scream.

“What’s the matter? The abs can’t take it!?” Z-Man taunts, enjoying the sight of all of Kip’s vaunted muscles writhing on the mat. Just breaking down the upstart’s abs isn’t going to be nearly enough to satisfy the bruised ego of the Best Body of 2013. Body part by body part, Z-Man intends to destroy Kip one muscle group at a time. Chops and stomps to the chest soften up the stunned stallion, but when Z-Man digs his fingertips deep into the muscled flesh of Kip’s trembling pecs, the pretty boy’s blood curdling scream of submission adds another brick as Z-Man rebuilds his damaged ego.

Both of these muscle stars have been on the receiving ends of breathtaking brutality in the past, so it’s little wonder that they’ve learned a thing or two about delivering some punishment of their own – and there’s no love lost between these two beauties! When Z-Man flings Kip into a corner, the resilient battler bounces back and hip tosses the veteran commandingly. Holding onto the momentum with both hands, Kip slams his stunned opponent down again the moment that Z-Man reaches his feet. With such phenomenal physiques and inflated egos, neither ring hunk is going down without a fight! What Z-Man thought would be an easy romp over Kip is turning out to be a real challenge.

The Best Body title continues to be contested as the wrestlers trade shots at muscle after muscle. One shocked stud can barely stand after soaking in a tidal wave of assault to his knees and hamstrings. A concentrated lower back attack threatens to cripple the powerful physique of an overwhelmed award winner. “This is a total body workout today!” the cocky dominator crows as his opponent starts to crumble and crack.

Dignity stolen and body broken, a gasping fitness star finds himself hanging from the ropes outside of the ring, each and every muscle group being revisited for gratuitous torture. Finally the wasted hunk is sleepered out cold, leaving the decisive victor to demonstrate muscle by muscle his aesthetic superiority, flexing seductively alongside the unconscious loser. Nominations for the Best of 2014, anyone?

Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona

Massive bodybuilder Dash and his spectacular ripped body has been in high demand for fitness photographers around the world, and he’s also had instant success since stepping into the Rock Hard ring. He’s won both of his matches in impressive fashion and has been intimidating the roster with his huge size and impressive power. Lately, he’s noticed that street punk, bad boy Ethan Andrews has been breaking in the rookies, but he wants his shot at that enjoyment. So, we granted his wish and in this match takes on newbie Gage Cardona.

Gage is an up-and-coming MMA fighter and stunt man who submitted his pics and resume asking for a chance to join the roster. He’s a non-stop talker in the ring, much like Alex Waters, but does he have the stuff to back it up? He must have drawn the short straw in the locker room, because he’s significantly smaller than Dash, nearly 50 pounds lighter, so he’ll need to rely on is speed and stamina to have any chance of victory in this big vs small match. Both guys are decked out in red trunks and black boots, but there’s no mistaking who’s who in this match up. Perhaps Gage was trying to play some mind games with the bodybuilder? He starts the trash talking right away, and even flexes a double bicep pose in Dash’s face, but Dash is not shaken by either the taunting or the rookie’s puny muscles.

Once Dash has heard enough, he tosses the rookie into opposite corners, and then connects with a boot to his gut to show he’s not going to be messing around with the lightweight. As Gage leans against the ropes coughing from the wind being knocked out of him, Dash moves in to deliver more kicks to every part of the rookie’s lean muscled body. Dash continues the control, head flips him out of the corner, then clamps his massive arms around Gage’s throat and begins choking him out. The rookie has barely stopped talking since the match started and he continues talking as Dash has his bicep wrapped around his throat, trying to say something about ‘you’re kind of a weak…’ but he isn’t able to finish his sentence as Dash dials up the pressure with his bulging bicep. He toys with the rookie, first squeezing the breath out of him, then allowing him a quick second to breath.

Dash release the hold, then connects with an elbow drop to the back and follows that up with a single leg boston crab variation. Dash and his massive muscles continue initiating Gage; whipping him into the corner turnbuckle then driving a shoulder deep into the newbie’s abs, he make’s Cage suffer first in an extreme camel clutch then in a back breaking boston crab that has him crying in pain. But Gage is able to fend off the pain and shows some resiliency, he kips to his feet, saying ‘that’s the thing with us little guys we’re flexible’ and he dives into a double leg takedown. He drives Dash to the mat then starts wailing punches into the bodybuilder’s awesome abs before locking an arm bar on the stunned ‘chosen one’. Dash is able to get to his feet, but the quick rookie gets behind him and astonishingly is able to throw the 200 pound bodybuilder back over his shoulder and back down to the mat.

Gage has been able to use his quickness, aerial abilities, and speed to gain the upper hand on the much bigger bodybuilder. That ends up being short lived though, when both men are getting to their feet Dash again connects with a stiff boot to the lightweight’s abs that sends him crumbling in the ropes. The ‘chosen one’ lifts Gage by his hair to his feet, then whips him across the ring to deliver a clothesline that sends him flying to the mat. Gage doesn’t relent with the trash talking, asking ‘is that all you got bitch?’ which only adds fuel to Dash’s fire. The bodybuilder begins a methodical, deliberate attack on the lightweights back. Every chance Dash has he pounds, stomps and inflicts pain on Gage’s back. In between, he hoists him into a full nelson and flails his lifeless body around the ring.

With the sweat dripping off both bodies, Dash decides it’s time to end this round. He lifts Gage up into a front facing bear hug, his powerful arms around the rookie and wrings the energy out of his body until he extracts a screaming submission to end round one. Dash flexes his sweat soaked muscles over his fallen prey.

Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona: Round 2

Round two opens with Dash confidently relaxed in his corner asking the rookie ‘you alright? you want to call it quits?’. Gage tries turning the tables on the smack talk claiming Dash hasn’t stopped talking since the match began. Unfortunately for Gage he isn’t able to turn the tables with the smack talking nor the wrestling.

The two lock up and again Dash takes control. He shoves Gage into the corner and thrusts his shoulder several times into his six-pack, then ab bashes him with his fist. As the rookie suffers, the bodybuilder flips him to the center of the ring, then wraps his tree trunk thighs around Gage’s 29” waist and squeezes this shit out of him. While Gage suffers he continues to run his mouth, so Dash wraps his hand around his throat and tells the rookie to shut up!

Gage is able to get a few licks in on Dash’s muscle bound body, nearly catching him in a submission with one of his mma holds, but the muscle and size difference is just too much for the rookie to overcome. Dash both toys with him and tortures him with an arsenal of holds that even the best guys on the roster would have difficulty surviving. In the end Dash torments Gage in a brutal submission hold until he gives multiple times. The poor rookie gets smashed and dashed in his debut match. Not sure if this match was more of an initiation or a hazing, but one thing is certain, Dash enjoyed every minute!

Austin Cooper vs Richie Douglas: Varsity Letterman Meet Mr. Hyde

On the one hand, Austin Cooper is timelessly sexy. He’s every ounce the blue-eyed, golden boy beefcake stud who first showed up at BG East three years ago with an accomplished amateur wrestling background and a burning desire to dominate the competition. He’s perennially handsome, beautifully muscled, and fiercely competitive. But on the other hand, we honestly have no idea who’s going to show up when we book Austin these days. A decided change has come over our All-American happy warrior hunk.

Like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, Austin is two remarkably different wrestlers rolled up inside of one powerfully hot body. Will it be Austin the rule-abiding, patriotic babyface, coloring entirely within the lines and counting on skill and strength to succeed, or will it be Austin the merciless, soul crushing heel, as dismissive of the rules as he is contemptuous of his opponents? One Austin Cooper is consistently dangerous, out hustling and overpowering 9 out of 10 opponents with ferocious focus, superior wrestling and unbridled muscular power. The other Austin Cooper, however, will just seriously fuck you up!

Handsome young rookie Richie Douglas was hoping and praying that it would be babyface Austin who he would be facing for his very first BG East match. Freckled and fair, Richie is long, lean and achingly adorable. His recent glory days were spent as a varsity letterman high school quarterback, but Richie has wrestled enough to know just how much he has yet to learn. Someone with the resume of Austin Cooper would seem an ideal teacher to show an eager rookie the ropes. If it’s good-natured, play-by-the-rules Austin he faces, Richie figures this could be his big break as a rising star on the wrestling scene. Lacing up his boots and slipping into his very brief designer red trunks with “BANG!” printed provocatively across his hotly muscled ass, Richie pauses to reflect and then says one more prayer that Austin will be in a good mood before he heads to the ring.

Doctor Cooper is already warming up in the ring, shadow boxing with sparring gloves on. He’s picture perfect in gun metal square cut trunks that accentuate the beautiful bulges that make him such a fan favorite. He doesn’t notice at first when the rookie climbs onto the ring apron. “I thought this was supposed to be a wrestling match,” sparkling-eyed Richie The Rookie smiles good-naturedly by way of introduction.

“Are you talking to me?” Austin asks, contempt dripping from his tongue. The “oh-shit” look on Richie’s face says it all. It’s vile, sadistic Austin Cooper-cum-Mr. Hyde staring back at him from inside the ring. “Who are you!?” Austin demands, but not interested enough to wait for an answer. Instantly he punches the new kid in the gut and tosses the quarterback unceremoniously in the ring. Half a second later, handsome young Richie is tied up in the ropes and playing punching bag to the vicious, gorgeous, heartless split-personality veteran going to town beating the living hell out of the rookie’s long, lean abs.

Austin Cooper vs Richie Douglas: Hey, Richie The Rookie! School’s Back In Session!

Richie Douglas was hoping to break into the BG biz, but within the first minute of his debut match, he’s just hoping not to be literally broken by the big badass brutalizing his rock hard core. When Coop gives the rookie an open shot at the veteran’s washboard (“because this is too easy!”), Richie unloads a flurry of fists into his opponent’s abs. He’s not as big as Coop, but he’s got a solid punch backed by a roaring rush of fear-stoked adrenaline. The blows keep flying until the rookie actually tires himself out.

“Really?!” Austin asks incredulously. “That’s your best shot?” The brutal veteran proceeds to take the former varsity letterman right back to school, stopping along the way to introduce Richie to every muscle pounding method of abdominal torture in the book. Scooping the rookie up in his arms like nothing at all, Austin stretches Richie face down across a top turnbuckle and drives bone crunching knee lifts into the kid’s gut. Hoisting the kid back in his arms, Austin delivers a 1-2 punch, first pounding Richie down in a spine snapping over-the-knee backbreaker before instantly scooping him back up, flipping him over, and dropping him down viciously in an over-the-knee gut buster. The rookie is already struggling to suck down air, but evil Austin is just getting started.

“How does that feel?” Austin asks disinterestedly as he begins to pry Richie back up to his feet. “Fuck you!” the varsity letterman snarls back, promising he’s never going to give up. And even Austin has to admit that the rookie is made of tougher stuff than he’d expected, sucking down shoulder blocks, breath-stealing bodyscissors, and a barrage of boots trampling the new kid’s core, but stubbornly refusing to admit when he’s in way over his head. “I got to give it to you,” Austin concedes. “You are a trooper!”

The longer the rookie defies Austin’s command to submit, the darker the heartless heel grows. He literally picks Richie up off the mat by his fingers clawed deeply into the letterman’s quivering abs. The rookie never gets a chance to catch his breath. Little more than a rag doll, Richie is suspended off his feet in a flailing reverse bearhug that leaves the rookie screaming in agony, even as it shows off his sweat soaked, ripped young body.

Perhaps the vow that he would never submit was a bit over the top for the rookie, particularly when he’s faced with the dark side of one of our most dangerous wrestlers. Soon enough, Austin squeezes out a squealing, desperate plea of submission as he bounces the pretty boy’s bruised abs across Austin’s massive shoulder. Moments later, he makes the varsity letterman beg for mercy hung upside down in a tree of woe with Austin’s boot heel grinding into his gut, making the crushed quarterback beg. “So you were the one that said, ‘I thought this was a wrestling match,’ huh?” Austin asks. “Well guess what, you got just what you wanted.” Well now, so did we!

This match is a throwback to Alex’s very first match at Rock Hard. He’s been an instant hit with the fans since bursting onto the scene last year, appearing in and winning the majority of his 10 matches to date. This is an opportunity to see how this current superstar started out his career and is an exclusive superstar to RHW. He sure didn’t have luck on his side when he got matched up against the brawny veteran Austin for the first time he steps into the squared circle.

Coop has been on top of the underground scene the last several years, and has acquired both the technique and the chops to climb into the ring with anybody out there. Both of these hunks possess huge biceps; Alex’s massive arms peak at 16 inches, while Coop’s eye-popping biceps measure an incredible 17 inches.

Austin Cooper vs Alex Waters: Round 1

This match is set up to be a battle of the biceps! Round one begins with Alex in the ring, sporting his now signature blue/black trunks and white boots. But any fan of Alex will know that he has since switched to black boots after becoming a bad boy on the roster. In this match, it’s clear that he’s been trash talking from the second he stepped into our ring. As he waits for Coop to arrive he starts running his mouth. Coop flies into the ring over the top rope, and doesn’t hold back, asking ‘is it Alex or Alexis?’ playing mind games with the then rookie.

They circle and lock up, as Austin seizes control with a headlock. He hip tosses Alex to the mat, and wraps his brawny arms around Alex’s neck as he lay on the mat, nearly popping his head off from the pressure. He releases the headlock and straddles the rookie stud, pinning his arms to the mat with his knees sending a signal to the rookie that the redhead’s the one with the superior muscle in this match. Coop continues to school Alex by putting him through a series of painful holds; a tight leg scissors, a rear choke hold, a reverse bear hug, before scooping him up to slam him back to the mat.

Coop lifts the bad boy up to his feet, shoves him into the corner then drives a shoulder into his abs and shoves his boot across his throat as Alex slumps in the corner. The veteran then drags the muscle hunk to the center of the ring his ankles, cleans the mat by swirling his body around the ring, then walks him over to the ropes and chokes him out over the lower rope. It’s fun to watch how Alex’s first several minutes in the Rock Hard ring transpired, and at this point it’s hard to envision the success he’s had since.

Perhaps this rough start in his rookie debut helped form the foundation of his mental and physical toughness that he’s shown in recent matches. Halfway through round one, when Coop gets a little cocky and leaves an opening, Alex is quick to seize the control. He attacks Coop’s back with a series of stomps, then straddles over him and shoves his face into the mat asking if he likes it? That cocky attitude has been there since the beginning! He pulls back hard on Coop’s chin in a camel clutch, then ab bashes him while he has him backed against the ropes.

But Austin can take a beating and keep on ticking. He reverses the momentum as the rookie proudly poses his money making muscles, and Coop will make him pay. He pounds on Alex’s muscles while he makes him suffer. Coop chokes nearly chokes him out with a rear choke hold, transitions that to an arm bar, then lifts him in a reverse bear hug and tosses face first into the corner turnbuckle. Alex’s body slumps to the mat, and Coop knows he has the cocky boy set up for a submission.

Coop wraps his massive thighs around Alex’s neck, sapping the energy out of him, then laces Alex’s muscled body through the ropes and slaps on an ab stretch. Alex is tied up with no way to escape. Coop pulls back on Alex for maximum pressure and bashes his abs, he wants to hear the cocky boy cry out a submission not once but multiple times before he finally releases the hold. Once the rookie submits multiple times, Austin shoves him down to the mat, then places his boot on top of his conquest and flexes his massive 17” biceps to claim success in round one.

Austin Cooper vs Alex Waters: Round 2

Round two starts with the cocky frat boy stating ‘round two’s mine’, and Coop responds asking ‘I don’t know why you’re even still here?, you just got your ass kicked’. The two studs lock up in a test of strength, their colossal arms flexing and straining to gain an advantage. Coop out muscles Alex, forcing him back into the corner turnbuckle and begins pounding away on his killer abs. Coop continues to rule the ring, driving his claws into Alex’s pumped-up pecs, then squeezing his powerful arms around his tiny waist, and continuing to stomp and pound away on the rookie’s piping hot body. That is until Alex reveres the action by throwing him across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle.

The muscle hunk goes to work on the big redhead; pounding his face into the mat, connecting with knees to the ginger’s rib cage, and wraps his own powerful legs around Coop’s waist to squeeze the shit out of him. This cocky boy knows how to dish out the punishment, and is resolute in evening this match up at one round a piece. Once Alex has worked over every muscle on Coop’s body, he punishes him in the corner as a prelude to a submission. He drags Coop up to his feet and hoists him up across his back into a crucifix. The brawny redhead’s muscular body is stretched out on display across Alex’s broad shoulders.

Coop claims he’s not going to give, but Alex says “I’m going to break your back’ as he begins to bounce the redhead up and down in pain. Coop groans in pain and ultimately cries out a submission to end round two. The cocky frat boy places his boot on Coop’s back, stares down on him and taunts ‘find me somebody else to torture’ as he triumphs in round two. This battle of the biceps between two powerful studs is going to a third round to decide a victor.

Will Coop’s 17” python biceps be able to control the cocky stud, or does Alex and his 16” guns prevail in his debut match against the seasoned tactician? All the exhilarating action goes back and forth in round three, and with the sweat starting to drip off their mouth-watering physiques, one of these two claims the win by proudly posing his gigantic biceps in sweet victory.

Street punk Ethan salivates at the chance to ‘welcome’ the rookie muscle boys to the Rock Hard ring. In his years since he joined the roster, this bad boy has had the pure pleasure of delivering pure pain to the incredible, mouth-watering muscled physiques of some of the hottest fitness models on the planet. In this match he takes on Tyson Matthews, another fitness model who believes his money making muscles will transition and help him prevail in the ring. Tyson brings amateur wrestling experience and a well-developed body that has the fitness photographers in South Beach standing in line to shoot him.

Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews: Round 1

This match opens with Ethan, in his red square cuts with yellow piping and black boots, starring down his next piece of muscle meat in the opposite corner. Tyson sports blue square cuts and white boots that highlight his model physique. Tyson starts straight away with the trash talking, calling Ethan a nerd and teasing him about his interests in gaming and comics. The bad boy admits to liking both, and claims he can be a street punk geek, just before he declares he’s ‘going to kick his …’ But before he can finish his sentence, the bad boy taunts back asking if Tyson is young or old cause he’s got this thinning hair line. You can see it in Tyson’s face he didn’t expect that and doesn’t appreciate it! The rookie locks up with the street punk and surprisingly is able to lift Ethan up in a double leg and places him over his back, walks him around a bit, before dropping to his knees into a ball buster to deliver the first cheap shot of the bout.

Typically, Ethan likes to take the early charge of the match and set the tone, so as he squirms on the mat in pain to his much envied package he’s got to be thinking if Tyson might be different from the previous muscle boys. Tyson stays on the attack, lacing up Ethan’s arms in a full nelson to stretch out his lean body before backing him up against the lower ropes and connecting with a few stiff jabs to the street punk’s abs. Tyson then flips Ethan over into a back-breaking boston crab, and when the bad boy reaches for the ropes to escape, the rookie notices and drags him to the center of the ring. He continues to control the experienced street punk, locking his arm in a tight arm bar as he lay face up on the mat. Tyson’s muscular biceps pull on Ethan’s arm, wrenching it in pain.

But, the bad boy is able to fend off the arm bar and escape to his feet. He jumps on Tyson’s back, wraps on a rear naked choke, and brings the rookie to the mat. Ethan transitions to a leg scissors, wrapping his legs around the muscle boy’s waist and begins to squeeze. He looks down on the rookie as he suffers, inflicting more pain with a claw hold on the rookie’s brawny pec. He brings him to his feet only to lock on an inverted choke hold that drapes Tyson over the bad boy’s knee, his muscular physique laid wide open for punishment. He continues to dish out a beating on the rookie, stretching him out in a standing surfboard and placing his black boot on the back of Tyson’s head, driving his face down to eat some mat!

The street punk works on Tyson’s back, even trying to twist off his nose in the process, before lifting him up by all four limbs into a suspended octopus hold that has Tyson swinging in the wind. Ethan makes sure to grind the rookie’s face into the mat with each passing swing until he screams out a submission to end round one. The bad boy kneels down on Tyson’s back, flexes his baseball sized biceps in victory as his opponent lay defeated.

Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews: Round 2

It’s round two and Tyson is in his corner hunched over in pain, as Ethan taunts him from the opposite corner, asking ‘how’s the back feel?’ As they come to center, the Tyson tries standing his ground by replying ‘it’s fine’ but to no avail. The bad boy connects with a boot to the gut that floors the naive rookie. Ethan starts on an all-out assault on the blond muscle stud’s legs, starting with a leg lock that includes a few stomps to the rookie’s abs, then a single leg boston crab, it continues with a reverse leg lock that has Tyson reaching for the ropes, then the street punk tops it all off by lacing Tyson’s legs around the ropes and exerting extreme pressure by twisting and turning.

But just when you think this match is going to be over in two straight rounds, the rookie is able to make a surprising comeback. He catches Ethan with three straight elbows to the gut that drops the street punk. He clamps a full nelson and grapevine combo on Ethan’s lean muscled body and stretches him out. He pounds away on the bad boy’s body in the corners, then starts to attack his back. Tyson suplexes him around the ring, delivers a high flying fist into the small of Ethan’s back, then hoists him up over his shoulder. Can the rookie finish it in this round? He has the bad boy draped over his shoulder and arrogantly flexes his bicep for the camera. Ethan resists the pain, but when Tyson starts parading him around the ring like his captured prey, the street punk has no choice but to cry out a submission. In an astonishing turn of events, the rookie has claimed triumph in round two to even the match up at one round each!

Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews: Round 3

As the third and deciding round begins, the sweat has built up on both of their hot bodies and glistens like gold from the lighting. The rookie is full of vigor to start the action and gains the early momentum. His size and strength advantage is beginning to wear the bad boy down. But will it be enough? Can the rookie escape the muscle boy beating that Ethan usually dishes out in these matches? Or, will the dark haired bad boy take control of the blond muscle stud with his street punk style? One of these guys gets split and spladled, ab bashed and chocked out hard in the corner, before ultimately being stretched into submission to end this match. A match jam packed with thrilling action, unexpected twists and turns, hot bodies, and a shrieking screaming submission to a match you won’t want to miss!

Mason Brooks vs Trey Dixon: Wrestlefest on the Water

Summer is here, and the heat means it was only a matter of time before the BG boys made their way to the pool to strip down and cool off. But rest and relaxation aren’t the first things on these boys’ minds. Needless to say, the combination of glistening water running down so many toned, nearly bare bodies is more than enough to stir a few speedos. It all starts in good fun as the boys dive into the cool water one after another, but knowing the sort of fun this lot prefers, things are about to get heated.

Six stunningly hot bodies line the water’s edge, eyeing each other when Ty Alexander and Kayden Keller win the distinction to be the first to slip into the pool. The two nubile newbies start things off playfully enough as Kayden hoists Ty onto his strong shoulders, a tower of man on man, before turning towards ever-smiling Drake Marcos and impressively-muscled Mason Brooks at poolside. Wet ‘n Wild tag team chicken fights!

None of these are boys are inclined to turn down a challenge and shortly a little horseplay sends Ty tumbling into the water as Drake and Mason celebrate their swift victory. However, the bronzed jobber doesn’t take defeat lying down, turning the blame on his partner, and suddenly an entirely new conflict is brewing.

Ty’s defiance earns a swift reprisal from Kayden, as a crushing bearhug and prolonged full nelson wring more submissions out of the alabaster heel’s debut opponent. Tossing Ty aside, victorious Kayden turns back to the poolside lineup looking for another challenger, prompting none other than Skrapper to wade into battle. Both men fight back and forth, with Skrapper seemingly getting the best of the newbie heel in more than one painful hold, but before the BG veteran can even strike a victory pose for the appreciative poolside audience he feels Drake Marcos come from behind with a surprise sleeper.

The action only grows more intense as each wrestler, including Trey Dixon and Mason, take a shot at each latest victor in turn. Call it Wrestlefest on the water, a tournament, or king of the hill (or pool, rather), these six bring their best to this impromptu wrestling meet. Chokes, scissors, racks, even backbreakers send losers splashing for safety as some even crawl away to escape the two competitors who come to stand out among the fallen.

Mason Brooks vs Trey Dixon: The Mason-Dixon Showdown

With six very sexy and eager young men vying for prominence, the match-ups keep coming, but before long just two finally emerge as the finalists to decide who rules this pool. Mason Brooks sent an ornery Trey Dixon packing in their first round bout and even survived the surprise two-man attack that followed, just to show how tough he is.

Trey Dixon managed to come back and deliver a sound and thorough thrashing to each and every other challenger, from the perpetual jobbers to the budding heels. Both men display their dominance, parading their victims before an enthusiastically hands-on audience, leaving no doubt as they square off that they are the top dogs of this tourney.

As they square of for their second bout of the day, both lean, taut bodies shining with water as they struggle to be the first to gain the upper hand, all their former opponents look on. While there’s no animosity from their audience, there is a rapt attention and maybe even a little awe as they watch these two muscled studs choke and pound one another’s bods. More than one may even be caught licking his lips in anticipation of getting his hands on an ensnared loser before the end of this match.

Mason Brooks is in top form, as he was throughout this extended weekend of multiple matches on the BG East mats, in the BG East ring and now in the Wet ‘n Wild BG East pool. Mason showcases some serious new skills in all of these venues, wet or dry.

And Trey Dixon proves tough enough to take everything Mason dishes out and exhibits a side of himself vicious enough to deliver some serious pain of his own! Bearhugs, chokes, bruising body blows, and scissors abound, including one particularly brutal headscissors which has one wrestler flopping like a fish out of water and then seeing stars.

Amidst such fierce competition we still see an intense passion shine through, the remaining combatants can’t wait to get involved as the tide turns and one weakened and near helpless finalist is dragged before his former victims. The devastating and tantalizing finish leaves no doubt who is crowned king this day, and the resulting rewards from his fawning fans make for an even more spectacular ending. Oh, and then there’s Jonny…

Joshua Goodman vs Brad Barnes & Braden Charron: The Brawn Brothers, One at a Time

Braden Charron’s fortunes have been on the rise, so it’s no wonder that fellow muscle hunk Brad Barnes was eager to team up with him. Just like Brad, Braden is a stunningly hot bodybuilder who’s had a tough row to hoe since he first arrived at BG East. Our biggest and baddest wrestlers eagerly lined up to get their hands all over his pumped pecs and huge biceps, and with little wrestling experience to back up his phenomenal physique, the results were some of our finest muscle bashing matches to date. But looking good while taking a beating was never the measure of success Braden aimed for. In recent months, the ever more competent contender has begun to shed the “muscle jobber” moniker and score decisive victories over impressive opponents.

Brad Barnes, on the other hand, is still waiting to claw his way out of muscle- jobber purgatory. The magnificent muscle hunk has gone down hard and humiliated in each of his rookie outings, finding out the hard way that it takes a lot more than a superhero jawline and rocking hot body to impress at BG East. We’ve heard no complaints, mind you. BG East fans savor the sight of an incredible specimen of muscular development like Brad getting brutally manhandled and beaten to a quivering mass of helplessness. Brad, on the other hand, hasn’t been happy with the outcomes of his matches thus far, and when the opportunity arose to team up with Braden, he jumped at it. Because if anyone knows the formula for shrugging off the muscle jobber mantle, it’s Braden!

Tag team wrestling, however, is an animal all its own. When he teamed up with Dick Rick in Tag Team Torture 15, Braden found out the hard way that placing your trust in a wrestling partner does not always end well, even when you win. As the Brawn Brothers warm up before this match, Braden quickly assumes the role of coach and mentor to tag team virgin Brad. He is in the middle of giving pointers on posing when Mr. Joshua Goodman strolls in wearing black trunks and a bad boy leather vest, sans partner.

“My guy couldn’t make it,” Joshua explains, looking over the top of his sunglasses as he checks out the meat platter piled high in the ring. “But I know ALL about you guys, and I think I can take both of you.” The bodybuilders can’t quite believe that even the notorious Mr. Joshua would dare take them both on single-handedly. “But you’ve gotta follow the rules!” Joshua insists, as he strips out of his vest and begins admiring his pumped pecs and legendarily massive bulge within his provocatively zippered trunks. “One at a time!”

Joshua Goodman vs Brad Barnes & Braden Charron: Bodybuilder Beatdown Goes Too Far?

“This is gonna be easy!” Brad smirks, easily muscling Joshua backward into a corner. “Clean break!” Joshua insists, demanding that Brad back off. Of course, when it’s Mr. J’s turn to back the physique star rookie into a corner, he declines to show the same sportsmanship. Instead, he delivers a vicious kick to Brad’s gut. “How’s the rookie boy doing now?” Mr. J smirks, going to town pounding, stomping, trampling and clawing at Brad’s ripped abs. He drags Brad to his feet by a fistful of his trunks, wedging the blue briefs high up the bodybuilder’s magnificently muscled ass. From his corner across the ring, Braden growls with frustration, “Just wait till I get in there!”

It takes a while for big Brad to catch a break, but suddenly he muscles Joshua backward into his brawn brother’s unfriendly corner. When Braden tags in, a world of hurt crashes down all over Mr. J’s stunningly sexy body. Repeated snap mares slam the heel to his back. Braden dishes out extra helpings of retribution with ab claws, trampling, and gut punching to punish Mr. J for abusing his partner so cruelly. Having learned a thing or two from his own countless beatings, bulging Braden expertly locks on a killer abdominal stretch, showing off Joshua’s toned torso and making the heel’s pendulous package quiver. Suddenly, Brad pleads to tag back in, literally begging his partner to let him be the one to put his tormentor down. Against his better judgment, Braden acquiesces.

Brad instantly applies his own brutal abdominal stretch. “I got him!!” the ripped rookie crows in delight. But then wily Mr. J lifts him off his feet and slams Brad to his back. In a flash, the always dangerous Mr. J is back to brutalizing the baby bodybuilder, quickly making him submit in a total panic. Braden is beside himself on the ring apron, shouting at his pummeled partner. “What the fuck? I give you a chance and you mess it up!?!”

Joshua’s insistence on a clean match is a one-way street (of course!), as he bashes Brad’s balls, drags him around by his hair, and uses the ropes to wrench the rookie’s knee apart. When Braden reminds Joshua about the rules, the heel flips a middle finger salute with contempt. He ignores the first 5 times Brad screams another submission, and only releases his crippling ankle lock when Braden charges in to save his partner.

It takes a while for the muscle heads to glean that Mr. J never had any intention of playing fair. The Brawn Brothers finally abandon “the rules” in favor of revenge. Josh is second-guessing his cocky short cuts and insults as the brawn brothers trade him off in bearhugs, squeezing every ounce of air out of his lungs. The heel is crushed under raging mountains of muscle bearing down on him from every angle. A double bearhug crushes Joshua alive as the bodybuilders exploit their exquisitely toned, thickly muscled physiques with their ripped but withering opponent sandwiched between them.

Mr. Joshua may have pushed his luck too far this time. With Braden’s star on the rise and staring down a double team comprised of two of the hottest, beefiest bodies in the business, even the redoubtable Mr. Joshua’s gargantuan ego and endless supply of dirty tricks may not be enough to save his sizzling hot bacon this time around!

Cameron Matthews vs Lorenzo ‘Jake’ Lowe: The Prodigy and the Protege

What would wrestling be without submissions? While not technically the only way to win, can there be a better way to demonstrate the dominance of one man’s power and skill over another? The futility of struggling when trapped and helpless; the suffering as one’s body is twisted, contorted, or crushed; the humiliation of being forced to admit your defeat and surrender to your opponent’s supremacy, now THAT is a submission.

A wrestler who masters the means to so completely dominate and destroy another man’s body and ego is as dangerous as he can be enthralling. Trapped in a superior foe’s clutches, some wrestlers may even come to admire and even crave the way in which they are tormented by the man they challenged, the man they must now submit to.

Both wrestlers bring impressive arsenals to the mat. A stalwart, dominant and ubiquitous figure on the underground wrestling scene as well as the rings of indy pro wrestling, Cameron Mathews needs little introduction. Years of training and hard-fought, hard-won experience has honed his body and mind into an impressive display of muscle and skill, this babyface-turned-musclestud commands respect at a glance.

Jake (Lorenzo) Lowe may not be bringing the same experience to this match, but the lithe, young fighter has received special tutelage under the infamous Kid Leopard himself, and this fast learner has proven the results of his training in more than one prior match. With a taste for devastating leg splits and the irresistibly provocative kiss of death sleeper, to name a few, Lowe has made bigger men crumble before him.

From the moment the match begins we see the intensity between these wrestlers as they lock eyes before even locking up. Cameron has the size, the muscle, the skill, and the experience to make little Lowe submit as many times as it takes to satisfy himself, even the look in his eyes as he stares down Lorenzo feels like it should earn its own submission. There may be a hint of uncertainty in his face, he’d be crazy to think this would be an easy fight after all, but Lowe doesn’t back down, instead just keeping that seductive gaze locked on Cameron, until the instant both men move to lock up.

Cameron Matthews vs Lorenzo ‘Jake’ Lowe: Submission by Scissors, Splits, and so much More

In a flash Cameron takes Lowe down to the mat and pulls him into one of Lowe’s own favorite leg splits. Even holding out as long as he can against the bigger msuclestud, Lowe is forced to submit barely two minutes into the match. Hurrying back to his feet, Lowe’s pride takes another blow as Cameron taunts, “I might as well leave now.” Before Cameron can say another word Lowe is on top of him, managing to work him into a rough rear naked choke on the mat. Lowe makes a good show of his own skill, but Cameron holds out, not submitting but still trapped in Lowe’s grip until he’s kicked away. The smaller stud can hang with an experienced pro after all.

His irritation at being trapped showing, Cameron answers with a lengthy bearhug, only for Lowe to slip out and then slip him into a very familiar split. But this time there is no release, Cameron is stretched and pulled until his cries turn to a full-fledged submission. Tied at one submission each, these men lock eyes again, Cameron looking dangerous and Lowe looking all the more confident. Deciding he needs to nip that little confidence in the bud, Cam goes on a relentless assault. An over-the-knee backbreaker, an ab stretch, and another leg split later he’s won two more submissions over unlucky Lowe.

But this is only the beginning, in a match like this the number of submissions will be forgotten long before the winner has his fill. Neither man is close to finished and Lowe comes back time and again to catch his opponent in ways that surprise even Cameron, and win more than a few more submissions. Lowe should be careful though, with each attack that look in Cameron’s eyes grows ever more vicious, and besides his wrestling skill the man has muscle to break a lean body like Lowe’s in half. Both men are stretched, pounded, and choked over this long, exhaustive match. Even when the winner seems certain, another turnaround isn’t far, until the final devastating hold which finally forces that most complete and utterly humiliating admission of helplessness from the defeated. This match ends with the beaten and bruised loser at the non-existent mercy of his better, but who will steal the final fall?

Zori Leone vs Big Barry Burke: Rope a Dope

Big Barry Burke is 240 pounds’ worth of California competition-grade muscle squeezed into the spangliest red trunks in the universe. He’s a god, and he knows it. He flashes his big guns at the mirror and smiles with self-satisfaction. But fellow BGEast first-timer Zori Leone of Texas thinks Barry’s a poser and says so right to his face. Zori’s a big guy too all right, stronger and heavier than most wrestlers at BG East. In fact he has a fine-looking pro wrestler’s build, some might even call it ideal, but he is definitely no match for Big Barry in bulk, definition, and elegant v-taper, not by a long shot.

Zori is so “ridiculously overconfident” (Barry’s words, not ours) that he believes he is both buffer than Burke and better at wrestling, as they have both graced indie pro rings and Zori thinks he’s ready for BG East domination. It’s hard to tell whether Barry is more amused or shocked by Zori’s big talk. He tells the Texan that he could beat him with one hand tied behind his back. “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?” Zori dares him. Barry blinks, hesitating before accepting a challenge that he inadvertently set for himself. And luckily there just so happens to be a length of white cord at ringside, perfect for tying Barry’s left arm behind him.

Zori binds Barry’s left arm and secures it by wrapping the excess rope around the bodybuilder’s waist. The contest begins with a test of strength, a highly irregular test of strength: Zori’s two hands against Barry’s one. Still, Barry makes Zori all but cry as he bends him backwards and gives the left arm a brutal and emphatic twist.

Barry can do one-armed pushups “all day long,” he announces and then proceeds to pummel the upstart with right-armed elbow drops. A badly aimed elbow drop, however, turns the advantage to Zori, and the shrewd and constantly calculating Texan targets the big guy’s free arm for punishment, bending it in every possible direction, twisting, digging his elbow into it, and stomping it under his boot. Crazed by delusions of greatness, he threatens to rip Barry’s arm right out of its socket, calling it a “little twig arm” … despite the biceps big as Zori’s head. Delusional or not, Zori savvily takes advantage of the situation, and Big Bad Barry’s in some serious deep shit.

“Zori Leone vs Big Barry Burke: No Mercy for You!”

“You’re lucky my arm’s tied,” Barry grunts as Zori grinds him in a headlock. “Nuh-uh,” Zori retorts, “even if you had two arms, I’d still have you on the ground suffering and I’d still kick your big butt.” This arrogance infuriates the big boy and even with one hand tied behind his back, Big Barry powers out, though only briefly. Zori comes right back at him, viciously scratching his fingers across the bodybuilder’s eyes and then winding the one free arm around the middle rope to escalate the humiliating punishment.

The very limiting handicap bondage begins to wear on the muscle monster. Barry pleads to be allowed to use both arms, claiming, “I was just being hypothetical, man!” His pleas fall on deaf ears. Fighting under restraint, Barry does what he can with one arm, though it’s painfully clear that Leone retains almost total control. With an armbar and figure-four choke on Barry, Zori sadistically mocks his opponent’s attempts to power out: “You don’t have it in you. You’re not big enough. You’re not strong enough. You’re weak!”

With incredible determination, Barry rises to his feet, pulling Zori up in the air, still wrapped around Big Barry’s neck. He then hurls the Texan down to the mat, before collapsing, half-blind and exhausted, against the turnbuckle. It ain’t over yet!

Both sweaty and exhausted wrestlers are down on the canvas, moaning, chests heaving as they gasp for air. Both rise to their feet at the same time, but Zori kicks low and mean, toppling Big Barry to the mat. Again, Barry pleads to be free to fight with both hands. “No mercy for you!” Zori replies, with more of a grimace than a smile. Making the most of his critical advantage Zori takes the first fall with a crossface that turns into a full-on choke.

After a long battle trying to stave off the inevitable and avoid defeat, Barry finally relents and submits after a long and ruinous struggle. Zori Leone can’t contain his glee, bizarrely proud of having just beaten a weakling (in his eyes) with one arm tied behind his back!

While Barry shakes the cobwebs out of his head, Zori delivers a triumphant tirade in which he proclaims his intention to thoroughly ruin his opponent’s life, threatening everything from revoking the bodybuilder’s gym membership to towing away his fancy new car for scrap metal. Threatening property is one thing; threatening family is something else! Zori goes a step too far, igniting a fire in Big Barry Burke that ropes may not be able to contain! Spectacular debuts of two massively muscular and totally talented ring studs.

Matt Engel vs Josh Steel vs Justin Silver – Round 1

This 3-way melee features three wrestlers with varying slabs of muscles and experience. The blond bombshell Matt has impressive pecs and bodybuilder type eye-popping calves, but that has yet to add up to a victory for the rookie. Josh has packed on pounds of new muscle since his inception and has turned the corner as a rising superstar on the roster with some recent impressive victories. Justin has a lean ripped body with a shredded 8-pack as the highlight and that most guys would envy, but with little experience was squashed in his debut match against Alex Waters. It will be very interesting to see how this contest plays out! Matt is in white square cuts and white boots, while Josh is in warming up in his corner is festive blue trunks with white stars and white boots, and the newest rookie Justin in purple trunks with black boots that highlight the black body hair running down his chest and abs.

The three some to the center of the ring, each taunting the other, and it’s the veteran Josh who gets the first shot in. He picks Matt up over his head and drives him down, then drives a knee straight into his midsection. After Justin comments saying Josh must have missed a few ab day workouts, the muscle hunk delivers a knee to the rookie’s own shredded abs then shoves him to the mat. He secures Justin’s arm in a hammer lock, and when Matt attempts to break it up, Josh back kicks him in the gut to keep him away. The free-for-all action heats up as Josh sends Justin across the ring and into a clothesline, but when Matt tries for a flying elbow on the rookie, Justin darts out of the way. With the blond rookie Matt laid out, Josh connects with a flying knee drop and Justin follows up with one of his own.

The ruckus continues as Justin locks on a standing full nelson on the muscle hunk Josh and Matt charges to deliver a solid shoulder thrust into Josh’s belly. Josh gets back to his feet and the three circle one another while Josh observes there’s two of you, that’s alright, I’m OK with it. Are the rookies aligning with one another since they can’t over power Josh, and can’t out experience him? Josh and Justin team up to out a beating on Matt, but it’s short lived and Justin comes to Matt’s rescue knocking Josh of from Matt, then placing the surfer dude turned muscle stud into an agonizing camel clutch, stretching his massive arms and pecs.

Matt kneels down to get in Josh’s face to taunt him while he smirks, then inexplicably he decides to knock Justin off the top of Josh. This gives the blond surfer dude time to recover and he turns the tables on the two rookies. He’s overpowers both rookies to the mat and uses his brawny muscles to pound on them. Matt catches Justin in a full nelson on the mat and stretches his lean muscles out, exposing his shredded eight pack. Josh can’t resist, so he bashes away at Justin’s prized abs. Once the dark haired rookie is able to escape, both him and Matt confer and agree to team up to take the big muscle stud Josh out. They dish out the pain on Josh’s muscles with; a double leg boston crab with flying elbows to his back, they send him flying through the air with a double suplex, then back him into the corner and pound away on his sweat soaked chest.

The rookies know they have a good thing going and stay on the attack. They double team Josh and choke him over the ropes, they fling him across the ring into a double clothesline which floors the muscle hunk, and then begin to stretch his magnificent body out on the mat. Josh is in some serious pain and the two rookies don’t relent! They drag him up to his feet, back him into the ropes, and takes turns bashing away on every sweaty muscle. Josh can barely stand from the onslaught, and crumbles to the mat. The two rookies seize the opportunity to finish off the veteran, each of them grab an ankle and an arm and begin pulling away at Josh’s limbs, stretching his arms and crotch out in maximum pain. Josh attempts to fight off the pain but it’s just too unbearable and he moans out a ‘I give’ submission. But that doesn’t satisfy the two dastardly rookies, the keep yanking and pulling on his limbs, demanding he says it louder, and when Josh cries out a few more ‘I give’s’, the rookies gloat in victory and roll the battered muscle stud out of the ring to end round one.

Matt Engel vs Josh Steel vs Justin Silver – Round 2

Round two opens and the two rookies realize it’s going to be one of them who claims their first victory in this match. Justin comes out his corner complaining that he’s still mad at Matt for a cheap shot in the previous round, and Matt snaps back ‘well this is my ring’. They lock up with Justin gaining the advantage. He takes Matt down then straddles him and starts pounding away at the blond bombshell’s mighty pecs. Justin flips him over to a camel clutch, pulling back on Matt’s chin as hard as he can to exert the most pain on his lower back.

Justin continues the assault with a single leg boston crab, even taking time to pose and flex his bicep in domination of the blond bodybuilder. He drags Matt to his feet, then floors him with a clothesline. He chokes Matt over the bottom rope, mocking him in the mirror as Matt watches himself suffer. He then locks an arm bar on the blond’s massive arm and cranks away as Matt suffers in pain. Justin has been in total control of Matt so far in this round, can the blond bodybuilder mount a comeback. Just when you think you know how this is going to end, Matt is able to reverse Justin and catches him in a full nelson and grapevine combo that stretches every last lean muscle in his body.

Matt pays back Justin with a clothesline of his own, and then starts attacking his long, lanky legs. Does the new rookie Justin have enough strength and stamina to mount a comeback? Or, will the bodybuilder Matt be able to control the action and force a submission to claim his first victory? All the sweat soaked action leads up to one of these rookies pulverizing and dominating his opponent to a vicious submission, then proudly posing in vivid victory!