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This battle features rookie against rookie, Kyle vs Logan. Both of these rookies joined the roster at the same time, but that is about all that they have in common. Kyle is a full-fledged teen muscle stud with lots of confidence and vigor, looking to make his mark here at Rock Hard. He has a physique that most envy, and a fearless attitude. On the opposite end is Logan, with his hairy chest, smaller muscles, and skeptical attitude. He came questioning as to what it takes to prevail in the ring, and still doubts the highly talented roster that stands as his opposition. While neither of these two have been able to score a victory in their early matches, that’s going to change, as one of these rookies is going to notch his first win today.

Round one opens with Logan in revealing blue trunks and black boots, and Kyle in green square cuts and white boots. The skeptic has a sly grin on his face as he comes to the center of the ring, as Kyle struts his muscular body out of his corner. Kyle begins with the trash talking first telling Logan he looks like a momma’s boy as he sizes him up, and Logan mouthing off that Kyle looks like a wannabe Steve Austin and asks ‘what’s with the hair?’ They lock up and somewhat surprisingly Logan gains the early advantage, knocking the teen stud to the mat, stomping on his pristine abs, then rolling him over to stretch his muscular arms out in a surfboard. Logan has his black boot placed in Kyle’s lower back, pulling back on his arms and asking ‘what do you got to say about that now?’ He drags the muscle hunk to across the ring and locks on a double leg boston crab, inflicting more pain to Kyle’s lower back.

It appears that Logan has calculated he can’t over power Kyle’s impressive muscles, so he’ll attack the back and weaken his opponent that way. He releases the boston crab, only to put Kyle back into a stretching surfboard along with a couple of stomps to his back. Logan is enjoying beating up on the muscle boy, with a grin on his face he tosses him into the corner and begins bashing away at Kyle’s 8-pack abs. The blond bodybuilder is clearly stunned as he’s pounded in the corner, and Logan enjoying his work. He then hoists the tanned hunk up into a full nelson and lifts him off his feet, stretching his muscles out on display, then drops him to the mat to stomp on his back.

This seems to awaken the teen stud, and he’s had enough of this beating. He charges Logan, picks him up like a sack of potatoes and tosses him across the ring. He pays the skeptic back by stomping on his abs, then lifts him to his feet only to power slam him back to the mat with such force it nearly drives Logan through the ring floor. The teen stud’s muscles are just getting warmed up, as the sweat starts to glisten off his body he chokes Logan across the lower rope, pushing down hard with his massive triceps. When Kyle’s done choking him out, he brings him to his feet, set’s him up for a clothesline, then places him in a camel clutch and yanks back on his chin with all his might as the skeptic moans and groans in pain.

Kyle’s seized all the momentum, and he knows it. He stays on the attack, turning the tables on his opponent beating up on Logan’s back. He tosses him around the ring some more, places him in another painful boston crab before parading him around like a trophy in a standing full nelson. Kyle senses it’s time to end this round, so he places his weakened opponent into a surfboard back breaker and begins pulling back on his arms, stretching Logan’s body like a gumby! When Logan refuses to give up, Kyle reaches up, grabs his chin and pulls him back even further with his muscular arms.

Poor Logan’s back is in enormous pain and his body is stretched beyond limits, it’s amazing his back hasn’t snapped. Logan cries out ‘I give’ twice before the teen stud releases the hold. Kyle climbs to his feet, proudly poses his impressive muscles for his fans and declares triumph in this first round.

Kyle Carter vs Logan Matthews – Round 2

Round two begins with Logan nursing his sore back and Kyle asking him if he got hurt in the last round. Always the skeptic, Logan insinuates Kyle just got lucky as they lock up for a test of strength. It’s no surprise muscle bound Kyle drives Logan to his knees, then hoists him up and power bombs him to the mat. He rolls Logan over into a boston crab, again focusing his attack on the back. The teen muscle stud continues working over Logan; lifting him into an over the back torture rack which has Logan draped across Kyle’s muscular shoulders, then wraps his massive thighs around Logan’s midsection and squeezes with all his might, and finally laces Logan’s white, withered body through the ropes and stretches him out with a standing surfboard.

You would think that Kyle is all set up to win this match in two straight rounds, but Logan is able to absorb the punishment and has other ideas in mind. Since Logan doesn’t submit while he’s tied up in the ropes, the teen stud brings him back into the ring. As Logan scrambles to get his feet he catches Kyle with a deliberate jab to the bodybuilder’s Adonis like abs. This floors Kyle, and Logan is quick to continue to attack the abs. He stomps on Kyle’s precious abs as he lay stunned on the mat. Logan’s been able to catch a second wind and he’s going all in with his assail on Kyle’s perfect body. Logan makes him suffer in a boston crab, then throws him into the corner to bash away at his abs, then clamps a leg scissor’s around the teen hunk’s tiny waist and watches him suffer in agony.

As the sweat starts to build on Kyle’s body, Logan lifts him up, not once, but twice to parade him around the ring before slamming his muscles down into the mat. When he hoists Kyle up for the third time he has a surprise for him, this time he drops the Steve Austin look-a-like down across his knee and stretches his magnificent body out. Logan forces his hand down on Kyle’s chin which places great pressure on his back. With the teen muscle stud refusing to submit, Logan pushes his chin even further down to the mat and that forces the blond bodybuilder to concede defeat in round two. Logan gets to his feet, calls Kyle a loser, then flexes his own double bicep in conquest.

Round three of this rookie war begins with both of these guys knowing what’s at stake in this round, the winner will lay claim to his first victory and the loser may need to leave Rock Hard in disgrace. The early action has Logan in control after Kyle stumbles, and continues to work over his back with his black boots. Can the skeptic Logan out maneuver the teen blond bodybuilder to his first victory? Or, does Kyle regain his composure and use his superior muscles and tenacity to take out his milky white opponent? With a brutal finishing hold you’ll want to see, one of the rookies claims victory as the other is laid out on the mat in disgrace!

Joe Robbins vs Eddy Rey: Rattle the Rafters! Muscles Matched, Muscles Mashed

Big Joe Robbins has quietly been one of the most dominant forces in the BG East ring for years. His massively muscled body is chiseled out of solid stone. The powerhouse does not suffer fools lightly, and let’s face it, you have to question the judgment of just about anyone eager to square off against him. His soft spoken, icy coolness makes the massive muscle man just that much more intimidating. Most guys should count themselves lucky if they can make Big Joe break a sweat, much less whether they can be the first wrestler to bring the juggernaut to his knees. But that elusive prize, to be the first to conquer mighty Joe Robbins, keeps luring ambitious hunks back into the lion’s den.

Eddy Rey is certainly many things, but he’s nobody’s fool. The Brazilian beefcake sports a phenomenal physique that has earned him a whole lot of admirers. His fashion model cheekbones and bouncing pecs have even caught the eye of The Boss himself, who knows and likes his prime beef better than anyone. With a little coaching and a whole lot of raw talent, Eddy has been waiting for a breakout, signal-sending victory to mark his ascendancy in the BG East ranks. However, paradoxically, Eddy’s dazzling beauty, stunning physique and that huge bulge have been his downfall. And like Narcissus captured by the sight of his own beauty, Eddy’s love affair with his own image in the mirror has repeatedly distracted him from closing the deal. With so much promise and so little to show for it, Eddy’s most powerful benefactor has been growing impatient to see the Brazilian seal the deal and take down one of the biggest men in the company.

From outside the ring, Eddy studies mighty Joe as he flexes his granite-carved muscles. His skimpy silver briefs may well be the first time Eddy has faced someone wearing trunks smaller than his! No one in their right mind should fail to be duly impressed with the awesome sight of Joe posing his peaked biceps and flexing his gargantuan quads, but Eddy just shakes his head dismissively. “What? You wanna step in the ring here and have a pose off with me?” Joe asks. “You got what it takes? You got the balls?”

Eddy Rey is an exquisitely sexy specimen of a man, but for sheer size, big Joe unquestionably has the edge over the Brazilian in their side-by-side posedown. “You got nothing on that,” Joe laughs as he shoves a double-bicep in Eddy’s face. Furiously, Eddy retaliates by locking a full nelson on the behemoth. Now, there are few men with the strength to control massive Joe Robbins in a full nelson for more than half a second. To Joe’s surprise, Eddy Rey is one of those rare studs! Joe tries to muscle his way free and is clearly astonished when big Eddy’s grip remains as strong as steel. Even worse for mighty Joe, Eddy climbs onto Joe’s huge back to lock his luxuriously long legs around the powerhouse’s waist. Squeezing him like a python, Eddy coils his crushing muscles all around Joe’s body. Try as he might, Big Joe’s vaunted power cannot outmuscle nor shake off the sexy beast who’s locked on like a python. Suddenly, you have to ask yourself, which of these stunning hunks is destined to be bashed here today!?

Joe Robbins vs Eddy Rey: Slam City! Making a Muscleman Sing

Nothing short of brutally driving Eddy’s back into the turnbuckle is sufficient to dislodge the stunningly tenacious stud off of The Mighty Joe. And nothing short of payback will satisfy furious Joe, unaccustomed as he is to being threatened so early in a match. Joe quickly cinches on a brutal full nelson of his own. Payback! He forces Eddy to watch himself being dominated in the mirror, and Eddy faces his most dangerous foe: the sight of his own alluring, glistening, bronzed, gorgeous body stretched out so beautifully in front of him.

With two fiercely strong power hitters like these, it should come as no surprise that this match features one power move after another. Body slams, clotheslines, and trampling tenderize A1A prime beef relentlessly. It’s ring-perfect action that you expect and hope from the squared circle and these superstuds deliver it in spades. Multiple over-the-knee backbreakers exquisitely display the super sexy juxtaposition of total vulnerability and total control. Rib-crushing bodyscissors pit crushing quads against one another, as sweat-soaked bodies bridge and writhe in gorgeous agony. Surely and steadily, one of these voracious hunks starts to build crushing momentum like a landslide, burying his opponent beneath one high impact move after another. It’s a delicious display of domination.

“Why do you keep crawling away!?” the shockingly dominant hunk taunts as his opponent tries to pry himself off the mat. “You’re looking pretty fuckin’ pathetic. I thought you said you could hang with me!” Hang he does, brutalized in the ropes, draped over his opponent’s knee, and abruptly and stunningly clean and jerked then power-pressed directly overhead before being slammed face-first into the mat. No quarter is given. There’s not a moment of rest allowed as the hunkbasher instantly hoists the stunned muscle man up across his shoulders in a spine-snapping, basket-bulging torture rack, making the astonished hunk sing out his shocked submission over and over again.

Eddy’s massive package quivers in his tantalizingly low-cut briefs. Mighty Joe’s trunks slide down his ass. This is a feast for fans of muscleman domination and muscleman submission. Battered and bruised, one powerful hunk is hoisted across his opponent’s shoulder in a fireman’s carry, only to be paraded humiliatingly around the ring and slammed back to the mat once more. A musclestud torpedo launches himself off the turnbuckle to bomb his powerful, pumped body again and again into his withering opponent. Bearhugs and choke slams pound every ounce of fight out of a once-powerful hunk. The combination of shocking power moves and stunningly sexy submission holds makes this match an ideal feast of pro delights. Brutalized as never before, the vanquished muscleman can do nothing but writhe at the feet of his conqueror as the winner soaks in the beauty of his gorgeous body flexing and posing over his fallen prey.

Kid Karisma vs Brad Barnes – Lord of the Ring

“Who told you to get in my ring?” Kid K snaps at the new guy, Brad Barnes. Brad’s face is expressionless as Karisma swaggers to the ring. He may well be stunned into silence. Like nobody since the salad days of Mikey Vee, Kid Karisma takes command of the BG East ring. It’s his turf, and to see him occupy the ring center, shoulders thrust back and an indignant scowl on his face, you could almost believe he was born and raised here. Wrestlers who have faced him in the ring feel like they have just swan-dived into a pool of piranha by mistake. Karisma wears his opponents (some say “victims”) down, pound by pound, and then uses them for lounge chairs and footstools as he imperially lords over the squared circle, his personal property by right of conquest. Nobody, with the exception of Jonny Firestorm and The Boss himself, is as territorial about “his” ring as is Kid K.

Brad turns to the mirror, ignoring Karisma. Karisma looks the guy up and down and asks, “You gonna flex for me a little bit?” Brad smirks and gives the lighter wrestler’s muscular physique a half-second inspection. “Hell no,” he says, haughtily. “You don’t deserve this.” Wait just a minute. Has Brad Barnes SEEN Kid Karisma tear up an opponent? Has Brad Barnes won ANY of his matches against Lane Hartley, Tatum Riggs, or Chace LaChance? On what basis can Brad Barnes say “Hell NO” to Kid Karisma? Sure, it’s nice to know that Brad has picked up a little sass over his first three matches at BGE, but demanding that Kid K prove he DESERVES a private modeling session is pretty much like announcing you want people to start calling you “Shark Chum.”

The miracle is that Karisma does not strike immediately. Oh, he’s definitely amused and clearly intrigued, not to say salivating as he inspects the magnificent physique of Body Beautiful Barnes. For the moment, though, he masks his interest – and his strategy – by flexing his own finely crafted and BG East Award winning muscle. He looks over Brad’s monumental physique with a critical eye and sings the virtues of cardio training. Practically with an “Asking For It” sign hanging over his head, Brad then asks, “Where’s the muscles, bro?” Karisma arches an eyebrow and starts poking and prodding Brad’s massive pec like a meat inspector. Not liking his personal space invaded and not yet realizing he currently occupies Kid K’s space, Brad locks up collar and elbow with his opponent. It’s on. And it’s a safe assumption that we have now seen the last of Brad Barnes’ sass.

Kid Karisma vs Brad Barnes – Sucker for Punishment

Kid K relishes any opportunity to step into the ring – and if it’s to face a handsome muscle hunk, well, even better! Unceremoniously Kid Karisma pounds Brad’s forehead to the mat and then rests his elbow against the nape of the neck, pressing the side of the man’s face flat against the vinyl canvas. He removes one black elbow pad and uses it as a collar to pull Brad off the mat and turn him towards the mirror, commanding him to flex.

A sucker for punishment, Brad flat-out refuses to show off his carved muscle. Fine! Karisma subjects him to a barrage of kicks and punches to the abs that drives the bodybuilder to the corner. Brad is starting to look like a slowly deflating parade balloon, that is, if parade balloons could sweat like racehorses. Kid K snags him in a 30-second side headlock, grinding the big muscleboy’s ear against the grate of his ribs. Even double claw holds to the pecs fail to force Brad Barnes to flex his chest, but a few concentrated seconds of punishment in the ring corner provide the finishing touches that at last “convince” him to give Kid K (and us) the highly anticipated display of iron-plated muscle.

This is the sine-qua-non match for fans of squash jobs … or fans of either of these terrific performers. Kid Karisma has long been recognized as one of a select number of top-notch wrestling heels exclusive to BG East. Here he delivers spectacular standing headscissors, claws, chokeholds and figure-four leglocks. His specialty is pounding punishments that utilize his entire body as a bludgeon and battering ram. And when was the last time you saw an airplane spin? Oh my! Yep, there’s one of those too, and it takes the breath away how nimbly Kid K can hoist and whirl a wrestler with a twenty-pound advantage over him. Brad Barnes’s reactions are breathtaking: noisy, heartfelt, and sexy. Yes, I know, we’re supposed to pity him, but it’s just too much fun to watch him suffer!

Kid K adds insult to injury when, after forcing Brad to display the fanlike spread of his latissimi dorsi, he gripes, “That’s all you got? All that time in the gym?” You can almost hear the air seeping out of Brad’s balloon. After one torturous beating after another, Karisma decides to finish Brad off with a buffet of bear hugs. Karisma’s arm muscles pop as they constrict against Brad’s heavy but exhausted brawn. You can imagine the numbness spreading through Brad’s body as Karisma crushes the groaning jobber. Brad pleads. He cries out, “I give!” Karisma coldly and tersely retorts, “Of course, but you’re gonna go out, bitch!” Kid K barely gets the last word out before beautiful Brad is out cold. A showy ten-count gives the victor the opportunity to put in some more flexing of his own. This is excellence you can’t find anywhere else but at BG East. Sit back and enjoy.

Austin Cooper vs. Darius Wrestling Video: Barefootin’ in the Gazebo

Darius and Austin Cooper have warily eyed each other for more than two years. Coop and Darius look like they were created to tangle: equal in height, equal in bulk, equal in vanity, and nearly equal in ubiquity too! Hell, if you follow gay wrestling at all, private or professional, you could not help but be acquainted with both these fighters. The two fan favorites have been on a collision course, never more so than in the past year. They themselves have noticed their physical affinity. BG East has noticed too. Other BGE wrestlers have practically formed a Greek chorus, egging the two fighters on, anxious to see them test themselves against each other, mano-a-mano. They tell Coop that he will never match Darius for pure muscle definition. They tell Darius that he can never hope to equal Coop’s impressive tally of pinfalls and submissions achieved. The BGE boys have made it their mission to stoke a rivalry between the two. And boy oh boy, it worked!

Darius and Austin intrigued each other from the get-go. In the beginning, they spoke glowingly and respectfully of their admiration and awe for the other as an athlete and a professional. But as time passed, the mutual regard faded. Cooper became aware of Darius’ towering stacks of fan mail requesting private matches and posed photos of the popular bodybuilder. Darius started noticing how many of the matches he had put a bid on were ultimately granted to Austin. We began to notice that every time Darius’ name was mentioned around him, Coop would bristle a little. Once, not long ago, Darius entered the BGE rec room to find some of the other guys watching a DVD of Austin demolishing Patrick Donovan. Darius turned and walked away, one grunt saying more than a hundred words.

So it was no surprise when both wrestlers snapped up the opportunity to grapple against each other in a muscle-centric forced-to-flex match in the infamous BGE gazebo. In the days and hours preceding the bout, Coop boasted that Darius was going to be his “next bitch.” Darius told everybody that it might be time for somebody to “retire” Austin Cooper, clearly implying that he was just the man for the job. On the day of the shoot, both men arrived pumped up and in the best physical condition of their lives. They stripped down to flashy trunks, and their bodies glowed with health, power, and an itch to dominate. The groundwork was set for a big, bad-ass fight, and Austin and Darius did not disappoint!

Austin Cooper vs. Darius Wrestling Video: War of the Flexes

A forced-to-flex match is exactly what you think it is: with each submission, the loser is forced to flex. Often the winner is specific about the pose that must be struck before the punishment stops. Sometimes a pose by itself is enough to end the round, no tap-out or spoken “I give” required. The victor calls the shots. Austin Cooper and Darius first circle each other, silently. They raise their hands over their heads and clasp fingers for a test of strength. The evenly matched adversaries find themselves deadlocked, neither able to gain an advantage over the other on muscle power alone. Deprived of seeing his opponent quickly out-muscled and on his knees, Darius resorts to a cheap shot: he kicks Coop in the abs. Retaliation is swift and humiliating, as Coop traps Darius in a spine-snapping full nelson and demands a double biceps pose before releasing him.

Realizing how evenly matched they are, the wrestlers concentrate on the parts of the opponent’s anatomy that must be disabled to ensure their own victory. Darius targets Austin’s right arm, now that he is well acquainted with the agony that arm can inflict. Austin takes aim at Darius’s thigh muscles, among the most forceful and cleanly defined quadriceps in wrestling. The bout capitalizes on the wrestlers’ knowledge of an array of debilitating holds: stretches, armbars, leglocks, and even a Von Erich iron claw. Until its final moments, the battle looks like it could go either way, though Coop is the initial favorite, forcing one spectacular muscle pose after the other from his ripped adversary.

You can expect plenty of surprises in this contest. At one point Austin miraculously muscles out of what looks like a surefire bear-hug finisher, reverses the hold, and then, moments later, alligator-wrestles Darius back and forth across the mats. In retaliation, Darius again resorts to fisticuffs, beating Coop to his knees and then trapping him in a snare-tight figure-four leglock, fully utilizing his superior leg muscle to suddenly turn the tide to his favor. Both men are determined and merciless. At one point, Darius submits to a particularly vicious hold, and Coop coldly replies, “I didn’t ask you to.” No love is lost between these two great wrestlers, and once again BG East puts its distinctive stamp upon your future eroto-wrestling fantasies. Massive muscle under the midday sun!

Alex has been steaming mad since losing the 3-way match between himself, Josh Steel and Jake. The veteran Jake had been ruling the roster before his lengthy sabbatical over the last two years, and has recently returned to reclaim his top of the roster spot. But then again, there’s been a number of new superstars to join Rock Hard lately, with the cocky fratboy Alex being amongst the best by amassing an overall 4-2 record. He’s in no mood to let some out of shape, injured veteran come back to steal his thunder.

Both of these guys are nursing knee injuries and that could spell trouble for one or both of them! Alex comes out of his corner clad in revealing blue and black square cut trunks and black boots, looking like he’s in the best shape of his life. He’s supper ripped, hair perfectly coiffed, dark tan, and his model face looking as beautiful as ever. But, don’t let the pretty boy looks fool you, underneath it all he’s turned into a terror in the ring, seeking to claim the top spot on RHW’s spectacular roster.

Jake is clad in his signature red trunks and black boots, though he has lost some of his impressive muscle during the recent downtime, he still maintains his vast skill set in the squared circle. As they size each other up, Alex confidently proclaims ‘I’m here to take your spot’ to the veteran, while Jake retorts ‘you’re not pretty enough’ as this superstar showdown begins.

The two muscle hunks lock up for a test of strength, and it’s the cocky fratboy Alex who delivers the first shot. He connects with two swift knees into Jake’s abs, then scoops him up, tells him he’s a lightweight, then slams him into the mat. What a way to start this showdown! You quickly see, Jake is having some trouble with his right knee, which is banded with a knee brace.

Could this allow for the opening that Alex is looking for? He scoop slams Jake a second time to show him he’s not messing around, then lifts him by his hair and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. He connects with a smash to Jake’s abs, then begins to stomp on Jake’s bad knee, telling him ‘I know where to work now’. The frat stud stays on the attack, working Jake over with; stomps to his body, a leg scissor around Jake’s throat along with cranking away on an arm bar, then hoisting him up into a reverse bear hug that has the veteran moaning in pain.

As Jake’s limb body lay on the mat, Alex gets a little too concerned with his perfectly coiffed locks as he looks in the mirror, and Jake seizes the opening to strike. He sneaks up behind the fratboy and wraps his arms around his waist, then lifts and tosses Alex up and over his head and down to the mat. He scores with an elbow drop, then starts torturing Alex’s perfect physique. He stretches his muscles out in a bow and arrow as every ripped muscle on Alex’s body is strenuously flexed.

Jake transitions this into a full nelson and leg scissor combo, continuing to stretch out the pretty badboy, then attempts to break his arm with a painful arm bar on the mat. But, Alex has learned from his early matches how to endure the pain and fight back. He reverses the seasoned veteran, then sends another knee into Jake’s abs that stuns him. Alex lifts him up, then drops him down across his knee. Jake’s limp body is stretched out across Alex’s knee as he pushes down on Jake’s chin to ratchet up the pain.

Jake cries out in pain until Alex shoves him off his knee, then continues to assault his back with a single leg boston crab that has Alex sitting on top of him and Jake squirming to escape. The cocky fratboy picks the battered Jake up several times only to suplex him back down to the mat, and when he feels the veteran is worn down, he goes in for the kill.

Alex clamps Jake’s chin with his massive arms, traps his sore knee between his hip and thigh and starts to stretch Jake’s body in ways it shouldn’t be stretched. Alex punishes him, pulling Jake’s chin back with his massive, muscular arms, arching Jake’s lower back and neck to its limits.

Jake’s body is clenched and stretched to the extreme as he screams out in pain, ultimately screaming out a submission to end round one. The cocky fratboy gets to his feet, kicks Jake’s sweat soaked body over to his back, then places his boot on the chest and flexes his perfect muscles in victory for his fans.

Alex Waters vs Jake Jenkins Wrestling Round 2

Jake is able to drag his beaten and battered sweat soaked body off the mat, and wipe down before the start of round two. Rock Hard fans are not used to seeing Jake owned like Alex did to him in round one, and Jake himself has to be wondering if he still got what it takes to compete against this new breed of young guns. Alex picks up right where he left off, showing Jake a test of strength but instead kicking him square in the abs, before picking him up and scoop slamming him. But, when the cocky fratboy attempts a clothesline, Jake ducks under his forearm, bounces of the ropes to deliver a drop kick to Alex’s powerful pecs.

Jake seizes the control and systematically starts to beat up on Alex; tossing his killer bod around the ring, making him suffer in a reverse figure four leg lock, scissoring his head between his huge thighs, then clamping back on his chin and stretching the cocky muscle hunk out in a powerful camel clutch. Jake even makes a point to flex his own baseball sized bicep in the fratboy’s face as he agonizes in the hold. But when Jake flexes his muscles over Alex, the fratboy is able to turn the tables and regain control. He goes back to attacking Jake’s bum knee, and also laces Jake’s body through the ropes, pulling and stretching him to the max.

And just when you thought the cocky fratboy was going to score a consecutive two round victory over the veteran machine wrestler, Jake digs deep into his tank to regain the control. He punishes Alex on the mat with a wide variety of holds that are going to make his muscles sore for a week before ultimately forcing him to submit to an extreme double leg boston crab that Jake applies with pleasure until the muscle stud cries out a submission. Jake proudly poses his sweat soaked muscles over the fallen Alex in triumph in round two.

Can the seasoned veteran Jake sustain the momentum against the new, young superstar Alex and his perfect muscles in round three? Or, will the cocky fratboy resort to more of his badboy tactics and superior muscle to continue his winning ways and let everyone know that there’s a new sheriff in town, and they best not mess with him!

Ever since his former tag team partner Jake Jenkins went on a hiatus for over a year, Austin has been looking for someone to fill that void. Coop teamed up with the Jake look-a-like, Brodie Fisher, a while back and had success against the team of Will Stanley and Jason Kane in a tag team match up. So this time, he again teams up with Brodie to take on the beach boys Josh and Brian. Josh has had his troubles with tag team matches and has burned through several partners. Considering Brian is a formidable figure and has shown promise in his previous matches, Josh feels good about teaming up with a fellow surfer boy. This match features the muscle dudes taking on the surfer dudes in the Rock Hard ring!

The match opens with both teams eyeing up one other and smack talking across the ring. Josh is lively at the start, laughing at his opponents, and feeling cocky. Brodie snaps back that the blond surfer boy laughs like a dolphin and this quickly raises Josh’s ire. It’s two of the newest superstars to start the action, as Josh swiftly scoops Brodie up and slams the teen muscle stud to the mat. The blond beach boy asks ‘surfer what?’ as Brodie lay on the mat, then stomps him several times in the gut. Josh stays on the attack, clamping a single leg boston crab which causes deep discomfort on the muscle boy’s lower back. He continues pounding Brodie’s muscles around the ring, and even toying with him as he keeps him just out of reach of taking in his tag team partner. Coop has seen enough of this beating and takes the matter into his own hands from outside the ropes, shouting to Josh that his laugh ‘is just stupid’.

The blond surfer boy shouts back ‘then why don’t you come in here and do something about it’. He may regret that challenge as Brodie manages to tag in Coop. The muscled red head enters and soon takes control of Josh with two consecutive bear hugs, slamming him to the mat each time. When Coop picks him up a third time, he changes his mind and slams the blond surfer boy face first into the corner turnbuckle. The two muscle studs double team him in the corner, pounding on his broad back and mocking his laugh. Josh is able to work his way across the ring to tag in Brian, but the tactician Coop swiftly attacks the legs of the towering surfer dude with a figure four leg lock. Austin continues his assault on Brian, going after his legs and abs, until the lanky surfer boy surprises with a reversal and tosses the red head back into the corner.

Brian and Josh double team Coop in the corner, then Brian starts working over the red head’s killer bod in the middle of the ring. He bashes Coop’s muscles and stretches his huge arms out in a surfboard variation before he’s able to tag in his partner Brodie. The teen hunk races into the ring to start lifting and tossing Brian’s soaring, lean muscled body around, gaining the momentum back for his team. As round one winds down, the two guys who started the action off are back in the ring. Josh climbs through the ropes and kicks away on Brodie’s body and bashes away on his shredded abs. Josh is feeling good, that is until Brodie kips up to his feet and catches the blond surfer dude by surprise. The teen muscle boy throws the surfer boy to the mat and begins to grind away and out muscle Josh.

Brodie attacks his back, makes him suffer in an arm bar, then him and Coop double team him in the corner making Josh’s own impressive muscles suffer. Once Josh crumbles to the mat, Brodie snatches him back up to start to finish him off. He drags the blond surfer dude up to his feet the places him in not one, but two, standing ab stretches. And when Josh won’t submit at first, Brodie goes to pounding the surfer dudes abs until he does cry out a submission to end the round as his partner Brian looks on helpless. Team Muscle Dudes claim victory in round one!

Austin Cooper & Brodie Fisher vs Josh Steel & Brian Baker Wrestling Video – Round 2

With the muscles pumped and their egos either inflated or deflated, round two opens with Brodie and Josh confronting one another. Brodie, all lathered up from the suffering he inflicted on Josh at the end of round two takes command and backs the blond surfer back into his corner, with Coop standing by to double team Josh. They work over his abs and legs, before tossing him across the ring with a double suplex that has Josh woozy, like he just got taken out by a gnarly wave. The surfer dude stumbles across the ring and looks to tag in his partner to escape the mayhem.

The giant Brian steps into an awaiting muscle dude as Brodie is up the task, picking the lanky dude up and power slamming him to the mat several times, then wraps his massive, muscular thighs around Brian’s waist and squeezing the salt water out of him. Josh can’t stand what he’s seeing and rushes into the ring to the aide of his partner. This causes havoc with all four wrestlers now in the ring, Coop taking on Josh and Brodie sparring with Brian. The outcome is just what the shaggy, blond surfer dude was hoping for, Brian has seized control over the spark plug, muscle dude Brodie and has him in trouble on his side of the ring.

The surfer dudes attack Brodie’s killer abs then drape his throat across the bottom rope, choking him out and stomping on his back. Brodie is in some trouble and is seeking anyway to escape at this point. Can Team Surfer Dudes maintain the control and beat the superstar muscle stud Brodie into a second round submission to keep their hopes alive in the match? Or can Team Muscle Dudes regain the upper hand and send the two beach boys out on a high wave into the ocean to chalk up another win? In a match that lasts nearly 29 minutes, each of these hunk’s muscles are pummeled, stretched, and abused leading up to an electrifying finish with one team flexing their beautiful bods over a stunned, defeated opponent!

Bad boy Ethan has not been happy since the new and improved, bigger and better Josh Steel put a beating on him in the final two rounds of their rematch revenge match a short while back. Ethan has made a name for himself in the underground wrestling world since coming to Rock Hard and being the street punk, bad boy who pounded and abused the pretty boy fitness model’s magnificent, muscular bodies. With that loss to Josh, and the fact that the blond surfer dude has turned into a more powerful heel than a chill surfer boy, Ethan is worried about losing his spot as the resident bad boy. So, when he heard he was going to have a shot at the Adonis like body of Matt Engel’s in this match up, he was wild with excitement.

Meanwhile, Matt has burst onto the scene and has instantly become a fan favorite with his killer abs and captivating calves. He surprisingly pushed the superstar Jake Jenkins to the limit before succumbing to defeat in his debut match, but nonetheless, gained confidence in his abilities. This match begins with Ethan in long red lycra tights, that show off some of his best assets, and black boots. He’s salivating at the thought of getting his hands on Matt’s muscles, wanting to inflict pure pain and punishment on the pretty boy. Matt is in his corner wearing blue trunks and white boots which highlight his jaw dropping muscles. Round one opens with a little lively banter about the other’s hairstyles and Matt declaring ‘OK, let’s do this!’

Ethan attacks first with a headlock, then hip tosses the blond to the mat before connecting with several jabs to his abs. The bad boy continues his attack with an arm bar and figure four leg lock around Matt’s throat, demonstrating he’s the one in control. The dark haired street punk maintains the attack, pulling the muscle stud up to his feet then scooping him up and slamming him back to the mat. The rookie is in trouble and at a loss of how to fend off this attack by the much more experienced opponent. Ethan lifts Matt to his feet, backs him into the near corner, slaps his perfect pecs a few times, then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner and delivers a flying splash across the blond boy’s muscled torso.

The street punk stomps his size 10 ½ black boot into the blond bombshells massive chest, then flips him to the mat. He places his knee across Matt’s neck, then the bad boy flexes his own bulging biceps in Matt’s face in defiance of the bodybuilder’s perfectly muscled physique. Ethan is having his way with Matt and is clearly enjoying every minute of it! The street punk loves beating up on the muscle boys, and Matt is just another one on his long list so far in this match. The muscle stud is finally able to work his way to his feet and when Ethan moves in on him he connects with a few punches to the street punk’s chest, then power slams him down to the mat. Matt stays on offense, rolling Ethan over into a double leg boston crab, and flexing his massive muscles to the max to exert extreme pressure on the lower back. The muscle stud pulls Ethan to his feet by his hair, slugs him on the side of his head before sending him into the ropes and catching him with a flying hip toss.

The blond bombshell and his magnificent muscles are now in control and feeling it, taunting his smaller opponent as he withers on the mat, asking him ‘what do you weigh, about 110?’ He stalks around Ethan, then helps the bad boy to his feet, backs him into the corner turnbuckle and first connects with a knee to Ethan’s ripped abs, follows that up with a stomp to his aching abs with his white boot, and then a jab to finish off the trifecta ab attack. But the rookie blond bombshell is soon going to realize that what he just did only infuriated the veteran bad boy, and Ethan strikes back with a series of forearm smashes to the side of Matt’s head and several punches into his pristine abs that floors the rookie. Ethan lifts him back up, drops him across his knee into an over the knee back breaker that has Matt’s muscled torso stretched limp across the street punks knee. Ethan stretches him out real good and makes him suffer before shoving him to the mat, then places him in an extreme version of a boston crab with Ethan’s knee right between Matt’s shoulder blades which causes insane pain.

Ethan then starts softening the rookie up by chocking him over the top rope, then placing all of his weight on him by sitting on top of Matt’s shoulders while he’s choked out across the top rope. Once the bad boy is satisfied that he’s drained all the fight out of his opponent, he laces the blond rookie’s killer body through the ropes, stretching his muscles out on full display. Matt cries out ‘I’m done’ as he suffers in the ropes, but the bad boy hadn’t asked for a submission and continues to punish his body until the muscle stud can take no more and cries out a submission. Ethan flexes his sweaty biceps over his prey, then decides to strip off his boots declaring in disgust ‘you don’t even deserve to wear these boots’ to bring an end to round one.

Round 2 of Ethan Andrews vs Matt Engel

Round two begins with the blond muscle stud stripped to his bare feet and rubbing his aching back. He tries to deflect the trash talk to his impressive calve muscles, and while Ethan does acknowledge they do look good, he says they really aren’t going to help him. And with that, Ethan strikes with a kick to Matt’s knee making him crumble to the mat. Ethan continues stomping and attacking the rookies legs and feet in search of an advantage.

Does the blond bombshell have enough in him to fend off another attack and mount a comeback on the street punk? Or will bad boy Ethan flex his own muscles and stay on the attack to torture and torment Matt’s Adonis like body, and chalk up yet another victory over a pretty boy muscle model? All the sweat soaked action leads to a muscle flex fest before one of these studs is laid out on the mat in defeat, and the other flexing his mighty muscles in victory.

Kid Karisma vs Gabriel Ross: A British Invasion and Mutual Muscle Admiration

Gabriel Ross, for the 3 BG East fans who don’t know, is an angelic, British ballet bombshell who has taken erotic wrestling to entirely new levels on both sides of the pond. Guys are literally lining up (both in the US and the UK) to get their hands on this beautiful muscleboy’s recently reinvented and now totally beefcake body. To say he’s in high demand is a ludicrous understatement. His dance card is filled for months at a time. But when BG East’s resident red-headed, musclebound, bad boy invited Britain’s top erotic talent down to the ‘grotto’ for a session on the BG East mats, Gabriel was more than willing to make room in his schedule for a quickie to the states to face Kid Karisma.

It took several months of emailing and phone calls, syncing busy schedules, and a lot of hot trash talk to get these two hot hunks together. The gear was Kid Karisma’s choice: sexy extra low-cut sling singlets with roomy pouches to accommodate both studs’ ample packages, leaving plenty of room for potential expansion, and with straps readily accessible for choking and/or easy removal!. Just steps into the mat room, and they already can’t keep their hands off each other. Not that we’d want them to!

“I look pretty damn good, don’t you think?” Kid Karisma asks, flexing his guns and fishing for compliments. When Gabriel flexes right back at him, Karisma gives the Brit’s mountains of muscle an appreciative stroke. “Not bad! I can work with that.” The attraction is quite obviously mutual as they slide their hands up and down one another’s sculpted torsos. Gabriel leans in close, his lips a breath away from his opponent’s open mouth.

The instant sexual tension gives way, momentarily to playful shoving, which is a transparent ploy for both boys to get their hands on each other’s pecs. “Little fiery British guy, huh? Trying to invade this country?” Kid Karisma chuckles, suddenly slamming Gabriel to his back. He leans in to feel the Brit’s bulging body some more, but is abruptly stopped cold as Gabriel’s gargantuan legs snap shut around his waist and begin to squeeze.

Karisma chuckles at first. Then gasps in shocked suprise. Then his freckled face flushes dark red as he grimaces, visibly suffering in the agonizing torture. “They’re not long, but they’re strong!” he admits through gritted teeth. With ease, the American impressively picks his opponent up, still latched to his waist, and tries to counter with a bearhug, but Gabriel is going nowhere. The angelic Brit coos and whispers seductively into Kid Karisma’s face, which is twisted in agony. Fighting against the blinding pain, Karisma steals the opportunity to squeeze Gabriel’s hot, muscled ass. (Who wouldn’t?) Playful laughter is punctuated with grunts of pain and groans of pleasure. Punishment and passion.

Kid Karisma vs Gabriel Ross “My God, You’re Pretty!”

Two of the hottest bodies in erotic wrestling are bound to endlessly turn one another (and you) on, but don’t think for a moment that these two are here to play paddycake. These are two extensively experienced and accomplished wrestlers, both of whom are well-known for nursing a hardcore lust for serious competition – and domination. Kid Karisma lifts his opponent up off his feet, but the acrobatic Brit dives up and over Karisma’s back, snapping those mammoth thighs around his opponent’s temples and squeezing out a truly stunning suspended headscissors submission that brings Kid Karisma to his knees!

“Those legs!” Kid Karisma gasps, recovering after the submission and struggling to comprehend the power Gabriel can unleash with those tree trunks. Another man might decide to stay clear of those dangerous weapons, but not Kid Karisma. “God save the queen, huh?” he chuckles. “Let’s get some more of those legs!”

Karisma returns the favor with a submission-wrenching headscissors. They trade breath-stealing bearhugs and slam one another’s bodies into the floor, the walls, and each other. With crotch claws, chokeholds, and mouthwatering pec torture, they dole out precise doses of pain, each grimace and groan quite clearly adding fuel to the erotic tension burning between them. Clinches turn into groping, and then morph back again into joint-wrenching wrestling holds and a brutal battle for physical domination.

Schoolboy-pinning the Brit, Kid Karisma leans back and flexes, letting Gabriel’s eager hands explore his granite-carved torso. The mutual appreciation is blindingly intense. The American stretches his sweaty body across his opponent as his lips explore the Brit’s neck. “Have to save that for later,” he mutters, suddenly dragging Gabriel up to his feet for another burst of muscle dominating wrestling. Punishment first, passion later!

No fewer than 9 fantastically long, excruciating, agonizing submissions unfold, repeatedly punctuated with more mutual muscle admiration, but who’s keeping count? Crotches grind into one another, lips hungrily explore, and sweat-soaked, transparent singlets are wedged high up between two of the hottest asses in the business. The real drama here is how long these two gorgeous studs will keep wrestling before they finally give into mutual lust!

Mind Games Within Mind Games

Kid Karisma has been on a reign of terror lately. His ring resume, in particular, describes the trail of broken, battered, and crushed hunks he rode hard and put away very, very wet. With an ego that big, an award-winning ass and an insatiable hunger for dominating opponents, it’s little wonder that Kid K has thrived under the tutelage and patronage of the original Kid himself, Leopard. With The Boss at his back (enjoying the view, you can be sure), Kid K has set his sights on bigger and bigger prizes. Happy to indulge his pet, The Boss handpicked Karisma’s leopard print briefs and arranged for him to face another BGE juggernaut who has been on a terror tear: big (really, really big) Dev Michaels.

Kid K flexes indulgently, intently studying his stellar physique in the mirror. He’s been packing on muscle mass like crazy. BGE fans have never seen him this massive. And that award-winning ass of his has simply never looked more luscious, suction packed into The Boss’ handpicked leopard gear. He stretches and shadow boxes, but he’s perpetually distracted by the precise placement of his hair and the particular stretch of his underwear across his glorious glutes. Has Kid Karisma ever looked this hot!? He thinks not.

When Dev arrives at ringside, Kid Karisma unleashes his patented ego-assault on the big, burly muscle hunk. “What the hell?” he asks incredulously, starting to play the mind games he’s studied at the feet of the master, the Boss. “They’re letting anyone in here now. Isn’t there an age restriction?” Taking a shot at his opponent’s more mature years seems to have no effect, so Kid Karisma moves on to plan B: physical intimidation. “You see that right there?” Karisma asks, flexing his magnificent muscles. “Just look at that!”

When big Dev climbs into the ring, Kid K suddenly grows silent. Not only is Dev unlikely to be physically intimidated by anyone, but he’s also sporting a pair of leopard-print trunks! What just happened here? Is Dev thumbing his nose at The Boss, or is Kid Leopard, the true master of mind games, playing both of these favored hunks against one another?!

“Not bad, not bad,” Dev acknowledges Kid Karisma’s impressive display of muscle. “But look at that!” the big man demands, flexing his biceps in Karisma’s face. “Oh my God,” the Dev mutters, transparently awed at his own magnificence. They compare quads, and these are honestly two of the most massively built monster quads we’ve seen in the ring at the same time. Kid Karisma offers faint praise. “Let’s see them,” he challenges Dev, stepping in front of the muscleman, “but yeah, you can’t, because mine are just too big!”

The redheaded heel just crossed a line that earns him a bearhug from behind and a toss across the ring. Without a moment’s hesitation, Kid K returns the favor, bearhugging the behemoth off his feet and then flinging Dev into a corner. “How do you like that, tough guy!?” Kid smirks, pumped, primed, and crouching, ready for action. Nobody, but nobody, has so effortlessly manhandled massive Dev Michaels like that before!

Neither of these impeccably built musclemen is about to concede that he’s in danger of being outmuscled. This match unfolds as a full-on, sweat-soaked, power-hitting, muscle challenge from start to finish. Bearhugs, bodyslams, full nelsons, and gut punches are traded, with both hunks demonstrating that they can take as much as they can give. “I hear you’ve been talking a lot of shit around here,” Dev snarls, hoisting his opponent high in another bearhug and pounding the Kid’s tailbone down hard across his knee.

Dev dominates in a test of strength, bringing Kid K to his knees and pounding him into the mat. Cocky Kid clearly cannot believe that he’s just been outmuscled, and he instantly raises his hands for a best of three. Those 30 extra pounds of massive beef that Dev carries once again bear down on his awed opponent, and Karisma finds himself on the receiving end of a boatload of knee drops, stomps, and slams. When Dev locks those telephone poles he calls his thighs around Karisma’s tiny waist, you can hear the air come rushing out of Kid’s lungs. “Give up!” the big man demands. “Take a deep breath, come on,” Dev patiently coaches his opponent through the agony he’s inflicting until Kid K is able to suck down just enough air to gasp, “I give!” Dev flexes over top of his furiously humbled opponent. “I’m telling the Boss you’re fucking wearing leopard!” Kid K threatens.

“The Boss? Who’s the boss!?” Dev snaps back, pounding his pecs and demonstrating precisely who he considers to be the boss around here.

Kid K has never been dominated like this before, and Dev has never been manhandled like this, and never by an opponent so much smaller. The Boss’ pet digs his claws deep, nearly ripping big Dev’s massive pecs off the bone! Kid Karisma loses his trunks first, the fight milked right out of him while caught again between Dev’s crushing thighs. In nothing but a tiny, leopard print thong wedged between those epic ass cheeks, the wunderkind returns the favor shortly thereafter, locking the mountain of muscle up nice and tight in a standing headscissors and stripping him to a muscle-ass-revealing thong as well.

When the immovable object meets the unstoppable force, you get precisely this match. You also get pools of sweat, bone-crushing power moves, and one, and only one, ripped muscle stud man enough to walk out of the ring still wearing leopard print! The astonishingly well-matched power, egos, and absolute certainty in their destinies to dominate keep this astonishingly hot contest incredibly close to the bitter end.

Pretty Strong, or Just Pretty?

When Pete Sharp first arrived at BG East, tongues wagged and crotches were adjusted en masse. The blond, bronzed, blue-eyed fitness model had our wrestlers lined up for a closer look at those sculpted muscles, handsome face and mammoth package. In his debut match, he demonstrated that all of that dazzling beauty and those bulging muscles aren’t just for show. This hunk can wrestle! He leveraged all of that power into solidly dominating a BG East veteran and putting the rest of our wrestlers on notice: get distracted by those azure eyes, and that mountainous package, and Pete Sharp will make you hurt.

Pete is accustomed to that look of awe that washes across the faces of the lucky bastards that get a glimpse of his fabulous physique in the flesh. He knows the power that his beauty has over fans and opponents alike. But don’t call Pete “pretty.” This stud is cool as shaved ice, but there’s one thing that will light his fuse in a flash, being called “pretty”.

“So, are you pretty strong, or just pretty!?” Kid Karisma smirks as he steps into the gazebo and sees the dazzling rookie. The ginger hunk was chomping at the bit to be the next in line to take a ride on Pete Sharp’s pumped pecs, and the perennially dangerous veteran has mastered an extensive arsenal of psychological warfare. He’s also demonstrated against more than a dozen opponents that he’s as wickedly dangerous as he is extremely self-confident. Pete’s babyblue trunks are the precise shade of his piercing eyes. True, Kid K is giving up nearly a half a foot in height to the bronze statue of a wet dream. But there’s just about nothing more satisfying to Kid Karisma than climbing under the skin of a hot, hard, young rookie with surgically precise trash talk, and then milking the very essence of agony out of him with hard hitting, lightning fast wrestling domination.

Side by side, the two ripped hunks compare their terrifically toned physiques. Despite the height difference, they are close to a perfect match when it comes to their massively peaked biceps. “Let me see a lat spread on you,” Kid Karisma demands, admiring Pete’s broad shoulders and wide upper back that tapers in a perfect V to his lean waist and big, powerful glutes. “Not bad,” Karisma concedes, “now let’s see those legs.” Few physiques could seriously compare with Kid Karisma’s incredibly built lower body, but he has to give the stunning golden rookie credit. “So you work out every so often. Fine. Not bad.”

Kid K works out “every so often,” too, and has a distinct advantage in experience. Instantly, he takes it to Pete with lightning quick offense. In a flash, the golden rookie finds himself flat on his back and schoolboy pinned beneath a smirking, freckled, redheaded powerhouse with a passionate delight for making pretty boys cry uncle.

Kid Karisma delivers a steady stream of match commentary to accompany his blistering offense. “I know it hurts,” he chuckles, crushing Pete’s midsection between his gargantuan thighs. “Come on, don’t be a tough guy.” Karisma is simply not the same stud he was when he first arrived at BG East a few years ago. His already massive ego is, somehow, even bigger, but it’s his wrestling skills that have absolutely blossomed. He rips Pete apart in a crotch-ripping grapevine, with the added bonus of spotlighting that behemoth package Pete has barely managed to stuff in his trunks. Kid Karisma swarms all over the bronzed beauty. Camel clutches, abdominal claws, and gut punches deliver the rookie a buffet of choice punishment, but over and over the veteran returns to clamping those bone-crushing thighs around the rookie’s body and head and making Pete suffer long and hard.

As Pete promised, all those tanned, toned muscles aren’t just for looking pretty. He persistently muscles free from one steel trap after another, defying Kid Karisma’s attempts to squeeze any easy submissions out of the bronze beefcake. The rookie plays defense a while, but suddenly locks on a skull crushing headscissors of his own, making the hunky veteran’s face turn red two shades darker than his hair. Kid Karisma’s trash talk is abruptly silenced with his face buried deep between the rookie’s monster thighs, and Pete watches his opponent’s squirming body with satisfaction written all over that gorgeous face. “Like that?” Pete crows. “You ain’t going nowhere!” he promises, flexing a picture perfect bicep and showing off his truly awesome body for the swelling ranks of Pete Sharp fans.

Keeping Kid K controlled is easier said than done, and with a lot of grunting, flexing and lubricated with a liberal coat of sweat, the veteran muscles out. When they climb to their feet, Pete grins mockingly, “I’m just toying with you, man.” His pecs bounce eagerly. “Oh, fuck you, man!” the veteran snaps back angrily, flinging himself headlong into another scramble of sculpted muscle locked in combat. Pete is a quick study, and when it comes to getting underneath the skin of an opponent, two can play at that game!

This match is a feast for muscle fans. Karisma’s pale, freckled, pumped physique is a gorgeous study in contrast as he tangles with the bronzed goldenboy struggling to hold onto his dignity. The veteran shows off every angle of Pete’s prettiest parts, and a close eye will note that the rookie’s powder blue pouch is not always up to the challenge of keeping the monster beneath entirely caged. But Pete seems to have Kid Karisma’s number, seemingly taking the veteran at will into one dangerously vulnerable rear naked choke after another. Before all is said and done, one of these powerful hunks finds himself locked up tight and knocked out cold, limp in his opponent’s crushing arms. And even then, the muscle show isn’t nearly over, as the victor celebrates with a cocky, self-congratulatory muscle posing session, counting out a long, slow, humiliating ten count especially for you!